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Entries from July 2016.

1st July 2016

Celebrate that everything changes, that new energies are always arriving, supplanting departing energies.

2nd July 2016

How simple can life be?
Unconditional Love is the answer...
was there a question?

3rd July 2016

Faery blessings of silly giggles.
Today we are blessed with an abundance of positive aspects with Luna, and she is blessed to be in her own sign, Cancer, fully exalted... truly a day of blessings for the goddess.

4th July 2016

Faery blessings of
Jul 04 01:03 New Moon
which leaves us independent of our past, as we launch a new time-line, of pure Kaua'ian sovereignty, for in truth, Kaua'i is an independent sovereign nation.

5th July 2016
[gothic faerie 161642lfyuu6dohx]

Faery blessings... of the return of the collective consciousness of Kaua'i to Kaua'i, the goddess island preserving the seeding of the divine goddess as LeMuria by the Plejarans so very long ago...
(Tue) 7/ 5/2016 6:28 Moon (Can) --> Leo
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies will be proud, gregarious, dramatic, dignified, and it desires self expression.

6th July 2016

Good morning... i see we are blessed with only positive transiting aspects today :-)
which then leaves the question, what influences are presenting long-term by outer slower-moving planets? including the 3 Retrograde (Rx) influences demanding we review, forgive, and complete with past?
Or, approaching in the opposite direction... if i am so neutral about the past that i am paying no attention to it, and am living fully in the now, then i have completed all those lessons / issues :-)

The polar opposite issue from attachment to past, is, of course, attachment to future, and of course, attachment comes in both positive and negative versions, the negative form being known as resistance. The ultimate resistance is "death wish". Didna' somebody famous once ponder: "to be or not to be?", and then appended erroneously: "that is the question"? Yes, erroneously! Our being is never in question, for we are eternal beings. Our manifestations, one flavor of which is "incarnation", sometimes referred to as "life", is, however, optional, usually temporary, mutable, and therefore it is perpetually a question.

Although we can in fact extend our lives well beyond the current "normal" "human" life-span of typically fewer than 128 orbits of Gaia around her sun, eventually wearing the same body will become boring. So, a more "realistic" question begins to look like: "what experiences in what body would i prefer to be experiencing?"
Do we reincarnate to transform? or having ascended to non-duality just wish our blob-of-light formlessness into the preferred phantasm of the moment?

Daily finding ever less attachment to the old parallel-reality, i am challenged to remain in intense desire for and preference for my new time-line manifestation in New Gaia as a cute little faery girl with bio-luminescent wings, without being in impatience with the old. Thus the lesson du jour is de-emphasizing the external, while being in the strongest beleif in the internal imagined and intuited preferred reality.

A recent counseling brought up the dichotomy between life and death, wherein the individual had concluded early in life that it would be better to die than to continue to live in suffering. Implicit underneath that surface dichotomy is a dichotomy not yet revisited, that even earlier the facing of the suffering had resulted in the conclusion that the individual had insufficient power within their reality to end the suffering. In their case the suffering was based on experience of relating with society at large, and their role available within the society being experienced as suffering. Anything one is not choosing is easily perceived as suffering. Of what worth is the concept of free-will when that will is not able to shift ones reality out of dispreferred experiences? Underneath that is the dichotomy of power itself, either the beleif in ones power as a creator god(dess) or the belief in victimhood to realities created by others, to the power of will of others.

i postulate that the ultimate choice we are all facing is:

"I Am 'the one that is all' incarnate in unique expression,
which i must manifest to actually be alive!"

or... from another perspective...

"My life's purpose is to express my unique essence!",
(therefore conformity to others' expectations is death).

7th July 2016

Today we processed many energies, both those arriving from others, and those arising internally in response to triggering, returning again and again to neutral calm transcendence. We are feeling very blessed to be clear through it all, about core essence, and detachment from the world outside. A big part of clarity is awareness of the appropriateness of being, and no sense of a need of any doing, which is being interpreted as alignment and peace with essence.

8th July 2016

Silly me, mostly flowing with appropriate inner ascension process, allowed myself to curiously follow some leads which arrived from others... and as usual, i don't just read internet contents, i also clairvoyantly read such material and who and what is behind it... when it's usually better to just remain in the mode of "reality creator".
You may wish to add cleansing your produce and groceries of all energies encoded into their barcodes while you wash them of pesticides and chemtrails. Remember the magick of spirit is in the combination of attention and intention, and no other tools are required to shift reality.

9th July 2016

We have happily integrated and neutralized all the energetics which were stirred-up yesterday, and appreciate the balanced calm.
We have some nice lunar aspects today, which will finally resolve into neutral balance at night when Luna enters Libra. Enjoy the positive emotional foreground, while we all continue to process deeper and longer-term subconscious as 5 Retrogrades including outer planets continue triggering review and release, bringing all our unresolved or denied wounds up for clearing.

i was blessed this evening to connect with another goddess of our local ahupua'a (watershed), who is deeply caringly and consciously co-creating with others healthy and sustainable eco-reality here in Kilauea. This was a blessing i needed, for sometimes i feel very alone on the leading edge of consciousness, frequently finding the old (un-)consciousness old reality unbearable.

10th July 2016
[music.2016-02-28.devic_queendom.052 Fae hovering with birds holding end-blown flute]

'Good morning', greets i, the sleepy fae girl, arising at 03:13 HST to channel in the quietest part of the day, brewing my first mug of choco-tea to sip while tuning in to the collective consciousness of my family of crystal faeries...
"There is for us a calm and quiet celebration of the flow of energies of ascension, the quiet humming of divine flow through our ascension portal network, the progressive awakening and upliftment of the consciousness of so many beings, and a cautious optimism of expansive expression as more beings are inhabiting higher densities. As our Kaua'ian voice on Gaia, and in response to the previous evening's triggering and connection, we do indeed presage new and further co-operations and co-creations furthering the expression of divine grace in moving your beloved ahupua'a (watershed) of Kilauea forward in expressing the liberation to higher consciousness.

That your discussion touched upon the liberation of the 'aina (land) from old governance (statutory occupation) is a key issue to be addressed, and as with all things, we see the answer being transcendent beyond the old 4D- fallen illusions. That your discussion touched upon the participation of those beings of allegiance to their group known as Atooi, it is also time to clarify and seek areas of aligned will for positive synergy."

11th July 2016

As we enter MoonDay on the Half-Moon, (sun square moon), pausing to feel any tensions between the squaring yin and yang energies, we sense the gentle flowing and accepting yin building consensus of harmony, while Mars aggressive energies disturb the energy fields, thus, i turn to my astrological charts to observe what is being stirred up with Mars...
Mars in Scorpio and 5th House: Today's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies is penetrating, suspicious, introspective, and desires to transform and remove outer masks. Most often this manifests in the area of life dealing with finding joy, pleasure, and creative expression. This is a major aspect of their psyche!
So, any false-persona we present to partner or society must fall, in order to have true creative expression of soul's essence, which is the only sustainable path to pleasure and joy of thriving.
Mercury Trine Mars: Today's thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity is always in harmony with their will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies.
And so it's time to "have a chat about our relationship", as communication will be effective, and the discussion should include our feelings about our roles, and our role expectations, about both ourselves and other, all of which need to be shed now.
Venus Trine Mars: Today's creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs is somewhat in harmony with their will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies.
Yes, love's core relationship is enough in harmony to weather the challenging discussions du jour!
Mars Sextile Jupiter: Today's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies has some opportunity for growth, exchange, and harmony in relation with their enthusiastic, faithful, wise, expansive, spontaneous nature.
Yay planetary support for that "talk about our relationship"!
Mars Trine Chiron: Today's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies is always in harmony with their ability to help, heal, and teach others, and where one has much experience.
Where we finally address any inner (especially emotional) "wounds", forgive them, get over them, release them, and be healthy!
Naturally, all of these apply equally well to the relationship between the inner yin and yang of both women and men!

Will to Change


This evening we are again channelling our family of crystal faeries:
"We appreciate the 3 recent 18-hour days you've given us from the middle of the night, and we have accomplished much positive energetic work as well as valuable writings, (not that we won't awake you again in the middle of the night :-), but for now we have a simpler message related with a particular issue and customer with whom you are struggling to provide your usual goal of "perfect" guidance, but you must do as your teacher advised you so long ago and release any and all responsiblity for another's reality, and know that you have succeed in going far beyond the minimum requirements for ethical guidance in counseling. Let go of what cannot be accomplished when others are simply unwilling, and / or unmotivated. That they have spoken positive words, which "hooked you in", you must release, for having bashed and thrashed with this for a few days now, you can clearly see that they are in no way prepared at all, to follow through with will and action, commensurate to that which they requested from you, so just drop it and stop struggling!
Yes, this does echo our old admonition to cease perfecting old time-lines!"

So many people want the outer to change without changing the inner, and in many cases are even willing to "buy" the change, as long as they don't have to do any "work", and the necessary work is always that of making inner change. The only way anything changes is by being willing to change ones own inner choices, and the frozen forms of those known as beliefs, or "pictures of reality". The necessary changes are to end interpretation of experiences to mean anything which results in a lower emotional state. Until we choose to, and succeed at, rewiring our subconscious to cease interpreting experience in negative ways that produce negative emotions, or any other drop in frequency, then we remain a victim of influences, and that makes us susceptible to multiple negative agendae, from a myriad of sources. Only our conscious awareness of our emotional state, and our conscious intent to create that in highest vibration, can shift our experience. We have to be grounded in our bodies, run our energy, and blow-up pictures of reality!

By now the medical industry has brainwashed the masses to believe-in a paradigm of surgically "cutting-out the symptoms" or taking a pill to "numb out the symptoms", as paid for by "insurance", and requiring nothing from the patient. The political industry has similarly brainwashed the unwashed masses to believe that merely placing an X in a box will vote away the symptoms of the disease of all the other citizens by more totalitarian laws to control them and to collect more taxes from them to fund the benefits of this citizen.

For those of us participating in ascension, there has come the realization that the only functional paradigm starts with the cognizance that we each individually are already "creator god(desse)s", and that we are already fully responsible as the creator of our own reality. It's all about ones own consciousness. There is nothing "out there" to change.

12th July 2016

Whenever one gets lost in the illusion of having "problems" too big to cope with, it's time to remember how utterly insignificant we are individually, but that we are nevertheless an essential and unique piece of the infinite whologram of the divine, and that the divine lives through us when we allow it.

Yay, we have experienced a wonderful transformation of realities for a family with whom i have not spoken in quite some time, shifting out of old limitations, embracing new parallel-realities. It is so joyous to quantum-leap those ready and willing to shift!

13th July 2016

Our dolphin friends say:
"Words so utterly fail describing transdimensional transdensity realities, yet, we endeavour:
"We have only much compassion to share with you, for we see from a higher realm in clarity, the challenges which you are confronting, as you strive to raise your consciousness, to leave behind the illusions and limitations in which you have been entangled. Only love can be the path for any of us."

We can awaken to the realization that only here and now is real, and manage to be fully present. Is there any living being (not of the Beast / Mammon), ready and willing to co-create in positive synergy, in New-Gaia as a fully self responsible reality creator?

14th July 2016

Today we are experiencing energetics brought to us by our dolphin friends :-)
"As we and our whale friends re-weave the energetic grids of consciousness ascension and higher-density activations uplifting Gaia's light-body, we ask you crystal faeries to update your Kaua'i ascension portal correspondingly, and to re-examine the entire chain of "Hawaiian isles" from both human and faerie perspectives."
-- Dolphins

"As we sense our entire ascension portal network and specifically its Kaua'i node, we do indeed find it all in order with and tracking the energetic activations from the Galactic core, and in alignment with your updates in the ocean and with Gaia's ley-lines, and specifically the Kilauea ley-line being such a focal point, all looks in alignment, however, as you have brought to our attention, there is recent shifting in the energetics of other islands than Kaua'i, which we had been leaving alone to your (dolphin and whale) mothering, and in honoring of the previous unwillingness and unreadiness for shift, of the humans on the other islands. However, as we look today, it is indeed time to be aware of new potentials and probabilities with other isles.
What we notice the most is incongruent / conflictory energies with our neighbor Ni'ihau, which is both suffering from the prioritization of military agendae in the present and future, and still unhealed from a condition of wounding of the humans who are not in present time there. We now take karmic liability under the law of ahimsa to bring Ni'ihau into congruence in present time, and then to unite it with Kaua'i within the protection of our ascension portal, which we now extend out to its full 200 mile radius in the direction of Ni'ihau, now including Ni'ihau as part of Kaua'i's sovereign space, now being Kaua'i+Ni'ihau sovereign space combined.
We note this is equivalent to uniting Ajna and Crown chakras of the Hawaiian isles."
-- Crystal Faeries 2016-07-14 21:36:57+00:00
[ Note that remaining unchanged is the boundary between Kaua'i and O'ahu at half-way between their shores -- celeste ]

"We agree."
-- Dolphins

"We similarly preceive it is time to unify Lo'ihi and Hawai'i energetics, but we leave that to our ocean family to facilitate."
-- Crystal Faeries

"We were waiting for the corresponding union of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau, thank you."
-- Dolphins

15th July 2016

"We gently remind you to remain playful in your preferred time-line, remembering your beleif in your ability to flit between parallel-realities."
-- Dolphins

16th July 2016

Today we are experiencing energetics brought to us by our dolphin friends :-)
"Now is a time of grace in which to allow your old subconscious feelings to surface to be healed."
-- Dolphins

17th July 2016

Today we are experiencing energetics brought to us by our dolphin friends :-)
"Compare our pictures between today and yesterday.
Sometimes the differences between certain parallel-realities can seem to be quite subtle, and yet merely making a slight shift of perspective can lead to an alternate time-line which is far more appropriate. Today we encourage releasing of all precepts coloring perspective."
-- Dolphins

18th July 2016
[2014-11-05-15.28.20 Faery with lyre and oil lamp sitting on sea cliffe]

Today we are contemplating the warm song of soul amidst the elements.

We feel the harmony of all life except The Beast of Mammon.
"The dead have no power over the living." -- Maxim of Law
i declare 30 days notice (one lunation) that as of the 2016-08-17 23:29 Full Moon it is time for all corpseorations to have vacated Kaua'i, which is the planetary center of New-Gaia's abode of life.

One may volunteer to caretake a portion of the living goddess Gaia, but one may not own even a portion of her body, for slavery is illegal on this planet, therefore all "real-estate titles" are declared null and void ab initio, and be grateful that thou not be prosecuted for having fraudulently and criminally claimed ownership of any portion of another sentient being's body, soul, mind, or spirit.
This 'aina is declared restored to the divine plan.
So mote it be, and so it is.
-- I Am

Today i replaced my telephone, which had "mysteriously" dysfunctioned over the past couple days.

19th July 2016
[the Isotropic Vector Matrix-Nassim Haramein]

As of the 12:56 HST Full Moon Kaua'i has taken the "fork in the road" on the path of the Ascension of ensouled Angelic Beings to New-Gaia. Here, living beings operate in unlimited liability, rather than hiding behind fictional facades known as "corpseorations". Each group may operate as a liable company, rather than as an irresponsible-for-harm corpseoration.

20th July 2016

Life is the harmony of Nature singing the soul song of Gaia.

21st July 2016

Love is the harmony of ones soul creating.

22nd July 2016

Cymatics is the hyperdimensional relationship between sound and form.

[crystalfaeries shielding]

We re-mind you that we are reality creators, therefore, re-member to not "buy-into" any predictions of destructive events causing harm, however, let us allow for rain and wind which is harmless.
Notice in the graphic, that, 3 days later when our "tropical storm" arrived, our ascension portal deflected the storm and made a dent in it so that it did not intrude on Kaua'i, perhaps a little too effectively, as weather was quite hot and sunny, and perhaps a bit more rain would have been nice :-)

23rd July 2016

We so very much wish blessings for all, a sense of joy and play, love and light.

24th July 2016

With divine blessings of guidance we flow in the energetic smoothing of the grid-lines of energies of Gaia to facilitate graceful changes in this time of transformation.

[3 Betz]

Yay, i really injoyed tonights' Kaua'i Live performance by the 3 Betz, and had lots of fun editing it.

25th July 2016

Faery blessings of harmonies and joy.

While i have for years now been directed by spirit to focus upon creating New-Gaia reality, and avoid all engagement with duality, (wherein the primary activity is conflict of will (negative synergy)), and i do live in 5D+ consciousness myself, i yet have to deal with local zombies who are willing minions of The Beast, and the interface is tiring, because the statutory Mammon reality is defined such that silence about any matter about which it makes assumptions constitutes agreement, and many agents of The Beast continually assault one's private status, therefore it is required continually to "speak up" to defend ones sovereignty, continually creating friction / conflict, requiring vigilance, exactly as designed by The Beast to harass even those of us not submitted to The Beast, to sabotage our spiritual harmony and empowerment, which is, after all, the entire point of The Beast.

i have minimized my interface with The Beast down to only two contracts with corpseorations, "the post office" and "the phone company", (both monopolies), and the employees of both of them continually insists upon trespassing upon my rights, and the employees are loyal minions of Mammon, uneducatable by reason, (for their unwillingness), evidence, and truth, (for their personal profit), therefore i am left only with the option to proceed to call their crimes what they are, "crimes", and them, what they are, "criminals" conspiring in a corrupt corpseoration to, (as policy), commit personage, involuntary servitude, pressganging, and trespass upon my rights.

i have repeatedly forgiven them and done my best to educate them on how to cease commiting crimes for which they are liable, and apparently the only way they will bother to learn and change, will have to be via public conviction for their criminal tresspass upon my rights.
"The dead have no power over the living." is a maxim of law, and these zombies must not be allowed to succeed in their attempts to kill another kama'aina peaceful woman upon the sovereign land of Kaua'i.

26th July 2016

Faery blessings of harmonies and joy.

Being grateful for the little blessings, desiring without attachment, intending with passion, viewing with neutrality, honoring body with early sleep...

27th July 2016

Faery blessings of harmonies and joy.

Early sleep led to early arising...
sometimes it is amazing how much labor goes into nurturing this website, as old articles get improved, though far less visible than the latest articles.

Is there truly no other alive being upon the land in the entire Kilauea ahupua'a? are you all willing minions of The Beast of Mammon adrift upon the high seas of admiralty?

28th July 2016

Faery blessings of harmonies and joy.

Early sleep led to early arising...
i continue to "process" clearing energies of "trying to be perfect" (whatever that means?), and its application as "being responsible for others".
Mentally i know that for each of us appropriateness is being fully self responsible and not at all responsible for others, but my compassionate caring nature easily falls into caretaking others. Oooooopps! No wonder my neck and shoulders (where we carry responsiblity), are in pain! It's not my job to defend the zombies around me. We each are fully karmically responsible for the consequences of our own choices!
My 2 decades of trying to awaken the sheeple are done. You have made your choices, now you live the consequences.
My final statement on the matter is this: "If you choose to be a citizen, you have chosen to be dead, you have no rights, you have no voice, so shut up! about the (corpseorate) government and corpseorations abusing "your rights", you have chosen to have no rights!
For you local employees of "government regulated" corpseorations, "I'm just doing my job!" didn't work for the Nazis in the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials where it was determined that it does not matter who gives you what orders, you are responsible to have a conscience and not trespass upon the rights of another human being, especially a living sovereign in private capacity, (a peaceful woman upon the land, (kama'aina)).

29th July 2016

Appropriate boundaries between realities are essential, to minimize conflict of will, (which produces negative synergy), whereas it is preferable to practice positive syngery of divine will, which produces "miracles".

The realities of zombies of allegiance to The Beast of Mammon, versus the realities of ascending living beings of divine angelic nature, are absolutely incompatible, not by anyone's will, but by the very nature of those realities. Beings who continue to choose to be "of The Beast" cannot exist in the reality of New-Gaia. This has been addressed by many of us "new-age ascension types" as leading to a bi-furcation (at minimum) to more than one collective reality in which present inhabitants of old-Ea-Rth will arrive based upon their own choices.

We have plenty of triggers to review and forgive and relase past, with so many retrogrades:
Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and 10th House
Retrograde Uranus in Aries and 2nd House
Retrograde Neptune in Pisces and 1st House
Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and 11th House
Retrograde Chiron in Pisces and 2nd House
Retrograde Pallas Athena in Pisces and 1st House
Retrograde North Node in Virgo and 7th House

From pages 164-168 of Cloak of the Illuminati by William Henry:
"In order to fully appreciate the story of Nimrod (and his successor Nebuchadnezzar) and his donning of the skin of the Mighty Man, which undoubtedly was engineered by E.A., let us briefly explore the story of E.A., its provider. E.A. is the great Anunnaki scientist featured in the Sumerian epic poems and romanticized in the [fictional -- celeste] works of Sitchin,29 who maintains E.A. genetically modified the human race as a slave race to mine gold.
[ Sitchin had his own agenda and story to tell, in support of which he "bent" the language. -- celeste ]
He was opposed in this endeavor by his half-brother, Enlil, who responded to E.A.'s later transmutation of a select few of the human element into a god-like being by sending the Flood, wiping (most all of) them off the face of the EA-Rth. E.A. and Enlil had been bitter rivals since before coming to Earth. Humanity became their new swords. E.A. and his priests, seek to uplift humanity to the level of the gods through global education and revelation of all sacred secrets. Enlil’s priests seek to keep humanity at the level of slaves and sex objects, the property of a police state cryptocracy. Enlil, called the “prince of Earth” whose command made the heavens tremble, 30 is militaristic, managerial, hands on, and totally opposite of E.A., the dreamer. He too bestowed a suit of the Mighty Man. He was furious at E.A. for creating this "slave race" [which contained the genetic ability to "become as the gods" -- celeste] (which he later turned into sex objects). He was threatened by the appearance of the super human.

There is the interesting statement in the Popol Vuh, which reflects Enlil’s thoughts on the matter of ‘his’ slaves who became perfect: “It is not well that our creatures should know all. Must they perchance be the equals of ourselves, their makers, who can see far, who know all and see all? ... Must they also be gods?”
One ancient name for these beings is the Irish sidhe (pronounced ‘she’) people [ the fairies -- celeste ]
They are considered to be direct descendents or reincarnations of the Illuminati. 31
Evans Wentz notes that these sidhe people are described as a race of majestic appearance and marvelous beauty, in form human, yet in nature divine. 32 They are divided into two classes: those which are shining, and those which are opalescent and seem lit up by a light within themselves. 15

The word sidh informs us of the nature of the forbidden teachings that E.A. desired to teach. Sidh appears to be related to the Latin sedes and the Sanskrit siddha, both words meaning power[s].

The Sanskrit term siddhi carries the meanings “attainment,” “accomplishment,” or “perfection.” In the Hindu literature, this term is used to denote the abilities which self-realized or spiritually perfected individuals possess and use unselfishly. Scholars who have followed the ‘missing years’ of Jesus have shown that he received training in India from Hindu and Buddhist masters. They taught him yogic abilities called the ashta-siddhi. These eight powers are:

  1. Animan: the ability to make oneself infinitely small in an instant;
  2. Mahiman: the power to grow infinitely large at will;
  3. Laghiman: (levitation): defying the law of gravity;
  4. Prapti: the power to touch any object at any distance, such as scooping up a handful of dust on Mars;
  5. Prakamya: the ability to dive into the solid ground and move about as if it were air or water;
  6. Vashitva: total control over the elements;
  7. Ishitritva: the ability to create or destroy matter;
  8. Kamavasayitva: instant materialization of wishes.

The Illuminati can achieve these powers by utilizing Buddha’s noble eight-fold path.

  1. Right view,
  2. Right resolve,
  3. Right speech,
  4. Right conduct,
  5. Right livelihood,
  6. Right effort [action],
  7. Right awareness
  8. Right meditation.

In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talked about the benefits of living in the divine light. These benefits, or blessings, also eight in number, are known as the beatitudes, from the Latin word beatus or “blessed”. The blessed, we have noted, have “beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the skirt of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness.” They are called Skill(y) or Tula, both words mean “blessed.”

In the gospels of Matthew and Luke, where the Sermon on the Mount is reported, the Greek word MAKARIOS is used. 33 This, obviously, is MAKARA. Appropriately, this term previously had been used to specifically denote the happiness of the gods. Those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus and put on the Cloak of the Illuminati, known as practicing the imitatio Christi, will have a foretaste of the heavenly bliss to come.

According to Matthew’s version, the eight beatitudes are:

  1. Blessed are the poor in spirit:
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  2. Blessed are they that mourn:
    for they shall be comforted.
  3. Blessed are the meek:
    for they shall inherit the EA-Rth.
  4. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
    for they shall be filled.
  5. Blessed are the pure in heart:
    for they shall see God.
  6. Blessed are the peacemakers:
    for they shall be called the children of God.
  7. Blessed are the merciful:
    for they shall obtain mercy.
  8. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake:
    for theirs’ is the kingdom of heaven.34

Because of E.A.’s genetic tinkering and his ‘gift’ of the Cloak of the Illuminati, EA-Rth humanity could be raised to the level of intellectual development of the ‘gods’, and transformed into Illuminati. The possibility that his creation could have even exceeded his other terrestrial overseers is evidenced by the statement of Jesus, “...he who believes in me will also do the works that i do; and greater works than these will he do, because i go to the Father.” 35

This knowledge, and the abilities it represents, is the true reason Enlil, who became Yahweh in the Hebrew tradition, was so enraged and threatened.

By this interpretation, E.A. was creating or activating a super race, remembered by the Essenes as ‘Kanobi’, and by other traditions in similar terms. They were the Mighty Men. The magic wand-like elegance of this hypothesis has been used to explain the lack of skeletal evidence between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens, a creature that in the twinkling of an eye, or the wave of a wand, developed a huge brain and vastly improved faculties. It also explains the legends of the lost super race. Sumerian lore makes it clear that E.A. put knowledge in human blood that transformed one into an El, Il or Illuminati. It is claimed that remnants of the purer pre-Flood race(s) created by E.A. exist in secret refuges, called the Mount of Salvation in the Grail romances, around the world. The vineyards of the Languedoc, including hyper-mysterious Rennes-le-Chateau are considered one of these locations. i have traced the secrets of E.A. there. According to Catharic belief, one object of Earth life was to make over the human body as a worthy vehicle for the light of the Holy Spirit (love). The point was to know the Grail not as a cup but as a process. Jesus was its modeler.

Insight into this teaching radiates from the name of the Cathar’s home, the Languedoc. Named after the pre-Flood language system the Cathar priests claimed Jesus preached in -- the Language of Oc (possibly short for occamy, a corruption of alchemy) -- this place name is Cathar Jesus code. Webster’s says ‘Oc’ is the root of octo, 8, and ocular, the eye. A related Egyptian word, Ak, means ‘light’, and aker means ‘light being’.

Ak-hu is the archetypal Cosmic Man of Light, or ideal archetype of humanity found in a host of Hermetic and Gnostic teachings, whether Egyptian, Jewish, Christian or Islamic. As Mircea Eliade notes in Shamanism, among the Iglulik Eskimos, who were driven out of some unknown homeland, a sequence of initiations concludes with the ang-ak-oq (virtually the same word as Languedoc or L’ang-ak-oq), meaning ‘lightening’ or ‘illumination’. 36

This angakoq, writes Eliade, consists of “a mysterious light which the shaman suddenly feels in his body, inside his head, within his brain, an inexplicable searchlight, a luminous fire which enables him to see with both eyes, both literally and metaphorically speaking, for he can now, even with closed eyes, see through darkness and perceive things and coming events which are hidden from others.” The emphasis here is on eyes and light."

[ NOTE: that "EA-Rth" from the Sumerian means the Kingdom (Rth) of E.A. It is high time to claim this planet as our own, and reject naming it after him. Thus, naming the planet for the spirit / soul who has embodied in it, this is properly the planet Gaia, nor is the dirt to be named "earth", it is "soil", and high time we maintained our top-soils' rich biome of micro-organisms, rather than killing them with petrochemicals.
Because Gaia is a living sentient being, it is nothing less than an attempt to commit her into involuntary servitude for any "human" to claim they own even the smallest piece of her body. ALL claims of title to "land" are null and void, and be glad they are, for if they are not, the immediate consequence of a "valid claim" is instant criminal conviction for enforcing slavery! Cease and desist claiming to own land. At best you may volunteer to be a caretaker of a portion of Gaia's body, but if thou be negligent therein, (as was ancient Hawaiian tradition), another caretaker may take-over caretaking it. We are not owners, but caretakers -- celeste]:

2 definitions found From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: caretaker n 1: a custodian who is hired to take care of something (property or a person)
[In this case the planet is the property (body) of the person Gaia -- celeste]
2: an official who performs the duties of an office temporarily; "he acted as a caretaker until a new president could be elected" From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 [moby-thesaurus]: 23 Moby Thesaurus words for "caretaker": air warden, attendant, castellan, conservator, curator, custodian, forest ranger, game warden, gamekeeper, governor, guardian, guardian angel, janitor, keeper, lifeguard, lifesaver, next friend, prochein ami, ranger, shepherd, steward, warden, warder

Continuing on with pages 181-182 of Cloak of the Illuminati by William Henry:
"Daniel and the Illuminati
In 576 BC the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar looted and leveled the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and carried off into exile thousands of its leading citizens along with the treasure of the Temple. From Judah's royal and noble families a handful of youths without blemish, handsome and skillful in all wisdom (Dan.1:4) were selected to serve in Nebuchadnezzar's royal palace at Babylon.6 Among them were the prophet Daniel and three companions, Hananiah, Misahel, and Azariah, who were given new Babylonian names: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The king soon found that these four were ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters that were in all his kingdom This is no small feat considering no less a personage than Pythagoras (I am the serpent) had been initiated into the mystery schools of Babylon by Chaldean priests just a few years before in 600 BC.7 Pythagoras was the first to call himself a philosopher, a man who sought the secrets of becoming a god-man.

Daniel (God is my judge) was not a personal name. It was a group of people, and probably included his three wise companions. Consulting mythologist Barbara G. Walker, we learn that was a title used to distinguish a person of the Goddess Dana or Diana, the Queen of Heaven.8 Diana is the light of Ana, meaning heaven. Irish legend makes her the mother of the Celtic Tuatha De Danann (pronounced thoo-AH-huh duh-DAH-nun), the fair folk the Sidhe people -- who brought the Stone of Destiny with them. In Irish history, the mystical Tuatha De Danann, are described as heaven-sent gods, and not-gods (philosophers). They are compared with the Sanskrit deva (shining one, god) and adeva (Devil), which became daeva (devil) in Persian. The Old English divell (devil) can be traced to the Roman derivative divus, divi: gods. This magical race, ageless and beautiful, remains to this day in the fairy hills of Ireland."

30th July 2016

While feeling calm, we're ready to giggle and play... and today offers so many positive aspects with Luna, that we can all easily be emotionally happy :-)

Today offered opportunities to peruse more "disclosure", and we still find most of it to be duality consciousness, therefore of limited value, whereas it is more productive to invest in new-Gaia co-creation and ascension.

31st July 2016

Faery blessings of silly giggles. Take nothing seriously, it's only a momentary illusion / manifestation, it is far more blessed to be imagining miracles!

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