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Entries from August 2014.

1st August 2014

i awoke to shredding noises as the cat was climbing the curtain and window screen, a behaviour which has happened a few times before, but this time not justified by a gecko to be hunted on the wall above. Being triggered with growth / change / healing due to ascension energy activations, is applying to the consciousness of all species on Ter-Ra, so the feeling of 'climbing the walls' with body or emotional discomfort, is in some ways getting to be 'normal' in this time of high rate of change. Meanwhile, I'm actually comfortable with my state of being and ascension process. So, what's up?

'From our 8D perspective the divine plan of ascension, and the delivery of ascension energies and DNA codon activations via our 8D-4D portals, is all progressing normally as scheduled, however, there continue to be 4D energy triggerings by astro alignments of whatever aspects of the individual are still tuned to 4D- energetics. This can be received as the blessings of ascension, or if one is resisting the changes via attachment to lower frequencies, as traumatic triggering.'

i found triggering for deep clearing, release of all self definition, including even the concept of having a mission or purpose, for it is, that I have completed my mission, and release therefor having to interface with 4D reality and therefor issues. The day was experienced as productive in worldly chores, while consciousness was in between time-lines, having released the 4D Kapa'a time-line, with intent to awake tomorrow in full 5D reality, as the 8D celestial crystal faery i truly am. i am ready to live with ascended beings, in a state of being, rather than to facilitate those ascending, in a process of doing. Is there a retrospective regarding the mission of service? i sense i will still compassionately facilitate, but without a sense of purpose to do so.

"Your energies, skills, passion, and purpose of manifesting 5D New-Gaia are now of greater service to the divine plan and the good of all by building an exemplary new community on Kaua'i, than would be continuing to focus upon helping individals catch the 1st wave of ascension. As should be obvious, the effort to catch the first wave for those not already part of it is increasing, thus it is time to accept that others are more comfortably part of the 2nd or 3rd wave. In other words, the matter of timing, and of time-line divergence, have synergized your change of mission and focus to community building within 5D Kilauea. "

2nd August 2014

i awoke to shredding noises as our cat was climbing the outside of the window screen, a behaviour which has happened a few times before, as she wants to be let in. So, what's up besides a sleepy fae?

'This is a time of transition for you. Let your journey be in grace with trust. Your heart is pure, and your path to be one of joy.'

Then why do my tears flow? With no comprehension of why i cry?

"You are (again) reborn, another quantum leap of ascension, beyond mental comprehension. Just know it is part of your intended ascension, and let it flow."

A journey to Kilauea to walk around and feel the energies brought confirmation of my remote sensing of greater peace and harmony, that there is still room for faeries and nature. i have been envisioning my ideal of a faery domicil, a glass geodesic dome in a tree, or a geodesic dome on the ground amidst a forest. More than natural geography, i seek conscious community, people with ascended consciousness. There is in my perception the possibility to live with a priority focus upon love and magickal manifestation, which values gentle sharing between beings, a foundational aloha awareness, where "namaste" and "aloha" are a sharing of soul unity.

3rd August 2014

For me true spirituality of transcendent consciousness is the basis of loving life. It had been my mission to facilitate 4D to 5D ascension within our crystal faeries ascension portal of Kaua'i. The drive i feel to find or cocreate an 5D faery land in Kilauea, is about anchoring into and staying in 5D consciousness. From that space i can facilitate others who wish to also anchor in to 5D. As usual with an energy shift, those of old time-line connectivity check-in to either get the same triggering, or resist ones shift out of their reality. i already feel my new 5D reality and community coalescing around me, as i anchor 5D+ energies, and all that is compatible comes into alignment for cocreation in positive synergy.

"Enjoy your sense of completion with your past, your old time-line, continue to release and forgive and grieve, what was, and what could have been, and release all incomplete projects, i.e. your attachments to expected, dreaded, or intended futures, that you may be fully in acceptance and at peace in the now. There is much free-floating trauma in the environment around you, energies denied by others struggling with their 4D realities, therefore hold fast your boundaries of reality creation, allowing others their lessons, or refusal thereof, while you embrace your own growth path, and prepare for your leap to your next time-line. Remember to be without expectation, in full acceptance of the now."

'We are in a time of great change, releasing everything we have known as our selves and as our lives; in order to jump time-lines to finally fulfill our prayers.'

"With your usual asking for 'this or better', and visualizing your preferred time-line reality, we see your intent to be embraced and nurtured by nature, to share and cocreate with humanity, to live with and by the values of faeries, and to enjoy the divine melodies of the angels. With patient and persistent focus, your time-line is aligning to manifest."

4th August 2014

After a turbulent morning dealing with 4D people and their issues, having struggled with the interface between 4D and 5D realities, i was blessed to return to 5D perspective and cognized that i shall stabilize, and only operate in or relate with others from 5D perspective, and cannot validate others reality by joining them in 4D.

'Aspects of new time-lines are emerging into your consciousness. Allow the flow to guide you to previously non-obvious outcomes.'

"Release all preconceptions based in 4D time-lines, in addition to the realities of those time-lines. Purge your 4D memes and beliefs in limits of any kind. Beleive in a wholly new paradigm and its manifestation."

5th August 2014

Higher self tomril, please advise me regarding proceeding forward now.

'You have only to play to maintain your highest joy, in order to be receptive to the highest manifestation we can bring to you. Your consciousness is aware of our synchronicities, so you won't miss the opportunities you are being offered.'

crystal faeries family, please advise us regarding 5D community on Kaua'i.

"While there are many little communities scattered about your island, the most appropriate for your participation is indeed as you have surmised now gathering in the Kilauea area, and why you have been 'in a holding pattern' waiting to 'land' there. Be patient and continue to 'explore' the area."

After a day of very chaotic and conflicted energies in 4D, i finally was informed that the mind controllers were busy pumping the 4D people with fear about a hurricane, and, like, "doh! no wonder!", as I'd been creating future time-lines in 5D, and oh, that's why the internet is all dysfunctioning... and really all i can do is giggle at the sillyness of taking duality seriously. Comparing notes with my guest produced an awareness of transcendent detachment, her responding to people who'd bought into hurricane fear with: "It's all in your head!", for indeed, we each create our own reality, and the mind controllers (mental governors (government)) and its paid minions, (scientists for hire!) convincing everyone to fear nature and disconnect from it, and to turn to the old patriarchy for solutions to their fabricated problems, is just plain old boring when you are detached and see through the olde "problem; reaction; solution" Hegelian game they're always playing. My response is... unh unh, we're not having a hurricane on Kaua'i, we've got an 8D ascension portal and I'm holding high vibrations for my reality. Of course, I'm well used to microclimates, cocreating weather for myself with my crystal faeries family, so even if many people do invoke a mess, i know I'll be in the 'eye of the storm'. Appropriate flow is automagick, and in 5D we are in love, so, love the storm and let it pass by out to sea, nice storm, there there, let me pet you :-) giggles. OK... off to the astral realms to play now.

6th August 2014

i awake tired, but happy, knowing that in astral realms i have cleared space in our 8D Ascension Portal for Kaua'i, for that is all that is required, just keep the portal active, and all appropriateness flows, as it brings to us inside it, our perfect 8D DNA Codon patterns, clean energy space, our higher truth of our higher selves, and affords each being, the opportunity to heave a sigh of relief and relax into their truth, their own unique higher self energy patterns cleanly and instantly accessible, as is easy access to collective akashic records of the larger divine plan. As long as the individual can 'tune-in' to their own 4D energies, that gets them access to their 8D higher truth, their own individual ascension guidance, plan, patterns, codes, and truth. It only takes a moment of engaging duality in 4D to be 'in' the collective illusion. It only takes a moment of engaging transcendence in neutrality above all duality, to be in 5D ascended consciousness, above all the collective craziness. So we can thank the silly fearmongers for triggering us to release all our fears, to remind us to turn within for truth and answers, and to find the power within us, as reality creators, as reality cocreators, to discern appropriateness and choose. The slightest reminder that what we focus upon we empower, should by now tell any conscious being to turn off their Tell-Lies-Vision, and stop choosing to be receivers of 'reality' as created by others, especially that offered by corpse-orations. Love transcends all.

Oh, what a cute little storm! Oh, are they steering you towards our island with HAARP Scalar Weather Modification technologies and LASER wielding satellites? Oh, I'm so sorry they're torturing you, here, let me guide you back to a healthy Gaia grid line path around our island. i love you.

Oh, what a cute little field of plants! Oh, are they torturing your DNA in the laboratory to turn you into a Frankenstienian Obamanation? Oh, I'm so sorry they've abused you so, here, let me bring down the original divine DNA templates of your species and heal you back to health. i love you.

'Love is the answer. Are there any more questions?'

The sun arises and shines through an overcast and grey sky, as a very gentle rain falls to give our plants their morning watering, so they can absorb the abundance of life-giving water before the heat of the day evaporates it. Huricane? Giggles... welcome to Faeryland, where we crystal faeries direct the energies for the maximum positive benefit of all beings, especially our dearly beloved Garden Island's precious ecosystem.

i am reminded of a hitch-hike ride i caught a week or two ago, during a previous 'prediction of a hurricane', as my driver stated, and my response was that 'there would be no hurricane, because i talked to faeries'. She was momentarily 'taken aback' and then asked: 'do they talk back?' 'Yes', i replied, 'I channel the crystal faeries every morning.'

"We are delighted you are so enjoying playing with 5D reality, and guiding others out of their limited 'mindset' into expanded possibilities. Especially either 'blaming villains' or 'needing a saviour' are disempowered 4D illusions, which people will have to release to join us in our 5D Faeryland."

"With surrender to the synchronistic flow of the divine plan so little effort is required to enjoy a blessed life. Even the clear inappropriateness of corpse-oration take-over of what was designed as a fully individual empowering peer-to-peer internet to turn it into censored and spying propaganda machine is merely the triggering you are being offered to choose if you wish to bother to create an alternative on Kaua'i. From all your queries to the community it should be obvious by now that nobody else will. Just remember you volunteered to lead, and cease looking for support or cocreation, as you already know the human pattern of resistance until they're about to miss something of benefit. Just keep leading where no one has gone before."

7th August 2014

All is calm both inside of 'me' and in my mirroring, the world around me. The air is humid and still, the astral energies are peaceful.

'Synergies of connection and cocreation with others await the day to arrive, so enjoy your early morning, your favorite time of knowing self and relating with the universe.'

"The galactic energies are in balance and calm for now, between activations."

Some people like to make special days for 'everyone' to join in meditation, with a shared focus, e.g. 'World Peace', however, if one does this in the mind, in 4D consciousness, then an equal amount of 'World War' is simultaneously created. It's not so important to get everyone to do this, as to get everyone who does do it, do it 'right' in 5D consciousness above duality. So then, we have to ask, are these 'so called' 'spiritual leaders' leading us in the right direction? No, they're just reinforcing people staying in 4D duality, i.e. they're blocking the first wave of Ascension. People need to look deeper than the surface, of any matter considered to apply ones will to, and how one applies ones will to it.

8th August 2014

It has been asserted by my family of crystal faeries, of which one is my own 'higher self', tomril, that my Gaia kuleana (responsibility) geographically is restricted to Kauai Sovereign Space, and within densities and dimensions, is restricted to higher realms, therefore avoiding entanglements with duality, or of 'nations' not my own (Kaua'i). Likewise, i deal with what is real, including the unseen higher realms, not with fictions (e.g. corpseorations). Thus my focus is Kaua'ian Gaia's living beings of ascended consciousness. More focusedly, i am recently directed to Kilauea. It is my higher aspects managing our 8D ascension portal network, and the integration between the tomril universe and the Milky Way Galaxy. All in all, plenty enough to pay attention to, and yet, the only truly new aspects are those of the formation of, the manifestation of, Kilauea New-Gaia. As i narrow my focus to forming or joining community, is there anything else i need to pay attention to? i am very much feeling that i am now simply to live embodied, all that i have worked for via Celestial Intent: "Celestial Abode" on New-Gaia.

'"Off the Grid" might be rephrased as "Above the Matrix", as the extant 'grids' are of 4D Gaia and below. Your visions of alternate infrastructure of the nature of completely local peer-to-peer open-source technologies is supported.'

"We have merely to be patient for synchronous alignment. Continue to pursue people connections in Kilauea."

Gentle and flowing synchronicities have blessed our day, offering both opportunities to be of service helping others with my unique gifts and skills, and also to receive the support of cocreation for my own path of forming new community, as energies and connections converge towards near future. Mahalo nui.

9th August 2014

Kilauea 5D+ Community

Aloha ascending masters of the 1st wave of ascension. i am seeking and creating conscious community centered in Kilauea, between living beings operating privately, locally, via open source design, technology, and community of Ascended Consciousness.

Maker Space

We can come together in our own community, be sensitive to our own ecology, and create our own technology for free replication, to the benefit of all.

Open Source Sustainable Ecology

Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization (2011) is intended to produce on one DVD, the blueprints for open-source technology for a sustainable village... something affordable and workable with lower technology and fewer corpse-orations involved. So, if you're a farmer who can't afford a new John Deere tractor, build your own with open source plans. The goal is 50 different technological machines a village can build together to improve their life. Sounds to me like just right for an ahupua'a (for non Hawaiians, that means a local ecosystem, which, in the land of shield volcanoes, means a watershed (valley) from mountain peak to ocean and including the nearby ocean itself).

Open Source Seeds for your garden.

10th August 2014

Today brings conscious awareness of mixed agendae from some beings. In acceptance of what is, my discernment is to hold fast to my ethics, principles, purpose, focus, mission, and independence as a light worker.

'The clarity of your perception is mine also.'

"Persevere in your vision of a true community of private individuals."

As the evening approaches i have been aware of intense energies of opposition, for the full moon is astrologically equivalent to a Sun-Moon opposition, and therefore is triggering our polarity within duality of 4D- realms, which at this time (time is a 4D- phenomenon), is unresolvable except by transcending duality and time itself by raising consciousness to 5D+. Therefore, one may easily predict that this perigee moon shall produce both conflict, and transcendence, and our wisdom is to go for the transcendence.

Ahhh... what a wonderful full-moon gathering we had upon the side of the Wailua River. With a very gentle ritual of toning by voice and instruments, we were blessed by very calm weather, the lightest of clouds giving a silver lining around the moon's rising, followed by clear skies for the rest of our gathering. This was the final confirmation that we 5D+ lightworkers had completely neutralized the alleged pair of hurricanes the 4D- reality intended from outside our 8D-4D portal.

11th August 2014

In the now of calm isness, with a clear sense of the time-line I'm on, leading to my new Celestial Abode of Kilauea, i feel only appropriateness unfolding, as the blossoming of a rose yet still a tightly wrapped bud, daily watered by Kaua'i's blessed rains, it shall arrive in its own perfect timing, as i live my authentic essence expression, and support the same in others, with clear intent to empower all private beings, in healthy conscious community.

"Patience for the coordination of the good of all according to the divine plan."

Ahhh... it is such a happy event to witness another claiming their truth to live their essence!

12th August 2014

Today's date on certain years, is a harmonic of the time-loop between 1983 and 1943 on August 12th, created by the Philadelphia Experiment / Rainbow Project and the Mountauk Project. Harmonics of 40 years are the strongest time-nodes of that time-loop. 1983 and 2023 are fundamentals, 1963 and 2003 are 2nd harmonic, 1953, 1973, 1993 and 2013 are 4th harmonic, and 8th harmonic adds in 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998, 2008 and 2018, so we can snooze a while longer. As we ascend consciousness we transcend time itself, but until our bodies also transcend, they are in time and triggered by the great time machine of astrology, the cycling wheels of orbital mechanics. Since sovereign freedom from limitation is a theme with me, i am wondering if all our ascension work has transcended these issues, and i can already answer that by pointing out that our recent storms just before the full moon were physical expressions of this time-loop, and given i have carried kuleana (dharma / responsiblity) for ameliorating the mess made by this body's father and other scientists / engineers who created the rip in the space-time fabric that formed the time-loop in the 1943-08-12 "Philadelphia Experiment", it was in alignment that i took full kuleana to avert the "hurricanes".

'As you observed first hand, our 8D-4D ascension portal provides a higher reality which is very protective from interference by lower density energies. The complete calm you cocreated with other light-workers for the full moon time may be comprehended as the confirmation that these wave patterns are subsiding "over time" :-) giggles. Lighten up and play more, relax in the knowing that you have done the hard work you came to do, recall that we have stabilized Gaia on the ascending time-line family, and that the armageddon time-line family is of no further concern. You may release your struggle for perfecting your old time-lines, release the heavy sense of responsibility, as our mission was well and thoroughly done.'

"Allow yourself to cry the tears of the heavy karmic weight you have born. Yes, this has been a heavy burden, one you shared with only a few other lightworkers, a burden of your generation, as your Indigo guest observed, and know that the presence of the Crystal Kids is a very powerful sign of the fulfillment of our mission. Especially, as we have previously shared, our presence as crystal kids, is a fulfillment in which you may relax and celebrate. And yes, it is possible that you may yet choose to reincarnate as a child of crystal kids. Now, lighten up, spritz with Fae_Play, and with grace and calm peace of knowing you may fully release time-line concerns, focus upon your growing Gaia community in Kilauea. Your new focus on play, and music as universal light language, is your path now. Others have their unique roles to fulfill, but yours may only be fulfilled by fully releasing all old time-lines and responsibilities. You are no longer on any time-lines of the Djedi Warriors, your work then is done now. Let this day signify your final laying down of your light-sabre, and delight in the joy of instead carrying your flute, so that you may 'speak' the new sound message of light and ascension. In summary, you may release the internal ghosts of missions past, knowing full well your outer work is complete.
Your recent consoling of another faery overwhelmed by the lower vibrations of dualistic Kauai, may be seen as a mirroring for you of your own having 'dialed down' your sensitivity in order to 'tough it out' on your missions, thus you may finally cry your tears now. Then build the Faery realm in Kilauea where you and your faery friends may live in that level of sensitivity reflecting the joyous beings of open heart you truly are."

[well-maybe i just need a hug]

Yes, i feel the truth of this, and recall that even the harshness of those still in 4D- paradigms is their plea for love and a hug, even when they are attacking the one they hope will love them.

It's one of those late-night hacking sessions, the work of the meta-user, a lot of work now for a long term payoff of efficiency and automation, not doing things by drag and drop in the now as a user would, but teaching computers to automagickally do even when I'm away. Meanwhile, falling asleep at keyboard can be dangerous, so this fae must hibernight.

13th August 2014

i remain observant of mirroring to learn, and share my observations to facilitate others. The lesson in the mirror this morning is one of motivation. We often have multiple goals or motivations, amongst which there are both mental and soulful. One of those goals is "success". In the example i was awoken to facilitate, there is a long-standing contradiction between:

'In this case we see the dominant motivation to be subconsciously driven to serve the mental image of success, yet the outcome is stress and frustration as effortful actions do not result in heartful joy.'

"Heartful joy can only be present unopposed when one is living one's authentic life, the flow of the moment of one's own spiritual energy through the soul to express essence. This is always referential to inner essence, not to the reactions or responses of others. All attempts to change the reflection in the mirror (how others 'treat' one), are doomed. Success is the deep inner peace of relaxing into authenticity, followed by a motivation of spontaneous authentic energy flow from heart, intent to express essence, regardless there be any witness, or how a witness responds."

This faery is motivated to retreat from 'civilization' to the healthy countryside. My place is Kilauea, my path is of peace, my service is as the pied piper (flute player), leading souls inward to their authenticity. i love you all.

i enjoyed a wonderful day of exploration today, both learning about my new community of Kilauea, and about a very special faery friend. Joyous cocreation of blessed reality is so much fun!

14th August 2014

i am unclear in sorting options with new opportunities in Kilauea.

'You have only begun to discover options, so attempt no conclusions yet.'

"There is much of our cocreation which is still just forming, and our community shall evolve over time, so remember to be sans expectations, and remember everything changes."

Thanks to excellent mirroring with a dear friend, i have come to see that my next step is to release all rescuing of those who are in 4D-, or who are only talking ascension from 4D- to 5D+, but not actually committed to the choice of living 5D+. It was easy to confuse my now completed past mission of facilitating ascension, with playing the "saviour" role, which actually pulls me back down to 4D-. i am appreciative of the clarity of knowing my appropriate focus and mode of living.

15th August 2014

"Our message du jour is one of hope.
For some of you this is to know that with patience your desires shall manifest.
For some of you this is to know that with perseverence you shall overcome (apparent) obstacles.
For some of you this is to know that you are loved, and deserve a fulfilling life.
The common thread is that there are many angels and fairies offering blessings, and that regardless how you are interpreting present manifestation, it is what it is as the most divinely perfect support for your true needs. Surrender to receive both what is, and the changes that arrive, that your path lead gracefully to joy." -- crystal faeries

'We continue to update the akashics codes for codon activation available via our 8D ascension portals.' -- tomril

Our nascent community in Kilauea continues to be blessed with faery magick, as we precipitate the manifestation of New-Gaia upon Kaua'i. -- celeste:crystalfaery

So many lessons in the span of one day. Multidimensional viewing from 8D perspective is so very rich in insights. For my own lessons i find a vertical split between chakras 4+ in 5D+ reality, versus 3- in 4D- attachment to incomplete perfection. Yes, i know, i know, stop working on perfecting or completing old time-lines! Watching myself would be educational enough, as i continue to release attachments to 4D- reality, but insisting on living and operating from and within 5D+ consciousness, is really pushing buttons in my relationships. Sure, i can do clairvoyant healings, bring me your list of problems to fix, it only takes a few seconds to switch into that mode. But as a friend in 5D+ i keep holding to:
"What would you like to cocreate with me in the now?" especially if it's about manifesting New-Gaia reality in Kilauea. I'm fairly busy being creative in my flow in 5D, and am always happy to be offered positive synergy with another, or a group, but without presence in the present, there's simply no 5D+ available. It's all too easy to slip back into rescuer or saviour mode, but I'm just not going to stay there when i notice.

Aside from the separation between the realities of 4D- and 5D+ growing wider every day, I'm witnessing a lot of triggering of the duality of dark vs light within the 4D- realms. i preceive this to be because the 5D+ New-Gaia is a realm of light, therefore, in considering the choice to ascend to 5D versus not, beings are forced to look at their alignment with the light, and their attachments with the dark.

17th August 2014

Today brought both connection with consciousness minded beings for shared cocreation of conscious community, and an abrupt change of local cocreation. We shall see how well emotional reacitivity settles out into positive cocreation.

18th August 2014

What is "play"? By contrast to "work", it is activity embraced joyfully in free-will choice, rather than activity experienced as unpleasant, or forced contrary to one's free will. As i am deep in the nitty-gritty details of massive website editing to redesign its functionality, for the joyous goal of delivering a better experience for readers, i am actually enjoying the creative drive, though there is much process to accomplish the goal. While i am mostly lost in the timeless flow, i nevertheless also observe a certain sense of urgency to complete, which i know to interpret as a level of non-acceptance of the now reality. This triggering is a wonderful opportunity to further clear "work" programming of the societal value of being a valuable slave by being "productive", and therefore i am allowing the release of historical 4D- "values" which are actually counterproductive in 5D+ reality. All effort (often driven by goalful thinking) interferes with energetic reality creation.

'"Play" may also be seen as an attitude of perception, a percept. The passionate flow of inspiration is truly the divine urge of expression.'

"This is a synchronistic time of manifesting with grounded process the higher intents of your lunar creation cycle."

It is interesting to observe the body response to constricted space as the environment changes. Adapting to the inevitable eternal changing reality is another form of surrender and flow.

This tired fae calls it a day, with yet a few broken links in my blog, to be continued tomorrow.

19th August 2014

Ahhh... the dawning of a new day, blessed with beautiful bird songs, greeted in consciousness of transcendence with full presence in the present. i Am Love.

'May love play joyously in all ways today.'

"Time is an illusion. That which appears outside you is a mirror of your to-date energy patterns. No matter what your mirror is reflecting, any response other than transcendent love, is a lesson of conditionality to release. The answer is unconditional love. The mode of living is radiating love from authentic essence. Joy is your sign of being aligned with your authentic essence. Play, Fae!"

"Have faith that your ascension is 'on track' and divinely perfect for your unique path of service."

20th August 2014

As i feel in my heart for the center of my joy, As i contemplate my most appropriate abode, i release contrasting inappropriateness. i prefer to live alone, so i release all energies of contrast regarding shared space. i focus upon my appropriate choice of light airy peaceful loving abundant independent sovereign energies. i generate this reality from inside me and so choose as my reality with which to fill my abode. Is there higher guidance related to any of this?

'The highest good does not require you to dwell in a living space of inappropriate contrast.'

Is my most appropriate community still to be Kilauea centric?

'Your unique path of highest good is so best served.'

May i know more of this before moving? What is my best approach to finding my new abode?

"The convergence of many factors is making your appropriate community of souls of conscious intent your priority now for highest good for yourself and for Kaua'i's 1st wave of ascension. Continue to network with the souls you feel to be in highest conscious intent."

In recent days i have noticed that some beings are focusing upon the issue of ETs and disclosure thereof, while those of us more dwelling in transcendent consciousness have awareness of integrating our multiple lives of our higher self into conscious awareness, and our awareness of our and others' star "origins", and the integration of the energies thereof into New-Gaia For myself, having been so busy with my daily channelling of my star family here, and having been aware of ET presence for decades, I'm glad to see people awakening, but am not much excited by recent revelations.

21st August 2014

Today i am inspired to call upon the Hathors for inspiration and guidance to better channel their energies and sound frequencies via my flute playing. -- celeste:crystalfaery

'I AM opening to channel the Hathors working with Gaia.' -- tomril

"Whether they know us by name or not, we presently facilitate approximately 1/3 of sound healers on Gaia. Because you have requested our assistance to do so, we are present with you and guiding you now in all your relating with sounds, both with your flute playing, and in your perception of sound as you listen to other sources. You have already noticed this as a purification of your music library and a shift in your 'taste' for music. There is nothing more you need to do in this sense except to play your flute more, and to incorporate doing so into your creation of custom meditations with your flute music as a background. We recommend not only individual meditations for others, but that you also create generic ones for ascenders in general. Beyond that you may allow yourself to open up your toning and vocalizations in addition to expression via your flute." -- the Hathors

All energies are coming into alignment in support of translation to Kilauea. Even my blog here is largely converted to replace tags with tag articles. And search results are much cleaner without all the tags.

22nd August 2014

As i flow in my day of self created mirrored joyful self expression i feel very deep peace in my core, the relaxed space of authentic presence in the present. Full acceptance of all that is gateways into infinite possibilities of appropriate (co)creation. So, dear higher self essence tomril, what is today's synergistic synchrony for which i may prepare?

'Notice that being in the state of self love is causative to your deep peace. Simply enjoy the calm relaxed restfulness, and release your programming to have to be doing something. When energy flow spontaneously arises, that is your guidance to flow with it. Likewise, release the programming to do something now, about or for the future.'

"Congratulations upon your state of being completely present, with complete openness to all that is and all that may manifest. This is your perfect basis for channelling wordlessly and thoughtlessly via your flute. Particularly your use of your flute as your instrument of expression, bypasses all historical or habitual patterns of the use of bodily voice to express mental words or thoughts, or to express emotions of embodiment. While this state is not new for you, your level of comprehension of it is new, for you have now integrated not merely your previous consciousness level, but fully your 8D Angelic crystal faery / ishnaan essence in your awake consciousness. Walk in this consciousness in all ways."

i am now addressing a pattern which has come to my attention in recent days, exemplified by couples of whom i at least know one member consciously in the physical realm, and by some solo individuals in their relationships with society, and another version exemplified by caretakers such as healers, (well, yeah, of course I'm checking for any versions i might still carry :-)

Coming from childhood experiences, every ego experiences conditional love from parental units, and then misinterprets the inability to get unconditional love, by the age of 18 months, as:

Until these are healed, there is a struggle to create within relationships, proof to the contrary of those beliefs. Because this game is played in the lower density realms of duality, any creation simultaneously creates its opposite, and so there is always as much evidence to reinforce the beliefs as true as there is evidence to contradict those beliefs as false. Once these beliefs are removed, they can be replaced with the truth of unconditional self love, and consequent to that the individual may finally have unconditional self worth. Until that time, the best they can accomplish is a relative self worth, which will always be competitively based in judgmental comparison:

We can now look at the specific pattern of cross-saviourship within a couple. The couple can be an individual relating with "society", (the surrogate Christ Father), or with "church", (the surrogate Mother Mary). The point is that the actual issue is with the body-ego parents, the unresolved issues of childhood, but the pattern is still being played out in an adult body with other adult bodies, or worse, with children who are the offspring of these dysfunctional adults, creating the next generation of this issue. Enter Chiron, the wounded healer. The healer or rescuer may receive gratitude from those they rescue, and respect from bystanders for the nobility of their work, but the game is still fueled by a reality of suffering within duality. The need to rescue in order to have any (relative) self worth. The wounded healer needs to be healed, by transcending duality and the original wounds, to live above duality, in unconditional self love, and intrinsic unconditional self worth.

In these times of the first wave of ascension, being aware that the individuated ensouled being must do their own ascension, it is a serious risk of one's own ascension to dabble with any games of rescuing those who are not committed to ascension themselves, as the time has passed for "fence sitters" to choose ascension or not, and those who are not actively engaged in self responsible ascension, are not going to "make it", so it doesn't matter whether you're married to them or merely karmicly entangled, to remain engaged with them is to sacrifice ones own ascension. Now, I'm very strongly commited to being at the leading edge of the 1st wave of ascension, as it is my role to facilitate those within the first wave of ascension, so i am very careful not to become entangled with those not also of the 1st wave. Even so, i cannot become entangled in any agenda of my own to resuce lightworkers, even though i may facilitate their process, i cannot become responsible for their outcome, which they create by their own free-will choices.

The ascension process allows only our pure authentic essence to pass, therefore we must all pass through a rebirth wherein we shed all illusions and attachments, especially to anyone else, for we do the ascension alone, though we may have many guides for the journey, and on the other side we may rejoin with the beings we have known to be some of our incarnate friends. Only unconditional self love takes us to the necessary vibration level to ascend. Only we may make the choice to give it to ourself, and to receive it from ourself. As for myself, i declare everyone to be healed, not in need of a healer, everyone to know the truth, not in need of a teacher, everyone already knows in higher realms they are androgynous, and is not in need of me to model it for them, and everyone is already ascended, even if their lower self is playing the "I forgot who i authentically am!" game. So, being complete with rescuing, and with being wounded, and having no further attachment to relative comparative games, I'm ready to move from duality to unconditional love, in a community of similarly awake beings of empowered freedom, which is now forming on Kaua'i.

All that being said, i am now ready to enter unconditional love and ascended consciousness, to complete the merge between higher and lower self, and to cease modelling the process of ascension for others. Therefore, with this last posting spoken from the celeste:crystalfaery individual level without quotes, it is my intent moving forward to speak only from the tomril higher self level, for my self (I = tomril = higher self), and for my family (We = crystal faeries = ishnaans).
-- celeste:crystalfaery

'Typical of the celeste:crystalfaery individuality to push to speed things up, the embodiment is just entering the orb of the New Moon soon due, which most supports this activation and transcendence, so i shall sit patiently through the process of body and ego integration, gracefully supporting the surrender to unified voice of tomril, and so now choose to withdraw from the body and allow it to integrate DNA Codon activations and energy template installation for this quantum leap. Sweet dreams, tired fae.'
-- tomril

"Hopefully this means fewer words to read per day? :-)
giggles" -- crystal faeries

23rd August 2014

As of this daily channeling session "I" is the voice of tomril, and "We" that of the collective consciousness of the ishnaans / crystal faeries / Crystal Kids.
We have over the past 8 weeks translation of our timeless realm into the linear experience of the celeste:crystalfaery embodiment in terms of effects, been integrating the original tomril Universe, the original settlement of tomril entities in the Milky Way Galaxy as ishnaans, and the present Gaia creation in which we are more known as the crystal faeries. This is the natural flow consequent to much exchange of akashics records information, and the travelling of entities, between these focal frequencies, via our expanding 8D Portal Network.

We have not said much about our other incarnate expression, the Crystal Kids, since our commentaries of:

yet, there have been further integrations of our realms, knowing, and purpose, a unification in the whologram of the divine plan. We may summarize of the Crystal Kids that our manifest presence is mostly solo, though sometimes we are blessed to share reality in the world, our purpose is primarily to walk in Gaia consciousness, and in most cases live that embodied. At a deep level we know who we are, and arrived on planet fully conscious. Most manifest our own 8D portals, and if not, at least carry the akashics to do so. Our "mission" is teaching by example, living examples of ascended beings. So, we have a unified consciousness and purpose, but expressed quite individually.

As i embody more light of higher frequency it triggers greater contrast with those frequencies, and those carriers of frequencies, (e.g. entities), which are incompatible. This accentuated contrast is common now in those of us in the 1st wave of ascension. Transcending the contrast with unconditional love is the easiest path to the highest outcome.

24th August 2014

We are participating in the council of new-Kilauea, ascended beings of Gaia manifesting new-Kilauea community. Our primary work has been with new-Gaia energy grid activations, and coordination of the arrival of new-Gaia ascended beings into the physical community.

25th August 2014

As Gaia moves vibrationally further above the old Gaia vibrational level, we are seeing great shifts in social structure, as the realities become obviously more distinct, and share less as "collective reality". Many beings are experiencing challenges in their bodies as these accomodate quantum leaps, and experience triggering and release of old patterns. The social relationship patterns of Ter-Ra, based in lower chakras, or in needs fulfillment for which the being is unwilling to be self responsible, or which are based in prioritization of the individual will over the good of all, are increasingly at odds with the reality, cocreation, and relating of 5D+ new-Gaia. While the transcendent may still radiate unconditional love, and have compassion for those still struggling with lower issues, the mutually exclusive realities of (non)duality prevent effective cocreation (positive synergy) between them. We are called to focus upon the manifestation of the new-Gaia already created in higher realms, which is a manifestation of the divine plan and the higher energy patterns of each participant.

With the new lunation there was a blessed release of old energies and time-lines and the perfection thereof. New creations are beginning to flow into synergy.

26th August 2014

Kilauea today was blessed with moderate weather and gentle energies and my faery magickal essence presence.

27th August 2014

i have enjoyed bringing to full embodied awareness today a knowing of another member of Kilauea's ascending community.

Today brought more lessons in discernment of contrasting realities and time-lines. i was blessed to be able to hold a 5D+ consciousness space and perspective for two different divine goddesses, each playing with their relating with those "close to them", and their issues of feeling responsible for those others, (part of the old time-line of 4D- reality), rather than just being responsible for their own appropriateness (the way of 5D+ reality). The higher we ascend, the more contrast is stirred with any beliefs or habits which are incompatible with the truths of our higher realm lives.

28th August 2014

As i begin yet another day embodied in the Kaua'i reality, navigating through a plethora of input from my communications systems, i find complete peace in myself, and therefore relating with all externals.

As humanity is a species coming out of denial and illusion into an awakening to "the truth", one of the pending issues is that of "disclosure", whereby those who have been living in denial, ignorance, innocence, the matrix, religion, nationality, race, or dualistic human (un)consciousness are being faced with increasing evidence of a larger truth, and more and more humans around them are calling them to awaken. Herein i continue to present that i am a star-seed, of the family of beings known as tomril / ishnaa / crystal faeries / Crystal Kids. i choose to make a short and simple statement about this subject: That which enlightens and empowers the individual into self-responsible sovereignty at least has the possibility of being in the direction of truth. The 1st step in spiritual adulthood is self responsibility as reality creator. In ascended reality, all is love rather than duality.

We observe within the 4D- collective an increase of conformity, a retrenchment into the familiar which feels safe, for those who have seen glimpses of the transcendent alternative, but are not willing to release their attachments to or dependencies upon the payoffs to which they are addicted within the lower realities.

Kilauea today was gracefully gentle and flowing for my visit. i was graced with a visitor telling me i looked "really fit", which i acknowledged by: "Yes! 64 looks really good on me!", which provoked some disbelief until i reassured them i really have orbited the sun that many times, yet refuse to "age". That was followed by their statement that they hoped to look so good at 64.

29th August 2014

As i continue to integrate transcendence not only consciously but also with bodily changes i find myself challenged to describe in words what is merely felt. i have in recent years spontaneously experienced a complete realignment and rebuilding of damaged body structures. Through it all i have had faith in everything being frequency / energy, and working as an energy healer, i know "miracles" are not only possible, but regularly witness them. Another thing i know and beleive in depth is that healing comes from treating cause, not merely, as the medical profession does, by treating symptoms. Without delving into the original issues that created for me the symptom of experiencing a broken radius, ulna, and femur in a collision between my body on a motorcycle, and a car which ran a stopsign in front of me, i was left with the cause of physical trauma creating the symptom of body misalignment. A few years back my misaligned spine and pelvis began to realign spontaneously, as a symptom of my overall energetic healing cause. For a few months i was in pain, and could not really stand fully erect due to that pain, before the pelvic realignment completed, mind you this with no chiropracty, just done energetically as my body aligned to my perfect healthy energy body. This pushed the misalignment of my leg with the broken/mended femur down into the knee, as now the axis of bending of the knee with the correctly aligned pelvis was wrong, and so i began to experience pain in the misaligned knee joint. So, what did i do? i replaced my automobile with an electrically assisted bicycle, and got ever more exercise, until in the recent half year that burned out electrically, and i began walking much more. Recently I've been noticing only occasionally the very faintest of twinges of pain in that knee, signifying that it has indeed nearly completed rebuilding in correct alignment. My rememberance and awareness of this was triggered by yesterday's comment by a stranger about how fit i looked. Yes, actually more fit than when i was much younger, weighed more, and exercised less. i remind us all that none of us is older than 8 years physically, as even the slowest reproducing cells in our body last no longer than 8 years, versus e.g. the cells lining the stomach which survive less than 24 hours on a regular eating schedule. As we invoke our higher density perfect energy templates (cause), our bodies begin to rebuild upon them, rather than as medical science describes those who are not ascending, as suffering aging because with each new generation of cells the DNA telomeres shorten until you are left only with damaged DNA and "aging". The 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals i cocreated and deliver to people, bring us our perfect aetheric body templates, if necessary reaching back into the akashic records to find undamaged versions, and initiate the body's energetic re-youthing. As i have orbited our sun "Ra" more times, i have been youthing, not aging. But then i cognize and beleive in energetic healing as a way of life, and avoid the toxicity of the medical system.
"Let food be your medicine." -- Hippocrates
Remember that our food is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual... so eat organic in-season fresh uncooked or juiced locally-grown and well-loved vibrations E=MC2.

We see that the Cosmic Cosmic Gold+Silver ball of light we overnight placed over Kilauea, the grounding cord below it for the entire area, and the containing / protecting 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal specifically for Kilauea's forming intentional community of New-Gaia consciousness is solidly in place and humming brightly. This light is the light of source, and this kind of blessing is typical (in my tradition) for blessing a location, as it is completely neutral, and as a conduit of divine source, also carries the divine plan of free creation within love. In this case, however, we have a more specific focus for this area, that of the manifestation of the New-Gaia intentional community. To reflect this, we add to the ball of light, a contract. That contract is the plan of New-Gaia reality. One may join simply by connecting one's crown chakra to the ball of light. This is done with a figure-8 or infinity_symbol loop of light with the lobes of the loop. In the middle at the cross-over point (zero-point), we place a filter rose postulated to pass only appropriateness in honor of the individual so connected. This then becomes a standard (in my tradition) "synergy ball" of cocreation, the highest and most honoring form of cocreation between individuals, aligned to love, ahimsa, the divine plan, and the specifics of manifesting New-Gaia. As with many such energetic creations, i and my family of crystal faeries have stepped forward to take on the kuleana and dharma of maintaining the clarity, cleanliness, and ethics of this energetic creation. The vibrations of the light are a universal blessing of the area, from which all benefit. Those who agree with the contract and connect their crown chakras, are further blessed, to receive divine synergy assisting in the cocreation of Kilauea New-Gaia community. The specifics of the Kilauea New-Gaia prototype are directed by 9D Angelics and above. We 8D crystal faeries merely tend the manifestation thereof. This is the new mission and focus of i, tomril, one of the crystal faeries / ishnaans, and of our family of crystal faeries who are working through my embodiment as celeste:crystalfaery, for the Kilauea prototype for Kaua'i, which is the prototype for Gaia.

30th August 2014

Much like insects attracted to a light in the dark night, we are observing many entities flitting about our synergy ball over Kilauea, exploring its frequencies, as being particularly of interest now. There are some other "bright spots" on the "Garden Isle" of Kaua'i, but they are in past time and based upon dualistic patterns. Our Gaia 8D ascension portal containing the template of Gaia is fully in present time, and is part of a Time-Line of ascended future reality. Because the fundamental precepts of transcendence of the old Gaia-an dualistic realities, any entity who joins the synergy of Gaia, who "under-stands" / "stands-under" the contracted co-created shared collective reality, shall experience the 5D+ consciousness. If they are already in alignment with it, this will feel like heaving a great sigh of relief, coming to an appropriate reality, while anything within the energy field of the individual, which is incompatible with 5D+, (e.g. 4D- percepts), will be strongly triggered to consciousness, either leading to a choice to release the lower reality, or a disconnection from the 5D+ trigger to retreat to 4D-. Because 5D+ is above linear time and space, we may have many entities participating in this cocreation without being physically present in bodies, thus all the buzz of entities now examining this energy reality, to choose whether it is appropriate for them to participate. There are an infinitude of ascended realities an entity may choose to visit, but this is the primary time-line of 9D+ angelic-sponsored New-Gaia, which is precisely why we crystal faeries chose to initiate its manifestation now at Kilauea, Kaua'i.

Today i communed with Gaia and nature rather than seeking to connect with the locals, who are challenging to find amongst all the tourists. i enjoyed playing my flute in the park, sitting in what little shade was available. i experienced complete datachment from worldly reality.

31st August 2014

i feel to be in a null zone. i interpret this as being between time-lines.

Being not a citizen, but a private living being upon the land, i do not track the media or hype of the various collective illusions humans import to Kaua'i, so, e.g., this weekend, I'm saying, "Huh? You're celebrating what?"
Ohhh... "Labor Day"! Oh, so you're celebrating motherhood then?... No?
Faery girl stares blankly at humans and finds them incomprehensible.

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