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14th September 2014

i awoke in a lucid dream about receiving a DNA activation, and a revisitation of the "issue" that what I'm doing (being a facilitator on the leading edge of the 1st wave of ascension), has to be done "in the body I'm in" due to its DNA, specifically the part of it which traces to "Hebrew" ancestry, and this brings up the explication of the true history of that lineage as presented in the book Thiaouuba Prophecy. I've been a bit tired today integrating on the physical cellular level the energies of activation, and have been chugging lots of master cleanser, though I'm making it light on the maple syrup.

It is with bemused detachment i witness another of my death-rebirth cycles. Having done the inner work to hop time-lines to a new reality, I'm now deathing my old time-line's domicil, packing surviving parts into boxes, preparing for my physical relocation to launch my new time-line. This is facilitating a lot more finding nourishment prepared in the world, rather than my usual domesticity, and i find myself wishing the Kaua'i Bus stopped at Healthy Hut, Kilauea. Well, I've just gobbled down my last Kapa'a grown quart of fresh sprouts, so my sprouting jars can dry-out for packing, and darkness is settling in over the 'aina, and I'm finishing up my day's blogging here, and given my body's tiredness, am ready to partake of my usual 5 hours of body restoration. That reminds me of someone having spoken with me on the phone today, about my earlier blogging about looking fit at 64 solar orbits, and i can attest that more sleep is not the key :-)
As i have mentioned in my meditation classes, the ultimate goal of meditation is to open your eyes, get up off the zafu, and go about your day, still in the meditative state of consciousness. When you are in this restful peaceful condition, flowing in no-time transcendence, you are not aging.

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