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Entries from January 2015.

1st January 2015

We bless all of Kaua'i with the Cosmic Gold and Silver light of source.

We observed a quantum leap with the change of calendar year, an energetic initiation from our angelic friends of 9D.

2nd January 2015

We are integrating New-Gaia ascension code activation energies into Kaua'i's energy grid.

3rd January 2015

We are exercising discernment, concluding much investigation, triggered by a variety of external sources, brought to our attention by beings of generally positive intent. While we do link to specific information, even an article or video we reference, we do not necessarily wholy agree with, nor do we endorse its source in general. Objective reality does not exist, so merely remembering that we each create our own reality, allows that each beleived reality is valid for those who chose it, so it is rather impossible to deny anything as being true (in some reality). As our reality is passing through very chaotic time-nodes, "reality" has become quite unstable. Discernment becomes important in directing one's own time-line into alignment with Gaia.

4th January 2015

i am experiencing great release on the physical level, as energy releases in higher realms over recent days propagate down into the physical body.

5th January 2015

Gentleness, delicate sensitivity, refined tastes, subtle perception, deep awareness, high vibrations, a deep knowing of oneness, love, and appreciation for all expressions of natural life, beyond duality, these are some of the basics of New-Gaia.

6th January 2015

It is time to harvest the manifestation of a new time-line, in Kilauea.

7th January 2015

Exercises in being unattached and without expectations flourish!

8th January 2015

Curiouser and curiouser, we sort through illusions, to arrive at the authenticity, of our own selves, and of Gaia.

9th January 2015

What little old growth forest we have on The Garden Isle is a priceless biome it is our kuleana to preserve. Our problems with pollution and waste dumps, can be facilitated organically, but won't be, unless we are educated enough to demand that licenses to operate here are granted only to those who prioritize living biological solutions rather than the use of death technologies.
Paul Stamets - The Future is Fungi - how to save the planet
Probably one of the most interesting 1.5 hour science related lectures you will ever watch. Packed with all sorts of invaluable information.

10th January 2015

Ancient Knowledge includes a visit to Edward Leedskalnin's Coral Castle, wherein he demonstrated the ancient illuminati (hidden) masonic knowledge of free energy, antigravity, and how to levitate massive stones to build the pyramids.

11th January 2015

i know of nothing more precious than peace. Energetically, that is energy in balance, at rest. Calm quiet, is essential for health. As the week long influx of activations completes, we find a new perspective, through having accepted them, whereas those resisting the changes are struggling in intensity, for we must align with true self, whose nature is unconditional love. Many relationships are strained as new blance between and yin and yang manifest.

12th January 2015

Facilitating others in releasing their programming of limitation flows gracefully for me. Overcoming limitations of programming is the flow of Linux™.

13th January 2015

The path of service to the divine plan often leaves the ego-personality bewildered as to why it is called-upon to be and do within certain circumstances, because the purpose is not from its own level, thus only the higher self spiritual essence comprehends its purpose of expression.

14th January 2015

Clues of sacred geometric patterns being manifest, angels in bodies working with energy grids of light, faeries of crystals encoding akashic information, converge to produce great support for ascension of consciousness. Sometimes it's just easier to leave the Cerberus sleeping.

15th January 2015

It is my will to be left alone (by psychopaths masquerading as "government"), to live my private life in peace.

16th January 2015

Release of illusion and acceptance of self is the theme today.

Today on the Kaua'i Bus i was blessed to sit with a visiting midwife. She mentioned that the laws in the different united States of America were different in their requirements of licensing of midwives, to which i could only respond the truth i know, that all such restrictions apply only to citizens, a concept which was completely foreign to her, and that naturally led to my mentioning the difference between registering a birth (corporate enslavement of the child) versus not registering their birth leaving the child free upon the land.

17th January 2015

i have completed my release of my past kuleana for Kapa'a. i am ready to move to my new kuleana of Kilauea.

We seem to be in a lull period again.

18th January 2015

Manifestation via alignment to higher energies is the flow of the now!

Meanwhile, coming in just two days short of the anniversary of my last relocation, i re-entered virtual worlds to make sure i kept my avatars.

19th January 2015

Energy activations are producing intense results in many individuals, and in some cases relationships are reaching the breaking point as disharmony between old and new realities, between desynchronizing beings, emphasizes differences, as each is struggling to release their own individuality / ego-personality on the path to becoming only the manifestation of their own authentic self (higher self), the only self of the ascended reality.

As we change lunations, it is time to powerfully set intent... such as mine to locate my abode in Kilauea.

20th January 2015

We are in times of profound change. As today we begin a new lunar cycle, may our attention review the previous one.

We are dealing with a fork in the road, a divergence of time-lines / parallel-realities. We are in (per the Hathors) an intense time of time-node (crossings of time-lines, intersections of parallel realities), and thus there are both instabilities, and great opportunities to make quantum leaps to alternate realities, a wonderful "crisis" of opportunities from which to choose.

Meanwhile, I'm on my path... which leads to a version of Gaia, (there are as many versions as we can imagine), where I'm a beautiful faery goddess in an idyllic Gaia where plants grow and ripen fruits simply because we desire them, where everyone is clairvoyant and tele-mental and we don't need "tech". May you easily find your preferred reality, and be blessed with much joy!

21st January 2015

With the new moon comes new reality... Yay!
...and... a revisiting of earlier wisdom of living technologies, relevant to our rebuilding our world into Gaia. By the Nuemberg Treaty, i do not consent to the presence of "cell phone towers" which provide cellular service on East or North shores of Kaua'i, nor U.S. Military Radar installations anywhere on Kaua'i.

i restate that my kuleana is transcendent Kaua'i Sovereign Space (200 miles out from our shores, 200 miles up into space, and 200 miles below the ocean surface), and nowhere else, except ishnaa and our 8D portal network in the Milky Way galaxy, and the link to, and reality of, my original universe, tomril. As an incarnate being, my primary focus is Kilauea, Kaua'i. Within Kaua'i, my focus is to be a pretty giggly faery flutist.

22nd January 2015

Yay... signs of new quantum of faery magick and cocreation!

23rd January 2015

Wooo! Information overload! Much sorting to do, discerning truths from obsolete realities.

24th January 2015

We all "know" by now that we empower that upon which we focus. Does that mean that denial is a good thing? Avoidance? Turn a "blind eye"? For the 13th year in a row, i decline to participate in Kaua'i's "Health & Wellness" exposition in Kaua'i's War Memorial.

25th January 2015

Congruence is the subject du jour. This concept is also known as character when referring to the manifestation of a soul. Many of us have heard of this as: "Walk your Talk and Talk your Walk". Yesterday i broached this issue with respect to Kaua'i's "Health and Wellness Exposition" being carried out for the 13th consecutive year in Kaua'i's War Memorial building. When the name and purpose of the building is changed to "Kaua'i Peace Memorial" I'll be impressed, and beleive in the congruence of all those who participate in the "Expo".

Today i received an e-mail from an olde friend, which, first of all, violated one of my principles: it took a political position, and was distributed to multiple people so that recipients saw each other's e-mail addresses, thereby creating an association between each of us recipients and the political agenda. Because in the extant world's "legal" practice, "silence constitutes consent / agreement", i was compelled to protest to the entire distribution list that i was not in support of the political agenda I'd been associated with without my knowledge or consent.

26th January 2015

Mercury Rx has brought a cybervisit with olde friends with whome I've journeyed on the road of awakening, yay! Good to confirm we're all still growing consciousness.

27th January 2015

As we review our thoughts, words, and deeds, (by which we create our own reality), in the light of convergence upon congruence, (the issue I've raised in recent days), either by introspection, or by viewing our reflections, either in the glass mirror in the physical world, or in the mirroring of our relationships with other beings, we can see where we are in alignment with our authentic self, or where incongruence requires our attention to integration.

The pattern i am noticing in relating with others, since we entered the current Mercury Rx cycle, is a matter of focus of attention, with mindfulness to the knowing that, we empower that upon which we focus our attention. One of those forms of attention is resistance or denial or avoidance. i consider it worth a certain amount of attention to a problem, to the extent that i can identify by contrast the positive alternative, and then invest my attention into that solution / creation. The negative alternative is only worthy of enough attention to clearly identify what about it is incongruent with my own essence. Having reached neutrality about such reality, i can then move on to ignore it, (versus deny having a non-neutral charge about it), and focus upon creation of appropriate energies and realities.

As i have worked for decades in the role of "healer", i am quite accustomed to people bringing to me their "problems", and guiding them to release their attachment to having those, and guiding them to a focus upon creating or allowing a positive alternative. However, in some cases, fully facing the cause of some problems, (always some underlaying choice the individual has made), produces enough cognitive or emotional dissonance, as previously denied energies are brought to the surface, that they are unwilling to even contemplate the necessary changes, or they then become stuck on a conflictory/contradictory will, e.g. where they are unwilling to release a "pay-off" benefit they are getting from persisting in the choice which also produces "the problem" of which they wish to be relieved. Often, the pay-off which an individual is unwilling to release, is the righteous end of a blame-game... avoiding self responsiblity as the creator of their reality, and persisting in pointing not only their own, but also other people's attention to, some other being(s) (or their behaviours), as "the cause of some problem", affecting either their self, or many or all of "us".

As i have been contemplating my own role in these shared reality cocreations, i am finding that i am going to have to release my acquiescence to letting others direct the focus of my attention, or to validating the "reality" they are presenting, regardless how "real" they are attached to it being, and no matter how much i wish to validate them as my expression of loving them, it is quite simply a failure of my own self love, to allow them to direct my attention into either focussing upon, or validating as real for me, some negative "reality", unless, until, and iff they choose to hire me as their "healer" to do so.

Years ago i had a friend make the observation: "It must be really painful to realize that most of the people in your life who call themselves your friends, are not with you for who you are, but for what you can do for them, (i.e. for free clairvoyant readings and healings).", to which i could only reply: "Yes.". As a consequence of that being brought to the foreground of my attention, i reviewed all my "friendships", and chose to change my boundaries, between "friendship" and "healing work for hire". While i am again seeing a slight adjustment of similar nature now required with a few relationships, i am far more seeing the necessity of, (once again), setting clearer boundaries between my participation with those beings engaged with the dualities and dichotomies of duality, versus engaging appropriately with New-Gaia reality. Once again i am finding that i have been seduced by my own compassion for others, into engaging their self created and self chosen 4D- problems. i remain willing to do so as part of my facilitating them to "heal" as paid work, (though they may insist upon such modality, i can be far more helpful if they allow me to do my 8D energetic work for ascension activation). However, for any and all relationships of appropriate friendship, the primary focus has to be this: "Within 5D+ New-Gaia reality, what shall we cocreate now?"

28th January 2015

May we all in the now cognize we are all one; that the good of the whole depends on the good of the individual, as the good of the individual depends on the good of the whole. Unconditional love is our essence, nature, and way of pono.

29th January 2015

Where does the time go? Poof!
It is fun to be so in the flow of the now, that i don't notice time passing. Yay!

30th January 2015

So far, the lesson du jour is, that perspective is irrelevant, only connecting hearts in unconditional love is real.
Then, what of sharing body reality?
Follow ones' passion.

31st January 2015

Everything is appropriate, energies are balanced and at rest, peace and calm grace the flow of the now, our 8D ascension portals are stable, and consciousness is fully present. Each being is in the parallel-reality of their choosing, including their level of consciousness and mastery expressed via that "reality". One might think, therefore, that each being would be fully in bliss, and we might wonder why if they are not. In every moment we have the power of choice. What shall we cocreate in this now?

As we approach Imbolc in Mercury Retrograde, it is the time of review and release of old realities, and planting of seeds for new time-lines and realities.

Faery Blessings

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