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Entries from February 2016.

1st February 2016
[Atomic Vortex]

As we begin anew, rebirthed again, starting from "scratch", emerging from nothing yet being one with all that is, emerging as one wholeness of individuation from nothing, all illusions, stories, history, and future wiped away, just being the spinning vortex of self referential infinite potential, ready to manifest anything or everything at whim, we reference and source from our fundamental nature.

2nd February 2016
[Spring Flowers]

As befits a waning moon, we are finding it appropriate to be very busy with grounded work in the material world in support of manifesting our new reality... despite some hold-overs from the recent Mercury Rx impeding communications, computers, and trade.

3rd February 2016

Another productive day of intense systems administration activities are rebuilding my infrastructure as necessary, even though still dealing with challenges unexpected, and contrary to documented and allegedly manifest "reality". The "network manager" is broken in both the Gnome and KDE desktop versions of both the AMD64 and i386 architectures of PCs, of both the current 8.3.0 and the previous 8.2.0 versions of DebIan "Jessie".

4th February 2016

My citrus fast continues...
...and blessedly i found a bunch of yummie oranges today at our local farmer's market... Yay!

5th February 2016

Whew! such intense activity in the left brain work, while our right brain and bodies go through so many energetic frequency elevations!

Observations of comments by others are indicating that many are experiencing tiredness or exhaustion as they respond to the energetic triggering of the waves of activation energies arriving recently.

Tired fay, content with much progress, retires after a long day, early in the morning, appreciative of universal support for her creations, and of the progress in collective consciousness...

6th February 2016
[Starwalt-Butterfly+Flowers] Today's triggers included releasing old habitual perspectives, and reviewing traditions such as "Lent". Myself, I'm always looking for the meta-view, the larger perspective, which encompasses all others... so, for example, to embrace all worldly religions... find what is common between them, be able to validate everyone's version, and yet still find my own unique perspective and appropriate expression of the very principles which humanity keeps discovering and then either teaching or preaching :-)

I've invested a lot of time studying "Astro-Theology", which seems to be the ancient meta-science meta-mythology meta-astrology meta-astronomy meta-religion from which all of our modern "religions" have descended. We like to egoicly feel "better than", but we are in fact a degenerate yet recovering and growing civilization left over from a previous world-wide one, (as has happened many times on this planet). Will we use all those nuclear / biological / chemical weapons to destroy ourselves again? Will we elders stop presuming that we know better? Or are we ready to listen to the younger generations and be equals?

i only know this: Love is the Answer.
Was there a question? :-)

On YouTube there's a video "channel" of "Mr. Astro-Theology", (Santos Bonacci), which ties-together everything, and shows the common roots of all "religions" and "mythology". As always with all external sources, use your own discernment as to what feels true / appropriate for you!

Basically, in summary, it's all about the "heavens", the sky, and what we see "up there"... and whether we "worship" what's there, and it all breaks down into, do we see it as one whologram, (hologram of wholeness), or do we get caught in some portion of it as right / true / real / better... but it comes down to which we venerate:


"Lent" or other versions of fasting / cleansing and rebirth are valuable annual practices regardless your "religion"... good for health. Some suggest a fast / meditation of each time fragment:

and a year-long sabbatical every 7 years... especially for the soil... (till the land 6 of 7 years, every 7th allow it to fallow).

Well, there's some triggers to contemplate :-) Enjoy your journey of self re-discovery... we're all here to remember who we are... truly who are we? We get lost in "not self" and then "come back to self"... thus my recent winter solstice fast / cleanse / rebirth that led to reprioritization big enough to warrant a change of name reflecting my own rebirth.

Blessed Be, and Faery Blessings for your re-birth.

7th February 2016

Welcome to the dawning of New Gaia.
Today's lesson is "havingness".
Blow-up in roses any old pictures of limitation.

8th February 2016
[information icon]

The ego desire for guarantees can push us to seek "the right answer" as an alternative to the discomfort of "not knowing", to uncertainty, to flow of the moment, to the true mystery of life fully lived only in the moment; but all such "answers" are less fulfilling than living in the flow of the moment.

[cloudy moon]

We have experienced intensely busy energies as we complete a month of work rebuilding infrastructure... and launch into the new moon energies of our next time-line.

9th February 2016
[Grass Blades and Clumps]

We remind the world that what mother Gaia spontaneously grows when uncultivated is exactly what is needed to regenerate the soil, and that we need to rotate portions of land through fallowness every 6 to 8 years, so divide the land you are caretaking into 6 to 8 portions, and each year leave the next portion to regenerate.
-- the crystalfaeries

10th February 2016
[Anemone Patens]

The day for me began with a beautiful lucid dream, of an appropriately compatible goddess i shall be meeting in the world, a very auspicious sign with which to begin this new lunation.

Later in a counseling session i was blessed to be able to guide in jumping time-lines another goddess who is leading her family out of a reality with too many anchors in fear, limitation, and old paradigms. As is all too often the case in modern times, the arriving level of consciousness in young embodiments does not fit into the dysfunctions of existing institutions, nor should it, therefore, i am continually inverting the diagnoses of institutional "authorities", and guiding that: "there is nothing wrong with your child, and the extent to which they do not fit into the existing culture or 'education' system is a measure of how broken that system is."
The greatest disease of all is the will to change others, rather than ones self.
The level of force applied to implement that will is a direct measure of the level of evil of the being(s) so willing.
The level of either submission to, or blame of, that evil, is a direct measure of the level of denial of self responsibility as reality creator.
When we fully claim our power as reality creators, independent of all other beings and all pre-existant realities, our life can become appropriate, and therefore successful, and joyous.

Most of my day was playing with music, editing down rough recordings, and thus one of joy for me, as i prune my music library both for my own pleasure and for high quality source material to share with others.

11th February 2016
[bratty fae girl]

Some times i just feel a bit bratty :-) to introvert and release my frustrations while snuggling with my teddybear :-)
Sometimes it is not easy to be anything less than the perfect goddess, until...
I rise in love with myself again.

Downloads of 8D ascension information continue to demand my attention, as i am continually guided to surf the waves of activation code frequencies. These continuing updates keep raising the level of activation i bring to those who choose to have me facilitate their awakening.

12th February 2016
[the Enchantment of the Fairies]

Yes, i know it's not yet the 1st of May...
but we Fae do not dwell in the linear time of muggles, though we do enjoy playing with sounds in linear time :-)

[Slice of Pizza (Pie)]

As "chance" (*giggles*) would have it this evening, i was blessed to share some pizza with newly met neighbors of our blessed little community, though i managed to choke a few times trying to answer questions while eating :-)
By the end of it, i had made clear that what i seek to share is positive synergy in cocreating a better world, yet, the path of their query never came back to the here and now, and what specifically any of us actually would prefer as our reality. Subsequent connections can explore that, and then explore the appropriateness of any co-creations of those realities.

In this, then, i perceive the fundamental parameters of the dualistic linear-time paradigm, that we either are our history, or are the product of our history, whereas living in nondual eternal now, (where only now is "real"), i am purely my present will.

Yes, it is indeed true that many of us journey into exploring "who am i not?" (within duality) as a method of clarifying "who am I?", and / or "what is my purpose?"
Having made that journey, and being now very focused upon living only my appropriate truth in 5D+ Gaia, which exists only in the now, i am learning that others' (lack of) willingness to join me,
in the now,
in non-duality,
are the prime significators of whether we can share any reality.
I'm also going to have to do more clearing of my assigning any reality to "my story" of "my history", and clear all willingness to tell that story, which only pulls me back into realities which are not appropriate for me, are not appropriate for New-Gaia, and are not the reality i prefer to dwell in now.
i forgive myself for having slipped back into old human habits temporarily.
i must stop validating their 4D just to make others comfortable.
i must stop making others comfortable just to have social contact.
i release all of 4D- and those who dwell there.

13th February 2016

Blessings of unconditional love for all sentient beings.

14th February 2016
[Valentine Mail]

"V" is for Valentine?
Any excuse for more beings to be more loving is a fairy good thing :-)

[Heart with Diamonds]

We again share a perspective of the human path to ascension, for what could be more (self) loving than choosing to ascend ones self?

  1. Kryon: The 8 Shifts of Enlightenment, 1-4
  2. Kryon: The 8 Shifts of Enlightenment, 5-8

15th February 2016
[Baby Fae]

Rebirth is getting to be a way of life for this fae, as quantum leap after time-line hop after codon activation after initiation keeps shifting me closer to my goal of ascended faery girl. Impatience remains in me, even as i see others around me, resisting the rate of change, or even change itself.

[Faery with White Candle]

This evening's electrical power outage provided an opportunity of altered perception with which to release preconceptions. The focus was the release of all illusion. The most obvious illusion is that of either past or future. The strongest attachment is to any "story" about past or future. The antidote is insisting upon relating only in the here and now with others, which allows the possibility of relating in nonduality, and is likely to flush out of my life anyone who is unwilling to let go of duality. As if it was not obvious, it also brings up for examination, the very concept of blogging. Releasing past, and left-brained text-based communications, there can be no blog. Any blog. By anyone. About anything. i find also a strong tendency to purging almost all songs with lyrics from my music collection. What is left?
songs without stories / lyrics. Now, how much of my existing "story" / blog do i delete?

16th February 2016
[Faeries with Feline]

As i continue to release all natal energy imprints of duality in my ascension process, perhaps the most challenging is the time-lock into the body, which is what is referenced by all of natal astrology. i have worked most with western astrology models, am now working with Chinese astrology models, and may for thoroughness also examine Vedic astrological models. Looking at my Chinese Natal pattern of Metal Tiger, (as interpreted by Molly Hall), is something triggered last night before retiring, and I'm now completing this morning.

1860: Charles de Gaulle, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Fritz Lang, Helen Hayes, Man Ray, Rose Kennedy, Stan Laurel, Vaclav Nijinski

1950: [ celeste:crystalfaery ], Christina Onassis, David Cassidy, Fanny Ardant, Gregory Harrison, Jay Leno, Mel Gibson, Peter Frampton, Phil Collins, Princess Anne, William Hurt

The Metal Tiger is principled, straight-arrow, conservative and energetic, yet she maintains her Tiger charm and jet propulsion. She's a powerhouse of energy and a doer of grand deeds.
[✅ A good quality.]

But she is somehow more serious than most Tigers. She is not one to leave projects unfinished. She's a bulldozer with the engine of a tank and the scope of at least sixteen aircraft carriers.
[✅ A good quality, however, I've learned to release unfinished projects when appropriateness moves on.]

The Metal Tiger has a reputation for making the right decisions at the right time and will hang about waiting for the precise moment to pounce. This behavior can sometimes seem like procrastination, but her hesitation is a form of strategy. She [lays] in wait, raising an eyelid from time to time to check out the scene. Then she gets up, yawns, stretches her limbs, tenses her muscles, and pow!
[✅ A good quality, to flow in divine timing.]

On the other hand, if the Metal Tiger has to wait for someone to show up or for something to happen, she goes berserk.
[✅ Patience has been accomplished by living in the now with no expectations.]

She wants what she wants when she wants it, and has difficulty understanding why others might not want to adhere to her schedule. She hates to obey, yet insists on obedience from others.
[✅ She has come to appreciate the free-will of all beings, and the flow of divine timing.]

This Tiger also has a somber penchant. From a young age she may be fascinated by weapons and intrigued with death and death symbols. She faces a lifelong struggle to squelch this tendency. The Metal Tiger needs to surround herself with up people who keep her mind on the positive aspects of life.
[✅ Transcended with compassion that each of us is right where we belong creating our own lessons in the realm of duality, and we're all just visiting this holodeck.]

Otherwise, a bent for self-destruction, blind heroism, and a taste for danger, can lead her into serious-even fatal-accidents.
[✅ Transcended this lesson in 1975.]

The Metal-born Tiger child should be raised in harmonious surroundings, taught to love peace and cherish her fellows. Wise adult choices should lead to harmony and a close-knit family life. Tensions within the family or a rocky marriage could upset her mental stability. Divorce would be preferable to a stressful marriage.
[✅ Independence, sovereignty, and self-love have transcended co-dependence and entanglement.]

On the surface, the Metal Tiger appears optimistic, buoyant and full of humanity. And, on a grand scale, she is. Yet she is not always compassionate in one-to-one situations.
You cannot get her to sit down and spill her thoughts or hash out feelings. Other people's needs and the ramifications of complex emotional situations seem to escape this Tiger's notice. She can be callous and heartless in love and in family relations. Yet if her cold-heartedness is remarked on or criticized, she simply laughs it off, pretending it does not exist. There is no cure for the Metal Tiger's emotional shortcomings. My advice is work around it. Don't take her sharp comments and absence of empathy too seriously, and the Metal Tiger will never ask for your commiseration; she doesn't see the use of it.
[Detachment from others choice to engage in dualities is essential to dwelling in 5D+]

This Tiger is a creature of legendary magnetism - not classically beautiful or even sexy, but more like a charismatic Pied Piper who knows instinctively how to convince her audience and recruit the minds of others in her quest for superiority. [...] This is a tough leader type who stops at nothing to reach her ends. She knows precisely where to aim for the jugular.
[✅ She has mastered ahimsa and respect of others realities. What shall we cocreate in nonduality today?]

The Metal Tiger wants to make the world a better place. She will not take advice or listen to any condemnation of her often unreasonable means to her ends. For the Metal Tiger, any subterfuge or machination is fair game when it comes to winning the war. And for her the war is always going on, right versus wrong, good versus evil, them versus her. She is right and they are wrong.
[✅ The scope of my concept of appropriateness or rightness is only for myself, others are welcome to their preferred realities, but not to force them upon me.]

i am content that i have completed the lessons of this initial imprint and can proceed to forgive and release it and move on.

17th February 2016
[moon in dark night sky full of stars]

The night was turbulent, as has been the weather, but by this morning we have again sunshine, and my body is again in peace.

As i continue to release illusions based in time-space dualities, now sitting before retiring to close today's blog entry, I'm giggling at the illusion of assigning meaning to anything, when it all just is... for example playing with numerical archetypes, and then applying those to time, many have commented upon their fixations upon repetitive patterns, e.g. 11:11 on their clock... and i just noticed that i began this entry at 23:23... in the local time-zone, and have long advocated not only 24 hour clocks, but that the whole planet live by UTC, which is 09:23 on the 18th... so how trivial are my illusions of time or meaning? All of these "games" of mind control and conformance to collective agreement are forms of mind control... wherein any and all focus upon the lower density "realities" are "good" from the perspective of those who benefit from our enslavement and imprisonment in lower densities... a "reality" which i find so very obvious and so very boringly a complete waste of time and energy, especially because nearly all the energy poured into that manifestation is being vampirized by the beings who invaded, conquered, run, use, abuse, and suppress it. Having learned not to feed the "dark side" AR.KHANs, by not feeding negative emotions into dualistic conflict, and not to feed the "light side" AR.KHANs, by not feeding worship emotions into hierarchical illusions, holding to non-duality in the time-less now is very very peaceful and neutral. Yawn... Faery girl enfolds herself in her own wings to cocoon her form while she goes to play on the astral planes while her form rests and rejuvenates. Yes, i really do look this young at 65.5 after 45 years of usually only 5 hours of sleep per night :-) So don't buy all those authorities prescriptions about 8 hours of sleep per night... it's not the duration, but quality and frequency of the vibrations you hold, both while awake, and while asleep... it's all frequency... and it's about honoring one's appropriate flow of the moment, in this case, my body's ready to drop frequency and sleep, regardless what the clock says, and in honor thereof, i signoff for the night, ending another broadcast day :-)

18th February 2016

Yay! I'm having too much fun editing audio tracks to blog :-)

Yep... while i do continue to prune, and preen, my whole blog here, it is mostly about adding better crosslinking between articles, otherwise it's mostly a matter of removing content which has become obsolete, or transcended. Although i am mindful that "telling stories" is an archtypal form of communication, i am finding that more to have been true in duality and less to be true in nondual densities. i am likewise finding it to be bidirectional, as not only am i less inclined to tell stories, i also find a waning interest in consuming the stories told by others... for there is far more life within a live relating in the now, than in any past or future "story". This is good :-) Another way to summarize this is that it is about being and living in the now, rather than focussing upon a process of change, neither a past one of becoming what is, nor a future one about changing from what is to... what is preferred. The preferred is held as present in consciousness, and is the only story to tell to make it happen, and the less is told about it, the fewer wills confuse or alter it. Meanwhile, we continue to serve and minister to and for those seeking such equanimity. Meanwhile we have more to say with music than words...

19th February 2016

Today's lesson brought by a customer is that of "victimhood".
Because I'm no longer willing to deliver small healings, (having been trained to work now as an ascension facilitator), i insisted as is my way now, that
'no, i was not willing to deal only with the specific "victimhood" issues she was crying about',
i pointed out that as i had been trained 31 years ago, 'every "victim" is a victimizer'...
using their victim story to either:

...and then my question... (since i cannot heal without permission):
'Are you willing to release all "victimhood" from your life?'
After considering the question for about 2 minutes, her answer was: "No."
'OK, then we're done for today.'

This problem many are dealing with, is their attachment to their "survival strategy", usually developed in the very earliest years of their childhood. This is usually very clever, brilliant, and intelligent, a strategy to manipulate those upon whom they are dependent, (usually called "parents", "school", "church", "government"), into caretaking them in their condition of dependency.
When their bodies mature to "adulthood", they're 'supposed to' get the lesson to develop likewise emotional, mental, and spiritual "adulthood", and become independently self-sufficient, as a step towards the goal of the incarnation, that of developing healthy sovereignty as creator god(desse)s.
The flip side is attachment to a future different reality, the reparation fantasy, which when finally attained, will finally make it worth having lived through so much suffering to get there.

'Conflict within duality', and therefore the version of it played-out as '"victimhood" in relating within duality', are pure duality games, and holding on to them prevents access to ascended parallel-realities.
If you choose to ascend, I'm the ascension faery who can deliver quantum shifts of time-line.
Whenever you are attached to a choice to hold onto some 4D- unascended "game", i can counsel, but i no longer "heal within 4D- realities".
The only "healing" i now offer is ascension to 5D+ Gaia, the solution to all the dualistic problems of 4D- Old Ea-Rth


i had lots of fun playing my flute tonight along with some of the songs I've been remixxxing for just this purpose, with looping them in mind.

20th February 2016

This morning we query our 9D angelic friends for guidance, as we, the (primarily) 8D crystalfaeries monitor the network of ascension portals we cocreated with them, and for which we (ad)minister hygiene.
'What is your current guidance regarding ascension?'
"To the extent your question is your own, we can only confirm your perceptions. To the extent your question is for the benefit of others, we shall confirm the guidance you have been sharing here, and bring the focus of attention to the balance of relating between the individual and 'the collective'.
From the many collectives which exist, not all members volunteered to incarnate in and participate in what is now the planetary collective ascension. This means that the collective entanglements of each individual include both ascending, non ascending, and non participating members of originating collectives, resulting in conflictory energetics influencing the individual, creating internal confusion and / or conflict of individual will. Such individuals are now primarily sharing within the planetary collective, which offers yet another set of ascending, non ascending, and relatively external entities, with which the individual has also manifested energetic entanglements which influence them.
The dance of exploring who one prefers to be via duality is intensely active. The game of learning about self through mirroring by others continues unabated. It is therefore no surprise that a sense of overwhelm arises, whenever the balance is too much attention on externals, whenever the balance is too much merged with others, individual or collective. Therefore, now, more than ever in the paths of most beings participating here, it is beneficial to establish boundaries in order to separate from others, and introvert into a meditative repose, of internal reference to ones own soul in the flow of the now." -- 9D Angelics
'Have i channelled this as accurately as possible? Please refine if not.'
"We simply continue and expand the concept that, the shift of consciousness in ascension is from a perspective of separation from which one relates with others, to a perspective of union in which one chooses focus of energetic spectrum, or 'reality' in which to experience. Before anchoring into ascended consciousness, the closest experience available to most beings is that of meditating in the heart chakra, and in that place, being aware of the oneness with all that is... thus the shift of practice is from reaching out to become 'one with others', to the practice of going within to experience 'oneness with all that is'. This principle is, of course, not new to your manifestation, but its importance and relevance is worth restating." -- 9D Angelics

21st February 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

We start the day with gratitude for some of the seemingly simpler things of life, yet which are miraculous and so very essential to the entire web of life on Gaia, the grasses which hold together the topsoil upon whom so many microorganisms depend, and upon whom all of the rest of landed life depends, including the majestic trees who breathe life from the plant realm into the animal realm.

[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Bringing in our 8D essence into lower realms, we bless our community with the highest light and love we can access...

22nd February 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

How does our hostess Gaia-Sophia see our actions while we dwell within her unconditional love? Are we likewise living unconditional love?

[2016-02-22 full moon harpist]

celeste plays harp:

23rd February 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

As humans fell into the illusion of separation in 3D- realms, then believing in that separation, they began to make choices of separation. This family of separative choices shifted reality from divine positive synergy down through the loss of ahimsa, finally falling through competition into outright warfare. A remnant of this insanity is the belief in slavery, i.e. that any entity can either control or "own" another entity. This is presently manifest through "government", "church", and "property 'ownership'", (the illusion of owning parts of the living being Gaia, our hostess planet), and is most frequently expressed as fences upon the land surface. Wakey wakey, humans, it is insanity to pretend you can "own" a portion of a divine living sentient being whose lifespan exceeds your own.
It is appropriate to volunteer to give... to caretake... portions of the planetary ecosystem, but the assumption that one can rape, scrape, plunder, lumber, pillage, village, harvest, mine, or drill, much less the arrogance to claim an exclusive "right" to do so, is the ultimate disrespect of the goddess Gaia embodied as planet Gaia

24th February 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Good morning, yawns the tired fae, as dawn greets her publishing her nights' hacking.

Creativity is the essence of true life :-)

25th February 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

A butterfly is the essence of life transforming and recreating itself, rebirthing.
The goddess is the essence of life carrying the potential of life.
Our precious planet is an embodyment of the goddess.
Choice is the causality creating the manifesting of life.
Emotional feelings in the now guide appropriate choice to cause harmonious creation.

26th February 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Yes, there are times i cry tears of joy;
but, caring too much i cry tears for what is,
because i see what could be if love was the choice.

27th February 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

Looking over my shoulder, at things to my side, wondering... lightly... what am i passing by?
anything or anyone important or interesting?
if so, shall we journey together?
for spirit is relentless now, in calling me to keep moving forward, on the journey of ascension, to Gaia.

[aura color differences]

This evening's Kilauea ArtWalk was, as often, pretty, delicious, entertaining, educational, a wonderful opportunity for people watching :-) with the usual mix of locals and touristas, and ultimately, as usual, too shallow to be fulfilling, as there was enough to look at that people were shopping and munching or playing with their smartphones, offering at most 2 to 3 sentences with but brief eye-contact, about all people managed to sustain... across the frequential divide between densities.

28th February 2016
[Faeries Silhouetted on Purple Sky]

On the threshold of a dawning new reality, we dance the joy of our hearts to the song of our souls.

29th February 2016
[Dolphins are Celestial Beings]

On this rare leap day we focus attention upon that which is rare in the world and therefore possibly overlooked. While most of the mobile species of the physically visible world are of the animal realm, and each species shares a group soul, there are also individuated beings, individual souls, which are most fully expressed in the forms of humans and cetaceans and our leaping dolphin friends. Our planet is a living library of forms manifest via DNA, as the expressions of a variety of spirits and souls from all over and beyond the bounds of our Milky Way galaxy.

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