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14th September 2013
[high priestess]

From the Tarot card, the High Priestess is:

Oh Dear one,

i felt this darkness would soon drop after your having been so harshly disrespected. i am sorry for this pain you are feeling. Can you access the akashic records on these issues and see alternatives there? i see your aura is way out there, with you simply dissipating into the void.

Pull in. Sit with this pain. It is the pain of rebirth. Again.

Here is what else i am getting. The her you are, and always were, to serve, is no one physical female but it is the divine feminine Herself. You are a high priestess and that is an onerous position and one of much grief and loneliness. It literally is your vocation and your calling which your higher self has already answered. You agreed to this and took it on in such a way and form as to serve her without destroying the Divine masculine in the process, which is the fear of the dis-integrated male (and has resulted in 7000 years of repression of the feminine) and the unfortunate process of the enraged female in our world of duality. You are the high priestess of the integrated goddess / god. It is such a painful thing this initiation and may not be yet complete, and the only way to non-pain is to completely engage yourself in the service to the Divine feminine, to Kauai, Gaia, to your 8D portals as they spread and expand, to the sacred principles of life on this planet as it ascends, with all entities and other dimensional beings watching. You are now center stage. Total selfless service is what she is demanding, with no concern for your self other than as of the utmost value to her as her presence and voice on Gaia at this crucial time. And the choice is yours completely. Goddess knows that being in her service in this most intimate way is hugely painful unless one surrenders completely, and even then, the truth of being human and goddess in one body is what we all have tried for millenia to escape. We cannot escape for it is what we really are, human and Divine, physical in all our pain and dis-ease, and totally beyond the world and it's cause / effect all at the same time.

i have been in this dark place too, looking the same decision in the face, and i manage each time to just stay low until i find the next beam of light from the Sun and the next song of the birds. It is the face of the crone that you are seeing and she beckons us all to peace in the darkness, but the darkness always becomes the light and immediately upon it's darkest moment, the shift occurs. This is the transformational magic of the crone. When the light is gone she holds out her hand and we step back into the dawn. Please consider what has been sent for you here. You are immortal. You know that.

-- a sister crone


The Irish Goddess Brigit, Brigid or Bride (pronounced Breed), matron of artists, smiths and healers, is honoured in Druidry and WiseCraft. Bride was the daughter of the Dagda (or Good God), the principal God of the Irish race known as the Tuatha de Dnaan, People of Dana, Dana being the Mother Goddess.

Brigit was often depicted as a Triple Goddess. Her chief shrine was in Kildare, where her vigil fire was tended by unmarried priestesses known as Inghean an Dagha, Daughters of Fire. With the Christianization of Ireland, Brigid became St Brigid and her shrine was taken over by nuns. Legend tells us that the nuns continued to tend her sacred flame until the thirteenth century, when the Bishop of Kildare decreed that the custom was Pagan and must cease. However, Brigid remained a very popular saint in Ireland and Scotland until recent times and her importance rivalled that of the Virgin Mary.


We have been invoking the akashic records of "The New Women of Fire", to integrate into our DNA.
The context for this 5th race of humanity created by Isis, is:
"As the readers may have noticed, much of this part of the "Isis story" is taking place after the Deluge, and in this and a few following papers, i [Wes Penre] am going to go back and forth on the timeline between what happened just before the Flood and what happened after. Much of what is now explained happened during the Babylonian / Akkadian Empires, when had assigned the leadership in that part of the world to his son Marduk, the biblical Satan, but the first version of's Minions, who we today call the Global Elite or the "Illuminati," were of the same seed line as that which had been used before the Deluge, and that was the Lucifer-Isis seed line, created by copulation between and Isis. Thus, the Marduk-Isis seed line was the second version of the Global Elite, created in Babylon, after the Deluge. The third version was the Marduk-Ereškigal seed line, to which the majority of the Global Elite of today belongs. The Powers That Be (PTB), thus, are of pure Orion blood and a mix between Ninurta's line through Isis and Marduk, who represents the Luciferian / Satanic bloodline. They are all virtually the same because Ninurta and had the same parents, but for the gods themselves, the difference is considered huge because the more righteous Gods of the Pantheon want to have no part in Lucifer's tricks and manipulative manners. They must feel highly assaulted the way they've been depicted in the eyes of humans after the records were distorted in Babylon. Homo sapiens sapiens - today's version of mankind - was recreated after the Flood from the template used before the Flood, with some adjustments, as we shall see in a later paper. Last, a fifth version of humankind was created by Isis, who basically recreated the androgynous Namlúu', the primordial womankind." -- Wes Penre

Wes Penre provides more details about "the ladies of fire":
"The last, but certainly not the least, important species i need to mention here in its own category is

[...] Ladies of Fire - the second race of Namlú'u. This is the species which Isis created on her own while visiting her father Ninurta's old Mountain Paradise - the Garden of Edin of old. This is a recreation of the Primordial mankind - the androgynous Namlú'u, shamans who can create life without copulating with a male, but who can also reproduce by having normal intercourse. This species will become very important as our story progresses. These "Ladies of Fire" are still here on this planet today - many are in hiding, while others eventually blended in with the rest of society and created families and married men amongst Homo sapiens sapiens.

In addition, we could actually add another race of humans to the second list above, but to make sense in the context, I've decided to mention it as the very last species.

[...] Human / Namlú'u hybrids. These hybrids would look just like you and me but, perhaps, have more red in their hair and a fairer skin. The people of Ireland come to mind, and although not all Irish women are Namlú'u hybrids, many of them probably are. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the Ladies of Fire must have had a resort on the British Isles, and particularly in Ireland. How do we look at women with red hair in general? As fiery, more energetic than average, determined, and having a strong will and strong intentions. Could we perhaps also add that red-haired women are more psychic than average? We see both women and men everywhere in society who have the attributes of red, or reddish, hair and fair, sensitive skin. We don't even think twice when we see them. They blend in with the rest of society with its huge variety of human hybrid races."
-- Wes Penre

It is fairly apparent that their genetics have been to some degree mixed into the "muggles" gene-pool, and that there are more pure samples still incarnate. As with all energy patterns, one adept at accessing the akashic records may find the genetic patterns and utilize them to activate codons in the DNA of present bodies, as i am now doing with mine. Because such spiritual work likewise done upon one's aetheric / spiritual body is in a density beyond linear space-time, the effects become apparent in linear time of the body prior to their apparent time of linear activation, the more so the body is dwelling in the eternal moment of now in time-space rather than caught in the time-stream of the collective reality of lower density.

"VI. Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Lilith, and Aphrodite [ and Lakshmi -- celeste ]
Establishing that these five female deities are one and the same takes care of a lot of headache when researching the different deities. Albeit all five of them, mythologically speaking, have traits that are quite similar to each other, they are also made different because it may have "pleased" the Sages of old - or rather Marduk or, depending on whom was dictating a certain story. Also, we should not forget that Ereškigal, Queen of the Underworld, is connected to these five counterparts as well - particularly Isis and Inanna."
-- Wes Penre

"When Ninurta married Gula, he married a female who was half Sirian and half Arcturian, but still of the Bird Tribe, just as Khan En.lil is - his people, even though they may have originated in Arcturus - had colonies in many other star systems - one of them in Sirius. Gula, most of the time, seems to have spent her time in Sirius - more so than in Arcturus. Out of the marriage between Ninurta and Gula came Isis, who thus is half Sirian/Arcturian Bird Tribe and half Orion Dragon Race. When Isis had grown up enough to take care of herself, she spent most of her time in Sirius - perhaps, she liked one of the planets there and felt some connection to it, i don't know.

After that, Isis' story became quite complex. In a twist of fate, she came to Ea-Rth [Ea's Kingdom], and got raped by Ea [ = En.Ki = Lucifer ]. When Ninurta found out, he castrated En.Ki, and put a curse on him, so that he never could sleep with a woman again and certainly not have more children. Isis, as Inanna, descended to the Underworld to see her alleged sister, Ereškigal but got kidnapped and raped repeatedly by Marduk [ = Satan = son of En.Ki ]. An evil plan evolved that Marduk and Isis were going to create a new human race after the Flood. Some of these children were going to only be allowed to inbreed to keep the race "clean," while the rest could breed as they wished.

There seems to have been a time when Isis agreed to this, but we don't know whether it was in order to save her life because later on, when and Marduk had begun to trust her, she fled and hid in her father's Mountain Paradise in the ancient Garden of Eden. When she saw what her father had built for humankind and the rest of the planet over a long period, of which only ruins were left, she started crying for days - regretting everything she'd done and feeling deep shame. She decided to recreate the Garden of Edin, and she did so. Being of a Royal descent, she also had magic capabilities that were almost lost at that time. Shortly after the Flood, she made herself androgynous and started having offspring with herself - something called parthenogenesis. All her offspring were red-haired, as she was. Where this new race went is unknown - it's believed it still exists here on Earth, but went underground - literally.

Isis is still on the run - both from her father (to whom she felt she caused so much shame) and the Alien Invader Force - but it is quite possible that she is still dwelling somewhere on Ea-Rth. The thing is (and it is possible that Isis thinks she blew her opportunities) that she is still the Heir to Orion! If something happens to Queen Nin, Isis will be the next Queen of the Stars, according to Orion law. Because Isis is Prince Ninurta's daughter, Prince Ninurta would be the new Khan En.lil (now he is "only" Prince En.lil), and his daughter would inherit the throne. If Lucifer would have played his cards well, he would have been the new Khan En.lil and his first-born daughter would have been the new Queen of the Stars. However, this will never happen. Now, with Isis on the run somewhere on Ea-Rth, Queen Ereškigal took over the role as the "breeding machine" together with Marduk, and people, such as me and you who write and read this, are most probably the descendants from Marduk and Ereškigal - genetically speaking. However, it is more complicated than that because the two most certainly had (and have) sex, which brings offspring, and these offspring have sex, etc. Still, the bodies that Ereškigal and Marduk had then, and have now, are human bodies that originate from the time before the Flood. Therefore, we may also have a lot of earlier DNA in our bodies - even some Namlú'u, although it's probably watered down. In order to create a pure Mardukian/Ereškigalian bloodline, however, they also used genetic engineering and manipulation to get it just the way they wanted it to, and this engineering included adding quantities of Orion and Sirian DNA to the new human species."
-- Wes Penre

15th September 2013

In some recent discussions the subject of ORMES / ORMUS has re-surfaced, in that, i mentioned that in my envisioning of the essence 'Fae Play' which i shall be creating after the Eclipse / Equinox weekend fast approaching, i will be including ORMES / ORMUS in the formula. These elements are all around us, and are often the hidden 'magick' inside things like herbs and herbal extracts, i.e. that those plants have done a good job of concentrating ORMES / ORMUS. Fundamentally, the raw material is not hard to find, we're exposed to it all the time. True Alchemy is performed by the Alchemist via their own individual subtle energy field, and therein is the raising of the plain old daily raw material ORMES / ORMUS to a 'high spin state' whereupon it then becomes activating / triggering of the subtle energy field of the consumer / imbiber of the (now) energized (high spin state) ORMES / ORMUS. As always, every belief and intent of the Alchemist is transferred along with the general 'activation' intent of the Alchemist into the resultant 'product'. Thus, it is certainly possible to purchase high spin state ORMES / ORMUS from a variety of Alchemists, but one has to use discernment as to their 'purity'. In the general field of this subject a notable name is Barry Carter, and one less popular but by my private discernment one of the cleanest, is Danae Harding, who has a minor presence via her website Ancient Transformational Technologies. She does use some technologies such as Tesla Coils in the activation of some of her products. There is apparently also a Tesla Coil used in the activation of the NutrIodine from Dr. William 'Bill' Deagle. Ultimately, we are all Alchemists with our intent and our own subtle energy field, so in response to the question... what have i / do i 'do' with respect to ORMES / ORMUS, i have in the past purchased ORMES / ORMUS products from other alchemists, and still have, and occasionally imbibe such as raw material, but i have progressed to assuming that ultimately it is available in my food supply of organics, and that the true and necessary and appropriate 'high spin state activation' can / should / is performed inside my own body by my own energies. As always i remember one of my teacher's principles that we do not ever need any 'tool', that ALL comes from intent and focus. Intent is as always some combination of our thoughts, feelings, will, and always the ever complex mix of subconscious (back side of chakras), conscious (front of chakras), and our superconscious (higher self). So, as always, knowing that what we manifest / experience and especially how we receive and perceive all of that, is our own choice ultimately (if we can be bothered to actually feel our feelings, and notice patterns and reprogram our own subconscious (or better yet deprogram it entirely) is a necessary process to achieving any kind of mastery in manifesting our intent directly (including the process of jumping time-lines), and certainly in achieving mastery as an Alchemist.

Danae states a couple times in her video when sharing her learning process of some 8 years ago, that at challenging points in her life, when lessons of growth presented themselves, roughly quoting her: 'The only price you have to pay (for what you want), is the only price you are unwilling to pay' and of course she is referring to ego attachments :-)

So, bringing the circle back to starting point... when one is creating an energetic 'substance', a carrier of subtle energies, such as an 'essence', be it in any carrier form (water, oil, essential oil, or alcohol extract), there is the raw material from nature, which includes the DNA energy pattern of the specific plant, but also the energy field of exactly where that plant grew, what minerals were in the soil, and what energy vibrations in the air (cellular telephone signals) are all part of the 'raw material' we start with, and those combined energies can be both beneficial and detrimental, and they will include the process of harvesting and processing the plants, what was the energizing patterns of any technical energizers such as tesla coils or crystals, and most of all, the purity of the Alchemist during their times of interacting with that material, their own intent and belief. As i mentioned, i am still very much an open vessel to be the instrument of manifestation for the 8D Angelic Crystal Faeries who are my family and who are instrumental in our 8D Ascension Portals, so my ultimate intent is that the 'Fae Play' essence shall be carrying the same energetics as the 8D ascension portals themselves, and any other energetics the Crystal Faeries feel is appropriate to the specific purpose of the particular essence, in this case, our own vibrations, and very specifically, the vibrations of Faery Play, as Fae are well noted for being light and playful versus all the seriousness and funky low vibrations of many humans, especially those who have fallen prey to archontic influence. So, no, i have no clue yet what 'ingredients' physically will go into 'Fae Play', as I'm still experiencing a vortex of energy which is the beginning of the cocreation of the combined energy fields to serve the purpose here, and it has not yet delivered to me any physical ingredients list.

'A friend', who is already becoming quite a master of working with 8D portals, and is very in tune with the Crystal Faeries, has already forseen visually some of the colors of energy which will be in 'Fae Play', which were no surprise to me, as they are those i have traditionally taught in meditation with the heart chakra: the Gold of Source / Higher Self the Green of Growth the Pink of Self Love / Self Affinity which makes total sense as true soulful play has to be sourced from our essence, and that is the point of 'Fae Play', to energetically encourage the true self to come out and play lightly in the now.

Just before this i finally deleted both my avatars in Second Life™, as i am unwilling to agree to the egregious new terms of service which require i grant irrevocable power of attorney to Linden Lab, and right now i am in the grieving process for the Fae Twins I have been in Second Life™, and i am very much introverting now to combine all the energetics of the fae of my fantasy of self with the very real 8D Angelic Crystal Fae ascension codes, so that my new ascended embodiment may be both a perfected manifestation of Crystal Fae truth, and my own prayers being answered. So, please release the Kahealani / Celeste you have known, and either fully disconnect or if you have positive intent for my success, then intend my successful ascension to the faery form of my dreams.

17th September 2013

Aloha; A bit of a metaphor to help us navigate now...
as we approach the September 22nd ascension gateway...

On a nice summer day, you may kick-back and sip on your favorite beverage, enjoying the wonderful sunshine either to get a tan, or sit under a 'brolly or tree in the shade because it's too hot out.

Come the hurricane, everyone battens down the hatches, ducks under cover, freaks out, perhaps goes into fear, worries, struggles to prepare for and deal with the scary and dangerous unknown.

The unknown is by nature treated by our egos as threatening, and when threatened we may revert to very immature (young) patterns of (failing at) coping, usually imprinted at very young ages.

What we need to understand, and then be the strong mentor for our family to understand, is that we are in a huge hurricane now, an invisible one, one in the energy fields of the non-physical. So, as we look outside our windows, it may appear a nice day, but inside, in our guts, our feelings, we are feeling primally threatened as we are experiencing internal changes and strong forces.

Our thoughts and feelings are very much influenced by the surrounding electromagnetic fields, and that is all shifting as mother Gaia is close to going through a magnetic pole flip, and currently has a very weakened field, as is being triggered by similar changes in the sun. There's nothing wrong with our relations, or family, we're all freaking-out now in this electro-magnetic hurricane.

All change or forces of change take us out of our comfort zone, and tend to be resisted and to feel threatening. Think of the caterpillar who feels compelled to spin a cocoon and then retreat into it, and then go through a process of transformation into a butterfly. Freak out about it or not, the transformation is huge! We as beings are in a storm of energy changes which are effecting a huge transformation of our reality, internal and external.

Historically, we can all huddle together around the campfire, and share our experience of gratitude for the warmth and light which defend us from the cold and dark of the night. Our souls are in a cold dark knight of unknown, a scary stormy night in some ways.

The challenge is to come together and share a hug of commonality between us in the shared experience, not to blame each other as the cause of the dark stormy night. Guide our family to gather 'round the fire for a warm loving hug.

We need to let go our expectations of each other, and of ourselves. Holding on to our old caterpillar expectations will not serve us when it is time to be flapping our new wings and flying. The changes may not be so outwardly visible as with the butterfly, but are very intense internally, in feeling space, and hugs are what's called for.

25th September 2013
[Fairy Queen]

"We of the 8th density angelic crystal faeries are opening this channel of communication to allow a greater awareness by those we are now influencing to be of certainty about our intent. We have come to be involved in your ascension process as facilitators of a larger shift of consciousness and growth of greater possibilities for shifting your reality. We find that there are many opportunities to manifest greater awareness for you of a greater consciousness of possibilities, and a far broader spectrum of realities than have been imagined by most of you. Our purpose is one of allowing you to find your appropriate spectrum of living in a higher state of consciousness so that you may then use it to direct your growth path and your path of evolution into realms and realities which have been as yet not really even imagineable from the perspective you have been able to conceive from the physical realm of limitation."

"While we are finding this opportunity to communicate to be very opening of possibilities, we are just now opening this communications channel and are tuning the process and energetics of our channel yet to even begin to convey via the limited words and imageries the possibilities and ideas which we shall attempt to convey to your consciousness. There is first of all only one reality of which all is to be constructed and comprehended, and that is one of love and light, unbounded in possibility. Even most of your dreams and visions of what it might possibly be to 'ascend' have been greatly limited by language and imagery of your lower minds, whereas once you access the free flowing realms of higher light, everything becomes so dynamic as to transcend all concepts of form, and to evidence a fluidity of 'form' that is in some ways mind melting to the consciousness of physical form."

"Our fluidity of flow, our transformation and melding, dynamic light undulation, of pulsting and streaming light communing in sensuous embrace, defies all logic or attempts to define or comprehend in the traditional sense of linear mind. We can only even begin to approximate for you some descriptions of the infinite possibilities awaiting your exploration. It is in this sense a challenging undertaking, yet we must place the inevitable possibilities in front of you to perceive in preparation for the new consciousness you shall be accessing and exploring as you join us in unbounded play of creativity possible beyond the realms of form."

"Our channel's mind is asking that we provide some definition to begin with; 'who are we?' A swirl of beings evolving and playing together in a nebula of vast beauty, yes even manifest into physical form as formless flow and fluid presence in space, yet that is only a small part of our realms of multidemensional interactions transcending all such definitions. Yes, we are as with most higher realms, coming from a place of pure consciousness itself, and in a fluid way ever evolving and involving in a dynamic way where 'i' and 'other' are in so many ways both borderless and boundaryless, that the very concepts of 'i' as separate are but fleeting percepts of unsustainable definition as the flow and interaction of all of our expression dynamically intermingles in a 'we', much as you might observe a flock of birds to fly together, we dynamically follow unified thought, intent, or curiosity together in a unified field of being and evolving flow which is transient and ephemeral all at once."

"celeste, channelling with eyes closed, half awake from lucid dreaming as we awoke her and asked her to begin channelling, is asking for a break to start some water boiling for tea, so we pause now."

[ Comment inserted after the channelling process... it took quite a bit of prodding to get me to come out of my lucid dreaming, (which i was really enjoying as i communed with my crystal faeries family), to actually pick up my laptop and begin typing into it with eyes still closed :-) ]

"Our channel noted while fumbling in the dark that she is experiencing some conflict over this whole process, as it is a complete shift of modality from her previous experience and intent. Having been presented with a choice to make during her clairvoyant training as to whether or not to 'become a channel' for any 'voice' other than that of her own higher self, back in 1985 the choice was made to 'keep it clean' by keeping out other entities, and this is now a departure from that tradition, as we are honoring her tradition to funnel the information through her higher self as is her way, rather than to connect lower into consciousness or at a lower chakra level such as in direct voice channelling. We are also sourcing as a group consciousness which is a bit different than her experience working primarily with individual higher selves in her healing work, so she is adapting to the nebulous flow of our group mind as source of the information. Yet we are all finding this to be appropriate and developing the process gently and with a tenderness of love allowing the adaptation and shifts to flow gently into a new experience and purpose. Yes, dear celeste, this is just now awakening in your own consciousness that this is a new purpose for you, which has only gently been dawning in your consciousness over the recent times of your awareness of your involvement with our 8D ascension portals and our group now working with specifically the Kaua'i portal, so we now pause to allow that to consciously register for you."

As celeste i am experiencing mostly a challenge in finding words, as the energies and percepts from 8D+ are beyond much of my previous levels of access or ability to put into words, and i find myself very much rather than in past work, looking at the keyboard rather than the screen, allowing the flow to happen without my mind observing the result, typoes and all, (which can be repaired after the channelling session), to stay out of the way of the channelling process.

My mind is asking: 'Who am i in all of this?' and the answer is transcending even all of my concepts such as 'past lives' or even the concepts of '8th Density', so we are flowing back to less limited concepts, ones without such clear boundaries as form, or even such concepts of 'I' and 'other' would imply or trigger in normal human comprehension. So, as celeste's mind attempts to sort through her previous words and comprehensions of what is evolving here, the first one we are releasing is '8D', which becomes much less a 'source' or 'place' and more of a neighborhood, and we are more focussing in on the name 'crystal faeries' as our 'name' to access us from 'thinking space' typically contemplated by many humans, i.e., anyone who might be reading these limited word descriptions.

"celeste asks for clarification on each of the words and their convergence in our name we are now using as a focal point. The 'crystal' focal point is based in tomril's history and lineage of experience and manifestation, from the crystaline reality of the original tomril universe, through the ishnaan manifestation or recreation thereof within this galaxy when the tomril family of beings came to this realm. The portal between the tomril universe and this galaxy was reopened by tomril in the 1986 integration work and has resulted in more fluidity of exchange of energies and flow of beings between realms, but of most significance was tomril's work to integrate akashic records between the universes in support of all the crystaline tomril beings having all necessary information to freely flow between the realities and fully function in either one. This was in contrast to the history of separation, where there was a distinct boundary between the before time, and the specific migration of tomril and a specific group of entities who came with tomril to this galaxy forming the new ishnaan realm here, versus the 1986 reconnection of entities between realms, which, while it has not produced a great flow of entitities between realms, more so produced a reseeding of expanded consciousness between the realms which benefitted both. It is, in that tomril is now our primary incarnate voice at this time, especially for the Kaua'i portal work, that we have found affinity with the summary word 'crystal', so associated with the ishnaan beings who still comprise a significant percentage of the pool of beings who now are playing together in this cocreation of expanded possibliites for ascension energetics for Kaua'i."

"It has been much easier for us to work with the fae as transdimensional beings, and to effect healing of Gaia energy grid patterns with their cooperation, so that our 'time' of interaction with this planet has been ongoing yet primarily unseen by most humans, and now we are experiencing a blossoming of awareness which allows our presence and greater direct interaction with the ascending human realm to be brought to light. In large part we shall simply proceed on ahead with our present purpose rather than attempting to bring any focus to the myriad of perceptions and misperceptions humans have mythologized about the history of fae and human interactions, as we seem to be quite busy enough just juggling the energetics of our prototype 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i :-)"

"Our longer description as 'angelic crystal faeries' is an attempt to put human words together to give a more accurate 'address' of our energetics, origins, nature, and purpose in facilitating humans now bridging to access our realm as one of many possibilities in ascension beyond the limitations of the 4D- realms of bounded experience. The 'angelic faeries' portion of our focal name here combines the two primary human concepts of the 'winged ones' of positive light and love intent and the realms we are cooperating and cocreating with in our present energetics work with Kaua'i's energy grid. Kaua'i was chosen as the most ready and most isolated of realities for which we could initiate our energetic bridge while yet much of the Gaian expression of humanity is still bound to lower density limitations precluding our direct presence and the possiblity of advanced grid energetics, and so we now focus upon our prototype 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i as the most appropriate, complete, and flowing connection or rainbow bridge between our realms."

"celeste returns with tea and begins through now open eyes to actually cognize what local time is as she channels this :-) celeste asks for some clarification with regards to the generations of 'kids', and any confusion around similar namings. celeste notes her traditional perspective she's had since her 1985 awakening, that 'it's all just entities and energies', and that she has not much kept track of 'groups' of entities as have been categorized by others as 'crystal kids', but seeks now to clarify any relating or confusion between 'crystal kids' and this group of 'angelic crystal faeries' of which she is clearly part. The crystal faeries are saying now that yes, indeed, as i had suspected much earlier, the 'crystal kids' are a product of the tomril cross-polination in 1986 via the reopened connection between the tomril universe and the ishnaan reality here. The updating of the Milky Way Galaxy akashic records done by tomril at that time in 1986 was the seed of both what is now known as the 'crystal kids' and of our present 'crystal faeries', and yes, there are certainly entities who are members of both groups and a shared core of energetics between them, yet much as two children of same parents differentiate, the groups of crystal kids and crystal faeries, while sharing core energetics and certain akashics records basis, are shall we say 'specializing' in different directions, each of which has a wonderful role in the ascension of humanity at this time. Certainly there are a wonderful number of crystal kids here inside the Kaua'ian 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal who are engaged with both realities and are facilitating their cooperation and coordination, and as such, they bridge and reconnect and cosynthesize between the crystal kids and crystal faeries groups, which are likely due to shared core energetics to continue to crosspolinate with each other as everything progresses. As a summary we could without too much inaccuracy say that the 'crystal kids' carry the core energetics fully integrated in their bodies as individuals, and as a group share that as consciousness, whereas the 'crystal faeries' more carry those core energetics in non physical realms and are bringing those energetics now to the rest of the planet as energy grid activations. We think that gives a flavor of clarification which is not too inaccurate and also makes it clear that as time progresses the energetics become more integrated both 'inner' and 'outer' and there will thus over time be less distinction than there is now, as this becomes integrated in the ascension process."

Yes, enough of channelling for now, happily initiated in the quietest part of the day cycle, and now it can be turned over to the conscious mind to engineer integration with website.
:-) and now as the energies shift a gentle rain starts :-)

[The story continues here...]

26th September 2013

This morning... ah, yes, forcing eyes open to read the time, it is morning... i stayed in lucid dream space longer with greater clarity and memory rather than forcing myself to conscious space to type directly, so this is more a summary now than a direct channelling. We were exploring the parameters and limits of our process here, and fine tuning. i am noticing that with some of the information i receive, i may directly and immediately make my own choices as a consequence of the information, and the reality immediately changes to the extent i have my own choice in it. To the extent i do so, the group may also change their choices, and likewise the portion of the reality they have choice over also shifts. There is to some extent an ability to 'seek' to a particular 'subject' or place in the stream of information, and yet for the most part, it is a channelling, a stream of flow which i am passively receiving in the sense of the 'what' it is, yet i am actively involved in the 'how' of the information... it is my process of 'translation' into words from pictures, as i have practiced for over a quarter century of clairvoyant 'reading', and as they are telling me actively now, ex-post facto as i describe this, this is why much of it is a flow from my perspective, in that, they are choosing the flow of 'what' to me, to ease the translation, i.e. that they are also doing a translation of the information from their realm and modality, into a stream targeted at my accurate seeing, from which i then translate to share with others. The flow may be altered to accomodate my questions for clarity, but for the most part it is a stream i just need to pass through as unfiltered as i can let it flow. We are also learning to 'pause' the stream more to accomodate my typing directly, rather than a stream of text which i then have to go back and less efficiently edit for typoes. So, because it is a live and interactive double translation, even as we fine-tune our interaction, it remains primarily a flow, rather than a random-access library of data. Reviewing the above they are confirming this is accurate enough to let be. So, today, this is a live edit directly of this webpage, rather than a streamed text file that then had to be very re-edited into this webpage :-) Yay, we are learning to adapt on both sides here.

i had an awareness of another adjustment we're making here. i have traditionally slept in 2.5 hour long segments, For my minimum body maintenance sleep i would do two cycles, for a total of 5 hours of sleep. Usually if i sleep a 3rd cycle, it is a lucid-dreaming cycle. The previous night i was lucid dreaming at the end of the 2nd cycle, and now i did so at the end of the first, i.e. i just did the time math and realized I've only had one cycle so far tonight, so my sleeping and dreaming cycles are being adjusted to accomodate greater information transfer. I'm being directed to return to sleep for further fine tuning.

Wow... lots of lucid dreaming space in which my energetics are being adjusted. As my experience was mostly of swirling energies with little comprehension, i can say little of the experience other than that I'm not feeling 'thoroughly rested' this morning. As i surfaced to consciousness, a question which appeared in my own mind, was curiosity about a terminology I've been using in my website rewrite to accomodate my new experiences with the crystal faeries: 'ascension codes'. So, rather than as before channelling in an extended lucid dreaming state, i am now settling into a conscious wakefulness and brewing tea, and asking the crystal faeries to describe.

So, this is more like my traditional clairvoyant reading trance than lucid dreaming. They are saying:
"yes, we have been installing ascension codes for you on an ongoing basis for about 7 weeks now, however our focus with these has been less of general support for ascension and more focussed upon harmonizing energetics for this channelling."

"A primary correlation between the term 'codes' and the energetic effects, are as you have suspected, related to your DNA, where certain energy 'signatures' are activating dormant DNA codons. Because all is energy / frequency, and the whole process you know as 'ascension' is about raising frequency, yes, the ascension 'codes' we are bringing to you are the triggering frequencies which activate the codons of higher frequencies so that your cells are able to hold within them the vibration of the higher realms. In this sense for each of you this is generally the pattern, however in your case we have been working very specifically on your brain and pineal and pituitary to quickly activate your ability to do this channelling, whereas in general our approach is more balanced for the whole body to be raised harmoniously. Especially as you observed about this just passed night, yes we were activating your pineal to better access our 8D frequency range so that you can channel more, with less sleep disturbance."

"As you already know, energies activate and deactivate different codons, so we are not dealing here with mutations of DNA, as the human genome already contains all the necessary structures to support ascended being, but instead with specific quantum frequencies which activate the dormant codons which support access to the higher frequency ranges. In this sense also, while we are operating from a primarily 8D perspective, the activations are progressive in order to be gentle, and are relatively 'universal' to all humans, rather than we crystal faeries have unique versions to install, or that our flavor of supporting ascension is uniquely different than other ascension energetics. What then, remains as perhaps unique, for you, is that we are working with you to enable you, celeste, to be able to directly do these activations for others, as a consequence of our activating you with an upgrade to your traditional work. You have already integrated much of our 8D patterns in your energy work, and we are continuing to activate your conscious access to our 8D patterns."

What further may be said of any uniqueness of the crystal faeries ascension codes?
"Only our unique energy 'signature', the energetic address of our group, our group consciousness and the primary frequencies we choose to manifest in the realms where we uniquely choose to play. You have already had a sense of this in your conceptualization of an energetic essence which you have named 'Fae Play', since you find our group to be rather uniquely playful in a manner compatible with your own energetics, not surprisingly as you are as an entity one of us. That others may 'tune into' our frequencies facilitates connection, communion, and shared play between us, and it is our unique playful approach which you have been emphasizing in your own life as an antidote to much of the relatively 'heavy' energetics work you have been doing during recent decades in support of uplifting humanity and Gaia."

i play with the entire line of Young Living™ essential oils, which i use as energetic references as one would do with radionics, though it is my own lightbody which is the 'radionics machine' i use to transmit the frequencies to others, primarily in my energy 'healing' work.
"In your having asked us to facilitate your development of the 'Fae Play' essence transmission, we are allowing it to blossom for you as your own awakening process blossoms, experiencing it within your own energetics and physical body, for a deep organic comprehension and experience of the energies, rather than as a recipe or formula of energy essences to be combined physically, for, as you are well aware and already deeply involved, the true Alchemy is sourced in the Alchemist."

As an introduction to flower essences, we refer to Ken Carlson's videos:

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27th September 2013

Aloha, good morning. i awoke, started heating water for tea, applied some YLO: 'Into the Future' in support of my transition of living space triggered 3 days ago by my landlords asking me to move out, (as they wish to repurpose the space for ohana (family) instead of having a renter), and am settling down here at the keyboard to share a metaphor which summarizes this morning's message from my crystal faeries family. My lucid dreaming went on quite long this morning as i was aware of many energetic activations in my light body being guided by the crystal faeries, while the conscious message is a continuation of yesterdays messages about ascension codes.

The local health food store previously offered in bulk two 'flavors' of seed mixes for the purpose of 'sprouting'. i bought both and mixed them together, the 'sandwich mix' and the 'salad mix', thus 'my mix'. Already there is an expression of free will based in discernment, that i perceive it to be appropriate to receive a broad spectrum of nourishment, and thus prefer the widest variety of sprouts in my diet, rather than focussing upon customizing to what perhaps might be a more convenient mix for a specific mode of food delivery. Thus a wholistic perception of the point of eating the sprouts, nourishing my body, rather than a culinary chef's perspective of how that nourishment is delivered.

Now that the water boiled, the chai is brewing...
Sprouting on Kaua'i's humid and wet trade-winds fed rainy side is a delicate balance to not encourage mold and mildew. I've developed a sprouting style of 'drown and drain'. With my tablespoon of seeds in a quart jar with screen lid, other than the initial day of full drowning to awaken the seeds, subsequent days they get drowned (fully submerged) for an hour or two to allow them to easily soak up as much water (filtered, of course) as they can, followed by draining in my dish draining rack at an angle to drain out as much water as possible, and let them then have hours of air to breathe, with minimum humidity and therefore minimum mold growth.

Each sprout has its own unique DNA pattern, and a predetermined destiny of what it is growing to express. The love and high vibrations i channel to them through my healing channels encourage the highest expression thereof, and facilitate switching on their highest codons for successful growth.
Say what?
All cells have two modes of existence. One is a stress / defense mode, and the other is growth mode. This applies likewise to the cells in our human bodies. When we are in stress, our cells enter a defense mode, codons switch, and the cells do what they can to defend their present existence. Ascension, a word for spiritual growth, requires different codons to be switched on in the DNA, and is supported by higher vibrations. Mold is nature's recycling process for cells that are no longer growing and are failing at defense.

With my Chai Tea (seasoned black tea) brewed, i added a dropper of Vanilla Extract, a grinding of my mixture of Himalayan Salt and local Hawaiian Sea Salt, sprinklings of powders of Ginger, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, a drizzle of local Honey, and a heaping teaspoon of Cacao powder, and once all stirred, a splash of CocoMilk. Call it Chai or Hot Chocolate, my mug of CocoChaicolate suits me fine.
So, back to sprouting...
if i harvest too soon, they don't reach their full potential, and if i wait too long the seed shells begin to rot, so there is an optimum time to eat the sprouts, given their destiny (my chosen purpose for them) is to be my food, rather than to be planted in soil in order to mature into full plants which would generate more seeds, another very important purpose i haven't had space for at my rented domicil.

Bringing the focus back to the DNA codons being energetically switched between the survival mode and the growth mode, the crystal faeries triggered me to express this metaphor for the 8D ascension codes they are bringing to me and installing in my body, very specifically in my case focussing upon my higher chakras (heart and head endocrine glands of Thymus, Thyroid, Pituitary, Pineal), and the overall ascension process even non-channellers are experiencing. In support of this overall shift of consciousness and reality, many of us are being triggered to make huge shifts in our lives... changes of domicil, friends, relationships, employment, and most of all, in our own energetics, and our self-relationship... how we see, perceive, and relate with our own concept of self.
'What am i sprouting to become?'
My DNA already encodes the focus of who i 'am' and therefore what i may optimally 'become', but i need to have the wisdom and discernment to flow with the opportunities offered to me by the environment and the seasons (drown and drain) and the astrological energetics, and even of the 8D ascension codes brought by the crystal faeries to those of us in the 8D ascension portal which now encompasses all of Kaua'i.

If it isn't already obvious from the above, let us focus attention upon the most fundamental choice we each need to be making at this time, that of discernment, sorting, setting boundaries, what to forgive and release, and what to embrace, encompass and integrate, which is switching us, or supporting us, in moving fully from any aspects of our lives which may have been of an old time-line of survival / defense, to a life which is wholly supportive of our being in growth mode. It is time for our truth to sprout, as we emerge from the seed-shell of our childhood and society, the initially both partially nourishing and yet also probably partially inappropriate toxic / challenging environment in which we initially emerged from our shells and began growing, emerging, to become who we truly are. Being our selves, regardless of what is the weather or the environment or anyone else's expectations, is the only thing which will succeed. Now is the time to embrace the 8D ascension codes, integrate them with our unique DNA, and with our unique purpose and intent, (which includes our all important free will choice), and discern via our all important feelings about all aspects of our reality, to find our true / genuine enthusiasm / excitement / motivation to sprout fully into the divine beings we truly are. But even the DNA coding in our bodies, with all its uniqueness, is only part of the equation, as our divine source essence and nature which is embodied and expressing through that embodiment is also unique and a direct expression of our free will choice.

OK, sipping more CocoChaiColate, i am now inspired to come full circle back to direct now channelling of crystal faeries collective consciousness messages about 8D ascension codes:
"The quantum energetics of the 8D ascension codes we are bringing via our 8D Ascension Portals may be thought of similar to the 'drown and drain', the providing of both the basic H2O pure water, and the basic 'air' of many gas molecules, each a primal component appropriate to the growth process, yet, in no way, are these 'ascension codes' deterministic of what you as an individual shall sprout to become. They may also be understood to be in support of growth, and to facilitate the release of any fear-based survival modes. This has been carefully and lovingly chosen by us as universally applicable, and therefore most appropriate as the energetics which we 'bring' via our 8D Ascension Portals. We reference that celeste has already described the difference between the group ascension portal, (of which the collective Kaua'i-wide ascension portal is our shining example), and the individual ascension portals focussed upon either an individual or a couple's ascension process as a pair."

Now we give our channel a break to refresh her body.

There is a mapping of time, related with astrological progressions, between the passage of a 'day' and the pattern of our 'life'. As we 'rewrite' our day pattern, we also rewrite our life pattern. Having extracted pretty much all useful lessons of the previous history of my life, it is appropriate to rewrite my life story, to change the patterns of my early morning (childhood), now in support of my present modality of channelling 8D angelic crystal faeries, rather than the banal and dysfunctional childhood of my parents. i have already, less than 7 days in, established a new pattern of lucid dreaming emerging into channelling and writing on my website, as the butterfly / fae emerges from the cocoon of caterpillar / human.

28th September 2013

As i go to sleep early tonight i am querying of the crystal faeries: 'What can you tell us about the uniqueness of the Kaua'i 8D Portal of Ascension?', as i expect lucid dreams therof overnight :-)

Mmmm... it is so challenging to even desire to awake from lucid dreaming. So, aside from my going to sleep question about our Kaua'i portal, i am now also curious as to any involvement of the Hathors in our reality here, or in my own ascension work.
"The harmonic codes of access to the higher realms are no secret, freely available in the askashic records, and freely accessible by anyone who can raise their frequency to that level." is the message i get now from the Hathors. The crystal faeries are saying:
"For those who invite us to cocreate with them, we take a directly active role of facilitating deprogramming / removal of limiting patterns, and the activation of the higher frequency patterns at the cellular level and in the lightbody of those we are helping." Somehow this is not at all surprising.
"The Kaua'i portal may be perceived as a bubble, an anomaly in Gaia energy grid, of higher frequencies, whereas over time we are expecting the rest of the grid to raise into harmony, for now it is the exception, with the reactivation of the Lemurian consciousness grid pattern from before 'the fall'. Again, it's all about ranges of frequency, and willingness to resonate with them, thus the Kaua'i portal is supported as a group choice and sustained by a migration of souls of willing compatibility, having produced a shift where some feel motivated to move either to or from Kaua'i, and others are riding through the discomfort of individual challenges as the group / area energy patterns shifted farther and faster than was comfortable for them. All things considered, a sucessful shift. Perhaps what stands out more than this high vibration in our reality is the willingness of the people to live 'Aloha', which is very nicely manifesting as a shared attitude and expectation, more than the past where it may have been more of a mental concept and harder to 'live' on a daily basis. Simply that the environment is itself of a higher frequency supports more easily making choices of higher love in daily affairs."

What should we know about Kaua'i Sovereign Space, from 8D down through 4D?
"This declaration of our intent was the most practical process of notification and of requesting permission from / achieving agreement with the Kaua'i spiritual community, which then allowed us to install the higher frequency Gaia grid templates which anchored the patterns of the new-Kaua'i time-line. With the alteration of Gaia grid to establish the unique Kaua'i spiritual contract, we have been able to minimize any conflict, such as that still manifesting on the rest of the planet as various soul groups are still in conflict over control of various space-time sectors."

"The new time-line's unified consciousness grid, modelled on the original Lemurian grid, allowed a pre-fall consciousness to again be experienced by the community, which depending on perspective was experienced by most as either 'things being lighter', 'less conflict' or 'greater harmony in the community'. While many Kaua'ians are still operating in 3D consciousness, we suggest they are better living the 3D 'Aloha Law' now, due to the more conducive Gaia grid harmonics. Further, their awakening to 4D consciousness is accellerated by their new environment. Because of the careful wording of the declaration of sovereign space and its equivalent energetic patterns in the 8D to 4D portal we hold in place, we are left in peace here. We consider it essential to have invoked into the group contract, the principle of 'Ahimsa' (harmlessness) in all relations. Of course, in the higher octaves of density, this is much more manifest as a positive synergy of cocreation for the optimum benefit of all. For the 4D consciousness, the one simple principle of ahimsa keeps us out of all the situations of conflict which are micromanaged by an endless list of 3D laws applicable to 3D consciousnesses. The 4D principle of accountability for the consequences of one's choices precludes the entire 3D corporate fiction game of limited liability. There is no fear of accountability for those willing to be harmless."

29th September 2013

"We have a list for you so let's get started." OK, what's your list about? "We want to provide some context for what we see coming in a near time-line for changes in the Kaua'i [energy] grid. There shall be a shift of consciousness in a few weeks regarding the governmental and political realities particularly as has to do with the alignment so many people have had regarding their perceived 'citizenship' in the distant and foreign land of the District of Columbia. There shall be an event of such magnitude that finally many shall begin to question their choice to maintain that allegiance. We are suggesting that this shall be an opportunity for people to instead reconsider, and look at each other in a stunned eye-blinking sense of disbelief, and then seriously consider that perhaps what is real for them is their actual relationship with their neighbors rather than their mental illusions that they are a member of some foreign "nation" corpse-oration. This shall be a shocking awakening for many, but quite overdue."

"There are sadly likely to be a series of events manifest in a manner which shall impact life even here so far away. There shall be about 7 months of cascade effects overall, but we can only provide an overall scenario given the probabilities. The primary effect shall be one of starvation, by which we do yes mean there may be shortages of food, but also of other supplies you have traditionally expected to be available. Also there shall be a starvation of truth, and thus great speculation, as communications shall be lacking, or what little communications there may be may be very, shall we say 'controlled' to a purpose. This shall of course, be orchestrated to make everyone turn in need to their government, but many shall be awakening to realize that, especially on such an isolated and local level, you are your government, and, more so, you are the people, and practicing aloha with your neighbors is far more important than any other concept your mind can be 'governed' to accept 'as truth'."

"This event is in many ways going to be no surprise to those of you who have, for a long time now, seen the truth of the operational games of the cabal of control. For many it is going to be a huge wake-up call. For Kaua'i it shall be the awakening to just how much you have allowed your reality to be defined and controlled by corpse-orations which are serving inimicable purposes, and which treat you, despite your geographical separateness, as a very closely held part of their game. This then is likely to be a 'wake up call' for Kaua'ians to begin to come together as people working together locally to create anew your own local reality, and to abandon many and much of the corporate 'solutions' you've lazily allowed to be forced upon you, especially due to that ongoing perception, of being members of the corporate cabal."

"We would like to remind you that you are ultimately the creators of your own reality. Because humans have grown lazy in creating their reality, and have allowed themselves like sheep to go along with the herd, and the herd has gone along with the corporate interests, this may be an opportunity to 'wake up' out of the mindless following, 'take stock', and as individuals then make the choice to 'recreate locally' a neighborly reality of truth. The shocking realization is that all the mental fictions are not serving you, by which, we mean all the fictional illusions which exist only in your minds, the things of no substance, no life force, no heart, and no soul... the illusions of 'corpse-orations'."

"Because a crisis such as this is created at the level of the 'large controllers', not even your 'local controllers' are going to be able to help you, for they are merely puppets and local figureheads of the corporate fictions of vast scale, and you the people shall finally have a huge opportunity to 'get it' that the only thing which is real, and the only thing which shall work for you, is your local relationship with the other living, breathing, beating-heart living beings of your own little island... and how you interact with them... that is real, that has life, that has value, and none of your funny green paper shall mean anything compared to that. All the digital bits you can accumulate in some computer far away shall mean nothing to you, and none of the green paper in your purse, shall alter your reality, when it comes to 'what's for dinner?' or 'how is my relationship with my neighbors?'."

"This is a wonderful opportunity to have your world turned upside down. Most of you have had experience with the mental illusion perception of a 'power structure' of pyramidal shape, as is expressed via the corpse-orations. When you find that none of that structure is real or useful anymore, then you shall see that the true leaders are not the clowns at the top of the pyramid, but those of your neighbors, the 'little people' who have heart, who have mind, and who 'give a damn', and have motivation to lead at the very smallest of levels, where leadership then expresses itself within the range of hearing a human voice, saying, 'come, gather around, let us organize a shared activity in our common interest!'"

"While it could be or have already been a smoother transition for the people of Kaua'i, it is too much the lazy 'going with the herd' mentality that then forces the herd to have to experience a 'crisis' before it shall change, to perceive a threat to all before the herd shall 'startle' and run for the hills. This time of lazy grazing shall be disrupted. In this crisis is the opportunity to change one's mind map of reality, and as individuals change their perceptions and values, the social structure may also be remapped to become based upon the new values which must emerge."

"While we have been facilitating and shall continue to facilitate the energy field of Kaua'i as being of higher consciousness than much of the planets' range now, that field of potential, that predisposition to higher consciousness, even the 'high mindedness' of your community's self assessment that 'we are an enlightened community' shall be put to the test in daily living, to apply that 'aloha' in a practical way, to make all your choices in every way in that shared sense of 'ohana', to recognize your shared truth and reality."

"The question of 'civil disobedience' shall become forefront for everyone. Each individual is going to be challenged to consider within themselves, whether they are ready to live the truth of aloha they feel in their own heart, or whether to allow their choices to be made in their minds, which have been well conditioned by the mind governers, the governors of mental reality, the 'government', and people shall have to awaken from their automatic mental conditioned response of blind obedience to sheer insanity, and instead face the scary individual crisis of, as individuals, taking a stand for their hearts against the mind control inputs that shall be active."

"The Kaua'i version of this is likely to be both stronger of heart, and more peaceful due to aloha, than the equivalent versions manifest elsewhere. Obviously this would not be manifesting on your planet unless the hypnotic trance was so deep that only this level of event could trigger a shift of reality. The question then, is how big a crisis do you as an island need to experience, to shake you out of your hypnotic trance dance of mind control by foreign powers? We shall pull in a reference from the 'How' webpage here:" -- the crystal faeries

You mentioned a list, so I'm preparing to keep channelling a while here, and am taking a quick break to start tea. OK, back with the crystal faeries collective consciousness, but before proceeding, i do recommend reading that article first. -- celeste:crystalfaery

"There is only one opportunity to 'jump time-lines' or quantum leap realities, and that is now.... and now... and now. There is always the divine power within each of us in this moment to choose what is real for us. This is, yes, something which can be exercised, and most often has been, as a perception of perspective, a choice of how to receive that which appears to be external to 'us'. But even more so, and now being called to the forefront of our living experience, it is also always an opportunity to, in this moment, 'be the creator'. This is ultimately the whole purpose of this soul school of Gaia. We each have the opportunity to come out of our limitations and 'step up' to be the creator, incarnate. We may hesitantly approach this in small steps, or we may make a full quantum leap to claiming the whole thing. Ultimately, this is our destiny, and the point of all the experiences we are creating whether or not we are 'owning' all of this as our own creation. This then is the big key we now address... that we already are the creators, but in denial. It is time to come out of denial, and just 'be' the creator. We laid the 'groundwork' for this in yesterday's channelling, addressing 'accountability'."

"There is an opportunity here for a miraculous shift of reality, a real quantum leap for Kaua'i. This is why we have committed to shepherding the consciousness energy grid of the island. This is why we reinvoked the pre-fall consciousness grid recently here. Kaua'i is now well populated by souls who have returned now specifically for this opportunity. It is time, Kaua'ians, to continue where you left off when the fall happened, to pick up the pieces of Lemurian consciousness, to restore Kaua'i, this wonderful Lemurian mountain top, to its original purpose and vibrational level. It is time to live together in present reality the pre-fall unified consciousness field."

"Many have spoken of the unification, of the transition in ascension from a lot of self interested egoes to a shared purpose and consciousness, a oneness, which can be palpably real for you, and you are on the threshhold of making that happen, and can take the upcoming crisis as trigger to do so. We use the metaphor of the flight of a flock of birds... where the group consciousness is something each individual has tuned-into and is voluntarily choosing to let guide them, to let their own little will be part of something grander, to be focussed upon, 'what can i be / do / give in service to the collective in this moment', and 'how may i cocreate most effectively for the good of the whole'? Thus we are guiding your attention not only to fully claim your divinity as creator embodied, but to do so in the context of purposeful cocreation, voluntary and willing creation for common good."

A little blurry eyed, (it's still before 4AM here), i break to prepare my now brewed tea.

"We are doing our best to both maintain the rate of individual help we are facilitating with all those on Kaua'i who are willing to allow us crystal faeries to facilitate their lightbody upgrades, to maintain the highest vibrations and collective attunements within the Kaua'i 8D Ascension Portal / Kaua'i Sovereign Space, and to accellerate in particular, your upgrades, celeste, to prepare you for the new quantum level of energy work you shall be doing both with individuals, and for the collective. Obviously this new modality of channelling is part of your upgrades also. We remind you that the 5th step of time-line hopping is 'persevere', perhaps the most challenging part for a visionary like you who lives so much in the future and is nearly always impatient for it to arrive. We take this opportunity then, as you have always done when teaching your students of meditation, to use your own issue as a group lesson. We know you have already written of this to others, but we now bring it fully to public view, that 'impatience' is a form of non-acceptance. The Hathors mention this as the biggest challenge in creating a time-line quantum hop. You must remain in acceptance of that which is in the now, and you must 'deal with' the reality of that on a daily basis (e.g. chop wood, carry water), while at the same time allowing your consciousness, and particularly your feeling state, to live in the future / intended time-line reality. You, celeste, know that it does not help to fall into frustration that the leap has not already happened, that you are still living in the old reality. We bring this to light now because you need it as a individual lesson, especially as of today, given that you are now channelling predictively, and even more so ready and impatient for the new time-line to arrive. This then brings us 'full circle' back to something we mentioned above, the submission of the ego-will to the collective for the collective good. While it would certainly serve you as an individual now, as it would have for most of your life, to go ahead into the future, you must remember you volunteered for this role of visionary, and concommitant to that role is that you are always on the edge of reality chiding those around you to 'come on, wake up, move along, hurry up, let's get going, better things ahead!', for your own vision makes it so clear to you how much better it is to make the changes, while those you have volunteered to guide, are still quite either lazy or attached to their old time-lines, and those are quite often indestinguishable, as the overriding resistance to change, any change, even really really good change, is part of the wiring of human (un-)consciousness. Thus, we remind you to accept today." celeste rummages in her bags of Young Living™ Essential Oils for the 'Acceptance' blend, and applies some to her wrists.

30th September 2013

Good morning, crystal faeries :-) What would you like to tell us today?
"There is a flow of allowance and calm today after all the energy work we did yesterday, in support of our strong message of preparation for 'shift'. As with all prophetic energies, it is often best interpreted in the sense 'here is where you are headed unless you change course', and there has already been a lot of lightwork done by many 'lightworkers' to ameliorate trauma and suffering while still supporting necessary lessons of shifting consciousness. This time period through 2015 of chaotic nodes in intersecting and parallel time-lines, is one of relatively easy reality shifting, yet we wish to remind you that we have begun the 'downhill' part of the intersection, by which we mean, moving forward in time through 2015 it will be ever more challenging to jump time-lines, taking more energy to do so, as we have passed the point of maximum convergance. The corresponding 'advice' then, is to be focussed upon the time-line you wish to remain with, as the time for either 'sitting on the fence' in a state of indecision, or 'dancing with the devil' (flirting with realities which you would not want to get stuck in 'permanently') is running out. On an individual level, this is now manifesting in the strongest way with challenges of relationship."

"Aside from the astrological influences of the next half year which are very much bringing up all issues of duality and polarity around sex and gender within the individual, and on the collective level are very much triggering the societal imbalance of patriarchy to be examined and corrected, there may be seen a corrolary lesson, or necessary shift, in the relationship between the individual and their society. In many ways, due to immaturity of the collective of humans, there remains a child (individual) / parent (society) polarity which needs to be outgrown, not just that patriarchy (government as father surrogate) (and religion as mother surrogate) is beyond its appropriateness. This may be summarized as humanity approaching adulthood. It is not just that it went through matriarchy, and then has recently been in patriarchy, it's not just about bringing the yin and yang into balance to have a balance-archy now, it's time to outgrow the entire childhood consciousness, so we do not need to grow from patriarchy to having androgynous parent figures now, rather we need to see the condition of dependence and immaturity replaced with full adult self responsibility and accountability, i.e. it is time to come out of the awkward 'teenage' stage and embrace adulthood."

"As we consider todays concepts together, we may summarize them as it being important both as individuals and as a collective, to be committing to a time-line of sovereignty, self empowerment and self responsiblity as adult reality creators, cocreating in positive synergy, within a society founded upon the principle of prioritizing the good of all, wherein the individual is living from the inspiration of their own uniqueness to make their own unique contributions to the collective, rather than the past polarity of the individual seeking in irresponsiblity to get as much as possible from the collective society parent surrogate. This means in many ways that the predominant models of human relating, such as Democracy, Republic, Communism, Capitalism, Religionism have all become obsolete. All of those are built upon a foundational percept of imbalance. In true spirituality, balance is foundation. Balance within the individual. Balance within the society. Balance between the individual and their society. Balance between yin and yang. Balance between giving and receiving of energies. Balance within society between individuals rather than inequality in race, religion, sex, gender, wealth, freedom, consciousness. When it is widely understood that our reality is holographic, that we are one, then we can no longer overlook the opression and slavery of some to benefit others, for we in full consciousness, feel it ourselves, we no longer perceive a separateness that i can benefit from their suffering. When we come out of denial, unconsciousness, and separation, to a fully united consciousness, we can no longer ignore the inequities because we feel them directly, and then, we are impelled to serve the good of all, rather than the win / lose games we have seen historically."

"In this 'final hour' of human choice in the chaotic nodes of quantum access to alternate realities / time-lines, we can realize that there is no single 'outcome', no single 'reality', that all of us will share. The question to consider is, which time-line do you choose to make real for yourself? Do you want more experience of chaos and conflict in a win-lose reality? Or is it more appealing to you to contemplate your future being experience of loving inspired cocreation in a win-win paradigm? Do you wish to remain an innocent ignorant dependent child in the walled garden of others who weild power? or are you ready to be the creator god(dess) incarnate, yourself? Do you prefer a world of imbalance or one of graceful easy flow? Choose your preferred time-line, wisely, for as we move ahead into the future, your choice is rapidly becoming one you will live with for quite a while. Thus, the final concept we wish to trigger for today's 'lesson' is this: It is important now to see yourself in the perspective of a transcendent being, for the choices you make now will impact your eternal spirit, not just this embodiment. Therefore, be wise in choosing long-term transcendent values, not just what is comfortable, easy, or pleasurable in the short term. It is time to awaken to who you truly are as an eternal spirit, not to remain asleep in a body thinking the goal is to take as much as you can before your body dies. What would you like to be remembering in the future as your past experience? Todays choices create tomorrows memories. Energy flows where attention goes, so what are you focussed upon today?" For myself, I'm visualizing a beautiful and magickal faery garden world of love and light. We are so united with nature that what we love to eat grows in response to our desire. We crystal faeries flit about on beautiful wings, and play and giggle, with lots of hugs and kisses. We call our magickal island Kaua'i. It is said of us that our magick and aloha are infectious. Those who visit our island become transformed by our faery magick, and carry aloha in their hearts to whereever they travel.

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