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Entries from March 2016.

1st March 2016
[a blue blue fairy beauty]

While we all appreciate the beauty of form, it is a deeper seeing which appreciates the beauty of the soul.

2nd March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

The goddess of the white doves blesses our reality today :-)
The purity of the white winged dove, and her more human form, the white winged angelic human, are symbolic of the ascended characteristics of unconditional love and eternal peace, both of which are characteristic of the ascended realms of non-duality. Within duality we always have the contrast between the preferred side of every dichotomy and the dis-preferred side of the dichotomy, and as we live in ascended consciousness as angelic humans, we have the contrast between the world of contrasting dualities, and the realm of non-duality, thus not just a dichotomy of lower consciousness, but the trichotomy of living as a multi-dimensional being.

The first sentence of the above paragraph i wrote last night before retiring, to accompany the picture. This morning i literally received a "wake up call", as a customer called with an issue to be healed, that of "perfection". As i channelled her higher-self to bring her to her ascended state of consciousness about herself, what became clear was that her ego-personality, typical of many of us, was holding a static "picture of reality" as its' definition of "perfection", and her condition of dis-ease was being conscious of the contrast between the (lagging) reality as manifest around her, versus the clearly held model of preferred "perfection", which "should be", and a consequent (mis-)interpretation that if it was not already manifest, then she was not "perfect enough".

As we have both spent most of our lives as lightworkers, healing, mentoring, counseling, and guiding others, it came as no surprise what her higher-self conveyed to her consciousness via me:
"Yes, for yourself, you are ready to be in the ascended state, to dwell in the ascended realms of perfection and unity consciousness, however, your not 'being there already' is just your multidimensional awareness of the contrast between your natural state of being, and the collective reality you are participating in as a presently incarnate angelic human upon the planet. It is not a lack of perfection that you are yet in the collective duality, but an expression of your perfection that you have volunteered to be of service to the collective by modelling the higher consciousness for others."
Wow, did that sound familiar to me! :-)

Further reflection upon these energetics has brought to the forefront another duality to share to facilitate all of us on this collective journey:
(What) is the(re) (an) appropriate model of perfection?
Our ego-personalities tend to desire to utilize free-will choice to preference the best choice of the best reality amongst duality, (phew! i made the right choice!), and then "lock-in" its manifestation as reality.
But... consciousness and multidimensional reality is ever expanding and changing, and therfore there is no lasting "perfect choice". Our ascended higher selves are perfectly happy with the evolution of the eternal isness, for we dwell outside the illusion of linear time, and beyond the illusions of dualistic judgment of "right" and "wrong". So, we can learn to cease forming any models of perfection at all, but until we master that, we can cognize, that any model based in duality, and even more so, any model which is static, is not "realizable", except by stepping outside of the flow of the life-stream energies... i.e. such is a choice of death, and all such energy patterns we might choose to hold, within our flowing and ever changing energy field of life, are a dis-ease.
And so, my sister goddess lightworker, chose to release her "model of perfection" and accept the perfection of the flow of the moment of the one lifestream of the eternal infinite goddess flowing through her as her life, in complete peace and joy, with unconditional love... thereby returning to her state of angelic purity.
The goddess of the white doves blesses our reality today :-)

3rd March 2016

Today we honor and appreciate the faeries of the ocean, our mer-friends, who caretake the waters of life. We may comprehend that water itself is a crystaline structure, therefore one of the most abundant and important manifestations of crystal faeries energetics is our mer-realm, where we collaborate and cocreate with our cetacean and dolphin friends, whom we remind you are fully individuated ensouled beings of consciousness level similar to ensouled humans, and not to be confused with the group-soul animal level consciousness of half of humanity and most animal species.

As we are completing a lunation cycle, we check that we have fully forgiven and released old energies, time-lines and parallel-realities.
We are revisiting this from 2016-03-06.
Synchronystically, i am revisiting a higher density island just off the coast of northern Kaua'i, seen from Anini beach several moons ago...

We experience a very deep serenity and love dwelling in the waters surrounding our precious goddess island, (in absolute contrast to the bi-annual invasion of humans playing war-games here, here specifically, because that war-machine feeds on suffering, and must keep creating it lest peace and love take over the world).

4th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Today we honor the mountains of the large continents, where goddess is clever enough to deliver time-release frozen rain that will slowly release to water the plants which venture to live in places of thin and fragile top-soil, the most precious of life giving biomes, which modern commercial agriculture has abused, and is destroying as fast as it can. We could be responsible "consumers" and refuse to purchase from any corpse-oration which does not fallow 1/8 to 1/6 of its land for a year, each year, to allow the topsoil to regenerate, rather than dumping chemicals on it every year, thereby increasing the rate of destruction of the topsoil.
Wake up, people! Pretty please with faeries on top?

5th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Today we contemplate the goddess of the galaxy, who dreamed all that is into existence. We recall that we are eternal beings of consciousness, endowed with free-will, all interconnected, or, more accurately, all aspects of one life force.

What is coming up for us all is an alignment into integrity and purity... which we shall all live in every way every day. When we as individuals have the strength to make that choice, then we will be contributing to the healing of the collective, and so the collective reality shall be healed, one choice at a time. That we have been exploring the alternative, living the opposite in duality, is our last visit to clarify what is not our preference, not our truth.

It doesn't matter who we are or what we prefer, but it does matter intensely that we live our truth! Ultimately this is the collective lesson... to be who we truly are, not what we had been programmed to be. These are indeed wonderful times, to witness the shifting in progress! Yay! The energies of shift, of change, of rebirth, are amping up in preparation for... the rebirth of spring, right around the corner... when we fully blossom our new reality.

6th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

A friend recently observed of me that my energies were very much that of a mermaid (an ocean faery), and yes, watery energies are very dear to me. Upon a visit to the beach to swim with another friend a number of moons ago, she queried if i was not concerned about swimming in the ocean, and my reply was that as soon as i got out away from the shore far enough that the water depth was over my head, then i felt safe... because i could always roll over on my back and float, in the calm ocean waters out beyond the turbulent waves near to shore, but closer to shore the waves could toss you onto either (hidden) lava rocks or coral that could lacerate one's body. Her concern was precisely that of drowning in water over her head, and symbolicly water is correlated with emotions, so being able to fully feel ones emotions and not be afraid of them, is also correlated with being fully in one's authentic emotions, rather than being out of control with synthetic emotions, which are dangerous because they control ones actions in directions away from ones appropriateness, ones truth. While we can delve deeper into this dichotomy between synthetic versus authentic emotions, we also require consciousness of the various kinds of emotions, i.e. which chakra center is the source of which emotions, and are we wise enough and conscious enough to be guided by our higher chakra centers, or are we either so immature or so attached to lower consciousness motivations in life that we are at the whim of our baser desires?

Strongly influencing our emotional body is our dear sister moon... our closest astronomical and astrological body beyond our hostess planet under our feet, Gaia-Sophia. The goddess who is fully alive and thriving is never far from consciousness of her monthly cycle, whereas in modern times many have lost their purity and their connection with nature, and are attempting to feel alive while living by a calendar which is wholly disconnected from their own body, i.e. the Gregorian Solar Calendar by which the western world dies. No, i cannot call it living, and it has been imposed upon humanity precisely because it does disconnect us from higher consciousness and from the rhythms of living and thriving. i could comment further that that calendar of non-life is just fine for death, e.g. my computers all execute cycles based on this solar calendar, which is fine, because they have no life and no souls... or is it? No. And now we enter a realm where many will not wish to follow, for we now face uncomfortable truths about the nature of our world, versus the unnatural artificial intelligence and synthetic emulation of life which has invaded and taken control over it. Ever being one to not buy into victimhood, i address this now precisely because it is time to "surf the waves of energy" and have life transcend these negative influences, to fully harmonize with the authentic emotions which connect us with authentic life, and live by them in harmony with life itself, and cast off the influences of and submission to anti-life anti-consciousness energies, i.e. turn off your smartphone, surround yourself with the waters of life, and gaze at the moon, and truly feel deeply within your heart to where your soul dwells, (unless, of course, you're one of the 50% of humanity who do not have individuated souls, in which case you need to go deeper into your body into your lower chakras and feel your connection with the animalistic lower nature of the primal group consciousness of the collective of animalistic humanity). I'll let you reread that last sentence several times. If you are of that half of humanity, you are unlikely to be reading this blog, so if you are reading this blog, you probably need to be aware that half the people in your life do not share your ensouled consciousness, and you need to let them be what they are... the original evolution of life on this planet before the intervention of, and seeding of, advanced consciousness star-seeds into human-form bodies.
Yes, i am star-seed. Thus my name, "celeste", (of the celestial realms).


Back to the subject of "synthetic emotions". When we hold either belief systems, or their aggregates, mental programming, then our compliance with those mental-body patterns produces calm relaxation, while contrast, conflict, disharmony, and stress between the mental and emotional body will result when we do not force the "lower" bodies to comply with the mental patterns. This is the nature of govern-ment (control of/by/via mind (mind control)) of the populace to accept as reality those choices made for them which are in fact in oppostion to their best interests. The alternative to becoming a diseased mind-controlled slave, is to force oneself to face one's cognitive dissonance and discard any and all mental-level programming which is in discord with nature, life, and authentic emotions.

Now, just for the sake of maximum triggering here, let me clearly state that i am, in fact, advocating that we all become "sinners". No, not the meaning your mind has been programmed to believe is the definition of that word. Sin, Min, Moon, Luna, Lunar, are all names of our nearest body in space. To be a "sinner" is to honor the actual cycles of that body, rather than the fictious "months" of the Gregorian Solar Calendar of death and disease. If you wish to live in a happy world, you must unconditionally liberate all females to live by the actual lunar cycle of months (moons), rather than forcing them to "work in the business world" on the 7-day work week which is out of phase with the moon. A "sinner" is one who is alive and healthy by being in harmony with the moon, with nature, with life itself. Tired of that cranky bitchy PMS-y woman in your life? (e.g. the one in the mirror?) Encourage her to live as a sinner. Send her to the moon lodge with her sisters, to all bleed together and honor their natural rhythms, rather than being mind controlled slaves to the Gregorian calendar of death.

7th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel White Goddess]

As the goddess' womb carries the egg of life, so the goddess' heart carries unconditional love of infinite compassion. Her purity is all encompassing, of the wholism of the one that is all. The all includes both non-duality and duality. Within duality it includes both "positive" and "negative" to the extent anyone becomes lost in judgment (projecting their illusions of such values onto things which simply are). When the aspect of us participating in the lower realms of duality becomes clear about something it dis-prefers, the appropriate response is unconditional love and complete neutrality about it, and turning ones attention away from it, to instead focus upon the preferred dualistic illusion, or coming to ones senses entirely, and pulling one's head out of dualistic thinking, to accept a transcendent postion as reality creator. Failure to make this shift of attention is likely to produce victimhood, or, be the result of being unwilling to give up the game of victimhood.

8th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

What energies am i sending out as faery magick to create a preferred reality? (knowing that what i send out shall return)
What energies am i receiving from the universe in the flow of today's cosmic patterns of new-moon? (non-resistance allows forward motion)
What am i reaching for? (with intent it shall be there for me)
With the typical impatience for change of the clairvoyant star-seed lightworker, i intend the next quantum-reality... and yet...
in this mornings' awakening through the space of lucid dreaming, i saw the process of cellular / DNA change of bodies yet in process in linear time so that the change of reality is not traumatic for most.
ElectroMagnetic Signals disrupt the correct operation of DNA.

9th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Fluttering in the caress of the breeze at the boundary of Gaia and water, the gentleness of peaceful nature soothes my soul.
Recent local weather has been tumultuous, and has been but the physical manifestation of aethric turbulance and astral triggering for the clearing of any held emotions to be released. For me the intensity of angst has been unbearable: an acute feeling of anxiety about the disharmony in the world and about insufficient individual freedom to change individual manifestation. i cannot numb out or pretend i do not know or see, and the pain of the awareness of incongruity, non-integrity, and non-purity is more than i can bear, and yet tomril insists i must continue on the ascension path, that reaching the state of full ascension is the solution to everything, whereupon i demand that process be sped-up as much as possible, and the only guidance i receive any more for myself is to keep my vibration as high as possible, that there is no "doing" to do, that there is nothing to "release", and nothing I'm lacking, to "get"; just surrender to the process and its timing. And yet just being here in this body is excrutiatingly unbearable, despite the alleged "fact" that its DNA is the key to my ascension.

10th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

i am too "immersed" in the truth of goddess incarnate as living being, to even begin to address mental level mis-concepts of "reality". Hello, humans? Our hostess is not a resource. She is a conscious living being who mothers us.

11th March 2016
>[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Please love the forest.

12th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Our goddess yet slumbers, but spring is on the way...

13th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

See what is, not merely the physical... there is so much more to life than that. Today was the Seed & Plant_Exchange at Anaina_Hou

[Current Moon]

While USA-ans begin to lie to themselves today about what time it is, (as if time was real (well it is for the physically self-imprisoned)), we fae continue in the flow of the eternal now in transcendence.
But just to counterbalance the planetary testoserone poisioning, we offer the yin version of sunlight-saving-time, obviously: moonlight-saving-time.

14th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

In the deepest of contemplation i can only find the appropriateness of love

15th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Is it safe yet for the goddess to come out of hiding?
...not quite yet... the Moon is Void of Course until 14:44 HST, therefore it's time to "take it easy" and do not attempt anything important or significant until mid-afternoon here.

Come 14:56 HST Moon Void-of-Course is over, but what is the incoming non void influence?
Goddess to the maximum, and then further empowered when?
just before midnight here when she is trined by Venus...

In between the moon's change of sign and being blessed by Venus, it sextiled (another positive aspect) with whom? Vesta!
Vesta carries the energies of?
Creativity, affection, calmness, and relationships... yet another Goddess sign...
so, holy goddess, this is a very powerful day for the Goddess, and I'd say that because of all that, the moon definitely is no longer VoC as of 14:44 HST.

So, girls, chill out from 07:02 to 14:44, and then "get your goddess on!"
(add 3 hours for PDT, 4 for MDT, 5 for CDT, 6 for EDT)

16th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

We are a mirror of that which is in the sky, which is mirroring that which we are.
The whologram of life is our essence.
Do we cognize and live those energetics in harmony and flow? Yay!
Do we believe in things which are not of that natural pattern, and therefore exist out of harmony with the divine and nature?
How may we today "tune in" to the flow of energetics of nondual densities, the source of our being? Meditation is one tradition.
The dragonfly in our faery's hair symbolizes dreamtime... one of our ways of accessing the astral realms above the physical... what are we learning or cocreating via the astral dreamtime?
May your dreams manifest gracefully :-)

17th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

The Celestial realms are my inspiration and my aspiration.

18th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Let us gather our sis-Stars intuitive knowing of our appropriateness.
Tomorrow is 1st Quarter Day - Vernal Equinox, time of new beginnings in the year cycle, and we are still in the waxing moon of setting spiritual intent to manifest. Come the next full moon is time to "cast down" that intent into manifestation.

From my spiritual perspective as tomril, my goals for this incarnation are to be a spry flying example of what it means to be unlimited.

i forgive and release any and all entities, energies, contracts, karma, implants, imprints, programs, beliefs, and beleifs, particularly of all:

in all parallel-realties time-lines, densities, and states of will and/or consciousness.

19th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Today we honor our winged friends, and the realm of the element air.

20th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy of Peace]

Peace in my own heart and soul, is that which generates a peaceful life and world.

Today brought many outside perspectives to contemplate. The most enjoyable was aligning and activating another divine angelic human to their ascended reality. This is becoming a fun game as i get more practiced at it. The presenting symptoms of misalignment vary, and ultimately point the way to the why of the disclaiming of the true self and reality. Ultimately the why usually needs to be addressed in the process of changing the choice. Once the choice is made to claim the ascended self, the alignment comes quickly, and proceeds at pretty much the maximum rate of change the body can handle, to miraculously transform their entire reality into the miraculous, for the divine angelic human is unlimited in potential. Once we are certain we are conscious enough and conscientious enough in conscience to claim our full powers, and move beyond either fear of misusing those powers, or being punished for claiming those powers, ascension settles in and the transformation is a beautiful light show to behold.

21st March 2016

Pied piper plays palliative peaceful pean praising piscean paternal presents of present presence.
(happy ascension (Easter))


What we focus our attention upon we empower as our reality, therefore the more we ascend into our power as divine creator god(desse)s, the more our manifestation of each thought and feeling becomes instantaneous, the more important it is that we have discipline of our own consciousness and remain focused upon realities we actually prefer to experience. Likewise, the more important it becomes to keep very good boundaries between our energies and realities, and any other energies or realities which are incompatible with our own.

What of "unity consciousness"?
Certainly, in the higher realms that exists... however, there still remains for some beings a separation between their higher self and their lower embodied ego-personality consciousness, and many still have not integrated their subconscious / shadow side, and many are still engaged in conflict within 4D-.

22nd March 2016

Oh My Goddess, isn't this just the cutest little Hindu Pari you've ever seen?
No "teddy bear" here, instead a very cute little pink Ganesha! *giggles*
...and oh, by the way, if you weren't aware, today being "Tuesday", is the Hindu day of the week :-)

23rd March 2016

Our awareness of interconnectedness of Gaia-Sophia with our full moon this morning, reconnects us with our hostess planet and mother Aeon. Our path, however, is a speedier ascension to nonduality.

24th March 2016

Keeping our heads down and staying low to the ground today, "flying under the radar" and keeping quietly out of everyone's way...

Today offers a unique opportunity to do some clearing of both subconscious emotions and our own shadow side due to astrological alignment: (Thu) 3/24/2016 19:11 Moon (Lib) Con (Lib) Lilith Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies is connected and fused together with energies of capacity to let go and accept their natural darker side. They will affect each other prominently. It would be wise to allocate meditation time alone with all your electronics turned off! Better yet, get out into nature away from civilization as much as you can. This is not likely to be a party, but an opportunity to rummage around in your dark shadows and see what monsters dwell there... for once you confront them and name them, they will cease to have power over you. If you wish to track the blessings of the luminaries yourself, for auspicious times,

25th March 2016

We are re-hearted to ever have the humility to see with virgin eyes, in each moment, being free of precepts which might color our clear perception of isness, or tempt us to project some "meaning" upon the infinite expressing all possibilities. As we return our focus to nonduality from our recent journey to visit duality, we return to giggles.

Today's astrological configuration both supports a continuation of the processing of ones own subconscious and shadow-side initiated last night, and provides way more challenges with all the squares blocking progress. We suggest that a deep introversion into ones authentic soul core will reveal ones individual appropriateness. Making a powerful commitment to express that essence as your life is the path of success.

Practicing our own guidance, what did we discover? That all which appears to be external is illusion, and the essence of experience is neutral presence.

26th March 2016

We are guided to commune in dreamspace overnight with our crystaline friends in our planetary interior in contemplating the next quantum leap.

Many of us have multiple names for dreamspace, referring to it also as the astral realms or astral planes, and find strong correlations with the emotional body, and describe them as vibrationally / frequentially sitting between the mental level and the physical level.

My comprehension of the multiple astral planes is:


A major focus of my own being and therefore manifestation as my incarnation is the process of "ascension", a shift of focus and also of manifestation up through the frequency spectrum, first of consciousness, then eventually of form / manifestation / incarnation / reality itself.

In a sense, as scientists / engineers much of our "lives" have been about extending both our senses / perceptions of the frequency spectrum via our technological instruments / tools, and then also to extend our grasp / hands into those other frequency ranges to be able to manipulate / create in the realms beyond the abilities of our "bodies".

The "scientific method" of course requires that we keep "open minds" to new data / perception / models, and tools of expansion beyond previous limits of perception and / or ability to create in alternate / expanded realms. There is no substitute for direct experience, and even if it is possible to either share an experience or convey an experiential reality to another, there yet remains a high probability that the perception of that experience, and the interpretation of or assigning of meaning to such experiences, is going to remain a very uniquely individual one. Consequently i have arrived at a "stance" of taking all as "triggers", and when sharing anything with others, offering same as merely trigger.

Bottom line, i do beleive that consciousness itself is what we are, and that consciousness is creator. Quantum physics verifies that: "whatever you seek you will find, whatever you beleive is there, your experiments will produce". Because we are each unique consciousness, regardless how much we choose to share, our own choices become definitional for us, of us, by us.

In my many journeys of exploration, and contemplations of "beleif systems" or "realities", i always seek the liberating and the empowering... of the individual. (Corpse-orations i don't like so much :-)

Of perhaps older perspective, reality, and relating, somewhat more distant in my present consciousness, yet just synchronistically arriving into my awareness, is a book on the Zeta perspective, of which i am making note, of their description of the ascension process from their perspective:

In A Primer of the Zeta Race by William Treurniet and Paul Hamden in Section 12.3 "The ascension process" (beginning on page 231), on page 232 says of the Astral realms:

"The energetic astral realm is known as a place where we experience mental phenomena such as dreams and out-of-body experiences. Interestingly, the Zeta closely associates changes in the astral realm with the ascension process. This is not so surprising when we understand that the astral realm is a repository of thought forms generated by human minds on Gaia. It has been described by the extraterrestrials as a developing human collective consciousness."

Their perspective of this as mental, versus the human perspective of the astral realm as emotional, is to be expected, for it is the case that mostly the Zetas are devoid of emotional bodies and relate and perceive and are primarily conscious in the mental realms. It is, in fact, their evolutionary loss of their emotional bodies which was one of the primary driving forces behind their time-travelling back into their history, our recent "present", in order to commit their "human abduction" programs, for two primary purposes:

both of which led them to create at least 4 hybrid races into which both they and we can incarnate, because their evolution was a dead end. That we might wish to incarnate into those bodies as preferential to present human bodies as such are ascending into divine angelic status, is highly questionable.

In my own individual history, one of my customers for my psychic healing work was a woman who wanted out of her pre-birth contract to be an unconscious abductee with the zetas, to be used as a womb for their hybrid genetic engineering program, i.e. she became conscious of the abductions which were contracted to be unknown by her consciously, and then wanted out of the contract to serve that way.

In those days i was still a young and zealous Djedi Warrior fighting for the light and for right, and so i took on the entire pod of greys who were abducting her, determined to defend her right to not be abducted by them any more.

When it became clear i would have to banish them alls to defend her, that they would not relinquish their agenda to create hybrids, i then changed tactics, from fighting / stopping them, to assisting them. i queried what was the goal of their hybrid program, determined to find a way to accomplish that goal so that she was no longer required by them.

They stated that their goal was to make a hybrid of their genetics and human astral body, so that they could again experience emotion. i required of them a volunteer, and for that one zeta grey, i constructed an emotional / astral body, and then told the rest of the pod to study the volunteer and copy them, and that they therefore now had what they sought, and then they agreed to cease abducting my customer.

So, Astral bodies and emotions are key. The Hathors state in their material on time-line hopping, that our ability to feel emotions is the greatest key for us.

The Zetas continue: "the ascension process is deeply personal, with each individual responsible for raising their own level of awareness. [...]
The Zeta implies that there will be an end to the reincarnation cycle when humanity completes the ascension process. This process requires individuals to raise the level of their consciousness. As a result, the astral realm will become less chaotic and will form a human collective consciousness. We will exist on a planet in an energetic environment with no longer a need for the reincarnation process."

"Higher levels of consciousness are associated with higher levels of love, while low levels of consciousness are associated with very little love. A being has access to perceptions created at and below its level of consciousness or state of love. The interactions of beings are nicely regulated when the process of creation is a function of love. A being is able to participate in the experiences of less loving beings, but not the experiences of more loving beings at higher levels of consciousness. This has the effect of shielding the more loving being from the intentions of those less motivated by love." -- Zetas (p. 238)

27th March 2016

KRST{a,h}l energies bring we through to bless this day.

As an individuated star-seed, i now return to my own ascension, and facilitating others of individuated soul nature.

I, celeste:crystalfaery, highly recommend the new-age composer Bruce Mitchell, and the world flutist Suzanne Teng, and humbly share that i myself have received activations from the Hathors to encode higher density energetics in my own flute playing.

28th March 2016

Flowers blossom even in KRySTal caverns, the mother-Gaia womb of the mineral realm. We are creating positive new realities for local enjoyment.

Revisiting this on 2016-04-03 we can finally publish, without opening to interference energies, that we have been correlating / healing / integrating / synthesizing between various subsurface crystal clusters holding akashic records and other information to share (open source style) energetic patterns which are supportive of the divine plan of ascension. We have included crystals mentioned as "inaccessible" by several sources:

Things which are "hard" facts in some parallel-realities, are, of course, in adjacent time-lines equally "hard" but different / opposite, while in yet alternate realities, those can be quite mutable or undefined. Especially for this reason, we find it inanely stupid to fight over something in duality, for all that conflict of will within a given reality proves, is just how very stuck / attached / egotistical / stupid are the beings participating in the negative synergy of conflict.
Wake Up!
It is far more productive a use of your life-force-energy to either hop time-lines to a preferred reality, or in positive synergy co-create with someone with whom you agree.

29th March 2016

i recall from long long ago my learnings in Hindu tradition, about three forces which act upon manifestation:

i frequently go through "rebirthing" process, where it is discerned what to preserve, the rest is destroyed (as part of my reality, often by detaching), to make room for new creations. Too much of any one is problematic:

Most of my clairvoyant ministry was as a catalyst of change, facilitating others to choose what to preserve, helping them destroy what was obsolete, and helping them create their new appropriate choices.
In the broader collective, and more so, in planetary scale competitive time-line parallel-realities, to shift from un-preferred outcomes, to a new reality, "almost everything we previously held true needs to be re-placed, re-invented, re-formulated, and integrated into this new reality."

These days I'm mostly focussed upon creation, e.g. playing music, building Gaia, new time-lines.

30th March 2016

We are converging upon a summary of all the energies we have been investigating... so, where are we at in collective duality?
We have a confluence of "players" with roles and agendae, all polarized in 4D- reality, in conflict, some fear-based, and many operating in the error of attempting to change others, rather than restraining themselves to their right to change themselves.
Remember that any creation in 4D- always also creates the opposite polarity of any polarity within duality.

So, returning to my own spiritual family of crystal faeries of 8D, and the consistent and persistent guidance to stay focussed on non-dual realities of ascension as the solution to all issues of duality.
Unconditional Love in ascended Gaia is the answer... was there a question?
It all comes down to staying focussed upon the non-dualistic reality we prefer to live, and being willing to detach from and ignore any reality which is not of love, light, joy, play, celebration, and whatever else you truly value.

But wait! That list of preferred qualities of reality... don't they each have dualistic opposites? Yes, indeed they do... in duality. In nonduality we are able to "create" things without simultaneously "creating" their opposites. Awesome! Now... how do we make sure that we are creating in the higher rather than lower realms? What are the locations in the embodied chakra system where we can access the higher realms? In the seat of the soul (gold room in the center of the heart chakra), and in the "center of the head" (beneath the crown chakra and behind the ajna chakra (third eye), between the ears and behind the eyebrows), the two locations of transcendent meditation and intentional creation.

31st March 2016

We are gatewaying from a completion of old reality lessons, relatings, detachments, to a new certainty of appropriate positive alignment, apparently somewhat ahead of supportive collective energetics, so we are maintaining focus on visualizing preference, and detachment from present manifestation in the collective reality. Grace carries us for the now...

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