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26th December 2013

celeste asks for clarification of her expressions here, tomril's expressions here, the crystal faeries expressions here, our purpose, contract, and relationship with source ( the one that is all that is ). Especially enlighten us as to anything that's changed since our previous writings about such, and any related subjects.
"The expression of pure source energies through our crystal faeries collective is one of the many angelic realms participating in the transmutation of the [mankind] template for a divine being manifest in all realms. Our role is based upon our unique experience in the tomril universe, as refined and adapted to the Milky Way Galaxy via our ishnaan expression, and now being manifest via the 8D angelics Crystal Faries ascension portals, and continuing to blossom into a network of portals offering an alternative path of ascension. tomril is our manifest expression on Kaua'i via the celeste:crystalfaery embodiment. We have committed to be of service in this as have many star-seed light+love workers. We have passed the stage of clearing the path for these ascension portal energetics as of the 2012-12-21 gateway, and are now focussed upon the raising of potential via the DNA codon activations via the 8D energetics tomril+celeste have been trained to channel. Our inspiration is the fulfillment of essence expression, which each entity is meant to be, in the divine plan."

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