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Entries from April 2014.

1st April 2014

What of our new moon lunation, and our new time-line(s)?

'You know that at the level of density and freedom we operate, our flexibility comes from not knowing the future, from focussing upon our preferred time-line reality, not upon any process to attain it. Your traditional future-seeing was based mostly in the 5th density and causal plane, and you have to let go of focus on the details, and just trust the universe to mirror your internal state. The questioning of the future just evidences a lack of trust. You will have this lesson integrated by the full moon eclipse time.'

Any perspective on the planetary scale eclipse energies?

"The ascension process will be much more a gradual and progressive shift of each individual, than the 'are we there yet?' quantum-leap you'd like to make individually. Remember that you cannot leap far beyond the ascension collective without having to come back to fulfill the mentor role which must occur 'where' each individual is 'at'. Make quantum leaps of consciousness and hops of time-lines internally, with no concern for the process of those changes manifesting for you. Trust and patience, faith and perseverence are the keys to manifesting."

i see where i am doing 'means to an end' strategizing in attempting to control the future into safety. i release the need to pre-know, know, or control.

2nd April 2014

If one can't control ones emotional state, then one must be addicted to some emotional state. To be "in love with another individual", is to be addicted to ones anticipation of the emotional state to which one is addicted.
Addiction is not just psychological, it is biochemical, because emotions themselves are biochemical.
Ones life will shift when we learn real love, and prioritize something more than our condition of addiction.
The pursuit of enlightenment requires overcoming addiction to lower vibrations.

i have noticed two primary flavors of emotional addiction; one where the individual is addicted to a specific emotion and keeps pursuing that which delivers the emotion, and the second where the individual is addicted to going on emotional 'roller coaster' rides, where the point is to stir changes of emotion rather than having a goal of a specific feeling.
I'm going to suggest that underneath both of these there must be some wound which is so intensely emotionally negative, that the overall emotional tone of the individual is repressed, numb, in order not to feel the avoided emotion (past trauma), which results in a general inability to enjoy the intensely positive emotions either. Thus they need unusually intense triggers in order to get them to feel.
i see another version, displacement, where certain emotional states are either required or prohibited by childhood programming, so that the individual must substitute one emotion for another as they cope. As an example, earlier in this body's history, the family 'demand' was that there be no crying, however, anger was allowed. This resulted in previously expressing anger as a substitute for actually feeling grief, which would tend to indicate that the parental aversion was to grief. In my case the healing was to separate from the family demand.

'For many years we have explored the delicate balance between denying an emotion instead of processing it to release, versus just quickly switching to a preferred state. We have long said that in each case simply intend self into emotional detachment, but be aware of patterns of either triggers or responses. Any one instance is no big deal to forgive and move on, but a pattern indicates an issue to heal.'

"Since the ascended state is one of balance and neutrality transcending all duality and dichotomy, we must achieve neutrality in the here and now to ascend, and that requires releasing all denied or otherwise held polarities within dichotomy, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We could restate this as you must fully heal to ascend, or ascending will fully heal you.
What is this ascension as we are describing it?
Full integration of higher and lower densities, the removal of 'the veil', full consciousness, therefore, full alignment between higher and lower selves. Feeling one's emotions, (and only one's own emotions), is essential to being functional as a human."

3rd April 2014

i got online again.

4th April 2014

Recent synchronistic triggers have shown that commitment is essential to manifesting. Physical action is just one sign of commitment.
The largest issue with commitment in a lifetime is...?
commiting to the incranation.

'You have been through a rebirth, a process of de-committing to an old incarnation (reality), and going through the void of no intent, to arrive at a new commitment to a new reality as your incarnation, yes?'

Yes, i completed my 'testing' phase of determining what is true for me, comprehended the implications thereof, made new choices based in new appropriateness, and new commitment to the new time-line. As a sign of my new commitment i have completed the conversion of my website to blog format, rather than merely adding a blog to my old website. The sign of commitment which matters the most, is the happiness in my heart, which comes from my new level of certainty, that having deeply and thoroughly explored this transition of realities i have clarity of the appropriateness of my new reality, and therefore, i am able to commit fully to it. That midpoint of 'undefined in the void' is the place where one examines... 'Is this the end of incarnation for me? or merely the end of my old way of being incarnate?' We cannot truly make a free-will choice unless we are prepared to be 'OK' with either of the paths we are contemplating. Therefore, that 'undefined in the void' place is one of no commitment, infinite possibility, free will, and a time of deep introspection.

"The full alignment of intent and will produces better energy flow in support of ones essence and intent. You are already observing the new manifestations happening daily, as everything aligns to support your fulfillment of your committed purpose."

5th April 2014

i am smiling for being authentic and fulfilling my purpose. i am enjoying having been awoken by a phone call to do energetic healing and counseling. We are all one. As one allows 'me' to facilitate their healing, the part of 'me' which is 'them' is healed, and i am happier.

'And now we are sharing our favorite togetherness, channelling crystal faeries wisdom to facilitate ascension.'

"Play, celebration, fun, light flow in the moment, and the usual sense of infinite possibilities are the fae way."

I'm enjoying listening to Suzanne Teng playing flute as i channel, and just have to pick up my flute and play along... laters... playing calls!

i don't recall clearly blogging this before, so I'll just mention it now as relevant, that I'm learning to play solid silver flute, by jamming along with existing songs, and learning to copy what the masters do, and i consider Suzanne Teng to be truly a flute master. Suzanne's "Light of the Heart" has sustained me through much rebirth process. For me, that particular song speaks of my soul, so when i listen to it, her flute feels like the voice of my soul, and i become inspired to be able to express my soul via my own flute. When i obtained my flute and begain to play it i made a contract with myself to never 'perform for others', but to only express my soul; my music must spontaneously flow outward in joyous authentic expression, rather than allowing others to 'pull it out of me' for their purposes. i continue to (re-)build my AV Linux™ playstation to support audio (and video) recording and editing. There will be time in the future to share my music with others, but the most important thing is filling my life with soul-nurturing and soul-expressing music of living spirit.

6th April 2014

Aloha world.

'Just don't take any of it seriously.'

"The old 3D reality was fairly fixed and therefore knowable (predictable). Since 3D collpased up into 4D, many people are having difficulties adjusting to the newer level of mutablity of that which they are fond of calling 'reality'."

This has even been noticed by the keepers of the sacred kilogram weight standard in France, that it is losing "weight".

7th April 2014

Some days are way more focussed on worldly progress than vibrational ascension.

'Flowing in joyous creative mode is where it is at.'

"Thanks for acting on guidance :-) "

This evening i was blessed to view with friends the movie Happy!. i recommend it. i have long stated that the ultimate experience is that of loving cocreation, for when the will of two or more beings aligns, there is activated divine synergy so that the outcome is multiply powerful compared to individuals acting alone to create something.

'We crystal faeries have declared that from our perspective the optimal approach to solving the many problems of human life on Gaia is called ascension to nonduality, where the issues of duality simply do not exist.

"We continue to hold our 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal for Kaua'i, which brings the 8D pure divine template of the higher self down to the 4D level so that anyone who can reach up to the frequencies of 4D on their own, is provided with all the akashics they need to align fully as their higher self incarnate."

'There is a great deafness amongst the people to hearing truths which stir too much cognitive dissonance, i.e. because they are so far out of alignment from their truth. There is an equivalent on the emotional level of resistance to anything which stirs up repressed or denied "negative" feelings.'

i was just inspired by that to apply a bit of Patchouli oil, which, aside from triggering present energetics, also activates some memories of that illusion called history, in which Patchouli was a favorite scent amongst the 'hippies' of yore. It is unmistakeable that the group who shared ecological concerns, are indeed the same old 'hippies' of yore. Contemplating the olde aphorism to 'turn on, tune in, and drop out', regardless the state of turn on, many are still tuned in, but most have dropped in. The largest cognitive and emotional dissonance is around 'citizenship'. Few of us want the system as it is, but few of them are willing to walk our talk and actually drop out of it. I'd say that two 'World Wars' and all the incessant warring since the official declaration of 'world scale' warfare, have conclusively proven that the system shall not be fixed from the inside, nor by warfare. And that is more than enough investment of energy or focus upon duality. We have a mission to work where energy is effective, in nonduality. Nevertheless we do applaud the small 'gains' or 'blockage of loss' which occasionally move from citizen initiative to statutory regulation, mostly because it evidences some shift of consciousness of the collective.

"We continue to hold the 8D template of pure divine intent for divine life, about which we say regarding GMO within the 8D ascension portal: 'GMO, (along with other forms of corruption), just won't grow here.' We consider it a priority to support 'seed banking' and 'seed saving' and 'seed propogation' via the local seed exchanges on our Garden Island."

8th April 2014

Ahhh... kitty 'Misty' settles in for a catnap, and i settle in with a mug of tea for morning channelling :-)

"In the sense of 'no news is good news', we haven't been saying a whole lot lately, which is just things continuing as last reported. Our 8D ascension portal network is stable, and has been quite at peace, i.e. its arrival triggered some reaction, but its' presence has been accepted."

"Ongoing communion with our friends who are holding in place their 8D ascension portals outside Kaua'i, evidences their facilitation of wonderful growth and healing leading to greater alignment of lower to higher selves. Because the effects of such a portal in an otherwise 4D area are subtle and mostly internal to each individual, we now encounter minimal resistance introducing new portals for individuals or small areas. What it all 'adds up to' is that one at a time, individuals are moving from the 4D they accessed to receive a portal, via the alignment to their 8D template, to anchor into 5D."

'Certainly these alignments tend to trigger a multidimensional cellular release.'

9th April 2014

Is my current thread of thinking about computing infrastructure what you would guide?

'There is no error in your consideration of alternatives. Proceed with contemplated investigation. It will serve you to unburden yourself of things which are out of your control (the proprietary closed-source products).'

"This may be seen as a trigger of what was latent, now fully obvious, and helping you clear those things which are inappropriate. Obviously the highest priority is your music recording studio and our blog here."

10th April 2014

The repercussions of the HeartBleed bug and consequent 'updates' and 'upgrades' have resulted in my WinDblOwS 7 on my MSI-GT780R Laptop self destructing, a condition i have chosen to accept, and then honor, by replacing it with Debian Linux™ 7. This, however, introduced the issue of nvidia optimus being anything but optimal.

11th April 2014

The square and opposition energies are getting pretty intense. The rapidity and clarity with which our realities are beginning to reflect our actual choices and attitudes is wonderfully empowering for being a 'reality creator'.

'There is lots of facilitation for change. Conflicts are being brought to the surface for resolution.'

"Feel the sense of play as you more lightly flow over each trigger. knowing that what is happening is the appropriate manifestation of one's own beleifs."

12th April 2014

Flowing manifestation as each moment unfolds, perfectly accepted as the moment it is.

'Glad you're enjoying the flow of the moment.'

"Keep playing, Fae!"

13th April 2014

i am recognizing an olde pattern it is time to release:

...and yet, i cognize the appropriateness of releasing any definition of work versus play, and of approaching the moment with a playful attitude.

"The 'hook' is the association of conditional approval and worth based upon performing for others what they want. Our value is independent of being incarnate, or of performing any role, particularly for others, with that incarnation. High vibrations are the most valuable energies for ourselves, a reality, or to share with others, and the highest are laughter, joy, play, and celebration."

14th April 2014

i have observed that as we approach the grand square full blood moon eclipse, emphasizing the dichotomies of opposition and blockage of squares, that all the conflicting energies and wills are producing greater chaos, which is both a challenge to cope with the manifestations of, and an opportunity to apply some will in creator mode to nudge reality in a better direction. Of course, with all external being merely the mirror in which to observe our own innards, it is our own energy field, beleifs, choices, and consequent emotions we contribute as reality. As one scheduled to guide a group meditation for this event, i must practice and master internally that which i intend to guide for others. Our strongest teaching is by our example, therefore, i am to be an exemplar of ascension, given that is my spiritual mission on Kaua'i.

'Continue to deprogram and release all motivations based in "responsibility", as others have used that word to create obligations and duties for you. Your response-ability is to authentically speak your truth in the moment.'

i require direct guidance and / or intervention on transportation and web publishing. i do not yet have transportation to where you tell me to go work, nor do i have any present ability within guidance to publish our blog as directed.

'There is no clear solution at this time for either of these. Avoid linking in your thinking to form any cause-effect relationship in these.'

"You have enough to contemplate organizing the full moon meditation, so relax into that, and let yourself play with it."

Our blessings were effulgent, though the wind challenged us to speak up to be heard by each other, our pretty moon played peek-a-boo through the clouds, which held their moisture while we gathered on the riverbank. With a few dij's, my flute, and a couple lap harps, we sang and toned and intended a positive reality, as we cocreated moon magick playfully.

15th April 2014

The ides of April is upon us.

'Celebrate joyful play.'

"Joy is a very individual experience, which may be relatively calm whereas others may experience intense emotional expression."

16th April 2014

"You are having fun with your new levels of conscious awareness, particularly as you allow yourself to be amused by human relationships, rather than to take anyone or any event seriously. As you integrate as your perspective your 8D consciousness and abilities to effect healing from that level, it is easier, more fun, and more effective."

'In many ways there is very little new but perspective, for the comprehension of the concepts of how it all works is really not new compared to what you've studied and taught for decades. The primary consciousness shift to 8D, and your completion of your own individual lessons, has resulted in it becoming very real for you, that you are part of a collective consciousness, and it is the acceptance and shift to that as normal and usual, which is most profoundly altering your life.

Yes, it feels that it is this shift to 8D collective which is making the most difference in my life, as has my acceptance of the directive to stay in 5D in my activities to 'change' or 'heal' anything 'of the world'. The concept that all which is not of the ascended realm is to be ignored out of one's consciousness and reality, i comprehend as an essential part of my ascension process. It was challenging to learn the lesson to cease my work to perfect my old time-line(s) before releasing them and moving on to my new time-line(s), but it was well worth the work to transcend that. Thank you for walking me through these lessons :-)

17th April 2014

My focus is very much on music, soulful music. When I'm not playing my own flute, i love hearing Suzanne Teng playing.

18th April 2014

It's so easy to stay in the flow of creativity, completely losing track of time. This is good, yes?

'Yes. Excellent.'

"Integrating 8D collective consciousness via your own higher self greatly expedites our collaborative cocreation."

19th April 2014

Between inner growth triggered by the astrological patterns, and much activity creating and or mending domicil, the days fly by in a continuous flow of in the moment inspiration, ever unpredictable and uncontrollable, but ever so appropriately authentic.

'Thank you for channelling our collective consciousness.'

"Let there be grace in the flow of the devine / divine through your authentic unique expression of life."

There is only one plot in my new time-line: I'm continuously following the inspiration of the moment of the collective consciousness of the crystal faeries, as expressed via the crystal faery tomril, my higher self, so it's not just what i write daily in the blog, it's a way of consciousness and of living consciously. i of course have my moments of blockage but it's getting a lot easier via having surrendered.

"There is so much light flowing through our portals, we feel quite blessed."

20th April 2014

"May those willing to know truth find enlightenment today leading to their own ascension."

21st April 2014

The synchronistic flow seems very nice lately, thank you.

'We're glad you're willing to merge up.'

"Yay... what a nice day for some readings :-) "

"We have been observing lately a lot of people talking the talk, but not walking the walk, of staying focussed on positive realities in the here and now. We observe that, while their minds may adopt and express the appropriateness of here now, their emotional addiction to their emotion-trigger{ed,ing} story, usually rooted in the subconscious, takes control except for a few lucid moments of clarity. As tomril has practiced a long time, guiding them to being aware of their assignment of meaning or value to their emotions or story, begins to free them to find those feelings in a manner different than repeating the old behaviour."

22nd April 2014

Whoooo! So much to do :-)
i feel blessed that i don't "have to work" or "go to a job". i suspect that most people would look at my 16+ hour "play day", and conclude that i was deluded, in that i put in many intense hours, engaged in what many might not perceive to be "play", and yet, for me, by a choice of perspective, it is not "work", it is fulfillment of my mission and purpose.

'...and yet, we remind you to develop even more, a playful attitude as your motivation for everything.'

celeste spritzes with Fae Play.

"We remind you of your deep connection with music as joyful for you."

I'm enjoying reprioritizing and reconfiguring :-)

23rd April 2014

Good morning. i was just thinking that if "months" served enlightenment of the people, they'd be based upon the actual moon phase, rather than upon the competing egoes of dead Roman Emperors. While April 23 would seem to be a trine with my birthday of June 23, our Gregorian calendar is useful only for taxation schedules. Nevertheless, i shall utilize these thoughts to trigger consciousness of what is in trine with my nature, what is my nature, and how have i outgrown my natal chart? It remains a goal to be liberated from the endless recycling of energy patterns with which our solar system triggers us. Is this a waste of energy or a worthy purusit? i suspect it all goes away automagickally as we ascend above the realm of space and time into 5D.

'You already know that you transcend this issue as soon as you enter the flow / channelling of the moment, which is outside linear space-time. Simply return to the flow of now from such mental illusions of time.'

"The focus upon joy and play quickly brings you back to the flow, so keep it light, so you can fly as the angelic faery you are :-) "

24th April 2014

Good morning Kaua'i. I'm ready to channel today's message, now that i already played for 4 hours adding historical information into 'older' postings.

'We are glad you are enjoying nurturing our blog.'

celeste reaches for essential oils in support of this morning's channelling... scanning her oils for those which make her hand tingle in the now... and discovers that it's time for Thyme :-) and Release, and Joy.

"We draw your attention to the vast pool of unprocessed emotions which are vibrationally stored in the planetary oceans. Focus upon the portion of that which is inside of Kaua'i Sovereign Space, our kuleana (responsibility). Because these are denied and disowned, they are not getting processed by the entities for whom they were lessons. We could send them all back to their creators, but consider that most such returning emotional energies would not be beneficially processed by those entities, therefore the majority of it is best neutralized back to undifferentiated cosmic gold+silver, and then returned to their life-streams. Accordingly we suggest transmuting it all with that intent, and replacing it with pure neutral source cosmic cosmic gold+silver energies."

Done, and done.

"Now let us focus upon the active present time emotional realm of Kaua'i. This is of 4D, the zone of conflict between the 4D descending reality, and the 5D ascending reality. As we have noted previously and relatively recently, with the merge up of 3D- into 4D, not only have many entities been triggered to exit their bodies, but those remaining are struggling to accomodate the higher consciousness they had perhaps either resisted or ignored until the merge. These entities in particular, are frequently in emotional overwhelm. The collective reality in Kaua'i Sovereign Space, may now be alleviated of any and all shared beliefs about emotions, (leaving their individual copies thereof untouched). We are now adding to the ascension templates of the 8D portals, a functional comprehension of emotions and their postive utilization, as defined by the divine plan and our larger family of angelics who created the original 8D ascension portal templates, based upon akashic records consensus. We note you have already confirmed the shift this makes for Kaua'i."

Yes, that should pretty well take the wind out of the sails for continuing any blaming of one's own emotions on others :-)

It didn't take long before somebody who has their own 8D portal, linked in with our 8D portal network, responded to the shift in energetics by clearing emotions which had been stuck for decades. Yay! i love how this stuff works!

After sunset i attended a local showing of The Living Sea, which is self described as a survey of the world's oceans, emphasizing the fact that it's a single interconnected ocean, and the dependence of all life on the ocean. This event at the local Kapa'a Public Library was sponsored by those who are attempting to change the KAUAI COUNTY, INCORPORATED charter to invert the relationship with GMO from the current position that citizens must prove GMO is harmful in order to stop the pollution of Kaua'i's ecosystem, to the position that GMO operations must prove they are safe and in compliance with new limitations and monitoring. While this is admirable and probably the best which can be done by those of 3D- or 4D consciousness while still keeping their Mark of the Beast, it is just part of the ongoing war which is the only possible outcome of bearing the Mark of the Beast. As peaceful nurturers of organic life, we crystal faeries have taken the position of operating above the conflicts within duality, by working with the transcendent energies to heal the extant GMO as damaged, back to healthy DNA of organic species.

25th April 2014

"We are pleased to find a new level of responsiblity as many entities 'stepped up' to a new level of owning and processing their own emotions, in response to the new akashics templates of our 8D Ascension Portals."

26th April 2014

"The appropriate responsibility is 100% for one's self. The appropriate agenda is to flow in the eternal moment of now, here. Our emotions are our own internal feed-back mechanism, to ascertain whether our choices are appropriate for our self."

27th April 2014

What's up?

'Basically we have more of the same you are already aware of. Continue to practice detachment and transcendence above the Old Ea-Rth reality around you.'

"Primarily you must not become responsible for the reality and energetics around you, which are inappropriate for you, just maintain good energy boundaries and you'll be fine."

It is time for the liberation of all those who are willing to be self responsible. It is time for the release of dichotomies of duality, including light versus dark, good versus evil, etc. Liberation from lower realms of consciousness has to include neutrality in duality.

Today in a healing session i channelled bio-radionically the frequencies of Vervain, based on akashic records info, since i did not have any essential oil of Vervain in my collection to use as a frequency reference, and then upon searching on the internet discovered it was truly the perfect natural remedy for the intended healing needed by the individual i was facilitating on the other side of the planet.

28th April 2014

Since duality has served the exploration of preference via the contrast of polar opposites, and since we are ascending to non-duality, then we find as ascend{ed,ing} beings, that we are releasing all of our inauthenticities and incongruities, and returning to alignment with our essence / truth. Is this perception appropriate? Or is there another lesson here?

"On a planetary scale we may summarize that exploration of non-truth for entities of divine love light has peaked. The vast majority of those who are going to return to truth have already done so conceptually (mentally), though most remain entangled in the Beast system. We remind you that is is not in any way our kuleana to deal with duality, and all the built-in conflicts thereof, that our most effective work is connecting those who on their own have made it to 4D consciousness,with their 8D higher self perfect template from their own akashic records. As incarnate entities are now requesting you to facilitate their transition from 3D to 4D, the key is their willingness and interest and commitment to ascension. Spiritual Sovereignty with Ahimsa is the only path to ascension to nonduality that we may support. This is simple triage; appropriate best use of available energy for maximum benefit to the most."

29th April 2014

Well, here i am just past the new moon eclipse, which i align with by re-committing to my mission, being the expression of the crystal faeries collective consciousness.

"Because we had prepared for the eclipse and lunation by updating the akashics of our 8D ascension portals in support of this event, we are quite pleased with both the stability of energies and their blessings for individuals, who are very much the focus of this time, a time of individual creations being initiated to manifest. Simultaneously, our 8D portal network continues to facilitate communication and synergistic cocreation amongst participants."

30th April 2014

We trigger this morning on a quote from George Orwell:
"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."
-- George Orwell (NOT the crystal faeries!)

'In the practice of ahimsa, no force upon others is acceptable, therefore, the practice of presenting information, must allow others to interrupt and disconnect, the free will to cease hearing the presentation of that which they are unwilling to hear.'

Another trigger is this:
"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true."
-- Soren Kierkegaard (NOT the crystal faeries!)

The most occulted information of humanity or on Gaia is who we are: consciousness itself, which is the unlimited creator of 'reality'. Consciousness itself activates and de-activates codons of our DNA. Therefore, nothing of our 'starting pattern' is permanent, unless we choose to believe in our inability to change. The DNA expression may be completely changed by our emotions, which themselves are created by our beleifs and by our beliefs, which interpret (assign meaning or value to) our experiences. Systems of meaning, such as astrology, or those built thereupon, such as 'human design', may be utilized to help us become conscious of those starting patterns, so that we cognize our life lessons, those energy patterns we may choose to release and move beyond, or which we may choose to utilize as an excuse to not grow beyond our initial patterns. Likewise, we may choose to consciously transcend beyond being controlled by those patterns.

Ascension to nonduality is being conscious in a realm of no linear time, and is transcending the patterns of the lower realms, to become the manifestation of our divine template of our higher self, e.g. our 8D patterns. Alignment of our lower realm patterns to our higher realm patterns, may be seen variously as 'healing' or 'awakening' or 'empowerment', etc. This must result in our releasing / clearing our lower realm patterns, both the subconscious stored in the back 1/3 of our chakras, and our history, which is stored in our fat cells, and updating which DNA codons are switched on or off to be expressed.

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