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Entries from November 2013.

1st November 2013

"As we enter the deep tangled woods where there is no path to follow, we are both challenged to make headway, and blessed by not following the wrong path, the path appropriate to another being. It is time for our own unique essence to express itself, as a unique path, beleifs, choices, priorities, preferences, manifestation. It is time for our life to express our deepest inner truth, and to allow others to witness that deep truth, of who we truly are, rather than to pretend to be like them, a mirror of their reality, so that they will 'love' the mirror of themselves we could pretend to be."

2nd November 2013

"It's time to look at the way in which people don't want to feel responsible." As always, precise wording is exactly as intended. Blame and responsibility are very correlated in people's 'feeling' bodies. People abhor being blamed. People are so afraid of being blamed for having made any choice, that they disclaim all choice. So, what to do in a pathless wood?
Inspired intuitive imagination initiating independent choice.

3rd November 2013

As i continue to practice 8D energy blessings for more people, the feedback continues to include concepts like: 'A whole new perspective on life.', or 'A new enthusiasm to live.', or 'Initially more subtle, but more powerful within a couple days.' as a result of aligning their energies to their 8D selves. Living in such alignment is making for very easy flow in the now. Administering a couple spritzes of 'Fae Play' essence, and i not only feel the comfort of being fully 'at one' in my heart, i also feel a little giggly. Carrying all of these energies through the eclipse point, continuing the rebirth process, i am feeling more in harmony with the imagery of the quietly cocooned butterfly, than with the showey flames of the phoenix bird.

"One of the 'upgrades' we have made in our energy blessings is the careful breaking of causative links between energy patterns of memory. This is guided by dialog with their higher self, and leaves all of their memory intact, however, we are breaking the connections between 'events', so that the individual can relate with each 'reality of the moment' as a separate reality, rather than as a 'chain of events' to which 4D Humans traditionally ascribe 'cause-effect' chains in linear time. This allows them to more quickly jump to 5D perspective, as they (re-)view their own history, being less confined by 'believed-in causalities', thus liberating the next moment to not have to fit into a previously believed-in 'causality chain'. This greatly facilitates their process of 'healing' their history, by being able to address more easily separate 'chunks' of the history, but more importantly it makes it much easer to make new choices and to develop new perspectives of self and reality which don't have to fit into the previous models of linear time or cause-effect. As their perspective shifts to 5D they are much more empowered to jump time-lines. Sufficiently large time-line jumps are often perceived as miraculous manifestation. Therefore, 'faery magick' may seem quite miraculous, yet is still made of simple changes."

4th November 2013

"The prime mover, or primary motivation, for one to choose, is every bit as significant as what one chooses or how one acts, to initiate manifestation. When it is about the separate self, a certain class of realities is invoked. When one is conscious of the consciousness of vibrations, and the vibrations of consciousness, there is room for both dispassionate detachment and compassion. Complete surrender to the moment with wise discernment to choose the highest synergestic benefit from amongst the flowing energy streams, compells appropriate synchronistic manifestations maximizing benefits. Staying in the moment in positive intent enables one to be both the best instrument of manifesting for others, and to receive abundant blessings."
The better we are at serving others voluntarily in divine flow, the more the divine flow spills over into our own reality time-line.
"Each moment is its own unique independent reality, therefore, even the concept of a time-line is itself an illusion we benefit from releasing."

5th November 2013

What reality are we playing in?
We did mention that the people would mutiny against the corporatocracy to which they submitted. The question is, will they ever realize that aside from electing the face of Big Brother on their ViewScreen they also have the option to elect not to renew their membership in the corporate mindcontrol?
(govern-ment == control-mind == mind-control)

6th November 2013

"While we continue to hold the energy grid supporting only divine life, (GMO just won't grow), only the 3D people can stop their spraying of 3D toxins everywhere. We did activate karmic accountability for the liability for restitution."

Regarding the GMO on Kaua'i situation, as per a quote of Albert Einstein: 'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.' Therefore we continue to do our higher dimensional 'subtle' energy work. We simply heal the genetically tortured plants back to their natural state.

7th November 2013

i enjoy facilitating gatherings with and communicating with others who share interest in faery realms, and / or ascension.

8th November 2013

In recent time i have found so many gems of helpful wisdom to share, and yet i have had to just let them go, in order to retain focus... for this blog, for time-line creation, for Kaua'i ascension. It is only too easy to fall into an old time-line habit pattern, motivated by compassion to alleviate human suffering, and yet, it is inescapable that without the self-created suffering as a motivation, the average sheeple will simply not bother to grow spiritually (in consciousness). It is also essential for my own progress to move from healing what's wrong, in any reality, (mine or anyone else's), to living only in the new time-line reality of creating a positive reality. This is one of the most significant differences between the modality of the old time-line which i am leaving behind, and the time-line I'm aligned with as my future. The concepts are a synthesis of several teachings I've been practicing lately, the practice is very guided by the crystal faeries, and is about the time-line of our 8D Ascension Portal for Kaua'i. Fundamentally, it is about directly hopping to a new time-line reality, rather than engaging in a process of change. The one thing which must be sacrificed on this path, is attachment to being in process, particularly to the extent that process is used as an excuse for not being in the destination reality. It is becoming quite obvious that simplification is essential to success. What has become crystal clear, is that the 8D+ Ascension Codes of the crystal faeries, and the 8D Ascension Portals, convey a reality which is beyond process.
"We have led you through the process of discovering this for yourself directly, rather than channelling the concept through you and this blog, so that you could put it more directly in your experiential language, which we felt would be more accessible to readers than a direct channeling of our percepts of it."
Yes, I've just been through 'the process of going beyond process' itself. Now to practice the new time-line reality every day in every way.

The Hathors information about anchoring into a new time-line reality, suggests that the key in this is letting go of all cause-effect relationships between realities, letting go of all process of change attachments, letting go of the old obsolete time-line reality, and fully being in the new time-line reality, unless the lesson du jour is being in process as one's current lesson. Since the 8D Ascension Codes and 8D Ascension Portals bring a reality which is beyond process, to jump into the time-line reality which is offered by these, is to have to complete with any and all lessons which must be learned as process. Therefore it seems appropriate to share some words in that subject.

So, the counter-example we must address, is two fold. In one case we may have an individual who is 'stuck' in attachment to either 'being in process', or to a specific process. The other case is where an individual has as a spritual lesson the goal of exploring 'being in process', or has not completed 'a specific process'. The difference between these cases is whether the motivation / attachment to having any further process at all, is in the higher or lower self. Because process itself is a property of 3D- reality, we may also restate this case as: "One must complete all of one's 3D- lessons in order to jump into a 4D+ time-line reality.", and that, in this case, very specifically, must include completing with 3D- processes themselves, and especially any particular processes one has invested in, or become attached to. Either way, one must release any value which one has associated with 'being in process', and it is a majority case that those situations are correlated with beliefs of 'deservingness', 'self worth', or 'lovability'. Put another way, one cannot receive the miracle of the moment being offered by the divine, until one is ready to receive miracles in general, which requires release of all the limiting programming of the collective 3D- consciousness. Inverting this to arrive at the real lesson here: "The primary 'reason' for falling out of the reality of the 8D Ascension energetics, is not being aligned with a reality of continuous miracles as a way of life." If you can't beleive in a lifestyle full of 'faery magick', you'll return to a process of 'earning'. Earning a living via 3D- processes, is purely of the 'fallen' time-line reality. The 8D Angelic crystal faery Ascension Portals offer an alternative time-line reality, in which 3D- processes are fully replaced by 'faery magick' miracles. Synchronistic synergistic flow in harmony with the good of all, submission to being of service to the whologram of life, prioritization of being of one's highest service to life itself, results in one's own life being miraculously supported by life itself. The alternative realities are mutually exclusive. If you're surfing the wave of review and release, as Mercury now slows to station before going direct, now is time to complete with all of your old 3D- deservingness and 'earning through process' patterns, spritz yourself with some 'Fae Play' faery magick, and anchor solidly into the time-line reality of ascension. Yep, I'm paying attention to my own lessons here! May these benefit others also.

Our Kaua'i 8D ascension portal is a very specific instantiation of the New Gaia time-line, one which we've descibed in detail elsewhere, but as reminder, specifically involved the restoration of the 'pre-fall' consciousness grid of Lemuria, applicable to the Hawaiian isles."

Again, and again, and again, i experience divine cocreation of reality, with my crystal faeries family, where i make a sojourn into 3D- reality upon my bicycle, both to accomplish the fulfillment of my own needs, and fully open to be of service to all whome i encounter upon my journey, only to arrive back at my apartment, mere minutes before the skies open and dump their effulgent blessings of wai-wai, pure clean ( well, as clean as it gets post Fukushima ), fresh natural water upon the 'aina (land). Now, it is absolutely pouring effulgent H2O blessings for us all! Yay! i am incapable of relating with this downpour of blessings as if it was 'bad' weather, instead, i find it to be a most abundant blessing, and i am grateful that i can follow my own intutition, as to what time of day to sojourn into 3D- reality, and when to be safely under shelter, thoroughly enjoying the downpour of watery blessings!

"We have only this to say further today: let your truth be a beacon for you and your beloveds to follow, and let go of all that serves only your own ego-self."

9th November 2013

"There is only the flow in the now of the infinite oneness which is the holographic pattern of life."

10th November 2013

This morning i asked the crystal faeries to channel a message for me. "Listen to your heart and feel safe. The training to be a problem solver in 4D, has preconditioned your thinking to focus upon the negative, and to alleviate it through dualistic processes. That is old time-line. In your new time-line of transcendent reality, you are to focus only upon the positive, knowing that energy flows where attention goes, and that you are now to be a skilled time-line hopper, in a reality that is without process (of change). The subtleties of difference between reality creation, and the denial of 'magickal thinking', are that which have you concerned, doubting self, asking 'have i missed something?'. Yes, you are emotionally 'missing' being in process. It previously felt comforting 'to be doing something', to be engaged in a process in 4D. In your new time-line you are feeling a void, and perhaps a sense of 'guilt', that you should be 'earning your way' by being engaged in a 4D process of change. We recently addressed these 'deserving' and 'earning' issues. You are becoming comfortable without process, but are concerned that you may have slipped into 'magickal thinking', and therefore will fail to manifest as necessary. Thus we say, 'listen to your heart, and feel safe.'"

Listening to my heart I'm finding it time for more 'Fae Play'. I've been learning to play my flute purely 'by ear', organically exploring how i could 'play along with' various songs, or just let my soul speak through the flute with no melodious intent. Although I've stared rather blankly at them before, today i began practicing with the flute fingering charts, finding the missing sharps and flats of the musical scale, backtracking to pick up what i had missed along the journey. Apparently a little bit of 3D process with a 3D instrument is appropriate.

11th November 2013

Is there anything uniquely eleven-eleven-ish of note today?
"These 'signposts' or 'gateways' are merely 'permission slips' you give to yourself, in yet-limited conditionality of shifting consciousness to alternate time-line realities. Especially those associated with 'time', (therefor including all of astrology (the science of time)), are clearly only applicable to a dualistic reality wherein 'time' even exists. Since you already know that as an ascending being your focus is transcendent realms rather than duality, you already know that time, and the associated mental illusions of either 'continuity of reality' or 'causal relations between realities', are purely illusions of the 4D- time-space and its corresponding ego. So, yes, please proceed to give yourself permission to quantum leap today."

Is there any further guidance for time-line hopping?
While awaiting the manifestation of 'reality' to shift, i find myself questioning,
was i inadequate in doing one or more of the first 4 steps?
or am i merely needing to be patient while sitting in step 5?
"You are already feeling in your emotional body your process. You cannot let go of your old time-line until you release yourself from responsibility for your loved-ones."
From 3 days ago i am reminded of your advice:
"Let your truth be a beacon for you and your beloveds to follow, and let go of all that serves only your own ego-self."
which i am now comprehending more deeply, that i still must release my ego-attachment to helping others, which i am, as you say, feeling, as responsibility for or to them. i also feel my aversion to letting them go and facing the aloneness of the time-line jump i am intending, which they will not follow. And that makes it clear why your advised: "Listen to your heart and feel safe." and why you're now telling me: "let yourself cry the grief", i must release the reality and all relationships in it. Even after so many years of being clear of priority preference, resolving the human tendency to carry conflicting agendae, is the last step in switching realities? And, yes, the truth i have mirrored for my beloveds will be all i leave them with, and all of them i can take with me. Why oh why do we so doubt our own lovability? Because our beautiful reality of love was invaded by anti-live (evil). It no longer matters why or how, the fall happened, i only know that i am leaving the fallen reality. Some have said that our consciousness bought into the agendae of the evil invaders, that we adopted their values, and so fell into their reality. i release all of 3D-, and reclaim my right to my 8D origins. I'm returning to my family of crystal faeries. Oh, that's it. i got lost in rescuing everyone. My mission was only to rescue the fallen crystal faeries. The portal to our realm of origin, we cocreated, we made available to all. Mission accomplished. Now i can return to my family. 3D has never felt like where i belong, and it is so clear why. Have you any concluding message?
"Let it all be what it is. There is nothing to heal or fix. Duality will always be there to be explored. There is nothing to do for, by, or about another. Simply give yourself permission to be done with 3D. Let yourself know you have completed all past."
As the tears roll down my face, the downpour commences outside.
What is that 'saying'?
'Another angel gets her wings'?
This crystal faery wishes to fly to her family in 8D.

12th November 2013

Today was the first day of Kaua'ian winter in the two-season model i use. As with many abodes here, without a space heater, the internal temperature fairly closely tracks the external. When the coconut oil in the kitchen pantry is solid in the morning, we've had a winter night. Spooning out some solidified oil leaves a 'divot', which, if still there that evening, implies a winter day where it never warmed up enough to re-melt. Different components of coconut oil have melting temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

i query for messages of expanding scope, from self, through Kaua'i, thence to Gaia:
"You have certainty of your 'chosen' time-line, and that it is an expression of your highest essence, rather than a mere ego-goal or worldly desire, that of expressing and manifesting crystal faeries energetics on Kaua'i. Shifting your energetics to that time-line is real, with decreasing wavering as you stabilize in it. Expressing that time-line via action is your concern, wondering if your upcoming move and associated changes 'will be enough?'. Trust, have faith, get accustomed to this new level of nowness in guidance and action, whereas in your old time-line you were accustomed to your clairvoyant visions of the future. The replacement of future vision with faith in the now has been your greatest challenge. When you worked beneath the veil, you had to check all the causality paths before a choice. Now all the details flow automatically as expression of the unveiled higher essence and purpose."
What of releasing all of my duality time-line?
"You already feel the decrease of process in all areas, but remain impatient to be complete. You know that you still serve as a communications channel from our 8D consciousness to those ascending, thus your ascension awaits completion of more service in 4D-, despite your impatience and wish to be done with it for yourself."

"Even in the past 24 hours you are cocreating the next Kaua'i event raising consciousness of ascension and the subtle realms which include we Fae. Even as we tell you now the probability of 7 more years of such service, it is both unsurprising and disapointing to not yet move beyond. Releasing the projection of history as an overlay of expectations on the future, you do know that this period will be quite different from the past. Releasing the overall Hathors model of two major transhistorical time-lines, trust you are indeed anchored into the New-Gaia major time-line family, and that your path shall involve a succession of time-line jumps within that family. The armageddon time-line family is no longer of any concern to you, relax and play, Fae!"

"As for Ter-Ra scale energetics, you already know that the event you are now cocreating is initiating the integration of the 8D Ascension Energetics template into the Ter-Ra-an grid. Just as you are point individual in-body for our group, those you are cocreating with also are backed by many entities without physical bodies. These convergences are essential to the shifting and uplifting of the collective grid manifestation of the Gaia time-line. We recommend you put more energy into communion with the cetaceans, in order to be more conscious of the grid energetics shifts Kaua'i is leading."

13th November 2013

"Time, effort, struggle, process, were all qualities of dualistic creating. Patience for appropriate timing, grace, surrender to the good of all, time-line hopping are the qualities of transcendent creating."

Because of a combination of lightwork and ascensionwork, for major time-lines the 3D and 4D have been collapsed together, combining the physical 3D with the astral 4D. Here we enter the greatest confusion, as 'density' and 'dimension' are not interchangeable, yet both get abbreviated as 'D'.

In the chakra system, the back 1/3 of the chakra energetics are the subconscious, the middle 1/3 of the chakra energetics has been the astral, and the front 1/3 of the chakra energetics have been the conscious. With the merging of physical 3D and the astral 4D, the physical is now more mutable as was the astral, and the energy patterns of 4D astral dream-time more easily become manifest as physical reality. Reality is ascending, even if the patterns of emotional feelings about things, or the mental thoughtforms about things, have not necessarily been updated in the consciousness and / or subconscious of any particular human. Why speak of humans particularly? Because such have been most misaligned. Yes other life forms are experiencing shifts as are humans, but they were not so far out of alignment as have been humans. Traditionally, dreamtime served not only the distribution of collective wisdom, but has also been the last chance to experience the feelings of how a 'reality' 'will feel' once it manifests physically, and with linear time delays, meant that humans have had a chance to intend something to manifest, experience it astrally to see if they really liked it, (or dysfunctionally resisted it), before it then manifest physically. With the collapse of 3D up into 4D, there is now a greater empowerment to be a reality creator and see rapid results of one's intent, but due to quicker manifestation, one needs to be more disciplined in consciousness in order to not create chaos or negativity as manifest reality via idle or negative thoughtforms or feelingforms not appropriate.

Whereas historically there has been veiling between dimensions / densities both due to limited human abilities, and due to intentional hiding of truth by entities in higher realms in order to keep humanity in lower consciousness, the lightwork clearing them and their limiting constructs from reality, and the ascensionwork bringing human consciousness clearly up to 4D, means the veils are getting very thin or disappearing, and more and more of humanity now has access to higher realms and greater truths, for the 4D astral has historically been replete with illusions and deceptions, and quite a rogue's gallery of parasitic and negative entities and energies. With most of Gaia's geography and time-lines now being of 4D, the major veil of both not-yet-seeing-truth and / or not-yet-able-to-influence 'reality' is for most humans now shifted up to the boundary between 4D and 5D. This shift is forcing me to rewrite articles on my website to update the languaging and the dimensional / density boundaries and differences. So, i am tending to refer to 5D+ as the higher realms, which is the tag for 'ascended reality', which many are moving into, and 4D- as the now merged lower realms Gaia collective is working with. And for context, we restate that the crystal faeries energetics templates and ascension portal of Kaua'i has been bringing 8D templates of wholism down to 4D reality, thus strongly triggering awakening within many beings. With that preface, i now get to the main subject of this morning's work.

i was directed to dream with the cetaceans overnight, in order to bring to my own consciousness more details of the interaction of the sea and Gaia energy grids they are working with, and the 8D- guided ascension portal of Kaua'i. The cetaceans are our older and wiser bretheren. What i found was that the cetaceans are doing major processing of energies of both despair and depression from the 4D astral realm of humanity. They are deeply involved in both the lightwork and soundwork of cleaning up the 4D- mess made by and for humanity. One of the healing principles has always been that it is better to heal cause rather than merely effects, and that until the creating entity learns why and how they are creating the reality they create, they'll just repeatedly recreate it (symptoms), thus before one intervenes with 'a healing' of the energetics, one first has to bring to consciousness within the creator the comprehension of why and how their present beliefs or other energy patterns are causing the symptoms which are in need of healing. This is important to comprehend, because, humanity can only receive the blessings of healings by cetaceans, angels, faeries, and other lightworkers and loveworkers, to the extent, and in the timing of, their ownership of their role via will, or by belief, in having created the situation. Responsibility as creator for one's creations and all their consequences, is essential in order to progress in healing. When i say the cetaceans are majorly clearing the grid of our negative emotions, it means that we are becoming and need to be even more so, conscious of what creates those energies, and to consciously and subconsciously re-choose to focus upon, dwell in, and therefore create by intent and action, positive realities and energies. Thank the cetaceans for helping us out of love for us.

Let's focus upon human self responsibility for the grid's accumulation of despair and depression. These emotions are the natural and appropriate feeling state which help one become conscious that one is choosing inappropriately. One of the primary motivations for disclaiming one's divinity and creator-god(dess)-ness is in order to be able to blame others for reality as it is (denial), or in order to be able to avoid being blamed for reality as it is (denial). Another is to avoid liability / responsibility for what one is creating (denial). Many complain that they don't have the full empowerment of adults (creator god(desse)s), while also at the same time refusing to be responsible for the consequences of their choices (denial). The attempt to avoid liability / responsibility for one's choices is a game with no winners. The primary form of this is known either as childhood (dependency upon big Father and big Mother) or citizenship (dependency upon Big Brother / blame of 'the leaders' one is following). This planet cannot be healthy until humans self responsibly follow their own souls and boldly create from that guidance their own reality, and willingly embrace karmic responsibility therefor. The great human collective addiction to the drug known as 'debt', describes the combination of denial and 'stealing from the future'. Since time is an illusion, the future one borrows from is one's own future, and there is a reason that 'usury' is ethically bankrupt.

For those of us working with Faeries to heal the ecosystem, it may be relevant to heed guidance to allow each field to lie fallow 1 year out of 7, a practice no known corpse-oration follows, and most humans having become corporatized, don't follow either. Failure to practice this is another form of stealing from the future. The health of the ecosystem is the health of the soil, which is a living combination of organisms, not merely a petrochemical layer. Stewardship of the microorganisms of the soil is essential to all life. There are ocean equivalents including coral, plankton, etc. The ocean is not the land's toxin dump.

Today i was introduced to someone as 'an awesome healer'.
Yes, they spoke from experience of my work for them.
i responded that 'we're all awesome; we each have our specialties.'

14th November 2013

Today i did a lot of bicycling as i examined candidate abodes. i do still very much depend upon my Bionx assist, but relative to past, am evidencing excellent physical strength and stamina. i also found confirmation from other lightworkers about ascension perspective shifts of consciousness. i continue to experience 'crazy' eating non-patterns, strange cravings, yet, with my good biking, and carrying less body weight than historically, somehow it's all adding up to good health and ability.

"One of the energies you've been releasing is the spiritualized ego. Even a service-to-others positive orientation can still be based in self-identity, whereas there is release of even the sense of self as soul or as spirit to experience. Now it is time for you to enter dreamtime and merge with our collective again."

15th November 2013

"Until the conscious beings are willing to walk their talk, nothing has effectively changed in the world."

The condition of 'enlightenment', or 'ascended' in consciousness, that of having removed the 'veil', (of both truth denied and illusions believed-in), results in a clear knowing of one's own essence, and upon choosing to live as the expression of that known essence, (soul which dwells in the heart), no more choice is required, because the essence-directed life, compells in each and every moment, the perfect expression of that essence, with reference only to the now, (actually the timeless higher realm), which is the only path of the happy heart. This position of 'I know, am, and express my essence', is the only self we can be, in which we will be at peace with self, and in harmony with everyone else who is doing likewise. Anyone who is not in harmony with the we who is busy being self expressed, is clearly not expressing their own essence, therefore, what they most need from us, is encouragement to relax into knowing their own heart's joy, and being themselves.

When someone presents that 'I am not happy.' the antidote is: 'Then stop pleasing others.' If we were all busy being true to ourselves, the entire universe (one-song) would be in harmony, which it can't be, when we please others. To actually please others, demands that we be true to our own essence. Anyone who is not pleased by our essence, is welcome to go meditate on being their self expressed.

One of the 'others' we can get caught-up in pleasing, rather than expressing our own essence, is our own ego, which is comprised of many factions, including our own emotional imprints based in past energy patterns, including our own mental goals and expectations based in future fears, including mental 'memes' which are conceptual virii.

16th November 2013

"Growth and healing are a process of inclusion rather than exclusion."

17th November 2013

When someone prostitutes their 'will', who expresses no fixed will of their own, but keeps selling-out to the will of others, yet, actually does have standards, which they refuse to stand for, because their priority is to please others, the only possible resultant 'reality' they can manifest is chaos and conflict, as the whims of others keep jerking-around their reality, wherein they are not happy, because rarely is their reality, which is not theirs, but that of others, actually apropriate for them, nor what pleases them, nor can anyone around them, or attempting to relate with them, have any kind of successful relating, nor a happy reality, as the chaos and conflict is perpetual and ever unresolved. This is an extreme form of not living one's own essence. This is guaranteed to never ever work out successfully for anyone. This 'reality' is frequently associated with 'marketing' and / or 'advertising' and / or 'promotion'. It really doesn't matter whether the individual only does this 8 hours per day as a 'job', or does it 24 hours per day as a individual lifestyle, the results are the same.

18th November 2013

"One may assign any 'meaning' or 'value' to any experience or reality, yet it remains the truth that all is merely isness, valueless, and meaningless. The 'meaning' or 'value' is one's own projection / lesson / issue / creation, and is not of any absolute or lasting 'truth'. Comprehending this allows one to transcend the ego, and operate in ascended neutral consciousness."
The truth is meta-truth, that which includes all truths, includes what is 'true' for each individual, each reality, each time-line, and is what we must be at peace with, allowing and accepting, all that is."

19th November 2013

What is 'love'?
"Love is the state of being in congruence with the positive synergy of the divine pattern of life.
Loving intent is amplifying the optimization of the positive synergy of the divine pattern of life.
Those who are perceiving within duality see a dichotomy between 'service to self' versus 'service to others'. In ascended perception that dichotomy does not exist, for it is predicated upon the lower dimensional 'separation' of an ego-self from the divine pattern of life. Loving intent is therefor not about service to 'others', but about cognizing the wholeness of all and optimizing its synergy via harmony, i.e. integration into oneness, and it produces the condition of 'love manifest' where all already is the divine pattern fully manifest as oneness. There is only 'service to life', the wholeness thereof, the entire whologram. Being that one is part of that whologram, and one's own nature is of that divine life pattern, one's service to life benefits all / one, not just 'self' or 'other'. Love is life. Life is love."

20th November 2013

i am curious for any du jour guidance you may offer?
"There are complications in the energy grid today from conflicts between multiple time-lines in a chaotic node, combined with blocking astrological aspects, as to why you are sensing 'blocked' energies, but for yourself just keep releasing your old reality, and be patient for the shift of energies to arrive."

21st November 2013

What is changing with Kaua'i's 8D Portal?
"As more entities embrace the energetics, there is a tendency for them to attempt to open the portal wider, to spread its influence geographically. We are holding it within the Kaua'i Sovereign Space we declared responsiblity for, and continue to facilitate other entities copying it if they choose to, the difference being that they who make the copies are karmicly responsible therefor. Thus we retain our focus and solidly hold our space, as an example of one possiblity, but we have no wish to get involved in the 'negotiations' other entities make over their (dis-)agreement with others over the evolution of the rest of the planetary grid. Please recall that our 'right' to this location, comes primarily from reclaiming the ancient Lemurian grid, i.e. the Lemurian grid had a pre-existing right to exist here, and we merely shepherded it back to manifestation. It is up to the rest of the planets entities and their own negotiations over similar ancient agendae, and how to resolve those with present agendae, in a variety of other grid locations. As contextual background for deeper comprehension we remind that the planet has had many caretakers, invaders, wars, advanced civilizations, and many of these patterns are still imprinted upon various parts of Gaia grid, which may also be labelled 'traumas' or 'holy spots'. Much of the conflict energy still being resolved on Gaia predates our arrival in the Galaxy, so it is not our issue, as we were not involved, and we have no appropriateness to interefere in those entitites working out their conflicts. Thus we persist in holding the availability of our portal as an open source design, with the akashics patterns freely available to all to copy, but our 'kuleana', (Hawaiian word for dharma), is only for Kaua'i Sovereign Space, and even herein, while we hold the portal active, there are other entities, agendae, and patterns to be resolved, which are not of the Lemurian grid or the 8D ascension portals. These also are not our kuleana until they interfere with either the Lemurian grid or the 8D ascension portal. So, not much is changing 'with Kaua'i's 8D Portal' or the energy grid of Kaua'i's Sovereign Space (including Lemurian consciousnes grid), however, there is change going on within life inside this space, and with the boundaries or connectedness between our grid, and the surrounding grid(s). We recently spoke of the harmonization with the light and sound grids of the cetaceans. As these shift, and as they simply exist, they are triggers to other consciousnesses to either find them interesting to adopt or copy, or some may find them to be unwanted and move away. There is much sorting and jostling as all is being triggered to find new resonance and alignment, as much of the planetary experience ascends into a more unified field. The energetic presence here is a catalyst, not an agendae. All that it had as an agendae was to restore (recreate) the option of a reality, the reality of an option; being manifest and maintained, its agenda is fulfilled. Entities with free will may choose what to do with it, now that it is here as an option to experience. It is a facilitator of connecting with information and frequences of an optional version of ascension, that is all. Thus it is relatively expected to change little for quite some time yet. It is now mostly a matter of just being a place that well facilitates quantum leaping to ascension, and being a bit extra speedy in facilitating spiritual growth for those interested in such. And, of course, nature is thriving fairly nicely."

So, I'll flip the question around the other way, and ask what we observe shifting because of the ascension portal presence? "Primarily it has been a shift in the balance of wholeness thinking versus individual thinking; more thoughts and more choices are based in the awareness of the oneness / wholeness of life than in just 'what is in it for me?'. Certainly we still have our share of people here who only think of their own interests. We attribute most of the uniqueness of the Kaua'i space reality to the Consciousness Grid of Lemuria, whereas, by contrast, the 8D Ascension Codes came mostly from the Angelics, and are therefor the same ones being used in much of Ter-Ra's grid. Old Lemurian souls find this quite familiar, whereas other lineages may better enjoy other locales of the Ter-Ra-an grid. It is at this point far more interesting that most of us are mostly converging on a shared future reality Gaia, than the details of the journies we took to learn about ourselves, or why ascension might be a good idea."

22nd November 2013

i am surrendered to service to The crystal faeries and the 8D Angelic Ascension Portal of Kaua'i Sovereign Space. Other than continuing to respond in love and service to that which, and they who, present(s) to me in each moment, what do i need to know, change, forgive / release or allow / embrace? For example, in my process of moving my abode, i recognize that things which appear to be obstacles may be guidance away from inappropriateness, and that the apparent lack in the now, of solutions needed soon, may merely be guidance into patience and faith. i have often in the past embraced the concept that even though i might not be willing to follow some guidance, that i better at least be made aware of it by my higher self, which works as long as communications flow well. i would like to beleive that now i am willing to follow all guidance, and am receptive to all guidance, yet, i wish now to 'check-in' to verify that I'm not 'off the path'.
"If this feels rather like your 'final-exam' of living in faith and trust and flow vs control, perhaps you are in your examination now. You have long known the appropriateness of really being done with an old reality before attempting to leave it behind, so as not to carry it with you as you arrive in your new reality time-line. You also know that predictions of future are accurately based in causal-chain-of-events, not in linear time 'markers' of specific dates, so just release your previous 'dates' expectations. "
Very funny, soon after writing this i got notice of a newly available rental unit to inquire about.

23rd November 2013

Wow... it was a struggle to come out of lucid dreams into consciousness this morning. Lots of negotiation going on with other entities. As the astrological wheel turns, energies shift.
"While you are juggling electronic communications to connect with physical abode opportunities, clearly the sorting of which are (in-)appropriate is an activity of your energy world(s). And no we are not going to connect you with your 'perfect abode', silly fae, you know better than that. We will help you find alternatives you'll have to chose from amongst. Only you can make your choices. We did however notice your excitement at an opportunity with fruit trees in the yard, and your clarity of preference for a separate space with defining walls rather than shared living space."
Mmm... '' she says as she heads to the kitchen with barely open eyes.
Yummm. Ahhh. The magic ceramic cylinder of motivated molecules. Alas, no caffiene in this, so eyes remain droopy.
"While part of your ego would like to find 'the solution' and make a single time-line hop, you may have noticed that you are now working through a series of smaller hops between related time-lines, which in previous channellings we called a time-line family. This is you new 'process of change' replacing old 3D processes, where most of the 'work' of cocreation is now higher-realm. Notice also that most of it is focussed upon harmony rather than issues or details. You are also seeking inspiration and cocreation in relating with neighbors, rather than mere peaceable coexistence in relative isolation."
Well, OK, this feels like appropriate flow, and i enjoy serving as an example, but can we bring through any useful messages today of the bigger picture?
"We direct your attention to our
dolphin cousins, and a phenomenon of their realm in the recent week, of a group acknowledgement of a particularly light being, who is carrying very integrated and advanced energetics, now embodied in dolphin form, in a pod frequenting Mau'i. This being is expected to be instrumental in trans-species cocreations. Watch for news items in spring through summer of 2014 as humans are contacted by this dolphin ambassador."
Oooh, that's exciting! Will humans finally get over their arrogance with other species?
"We would strongly encourage a de-classification of the human-dolphin communications technologies now sequestered purely for military purposes and military (ab-)use of dolphins for black projects, and the dissemination thereof to places which now serve only the function of entertaining humans with watery performances of 'tricks' by dolphins to prove they are trainable and care to please us, with genuine communion centers where free dolphins may come and go at will to the interace stations, and visiting humans may come and go at will without security clearances, to experience spiritual rather than military communion between species. It is time for multi-species planning of the future of life on our planet, and the humbling of the eogic humans to be part of life rather than dominating it. Of course, there is little hope of humans showing respect for their cousins of other species, until they master respect for their own brothers and sisters of their own species. And yet, exceptional new events exemplified by this new dolphin communing with humans, may trigger human consciousness into awareness of the oneness of all life, which then brings up the lesson of applying that to their own species. We are tempted to mix metaphors to mention 'the elephant right under one's own nose'. Humans meeting dolphins on their own terms in their own element remains most beneficial, and rather provides the humbling of the human in the relating between species."
Yes, i agree... swimming with dolphins has been very uplifting of my 'spirits'. Mahalo crystal faeries.

24th November 2013

Are we there yet? :-) *giggles*
"We're here now."
i am awash in recent experiences of other people's 4D fear-based limited realities. i am certainly not buying-into their realities, however i notice the continual temptation to attempt to rescue them from themselves. That in itself hooks me into their reality. i see the game. I'm not falling for it anymore. At this point, if a single sentence or question is not sufficient to trigger the individual to pull up a search engine, then any further energy is a waste of time. Wow, that sentence ended strangely, and / or I'm having some growth of consciousness here as i contemplate the interaction of focus and time :-) And the music in the background delivers lyrics:
'Let the feelings go,
let the feelings go
when the music starts,
because the beat is your soul,
when the moon is right
then the feeling is right
deep in your soul...' -- Anna Grace
i am so wishing to get settled into my new recording studio, and get jamming on my flute.
Come on universe, I'm so tired of waiting for those planets to orbit!
OK, that's multiple time references in one paragraph... clearly I'm developing a new relationship with and comprehension of 'time'.
Thanks to Anna Grace for 'Let the Feelings Go' :-)
I'm unveiling another density of time perceptions now. Focus of attention 'in' or 'on' time or the dimensions which contain time, dilates 'time'. One of those really obvious percepts, yet good to notice noticing it.

This brings us to a leap of consciousness about the Hathorian time-line jumping verbiage, that the reason for calling it a jump of time-lines rather than parallel-realities, is because it is a 'skippage in (the linear flow of) time'. And the investment of energy into 'a reality' creates more time 'of that reality'. OK, time to change to lyric-less music so i can best channel the crystal faeries.
"You know that ascended reality is free from linear time. You know that you are ascending. Therefore you know that your reality is changing from linear time to eternal now. We've just recently mentioned that you are doing this not as a single quantum leap, but as a series of leaps within a time-line 'family', therefor, as the days roll by and you progressively step into ascension, time each day is a different experience than it was the previous day. Time has been your safety-net against manifesting negative realities without seriously intending them, e.g. from careless consciousness management. As you are stepping into (nearly) instant manifestation of each thought and feeling, you must discipline your own consciousness to focus on positive realities and time-lines. Now, here's the quantum leap of comprehension you've been struggling to grasp today; time is the single most parasited energy associated with Ter-Ra. You have not been accustomed to thinking of time as a flow of energy, and yet you just derived that above, yourself, with no prompting from us. Now it will be good for you to lucid-dream about that, so sign-off for now, and contemplate the active time-field generators around Ter-Ra, and the parasitism on time energies."

Having 'dreamt' upon this, i can see that i have achieved a deeper comprehension which liberates me from 'the games' of parasitism. i clearly see how one's own life-force energy becomes 'invested in' via 'time' whatever one focuses upon, thus, perhaps, and especially now in the ascension process, one must develop discipline of focus of one's time and energies, the energy of time, and the time of focussing upon a given energy (frequency), because that focus creates one's reality, and all aspects of relationships thereby, and that even 'dealing with' whatever the universe presents to one as 'reality du jour' as part of facilitating the whologram of life, still requires clear discernment, focus and prioritization, and ultimately responsibility to choose, in what one invests one's 'attention'.
"Excellent, you have grokked today's 'lesson'."
OK, now, is there a meta-lesson regarding time-line jumping, to be derived from this?
"Part of holding the frequency / vibration of an intended time-line is that of retaining focus upon the time of that time-line. One can only entertain a certain amount of distraction from the time of one's chosen time-line, without sacrificing that time-line itself."
This makes it very clear why and how the prioritization of a contemplative / meditative life-style is so necessary to an empowered / enlightened path through life. The individual sense of linear time is part of the spiritual intent to engage cause-effect processes, however, the misinterpretation of that as a collective linear time is a distortion and distraction.

This afternoon i journeyed into the faery forest at the head of Kahuna Rd. and observed a number of energetic phenomena along the bifurcated streams we mostly walked between on the main paths. The ground level was very damp, with ferns, moss, and occasionally mushrooms in the thick rainforest which was largely in past time, and in some mourning over lost past energetics. Most of the mobile entities were frequenting the canopy where more sunlight was available. In the stream-bed there was great mutual nurturance between the 5 million year old rocks and the freshly fallen rain water in the stream. The abundance of wai-wai (fresh water) was very glad to be communing with the healthy old vibrations of the ancient rocks, while the rocks where thriving upon the fresh life energy in the water. The water was very glad to be 'in nature' and taking a break from the modern world's vibrations, to be healing from the anti-life vibrations of mans creations, particularly those of the radio-wave charged ionosphere. We also observed some energetic shielding that the rainforest itself was generating, in order to discourage some of mankind from entering.

As we travelled out of the forest towards my old domicil, we passed a house which seemed to us to be my appropriate new domicil. We initiated contacts to communicate such intent.

25th November 2013

Having retired early last evening, i am awake early today, continuing very much in the gentle peace of yesterday's forest visit, and aware of spiritual level connections negotiating for my new abode.
"You are supported in your journey to appropriateness, in gentleness."

While we know that ascended reality is above linear time, and therefore the 'process' of ascension involves releasing that as 'real', and accepting and living in the timeless eternal 'now' of isness as 'real', one of the clear consequences of this transition is releasing all that is based upon linear time, specifically 'mundane astrology', and all based upon it, e.g. 'human design'. Because the 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension codes and portal incorporate the original pre-fall Lemurian consciousness grid, living these energetics breaks one out of cyclical astrological consciousness. i continue to witness the collective consciousness playing-out the astrological cycles, and yet also witness the ascending reality transcend those energies. Also, i observe the Matrix people demonstrating unconscious affectations of the astrological patterns, while yet remaining out-of-tune with those energies, tracking the fear programming, and living the disconnected Gregorian solar calendar so that their lives are out of harmony with the life force energies which are synchronized by the actual months of Luna. Even as i notice the true lunar cycles, and am aware of their influence on the world about, i also experience my own flow being directed from higher patterns.

26th November 2013

i just awoke out of a lucid nightmare. It was completely foreign to me and my actual life, therefore it is a message about a parallel-reality that others are living, whether or not they recognize it as such. i was in a mom+pop grocery store in a big city (a place i will never be again), and i had arrived there via automobile, parked a couple blocks away (I bike, no auto), and i had selected a bag full of groceries, and the mom had rung them up at cash register, which was at a 'bar' like counter, while her hubby 'pop' was sitting on a stool next to me reading the newspaper and sipping coffee at their coffee bar. Such is the simple background for the core of the story... attempting to 'pay' for the groceries. i had some Federal Reserve Notes, but not enough for the total, which itself was amazing, like over $300 for the bag of groceries, but there was no surprise at that amount, rather, most of the value i was carrying in my wallet was in the form of 3rd party cheques (which i do not accept since i have no bank account to negotiate them through), which they didn't want to accept. So, they were hungry for the transaction, unwilling to suggest i put the goods back on the shelves, and i was not 'valueless', not 'broke', not a pauper, it's just that the 'value' others had attempted to 'pay' to me was not trustworthy to others like mom and pop here. i see this as a story summarizing the financial situation of THE UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED. i am aware that already the first STATE has passed a law stating that, U.S. Citizens are not allowed to barter with each other at flea markets, where one person sells a used good to another for cash. The State is requiring its residents to pay via cheques (since most don't have credit card merchant accounts). What's that about? The mark of the beast. The beast is the international criminal cabal of banks. The incorporated counties, states, and the "Federal" are all subservient to the Beast (the mammon system). The banks are the instrumentality of exerting totalitarian control and total surveillance over citizens. Their plan is that Eventually this will all be replaced by RFID Chip Implants, (in the forehead or wrist), rather than paper, and the entire system will not permit you to live unless you obey and submit. That is their plan, and it's nearly fully implemented already. i have been circumventing this via U.S. Postal Money Orders, which are actual monetary instruments instead of debt instruments.
'...and in the end times none shall be able to buy nor sell without the mark of the beast...'
Some of you may remember the consequent advice: 'come out of Mammon.'

Well, that felt like a good catharsis, what is our (crystal faeries) input?
"Let it all go. It's not our time-line. Have faith and retain focus in our time-line."
Why did i have this dream?
"As you summarized, you are catharting the remnants of the alternate time-line."

"The 'rest' of the current energy phase, which suggests a still contemplation of inner truth, can be felt as appropriate with a simple pause, or a cycle of breath. Many of you are feeling urgencies to accomplish, the traditional seasonal 'get it together' before the energies and weather become challenges. While there are yet physical world matters to attend, the delicate application of carefully directed and timed energies, guided by clear intution, can be far more powerful in manifesting, than a lot of struggle and effort franticly applied. This has been mentioned as a difference of reality time-lines, of a higher way of manifesting. It can get even more graceful, as you continue to replace paths of ego effort, with fully aligned time-line jumping. The difference is not only the lack of franticly futile thrashing, but that the time-line jumping itself requires a level of surrender and peace with the new time-line, to be in and of the new time-line, being at peace and calm, and allowing the time-line. If the attempt to hop time-lines is ego-motivated, or is 'done' via ego, rather than 'being' via essence, one will have difficulty 'anchoring into the feeling of the new time-line'."
I'm observing that as i flow... that my first priority is just to achieve total calm, peace, faith, trust, grace. Being in each moment is its own independent experience / reality, and releasing all cause-effect or means-to-an-end processes, i am finding that i am just being peace, not as in 'for the duration of a meditation', or, as a process to manifest something, but just for its own sake. i summarize it as a state of being, an acceptance and allowance, with trust in a positive outcome. That is for me the most noticeable change versus history. Or maybe it is the evidence beginning to appear as manifestation, that indeed i have anchored into my new time-line. There is no disturbance in the force now. i am reminded of an individuals' comment about my not being a citizen, 'but you have no protection', and my question as to 'what i would need protection from other than the government itself'? Not even that is of actual concern. To live in a world of peace, be peace. Don't pray for peace, pray peace. i am very deeply feeling and being the peace / rest which is present now, of which the crystal faeries just spoke. i contemplate the shifts I've observed in my energy healing work with others, from "healing towards normal", versus the newer energies of "faery blessing to thrive in heart's joy". It is so much more fun for me to facilitate thriving. Perhaps the biggest difference is the shift from clinical neutrality to only heal towards a neutral space of free will choice for the being to then use their free-will to choose what reality to thence create, to instead just introducing the vibrations of 8D crystal faeries, with a deep knowing of its nature of ahimsa, and yet also, the sense from experience, 'I bet this will feel better than anything else you've felt in a while!' Activating core essence vibrations seems to be a real winner, for everyone.

27th November 2013

Most of the 26th was absorbed in converting our blog to Chronicle.

Sweet gentle energies of mildness characterize the 27th. It feels as if the unusually high levels of gratitude so many are preparing for with the seasonal holy-day, are bringing much grace everywhere. The weather is mild, and quite still, sans trade-winds. It feels like the calm between different energies, a time to introvert and be certain of core essence, before moving energies for manifestation of anything.
"Be certain much is pending, even though you be impatient for signs thereof."
i love synchronicities. No sooner do i write that entry, than finally i get a return call scheduling a viewing of a rental unit.

28th November 2013

"We observe that the gentle grace energies continue, though many, even graced with the blessed energies of Kaua'i, manage to work themselves up into frantic activity. They are evidencing the older unascended 4D approach to physical manifestation. Meanwhile, we find our new time-line is pulling farther away energetically, continuing the ascension process through frequency. "

What is your perspective of the Gathering of the Realms event?
"It is so far a cleanly intended transdimensional harmonic convergence of multiple species. The 5D energetics are being kept clean. The 4D energetics may in some ways be a bit of a circus, in the sense of many things seeming strange to many beings, but the sharing of experience and sense are what will bridge the differences and create shared wisdom and pull into alignment the planetary grid. The people who shall attend are prioritizing the convergence over individual agenda, which is the key."
How do you wish me to (re-)present crystal faeries in this gathering?
"Gracefully carry our family frequencies, and contemplate how that may lead to musical expression."
It was a very conscious choice when i began with my flute that it should only ever be a spontaneous expression of my soul, rather than a performance for others.

Synchronistic sharing of lessons and growth, time-line hopping, and ascend{ed,ing} realities continues. Today i was blessed to facilitate another light worker's activation of throat chakra to be able to facilitate for others with her voice, activations of their light codes, by her being able to modulate light frequencies upon her own voice sounds. Naturally, i was also in the process of the same activation for the same ability, as well as my work to utilize my flute to generate sound patterns encoded with light frequencies also.

Later in the day i was given opportunities to be grateful for all my lessons, for my trustworthy and wise friends, and for the opportunity to rise above the expressions of old 4D time-line realities, and to exemplify loving compassion in response to negation of my new time-line.

Ahimsa seems to go hand-in-hand with finding win-win-win solutions for all of the life whologram. I'm getting to practice perseverence and staying centered in my new time-line regardless the evidence du jour.

"Be not concerned with any present manifestation which is not of your new time-line. Continue to use your highest vibrations of love and your best skills of healing to bring the highest possible blessing to each situation, with caring attention to those less blessed, and be grateful for the blessings you carry inside you. Now enter dream-time for astral work. "

28th November 2013

i made a shamanic journey into the world of the dead.
Alia, i wish to become the new caretaker of your pretty house, now that you are no longer physically embodied to do so. May i have your blessing to proceed with this?
'celeste dear, why struggle so? Accept what you know is true, and allow it to blossom in divine timing.'
-- Alia Hallowell
Ahh, this reminds me of a lesson from Laurie Schryver;
'Attempting to be perfect is competing with God.'

30th November 2013

Redacted for stirring up too much 'blowback' from dark forces opposed to ascension for all.

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