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Entries from August 2015.

1st August 2015

i am still releasing my habit of "truth telling" based on "reality as it is", which impedes releasing that reality, in order to execute a time-line jump to a preferred reality. Ultimately it requires redefining "what is real?" to be "that which i am intending to manifest as reality" and therefore imagining "as real", not the manifest physical world which only reflects past creations. Given that we are changing unperceivably fast, even if we are choosing some congruence of a change process, living in the now is the only thing possible to manifest a jump between parallel-realities, and is the only reality, as past and future are illusions. The paradox is the habit of perceiving "in the future it will be different, the preferred reality will have arrived", but for now "what is real is what my eyes see around me". When we can detach from that change sabotaging habit, we can begin to assert that "what is around me is neither relevant nor real", that "my preferred reality i am imagining" is the only thing real, and it's already here now in the eternal now moment. This is also requiring redefining "honesty" and "truth" from the old slave-think to the mode of reality creator. Ultimately, it is releasing all of duality as "real", and staying solidly in transcendent reality.

2nd August 2015

As a starseed Frequency Holder, holding energy codes in the ley line of Kilauea, and holding the Kaua'i ascension portal, and the Kilauea Synergy Ball for cocreation of transcendent Gaia, i Am primarily in a yin being state, radiating crystal faery blessings for Gaia.

3rd August 2015

i am finding all energies appropriate in the here and now of the dualistic environment, and in the eternal now of all that is of the transcendent environment.

4th August 2015

With synchronistic manifestation of the law of attraction blessings of appropriate energies flow from positive focus on preferred time-line parallel-reality. In service to all we hold the vision of New-Kilauea, and in appropriateness for my manifestation therein we hold the vision of my transformation.

Buckle said, in his dogmatic way:
"Men and women range themselves into three classes or orders of intelligence; you can tell the lowest class by their habit of always talking about persons; the next by the fact that their habit is always to converse about things [or events]; the highest by their preference for the discussion of ideas."
We would like to suggest that there is yet a higher level, that of taking the highest of positive ideas and ideals, and synergistically co-creating them as Gaia.

5th August 2015

It is the position of i, tomril, and of my family of crystal faeries / ishnaans that we are fully engaged in 5D+ time-line manifestations, and while we do facilitate others to time-line hop from 4D- to 5D+, we shall not participate with / in nor engage with 4D- reality on its own terms, nor pretend that we can validate any 4D- polarity in duality as worthy of investing time nor energy. We sincerely beleive that ascension to 5D+ is the only viable or sustainable solution to any 4D "problem".

6th August 2015

As the incarnate High Priestess of the 8D crystal faeries, i have been asked to convey our message:

"Today at 07:05HST we insert a crystaline energy template for New-Kilauea into the Kilauea Synergy Ball, by agreement of all entities who have to date joined in the cocreation by connecting through the synergy ball. The design and timing of this is commended by the same 17 groups of Angelics who cocreated the prototype for the 8D Angelic-crystal faeries Ascension Portals. This anchors the ascension time-line for Kilauea."

7th August 2015

i love playing with my faery family... soon after arriving back at my studio this evening, (following guidance on when to be where), the rain began pouring down, and i was gratefully dry inside instead of still bicycling. Just another day in the life of a crystal faery!

8th August 2015

We find our family collective, and our incarnate tomril to be flowing in grace as all is congruent in nonduality. As i blog this i am blessed with the beautiful bird songs of morning foraging, and as always, energetically hug them with aloha and appreciation.

9th August 2015

Yay, it's play time...

...and once again, guided to bicycle "home" with maybe a dozen rain drops on the journey, so that it began to pour rain as i was putting up my bike, after a synchronistic social meeting catching up on others awareness of energy shifts happening recently and now. It seems that many are experiencing internally large stresses consequent to triggering by planetary energy shifts. Simultaneously i am experiencing graceful easy flow, from having already done clearing and alignment into congruous integrity, and appropriate placement on the planetary energy grid. i continue to address all these matters, both internally for my own reality, and in my ministry facilitating others, from the perspective of operating within nonduality by hopping time-lines. Those still engaged with duality are experiencing the turbulence of present time-nodes.

10th August 2015

Today brought a cure for blockages in people contacting me via telephone, which seems to have been ongoing all of this month. It seems that my land-line connected wired telephone had failed in a mode whereby it was blocking incoming calls. An intermittent short circuit would "answer" incoming calls, and then immediately drop them, so that neither did the telephone ring, nor did the call get routed to voice mail to leave me a message. Now that I've replaced the failed unit, all should be copacetic.
[At least for a while.]
i created this in order to remain focussed and clear for the major quantum leap we crystal faeries manifested for Kilauea, which took days of preparation, and days subsequent to solidly anchor.

11th August 2015

i am ahimsa white-hat, independent sovereign, operating fully in private status only, a peaceful woman upon the land. My kuleana is the 200mile radius sphere around the peak of Mt. Wialeale, except only out to the half-way point between the shores of Kaua'i and the neighbor isle O'ahu.


Faery blessings of unconditional love.
It feels that we have completed most of the work to divert chaotic energies from Kaua'i, particularly any influence from time-loop harmonics of the 1943-1983 "anomaly".

12th August 2015

Deep peace of alignment. Graceful flow of appropriateness.

Awaking very early, in the flow of transcendent energies, i find abundant nurturance for my soul, especially during the deep quiet when most are asleep.


Yay! i have clearly arrived in a new time-line! All the energy work I've been doing for my ahu'pua'a, (community), and for my island of Kaua'i, quantum shifting for ascension, has finally completed, and all the energies feel clear again. Finally, lightworker duties are abating for a while... Yay!

13th August 2015

OK... now i am again beginning to move forward on my own path. My fresh install of Debian 8 Jessie had been sitting for days after the basic install on my big laptop... pure, virginal, unupdated, and awaiting me to install all the extra software which comprises my "working set", and now I'm continuing upon the "Upgrade it, Read The Fine Manual, and Configure it adventure". That combined with a synchronistic hit of Suzanne Teng, (who is the single most inspiring human on this planet for me), playing Sierra. It's time to get my recording studio set-up here, now that I've finished anchoring in the 1st wave of ascension for Kilauea, and get busy playing flute, channelling in higher density energies as i was intitiated to do by the Hathors.
Yay! i enjoyed playing my flute this evening.

14th August 2015

Today we start with some feel-good vibes from Tekky's Flying Away.

15th August 2015

As i was reaching for words to describe the energetics associated with the change of cycles into this new moon, i realized that we are in a transitionary void, a null zone, and then it was like: "Doh!", and: "Of Course!", as i realized the null was the clear space which resulted from all our work to render harmless the time-node we have been clearing and healing this past week. It felt unusually "empty", and that's simply because we're patiently awaiting the alignments for the next steps of synergistic co-creation for New-Kilauea.

The nights sleep brought lucid dreams informing me of the overall energetic realities now active about Kaua'i, and the awareness that the negative factors are limited to play out in 4D-, and that 5D+ New Kaua'i is "on track".

16th August 2015

Yay! we have anchored into our new time-line of Kaua'i ascension.

Graceful flow of new connections bless us in our new reality.
Knowing that i make real whatever i focus upon, i have learned to have greater discernment, arriving at a clear intent, to dwell only in positive reality (co-)creator mode, which these days i share as: "what shall we cocreate in the now?"

17th August 2015
[Little Fairie]

Welcome to the world of faery magick. We are pleased to share with you New-Kilauea, in synergistic co-creation.

Today we received confirmation from others on the planet that we are passing through a time-node of great significance, and that emerging from this "fork in the road" it will be consequential which time-line has been chosen, individually, and collectively.

18th August 2015

The primary focus of my faery magick in my ministry, is to align ones lower "bodies" to their higher-self ascended template, and let that cause all clearing of incompatible energies, or invocation and amplification of energies into their lower bodies, rather than to perform olde-style "healings" of their lower density bodies.
The clarity of that connection is supported by the 8D-4D ascension portals we facilitate. crystal faery blessings for all who desire ascension.

19th August 2015

i was just triggered to calculate the astrology of the upcoming equinox and blood-moon, thus, an awareness we're only a handfull of weeks away. i am so much living in the flow of the now moment in neutrality, focussed upon my own kuleana (dharma) of New-Kilauea that i was not cognizing that others might be focussing on linear time of duality. Living in the now is the secret to remaining youthful!

20th August 2015

Yay! i was graced today with an opportunity to guide a soul back into their certainty about their path of creating their own reality. The 5th step, perseverence, of the time-line hopping process, is most challenging. Because we each create as much "time-delay" or "process" or "lessons" as we choose appropriate, it is often a question when impatience arises... "what is my lesson in this?", or "with what in the old reality am i still entangled?"
...questions which easily yield to a bit of clairvoyant reading.

21st August 2015

All is peaceful, calm, blanced, restful, graceful flow.

22nd August 2015

Yay! Another day begins with facilitating a dear soul to reconnect with her embodiment and her higher self, in ascended consciousness. Some of the brightest lights have been attacked, knocked down, into disconnection and hopelessness. Particularly susceptible are those of us who are being too responsible for others, often easily triggered by too much sensitivity and compassion for the suffering of others. It can easily feel hopeless to save all of humanity. But then, each human has to save their own self. Even the game of lightworker versus "stuff" is of duality, and it is now time to lift our heads up to ascended consciousness, and live in Gaia. Again, the how of this quantum-jump of reality which i was able to facilitate for this being, was the deliverance of an individual 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal, making a clean connection, connecting their 8D ascended higher self energy template pattern into the embodied aetheric, mental, astral, and physical bodies all the way down through 4D. It is so much more fun, so much more powerful, to let the resultant infusion of ones perfect energy patterns trigger alignment of all the lower bodies, in a shift of time-lines to a parallel-reality, than to "heal" each and every niggly little detail of what was inappropriate. What i find key in being able to deliver such quantum leaps to others, is their willingness to let go of all of their old reality, all of the dualities of 4D- reality, to transcend into 5D+ as their new reality. So, most of the actual "work" is this preparation, guiding the forgiveness and release of each and every polarity within duality, for any holding on to polarity blocks the transcension to non-duality.

23rd August 2015

Unconditional love is the answer.

24th August 2015

The bird of peace reminds us that one of the strongest significators of being in transcendent consciousness, is deep peace in ones heart and soul. Take a deep breath and choose to be unconditional love.

25th August 2015

How DebIan Linux™ is built, and verified.

Based on Debian, we have the development of the FreedomBox, which will put in people's own hands and under their own control encrypted voice and text communication, anonymous publishing, social networking, media sharing, and (micro)blogging:

26th August 2015
[XKCD 1569]

Let us affirm that in ascending we have transcended. Trust in the flow of appropriate manifestations initiated by your higher self. Change can be challenging, until we surrender to it.

27th August 2015

Faery blessings for all... may you find and live your highest joy, your greatest passion, your fondest dream, your deepest peace, and not take yourself so seriously that you can't giggle at it all, or shake it off!

28th August 2015

We are feeling that our energetic activations are all in place and stable for the next cycle of manifesting our gathering community of cocreators, and the creation occuring in non-dual realms is gracefully peaceful.

It is interesting to witness the lessons being triggered in duality amongst those in the surrounding realities. While i can appreciate the triumphs of "winning" within a struggle of dichotomous opposites, and the attachment to doing so, i persist in seeing realty from nonduality as a matter of transcending all of the dualities and (co-)creating new manifestation.

[mantid's DNA passport to use stargates]

OMG... this is so double plus un-good!
Alien abductee Simon Parkes is gleefully serving agendae he does not comprehend, yet it is blatantly obvious to anyone who's bothered to do deep research into the issues, that he is being used to grant access to our solar system to aliens / ETs who are not supposed to have access to be here. There are multiple stargate systems, some natural and some technological, control over which there have been wars for many thousands of years, and over which there are in place for some of them, protective artificial inteligences which determine under what conditions who can use which gates to go or come, in order to limit or prevent negative agendae. It is well known that one of the deciding factors in granting access is DNA. He has clearly indicated that he is a hybrid of 3 races, so it is obvious he was genetically engineered for this purpose. The primary races he serves and is hybrided with are the reptoids and the mantids. In this case he is dealing with primarily mantids and greys. The fact that he is consciously willingly serving agendae he does not comprehend, and knows that he's being used to grant access which is impossible without his help, is worse than holding conscious evil intent, it is willful ignornace and neglience, a complete abdication of responsibility for the consequences of his choices. That he has been elected to government office by humans is a further sign of danger. The confession to operating gates/portals for ETs is about 1000 seconds into this video. For the math impaired that's about 16 minutes.

29th August 2015

Today begins with a lesson about dealing with family relationship dynamics. It is by the vibrations we hold within, the inner "reality" we choose energetically, that we attract the outer mirror reflection thereof. Be grateful for the reality you prefer and are choosing internally, even while you still have to deal with (in neutral transcendence), the life reality your body is experiencing. With persistence, your manifest reality will shift. This is where faith comes in... not blindly believing in something which is clearly not (yet) "true", but beleiving in your power as reality creator to hop time-lines to a different preferred parallel-reality.

i have just a little more time to blog before i focus on my own full moon manifesting work for New-Kilauea.

Observing energetics at the Kilauea ArtWalk (Last Saturday), i had great appreciation of the mellowness and flowing interweaving of everyone.

Incidentally, today is the first anniversary of our Kilauea Synergy Ball.

30th August 2015

As the sun rises and the moon sets and a gentle rain falls, all feels deeply peaceful in our ahupua'a (watershed).

Wow. Humans living duality. No thanks.
After a visit to "the world" for sustenance, crystalfaery girl retreats to her asylum.

31st August 2015

It has been a wonderful waxing moon, bringing to light many energies and beings to bless with unconditional love and with faery blessings, to send upon their own journies, having done the discernment and sorting, to make completions with the incompatible, retaining only those who bring positive synergy to our relating. Now i can move forward with manifesting in constructive synergistic cocreation for New-Kilauea. Already new beings are arriving and connecting in nonduality... Yay!
Oh, and the history of this place is the key for those of us old souls who have Lemurian past lives, as to what we have to manifest, to build New-Kaua'i, starting with New-Kilauea.

We (crystal faeries) close this month with an exhortation to all beings of higher consciousness to step forward as reality co-creators, to actively focus upon creating the positive alternative reality, and cease paying any attention to the beings and realities which are on the downward spiral.
I (tomril) am focussed upon the sovereign space of Kaua'i and specifically the ahupua'a of Kilauea, and welcome cocreators ready to playfully synergize in nonduality.

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