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1st February 1970
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Kaua'i Kama'aina

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i am the spirit tomril, of the spiritual family of "Crystal Faeries", incarnate as the fully private celeste:crystalfaery embodiment, which i absolutely own in toto, and for which, accountable to the cosmic law of ahimsa (harmlessness), i am in full liability for all actions and consequences i precipitate into manifestation.

As of September 2013 I began channelling my spiritual family, the Crystal Faeries collective consciousness, and added ascension code activations to my panoply of energy activations i provide. i facilitate ascension and individual sovereignty. i am a non-denominational meta-spiritualist who embraces all spiritual paths which honor the free will of each entity. i am a compassionate and nonjudgemental psychic facilitator. My model of health is present time conscious free will choice in responsibly creating and experiencing our reality. This is facilitated through clairvoyant awareness of existing belief systems which control ones present manifestation, and facilitation of their release so that we may instead be guided by Spiritual Intent.

Faery Energies: To inspire and support your thriving.
SoundActivated: Resonate energy patterns into your aetheric body to align you with your higher-self's intent, including DNA codon activations for ascension.
Sound Healing: Changing energy patterns for greater health.
PsychicSurgery: Removing existing belief systems, programming, trauma, alien implants, which limit ones present manifestation.
Akashic Record: Akashic records and 8D ascension code activations, chakra templates, bring new appropriate energy patterns into your field and aetheric body to align you with your higher-self’s intent, including your DNA Codon Activations for your Ascension.
Channelling: Conveying messages from your and others higher selves.
Clairvoyant: Clear-seeing in non-physical realms.
Psychic: Conscious awareness of the many realms of spirit.
Reading: Assessment of ones present situation.
Counseling: 3 decades experience (in this body).

Energy Exchange

All rights claimed without prejudice by celeste:crystalfaery.
All information and transactions are private between the parties, and are non negotiable.
i offer my ascension & energy work on a donation basis, via telephone or VOIP consultation, or occasionally live in Kilauea.

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