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1st September 2016

Amethyst facilitates communion with the psychic and spiritual realms, enhancing intuition and psychic powers of all kinds, including meditation and lucid dreaming, telepathy, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. Its name signifies its facilitation of sobriety of consciousness, which is a necessary basis of perception when accessing higher realms.

Dissonance \Dis"so*nance\, n. [L. dissonantia: cf. F. dissonance.]
n 1: a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters
2. Want of agreement; incongruity. --Milton. [1913 Webster]

We experience internal dissonance when different parts of us are not in harmony. This can be cognitive dissonance purely in the mind, it can be emotional dissonance purely in the emotions, and frequently it is both when our thoughts about something are in conflict with our emotions about it. The longest lasting are those between our conscious versus subconscious, (between the front versus back of our chakras).
We experience external dissonance most strongly when our individual reality is not in harmony with the individual reality of another with whom we're relating, and we fail to honor the difference by establishing an energetic boundary between us.
The most prevalent planetary scale dissonance now is between the descending parallel-reality time-lines of the soulless human and the cyborg versus the ascending parallel-reality time-lines of the divine angelic humans.
In these challenging times when we of the first wave of consciousness ascension (completed as of 2015-09-27 for the first 1/3 of humanity), are dwelling in unity consciousness and unconditional love but others are still struggling with conflict of will within dualistic consciousness, we are challenged by those around us, who so far refuse to wake-up and "get it". It seems their greatest attachments to old reality are the dual poles of non-self-responsiblity as reality-creator:

Today i was prompted to review the subject of dissonance, and found these:

Revisiting those commentaries involving dissonance, turned-up one of the concepts which is completely different between unity versus dualistic realities, about which i had stated:
"We really don't need the illusion we call money, the point of life is to give as feels appropriate, as much as we are able to advance the good of all. To whatever extent we place values on things, or focus on what we are getting, we are implying scarcity and we get scarcity, and this is exactly the social function which money serves as administered by the world controllers. If we can beleive in 'you get what you put out', then we can focus on opportunities to give more to more people, knowing that what we need, and beyond that, that which is appropriate for us, will arrive, somehow."

2nd September 2016
[magickal faery cave]

In "Chapter I.-Origin of Fairy Stories" of Fairy Tales, Their Origin and Meaning we find it posited: "There is one capital thing about Fairy Land. There are no doctors there; not one in the whole country. Consequently nobody is ill, and there are no pills or powders, or brimstone and treacle, or senna tea, or being kept at home when you want to go out, or being obliged to go to bed early and have gruel instead of cake and sweetmeats. They don't want the doctors, because if you cut your finger it gets well directly, and even when people are killed, or are turned into stones, or when anything else unpleasant happens, it can all be put right in a minute or two. All you have to do when you are in trouble is to go and look for some wrinkled old woman in a patched old brown cloak, and be very civil to her, and to do cheerfully and kindly any service she asks of you, and then she will throw off the dark cloak, and become a young and beautiful Fairy Queen, and wave her magic wand, and everything will fall out just as you would like to have it."
Or is that New-Gaia?

i am calling to attention here the statement of cause and effect.

There came a point in my ascension process where i cognized that although I'd spent decades ministering to others as a clairvoyant healer and teacher, that in ascended reality of New-Gaia, everyone is already and always healthy, and everyone is already enlightened and likewise has no need of a teacher. Since it is my sincere wish to dwell in such reality, i concluded that the sooner and the more completely i released any identification with those roles, attachments to being valuable for playing them, or dependence for a living upon performing them, then the sooner the planet could be heaven manifest upon Gaia. Likewise we have no need of money to measure scarcity, for we are all abundant and creative, and give freely of our creations. i already dwell in this reality. I'm doing my best to uplift my community to join me.
The paradigm shift involves releasing the concepts and energies of "work", and shifting from "healing" of what's wrong, to instead live in joyful "play" of creation and (co-)creation of what is right / preferred / desired, and a full comprehension that aspects of "reality" fade away by ignoring them, not by fighting them, therefore war, and the model of "disease caused by pathogens", have always been non-real. Health is created and maintained by wholistic oneness, harmony and balance between aspects of the one divine life, rather than illusions of separation, competition, conflict, etc. Likewise, we are all self-aware of the principle of ahimsa. Without the lie of separation, we have no need to define umpteen degrees of separation by groupings of "us" versus "them".

Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are all conjuncting before the Moon enters Libra today!
Keep on forgiving and releasing all the shadows from our subconscious!

3rd September 2016

"There is no real ascension to the 4th and 5th Dimensions [ / Density ]; these dimensions are within's prison and only lead to another trap. However, there will probably be a descension, if i may call it that. The 4th and 5th Dimensions are most likely analogue to what Posthumans will experience once they are in the Singularity. Don't forget that the channeled entities who teach about ascension are mostly hive-communities with a hive consciousness. Don't you think that their real purpose is to steer people towards the Singularity rather than anything else? Look at the evidence and research it for yourself if you believe in the ascension agenda. The 4th and 5th Dimensions are most likely the virtual reality dimensions Posthumans will reach from being connected with the Singularity. It's at the point of the Singularity that the fake "ascension" will most likely occur."
-- Wes Penre

Ultimately, the only thing which is worthwhile, is escaping from's prison. We now know that the popular versions of spiritual "ascension", the increasingly popular cyborg "singularity", and the "go through the tunnel of white light upon death, to be forced back into re-incarnation upon Ea-Rth", are all ways of staying in's prison. Entirely escaping the lower densities back to the KHAA / Void is the only liberation of one's eternal soul, and thence, to go to Orion if its reality is appealing / harmonious to our essential nature, or to wander to any other reality of the KHAA. That i have arrived at this knowing prior to accepting as my future, any of the traps to stay emprisoned, is perhaps the greatest blessing of all. i therefore share it as more-or-less my final "ascension blog" entry, for beyond this knowing, i shall be focussing upon my flute music, until i am complete with this incarnation, and take the new me and all I've learned here in the Milky-Way Galaxy, home to my Tomril Universe.

I'm changing the subtitle of this blog from "ascension blog" to "divine love consciousness blog", for i have completed my ascension to open up to, and be consciously operating in, the next octave of densities, beginning with 9D, and therefore am no longer focussed upon any process of ascension to blog about, rather i am dwelling in the realm of KRST consciousness, of unconditional love, and shall prioritize expression of the higher frequencies thereof, as I was initiated to do by the Hathors, via playing my flute.

i have completed all karma, and terminated all contracts, and disentangled from all limiting DNA programming, and from all lower densities, and more importantly, I have completed all energies i had been investing into "perfecting old time-lines", which was primarily completing my old roles as:

as i have been directed:

Since writing my blog was initiated by my awakening to my 8D crystal faeries family collective consciousness, and I've now opened to our 9D consciousness, in such an integrated manner that our collective consciousness is wherein my consciousness dwells, the awakening process, the integration process, the adjusting-my-life-to that level of consciousness, from my previous consciousness perspective, has completed, and therefore it has been a while since the bulk of content of my daily blogging has been about the process of ascension, and has instead been more about living in the 8D consciousness while awaiting those around me who were not in the 1st wave of ascension to "catch up" to unity consciousness, and we now see that even here in Kilauea, the old reality is kicking strongly in its death throes.

4th September 2016

Since my spiritual awakening in 1985, my consequent 6 year apprenticeship of training as a clairvoyant healer, and as a teacher of professional clairvoyant healing, culminating in my abandoning my computer engineering career to commit to full time ministry in November of 1991, my life has been directed purely by spiritual guidance, and ever so shall it remain, for I have committed to service to the divine will. During the recent months i have watched my 3 decade long ministry as a clairvoyant psychic reader, healer, counselor, and teacher, dwindle to the point where it no longer sustains the demands of either landlord nor the local farmers at the farmers market, to support the life of my embodiment.

On a daily basis i query of spirit:

The response has consistently been, since the completion of the 1st wave of ascension:

"Continue to do what you have been doing, and remain in the highest possible vibrations / frequencies of joy and peace."

What i have been doing is my healing ministry and my blogging, and so i have continued them. i have blogged a number of times, and advertised in the local community, that there is a paradigm shift beyond conventional healing, to a new and more enlightened way of dealing with reality, based on all that i have learned, and the spiritual initiations i have received, to operate in higher realms, and to quantum-leap individuals to parallel-reality time-lines via alignment with their higher-self, rather than merely healing little things in their present time-line. This is apparently too challenging for most, either to comprehend, to receive and live, to bother to hire me. It seems that to address their cognitive and emotional dissonance it would be better to present ovinars or "classes" which, lacking access to an appropriate meeting hale, i have substituted by blogging profusely and openly. An alternative approach is to go over their mind and emotions and directly bring frequencies of ascension activation via overtones encoded in my playing my flute, as i have been initiated to do by the Hathors, however many of the overtones are not recordable electronically, therefore just as with the question of where to present ovinars, the question arises how to present and share my sound healing live?

Upon further query to spirit for more details, i have consistently received the message:

"Be patient. You are in transition between realities. Your new reality will bring with it new abundance beyond any you have previously known. In the mean time you are in grace."


5th September 2016
[celeste_crystalfaery.2016-09-04.10-22] [InWorldz 2016-09-04]

Sunday morning (yesterday) i revisited InWorldz™, the only 3D virtual world i remain at all active in. My perspective of such has greatly shifted over time, but then 3D worlds also have changed greatly across time. It seems appropriate to write a summary article. So, before we write so many words as to separate us from the statistics directly above, let's address stats, and then I'll paint the bigger picture around them. By levels of participation, the IW grid has only 185 avatars logged-in on a weekend morning, 1 day of a month, in which 32 times that many avatars visited, suggesting that on each day of the month we might have a different 185 people participating, roughly 200 logins per day. The months worth of 6047 logins are only 4 percent of the total number of accounts. i myself took off the entire year of 2014 not visiting any 3D world, so, then my account was one of those existing but not active, and i have gone months at a time without login during years since. Of course some accounts have been abandoned and will not be used again, ever, as is the case when one of us chooses for whatever reason(s) to abandon a virtual world entirely; more about that later. For now, enough about users / avatars in the grid.

Let us turn our attention to the 3D virtual space which is comprised by the grid. Each region is implemented by at least a virtual simulator process and these are coupled together in the overall grid in which accounts are shared, and an avatar's inventory of "stuff" is portable. A region may be quite stand-alone, often appearing as an isolated island, or many may be stuck together as neighbors, much like blocks of a city, with coherent design to comprise a continent, such as "the mainland". Some of the regions may be purely private to an individual or a group, but most are open access to any avatar. Aside from the continents of intent, there are also, for the nautically inclined, "sailing seas" themed to provide places to sail your virtual sailboat, amongst many islands, across many regions. So... stats:
InWorldz™ provides 14 percent of regions (211/1483), 3 percent of regions (41/1483) are comprising a large continent (the mainland), 6 percent of regions (84/1483) are designated scenic, and 77 percent of all regions are "private isles" funded by users of InWorldz™, therefore may have any theme, may or not be grouped together into multi-region areas, and may or not be open to everyone to visit. That these private regions are "owned" and operated by users, of course does not mean those users are always logged-in, i.e. present in the grid, much less present in their own region. Thus we see 185 users spread over 1483 regions for an occupancy of only 12 percent, i.e. statistically only 1/8 th of regions are occupied by even one avatar. Of course, while some are dedicated builders or pursuing individual creations, most people create avatars and log-in to play in 3D virtual worlds to have social interactions with other people who are also represented by their virtual avatars. To the extent this is a social world, it's a vast wide-open realm with only a few others to meet. By contrast to the largest grid, "SL™" (Second Life™), this community is quite small. By contrast to the present day "FaceBook™", (a 2D virtual world), InWorldz™ is a very small "town".

i mentioned above that for approximately the entire calendar year of 2014 i intentionally stayed out of all 3D virtual worlds. i had entered in 2009, initially in the virtual world "2nd Life™", out of idle curiosity about 3D technology, in response to a software announcement of a Linux™ compatible "viewer" program. The technologies of social interaction with others not physically present in one's physical body environment is a major factor in modern life, and one which i now see from a higher perspective, as a very bad thing, in terms of its overall direction and ultimate outcome. Of course anything which is ultimately inimicable to one's own best interests, will not seduce one to betray one's own core essence, without feeding some lower consciousness need or desire, and that is exactly what is transpiring in our modern world. The positive benefits i elicited from my virtual world experiences 2009 - 2013 were:


My focus in 2014 was to take all that i had learned, and all that i had claimed as my virtual self via avatars, and bring it out into expression in the physical world with my physical body.

There is a very important lesson i learned during my journeying, which has broad implications, reaching far beyond 3D virtual worlds, applicable to everyone of the modern era society, especially those whose heads are lost in their smartphones. The relevant issue also is directly related to my level of participation in any social media. My level of participation at the present time in InWordlz™ is minimal due to technical issues with available viewers, specifically that Voice Chat does not work on 64-bit Debian Linux™ 8 (Jessie), (nor for that matter is there presently a functional driver for my 3Dconnexion™ "SpaceNavigator for NoteBooks" 3D mouse on the same platform). I'll skip all the details of why Linux™ is far superior in so many ways, and simply conclude that it is in many ways unsupported because the masses of sheeple choose popular but inferior technologies for all the wrong reasons or emotions, leaving Linux™ in such a minority position that for-profit-corpseorations see the loss of revenue as insignificant, or, as is the case with Apple Computer, are actively hostile to both BSD Unix (which is under the hood of MacOSuX), and Linux™, because they truly are a very real threat to their profit model if the sheeple ever wake up to the truth.
Without functioning voice chat i have no motivation to participate, for all that remains may be summarized as a fancy text-chat environment with movable pretty graphical 3D avatars instead of flat 2D pictures to represent with whom you're texting. Yes, in times past, Voice Chat worked for me, when technologies were different, both hardware and software. That is what enabled me to teach my clairvoyance classes in voice, which, when it works, is very very nice, for you experience a realistic sound-field with voice localization in 3D space, and the ability to have groups chatting interactively in voice.

And that brings us finally to the most important issue I'd like to address here, which is that while we might claim that there is a single most prevalent global language, English, like all languages, is really two languages, the written form, and the spoken form. Whether we utilize English or another language like Hebrew is actually also quite relevant and important, in a manner related to the key issues here. But first let us make note of the fact that, the global trend of popular usage by humans is being steered by forces inimicable to our best interests. The slippery slope upon which humanity is sliding down into "the singularity" is lubricated by the focus upon left-brained linear logical masculine thought processes, where we process the written language, books, blogs, e-mails, and all those SMS Text messages everyone is exchanging on their smart phones, thereby making their own minds dumber. This is the realm of ego personality, and encourages disconnection from soul.

It is in the right-brained, feminine, intuitive, mystical, graphical / symbolic, soul-connected area where we process voice and video. Even this part of our consciousness has been turned against us by the utilization of specific technologies, such that the rate of light flashing to update / refresh the screens we stare at, puts us into a hynotic trance of suggestibility and passivity, thus deeply embedding all the subliminal messages encoded in much of media. Modern movies / videos e.g. from HollyWood combine frequencies in sound tracks to entrain our emotional state to the images being presented, to build and control the response they choose you to have to the material, by driving heart rate, breathing rate, and brainwave state. The technology has been deeply perverted, from the level of hardwired frequencies of screen refresh rate, through the soft-programmed frequencies of sound tracks, embedded sumbliminal visual imagery, etc. to control your consciousness.

It is for reasons like these, that my practice of clairvoyant psychic reading, healing, counseling, and teaching, has been either live eyeball-to-eyeball, or via telephone to make right-brain to right-brain connections, as is possible also via VOIP and Voice Chat, and why i have eschewed e-mail and text-chat for psychic readings or counseling. This brings us full circle to my present relationship with InWorldz™ being very slight, due to broken Voice Chat for Linux™.

That leaves unaddressed the use of English as our global slave language, (though some might suggest the global language is "typonese" :-), which is not a spiritually empowered language, because the sounds of the spoken form of it are not cymatic, whereas the languages of the "fire letters" actually create spiritual forms energetically when spoken, which many may know from Biblical reference: "and in the beginning was the word", which i guarantee you was not in English.

All of the above summarizes as explanation of conscious cognizance and motivations behind my move from daily blogging in text of my ascension process, from a practice of claivoyant psychic reading, healing, and counseling, (which focuses upon that which is to be dis-created), to instead focus upon magickal co-creation of positive realities of New-Gaia, and focus upon cymatics and music and sound healing with my flute.

i enjoyed this afternoon playing my flute at the local social gathering spot, clarifying the energies and bringing light into the space.

It's been since 1999 when i was blessed with a helicopter tour of my sacred land, so it was a delight to discover today this video tour of Kaua'i


Update: 2016-09-19 20:00:00+00:00
Today i was contemplating deleting my viewer software for 3D worlds, and very soon received via e-mail a forwarded message from InWorldz, from an old friend i had not chatted with in a long time, whom I'd connected-with in AviNation, (which was a European spin-off clone of SecondLife), who also is of Faery energetics. Well, synchronicity says: "stay connected", (don't delete the software), and yet, being still in Rx Mercury, my attempt to log-in hung for a couple hours, neither failing-out in an error, succeeding to log-in, nor would the software quit either :-) Very funny :-) Actually, sadly, completely typical of the internet connection provided to me as "Business Class ADSL Internet Service", always, (not just during Mercury Rx), by Hawaiian TelCom. Usually, they are losing half my data packets, but today they're dropping a full 6 out of 10 data packets before they even leave the Hawaiian islands!

MTR						   Packets               Pings
 Host					       Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
 1.			0.0%   101    0.7   0.6   0.6   0.8   0.0
 2.				0.0%   101   32.8  97.8  17.8 1155. 204.0
 3.			       60.0%   101   25.0  23.7  21.0  26.2   1.2
 4.			0.0%   100   21.1  24.8  20.7  57.1   4.9
 5.			0.0%   100   75.6  78.7  71.3 136.6  12.2
 6.	0.0%   100   75.4  76.1  72.2 111.7   5.3
 7.	0.0%   100   75.5  75.3  72.3  78.2   1.4
 8.	0.0%   100   75.3  76.4  73.6  87.9   1.7
 9.	0.0%   100  131.5  93.5  89.5 138.9   6.9
10.	0.0%   100  113.1 115.5 112.4 125.8   2.1
11.	0.0%   100  117.4 116.5 112.2 155.1   6.6
12.	0.0%   100  127.7 127.6 124.6 150.0   2.6
13.	0.0%   100  137.5 136.7 133.0 163.4   4.1
14.	0.0%   100  147.5 147.0 143.8 159.0   1.9
15.	0.0%   100  149.3 150.9 148.1 162.2   1.7
16.	0.0%   100  210.1 211.9 208.8 256.0   4.6
17.	0.0%   100  213.4 211.5 208.5 214.5   1.4
18.		1.0%   100  215.1 214.2 209.7 261.2   5.1
19.		5.0%   100  213.6 215.6 211.1 256.8   6.9
20.			2.0%   100  212.8 213.0 209.8 245.0   3.6
21.				5.0%   100  213.1 216.0 210.8 253.9   6.1
22.				2.0%   100  213.8 213.2 208.7 243.0   5.2


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NetRange: -
NetName:        QWEST-INET-11
NetHandle:      NET-67-128-0-0-1
Parent:         NET67 (NET-67-0-0-0-0)
NetType:        Direct Allocation
Organization:   Qwest Communications Company, LLC (QCC-18)
RegDate:        2002-07-12
Updated:        2012-02-24

OrgName:        Qwest Communications Company, LLC
OrgId:          QCC-18
Address:        100 CENTURYLINK DR
City:           Monroe
StateProv:      LA
PostalCode:     71203
Country:        US
RegDate:        2005-05-09
Updated:        2015-04-10
Comment:        For abuse issues, please email [email protected] 
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# end

# start

NetRange: -
NetName:        HNLU01-WAN-67-129-94
NetHandle:      NET-67-129-94-0-1
Parent:         QWEST-INET-11 (NET-67-128-0-0-1)
NetType:        Reassigned
Organization:   Qwest Communications (QWST)
RegDate:        2003-09-18
Updated:        2003-09-18

OrgName:        Qwest Communications
OrgId:          QWST
Address:        950 17th Street
Address:        Suite 1900
City:           Denver
StateProv:      CO
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OrgAbuseHandle: QIA2-ARIN
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6th September 2016

The divine plan of Gaia is fully manifest upon Kaua'i.
So mote it be, and so it is.
-- I Am

As a perfect example of what happens with Mercury Rx (retrograde), i just contacted the service department of my phone company, had them run a line-test and call me back with results, and did not receive a call from them in reasonable time, therefore it would seem that there is something wrong with my telephone line so that it doesn't ring, however, i was able to pick-up voice mail and call them, so it appears that the only dysfunction is "ringing" for "incoming calls" not working, so if you'd like to chat, probably you'll have to e-mail a request for such and then I'll call whatever number you tell me to call you at. On the 8th (dunno what time of day) I'm scheduled to receive a physical visit by a repair technician.

7th September 2016

Many people whose consciousness is still engaged with duality, are either insufficiently conscious, caring, or empowered, to make any attempt to improve "reality", and therefore have become either numb, hopeless victims, or are bitterly complaining. Those who are aware of the present situation, and care to improve it, and feel empowered enough to beleive that they can make a difference, if not already pursuing a clear course of action, may be wondering what to do. Even those who are active, may wish to consider "at what level" is the most appropriate action? "Am i pursuing the most effective course?"

Once we comprehend that "reality" is merely a mirror of the energetic patterns we had been holding within us, then we realize that the only thing to change is our own vibrational state, which most of us "know" via our emotional feeling state. Therefore the first requirement is to be fully feeling emotions in the now. Looking back to the frequency chart of my blog entry for 2016-09-04, we see that being "fully enlightened" is, of course, the highest state, that next to that is "peace", which is a condition of complete acceptance of all that is, was, or will be. For most individuals, fear is the primary sabotage relating with future, and non-forgiveness is the primary sabotage relating with past. But ultimately, once you realize both of those being not here now are pure illusion, then our appropriate focus is in the now to completely forgive ourselves and all others, and come to complete neutral acceptance of all that is, as it is, right here, right now. Our ability to do so with anything which appears to be external, will be consequent to our doing so with our own selves internally.

We are presently influenced by many planets in retrograde motion, to review our past and make completions therewith, and hopefully the above exposition makes it clear that the key to completion is forgiveness. Aside from the very present astrological influences, we are in a larger picture of tradition, which is telling us we have only about one month to complete the process:
The final year of Jubilee began on the Day of Atonement in the fall of 2015.
Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) ends at sunset 12th October, 2016

From another tradition, we find in two days we have the day of the Crow, which asks us to go beyond merely doing the process of forgiveness to arrive at the state of accepting neutraly, to the next level which is to share nurturance with others, with perhaps an obvious focus in the sharing of food, but, surely we can take even that as an allegory for spiritual sharing, i.e. love.

Forgiveness, unconditional love, and faery blessings for all -- celeste

8th September 2016
[198209180 purple faery]

And as the seasons come and go, here's something you might like to know. There are fairies everywhere: under bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day. So listen, touch, and look around -- in the air and on the ground. And if you watch all nature's things, you might just see a fairy's wings. -- Author Unknown

i do my best to share the highest wisdom i can find. I'm glad it is appreciated by some, some of the time.

The only "true light" i know is this: We each 100% create our own reality by our beleifs. There is nothing outside us to change, for we are all one, therefore, the path of worthy pursuit is raising consciousness, and like all the cells of our own body need to cooperate, the many humans who are the cells of humanity need to cooperate. Choosing to awaken to the "true light" of source. While we may each do our best to be in communion with that, it is how we live our lives which is our strongest teaching of others, and our words are but shallow imitations of how we live our truth. Focusing upon our own connection with the light of truth, and doing our best to live it in every moment, is the valuable being. Of course the simplest summary i know is this:
"Unconditional love is the answer. Was there a question?" :-)
i find that all problems and soulutions are inside, there is nothing outside to fight, fix, change, heal, or to seek, as the soulution for any apparent inner problem either. There is only choice to love one's self as an expression of all that is. Thus, by inversion, all problems are merely lack of self love, and the cure for that is self forgiveness to finally arrive at self love :-)

i love you. i love me. i love all that is. i am love incarnate. We all already are living the mirror of our beleifs, so, any lack of love or joy is merely a sign that we are making a choice which is not aligned with our own truth, which itself has to be light=love here now.

i return to, what we focus upon we empower, therefore, my strong preference is to focus purely upon affirming, and thereby ascending into, New-Gaia parallel-reality time-lines.

What is truly positive and productive, is to imagine your highest utopia, and then spend 24/7/365 affirming that reality as true and real, describing that to everyone you meet, finding which parts of it they agree with, and then doing shared rituals / meditations of positive synergy co-creation of the shared reality. With or without co-creators, the way we manifest our preferred reality, is by beleiving in it, (which many will comprehend as a mental state), but even more important is to be feeling it emotionally, to place one's self in the emotional state of minimally gratitude, but better yet, appreciation for, that reality already being manifest, which, it is! The only reason we are not experiencing yet living it, is because we are still emotionally vibrating in old, obsolete, dysfunctional, lower vibrational realities, such as being caught in any conflict of will in 4D-, or being attached to any polarity within 4D- duality... so, to get there is to be wholistic... and all energies addressing what's wrong are counter-productive, the only thing those serve is to clarify for us that which we choose not to have in our utopia, and therefore, quickly invert them...
"If this is what i clearly reject, what is its opposite, and let me quickly and powerfully re-focus my attention to my preference, and forgive and release the unwanted reality completely and immediately, with appreciation that it helped me clarify my utopia, so that i may more quickly, powerfully manifest that!"

i am deep in the process of shifting parallel-realities, shifting time-lines. At the completion of the first wave of ascension i was informed that i had successfully completed my mission, actually, the contracted mission of my family of crystal faeries, (to facilitate the 1st wave of ascension), and that now it is play-time for me... and so then i set about my own individual goals, and mastering the techniques of time-lines and parallel-realities, to manifest my deepest desires... which my higher-self asserts will all be achieved via the process of ascension allowing freedom to re-manifest at will.

My first priority is manifesting my perfect goddess body, (as much as an ascended being "has" any "form"), complete with iridescent luminescent wings! Why settle for some minor goal when you can instead "go for the gold" of mastering ascension, transformation, teleportation, etc.?

So, I'd greatly appreciate you envisioning me to be a beautiful crystal faery girl of radiant light, giggling and playing my flute to delight all i meet.

And what vision may i hold for and of you, dear heart? What is your heart's deepest desire?

Aloha nui, and Faery blessings
-- celeste

9th September 2016
[animated angel]

Hand in hand, with fairy grace, Will we sing, and bless this place. -- William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

The day of the Crow asks us to share nurturance with others, with perhaps an obvious focus in the sharing of food, but, surely we can take even that as an allegory for spiritual sharing, i.e. love. (Co-)Incidentally being Freya's day, it is time for our love to be flavored by the reality of the innocent virgin girl. Purity is the essence of the virgin. Pure innocent unconditional love is our higher truth, which may fully express when we are healed of trauma and unguarded against fear. With trust restored by healing and forgiveness, again we may open in faith, trust, and innocent purity.

Faery blessings -- celeste

2016-09-09 20:02:02+00:00 At 10:02AM HST i received a call from a Hawaiian Telcom technician that my telephone line is working again... Yay! :-)

10th September 2016
[Faery Bubble Blowing]

Garden fairies come at dawn, Bless the flowers then they're gone. -- Author Unknown

May we today transcend all illusions that there are any obstacles in our path, by releasing all illusions and attachments that our path must traverse or arrive at, any particular reality. Surrender to the divine will for our journey, destination, and the timing of our travel, overcomes the ego's illusions it should be in control.

During lunch hour we are blessed and empowered to manifest goals:
(Sat) 9/10/2016 12:40 Moon (Cap) Tri [Tau] Ceres
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies is in harmony with energies of tendency to direct energy to instinctive, creative, reproductive goals.

11th September 2016

I'd greatly appreciate you envisioning me to be a beautiful crystal faery girl of radiant light, giggling and playing my flute to delight all those i meet and bless with faery magick. Thank you for postive synergy of co-creating my faerytopia! What vision may i hold for, and of, you, dear heart? What is your heart's deepest desire? May i bless you with my faery magick to co-create that?

12th September 2016
[fairy reflected in water.2016-09-08]

Faery blessings come from beleif in magick
-- celeste

13th September 2016

i think that people who can't believe in fairies aren't worth knowing.
-- Tori Amos

"Rich was the second director of Lockheed Skunkwork's from 1975-1991. He's been called the Father of Stealth, having overseen the development of the stealth fighter, the F-117A nighthawk. Before his death, Rich made several shocking open statements about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials:"

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do it." (1)

"We now have technology to take ET home. No it won't take someone's lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars." (1)

"There are two types of UFOs - the ones we build and the ones 'they' build." (1)

When Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked, he said; "Let me ask you: 'How does ESP work?'" The questioner responded with, "All points in time and space are connected?" Rich then said, "That's how it works!"

14th September 2016

In the realm of duality we manifest also the opposite of whatever we intend to create therein. We incarnate into duality in order to learn from contrast. The lesson we come to learn from that contrast is ultimately: "Who Am I?", which over the course of experiencing duality, may also be expressed as: "Who Do i choose to Be-Come?", as "who i am in this moment" is the one experiencing the duality of what i have created to learn from, which in duality will contain both "what is my truth" and "what is the opposite of me, my appropriateness, my truth?"

To ascend into non-duality requires not only that we not be attached to a polarity within duality, but that we also have arrived at a sufficient clarity of "know thyself" to no longer be greatly facilitated by duality as the experiential realm we need in order to learn that. This does not mean that we do not express any polarities in non-dual realms, however, when we create them we are not simultaneously creating their opposite as occurs in duality.

One of our dualities is between the overt exposed persona we are doing our best to live, and the covert shadow persona we are denying, also often manifest as our subconscious. As we ascend all is exposed to be seen by all, and we must integrate all of us into a unified whole. An obvious step towards this is full forgiveness, non-judgment, and acceptance of the totality of our being. As we let go of the "reality" of any aspect of us we are expressing or denying within duality, and allow ourselves to play with the polarities without taking them at all seriously, we can easily become more neutral and transcendent, or, conversely, as we transcend our self definition to be merely the witness and creator of interesting experiences, which polarities of duality we have been exploring may be seen as but roles we have been playing, rather than as "who we 'are'", as if that was "real".

With our negative mirror image, we may contemplate, which is more real? the girl or her reflection? Of course, both are real within duality, and which is overt and which the negative mirror image, is completely irrelevant, for together they comprise the whole of whom she truly is :-)

15th September 2016

As Mercury continues Rx (retrograde), it continues to be time to complete matters which were incomplete in communications and technology. Meanwhile, things in such categories initiated during the Rx are troubled, as i am clearly witnessing some people who have reached out to me during this time completely miscommunicating, particularly as we have so many other planets Rx now, everyone's subconscious crap and shadow sides are poking their heads up to express rather than remaining repressed in the shadows. i am seeing very blatantly the polarizations really become quite obvious as people express either their service-to-self or service-to-all natures. With Mars aspects active, anger and agression are also being displayed.

16th September 2016
[full Moon]

With the full Moon at 09:07 HST, forgive and release all obsolete or inappropriate energies, especially the anger or frustration being triggered by Mars now. The eclipse, at 8:54:20 HST, greatly amplifies the energies of transition between old and new realities, emphasizing the full Moon release process, and yet, we need to be in faith and trust of the process, as it is very probable that we are not yet being shown (the details of) what the new reality will be, but then, that is one of the characteristics of our living in ascended reality rather than the obsolete duality which we are leaving behind, and this is a very big clue to what to be releasing now, unless you have consciously chosen not to be on the path of ascension. With the knowing of the true nature of reality manifestation, we easily have the truth that our own higher-self is always bringing us something even more wonderful than we can imagine, yet, keep imagining the most wonderful miraculous most exciting and happy reality of which your personality is capable. A very powerfully symbolic process is to write all that you are releasing, and then burn the piece of paper, (in a bowl or other fire-safe manner), making use of the fire element to transform the energies. Then charging a glass jar of water in the full Moon light will facilitate intaking the powerful energies of transformation during this time of strong Pisces influences.

Luna conjuncts Chiron, highlighting wounds from the past, especially those from victimhood or martyrdom. Forgive both the others who participated with you in cocreating the trauma, and forgive yourself for creating that situation to wound yourself. Transcend above the duality / polarity to see how who you truly are is neither victim nor victimizer, martyr nor saviour. The only thing "real" about any experience is your emotion about the experience. Which emotions you experience about an experience are entirely chosen by you at the mental level when your mind assigns a meaning to the experience, therefore the meta-lesson to transcend all of this, is to cease assigning meanings to experiences, or assign the true meaning to everything: everything coming to me is a delayed reflection in the mirror, of energetic vibrations i was previously holding in my energy field, and are completely irrelevant to the process of my creating my future by consciously and willfully choosing in this moment what emotional vibration state to hold as my "reality created by the imagining of choice in the now" or "reality created by my choice of what i imagine in the now".

"Every individual is a Church that has the Soul as its god, but most people forget the Soul and live according to dogmatic rules and habits that not only have become empty of inner meaning, but very often have been perverted by the demands of the senses and the emotional nature, and by the ego with its rationalizing intellect. [ because ego is a left-brained creation -- celeste ] A purging or catharsis is needed to restore not only fresh and creative spontaneity, but even more the contact with the Soul and the God-ordained dharma." -- Dane Rudhyar

Then, later this evening the moon leaves watery Pisces:
(Fri) 9/16/2016 18:22 Moon (Pis) --> Aries
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies will be forceful, energetic, direct, courageous, and it seeks adventure and challenge.
(Fri) 9/16/2016 21:06 Moon (Ari) Opp (Lib) Jupiter
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies opposes and creates tension with energies of enthusiastic, faithful, wise, expansive, spontaneous nature. Balance is needed.

17th September 2016

After yesterday's intense forgive and release process, a little bit of calm soothing is in order, a bit of chillax time, before we run off into our new reality. For myself, music is the greatest source of soul nurturance, and these are my favorite soulful artists:

Faery blessings -- celeste

Druidcast 113 featured acoustic celtic / druidic music recorded in the previous millenium:
Silver On the Tree-Morning Glory
Jabberwocky-Fearie Folk
Spiral Castle-Noon of the Solstice
the Dolman-Harvest Dance
Space Goats-13 Moons in Motion-Travelling Clans

18th September 2016
[fairies in tree animation]

Until people (humans) comprehend that Gaia is a sentient living being, that "our" planet is her body, and that therefore it is illegal, immoral and impossible to own even a piece of her body, because such constitutes slavery, there is no hope for humanity to survive the changes arriving soon.
It would be really nice to be able to access the entirety of the Goddess-given-to-all planet without having to go-to-war-with Minions of Mammon who arrogantly declare and would war to defend their (criminal claim of) "ownership" of (some portion of) Gaia, and their defiling her body with fences.
Those who insist upon serving only their own interests, shall be relocated to a parallel reality like the old earth reality, so that they may continue their existence.
Those who have achieved at least 51% orientation to service to the all, are eligible to ascend to a higher density reality, to join the advanced races in positive realms.
Now each human has to choose their own destiny. i love you all and bless your journey of awakening to truth. i am grateful for the blessings of my few friends.

Faery blessings - celeste

Checking with my collective consciousness family of crystal faeries in 8D about the above message...
"This is not the first time [ 2013-12-31, 2014-07-01, 2014-07-16, 2014-07-29 ] you have reached both exasperation and frustration at your inability to awaken others you care so very deeply about, and therefore, again, we must advise you to chill out by releasing all responsibility for them, simply return to holding high vibrations and your vision of New-Gaia in order to facilitate the hop to the parallel-reality of appropriateness for the few souls who are ready for it.
You are in the world in a human body, but clearly not of the world. Be glad :-)"
-- crystalfaeries

4 steps to Living in Love

As we process and integrate with all the present astrological triggers arriving, we see that both thinking mind and feeling soul are greatly triggered, and with so many Retrogrades, so much of that is old patterns, and mostly they need to be forgiven and released, and their associated miasmas / traumas healed, which, of course, calls for love. We could say that in such process there can be lessons learned, but ultimately the only lesson is to live in love. Well, yes, that's all well and good, we might say... but how?

Firstly, in each moment, the priority is to release the past, through forgiveness. When we reach neutral calm about the past, we simply become bored with it, as in: "I'm not interested in either telling stories of the past, listening to stories of the past, nor recycling emotions about the past, because I've processed all those emotions, learned all the lessons of them, and i clearly cognize that life is in the now.

Secondly, in each moment, the priority is to be in faith and trust, that the future will bring only positive appropriate experience. If we are open to flow with the energies of the moment, if we are open to change to stay in that flow, if we release our need to know everything, if we release our need to control everything, then we can be in the reality our own higher-self intends for us. That also means surrendering our attachments to timing, specific outcomes, and specific paths to outcomes. Is it obvious this is the antidote to fear (about the future)?

Thirdly, and here's where we get into actually living in the now, we have a calm and mostly empty mind (left-brained ego), and a calm and peaceful heart and soul, together in complete acceptance of what is, for what is attracted to us is only our own creation, and even if it be not our preference, leaving behind unpreferred manifestation will only happen by neutral acceptance, "yawn", yeah, i know, i know, it's just a delayed reflection of the energies i previously held in my energy field. Whatever, yeah, it helped me clarify what i don't prefer, so that by inversion, i became clearer about what i do prefer... Yay!

Fourthly, we step into reality creator mode. We imagine in our right brain intuitive center, and in our 3rd eye, our preferred utopia, while in our hearts feeling the confirmation of joy, that it is in alignment with our soul, and we adopt an attitude of gratitude for it being "already done", (which it is in a parallel-reality time-line), and we know that by the law of attraction, we will attract our self into that reality by continuing to hold those frequencies, that image, that joy, that appreciation, inside our energy fields.

This, then, is how we change our own consciousness to change our own reality, the only thing we actually have power over, or the right to have power over, and the only thing even approaching "real" in our experiential life. Because "we are all one", the way we change everyone else, is by changing our self. And that is how we "fix the world".

Faery blessings - celeste

19th September 2016
[a new dawn] [Emotional Healing] [debt forgiven]

i have never before viewed one of Doreen Virtue's videos, but synchronicity brought me to this one today, which is so relevant to my present situation, that i broke out into tears while watching it. i don't own any of her card decks, though I have benefitted from readings using Angel Cards, and have done quite a few Angel Card readings myself, using decks owned by others, or provided as demonstrations in various metaphysical bookstores, particularly where i previously worked as Clairvoyant Psychic Reader and Healer. Although i have explored others, my "go to" deck is The Secret Dakini Oracle Deck, (now out of print and quite expensive), which has been a favorite since 1984. That Doreen utilized two Fae decks, her land Faeries deck and her Mermaids (sea faeries) deck together in this reading made it all the more poignant and applicable to me. Although it felt much like a personal reading just for me, i cognize more correctly that i was fully in tune with the cosmic, solar-system, and Gaian energy patterns, and in the flow of what they're triggering, and thus fully aligned with the energetics being mapped by the cards, culminating in the quantum leap into a new parallel-reality time-line.

20th September 2016

i found myself this morning breaking out into uncontrollable crying, catharting grief... but completely non-personal. As is so often the case anymore, with my transdimensional unity consciousness perspective, i am, of course, once again, transmuting collective energies for my ahupua'a (watershed (community (Kilauea))), for my "nation" of Kaua'i, and for those beings powerfully connected with we Kaua'ians, (those "ties that bind", mostly of (often inappropriate) emotional attachment (dependence), where individuals are so wounded as to not be in their own appropriateness, their own energy fields, their own community, and most problematically, not in present time). Therefore Goddess has called upon me to do some faery magick to normalize the environmental energetics into the eternal moment of now... presence time.
Faery blessings -- celeste

21st September 2016
[Faery Thank You]

Entering orb of 3rd Quarter Day - Fall (Autumnal) Equinox
Time of Mabon
(Wed) 9/21/2016 19:30 HST Mercury (Vir) S/D
Energy representing thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity will tend to manifest in the standard, direct, open manner.

i express my appreciation to all for the shared journey of growth of consciousness, and gladly bid "adieu" to those who have stepped off of the path to explore something they find fascinating, and "welcome" to those who have joined me on the path going onward to New Gaia, and "let's co-create in positive synergy" to those travelling to the same destination.

Faery blessings -- celeste

22nd September 2016
[autumn fairies]

(Thu) 9/22/2016 4:21 HST Sun (Vir) --> Libra (Autumnal Equinox)
Energy representing spirit, ego, image of self, and sense of aliveness will be affectionate, tolerant, often indecisive, appreciates beauty, and it seeks balance, relationship, and calmness.
(Thu) 9/22/2016 22:33 HST Moon (Gem) --> (Exalted in) Cancer
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies will be introspective, emotional, protective, and it wants inner and outer security.
(Thu) 9/22/2016 23:56 HST Sun (Lib) Squ (Can) Moon (Half Moon)
Energy representing spirit, ego, image of self, and sense of aliveness is in conflict with energies of emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies. Adaptation is required by both sides.
Faery blessings and *giggles* -- celeste

23rd September 2016
[Moon Faerie]

As we fall into autumn, with the great Solar Christ half way between his glorious summer solstice and his 3 days on the southern solar cross at winter solstice, we can not help noticing that "Christianity" cannot possibly be separate from "Paganism", for it is indeed the annual seasonal cycle of the Solar Christ which drives the annual death and rebirth cycle of our ecosystem, nor is our ecosystem ever separate from the rhythms of the feminine Lunations 13 times during Christ's annual rebirth cycle, as sister Sin = Min = Moon = Luna guides each female through her menstruous cycle, and even the church-occulted "sang real" stories are of the lunar driven menstruous cycle of the divine goddess' holy nectar. Cognizing that the remainder of religions worship the remainder of the heavenly bodies, we cannot but giggle as we embrace them all, in full cognition that the dynamic energetics of our entire electrical solar system and all the magnetic fields they generate, completely drive our mental and emotional states, until such time as we learn to direct our own consciousness and generate our own energetic field in a state of mastery. For those who dwell in transcendent consciousness, we may be fully aware of astrological cycles, and yet choose to create a peaceful equanimity of our own, which sustains greater stability.
Faery blessings and *giggles* -- celeste

24th September 2016

We are seeing manifest in the collective time-lines the fruition of much lightwork, the healing from much lovework, to which our life has been dedicated in service.
Tears of gratitude and joy spontaneously erupt in response to the quantum leap accomplished.
Faery blessings -- celeste

25th September 2016
[gaia earth star goddess transmission ascension]

We are now uniting the energetics and wisdom of starseed, indigo, crystal, and rainbow beings, lineage, and light into one unified New-Gaia of Kilauea synergy ball.
Faery blessings -- celeste

Update: 2016-09-29 06:33:27+00:00
As the moon wanes down to pau, the energies of resistance to the quantum leap of higher frequencies i have installed in the Kilauea synergy ball are likewise fading to nill. This portends that the incoming New Moon on the 30th will truly usher in a New Dawn.
Faery blessings -- celeste

26th September 2016
[Gaia's Ascension 4]

The key with making affirmations, is to be validating the target reality, rather than the process of getting to it. This leaves me with appreciation for calm equanimity in my heart.
Faery blessings -- celeste

27th September 2016
[symbols of an alien sky]

It is time to ascend into conscious co-creatorship of a positive preferred collective. Today's planetary aspects wonderfully support positive emotions and relating.
Faery blessings -- celeste

28th September 2016
[tower by water backed by full moon]

Though our moon phase is of waning light, in the higher densities there are strong energies from sister Luna. For myself, these energies are triggering fits of tears, as i feel with so much intensity, great compassion for humanity, now in the throes of a chaotic-node, as we are experiencing quantum leaps in separation of frequency between ascending and descending realities.
Faery blessings -- celeste

29th September 2016
[fairy fantasy sculpted hand made polymer clay crystal blue fairy]

i enjoy aesthetics like beauty as a way of life :-)
Who volunteers to co-create New-Gaia?
Faery blessings -- celeste

30th September 2016

From the beginning, with Goddess as my witness, i celeste, a true woman of Goddess, a peaceful woman upon the land of Goddess, acknowledge all blessings given by Goddess, repent all transgressions against Goddess, and waive all claims without Goddess.

[... inspired by Kurtis Kallenbach:

The quantum leap of higher frequencies i have installed in the Kilauea synergy ball portend that the incoming
14:13 HST New Moon
will truly usher in a New Dawn.
Faery blessings -- celeste

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