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13th November 2014

In the course of facilitating others, i spontaneously create new psychic tools in support of healing and awakening, and DNA ascension activation. Today's experience has synthesized a new pattern, another variant of ascension portal, in support of family ascension, particularly dealing with the shared energy patterns carried within the family in the DNA.

During a late afternoon visit to Anini Beach, around 16:30 HST i was scanning the horizon, and while looking in the direction north-west, i saw an island arise and be present for about 17 seconds, and then sink under the water again, at a distance I'd estimate to be similar to the distance to Ni'ihau, which is much flatter, versus the mountain peaks i saw of this island.


We are approaching close to a week of quiescence from my NukAlert, after the preceeding 2 weeks wherein I was receiving alerts first in the 0.1RAD range then in the 0.2RAD range, stronger in the Kapa'a area and weaker in the Kilauea area. The only worldly correlation I've been able to make is that there was a (covert) "shoot-down" of two private space launches, producing a (cloaked) mass media "story" that the wreckage was "not to be touched", i.e. is toxic in some way. We can surmise the possibility that at least part of at least one of those private space launches carried radioactive material, which is typically the "fuel" for a thermonuclear thermoelectric generator to power the spacecraft when it is too far away from the sun to be powered by solar electric collectors of photonic energy. we shall not comment upon the "why" of the "shoot-down" of these private space launches, except to note they came from the covert aspects of the exopolitical government typically represented by the missing capstone and the all-seeing eye crowning the illuminati pyramid of hierarchical domination of reality.

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