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14th May 2014

The stark reality of a condominimum complex parking lot is now my exterior view, as yesterday the management saw fit to remove all of nature which was providing shade and privacy between my recording studio / bedroom and all the asphalt. i guess they'll save some money on raking leaves now. The unconsciousness and petty selfish profit motivations of the dualistic masses is so depressing.

'Remember that you are in service merely by holding higher frequencies embodied.'

"We shall focus during this evening's Full Moon gathering by the Wailua River on the watery realms of the astral / emotional 4D realm of our entire island, activating consciousness of subconscious and otherwise {re,sup}pressed shadows, holding them in the light of 8D divine plan truth of oneness and ahimsa, that all may experience their own feelings more fully, and their engagement with yin-yang polarity internally, with intent to bring balance and consciousness."

While we were scheduled for a full moon celebration gathering tonight, a combination of other people's sickness and rain resulted in not attending. This seemed to flow with the astrological influences which suggested inward focus, thus individual growth rather than group cocreation. Thank you crystal faeries for manifesting the energies of rain to support the inner individual processing we invoked in the above paragraph earlier today. In my flow of the moment synchronicity, my evening journey is blessed with the sweet music of Nature Angels & Crystal Angels - 2 Albums - Soft relaxation music for yoga, study, meditation.

"You spoke of triage today. It was not entirely inappropriate, but gentleness and softness may be better received by many, though, you are correct that some need a strong shaking to awaken. Now is a good time to release another quantum level of your history. By now you have noticed that your 8D portal skills have largely replaced most of your previous healing tools of lower realms, and have also alleviated the need to take any Djedi Warrior stance."

Many have chosen to experience contrast up close and intimately in order to trigger their own clarity of choice as to their future time-line. For myself, this re-triggers the issue of triage in my own relating with those whom i facilitate. Previous higher self directive from tomril has indicated I do not have time for those who have not already attained, and made commitment to, nonduality consciousness access, and am not to engage with duality. This seems like a perfect opportunity to ask for clarification in the now. i have clarity of purpose to deal only with root cause of any problem, at a level higher than the manifestation or symptoms of a problem.

"We are circling around the summary of many seemingly different manifestations of the overall 'game' of people holding on to some dysfunctional reality which serves them in some manner they are unwilling to relinquish, though they may be in total denial that the reason they keep their dysfunction is because it allows them either to control relationships, or to vampirize them for life force energy. This is the collective shadow now triggered with this full moon. We beleive the wise have sufficient triggering here to move beyond either playing such games or falling for them. Those too attached to the benefits of such games, for falling for them, are not going to let go, even if it locks them into an Armageddon time-line, versus a New-Gaia time-line. This is why for you, celeste, the issue is about triage in dealing with these people. And with that we activate the next quantum leap in your own individual 8D portal. Enjoy the blessings of the awakenings you shall experience today :-)"

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