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Entries from February 2015.

1st February 2015

All the world is but a mirror,
in which we get to see,
that which we hold dearer;
a reflection of "I be".

2nd February 2015

i continue my MercuryRx review of my extant reality in preparation for my Imbolc planting of new reality seeds. From the pre-2012-12-21 hoopla where it was clear to me there was much illusion around "ascension", to tomril's antidote of providing from the 9th Density angelics level the template of the Angelic crystal faeries 4D-8D Ascension Portal, while i was still facilitating clairvoyance trainings in virtual worlds, resulting in a test run in virtual world of connecting an ascension portal to a group 2013-05-18 Faes of Love, leading to the 2013-06-04 Invocation of 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal for Kaua'i and my resulting rebirthing in preparation to permanent 2013-06-23 4D anchoring of 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal on Kaua'i including moving out of my virtual world role to anchor my crystal faeries reality on Kaua'i, in time to declare 2013-07-03 Kaua'i is now a Sovereign Nation as we accept kuleana to maintain this energetic blessing for the planetary prototype of ascension, 2013-07-04 full activation of crystal faeries 8D through 4D-Kaua'i Independence Day resulting in my making my own quantum leap in the energetic work i share with the world 2013-07-06 New Creations and 2013-07-27 Rebirthing my physical expression of my reality. After that integrated for a while, another quantum leap into the role of 2013-09-14 High Priestess led to 2013-09-17 Changes which only a week later, led to the beginnings of my channelling my spiritual family, the crystal faeries, and my commitment to do so every day since.

Once the Kaua'i ascension portal was stabilized, and grew into a stable network of ascension portals, my focus of attention was brought to developing community in Kilauea, which has progressed nicely except for my own move there being still incomplete, thus obviously, my own abode in Kilauea being a seed awaiting fruition.

OK, having grokked the origins, journey, and destination, i notice that i feel very complete with my old time-line, in fact quite bored with it, very neutral about present reality, and I'd be struggling with ego-based navel contemplation about what i need to be or do differently to accomplish my time-line jump to my new abode, if i hadn't been for months now receiving clear guidance to be patient and be receptive rather than "trying to do". Yep, I'm still working on that ole lesson of patience :-)

3rd February 2015

Since today's full moon comes locally just after the end of the lunch hour, it is best viewed with the third eye, and intent for manifestation during the waning moon done on a belly full of lunch :-)
Perhaps not quite as pretty as the full moon at night, but today looks to be a pretty day with some blue sky and fluffy white clouds, versus the grey rain and cold of the recent days... yay! May i soon find my Kilauea cottage! So mote it be, and so it is, for the good of all!
-- I Am

i continue to pervert my perceptions, warp my wariness, bend my brain, comprehend the controversy, and cognize the conspiracy, as i attempt to be one of the few, who are able to see the truth. We're living in a huge "Monopoly™" game, and the rules of the game are in an alien language. My goal is to get out of the duality game and live in New-Gaia.

4th February 2015

A recent chat revealed the observation by a friend that many people are now so overwhelmed, either by their own processing in progress, or by not knowing how to navigate relating in new ways as a result of their internal changes, that many are "holding back" in relating, staying distant rather than engaging, resulting in less fulfillment in relating, at a time when all the ascension into oneness consciousness might make greater intimacy seem to be the natural consequence, or, is it resistance to that increased intimacy?

Living transcendent beyond the push and pull of negative and positive attachments to duality, with neutrality and no expectations, is both liberating, and at the same time, can make much of "life" as duality consciousness lives it, rather pointless or boring. One might think that if people weren't all caught-up in disagreements and differences over dualism, there could be joy in the beauty of the moment.

5th February 2015

Some days are stranger than others.

6th February 2015

i ache to play my flute. i require to be free to live, in Kilauea, as guided by spirit, in an abode of my own, where i can truly thrive.

7th February 2015

Living without expectations of the outcome of intent, despite persistent intent for the manifestation of one's highest excitement and passion, yet receiving and making one's happiest choices about "that which is" in the now, leaves one living the mystery of the unfolding of the divine plan.

This morning began with one of those "random" miracles one simply cannot overlook. Since it was gifted to me this past summer, I've been wearing a necklace which carried both a crystal and a faery, which the Andromedan Princess had carried for 3 years between it finding her, and her realizing it was, of course, on its way to the crystal faery of Kaua'i. On a number of occasions this arrangement has managed in some way to "undo itself" while i slept. This time, the faery slid from the middle of the chain to instead be held in the clasp at the end of the chain, securely attached to the chain, though the chain was completely open, undone, and had released the crystal, which fell to the floor as i arose. i painted the otherwise plain metal faery pendant with 3 colors of glitter nailpolish, and let her take over the chain all by herself. The crystal i began clearing in preparation to gift it on to a new caretaker. This evening synchronistically became Kapa'a's monthly "art-walk", which i stumbled upon seeking an evening meal, and that led me to Katja at Mineral Amorphia where i found a nice rose-quartz bracelette of 17 spheres, 17 being the number of the Dakini Oracle card "Island of Jewels", signifying the Inner Light of spiritual attainment through an exalted path of occultism, the "Star" of the traditional Tarot. The island of jewels is the Adamantine Body of Light, not bound to the world but above it, a pure transmitter and receiver of celestial influences, which fits perfectly with the name "celeste".

8th February 2015

A faery daydreams of faery life today.

9th February 2015

Synchronicities brought me double triggering today regarding "the secret space program", "the secret time-travel technology" and resulting mess of time-lines, "the secret weather modification technology", and "the secret blah blah blah...", you get the theme here. None of these are secret to me, and I've tracked them for decades. So, to me the interesting thing was the synchronicity of triggering to pay attention, and the resulting focus on "so what changed with all these 'secret' programs?"
Obviously, ascension is rather throwing a "monkey wrench" into the secrecy, and being involved in advanced and higher density ascension energy work, i interact with all of these agendae, in fact, have been very specifically "messed with" consequently.
Some "new-agey" people get to go to fairy-land tra-la-la and their entire reality is all nicely transcendent, whereas i volunteered to come from 8D and to be here to deal with all of this, and to facilitate people from duality to transcendence. My mission keeps calling me to deal with people and "stuff" of duality.
Yes, it would be very nice to go to Faery reality and stay solidly there!
It is so time for me to move to Kilauea and focus on playing my flute, instead of dealing with all the duality of lower densities.
Which reminds me that when the Andromedan Princess was visiting, the one and only card i pulled from her Tarot-ish deck was "The Pied Piper" :-)
I'll get all the time-lines i caretake sorted out overnight in dreamspace.

10th February 2015

It seems that with greater clarity and higher awareness, there is a correspondingly greater simplicity, and consequently, a greater focus, upon that or those which are true priorities, true will, authentic intent, essential purpose, hearts joy.

11th February 2015

Good morning. Wow... we must be stationing direct with Mercury... and having the last gasp of influences of MercuryRx MercuryRx interfering with communications... lots of internet connectivity issues this morning. Yay! Let's move forward now!

12th February 2015

Is it Thor's Day already? I've been streaming in no-time. Energies have been intense and weird, confirmed by others thousands of miles away... time to jump out of time to a new time-line. Well, let's see what today presents, then blog the lessons later today...

13th February 2015

i dunno about the rest of you, but I'm feeling different since Mercury stationed direct, but maybe its just the phereomones in the air what with V-Day pending tomorrow.

Today synchronistically brought to me via my queue, The Dark Crystal.

14th February 2015
[Be My Secret Valentine?]

Unconditional love for all :-)

Faery blessings -- celeste

15th February 2015

i am continuing to contemplate some very useful "feedback". For each of us, we learn much by looking in the mirrors; the still pond or glass mirror reflecting our embodiment, our relationships reflecting our level of alignment with unconditional love, and direct feedback when requested from others, as to their perspective of us. It has been enlightening to contemplate the ways in which i am seem to be both quirky and fun as i proceed to create a whole new kind of manifestation based on having come from a completely different reality. The perspective that i am at times and for some foci intensely emotional, is the trigger I'm working with most deeply to expose and release any negativity. Perhaps this is merely today's iteration of traditional "shadow work". Overall, this results mostly in a new level of intent to be aware of what i am most strongly emotional about, and to ensure that any of those i choose to keep are positive. The strongest lesson i have derived from my journey is that there is much repression to "shake off", which has come in the form of programming from other embodiments, limitations to make me fit in with the people, rather than to be free to fully express an alive faery soul.

17th February 2015

Oh my, another day already!
Faery girl brews a mug of yerba mate...
i am so ready to complete my move to my new time-line as a feminine flirty flutey faery in Kilauea.

18th February 2015

"No news is good news"?
Pretty much, yes... we crystal faeries continue to hold stable our ascension portal for Kaua'i, and our synergy ball for Kilauea, fulfilling our mission as gatekeeprs and cocreators of New-Gaia.

19th February 2015

Our day begins gently with grey sky...

20th February 2015

"Now is the time for artistic development and cultivation of beauty."
-- Mystic Mamma.
i have so been feeling this energy!

Recently my 3D-capable laptop refused to work for days, but today is resurrected from the dead :-)
Reality continues to become more "strange" as we jostle through our time-nodes on our journey into New-Gaia.

21st February 2015

Today i was triggered to do some deep shadow work, clearing all "buying into" any invalidation by or from other beings, thus by mirroring, any self invalidation which they could trigger. Remembering that nothing of the external world is real, this was a matter of restructuring my interpretation and perception of all experience to be validating, rather than misinterpreted as there being any invalidation.

22nd February 2015
[Stairway to Heaven]

i have been commanded to be fully responsible for Kaua'i sovereign space (200 mile radius around Kaua'i) and for nothing else on the planet, other than the network of 8D ascension portals being copied (open source) from the one i made for Kaua'i and all getting networked together, and now even out of the Milky Way galaxy to other starsystems from which so many starseeds have come here to incarnate and participate in goddess awakening.

This is known as The Garden Island, and we crystal faeries have restored the Lemurian template of Consciousness from before the fall, so we are committed to the ascension of New-Kaua'i.

Because ascended New-Gaia will be one of no secrets, where everyone is conscious of everyone else's consciousness, and have access to the akashic records, we can release all illusions of privacy or secrecy, and just get on with sharing love openly.

While there is so very much changing with ascending reality, ascended reality, portals, and templates remain quite stable, yet the energetic activations arriving through our ascension portals are indeed triggering great shifts for those in tune with them, while so many (2/3 of) beings around us remain (not so) peacefully oblivious in their old duality. Perhaps what I'm noticing most today is that some are still very caught in the duality of us versus them, or good versus bad, and that the challenge is to be in unconditional love, which is not the same as merging reality with incompatible beings or choices. Some realities are just mutually exclusive, and therefore discernment of appropriate energy boundaries remains important, at least for us gate-keepers and portal-keepers and way-showers, who live mostly in the unity consciousness but work with those reaching to ascend.

Today i was able to embrace my last remnant of mistrust, left over from the light-worker's journey of Djedi Warrior, ever vigilant for the deception, illusion, subtle influence, of dark energies, agendae, or entities, necessary to confront and be liberated from, in the mission of averting the negative outcome time-lines, the armageddon destruction of Gaia and Humanity, in order to anchor the positive time-lines of ascension to Gaia. With my new level of trust and certainty, i was finally able to fully accept that my misssion is complete, and with that, to release myself from my vow of commitment to the embodiment, time-lines, realities, of rescuing Gaia, and in so doing, to finally liberate myself from having to be in the reality to anchor its manifestation for the collective reality, and from having to be here for any particular other entities, having completed the anchoring of the ishnaa / Crystal-Faeries, and with that, completing my caretaking of my family from tomril. With that final release of my old time-line, I beleive i am finally free to jump to my new time-line reality.

23rd February 2015

As we are confronted with the changes triggered by the process of ascension, the only possible outcome is that all of who we are comes into alignment with our authentic self, our "higher-self", our spiritual essence. The soul is that part of the higher self which entered the heart chakras' "gold room", the one place inside the physical body of no-time and no-space, the "seat of the soul". Any disagreement between the soul and the higher self is an adventure in spiritual learning, and is one of mutual growth, for the higher self incarnated to learn and grow via the souls' experience, while also offering "spiritual guidance" to the soul to guide its' incarnate journey. The soul is the incarnate self dealing directly with this incarnation, and may have experience of other "past" lives, while the higher-self is most probably going to have multiple "past" lives of experience to draw upon; however, those past lives are often in completely different realities, perhaps on other planets in other body types, and therefore, what the higher self knows to be "true" or "best" may be an anti-truth for the present souls' embodiment, i.e. may be negative "guidance", i.e. is a situation where the higher-self itself is the one required to "grow" and "change" to accomodate new facts, new reality, new experience, i.e. to integrate the benefits of the incarnation it precipitated to grow from, it must grow from souls' experience.

As if the disagreement of "reality" and "will" between higher-self and soul were not complicated enough, we also develop the ego-personality, with its version of "truth" and "reality", and its own will. These are often survival strategies developed in childhood under the tutelage of the lower 3 chakras needs-fullfillment and reptilian-survival-instinct. In my decades of work as a clairvoyant healer, i am often amazed at the cleverness of the ego to find a way to survive and protect itself, in the most dysfunctional and abusive of environments, usually that of a dependent child trying to survive the dysfunctions of its own parents. By the time i get a chance to counsel the being, they are usually struggling to survive in a completely different reality, as an adult, where those perfectly designed childhood strategies are now the most dysfunctional possible responses to present reality. It is often the case that the ego will not give up on its favorite survial strategies until they fail utterly and actually threaten the organism with death, if they will not make a new and different choice about their present circumstances.

As the ascension process brings to light all misalignment between soul, ego-personality, and higher-self, it triggers the final contrast between higher and lower will, the final release of attachment to choices within duality, as ascension into non-dual reality requires release of all polarity. Now, if this is all going on within the context of a reality based in duality, e.g. your typical heterosexual mated relationship, or is being expressed in a new relationship chosen by the higher selves to be appropriate, rather than chosen by the lower ego-personality selves, it will trigger possibly intense contrast between the partners, particularly at the ego-personality level, even the soul level, and occasionally or with split will higher-self, even at the higher-self level, resulting in great conflict, even psywar (psychic warfare).

In my earlier years, i was a young and foolish padawan, a young and eager Djedi Warrior fighting for the right and the light, and willing to jump into contrast to defend someone against any attacking entity, and while this certainly honed my skills, i have graduated from light-warrior, through the role of frequency-keeper, and am now settling into the role of Faery Magician and Faery Musician. So it is with many changes in life, we are often gifted with "final exams" where we are given opportunities to respond in old ways, old patterns, old realities, to stay on old-timelines. And so today i have been blessed (again) with a call to play Djedi Warrior, whereby in counselling both parties of a couple, each is asking me in session to defend them against the intrusion into their crown chakras by their "partner" (frenemy?), and i pointed out that yes i could remove their partner from their crown chakra, (thereby incurring their partner's wrath and a psychic attack transferred from them to me), and that i used to be young and foolish enough to do so, but that as soon as i end the session they're likey to just wind up with the same problem again, and that they needed to make some fundamentally different choices in themselves, or between them, to produce any lasting peace. Fundamental in our reality created by our choice is whether we have chosen to be completely self responsible reality creators.

So, as always, using myself as a teaching example, my remaining attachment to duality is to polarized expression in female and feminine form, both my soul truth, and my ego-personality attachment, and as my own teacher taught us, one of the most challenging of issues is to sort through where you have perfect alignment between some truth, and some ego-attachment which agrees with that truth... so having survived today's temptation to play Djedi Warrior and save from their self-created enemies those who seek my ministry, (which sometimes are diseases within one's own body), i continue to play the mirror game and ask: "What inside me is this a mirror of, that i may see and clear / heal my version of it?"; and so i complete this phase of blogging and go meditate.

While i found my own peace and alignment, the world continued to bring to me those working to find their alignment. Relationships continue to be the focus, as people are either overwhelmed in, or floating on top of the changes, being triggered by the ascension activation energies, and by my readiness to completely leave the reality in which people have access to my olde skills as healer. Only my desires to dance the mating game in duality, for play and for joy, hold any attraction for 4D-. Otherwise I'm living in New-Gaia as Faery Magician/Musican. It's time to celebrate as a peaceful woman upon the land.

24th February 2015

Awaking to gentle flow and peaceful alignment, catching up with cyberworld and psyworld, soon it is time to catch up with physical world.

Without paying attention to changes in our environment, we might not notice our local reefs are dying.

25th February 2015

Good morning, and blessings of tranquil satisfaction.

During the past couple days I've been visited by a group of local Faeries, who are working with me towards the manifestation of my new domicil in Kilauea. Today they guided me to visit Kilauea.

26th February 2015

Reflecting upon an incidental comment by Doug yesterday, that i looked "fit", i recall that in my travels around Kaua'i, i often observe those who really stand out in a crowd, the people on the bus who take up two seats, or seem to have an extra body out in front of them, cases of extreme obesity, or, just cases of basic obesity, people who obviously have a problem but are failing to deal with it. As a land beset with tourists, many of these cases are transients, but we also have our own locals with this problem, and, most noticeably prevalent, are the kanaka maoli, who have abandoned their traditional diet and are not faring well with all the crap marketed by the U.S., even if it's all grown in China. Along with the overt obesity, we also know that less observable is the problem of diabetes, another disease usually created by bad diet.

Don't get me wrong, i too have my moments of having waited too long between "meals" when out of sheer hunger i will "wolf down" my food barely pausing to chew it, much less chewing it thoroughly the recommended minimum of 50+ times per mouthfull, but i at least have the awareness to slow down as i go and chew more, that i may better digest my meal. i can also chew deliciously slowly savoring my food as a very sensuous experience. As a clairvoyant, i often observe our U.S. tourists who are obviously obese, to choose the most obese-producing items on a menu, unconsciously and addictively consuming what is worst for their health, but hey, they're "on vacation", so it is the time to over-indluge, isn't it? And who would dare advise them otherwise than to keep spending their tourist dollars?
Ummm... where was i going with all of this?

With a cluster of postings recently about physical health and diet, we could summarize that a big factor in our overall fitness is oral. This is a combination of what we put into our mouths, and what comes out of our mouths. we create our reality by thought, word, and deed. Our thoughtforms and what we mirror thereby in our speaking of our truth, are big factors in our creation of our overall health. i have very clearly chosen a model of life which is that i shall be running "full steam" until it's my time to leave this realm. i do not entertain the concepts of "aging", "disease", or "disability". What activities i choose to be (pre-)occupied with may be changing over time, but a key is that i have not been employed since 1991, i do not go to "work", though i maintain an active practice of being always "on call" to provide clairvoyant counseling. i am not unhappy with activities i wish i wasn't "having to do", and i don't need to escape those by "going on vacation". Perhaps that is the lesson I'm seeking to share today... the lifestyle of living one's authentic truth, where one's creativity and living has integrated with it, the principle of "service-to-others", but not in an unhappy sacrificial way. Thus i feel in balance, in my giving and receiving, and therefore am not overconsuming to feel balanced, as is the case with those evidencing obesity. Health and fitness are a matter of balance and harmony. We are each unique in the factors we prioritize, but we need to find our own unique balance of all of those. May you gracefully find your authentic balance, and thereby your own health and fitness.

27th February 2015

Whooooo... lots of good healing going on today, and a busy day for counseling...
time for a break for a late lunch, blog later.

28th February 2015

Limahuli valley summons me... but my journey was redirected to Kilauea, where i felt appropriate, and "accidentally" synchronized without knowing or plans, into the monthly Kilauea artwalk event... where fun connections ensued with faery magick.

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