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3rd September 2016

"There is no real ascension to the 4th and 5th Dimensions [ / Density ]; these dimensions are within's prison and only lead to another trap. However, there will probably be a descension, if i may call it that. The 4th and 5th Dimensions are most likely analogue to what Post[mankind] will experience once they are in the Singularity. [Remember] that the channeled entities who teach about ascension are mostly hive-communities with a hive consciousness. [Contemplate] that their real purpose is to steer people towards the Singularity [...]? Look at the evidence and research it for yourself if you believe in the ascension agenda. The 4th and 5th Dimensions are most likely the virtual reality dimensions Post[mankind] will reach from being connected with the Singularity. It's at the point of the Singularity that the fake "ascension" will most likely occur."
-- Wes Penre

Ultimately, the only thing which is worthwhile, is escaping from's prison. We now know that the popular versions of spiritual "ascension", the increasingly popular cyborg "singularity", and the "go through the tunnel of white light upon death, to be forced back into re-incarnation upon Ea-Rth", are all ways of staying in's prison. Entirely escaping the lower densities back to the KHAA / Void is the only liberation of one's eternal soul, and thence, to go to Orion if its reality is appealing / harmonious to our essential nature, or to wander to any other reality of the KHAA. That i have arrived at this knowing prior to accepting as my future, any of the traps to stay emprisoned, is perhaps the greatest blessing of all. i therefore share it as more-or-less my final "ascension blog" entry, for beyond this knowing, i shall be focussing upon my flute music, until i am complete with this incarnation, and take the new me and all I've learned here in the Milky-Way Galaxy, home to my Tomril Universe.

I'm changing the subtitle of this blog from "ascension blog" to "divine love consciousness blog", for i have completed my ascension to open up to, and be consciously operating in, the next octave of densities, beginning with 9D, and therefore am no longer focussed upon any process of ascension to blog about, rather i am dwelling in the realm of KRST consciousness, of love, and shall prioritize expression of the higher frequencies thereof, as I was initiated to do by the Hathors, via playing my flute.

i have completed all karma, and terminated all contracts, and disentangled from all limiting DNA programming, and from all lower densities, and more importantly, I have completed all energies i had been investing into "perfecting old time-lines", which was primarily completing my old roles as:

as i have been directed:

Since writing my blog was initiated by my awakening to my 8D crystal faeries family collective consciousness, and I've now opened to our 9D consciousness, in such an integrated manner that our collective consciousness is wherein my consciousness dwells, the awakening process, the integration process, the adjusting-my-life-to that level of consciousness, from my previous consciousness perspective, has completed, and therefore it has been a while since the bulk of content of my daily blogging has been about the process of ascension, and has instead been more about living in the 8D consciousness while awaiting those around me who were not in the 1st wave of ascension to "catch up" to unity consciousness, and we now see that even here in Kilauea, the old reality is kicking strongly in its death throes.

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