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1st June 2015

It is ever a wonder, from a given point of view, how others can be so dishonorable, a surprise to an ensouled lightbeing, which forces me to remember, that in duality, we are certainly not created equal. We may look physically like one human Gaia race, but we are several variants co-existing.

As i was chatting with a friend today, i noticed myself sharing my experience that i find great peace in relating with the world, and am only bothered by my sense of expression, my need for congruence between my essence and my expression thereof, and the slowness of change in physical manifestation.

In the same chat with friend, we correlated very strange energies and issues observed across great geographic distance, across this just passed weekend, and likewise as expressed by customers for whom i minister. A big theme is lower chakra self judgment and self image being triggered, as alignment with higher self is anchoring. This summarizes as release of conditional programming, the conditional approval and disapproval we have "bought into" typically during childhood, and likewise our resulting relationship expectations. As we are all being triggered to integrate our inner yin and yang, the outer expression thereof in relating is also being rebalanced, and therefore our habitual roles are disrupted into authentic new balance. Where there is resistance to change, or attachment to patterns contradictory to higher self truth, there are extremes of unbalance formed within, and therefore expressed with others.

As we ascend into higher self consciousness, we are integrating not just the present embodyment, but also multiple other incarnations, which some call "past"-lives, so the issues, beliefs, and miasmas thereof, are also surfacing to be integrated.

The question arose: "Do you 'do' 'past'-life regressions for others?"
No, i make no attempt to have someone re-experience any of their "past"-lives. The main reason for this is it can be very entertaining, much like visiting the libary and looking at all the videos one can check-out, take-home, and view on ones tele-screen, but ultimately a waste of time unless something particularly relevant is brought forward into present time conscious knowing and is applicable to living in this incarnation...
otherwise it easily devolves into an ego fulfillment wish game...
"Ooooh, tell me i was somebody important / valuable".
It is much more productive to have their higher-self choose a set of information extracted from other incarnations, (yours or someone elses), relevant to your purpose or mission in this incarnation, and download it into one's crown chakra for integration into the incarnation. Soon one simply has better "knowing" which feels authentic, for the vibration is in harmony with ones own spirit, but without all the gory or glorious drama of the "past"-lives.
Oh, yes, i did ask at one point: "Who in the Bible was I?"
The answer (via another psychic) was: "Ruth".
...meanwhile, i have a life to live on Kaua'i.


Through it all i keep coming back to:
"Unconditional love is the answer."
"Was there a question?"
and that percept yields as consequence:
Ahimsa means accepting others without trying to change them, which brings me full circle to the beginning of today's posting, dealing with those whose first choice is to seek help to change everyone around them, so that they won't have to change anything about themself. Dishonoring the essence of others, and / or one's contracts with others, is the essential opposite of ahimsa.

2nd June 2015

Graceful gentle flowing of energies of New-Gaia provide the environment for today's creations.

3rd June 2015

The crystaline consciousness grid is flowing easily today as there is a minimum of interference and a maximum of aligned support.

If you're not giggly happy, then you must not be looping this.

4th June 2015

"Everything you can imagine exists in some time-line...
knowing that, i, tomril, spirit incarnate, am choosing my path, what does guide me is the simple question:
"Does this raise frequency, increase joy and love, and is it in alignment with ahimsa?" All my guidance from "higher self" is already in alignment with the divine-plan, and if i actually had options, i wouldn't be receiving "guidance", I'd be left to pursue my own passion. Also, i operate as much as possible as "higher self" consciousness embodied, from which viewpoint i may at times observe: "my ego-personality has another preference" than my conscious focus.

It was always a principle of health in all my training and practice as a healer, that health and wholism are integrative, that splits or divisions are dis-ease, in the dualistic paradigms i previously worked within, whereas transcendent perspective includes integrating multiple ("past-")lives into one consciousness directing this incarnation in the eternal now of divine flow.

5th June 2015

We interrupt our irregularly unscheduled channelling, for a brief message shared by the channel herself... who just synchronistically stumbled across this message:
"Here is the thing: People fucking despise trans women. Often the nicest thing they can think of to say to trans women is:
'Gosh, you are so little like a trans woman!'
Being trans is something to avoid, to exclude, to escape, at worst to nobly bare up under.

If you present in a traditionally feminine way, you are just being a misogynistic parody of a woman, and if you fail to present in a traditionally feminine way, well ha! There is the proof that you are not really a woman right there. And even if you are 'really a woman', that might not be enough."

As the process of ascension brings us up out of physical-world-only, body-is-all-that-is-real, veiled unconsciousness, to the awareness that we are eternal spirits who have in most cases, not only incarnated in both sexes of sexed body types, but may also have non-human-body incarnations to integrate as well, we are all really going to have to "get over" our expectations regarding gender and sex.

6th June 2015

Today brought opportunities to advise regarding physical health, and thereby the awareness of the appropriateness of the moment, trusting ones body to communicate its needs, and the importance of listening to those body messages, rather than getting lost in mental beliefs about "what is right".

i finally know that i deserve to be the happy and thriving female i choose to be and deserve to be, without having to delay it or sacrifice it until i rescue all my sisters from the patriarchy... they have to release themselves from their own choices.

7th June 2015

Blah... it's too hot to move. What is that "saying"?
"Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun!"

It has been nice to have the opportunity to review and release, with great clarity of sober contemplation, that which is obsolete, outgrown, outrageously inappropriate, or overly dramatic in duality. As Mercury now orbs into stationing prior to going direct, it is time to complete not only the obvious forgiveness leading to release, but also the responsibilities, obligations, duties, or other illusions of why one has to fix or rescue others from their choices and / or lessons. i can see how the review process invoked examples of the inappropriate, and how i simply cannot afford to dabble in energies, games, or dualities.

8th June 2015

Being deeply anchored in gentle appropriateness is a wonderful self-created reality of grace.

We are enjoying seeing more time-line "hops" completing, as friends manifest their new realities reflecting their ascended essence. The process of releasing all but essence may present challenges, but once accomplished, leaves something pure and simple, and with so much peace, as it is of unity consciousness.

9th June 2015

It is with greatfull grace we find the flow, of dwelling in transcendence. While events and relatings continue to pass, only the loving creation and creation of loving, has any meaningful content of note. Ascension energetics and codon activations supersede healings.

10th June 2015

We are very much aware of the difference between the KRYSTAL process of becoming (ascending), and the KRYSTHL state of being (ascended).
Whereas in the past the celeste was more in process becoming tomril, and more focussed on change and the passage of time, and therefore also upon predictions of timings, the tomril embodied is content simply to be present now, and do whatever is authentically motivated by core soul essence.

"[...]those who refuse to awaken feed those who control them [...]"

11th June 2015

An observation correlating a number of synchronistic sources converged into a pattern noticed with many incarnates...
the changes of our times are leaving many uncertain, unconfident, and that is particularly threatening to the masculine gender role, so much based in confidence. So the message is, let it be OK to release the old confidence in the old reality, in order to be free to ascend into the new reality, where new confidence will naturally arise over time.

12th June 2015

We are observing others to be sorting through their energies, discarding those not of their new time-lines, embodying those aligned with their preferred reality, a completion of Mercury Rx.

13th June 2015

Yay, progress in the SAFE Network Roadmap.

Graceful flow of goddess sharing blessed our evening.

14th June 2015

We are moving through an energetic gateway in time for collective reality. We crystal faeries are activating higher consciousness emphasis via our ascension portal network. Balancing energies of duality allows transcendence to unity consciousness. Calm peaceful harmony with all that is, including the contrast and duality around us, is a foundation for healthy life.

Later in the day, by contrast, as if to test my practice of the principles which came in early morning awareness, today's physical world activities brought challenges of failure in transportation and mobility. As i have been learning, i simply responded as necessary to work around the failures, and did not assign any meanings to the events, and with no meanings assigned, remained emotionally neutral, calm, and peaceful. One might wonder at the synchronicity of one journey into the world producing both a broken shoe and a flat tire, but i just chose to "leave it in the mystery" rather than getting all left-brained analytical. That was my lesson du jour, choosing to release as much as possible, all left-brained logical ego-personality, and consequently, a lesson many will now find relevant, but maybe only a few will manage as i have. Our processing of written language, therefore reading webpages (yes, like this one), e-mails, or SMS text messages, or live chat (e.g. IRC or other interactive text chat), places our consciousness into our left-brained ego personality, and takes our attention away from our right-brained intuitive feminine imaginative creative spiritual no-time no-space transcendent ascended consciousness. In alignment with my intent to live in ascended consciousnes i am prioritizing voice communication over text.

15th June 2015

After yesterafternoon's transportation failures, and a number of computer glitches this morning, i could easily be convinced we were entering rather than leaving a period of Mercury Retrograde.

With big mahalos to the mechanics at Kaua'i Cycle, I'm on a roll again! i got to visit with friends in and from Kapa'a, my ex-town, and continue the Mercury Rx review and release. Time travel, time-lines, parallel-realities, and "reality (co-)creation", and our opinions versus those of various "others" all were subject of discussion, as well as brief mention that there are those who are on ("biblical") "armageddon time-lines" and those who are engaging the contrast and conflict of duality in a version of collective consciousness.

16th June 2015

i am experiencing quantum leaps in appropriateness, alignment to essence, and claiming of honor in relating, based in transcendent consciousness. Having achieved certainty of our Gaia reality, and new modality of facilitating others, it is time to no longer engage in the old paradigms of dualistic realities, thus i find myself saying "no" to old patterns.

i have been in no rush to fully unpack and compute the jigsaw puzzle of how to fit my "stuff" into my little studio apartment.
...and yet...
somehow today was time to order an upgrade of internet service, so that i can again run my own servers and domains, and hostess my own data.

17th June 2015

We are sensing with the energy gateway of our new moon, an activation of Crystal beings, facilitating the anchoring of the 1st wave of ascension into New-Gaia time-lines.

18th June 2015

Having retired early the previous evening, i was blessed to awake at the ideal channelling time of 3AM local, transiting through lucid dreaming state, with awareness of our energy work cocreating within New-Gaia. We are thoroughly enjoying the appropriateness of ascended reality.

19th June 2015

We continue to hold Kaua'i's 8D ascension portal, and Kilauea's synergy globe as anchored and grounded New-Gaia manifestation. The complete balance and calm is an excellent indication of appropriateness and purity.

20th June 2015

Energies of past reality continue to surface to be forgiven and released, as anchoring in new reality flushes incompatible patterns.

Intent to relate in transcendent reality, can leave one relatively unseen by the masses.

21st June 2015

As summer solstice is upon us, we are appreciative of our blessings of living appropriately in the light.

The solstice has brought great healing, a quantum leap of anchoring into transcendent reality.

22nd June 2015

i am insisting that to be a "friend" in Gaia, requires being in "reality creator" mode.

One's right of free will choice is sacred. That we each create our own reality, is absolute. When another says: "I choose for myself", my only 5D+ option is to say: "You go girl!". When another says: "I can't", my only honest response is to say: "I won't validate that as other than your own choice." If you're one for whom i minister, I'll be asking you if you're ready to claim your choice as reality creator. From all of my guidance from my crystal faeries family, and my practice, that is very definitely the time to step into reality creation, or co-creation, to hop time-lines. This is what has brought me to New-Gaia Kilauea.

23rd June 2015
[birthday cake]

Yay, another summer solstice rebirth! I rebirth every summer and winter solstice.

24th June 2015
[Fairy Tales]

Welcome to International Fairy Day, (the day after my body's birthday).

Wow... lots of activity, all flowing in neutrality, process sometimes challenging, while producing a better future.

25th June 2015

i love divine timing. Most appropriate flow. Guided synchronicity. Surrendering to guidance of when to act in any particular direction. Receiving the blessings of cooperative synergy as the world supports my flow, and my flow supports the world, with my appropriate contributions.

For i, tomril, of the crystal faeries, this always includes cocreation with my 8D family, and my favorite cocreation is our flow with the nature divas of Kaua'i, especially here in my beloved Kilauea, to bike during dry weather and yet receive the regular blessings of rain showers.

26th June 2015

We are experiencing a state of grace in energetic balance.

As if to test the balance, unpredictable events challenging expectations or any insistence upon control or order, give practice staying in the flow of now.

27th June 2015

Today starts with the lesson of surrender to spiritually guided flow rather than ego-directed "order". Not everyone is comfortable with "chaos", the absolute unpredictability of a divine life, but the more an ego attempts to "lock things down", the more it succeeds in squeezing all the joy and passion out of, what it's calling "life", but which is no longer alive. It is the reptilian fear-based root chakra which seeks control. We have to get out of the consciousness of fear or scarcity, to feel abundant, to thrive.

The instruments of regulation, which completely sabotage divine flow, start with the calendar and the clock. The next interrupter of flow, is that little beep, from your smartphone, declaring: "You have SPAM!". Really, it is not relevant unless it's happening with your body. The more time we spend in our mind, in text, in time, interacting with mental illusions of people rather than those around us, the less "life" there is in our "living"

Does it not feel much better to have pleasant surprises? But certainly not as "safe" as: "Today went according to (fear-based) planning!"
The more one lives spontaneously (I sleep when I'm tired), and the less from mental belief, ((mis-)leading Doctors recommend 8 hours of shut-eye/night), the more one can have a magical divine passionate fun playful life.
...but then...
you're reading the ramblings of a seelie faery :-)

i don't ever set an alarm to wake up by. i frequently, (as today), am awoken by a call from someone who is seeking my ministry. It is always a delight to take their call, and facilitate their reconnecting with their own soul, and release whatever ego-illusions they've wandered off into.

Have a completely unpredictable day...
faery blessings for you!

28th June 2015

Aahh... grace, balance, peace, appropriateness. It is by agreement of will, by shared intent, by holding a similar intent of a cocreated reality, that we can enjoy a collective reality in peace. New-Gaia is blessed by both much respect for difference, and much agreement of a cocreated shared reality, of unity consciousness and honoring and respect for all, that through alignment of intent, we share non-duality.

As i work to configure my internetworking, i am observing a great deal of strangeness, which i traced down to being a misconfiguration inside of and by HawaiianTelCom. Diagnosing problems, and all the left brain logic, is exhausting to me now. But there appears much to do yet. Sigh...

29th June 2015

Infrastructure is a priority. Life is 90% maintenance. HawaiianTelCom still has not fixed my internet service.

30th June 2015

It has been interesting to watch others either finally release completely in response to my new boundaries, or approach me anew, starting a new relationship in honor and appropriateness. Boundaries are wonderful. Clarity is essential to good boundaries. Knowing ones appropriateness is an essential first step. Asserting the appropriateness as a boundary is necessary communication. Holding fast in the vibration of one's appropriate time-line is the persistence which eventually manifests it.

As the first wave of ascension moves out of duality into peace and balance, the remaining ones in duality are getting more polarized within duality, as it's their last chance to create intense polarity. Meanwhile, i observe all of that with much more detachment and neutrality than every before.

In ministry this evening i was sharing the ascension process, and guiding one to complete releasing old reality, and the grieving that necesitated, in order to claim the new reality, and shared something i don't recall if i blogged before. When i was in my rebirth process of ascension, i had a moment of awareness as i transcended through a portal, that i had to go naked through the portal, that i had to shed everything but my own essence, as only my essence could "ascend", or from a different perspective, that "there", there was only esence, and to ascend consciousness to perceive that essence correctly, i had to shed all else to see it, thus summarizing: "We go as naked essence through the ascension portal".

As we enter this evenings gateway or portal to a new energy, everything of the old reality is clearing away, alignment to the new is gracefully flowing into place, and appropriateness simply is peaceful balance.

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