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Entries from December 2013.

1st December 2013

"You must just let it all go and trust."
Then I'm going to sleep now.
It was one of those nights where i awoke more tired than when i went to sleep. Now what?
"There is only the possibility of allowing miracles, yes?"
i am not allowing?
"Set your intent and hold your course with faith, despite all apparent obstacles. Do what you would do if there were no obstacles, to the extent you are able."
Having slept more to process in the astral realms, now what?
"There is only a loss of energy in your solar plexus from fighting demons. Just walk away from them and move on to your new time-line."
i went to sleep with intent to hop time-lines to the one where I'm already in my new abode. i sincerely wish to be through with the old time-line, with all process of change, and to simply already be in my new perfect time-line. What more must i do? If I'm still dealing with change process, there is a lesson in it. What is the lesson and how do i expedite it?
"You have to let go of all perfection, and of all other beings, and your relationships with them. Let it all be complete, neutral, blessed, forgiven, and released. Walk away from your history without attempting to perfect it. See yourself joyously in your new time-line, and keep focussed on that. "

i wish to share for the world a perception about the whole 'money' game. 'Getting' money is almost always a process of metering our infinite creativity down to a lesser amount, because we limit ourselves to only giving when we are being 'paid' or 'equally' exchanged, and thus every entity participating in the money system, is less creative, and less sharing, with the net result that everyone has less, and as times get tight, e.g. now as the international banksters are foreclosing upon the 4D- planet, the entire reality becomes very limited. The only solution is to cease metering and limiting and restricting what we give out of the belief in the illusion that we get more by giving less. Hello, do the math! If everyone gives less, how you gonna get more? The BEAST system is anti-life. Wakey wakey, people. Come out of Mammon.

The 2013-12-02 New Moon is likely to trigger a quantum separation of time-lines which have been held close together so that more souls could cross between them, but which are about to be allowed to 'snap' to their natural separation now, effectively closing the portal between them, meaning it will take a lot more energy to hop time-lines between the 4D reality and 5D Ascension time-line.

As i approach the end of my day, i ask my family of crystal faeries for any last message today?
"We are just letting things 'stew' for the next 7 hours or so until planetary alignments arrive."

2nd December 2013

Today i was (re-)introduced to (the latest version of) the One Peoples Public Trust, by a messenger of good heart. Any of us may with loving intent, be deceived, or innocent, or ignorant, and thereby both take a path into deception, and with loving intent guide others into the same deception. It has been my conclusion that for myself it is best to be engaged in as few contracts as possible. It has been my conclusion that for all of us, it is essential to fully comprehend a contract, before you understand that contract (stand under its power) by undersigning (bonding yourself to) that contract. Perhaps Matthew 18:18 is worthy of consideration even if the remainder of the book be rejected: 'Verily i say to you, Whatever ye shall bind on Gaia, shall be bound in heaven: and whatever ye shall loose on Gaia, shall be loosed in heaven.', because we are multidimensional entities.

Both in my initial exposure to it at its origins, and in the current exposure, i find incongruencies which trigger my suspicion, which trigger my questioning and vigilant discernment. Fools rush in where celeste insists upon comprehension, particularly when the temptation is not only the liberation from the global slavery system, but also when the bait is easy material wealth. It is fairly well known that the money slavery system is peculiar to Gaia, and that money is fairly well a foreign concept in the celestial or extraterrestrial realities. i have been very careful to seek only liberation from government, not material abundance, and yet the local corruption has resulted in less freedom in practice.

My actions with the crystal faeries to bring all of Kaua'i to unlimited liability, is in some ways mirrored in the expression of OPPT's successor as it now stands, thus i find some alignment with it, and perhaps a way to overcome the extant corruption. My old way would be to actually read all the documents, in that very perverted and twisted language known as "legalese", before even considering participating in this 'offering'. i have just recently received warning that 'I am being set-up', which has made me hyper vigilant for deception and misdirection. While our crystal faeries focus is transcendent reality, this OPPT is claiming its 'power' from that realm, and therefore perhaps it is not inconsistent to query my family about it all. That this should arrive right upon the new moon cycle is clearly either solid support for my new time-line reality, or a final exam test of the purity of my motivation and perception. Thus i now request of my crystal faeries family, their 'take' on OPPT, and / or about any appropriateness for me to become involved with it, and / or is this relevant to my pending 'move' in the physical realm?

"You are to investigate their procedure, and walk very gently. You are well aware of the disruption this is causing, and are simply to remain focussed upon your pre-existing goals. More than the disruption in 'how the world works', and in the dichotomous split generated by the bifurcation of reality, of those who are of New-Gaia versus remaining in dualistic limitations, there will be great disruption inside those who embrace OPPT, but were not already of transcendent reality, as they attempt to use their material 'wealth' as a substitute for doing inner spiritual growth. We can expect many to destroy themselves with their greed fulfilled. You will continue on your path rather than taking (potential) material wealth as a sign to aggrandize your goals."

Yes, i certainly grok this wisdom.
What of the warning about 'being set up'?

"This is what you cleared overnight in the astral realms preparatory to today."

i do not per se agree with all of this presentation, however, it is fairly effective at presenting the negativity of volunteering to become a 'bondservant': OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit - Love For Life - Arthur Cristian

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

In summary, this is just another case of an apparent defector from THE BEAST, offering an alternative form of THE BEAST, to the gullible or the greedy. Stop and ask yourself if U.S.$10,000,000,000 to play with in one lifetime, is truly a fair exchange for eternal bondage of your soul as a 'bondservant'? Having debunked this, what alternative do i offer?
The divine is already within each and every one of us.
That is all you need, to be either free or abundant.
Operate in unlimited liability, and unconditional love.

More present time information about how OPPT has evolved in the recent 4 years is here.

3rd December 2013

"We would like to suggest a fun concept from our realm, a form of play which many of us enjoy, which perhaps translates as playing with 'self'. In the embodied human realms, because a popular experience is to have a single immutable form, there is a tendency to develop a matching self concept, one's concept of 'self'. There is a tendency for this to grow static over time, and thereby for the reality created therefrom to stagnate. In the higher realms we play in, where really we are formless, we play more with 'valence', the higher realm 'equivalent' of 'form'. For us this is quite changeable, upon the whim of the moment, or as feels appropriate in relating with others. There is a human concept of 'roleplay' which shares some similarities, but often that is seen as creating a role to fit some predefined 'reality', as, e.g., let's get a group together and roleplay being in the victorian era, which is fitting the 'self' into a box appropriate to some external definition. What we are suggesting is similar, but a roleplay which is based on an outward expression, of some various aspects of self, a freedom of role to be maleable, as fits the whim of self expression, versus an artificial construct to fit a certain reality. As this is practiced, there comes to be a mastery of creating reality around one's self, as is appropriate to that aspect or facet of one's essence, that as one's valence shifts, one also shifts the surrounding reality to fit that valence. Is this clear? Create the reality to match the valence, rather than create the role to match the reality. We suggest that playing with this can be a lot of fun, as well as developing mastery of manifestation. Don't take yourself so seriously, it's time for Fae Play."

4th December 2013

A variety of energies have surfaced today, including a number of contradictory or conflictory ones, and appears to be the expression of chaos produced by time-node convergence and divergence and sorting.
Yet another reminder today to be love and to radiate unconditional love. "There is only a simple paradigm we suggest: let love be your guide, and gentleness be your manner."

5th December 2013

"It is a comforting time to relax, integrate, allow, and feel soothed by the nurturing energies of our planetary mother. With the integration of yesterday's lesson to know that we are each exactly where we belong, that all our relationships are appropriate, as reflections of our intent and beleifs, then we can know that any lack of harmony with the uni-verse (one-song) of life, is merely our own ego not being surrendered to the truth of the infinite flow of the divine through us. All we need to do is to respond to whatever comes our way with acceptance and love. Beyond that is to move from 'response' mode to 'creator' mode, where we are the initiator, creating reality from pure unconditional loving intent, yet focussed where our passion and excitement direct our attention to greater joy. "
i am very enthused to be on the path of manifesting a greater grounding of the crystal faeries blessings of ascension energetics upon Kaua'i, and be an ambassador incarnate of our divine joy and playfulness.
Since we are all reality creators, there is plenty of room for us all to live our dreams here, celebrating and expressing our unique soul essences.

6th December 2013

"There is a sense of play floating in the aethers today, which is, of course, that which we're facilitating. The lightness of humour is also permeating the space. As our channel just noted of her own environment, it is the time of the morning visit from our winged friends, the wonderful birds who sing so joyously, sharing their pretty songs with all about. All these higher frequencies delight our hearts, (literally, 'of light'). It is the light of love, the lightness of love, and the love of light, and silly joyful play, which we focus upon with our message du jour. It is these energies which are much shared, between the realities of fae and human children, and why children are more likely to have 'imaginary friends', from the perspective of adults who have lost their way, and fallen into seriousness, and the 'realness' of only physicality. One's imagination is key to creativity, and we remind you that you are all creators. Due to 'the fall' and the enslavement of and government ( mind control ) of the people, to accept dull lives of service to materiality, and the submission to the directives of others, the masses have lost their imagination. The greatest loss of perspective, is that much of humanity has fallen into a belief that 'reality' is fixed, unchangeable, 'real', and most of all, is defined by, and created by and for, others. We addressed this in our recent message, where we suggested freeing one's self to be mutable, and to feel free to change reality around one's self, to fit one's mood.
Only one's imagination can sprout your wings to fly up out of negative perspective.
The one thing which can trap one forever, is waiting for someone else to rescue you.
May we suggest that you stop acting your age?
May we even suggest a re-examination of, the concept of 'age'?
Age may be considered a chronological count of how long you've been disconnected from the spontaneous flow of the moment. This is another way of saying that you grabbed onto a moment as real, and in so doing, stepped out of the flow of the now, where one is always 0 seconds old. Allow yourself to rebirth with each breath, so that you do not age. Now you can 'act your age', 0 seconds old, fresh and new, alive, spontaneous.
'How old are you?' 'Why don't you act your age?'
'I am reborn right now, and no thanks, i choose not to 'act', but instead, to authentically express my essence of the moment in the moment only for the moment.'
So, if you don't see the fae playing in your garden, then go to the playground and learn from the children. Build nice gardens around the playground. Create more public shared space which is not dedicated to commerce. And free yourself to giggle."

7th December 2013

As i commence today i am blessed with the latest installment of wisdom from Mary Pat Lynch's Rising Moon Astrology blog, providing an overview of what is about to be triggered for those still dealing with 4D reality, and what stood out for me is this comment: "[...] healing unresolved issues from the past is key to realizing our dreams for the future. Often, we know this, but would rather avoid it. Haven't we done enough work on the past? Can't we move on? Well, maybe. But between now and the Full Moon, our feet will be held to the flames a little longer. If there's something undone, something unaddressed or unresolved, buckle down and do it."
It was just in yesterday's post i was commenting on my sense of this 'sorting and completing' of energies, relationships, and 'stuff'. i also remember that in my guidance for time-line hopping, i have been clearly and repeatedly guided 'not to perfect the old time-line'.
Combine all of that together, and i see a clear guidance emerge, which i also blogged recently, which is to 'let the old time-line be what it is (outside of us), while (inside of us) reaching complete neutrality, forgiveness, release, and unconditional love, in how we see and relate with that old time-line. Don't heal it, release it. Any sense of feeling other than neutrality is to be positive passion about creating the new time-line. All of our relating is to be here and now in the present moment of time, and / or in the timeless present eternal moment of no time.

"This is especially poignant now as we are emerging from a chaotic node as we mentioned recently, that involved two time-lines being held together to allow more souls to jump between them, and which have now with the new moon been allowed to 'snap apart' to their natural flow, resulting in some people feeling 'torn apart', between the part of them which has chosen one time-line, and the part of them which has chosen the other time-line. This is the other big aspect of growth work to be doing now, other than that triggered by Aoife's blog comment, that it is time to be completely committed to the time-line of your choice, and completely released of any and all alternate mutually incompatible time-lines. So much of the old style of human choice process is based in conflicted goals, and now it is time to be beyond mixed agendae, with full commitment to your highest priority. May we even suggest it is not enough to prioritize conflicted agendae, but to include in the release process, those goals incompatible with your highest priority.
'But i want them both!'
Choose! Recognize the mutual exclusivity of some things, and release the alternatives, completely, now!
No! You can't put more energy into healing someone so they can track your growth and miracles and join you in your new time-line. Just leave them behind in your old time-line, let it be!
Sometimes, the old relationships we must release, the people we must leave behind, are aspects of our self. We must let go of who were previously, and of those versions of us we had hoped to become, which are not compatible with our new time-line. To manifest that new time-line, commit to it totally!"

7th December 2013

As i prepare to transition to dreamspace between the 7th and 8th, i was guided to YLO's 'Inner Child' essence blend, while my mind was contemplating the necessity of finding inner 'play', as I've begun disassembling my outer play space prepartory to moving.
"You are disassembling inner structures of 'importance' and 'precedence'. The slave system taught you all your life what thoughtforms and activities were 'important' to being a good slave. You have been aware particularly lately, of the transition from linear time to no time, and from linear progressions of cause to effect, to the percept of each timeless moment being its own reality, with it's own values of the moment, based upon your joy, passion, play, and creativity. You are experiencing much more quantum leaping from reality to reality, time-line to time-line. Most of all you've released the struggle to make things happen, to force transitions. Instead, you're mastering being one with the whologram in a space of unconditional love. Mr. Ring spoke of this in the video we just linked to in our recent blog entry. Play is a state which requires as a precondition, stepping out of linear cause and effect. It is timelessly of the moment, and goalless, completely accepting of infinite possibility. This is the divine condition, which children remember, and adults have been programmed to override with the importance of being good physical world slaves of effort and struggle. We are completing transition between time-lines, and observing the differences between them."

While my computer offers me many potential focal points for attention, including my usual 'blog upon awaking' activity, i am observing my self observing as my 'tea brews, and am quite content with being at one with the void in the moment. Mind is empty. Emotions are completely neutral. All is 'OK'. Ahhh, and what a great blessing, birds are arriving and beginning to sing! It's such a pleasure to hear their pretty songs!
(Yes, the local wild cocks have been making noise for a while already: 'Cock-a-diddle-did!')
i love to 'reach out' to my feathered friends and express from my heart, my appreciation of their songs.

"The condition of still beingness is perfect for oneness with the whologram of life. The love of life is boundaryless, the oneness pervasive, the wholism complete. The bliss of tranquility is its own reward, somewhat different from the excitement of joy. In oneness, the bliss is already shared with the universe. Joy is more a individual experience, and therefore seeks to be shared, across the boundary between 'me' and 'not me'. Releasing the ownership of joy, dropping the boundary of 'me', the joy merges with all and becomes universal bliss, thus ceasing the motivation to share across boundaries, for the oneness being complete leaves no need to flow. Much of 'relating' with 'other' is about the flow of energy, to, from, or circulating with, 'other'. This is 4D perception. In 5D perception, 'relating' disappears, replaced with oneness. Welcome to quantum entanglement with the one that is all, infinite spirit.
This is also the difference between 'ascending' or 'ascension', and 'ascended'."

9th December 2013

"Let yourself flow. Trust in your guidance. Remember that guidance is of the moment, and that the lack thereof in any moment, is a time of rest, in the process of manifesting that which you've already invoked, a time for new imagining, dreaming, and creating; new invocations. All of this is blessed with humour and play, giggles and grace."

Judy Satori offers much guidance from higher realms.

9th December 2013

"Time to release fear of your dreams 'coming true' :-)"
-- crystal faeries

The 'Mayan Calendar' which recently 'ended' was a map of the rate of consciousness, of time, which itself is a measure of the rate of shifting consciousness between parallel realities, therefore, its' prediction of 'the end of time' is a way of stating that we arrive at an infinite rate of shifting between parallel realities, which is a scienterrific way of stating that there are no limits to the size and rate of manifesting miracles, which are what? merely quantum leaps between parallel realities which are 'majorly' different.
We are creator god(desse)s, and our abilities of creation are unlimited.
Flip that around and we might say that the limitations of how big and how quick are our miracles, is merely a measure of how attached we were to 'things as they were', and / or is merely a measure of how attached we were to the illusion of a 'process of change', which is primarily our attachment to our own ego taking credit for 'creating change'.
As fascinated as we are with the change process is how much process we'll have, instead of how easily we'll have our desires manifest. Which is our true desire? Doing 'creation', or experiencing 'the created'?

i feel very ready to be living in the time-line of manifest dreams, and to fully release the whole 'story' of 'how i got there', other than, 'I choose to be here now in my preferred reality'. The 'price to be paid' is merely that of releasing the past and future and our stories of their relationship with the only thing which is 'real': 'here now'.

In the light of the above, let us re-examine the aphorism:
'Let go and let God.'
If we are in our ego, controlling or taking credit for the process of change, then we limit the size and rate of miraculous 'fairy tale' miracles from the divine. One of the biggest 'ego control games' is defining what is 'real' or 'possible'. The height of arrogance (and abuse of others) is defining 'reality' for others. The biggest limitation of 'collective reality' is the collective of egos all limiting each others' miracles. This is mapped most commonly by the 'figure of speech' 'that is incredible' to describe 'unbelievably' good things, whereas equally bad things are 'aweful'. Is it not time to be more conscious, free, miraculous, and unlimited? all of us?

In fairy-land dreams really do come 'true'. Kaua'i is my crystal faery land, the new abode of we ishnaans.

Today brought interesting lessons in witnessing someone in their story of their process of changing 'reality', versus the model I've been working of hopping time-lines between realities, with no change of any one reality. i saw this as opportunity to use triggering to release more of old time-lines.
i also made progress in anchoring into my new time-line, building energetic entanglements with my preferred time-line. It is much more fun to embrace a chosen reality, rather than healing an old one :-)

i am observing that as i interact with others, coming from a place of time-line hopping, versus their being in a process of change or 'healing', that much of that relating is now about waiting, in complete neutrality, for them to walk through their chosen process, while I'm awaiting their arrival in the target reality. This leaves me free to invest my energies in other creations, Another terminology for this is time travel or teleportation. We know that 5D+ reality is above linear time, and that is the difference... witnessing another to walk through time, while i quantum leap to the same destination. Faery Magick is fun :-)

"You have long known that 'effort' was unproductive use of energy, and now you are seeing that 'process' is very similar to 'effort', just as is the 'drama' of the 'story' of the 'effort' or 'process'."

11th December 2013

"As your consciousness ascends to operate in the 5D timeless realm, your manifestations arrive equally more powerfully and instantly, in direct alignment with your truth, your essence, your actual vibrational realm. As you are willing to accept these, or release that which is not of this vibration, so more powerfully and quickly does your manifest reality transform according to your intent."

12th December 2013

"The process of change is itself frequently uncomfortable, though with practice becomes easier. As one clears one's incongruencies, the changes themselves become more in alignment with one's intent and desire, and thus deliver welcomed quantum leaps, and the leaps grow larger. With faith and trust, one recognizes that less process is required, and fewer intermediate steps necessary, between where one was, and where one is going to become fulfilled. Non attachment as a style of perceiving, allows easier release of old reality, thus there is less discomfort from releasing. Faith and trust that the changes are moving one towards one's fulfillment, and acceptance of even intermediate realities on the journey, reduces the discomfort from the accepting side of change. Releasing even the model of 'a goal' or 'a destination' allows higher self to deliver results beyond the limits of ones own ego. It is the positivity of one's expectation, without defining or attaching to the manifestation of that positivity, which delivers miraculous results, and the life experience of, 'it just keeps getting better!'
It is also of great benefit, if the definition of positive in one's consciousness, is of fulfillment for all, that one's experienced reality is most joyous."
By the power of God i Am, may we all joyously be fulfilled with our manifest dreams, in a world of graceful easy flow, beauty, and pleasure. So mote it be, and so it is.
-- I Am

12th December 2013

The subject of 'stories' has arisen. i know two forms of these, one, where somebody is recycling the drama of their story to vampirize the energies of those they repeat their story to, and two, where the story is presented to teach a lesson. It seems that so far this format has not been utilized here, and I'm wondering if that is because it is not a format i the channel gravitate towards, or if it's because it is not a format favored by my crystal faeries family? Being slightly perversely scientific, i thought I'd ask for our story about stories? :-) On the other hand, i also recognize that this blog as a whole constitutes 'a story', one which I'm so deep in with the details of the moment, that I've perhaps not stepped back to see the larger picture. What story do i need to hear to clear my lessons out of the way to tell the story others need to hear?
YLO's 'Sacred Mountain' essence called me now.
"Stories tend to be linear-time cause-effect change-process recordings. That way of creating is one we are specifically intending to move beyond. You need sleep to get your frequency higher for better channelling... rest now."
Ahhh... awake before even the chickens today, pure peace and quiet, calm and gentleness.
"We wish to remain focused upon forward looking ascension, facilitating the blossoming of your own story, rather than recalling stories of our past. We will comment that so many stories lead to: '... and then i chose to love myself.' as a shift of consciousness which then leads to a happier manifestation. Of course, with ascending consciousness, there is the transformation of perspective from a separate self to wholeness in the one, which renders that more as 'I came to self realization as the infinite', whereupon having parts of one's self at odds with other parts of one's self is so obviously counterproductive, as to trigger cessation of all struggle, and complete acceptance of the diverse expressions of the living light of love."

Abraham indicates that the spiritual realms are dependent upon the desires of the physical realm to elicit the spiritual realms, and i am curious if you care to comment upon this?
The Fall was from the realm of unity down into duality, and (re-)ascension is up out of duality into unity. Desire implies a duality between what is and a different reality one seeks instead of what is. The manifestation of one's desired reality is by ending the duality via arrival in the desired time-line. Such is my perception du jour. How may i improve upon this?
"Suffering arises from attachment to other than 'what is'.
Desire is a somewhat less attached seeking of other than 'what is'.
Focus upon difference between a chosen / desired reality and 'what is' can only create 'want', greater separation from the desired.
Peace and / or fulfillment are based in alignment of choice and 'what is'.
To achieve the chosen / desired reality is to be vibrationally at one with it, 'already'.
The key is the use of one's imagination to place one's consciousness in the state where one is already appreciating being at one with the desired / preferred / chosen reality, regardless how far away from it one's present manifestation appears to be.
The 'fallen' focus is 'want', the 'ascended' focus is 'appreciation'.
The creator beleives in appropriate manifestation.
Time is the process of change between realities based upon want.
Appreciation produces instant manifestation.
Let go of all your stories, and just already be in appreciation of your preferred time-line."

Recent triggering input suggests that our primary motivational factor is to feel good, and that the good feelings worthy of actual pursuit, are those in alignment with one's soul. Perhaps my deep experience with eastern spirituality has suggested that there is an even 'better' goal of goallessness, and that fulfillment is to be completely at peace with all that is without changing anything, or having to have some experience, accomplishment, form of relationship, or acknowledgement from outside one's self. In my model then, it is not about mapping out goals and accomplishing them in order to feel good, successful, fulfilled, but about releasing all of that, so as to arrive at a state of present-time emptiness which is simultaneously filled to fullness with contentment. My perception is that there is of-the-moment spontaneously arising outward flow from heart's soul motivation to express one's essence, rather than a desire to intake experience in order to manipulate one's feeling state into a more positive 'feeling'. i am perceiving this as the difference between fulfilling hunger by intaking, versus transcending hunger by coming to peace with emptiness, followed by expressing the momentary focus of some aspect of fullness that comes from being at one with all that is. As an aspect of all that is, not in any separation from anything, there is no want, no hunger, no emptiness, no seeking, and no goal to overcome a sense of emptiness. This totally takes me to the consciousness i find so well expressed by Gangaji, that one may embrace a feeling or awareness, even being devoured by it, instead of continuing to run from it. Thus, the popular book / interview / fad of alleged consciousness i have just witnessed clearly shows me a strategy to avoid the feeling of emptiness, by an entire strategy of goal setting and activities to produce via self manipulation a feeling state to continue avoiding feeling empty. We confront everything which arises, and in becoming one with it, are no longer controlled by it. To finally embrace the sense of 'I am empty', one with the void, unfulfilled, and i do not in this moment feel positive, is to overcome the fear and avoidance of that sense, and in having faced it, there is no longer a compulsion to feel good, to have to feel full, to continually seek the opposite of the avoided sense. This then, is the Tantrik overcoming of the duality of empty / full, via transcending into peace with either feeling state, moving one's consciousness above the dichotomy, to the transcendent state, the ascended state, 'I am'. When 'I am' becomes a complete sentence and accurate description of awareness, desire itself is transcended, peace becomes available, goallessness arrives, and in this there is a total fulfillment, instead of the lesser form of that, where i identified the feeling state i must maintain to continue avoiding the opposite polarity of the dichotomy between the goal and its opposite. Since the bottom line of this lesson from the trigger's point of view is, what is your goal / desired feeling, I'll share that my happy feeling space is that of being authentic, that i feel in depth i am authentically expressing my essence, and that my deepest current knowing of my essence, as I aggregate my consciousness of my many incarnations here and now, is:
'I am tomril of the crystal faeries, holding Kaua'i in the highest vibrations of 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension codes and maintaining an open portal of ascension for all sentient beings here.' This is an ongoing state of being, and a daily expression of essence, a goal already accomplished, and quite fulfilling. i know who i am and why i am here, and i am living that purpose, with joy of the moment.

14th December 2013

i am aware of both "holding frequency" and of "keeping my individuality happy" (in a high vibration state), while awaiting a time-line hop manifestation. It has been stated by a number of sources that it's not what we are focussed upon or doing, but the frequency we are holding which "matters" (will result in our materialized experience). Have i misperceived, misinterpreted, or missed something?
Is it helpful or hindering to be in a state of "desire", or was it appropriate to translate desire into a choice of appropriate time-line, and then lock into the time-line as "already manifest" vibrationally, i.e. that remaining in "desire" would affirm separation from the chosen time-line?

"It is the appreciation and joy of the chosen time-line reality which attracts it, and as you have surmised, one is not benefitted by perceiving separation from it. We feel that 'appreciation' is fairly well comprehended to imply union of realities, whereas 'desire' is much more associated with separation from a chosen reality, i.e. in collective-think is more associated with 'want' than with 'fulfillment'. "

15th December 2013

"Release your struggles."
Yes, i know, release attempts to perfect my ex-time-line, and persevere in my new time-line, despite all evidence to the contrary.
"Accept and allow."

16th December 2013

i feel the weight of darkness all about. It is not the seasonal daylight patterns, but the darkness of humanity itself. It continues to be my perception that the rift is widening, between those ascending in the light, and those spiralling down into darkness. As i listen to soul soothing new-age music, and calmly pass through the quietest part of the night, having already slept early, i feel calm and peace inside, but all around, even in sleep, the people are in a deep malaise. i remember that 'healing to undamaged' is a whole different reality than 'blossoming to fulfillment', and find that even with my own extra focus upon Faery Magick and Fae Play, that most people are not ready to thrive, for they are still of the world, not merely in the world. We crystal faeries have clearly identified, that it is not our kuleana to address the negative reality time-line, yet, despite the recent lunar cycle quantum leap apart between the primary time-lines, there is still enough bleed-through of old time-line into ascending reality, as to be unmistakeable. What is our perspective from 8D?
"You are still caught-up in 'caring for' others, rather than having reached fully a detached compassionate state of 'caring about' others, i.e., you're still 'working at perfecting your old time-line'. You must let go of all illusions of your own 'worth' based in the role of 'healer'. Where others have a version of this known primarily as 'parenting', your 'parenting energies' have been directed to those you 'mentor'. Yes, all of this remains relevant as your practice of helping others, but deprogramming the 'worthiness' illusion is incomplete. This is part of the ascension transition, out of earning a living via effort. You must fully release all 'need' to justify your existence or needs fulfillment, and your joy de vivre, as the collective negative time-line programmed reality. It was all part of the great lie of enslavement. Slip your ankle out of the ball and chain, and fly upon beautiful gossamer wings of light and joy. Be free to play, Fae. Let your light shine. They have no power over you any more, and it's not your kuleana to protect others from them. It is time to radiate your essence in full brightness, angel!"

17th December 2013

By the power of God i am, i have cocreated with my celestial crystal faeries family, to fully anchor the angelic ascension 8D light codes and provide an anchoring of the blessings of the angelics of light into Gaia energy grid lines, integration with the devas and faeries of the devic and elemental realms, a wonderful celebration of our new galactic center light energy activations 'grounded' into Kaua'i 4D reality as a faery blessing for all. So mote it be, and so it is for the benefit of all!
-- I Am
"Hold firm in the vision of our new community of light which so many beings are blessing in its convergence into manifestation."

18th December 2013

"There is a fulfillment of intent mapped-out to manifest, as you have been perceiving and intending, invoking and expecting, which is both the disassembling of your old time-line and which is also the blossoming of your new time-line reality. It is well that you are accepting this change process so that it may be speedy. There is perhaps a deeper comprehension of meaning in the name 'chaotic node' for the convergence of time-lines, and also for the hopping between time-lines. It bodes well you are giggling at the chaos and disassembly knowing where it leads. Until we are sufficiently ascended for instantaneous no-time time-line hopping, the speediest of changes are a result of welcoming the chaos of change. "

i am greatfully enjoying witnessing the unfolding of the transformation of realities, or, more accurately, the witnessing of my shifting from one reality to another, between the old time-line reality of limitation, doubt, fear, struggle, conflict, citizenship, etc., to a completely positive reality of a time-line of unlimited ascension for all willing to claim it.
"You may dance the dance of celebration which comes from being detached from all worldly manifestation (evidence to the two eyes), while flying in the certainty of the truth of higher realms. You are a crystal faery, and not limited by human matrix illusions."
Yay! i am really 'getting it!'. i can't stop giggling! Human 'reality' is preposterous!

19th December 2013

"We have been observing a 'slowing down' of manifesting, which is a result of people 'putting on the brakes' as they have become overwhelmed coping with growth and change in their lives. This is also resulting in situations of people 'pushing away' the 'agents of change' in their lives, rather than welcoming opportunities to grow. You have been witnessing this in your work with others, that some are becoming quite stubbornly entrenched, while those few on the ascension path are seeking and welcoming even larger quantum leaps than before, and this is of course what delights you to do, for you thrive on making a big difference for others. So, as you observed yourself giggling at the chaos and the disassembly of your old reality, already taking place around you, but are persisting in faith and trust, about the fulfillment of the arrival of your new time-line, you may appear to others to be 'unrealistically airy-fairy', while from your own perspective you're just being practically realistic about how quantum time-line hopping actually works. As you are well aware by now, you are lead through experiences so that you can be a compassionate guide for others who follow your path. On the flip side, we are observing that those who are still entertaining their fears are likewise escalating in their power of manifestation of the negative realities they are focussed upon. As you facilitate the willing, you will be finding and clearing their remaining fear beliefs, so that they can fully receive ascension blessings and stay on track with positive manifestations, but all of you will get to witness around you, the chaos and conflict of nightmares played out by those who are internally incongruent, and / or are not operating in full self-responsibility as reality creators. Those manifesting their fears and blaming those manifestations upon others are going to become lost in 'enemy' thinking, which will require a response of unconditional love, while simultaneously 'getting out of their way'. Those paying attention to the cycles of unascended manifestation, should be noticing that this year's annual Christmas day will be abundant with anger and conflict energies astrologically, further triggering everyone into opposing camps; those who can rise above their lower chakras and reptilian-think to living aloha in their hearts, versus the fear / blame mongers. As the blame / anger energies emerge in the form of bullying to cover over the deeper fears inside, amped up by pluto's dark side, we can expect some very un-'Christ'-ian expressions on 'Christ'-mass day. And so we remind the conscious ones that the 'holy cross' is the symbol of the awakened and open ajna chakra, and that you are the 2nd coming, not in a single body, but in many bodies, many 'Christ'-ed beings. This 'holy-day' season may require a lot of 'turning the other cheek'. Take the 'higher ground' of 'higher consciousness', remembering to be 'in' the world, not 'of' the world. With patience and perseverence, 'this too shall pass'. Anchor into your positive new time-line and persevere, even while chaos breaks out all around you. Just giggle at the old time-line destroying itself. To take it seriously or resist it just persists it. It is the season for ascending time-line hoppers to be of good cheer. You literally are to be living a heavenly life in the faery garden, even while others around you are creating their own hells. While multiple time-lines are visible to you in these chaotic nodes, stay focussed upon the one of your preferred joy and appropriateness."

20th December 2013

"This is a time of great change, therefore people who are not fully surrendered to both release the old and receive the new, are attached in duality with effort, either resisting change or attempting to force change contrary to actual changes in progress. This is, of course, completely silly, since the changes arriving for each of us are merely the mirroring of our inner energies, all well and true and easy for those operating as conscious reality creators, but a real 'issue' for those in denial. Whatever is not feeling good, is a clear sign of something to surrender into release from your inner reality as inappropriate, and whatever is feeling positive, is a clear sign of something to surrender into receiving into manifestation as expression of your essence. It is time to choose love, aloha, namaste, and to release separation, as we ascend into oneness. "

When one is focussed upon appropriateness, then the associated 'feeling' related with 'having' something manifest in ones reality is that all of reality is appropriate, and therefore the feeling is simply 'peace'. In this condition, energy is relatively 'at rest', so the visualization to create the reality is much more related with the deep peace of knowingness that all is appropriate. In this perspective, the focus is upon the reality which is appropriate already existing. This contrasts greatly with any focus upon a process of attaining, characterized by desire and fulfillment.

21st December 2013

Often, when we are on the cutting-edge of reality, doing brand-new things, then spirit does not have much experience to draw from in giving guidance, and therefore wisely remains silent, leaving us to tune-into our heart's passion to find what is our own motivation, what makes our heart happy, and what makes our face smile... and to pursue the course of action which in this moment easily flows for us as we "do" the creation of our passion.

celeste		I'm ready Now to be in my preferred reality.
celeste		'You must commit totally to your chosen new reality.'
celeste		I'm doing my best to burn all bridges
celeste		to any reality but the one of my truth.

a_friend	i support everyone in their choices whatever they are.

celeste		Then i choose to remanifest as a beautiful faery girl right now!

a_friend	Maybe part of this is about being happy as we are,
a_friend	growing, changing, manifesting and transforming as we progress.
a_friend	Things have gotten easier to deal with
a_friend	in this reality the less i have resisted it.
a_friend	For resisting only makes that which you resist grow stronger.

celeste		Yes. i shall attain guidance from my higher self now.

tomril		'You have Only to surrender and allow,
tomril		that is the Only path open to you.'

a_friend	Ohhh. LOL.
a_friend	That is why i was getting the push
a_friend	about going back to your i Am presence.
a_friend	If God is Love and Love is unconditional 
a_friend	and when we allow the Greater Will to direct us,
a_friend	would It choose anything for Us
a_friend	that would Not be for the greater good of all?

celeste		Ahhhh.... so please explain how the greater good of all
celeste		is served by my suffering?
celeste		i beleive the greater good is served by me being in joy.
celeste		So the all should help me manifest my joyful reality.
celeste		Then i can serve it better. Yes?

a_friend	1 is with All.
a_friend	it is within All.

celeste		All one = alone.

a_friend	And do you contain All possibilities?

celeste		No, only the one does.
celeste		i can only have one parallel reality at a time.
celeste		The one is all realities in summation.
celeste		Why may i not leave this body and reincarnate?
celeste		Why is that not an acceptable choice?
celeste		i don't know why I'm kept in this prison.

a_friend	Ask your higher self?
a_friend	Ask your Higher Self why you can not leave this body?

celeste		Asking...

tomril		'You must stay in body to allow yourself
tomril		to be of service to others.

a_friend	Interesting.
a_friend	How are you to be of service when
a_friend	you are unhappy that you are in this body?

celeste		Exactly.

a_friend	Ask of your Higher Self:
a_friend	'how are you to be of service when you are unhappy
a_friend	that you are in this body?'

celeste		Yes, asking now...

tomril		'You cannot be of service when you are unhappy.'

celeste		I'm willing to be of service in joy and love and light.

tomril		'It is a contract you have entered to pay a debt.'

celeste		'How can this debt be completed?'

tomril		'Only by completing ascension.'

celeste		'In this body Only?'

tomril		'Yes.'

celeste		'Why?'

tomril		'Those details of the contract will not be revealed to you
tomril		at this time.'

celeste		i have no choice, get over it.

a_friend	Ok so you know that.
a_friend	Ask your higher self: 'is free will an illusion?'

celeste		'It is for me due to the contract I'm in.'

a_friend	Yes i know.

celeste		But that is frustrating i cannot know the contract I'm in.

a_friend	i am reading that it answered that
a_friend	it wouldn't reveal the conditions of the contract
a_friend	that you are in to You.

celeste		There have always been hidden things I'm not allowed to see.
celeste		Would like to get to bottom line and get on with life working.

a_friend	So it goes back to what i was saying earlier,
a_friend	you're stuck with what you got,
a_friend	you gotta accept and love as you are to move on.

celeste		Yes.

a_friend	As am I

celeste		Under some occulted contract to pay an unknown debt.

a_friend	Ask higher self,
a_friend	"How may you pay off said debt within this body
a_friend	to fulfill your contract?" :)
a_friend	Stick with me on this line of question hun, seriously

celeste		Asking...

tomril		"Be of service to those ascending."

a_friend	Ah Ha!

celeste		Well, that's what I've been doing with the crystal faeries,
celeste		and that's why i need the new house now.

a_friend	Are these conditions of this contract 3rd dimensional?

celeste		So higher self better deliver it.

a_friend	Yes.

celeste		Will ask...

a_friend	Yes yes... Nods.

celeste		Well this is fun,
celeste		my model of existence is 12 dimensions
celeste		with oneness at 12 and everything under that,
celeste		and the contract is at dimension 18, so just as i had thought,
celeste		the 12th dimensional "god" is a fraudulent construct
celeste		occupied by entities playing the role,
celeste		but not really what they claim to be.
celeste		Thank you so much for working this with me,
celeste		so much truth is coming out!

22nd December 2013

Aloha crystal faeries family. Do you have any messages for us today?
"There is a great opening of 'allowance' in the realms of Kaua'i, which we, (including you), have been working on. Yes, this quantum leap is a result of the work you and your friend cocreated, in the highest of realms. As you have surmised, this will result in a whole new realm of lightwork of benefit to all. Yes, it is necessary to reveal carefully. Yes, the energies of transformation from your solstice work are still 'in play' through the January 1st New Moon. We pass through a message from 'above': 'Thank you for not settling for less'. We thank you for your dedication in being our 'voice', and your long hours of work."

Can you say more about 'allowance' for our audience?
"At this time it is most beneficial to address the balance between passive and active roles in the process of being a conscious cocreator of reality.
A purely passive role of 'thinking the thought' and then 'thinking that having had the thought was enough' may be completely unproductive.
At the opposite extreme we have a purely active role where the ego tries to 'do it all on its own'. The willful / forceful approach of ego will at minimum greatly increase the effort and struggle of the journey to its goal, if not sabotaging it, or greatly limiting the abundant miracles.
In the middle way we have the desire of the ego intending a loosely held goal and a willingness to follow guidance on what to do and when, in service of cocreation of an even better outcome as guided by one's higher self. Sometimes the appropriate thing to do is nothing, just being in the vibration of the intended reality."

23rd December 2013

'tomril chose to demark the solstice transition with an offering of crystal faery blessings for everyone in celeste's e-mail addressbook.'

celeste chose to express her completion with 4D reality, her release of her old time-line in old collective reality, with a final solstice message to 4D reality upon Kaua'i, about the simplicity of cessation of consent to the Matrix mind control, and was careful to clarify the crystal faeries were not source for that. She followed that by total surrender to her new 5D time-line as crystal faery 'tomril'.

'I as tomril, her higher self, allowed that, as progress into the new time-line, perceiving this to have succeeded with greater integration of my consciousness into her embodiment, and release of old roles of the old time-line.'

As i proceed forward in this new time-line and new year i am fully focussed upon the 8D ascension energetics, and our expanding use of 8D ascension portals to deliver faery blessings. i seek the guidance of my family of crystal faeries.

"We are pleased with your progress in surrender and allowance, and in releasing your past attachment to perfecting your old time-line. We are clearing the energy fields for the launch of a new time-line with the new year's first new moon."

24th December 2013
[rings of alcyone]

While the seasonal focus upon light ( sun ( Ra ) as source of life / light / warmth ) associated with the annual Ter-Ra-an orbits solstice, and its metaphysical equivalent of the KRST / anointing of spiritual consciousness via the raising of the kundalini up the spine to activate the pineal gland ( ajna chakra ) to produce enlightened consciousness ( a 'Christ'-ed being ( symbolized by the cross ) ) are often forgotten in the modern worlds stampede to express 'love' via physical gifts, ( perhaps best expressed as compassion for our brethren struggling with material survival ), today is nevertheless beginning with a very gentle energy about our blessed planet Ter-Ra ( Ter ( Tertiary == Third ( counting outward ) ) planet of our sun ( Sol == Ra ) ), even as our solar system orbiting in the great Milky Way galactic disc about Alcyone ( Zion ) brings us a dawning age of enlightenment ( Aquarian age ), all of which is bringing our consciousness in ascension to oneness of the higher realms ( spirit ), where we are above duality / dichotomy, and more a collective oneness than separate separation-focussed manifestations, even as we are awakened more to live our oneness as the species 'humans', and even as we awaken to the knowing that our 'human' family includes other 'humans' on other planets in other solar systems, all of which is 'the big lesson we are engaging', today we would like to bring consciousness to our oneness with other non-human life forms, and with other formless beings of higher realms, from the lower dimensional devic and elemental realms all the way up through the faery and angelic realms of spirit.
( excuse me while i giggle at that run-on sentence! )
"We have worked with the angelics to bring grace and acceptance and allowance to the planetary grid now, to emphasize the gentleness of peace, to help everyone consciously experience peace as a 'reality', where our knowing of oneness helps us remember ( return to being a member of oneness ), and of course we have facilitated that particularly inside our 8D portal of ascension for Kaua'i."

"We wish particularly to direct attention to the sense of oneness between human and nature, all our relations, all of life manifest on our ascending world, the effulgent blessings of our Gaia-Sophia hostess. We are one consciousness, one life, expressing multiply, in cocreation. Life better when we each have our specialties, and when we practice our specialties in harmony with, and guided by the wisdom of the one whole collective consciousness of the whole of life, guided by an even higher wisdom coordinating all of our consciousnesses, the one is optimized. As all are part of the one, the divine plan allows for the best outcome for all. This peace of oneness, cooperative manifestation, and graceful easy flow of being, are the nature of the energies blessing the beginning of this day, ( or a later part of your day for those in other time-zones ). We would like to suggest that a conscious breath, of inhaling oneness until full, and briefly holding your full breath while contemplating: 'I AM in harmony with all that is', is the energy focus of this day, for greatest blessing. Oh, and yes, it would be wise to resume your breathing cycle with an exhale next. giggles"

25th December 2013

celeste offers a 'Mele Kalikimaka' hug of aloha.
tomril offers intent of ascension for all sentient beings.
"We are today intending into our Kaua'i ascension portal, a very simple consciousness of infinite possiblities."
celeste says: 'When i spritz with my Fae Play essence, within a few seconds i come to full alignment with my higher self tomril, and with all of existence, completely in the now, completely calm and at peace, all energies at rest in perfect harmony with the one that is all.
A few seconds later i become aware that anything is possible, magick is afoot, it's time for faery play, i have a big smile, and it is a very pregnant moment of infinite possibilities.'
tomril says: 'Then either there arises a desire from the incarnation level (celeste), or i have a choice of my own, or an awareness of participating in the collective consciousness of we crystal faeries, flowing in the moment with our playful loving giggling intent of joy.'
"While we are transdimensional beings, most of our focus in creation is 8D ascension, which is from our perspective a joyous claiming of our essential nature as loving creators, creating more expressions of love.
One of our forms of a hug is surrounding and tickling the edges of another blob of light with little light-spark fragments of our own light blob, somewhat as you might imagine a swarm of fireflies to tickle with their little wings. Some of you call this fragmenting 'faery dust', as we offer little bits of our essence as a blessing.
May our blessings remind you that you are at the threshhold of infinite possiblitiles, as the blessings of the collective consciousness remind you of unconditional love, and peace. We invite you to magickal faery play, finding new ways to create and express your joy."

26th December 2013

celeste asks for clarification of her expressions here, tomril's expressions here, the crystal faeries expressions here, our purpose, contract, and relationship with source ( the one that is all that is ). Especially enlighten us as to anything that's changed since our previous writings about such, and any related subjects.
"The expression of pure source energies through our crystal faeries collective is one of the many angelic realms participating in the transmutation of the human template for a divine being manifest in all realms. Our role is based upon our unique experience in the tomril universe, as refined and adapted to the Milky Way Galaxy via our ishnaan expression, and now being manifest via the 8D angelics Crystal Faries ascension portals, and continuing to blossom into a network of portals offering an alternative path of ascension. tomril is our manifest expression on Kaua'i via the celeste:crystalfaery embodiment. We have committed to be of service in this as have many star-seed light+love workers. We have passed the stage of clearing the path for these ascension portal energetics as of the 2012-12-21 gateway, and are now focussed upon the raising of potential via the DNA codon activations via the 8D energetics tomril+celeste have been trained to channel. Our inspiration is the fulfillment of essence expression, which each entity is meant to be, in the divine plan."

27th December 2013

"This is a gift of love from the higher realms. The KRST and the Quan Yin ( Mother Mary ) entities have brought you an energy blessing overnight, here in the Kaua'i Sovereign Space, a blessing of grace to ease your ascension process. Its primary blessing is increased forgiveness, which then allows each of you to better let go of old reality, the past year, and the sense of 'debt being owed to you', so that each and every one of you can get on with moving forward.
The mantra for this is 'I forgive and release, so that i may flow in grace'."

i love synchronicities! As i went to sleep last night i set to loop play all night Bruce Mitchell's song from his Earth Heal album, track 1 'Lotus of Compassion'.

27th December 2013

"We would like you to beleive that you are fully supported in all that you are walking through now, in this challenging time of shifting reality via time-line hopping, and we remind you to persevere despite any and all evidence you see, particularly anything which is clearly of the old time-line, having faith that all of those signs are of the inappropriateness thereof, and to be comprehended as signs of the appropriateness of the change you are making, rather than as signs of failure or obstruction to the change itelf. Even the war stance and legal process of others is merely a sign to remain in unconditional love, and remember that it is the way you are inside, either as creator or in response to outside events and actions, which is what will be mirrored to you in your time-line. Do not engage in the process of the old time-line. Be patient, persevering in your intended time-line. The new moon phase is your appropriate time of movement."

29th December 2013

Today was an inner rebirth.

30th December 2013

"The certainty of any reality is only probabilistic as ones will wavers. If ones will is free to follow ones true joy, arising from ones true essence, then ones manifest reality appropriately tracks ones evolution as a unique spark of the one i Am. Ones true essence is always in alignment with the divine will. Any time ones emotional state or manifest reality is not of ones true joy, is a good time to refocus upon ones true essence in alignment with i Am. There are many external patterns one may focus upon instead, and many of those may become internalized, and then misinterpreted as 'self', and some may have some alignment with true essence, yet anything not true essence misleads ones life.

It may be summarized that ones joy is a life of expressing ones essence, and that is unconditional, regardless what is outside ones self. As we unconditionally love others, accepting and allowing at minimum, better yet supporting and encouraging their own self expression, we succeed as a mirror of our own ability to do that for ourself. Seeking the approval of others usually leads to inappropriate conditions, which then interfere with our own optimal life of self expression. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the manifest sparks of the one only come together and express the big picture, when each piece is its own shape. To thine own self be true. Ones true self is in harmony with divine will.

This then reveals a secret in finding ones true essence, the magick of meditation, that when one releases all self identification, ( i am one with the void, undefined ( empty lungs ) ) and aligns with the one that is all, becoming all one ( alone ( full lungs ) ), and is conscious of the one that is all that is one, one is directly led to ones self, automatically arising from the i am. With each breath we may oscillate between the infinite undefined of all potential, and the manifest identified as a specific incarnation being uniquely expressed, in joy.

One must be ones self to love ones self, and one must be loving ones self, to be able to love another. In loving both self and other, we may then unite with them, share a reality, and live love, which leads to loving living.

Youth, vitality, health, abundant manifestation, joy, all arise from this authenticity. Pay no attention to what pleases others, instead know yourself so that you may be authentic. Your authentic self is the only thing that is actually capable of pleasing the authentic self of another. Nevermind what their egos say, and even more so, your own ego. Alwaysheart your own joyous authentic self essence, and let it be expressed unedited. Miracles arise from your authentic self expression, for, your authentic self is i Am.

Now, throw in a healthy dose of playful lightness, sillyness and giggles, and you may play like a Fae.

We offer you blessings of the 8D angelic crystal faeries."

We alter the Lotus Sutra:
i am happy.
i am healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
i am safe.
i live my true heart's desire.

31st December 2013

"There is a sense of clearing, for you and many others, as the collective is making a time-line hop with the new year and new moon, a release of limitation, leaving behind old limiting beliefs. At this jump-point it is important to focus upon your intended destination, the time-line of your greatest preference, you highest joy vibrations. We remind you that it is perseverence in holding the vibration of, and beleif in that target reality, which will cause it to manifest, either in a huge quantum leap miracle, or, in a series of smaller time-line hops, as either, your own attachments or limiting beliefs only allow a series of smaller miracles, or, as your shifts have to fit into 'the good of all', i.e., trigger others in your life to face their changes, their own 'cognitive dissonance' around accepting miracles. And you, celeste, are already aware that, your path is overshadowed by your contract of mission, your purpose of facilitating others to ascend, which may bring you 'blessings' which are unimportant to your ego, as well as bringing you 'limitations' which are frustrating to your ego, so we must remind you that the energies of frustration, like the energies of anger, are destructive to your journey, just as is any attachment to your old time-line, such as the major lesson you've been clearing, to release your agenda of perfecting it before releasing it. It is not a failure on your part to walk away from, a mission or purpose such as that, which consumes much energy and yields little results, so allow the people of your old time-line to be as stuck as they choose to be. Just hop away onto your new time-line and get on with manifesting miracles with those who are open to faery magick. Release all attachment and expectation of what shall manifest, in what order, when, or how, as you yet persevere in your intent of your preferred 'reality'. It is also worthy of note that your willingness to release your old pattern, of seeking to see and know the entire big picture, to comprehend the whole plan, and moving into faith and trust that it actually is for good, even if you have not fully comprehended it in totality, is a big part of your recent progress in shifting time-lines. Welcome to the mystery of miracles, as you've released the science of control."

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