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1st May 2015

May Day is Lei Day in Hawai'i :-)

2nd May 2015

Forgiveness is the key du jour.

3rd May 2015

Good morning... calm, mild, gentle, uplifting energies greet we.

[fairy on table with flower vase]

Image is superficial, but we're genetically wired to prefer it.

3rd May 2015

Another day of productive flow in the now moment, creative juices flowing, all energies feeling supportive... blessings of surrender to higher guidance and wholistic living.

5th May 2015

Faery girl giggles... barely awake this morning, was a long night of multidimensionality, and awoke mumbling "in tongue(s)" which my mind doesn't comprehend. Several interruptions throughout the night, instances of the telephone ringing one ring, or someone calling my name out loud, which was not physical, though my body awoke to respond as if it was. Facilitating another teacher with how to manage astral classes, which allow us some peace and quiet, while still answering questions in dreamspace. "Returning" to collective reality of Gaia my landlord's wireless access point was, (as frequently), catatonic, so after reboot and reconnect, and updating software on laptops, and some freshly brewed yerba mate, and with latest security vodcast in background, and a brief diversion into more / new information about free energy technology, with slightly glazed-over eyes, i begin my blogging day wondering how can i put my dreamspace into English words?

6th May 2015
[Digital Restrictions Management Free]

Today is the annual day of rememberance to support freedom of information, data, and media, as we are all one whologram, and we all benefit from the positive synergy of unrestricted sharing.
i shall not purchase any DRM encumbered media nor technologies, which means most e-books, and all "Blue-Ray" media.

Next, we offer a synchronistically arrived counter-example:

+------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Feed: [1]Tux Machines | | Item: [2]Proprietary OOXML document format makes you more vulnerable | | to attacks | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Using the proprietary OOXML document format, i.e. docx, pptx and xlsx, makes you more vulnerable to phishing and other attacks. Earlier this month, the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro published a blog post describing how the attack group "Operation Pawn Storm" uses spear-phishing mail messages with malicious Office documents to target the military, governments, defense industries and the media. Four years ago, Thomas Caspers and Oliver Zendel from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) already presented research results stating that most spear-phishing attacks targeting specific persons or a small group of victims are using "launch actions" in Office and PDF documents to have their malicious code executed. [3]Read more [4]read more -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date:   Wed May 06 07:03:42 -1000 2015 Author:   Rianne Schestowitz Filed under:   LibO, Security, OOo References: Visible links:

  3. Read the rest of this article


It is not just necessary to have media files be free, but all of the data and infrastructure:

+------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Feed: [1]MaidSafe | | Item: [2]Net Neutrality and the SAFE Network | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Per Wikipedia, “Network Neutrality” is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Essentially, the concept calls for a level playing field for all users, whether they be individuals or providers of high-bandwidth services like Netflix, HBO, etc., or whoever. From an egalitarian perspective, the answer as to whether net neutrality is a good idea or not is easy: of course, it is good. From the perspectives of companies which wish to provide high-bandwidth services, as well as the customers who are willing to pay extra to receive those services in the best possible quality, the answer is not so clear. Why, for instance, can’t such services as Netflix, and thus the customers who use them, pay more so that high-access-streaming channels can be built up, taking traffic off of the other lines, thus being better for everyone? Whether this is a legitimate characterization of the argument or whether that’s how it would work out in the real world, one can see that the subject is a little more complicated than the simple idea of equal treatment. And it’s a lot more complex than that, even on a technical level. Throw in the power (and corruptibility) of government agents, the obligation of service providers to make a profit for their shareholders and thus purchase government agents to gain advantage, the carelessness of the general population to pay attention and judge a complex issue, and all the other factors in the mix, and we’re left with a frustrating mess that seems to have no solution. i, myself, can and have argued the matter from both sides with equal passion. But what if we take a few steps back and look at the assumptions which might be making all this truly unresolvable based on the current debate? Let’s try. Let’s start by going all the way back, to consider what the nature of a truly neutral medium would have to be. Put in somewhat simpler terms, let’s look at net neutrality as the effort to arrive at a truly neutral medium, in which no one is discriminated against BY THE MEDIUM ITSELF based on the quality or quantity of the communication they wish to engage in. To get an idea of what i mean by this, let’s draw a comparison to another vital medium through which much communication travels, with which we all have vast experience, and which is a truly neutral medium: air. You and i can stand across from each other and say whatever we like, be it loving or vile, and the air does not care. The air dutifully does it’s job of passing the sounds along from place to place. i can shout to a vast audience, or equally from a lonely mountaintop in a vain (or not) attempt to be heard by the gods: it’s all the same to the air. i can throw flowers or paper airplanes or bullets and the air can have no moral judgement as to which should pass and which should be stopped. There are only the physical dynamics of the different objects, velocities, temperatures, etc., which determine the flight of each. The air does not have the ability to say, “The flowers are good, so they should have easy passage, but the bullets will only be passed on slowly and reluctantly, if at all.” Now, if you insult me deeply using the air as a medium, i may decide to retaliate with a blow to discourage you from doing so again. The air will discriminate towards my response only based upon whether my hand is open or closed, the slap coming slightly more slowly because of the difference in air resistance. If you insult me from cover, disguising your voice, I’ll have a harder time discouraging you, but the air doesn’t know or care. The air does not discriminate as to who breaths it. Saints and sinners, people of peace and war, good intentions and bad, all breath it with equal ease, depending upon their capacity. Perhaps you get my point by now. In our current society what we commonly refer to as “the Media” is not such a neutral scene. It is common knowledge that news organizations have had a stranglehold on the dissemination of “news” and have used it for decades, in conjunction with government and corporate interests, to color the view of the world for populations at large—i.e., propaganda. This is basically because the means of communication have been very centralized and subject to control. Radio waves are neutral media, but access to them by the general population has been limited by both technology and (more profoundly) centralized political and economic force. The Internet, as it has come into use, has served as a much more neutral medium. Currently, legacy news and propaganda channels are dying the slow death, as upstart bloggers and videographers apply “death of a million cuts,” exposing their biases and agendas, and delivering information that users find more relevant to themselves and more truthful. Politicians and others in positions of power are losing ground as the power has shifted toward individuals, who can more easily determine when they are being lied to. But the current structure of the Internet, while better in many ways than anything which has existed before, does not make for a truly neutral medium. Actually, while it makes the shift toward individual freedom of expression much more accessible, it also exposes the individual to liabilities which have never been faced before in all of human history. Exercise of the apparent freedoms comes at the expense of privacy and security of the individual, which ultimately undermines the very freedoms which are apparently being gained. Predictive technologies based upon all the data gathered on individuals and groups make the possibilities of social manipulation and control ever more possible by fewer and fewer individuals. One doesn’t have to look further than the vast revelations which have been made in the last two years by way of Edward Snowden’s disclosures (whether you gauge them heroic or sinister) to appreciate the velvet glove and iron fist with which the surveillance corpse-oration/state is enclosing the broad population. There is an apparency of great freedom. But at what cost and how true is that freedom? (I’m reminded of the great cultural revolution in China, in which Mao said “Let a thousand flowers bloom.” Dissidence and counter-revolution were, for a time, encouraged. Then, once the the trouble spots were identified, millions lost their lives. I’m not suggesting that this is necessarily the course of western civilization, but there is a very large history lesson here to be considered.) So, let’s look back now on the concept of net neutrality. Is net neutrality even remotely possible with the current structure of the Internet? Are we dealing with any sort of neutral medium? I’d have to say no. Therefore, all the social uproar and political action to get agencies and companies to play nice is of little if any use. Bitcoin and a number of other decentralizing technologies show some hope, but I’d have to say that they are well behind the curve and are likely to be of only marginal utility in securing greater actual freedom for individuals. Enter the SAFE Network. Now, i could easily, and justly, be accused of being fanciful on this score, since the SAFE Network is yet to go live and prove itself. But I can’t help myself. The promise is too great and the vision too clear to let these things sit. The more people who see the vision and help bring it to fruition, the better. Even if we fail. So, before we examine the SAFE Network, let’s look back at the concept of a neutral medium and examine what the elements of a neutral data storage and communication network would have to be. 1. Secure by default. Anyone who accessed it would be able to do so without compromising their financial or data security. This means that individuals would also have complete personal responsibility for their personal and financial data. Sharing it would be an explicit choice. 2. Privacy by default. Anyone accessing the network would be able to have confidence that whatever they did on the network would be completely private, by default. Any choice to share any private data, even their identity, would be an explicit choice. The exposure of private data shared with another person or group would be limited to the worthiness of the trust placed in those receiving that data. Ideally, there would be capabilities of proving valid identifiers cryptographically without having to share actual identity details, unless necessary or desired. 3. Broad access. It could be freely accessed by individuals with very little technical barrier, and no one could deny use of the network if the individual could pass those technical barriers (i.e., a computing device and internet access). 4. Morally neutral. The network could not be subject to central control as to who uses it or the content of the communications, or data stored or retrieved. (Parallel to the air analogy.) The network would handle all of its standard functions of passing and storing data particles with no means of distinguishing amongst them, except to know what to do with them. This would require that the network be composed of nodes provided by users on the assumption that to have the sort of network desired, it is necessary to supply resources to the network to accomplish its purpose, rather than trying to control it. 5. Resistant to compromise. If compromised, no node in the network would be able to adversely affect the operation of the network at large. If it were compromised, it could reveal no useful information about the network itself or its users. 6. Scalable. Heavy demand for particular services or items would not require the building of separate centralized infrastructure, or use of methods which could discriminate for or against certain traffic. In other words, for a website or video or service which is in high demand, the network would simply deliver it up faster, the more demand there was, and then return to more usual handling when demand slacked. I’m sure there are other attributes which could fit in this picture of a factually neutral Internet structure, but that’s probably enough to make the point. These characteristics, and many more, actually ARE characteristics of the SAFE Network as it has been designed and proven-out over the last nine years by the folks at Maidsafe. Will it work as the design and tests so far promise it will? Will it fulfill the promise perceived by supporters like me? Will it, in fact, be a truly neutral medium, where “net neutrality” can actually exist? we will soon see. This article was reposted with the permission of author John Ferguson. The original can be found on his site [3]The Crossroad of Project SAFE. [4][IMG] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date:   Wed May 06 13:57:10 -1000 2015 Author:   NickLambert Filed under:   General, Personal Opinion, Edward Snowden, Net Neutrality, SAFE network References: Visible links:


Today brought a long awaited shift of energies, resulting in my adding a new key to my key-ring, for a very funky studio apartment in Kilauea, which is minimally funk-tional, and located in the neighborhood, to which I've been receiving spiritual guidance to move, since 2014-08. i have a ley-line to babysit, and a whole new reality to launch. Blessed be.

7th May 2015

We are quite exhausted today due to lack of sleep, as many beings sensing our energetic shift chose to telephone interrupting our sleep, without necessarily comprehending why they were motivated to call, but it all tracing back to their dependency upon our energetics, now shifting by quanta, they are not necessarily ready to shift with.

8th May 2015

Comfortable flow of life-stream.

Out in the world today, i received the comment that i was positively glowing.

9th May 2015

i was aware of much reality shifting as i went to sleep, as i am energetically shifting to my new abode and time-line, even though bodily move is still in progress for a few days.

10th May 2015

Happy mother's day!
As today's crystal faeries blessing for Gaia-an Humanity, we are doing healing work multi-dimensionally with both energy grids and crystal nests, to restore to the original divine-plan the patterns of incarnational manifestation, so that incoming incarnating souls may arrive in alignment with their own higher-self, into their new bodies, via the protection of the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals.

Interesting commentary on the difference in consciousness between the hyper-conscious children now appearing on Gaia, and the limited-consciousness of those adults around them, who are lost in the illusion that they know more or know better.

As the day proceeds and i settle more into transcendent consciousness, releasing engagement with duality, there is only completely peaceful balance of energies in the now, and a very quiet joy of feeling the fullfillment of hopping time-lines, shifting between parallel-realities. i realize complete neutrality about both the reality being left behind, and the arriving reality. There is neither push nor pull, aversion nor attachment. There is only a deeply calm knowing of appropriateness, now aligned into manifestation. i enjoy the grace of this flow.

We have observed that some are creating major "reboots" of their lives, though the ego may not be willing to let go of the old life, (that being exactly why the forced "quantum leap" out of the ability to persist the old reality), so that though the ego persists in trying to analyze the new situation from its old paradigm pre-quantum leap, the support of the new reality goes largely unheeded, until the ego can let go of the old reality.

For my ego-personality, "Mother's Day" was celebrated as a private honoring in appreciation for the gift of love via mothering, by the departed woman who cocreated the body which is now my incarnational vehicle. Out in the world, the journey to and from, and participation in, a womens gathering brought a variety of perspectives which included (un)surprising levels of obligation or duty expressed by some who had "done their duty" to spend time with their mother or daughter, as a performance to expectation, rather than a present time authentic expression of joyous will of cocreation. The performance of non-heart-centered ritual, especially per collective (un-)consciousness beliefs is driven by reptilian mind, not by heart+soul love.

11th May 2015

As my conscious awareness is more focused in the energetics of Kilauea, i am basking in the flow of light via our portals centered therein. This is greatly facilitating full time anchoring in transcendent consciousness in graceful ease. i am very aware of leaving the realities and relationships which remain anchored in duality. This has had most profound implications for the kind of lightwork and lovework i do with and for those for whom i minister.

[the Enchantment of the Fairies]

The archaic English term for fairies is fays, which means 'enchanted' or 'bewitched'.[...]
fairies are believed to live in a land where time does not exist.[...]
Fairyland is sometimes referred to as the Land of the Ever Young, which is eternal and beautiful.[...]
Fairies may resemble humans in size, but can decrease to three inches (7.5 cm) or less. Female fairies may be fortune tellers, particularly prophesying at births and foretelling deaths.[...]
Fairies are diminutive human beings. There is evidence that small-structured races populated parts of Europe and the British Isles in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, before the spread of the Celts. [...] They were in union with nature and possessed keen psychic senses. Their skills and trades allowed them to lead somewhat normal lives while raising diminutive cattle and horses.[...]
Until the 13th century, having fairy blood was admired.[...]
There is much evidence of fairy lore in relation to witchcraft. The British anthropologist Margaret A. Murray and other historians state that the real 'little people' gradually became identified with witches. During the 16th and 17th centuries, when belief in fairies was at its peak, the activities of fairies and witches were frequently combined. Both cast and broke spells; they both healed people, and divined lost objects and the future. [...] Both danced and sang beneath the moon - often together [...] Both practiced metamorphosis, flying and levitation, and could cause others to levitate. King James i of England, in Daemonologie, his book about witches, called Diana, [the moon goddess], the goddess of witches, and the 'Queen of Fairie'. Oberon, the name of the King of Fairies, also was the name of a demon summoned by magicians. Fairies were also claimed to be familiars of witches. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why fairies figured into witch trails. The trails richest in details occurred in the British Isles. Currently Neo-Pagan Witches believe in fairies and some see them clairvoyantly. Some Witches say their Craft was passed down by fairies through the generations of their families. Fairy lore is particularly prevalent in Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland, [ an area often associated with the Celts -- celeste ]. Fairies are common in literature from the Middle Ages on and appear in the writings of the Italians Matteo Boiardo and Ludovico Ariosto, the English poet Edmund Spenser, the Frenchman Charles Perrault, and the Dane Hans Christian Andersen, among others. A.G.H."

So, how may we summarize all these myths?
Humans have projected onto both "witches" and "fairies" all that they found mysterious, and their disclaimed powers,
(that which they believe they cannot do themselves),
all that they wished to be irresponsible for, (blame of consequences of disclaimed powers).
In other words, the "fairy tales" say much more about the ego-personalities of the story tellers, than they do about the spiritual nature of those about whom the stories are told.

12th May 2015

We are disengaging from all dualistic conflict of will, and all time-lines which incorporate such dichotomy. We are well aware of the time-lines containing such, but do not find it a valuable investment of time or energy to engage with such, much less to either "fight" either against or within such realities, or to "heal" or "rescue" such realities, when it is getting to be far easier to just hop time-lines to alternative realities of postive synergy. There is no need to do anything but release, and set energy boundaries with, realities inappropriate for ones authentic self.

Today saw the end of my olde Kapa'a reality, and the arrival of my Kilauea reality, yay! Now to settle in...
beginning with my first night's sleep in Kilauea, aligning with energy grids.

13th May 2015

Today my telephone and ADSL internet service were activated while i continued to unpack and to settle into my new abode.
Forgetting to wear sunglasses while biking about town soon reminded me of the incompatiblity of insects and eyes... ouch.
Settling in as we fade into twilight, i am feeling a very deep peace from finally being surrounded by appropriate Gaia energies, much as my previous decades were supported by other realities. The local weather patterns and daily cycle are soothing to me, even if adapting to the change requires accomodation.
Also part of my shift of realities is my flow with, and "work" with, transcendent energetics and time-lines rather than with dualities, which have so often engaged conflicts within duality. Synchronistically with my shifting more into sound healing, my move finally allows me to activate my stereo system and thereby play along with music i enjoy. The loss of a few pieces of equipment across moving mean a new configuration shall be required, which will take some time to manifest.

14th May 2015

As i share with many i guide, there are two primary important energy states involved in living a healthy life.

As i am more deeply harmonizing with and anchoring into my appropriate place in planetary energy grids, my core calm is deeper and more persistent, my alignment with higher self truth more complete. And, once again, i find i need to update my traditional languaging, for more accurately to reflect present reality: "I am enjoying my manifestation's alignment with my essence."

15th May 2015

We are flowing with both minor obstacles and major grace. Change can be both uncomfortable and joyous, and obstacles can be released or overcome...

i am passing through a void space, consequent to releasing old time-line reality, modality, and relating. i am aware of the future to come, in some vague detail, but mostly making sure i complete release of old before moving forward.

16th May 2015

We are busily at rest, being rather than doing, transcendent of space and time...
integrating new consciousness...
as the arriving new moon tomorrow, ushers in our new reality in full,
soon to be followed with a Mercury Rx, just to make sure we're really complete with our old time-line.

[0001965_pixie-purple-laced-corset] [0001964_pixie-purple-laced-corset] [0001963_pixie-purple-laced-corset]

Today i received my new waist training corset, the Pixie Purple Laced Corset from Timeless Trends Corsets, which is a real bargain, especially considering its lifetime guarantee.

17th May 2015

Oh what a joy to awaken with a pixie waist!

18th May 2015

Aloha... woo... so many energies swirling as the vortex goes down the drain, releasing old time-line parallel-realities

18th May 2015

Mercury Stationed Retrograde, triggering many to review, release, forgive, and we are releasing our connections with duality.

Whatever "is" or "is presented", we have the opportunity to remember that anything any of us can imagine, already exists in some time-line, the question is, which time-line are we going empower with our attention, and our validation that "I choose that to be "real" for me."

Faery blessings...

20th May 2015

As i continue to release olde reality, it appears to my consciousness primarily via others, the reality choices they are living, and how that defines what is relationally possible. Given that my work has been a large part of my life, naturally so as a star-seed lightworker on mission, so has it been a factor in my friendships, therefore, as i make the changes of reality in progress, they are reflected both by friends and by those for whom i minister, and by the law of attraction, those are shifting. i have stated before my awareness of progression through roles, from Djedi Warrior through Frequency Holder into Faery Magickian / Musician. Those who have been holding on to the me of olde roles, are now facing the choice to either change their relating with me to track my new roles and modality, or to fall away as i leave behind olde roles. While i have been soft with boundaries allowing grace with others reticence or timing, i have crossed the thresh-hold into transcendence now, and am determined to remain in it permanently.

21st May 2015

Yay! New reality continues to manifest and express, and old reality continues to fall away during Mercury Rx, completing the incomplete... and anchoring the new time-line reality.

22nd May 2015

The synchronicity of new information arriving, supporting shifting of realities, is awe-full.

23rd May 2015

Continuing my investigations, "According to some legends, [...] it is believed that the [prior beings] sought refuge in subterranean palaces. They exist underground in a world, which is accessible through specific hollow mounds. These hollow hills are known as "sid" and their dwellings as "the side". There are certain mounds, especially near the Boyne and New Grange, which are regarded to be portals to the spiritual regions of the [...] gods."

Seeing the word alone, "side" i would tend to pronounce as in English, a long "i", however, the word "sid" i would pronounce ih, just as the difference between "hid" of "hidden" versus "hide". Now, allowing for different languages to spell differently a sound pronounced the same, i come to the word "sidhe", which i now correlate with "the side", thus i would respell that as "the sidhe", those "sid" people who dwell in the hollow mounds. Now that sounds nearly identical to the word "siddhi", from Tantra yoga, (my initial spiritual training), we have: "The science of siddhis, (or psychic powers), has been known throughout the world for thousands of years, as long as tantra has existed. One can derive these powers from the practice of particular techniques."

Very early in my training, from Buddhist tradition, i learned the principle (paraphrased): "Do not become distracted by or enamoured of 'the siddhis'. Yes, you very well may experience various 'powers' (siddhis), but they are not the point, they are merely signposts along the journey of enlightenment, along the journey to liberation, to spiritual attainment."

Soon i entered training in the siddhis of clairvoyance and healing, thus a major focus and practice of my life, however, i have always remembered that such is only a minor manifestation of who we ultimately are, and the realm to which we aspire to attain.

So the side's are the people who dwell in the mound who evidence great "powers", and the powers "siddhis" are the great abilities of the spiritual adepts. Coincidence? Naaah... just part of the global awareness of some universal truth known in many languages and cultures.

In Hawaiian "Lani" means either "heaven" or "sky", once again confusing between "vertically upward above the ground", and dimensionally / density upward from the lowly 3rd dimensional physical world towards the spiritual higher realms of "heaven". Always we find this mix of meanings, as the angels and fae (winged beings) both fly (ETs in UFOs), and are more spiritually (and/or technically) advanced beings who manifest great 'powers' of either direct spiritual manifestation or advanced technology capable of manifesting synthetic miracles.

Whether we worship them as gods or angels, revere them as tech-advanced ETs, fear them and cast them as demons or witches, plea to them as angels or Christs to save us, revere and study them as Buddha, or derisively dismiss them as only "fairy tales", "humanity" has always had ongoing relationships with a variety of beings, some more primally animalistic, and others divinely advanced, as over much history races and civilizations have arisen and fallen, either by calamity of "nature" or via ego-driven wars, and through it all, there are both threads of direct simple factual reporting, as well as "fish tails" well embelished with fantasy, or ego-fear-projection of terrible evil and malevolence, as we have seen others through everything from "rose colored glasses" to "pitch black glasses" of fear. So i take all the tales and stories by others, with a generous helping of salt, and treat them all, as gateways, or triggers, of what to begin to explore, to investigate, with my 3rd eye clairvoyance, and with my heart of compassion and aloha.

Through it all, i remember Gangaji's teaching:
Q: Who are you?
A: i Am That!

The one that is all that is one, the great whologram of spirit, is the infinite eternal life that lives through us all... and i remember that the great Goddess split herself into umptygazillion pieces so that each piece might differentiate and individuate into a unique expression of her divinity, so that all the ways her divinity could manifest, do manifest. And here we are, thee and me, exploring our unique goddess divinity.

The curious Irish word - Sidhe - pronounced "shee", "sheeth" or "sheeth-ay", attributed to the fairies and meaning "powers", is therefore identical to Siddir (sheeth-eer) and Siddhi (sheeth-ee) and is derived therefore, from the people of the powers - the Scythians or Sidheans (sheethee-ans). In Scotland the royal fairies were called the Seelie or Sheelie and their princesses were related to the sculpted Sheelagh Na Gigs over church doorways, who do not depict ancient goddesses of fertility, but were the royal Grail Maidens of the Elven kings and queens.

The Sheelagh na Gigs were goddesses of sovereignty and transcendence, and their place over the doorways of churches, many of which were built on the sites of ancient sacred groves, indicated that in entering these buildings one was entering through the vulva of the maiden into the otherworld, the realm of Elphame and the Kingdom of Heaven.

They were permitted above church doorways because the early church itself wanted to be identified with the old ways, firstly because it was in fact, at least in the beginning, part of the old ways and later, when catholicism took over, the Sheelaghs remained in place - in order to attract and convert "pagans".

"Along with the Irish Sidhe, the Seelie and the Seelie Court of Scotland had a distinctly royal origin [...and...] when asked, like their Pictish [pixie] descendants in Scotland, said of themselves that they were Scythian, as Canon Beck himself has insisted."

The 8D Angelic crystal faeries, are in alignment with the principle of self-determination and free-will as "the prime directive".

Blessed be, and Aloha...
tomril of the crystal faeries / ishnaan
incarnate in the celeste:crystalfaery embodyment.

An evening happy-hour of no significance concluded with my preparing my bicycle for my ride back to my studio, whereupon a nearby table of people commented upon my just-today-applied bumper sticker "I Fairies!", leading to a long and joyous communion honoring spiritual consciousness!
On the other side of my bicycle is the sticker: "Fairies Believe in Me!".
i enjoyed briefly playing my flute at our gathering, during a break in the music from the nearby establishments.

24th May 2015

i am very appreciative of the gentle and appropriate energies, and my harmony with, my new ley-line. Mercury Rx is allowing me a gentle completion as i unpack remnants of old reality and integrate my new reality.

Kryon suggests Fairy consciousness.

25th May 2015

We the crystal faeries continue our play with the energetics of the planetary energy grid, now greatly facilitated by tomril's incarnate presence on the Kilauea ley line, and with our ascension portal network and the entities utilising our portals to access their ascended templates. I, tomril, have been observing much greater peace and harmony now that my manifest worldly alignments reflect my ascended authentic essence, through my harmony in the Kilauea ley line.

Continuing with Mercury Rx review and release, brings awareness of what is no longer "real", that which was of the old time-line, and with what it has been replaced by the new time-line, the qualities of our new parallel-reality. The largest shift is from the yang process of doing ascension, to the yin state of being ascended. My days now are certainly busy with doing, but they are clearly the expression of the flowing self of the moment living a reality, rather than the old pattern of doing to accomplish a change of realities. The present being and doing are all within the appropriate consciousness and reality. This feels solid, as in "being anchored in" transcendent reality. The strongest and deepest and most persistent awareness is that of appropriateness, and in that, great peace and harmony. There is no longer a sense of any need to change anything externally, though the manifest continues to change as it tracks internal energetic quantum leaps.
Yet there remains clear preference, passion, and motivation to express more fully my girly faeness :-)
There is blessedly much greater and easier flow of inspiration to express musically via my flute, a clear sign of divine alignment. Having received initiations from the Hathors that my flute toning shall provide "sound healing", or more accurately sound activations of ascension codes for those for whom i minister.

26th May 2015

i find i am content in my deep inner authentic core essence, the peace and appropriateness of my transcendent consciousness, and graceful easy flow of energies. Frequency Holder is a well established new way of life, and Faery Musician / Magickian is a role blossoming nicely with the season. i think I'll have to invent the word "Musegician".

Its perfect when you just are, and release all trying.

27th May 2015

Ever present in each moment is the consciousness of "I am the chooser of my time-line", and therefore remain focussed in New-Gaia reality, even when others are choosing time-lines of dualistic reality. When others query me as to the veracity of certain scenarios, prophecies, or media-pumped-fears, i remind them that such time-lines do of course exist, and query as to their certainty that choosing to believe in them is their preference?

2015-05-28 04:04:00+00:00
conditions at Lihue airport, HI
wind from the nne (020 degrees) at 15 mph (13 kt)
weather light snow
sky conditions overcast
precipitation last hour a trace.

28th May 2015

Perhaps the greatest challenge is living in transcendent consciousness while ones body is still impelled by the dysfunctions of the dualistic society, thus rather than dealing purely in cosmic law, we are stuck with a duality of private "lawful" versus public "legality", and "peaceful woman upon the land" versus "enemy of the (es-)state".

29th May 2015

We consider it a blessing to neutrally witness the lessons being experienced by those around us, and even more so to distill them down to essential principles, and then be able to share those via our blog.
We have an update on The Rules of The Game.

30th May 2015

Wow... living in the timeless flow of now, ageless while time flies by... sounds so very much like so many mythological descriptions of what happens when one dances in a Fairy Circle.

31st May 2015

A day beginning with graceful flow brought opportunites to bless others with the same energies, replacing their worries, fears, doubts, distress, etc. i got to hang my laundry to dry, my customers got to air their inner laundry, and come to inner peace. And, oh, by the way, the restored Kingdom of Hawai'i continues to operate, and continues to build peaceful relationships with nations other than the one now occupying it adversely despite a never revoked treaty of "Best Friends Forever". Meanwhile a large avacado and a quart of sprouts met my recipe for dip, modified to include some bleu cheese crumbles and some local papaya salsa. Speaking of the MercuryRx challenges with customers, i addressed the challenges of living with one foot in each of two different worlds, as part of us is living in ascended consciousness while part is in linear time, resulting in many of us starseed lightworkers experiencing "impatience". Meanwhile, back in the eternal now... it's all graceful flow. :-)

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