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1st February 1970

8D Angelic Crystal Faeries Ascension Portal - How

Pre-Ascension Process of Becoming

Since the ascended reality transcends all dichotomy and polarity, the primary "process" which must be embraced is one of neutralizing all polarities and transcending them, within ones consciousness, and within ones energy fields, including the physical, emotional / astral, mental, and spiritual / aetheric "bodies". This includes not only the limited realm of active consciousness, but also the higher realm of "super-conscious" and the lower realm of "sub-conscious".


The process of integrating, clearing, neutralizing the sub-conscious requires becoming conscious of what was previously ignored. Forgiveness and acceptance are the primary keys of transcending polarity, as we can "go neutral" about those energies we've accepted. Sometimes accepting and allowing an energy is completely disconnecting from it in the knowing that it is not appropriate for ones self.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." -- Carl Jung


The "super-"conscious is also known as our "higher-self". The single most important issue in the ascension process, is the releasing of historical patterns, and the maintenance of neutrality. For the individuated ensouled being who must accomplish their own individual ascension individually, this is the single most important aspect of "living". Because what we receive, experience, and are surrounded by, is a mirror of our internal energies, the primary key in this is to focus on positive feelings in our hearts, and upon positive imagery in our minds-eye, to be in a state of gratitude or appreciation for the preferred reality, even when it is not yet manifest around us.

Ascended State of Being

While there are aspects of this condition applicable to and characteristic of each of the realms of our existence, they are to some extent independent, and therefore may be arrived at independently, finally summing to a total state of ascended reality in all realms. The natural progression thereof will be to work up through the densities from the physical, through the astral / emotional, then through the mental, to finally the spiritual.

Physically we must stop identifying with limited realities. i must know that i am not my body, merely dwelling in it, merely travelling in it, and via it, experiencing the lower densities of duality. All dualities are of a lower realm i visit, but none of them are "real" to my transcendent eternal self.

Emotionally i must achieve neutrality... the one "emotional" state which is sustainable being "OK" -- neutrality.

Mentally i realize that because my thoughts and feelings create reality, the appropriate thoughts to entertain, to hold, to intend into manifestation, are those which respect the sovereignty of every individual, empower all, harm none, and allow for the magickal synergy of cocreation through alignment of shared will.

Spiritually i cognize the independent realms of individual sovereignty, and seek the cocreated shared realms of positive synergy for the joy of shared cocreation. Each individual must be allowed by their own free will to unplug from collective illusion and find higher truth.

Lightbody Ascension Code Activation

Lightbody Alignment involves transmuting our bodies at the cellular level to embody higher frequencies of Divine Light and Consciousness. The rate of our alignment is determined by our ability to surrender our individual will and to follow our Divine Will. As Light energy is integrated into our cellular structure it raises the vibrational level of our bodies (physical, emotional, and mental), releasing the emotions and beliefs programmed from the illusions of Collective Consciousness. As our bodies align with our Lightbody Template, everything at lower levels is either transmuted or released from our reality. Our physical body feels whole and complete, and becomes the Vehicle of our Divine Essence it was meant to be. Our emotional body releases fear, pain and struggle, and allows our Heart to open to Joy. Our mental body allows our conscious mind to receive the truth of our multidimensional knowing from the Source. We may then follow our Spirit without hesitation as we walk in the Light.

Clairvoyant reading of our aetheric energy patterns identifies beliefs, programming, pain, and subconscious or denied choices, which control our manifestation, (contrary to our conscious awareness and choices), facilitating the release of these energies, and the alignment of the lower bodies with our Lightbody.

Bio-Radionics energy transmissions facilitate incorporating missing or weak energy frequencies into your light body. The entire spectrum of YLO (Young Living™ essential Oils) are available for subtle energy transmission to bring balance, as well as any other patterns accessed from the akakshic records.

The 8D Ascension Codes of the Angelic Crystal Faeries and your own Akashic Records are available for subtle energy transmission to activate DNA.

celeste channels from the Source, Divine Love, Light and Truth, to inspire us to higher awareness of our divine purpose and will, and to manifest the embodiment of our divine essence and hearts joy via lightbody alignment.

celeste:crystalfaery; +1(808)822-5272
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