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Entries from September 2015.

1st September 2015

Today begins with lessons of unconditional love. Loving others implies allowing them to create any reality they choose. One of their choices we must honor is whether or not they are willing to receive from us, that which we offer as a "gift" or "healing", i.e. do they choose to receive catalyzation by us in a parallel-reality leap or a time-line hop. Our only responsibility to them, is to ethically honor their choice, we never have responsibility for them, (except the mother for her infant), or for the reality they create, (or how they may choose to regress after receiving our gift). What we do have responsiblity for is our own selves, and the reality we create with our attention and intention.
i had the opportunity to re-activate their family portal.

... and the next lesson arrived with another call for my ministry, with a clear intention to receive assistance in a shift of energetic reality in the "unseen realms" to match their intent and sense of changing realities between the previous and present "month". This time the openness was matched by the entire family, (at least at the higher self level), so that i was allowed to deliver to them a family portal of ascension activation.

These family portals of ascension activation received an update on the 15th.

2nd September 2015
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3rd September 2015

Contemplating that storytelling is an archtypal communication form, combined with the fact that we manifest that upon which we place attention, it would seem imperative in manifesting Gaia to have each of us exercise discernment to tell only positive stories, about we here now (co-)creating (in positive synergy).

4th September 2015

Time to remember we are angelic beings just visiting duality.


This evening my radiation detector started chirping a level of 0.1RAD, after a long silence.

5th September 2015

Strangely, my nuclear radiation detector has been alarming a level of 0.1RAD intermittently yesterevening and today.


Yay! Meeting new conscious people this evening felt really wonderful! Following ones own unique truth, path, and reality, while honoring others to be different, is such a rewarding peaceful path! It is so wonderful to share with others who really get that.
It is a pleasure that they have liberated themself from the collective, and that they equally liberate others from their own reality.
Happy heart of shared cocreation!

6th September 2015


Strangely, my nuclear radiation detector has been alarming intermittently a level of 0.1RAD this and the previous two days.

7th September 2015

Ooohhh... the day began for me with a most wonderful lucid dream, gradually crossfading into embodied awareness and a gentle morning, with the beautiful songs of our local birds celebrating life! Yay!


My greatest joy is playing with music...
making music (playing my flute), and / or editing music (yay Audacity). This morning I'm enjoying continuing an old audio editing project, one of many that got "boxed" for storage for a period. Sadly, i have lost much delightful music to bit-rot, and i am still patiently awaiting some kind soul to loan to me a working Macintosh computer for less than a day so that i may administer my Drobo NAS boxes and recover more, and backup more. This is only an issue because the corpseoration refuses to support Linux™ for its required administration "Dashboard".


My nuclear radiation detector has been alarming intermittently a level of 0.1RAD since 2015-09-04 through today.

8th September 2015

Blessings of roses, and yellow light to empower self expression. We radiate Peace and Calm, Hope, and Inspiration from our essences library.

9th September 2015

Yay, a graceful gentle day overcast enough for moderate temperatures. Social environments were gentle and mellow even if sans deep connections, or focus on nonduality. Crystal blessings for all who are willing.

10th September 2015

Today we celebrate liberation from the past.

11th September 2015


We are completing a lunar cycle of manifesing our past intent, therefore now is time to fully release those intents and trust that the energies thereof we have successfully embraced and embodied shall be reflected to us externally. Now we prepare to enter the void, neutral, undefined, present, and see what inspiration arrives from our spirit. With that neutral clarity and new focus we are ready to enter the new moon tomorrow.

12th September 2015

Today's awakening was with consciousness of release of all past, all expectations, all precepts.

Today i noticed a scattered-across-the-back-yard random flourishing of yellow flowers :-)

13th September 2015

Welcome to the void...
Whereas i never use cards in reading others, i play with the Secret Dakini Oracle Deck to get a "snapshot" of my energies, and I've always had a contract with them that they show me the naked truth, unconditionlly.
Using the standard Dakini layout, plus an additional 11th card for the crown chakra, we have a card per chakra plus 4 influences upon the heart chakra.
There is no surprise that yet another rebirth is indicated :-)

14th September 2015

The day mellowed into introspective release, neutral contemplation, and finally into focussed intent for time-line hopping. It's trans-form-ation time...
We have a brief period to initiate useful things before we slide back into Mercury Rx (Retrograde) for another 3 weeks of reviewing, forgiving, and releasing the past.

15th September 2015

Checking... have i released all of the past time-line so that it may fade into the illusion of "past" as i hop, skip, and jump to a new parallel-reality?
What do i need to get initiated today to set the pattern for the next half-year?

I'm today re-activating the Family Ascension Portal, which i originally emplaced back on the 1st, where it was the 2nd entry for that day. If they can hold high enough vibrations of joy and love, they'll keep and live the blessing, but if they insist upon lower vibrations of competition and control, they destroy their connection to the higher realms.

Subsequently today i received a phone call from another branch of the family tree for which i emplaced a Family Portal back on the 1st, where it was the 1st entry for that day. The blessings are being embraced, and spread more broadly to include more of the lineage.


This evening at about 5PM local my radiation detector started chirping a level of 0.1RAD again...
...and it continues, though a bit slower, as midnight approaches...

16th September 2015

Even as we are entering our 3 weeks of reviewing and releasing and completing past with Mercury Rx, i am nevertheless feeling strongly the energies of new beginnings with our recent New Moon. Overwhelmingling i feel gentle calm with the entire process, which i can only ascribe to faith, trust, surrender, and beleif in the flow of hopping time-lines. For me, that deep peace in my heart is always the sign of appropriate alignment, congruence, acceptance and allowance. Yet, in some ways, it also seems a bit like that point in a roller-coaster ride where the car is just barely cresting a vertical peak on the track, moving slowly, about to tilt over the peak, and begin a rush of picking up speed... as we continue to be triggered by Galactic Energies influxing... as my radiation detector continues to chirp at least once a minute a rate of 0.1RAD since it started yesterevening.

Yay, i "got to" play sysadmin today as a power outage revealed the end-of-life of the battery in one of my "uninterruptible power supplies", necessitating rewiring my little "data center". What a perfect Mercury Retrograde experience to casually surf through with no attachment or expectation :-)

Later i was blessed to facilitate others with their growth and ascension, and the recent theme of family issues continues to be active for many. There just is no substitute for "being in your own truth", regardless what others judge or expect.

17th September 2015

My radiation detector continues to chirp at least once a minute a level of 0.1RAD.

i was blessed to facilitate another with their growth and ascension, to "be in their own truth", regardless what others judge or expect, and even more so, regardless what one believes or fears that they might be expecting.

The evening brought a bit of cocreation with anchoring into preferred time-lines. A shared theme was releasing and grieving old energies from old time-lines, (how perfectly Mercury Retrograde :-), soul retrieval on inner child, processing contrast to arrive at positive focus, and energetic co-entanglement with new time-lines. We've had enough practice with this transcendent modality of change that it far surpasses past tools of duality. What we were "anti-doting" was the premature and inappropriate suppression of the magickal inner child to force it out of appropriate soulful expression into slavery to the needs of dysfunctional others. Replacing "productivity" and "liability" of slavery are "creativity" and "playfulness", which deliver far more miraculous quantum leaps of reality, than the lower consciousness plodding and efforting ever could. The inspiration of and to higher frequency energetics lead to my playing flute to manifest time-line anchoring. All in all, a graceful day for which i am appreciative. And that concludes our broadcast day... giggles the sleepy fae girl.

18th September 2015

It's funny observing patterns as various people call for help... lately lots of things are "up" with "pets"... a reminder that animals are in the ascension process also... and as their consciousness awakens, they also are at times finding it appropriate to end or change old relationships, or to begin new relationships or ways of relating. One of the relationships we have is between spirit and body, and some of us people, faeries, cats, or humans, may "ascend" via a reincarnation cycle.

[ Update 2015-09-21 20:10:30+00:00 ]: One of my friends cats has ascended by leaving his body, and in her synchronistic grieving his leaving, yet knowing it to be perfect, she has found comfort in this poem

Some who are attached to expectations may enter a state of worry about unwanted potential future, but worry is expected future anger that the unwanted shall manifest, and by focussing upon anything we empower it to manifest, therefore, as with fear, these energies are anti-productive of positive outcome. Traditionally the positive focus is love and intent of healing, wheras i am now finding far more miraculous changes to come from time-line hopping, and with continued practice, am having easier success facilitating others to time-line jump into their ascended reality with the assistance of our 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portals. Therefore i am finding that family portals work even between animals and humans :-)

While the sense of belonging to a pack may bind canines and humans, humans need to release the illusion that they can "own" another sentient being, though they may volunteer to caretake some animals, (especially necessary now that humans have despoiled the entire planet), felines are quite independent. A neighbor is busy worrying about a "run away" cat he refers to as "my", while i clearly saw psychicly that said feline "went on walkabout" and adopted a new home of greater appropriateness.

The evening brought blessings of meeting new locals and cocreative sharing which flowed gracefully.


My radiation detector continues to chirp at least once a minute a level of 0.1RAD, at least throughout most of the daytime hours. It finally fell silent overnight.

19th September 2015

Gentleness of early morning, quiet without the nuclear radiation detector chirping, peace of alignment with higher self, flow of creativity, influx of information from sources chosen with discernment, neutrality of detachment and transcendence, comfort of warm shawl retrieved from dresser drawer, as cool nights of autumn arrive, Fall equinox is due in 3 days, welcome harvest season.

20th September 2015
[blue dragonfly]

This morning i found myself combining two energy techniques in a new way. i was lucidly dreaming a scenario of helping someone co-creatively, but they were choosing to create a fraudulent (deceptive) reality via destruction, and that was unconscionably unethical for me, so i time-line hopped to a different reality, where neither the destruction nor the resultant deception existed, thereby rewinding and rewriting the dream, before it would manifest.


Today while purchasing groceries the cashier i was dealing with commented about wanting a credit card account, and i commented that i had no bank account and am never in debt, querying why one would want to get into debt? i became informed that one had to become a debt addict, being regularly in debt on a credit card, in order to develop a credit rating, in order to qualify for bigger debt, a car loan. She suggested she could not just trade produce, (fruit and vegetables) for a car. i suggested perhaps not for a new car. She allowed as how she didn't require a new one. So, i suggested, well, how do you know it's not possible for a used one?


Synchronistically this evening I've encountered this video on consciousness, which i recommend.

[ The following has been edited to preserve the portion which is somewhat useful in presenting a model of dimensions / densities / frequencies, however, completely excised from it is a really bad analogy which was deeply, utterly, completely wrong.
Incidentally, please note also that as in the "good cop / bad cop" technique of manipulation, "the AR.KHANs" manipulate humanity in both the positive polarity of ARCH(on)-angELs / vampyric_negative_AR.KHANs, therefore anything sourced from "ARCH-angELs" is something to be considered with extreme discernment, because the game will always include some manipulative lies contained within the seducing "good information" used to gain your trust of the source...
we remind you to use your discernment with each piece of information as truth versus deception, rather than ever pretending to discern that any "source" is trustworthy or not, and yes, including me! -- celeste ]

From the channelling "Archangel MICHAEL: The Five Dimensions for This Round of Earthly Ascension"
Transcribed through Ronna Herman 2016-02-27

Beloved Masters, everything in the Universe is endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own Plane of perception. Remember, ALL Creation - the Omniverse at all levels - is Cosmic Energy, which was sent forth from the Heart-Core of the Supreme Creator. This Energy is composed of vibrational frequencies of infinite variations, which interpenetrate with each other, and yet are separated from each other by the variance in Light frequency patterns.

The Light/Energy of the Creator contains all the components of Creation, and these innumerable Seeded Patterns of Light make up the complexity of the many levels of material manifestation. The terms used to describe the multiple levels of Creation, such as “Dimensions and Sub-Dimensions,” were established to bring clarity and understanding of the very complex “nature of the reality” in which you all exist. As most of you are aware, each Dimension within your Earthly Etheric environment has Seven Sub-levels.

FIRST DIMENSION: Mineral Kingdom:

First Dimension and lower sub-levels of Second Dimension: The Mineral and Vegetable Kingdoms are ruled strictly by instinct, and they are infused with God Light/Life via the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms.

The First-Dimensional environment is the World of the Elements, the building blocks of the material world from the sub-atomic elements to the soil, rocks and water that make up the body of the Earth.

This is the foundation for the manifestation of all Plant Life, and home of the lowest level of the Elemental Kingdom whose mission it is to relay from the Sun the life-giving elements or nourishment for all of the Mineral and Plant Kingdoms. Under the guidance of the Elemental Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom also began to experience an instinctual desire to reach for the sunlight and bask in the warmth of its radiance.

SECOND DIMENSION: Plant & Animal Kingdoms:

The mid-Second-Dimensional level is where the Animal Kingdom materialized and a sub-level of consciousness began. Originally, the Animal Kingdom subsisted and received sustenance from Plant Life—it was never intended that they should become carnivorous. Basic feelings and emotions began to be displayed within the Second-Dimensional environment as the Animal Kingdom evolved and began to experience primal fear, anger and instinctual Love or compatibility with a strong desire for companionship. The Animal Kingdom is strongly influenced by inborn instinct. The Animals’ “Divine Sparks” come from and return to a Group Soul in between each incarnation.

THIRD DIMENSION – Sentient Beings:

Since Humanity’s fall in consciousness many thousands of years ago, the Earth and its physical environment have been composed of Third/Fourth–Dimensional components. The Third Dimension consists of Length, Breadth and Depth of Space. The Sentient Beings of this Dimension are the more evolved Animal Kingdom (group consciousness) and Human Beings, which have individualized Soul-consciousness.

THE THIRD DIMENSION: The Fist Three Sub-Planes - Animal / Nature Kingdom: Higher-conscious species of Animal Kingdom - instinctual / sub-conscious.

The First Three Levels of the THIRD DIMENSION:

Animals who are gradually evolving into a higher species, and who have developed a limited sentient intelligence, are within this range of intelligence: such as Primates (Apes and Monkeys), Elephants, Horses, Dogs and Cats. In some future stage of the “Ascension Process,” they will be “Ensouled,” and will be allotted an individualized i AM Consciousness.

There are also some Humans - very young Souls - who obtained their individualized i AM consciousness within a more recent “Round of Evolution”. Their first incarnational experiences have been in this Solar System or on the Earth Plane, and they are, therefore, still functioning within an Animal/Human base-instinctual nature, along with a varying degree of intellectual capacity. These Souls are the true “Earthlings.”

There are no longer any young or early mature Souls being incarnated on the Earth Plane. Only “Mature and Old Souls” who have had a vast number of incarnational experiences throughout this Universe, and quite possibly in other Universes as well, are incarnating on Earth now.

THE THIRD DIMENSION: Sub-Planes Four through Seven - HUMAN KINGDOM:

The Third-Dimensional Realm of Material expression is more mentally focused, with a strong desire to create, conquer and to control nature. It is the lowest level of Humankind’s experiential existence. A basic, instinctual-survival nature began to develop with a gradual, limited Consciousness of Self, “I am separate and different from you.” Human Beings began to emerge from a herd-state of consciousness, where there were seldom any unique or individualized thoughts. Most knowledge came forth from the group instinctual nature and basic concepts handed down from the Elders.


Sub-conscious and Conscious Awareness. In the Fourth Dimension a Conscious Awareness of the “NOW” moment is added to Length, Breadth and Depth of Space. The Fourth Dimension is the realm of Emotions, Maya / /illusion - the Astral Plane. Since it is the beginning stage of higher frequency patterns, Time is more fluid, and the Laws of Time and Space begin to change. It is sometimes called the Etheric Realm.

You must pass through the Mass Consciousness belief structure, which is mostly comprised of a conglomeration of inharmonious Third-/Fourth-Dimensional vibrations. It is your responsibility to clear or neutralize your personal discordant vibrational frequencies in order to traverse the seven sub-levels of the Fourth-Dimensional environment, and to tap into an awareness of your “I AM” within the Fifth-Dimensional environment.


Human Beings within this stage of evolvement are still using some of their animal instinctual nature along with the Sub-conscious / Conscious Human nature. Sub-planes Four through Seven: the beginning of the development of a Human/Spiritual nature.

Whales and Dolphins are a special, unique species which does not fit within any of the evolutionary profiles that we are presenting to you for your greater understanding. They are considered to be the most spiritually and intellectually advanced species on Earth. As the Earth was created for Human inhabitation, these wondrous Beings of Light were sent forth from far-distant Star Systems as “Keepers of the Divine consciousness for the Human species.”

They are the recorders of the en-Lighten-ed, and also the diminished consciousness of all Life Forms from the beginning of this Sub-Universal experience—not only in this Realm, but also in many other Realms within this Sub-Universe. They embody the recorded History of Earth, all Planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies, and they constantly bring forth reverberating frequencies of Light and advanced information.

They send the tones of Love through the waters, and deep into the Earth, as well as to all Humanity, in order to keep the evolution of Consciousness on the Earth moving according to the Greater Plan. They are not as they appear to be in form. They are great, magnificent Beings whom we admire, and if we are receptive, we will feel their Loving energy as they continually patrol the oceans spreading our Father/Mother God’s frequencies of Love, Harmony and Grace.

THE FIFTH DIMENSION: Fifth-Dimensional Spiritual/Human Nature

FIRST Sub-Plane of the FIFTH DIMENSION: Integration of all Third-/Fourth- Dimensional Soul Fragments has been accomplished. Therefore, the Soul-infused Personality is released from the Wheel of Karma. Gradual development of Conscious / Superconscious / Intuitive Awareness — the beginning phase of Sacred-Tiadal Consciousness.

FIFTH-DIMENSION - Mental Plane of Consciousness: Sacred Triad * Three God Rays:

II. * Love/Intuition: Wisdom *

EGO-DESIRE BODY * Instinct * Lower 3D Mind *

EMOTIONAL BODY * Imagination * Conscious Lower-4D Mind *

SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS * Intuition * Sacred Mid-4D Mind *

SOUL-INFUSED PERSONALITY * Illumination * Sacred Triad 1st-Level-5D *

[ Excised for gross inaccuracy -- celeste ]



Higher sub-levels of the Second Dimension and the first three sub-levels of the Third Dimension

Prevailing Negative Attributes to Overcome:


From LOWEST Levels to HIGHEST: Survival Instinct * Fear * Anger * Vengeful * Hate * Despising * Shame * Guilt * Denying * Uncaring * Apathy * Stubbornness * Miserable * Indifferent * Permitting * Enabling * Herd State * Confused * Rigid Thinking Process * Fearful of Change * Complacent * Fearful of The Forces of Nature and The Elements.


FIRST through THIRD Sub-Levels: Miserable * Self-Serving * Confrontational * Craving * Blame * Despair * Anxiety * Lethargic * Humiliation * Hopeless * Grief * Demanding * Withdrawal * Destructive * Judgmental * Stubborn * Infatuation *Authoritative * Dogmatic * Extreme * Frivolous * Vain * Seek Glamour * Possessive * Boredom * Materialistic * Strong Belief in “Good Luck,” * Fate and Punishment * Willing To Go With The Flow * Caught Up in “Mass Consciousness Belief System” *  “I, Me, My” Focus.

Negative Attributes To Harmonize, and Positive Attributes To Integrate:

FOURTH Sub-Level: A Bridge To Higher Consciousness:

Plodding * Frustration * Discontent * Doubt * Regret * Permitting * Enabling * Pessimistic * Neutrality * Worry * Discouraged * Unworthiness * Some Objectivity * Learning To Forgive * Understanding * Hopeful * Optimistic * Desire * Learning Discipline * Begin To Turn Inward * Seeking* * Trust * Insightful* Helpful * Generous * “Expanding Self-Awareness.”

FOURTH Dimension: FIFTH through SEVENTH Sub-Levels:

Patient * Expressive * Creative * Disciplined * Seeks Solitude * Compassionate * Merciful * Harmonious * Serene * Trusting * Courage * Empowerment * Optimism * Reverence * Loving * Joyful * Bliss * Intuitive * Gracious * Thankful * Altruistic * Desire To Serve * Truthful * Grateful * “Developing Unity Consciousness.”

Most of you who have followed our Teachings are aware that you must clear 51% of your Negative Frequency Patterns and attune to your “Soul Song” to at least a portion of the Lower Sub-level Frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to begin to receive the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. In doing so, you gain the ability to breathe in this Essence of rarified Light containing the refined vibrational frequencies of the Higher Realms. You, while in your Physical vessel, are being given an opportunity to incorporate the Divine Essence of the New Age, which is permeating the Earth at this time.

There is no firm demarcation between Dimensions, for they ebb and flow in a wave pattern and interpenetrate each other to a certain degree. Much of Humanity is now resonating to the frequencies of the Higher, more Harmonious Frequencies of the Third Dimension, while tapping into and integrating various levels of the Fourth Dimension. Many dedicated Souls are beginning to access some of the frequency patterns of the Lower Sub-levels of the Fifth Dimension, and there are even some more advanced Souls who are integrating small amounts of Sixth-Dimensional frequency patterns (and even higher) via the Cities of Light.

Beloveds, we know some of the concepts we relay to you can be very confusing. However, as you expand in Consciousness and Wisdom, your Sacred Mind will open to the Well-spring of Knowledge you have in reserve, and you will remember and understand. i am with you always.

[ EEeek! what if we don't want you with us always!
Thank you for revealing your intrusive AR.KHANtic nature -- celeste ]

i AM ARCH[on]angEL Michael.

Channelled by: Ronna Herman - ** ** ** **

Return to: The New Earth – Book II -


We draw upon information from Wes Penre regarding Michael:

"Another name for Ninurta is “The God of the Hunt[37],” and he was also known as a “war-god” in Sumer.[38] This doesn’t mean that he walked around and created wars, but as the heir of Orion, he was also known as Archangel Michael, Second in Command, while Khan En.lil is Archangel Michael, First in Command. The term “Archangel Michael” originates in Orion and is not a person, but again, a title. It is carried by the being (or beings) who are in command of Queen Nin’s Special Forces, and the “Michaels” are always of the Queen’s Court. We can find references to Archangel Michael in the Bible as well—more specifically in the Book of Daniel[39], where he is called a “great prince who stands up for the children of your people.”[40] Wikipedia says about Michael:

'In the New Testament, Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven, he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude, Michael is specifically referred to as an "archangel".[41]'

Satan and his forces in this sense are Prince as Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. In the “War in Heaven,” which we shall come back to in a future paper, Ninurta, as Archangel Michael, Second in Command, defeated Satan and his cohorts in a battle and threw him out of Heaven. These Bible stories are all allegories for what actually happened in the Orion Empire a long time ago."

21st September 2015

The multidimensionality of nondual reality is having great effects on many during this time-node as the ascending New-Gaia is vibrationally pulling away from dualistic frequencies.

22nd September 2015
[Alice Down the Rabbit Hole]

As tonight brings us the Autumnal Equinox, it also brings us to within 5 days of the upcoming Blood Moon Eclipse which completes the first wave of ascension. That is also the completion of the mission contract for the crystal faeries to assist the 1st wave.

In twilight i (as always) found it fun to play (my flute) along with Suzanne Teng. Then i very much introverted into a deeply individual experience of equinox energies.

23rd September 2015

While flying through the woods a few days ago, i came upon this beautiful tome pictured to the right:

24th September 2015

This morning my radiation detector started chirping at least once a minute a level of 0.1RAD.
By sundown it had fallen silent again.

25th September 2015

Angelic blessings abound in our higher realms.


This morning my radiation detector started chirping sporadically a level of 0.1RAD.
It fell silent again by sundown.


i was all day in a particular time-line which contained a specific way of relating to certain energies. My personality was somewhat attached to certain energies, however, due to all day long seeing a particular number, i did not fulfill that attachment to experience certain energies.
Once i awaken tomorrow in a different time-line that number will have changed in all computer records, and I'll be wondering how i could have misread the mumber many times in one day, finally to conclude with certainty that only a time-line jump in a time-node explains it.

26th September 2015
[TelePhone] However, my telephone seems to be failing as did the previous one, no doubt in support of it being time for me to introvert for deeply focussed multidimensional energy work. Having today purchased a new telephone, I'm back in business.

27th September 2015

Get ready for the full moon during happy hour, followed by an invisible (in the mid Pacific) lunar eclipse. This time is alleged to be the completion of the 1st wave of ascension, which is a form of liberation from the suffering of dualistic consciousness.

i had a wonderful chat with an ascension friend this evening, in which we both were feeling very solidly anchored into New-Gaia reality. We celebrate the completion of the first wave of ascension!

28th September 2015

In ongoing discernment of appropriateness, sorting who is ready to be with me as reality creator, as positive synergy cocreator, of New-Gaia. i am setting necessary boundaries with those who have "known me", (who i previously was in another time-line), but are failing either to cognize, or to honor, that i have changed my reality. i remain focussed upon creating joyous reality in my own ahupua'a (watershed) of Kilauea and the surrounding garden island of Kaua'i and the expression here of New-Gaia.

Ooooh what joy to connect with others, as i did this evening, who "get it"!
Oh, wait, it actually works the other way around... being in the joy of transcendence is what attracts connecting with others of the same frequency :-)

29th September 2015

It is quite evident in the recent week that we are in autumn, as the weather is cooler, the sun angle lower and gentler.

All feels very peaceful and aligned, as i relaxed my mind and floated down the stream of consciousness... merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream :-)

30th September 2015

Yay, it's time to party in nonduality!

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