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8th November 2013

In recent time i have found so many gems of helpful wisdom to share, and yet i have had to just let them go, in order to retain focus... for this blog, for time-line creation, for Kaua'i ascension. It is only too easy to fall into an old time-line habit pattern, motivated by compassion to alleviate [mankind] suffering, and yet, it is inescapable that without the self-created suffering as a motivation, many will simply not bother to grow spiritually in consciousness. It is also essential for my own progress to move from healing what's wrong, in any reality, (mine or anyone else's), to living only in the new time-line reality of creating a positive reality. This is one of the most significant differences between the modality of the old time-line which i am leaving behind, and the time-line I'm aligned with as my future. The concepts are a synthesis of several teachings I've been practicing lately, the practice is very guided by my crystal faeries oversoul group, and is about the time-line of our 8D Ascension Portal for Kaua'i.
Fundamentally, it is about directly hopping to a new time-line reality, rather than engaging in a process of change. The one thing which must be sacrificed on this path, is attachment to being in process, particularly to the extent that process is used as an excuse for not being in the destination reality.
It is becoming quite obvious that simplification is essential to success.
What has become crystal clear, is that the 8D+ Ascension Codes of the crystal faeries, and the 8D Ascension Portals, convey a reality which is beyond process.

"We have led you through the process of discovering this for yourself directly, rather than channelling the concept through you and this blog, so that you could put it more directly in your experiential language, which we felt would be more accessible to readers than a direct channeling of our percepts of it."

Yes, I've just been through 'the process of going beyond process' itself.
Now to practice the new time-line reality every day in every way.

The Hathors information about anchoring into a new time-line reality, suggests that the key in this is letting go of all cause-effect relationships between realities, letting go of all process of change attachments, letting go of the old obsolete time-line reality, and fully being in the new time-line reality, unless the lesson du jour is being in process as one's current lesson. Since the 8D Ascension Codes and 8D Ascension Portals bring a reality which is beyond process, to jump into the time-line reality which is offered by these, is to have to complete with any and all lessons which must be learned as process. Therefore it seems appropriate to share some words in that subject.

So, the counter-example we must address, is two fold. In one case we may have an individual who is 'stuck' in attachment to either 'being in process', or to a specific process. The other case is where an individual has as a spritual lesson the goal of exploring 'being in process', or has not completed 'a specific process'. The difference between these cases is whether the motivation / attachment to having any further process at all, is in the higher or lower self. Because process itself is a property of 3D- reality, we may also restate this case as: "One must complete all of one's 3D- lessons in order to jump into a 4D+ time-line reality.", and that, in this case, very specifically, must include completing with 3D- processes themselves, and especially any particular processes one has invested in, or become attached to. Either way, one must release any value which one has associated with 'being in process', and it is a majority case that those situations are correlated with beliefs of 'deservingness', 'self worth', or 'lovability'. Put another way, one cannot receive the miracle of the moment being offered by the divine, until one is ready to receive miracles in general, which requires release of all the limiting programming of the collective 3D- consciousness. Inverting this to arrive at the real lesson here: "The primary 'reason' for falling out of the reality of the 8D Ascension energetics, is not being aligned with a reality of continuous miracles as a way of life." If you can't beleive in a lifestyle full of 'faery magick', you'll return to a process of 'earning'. Earning a living via 3D- processes, is purely of the 'fallen' time-line reality. The 8D Angelic crystal faery Ascension Portals offer an alternative time-line reality, in which 3D- processes are fully replaced by 'faery magick' miracles. Synchronistic synergistic flow in harmony with the good of all, submission to being of service to the whologram of life, prioritization of being of one's highest service to life itself, results in one's own life being miraculously supported by life itself. The alternative realities are mutually exclusive. If you're surfing the wave of review and release, as Mercury now slows to station before going direct, now is time to complete with all of your old 3D- deservingness and 'earning through process' patterns, spritz yourself with some 'Fae Play' faery magick, and anchor solidly into the time-line reality of ascension. Yep, I'm paying attention to my own lessons here! May these benefit others also.

Our Kaua'i 8D ascension portal is a very specific instantiation of the New Gaia time-line, one which we've descibed in detail elsewhere, but as reminder, specifically involved the restoration of the 'pre-fall' consciousness grid of Lemuria, applicable to the Hawaiian isles."

Again, and again, and again, i experience divine cocreation of reality, with my crystal faeries family, where i make a sojourn into 3D- reality upon my bicycle, both to accomplish the fulfillment of my own needs, and fully open to be of service to all whome i encounter upon my journey, only to arrive back at my apartment, mere minutes before the skies open and dump their effulgent blessings of wai-wai, pure clean ( well, as clean as it gets post Fukushima ), fresh natural water upon the 'aina (land). Now, it is absolutely pouring effulgent H2O blessings for us all! Yay! i am incapable of relating with this downpour of blessings as if it was 'bad' weather, instead, i find it to be a most abundant blessing, and i am grateful that i can follow my own intutition, as to what time of day to sojourn into 3D- reality, and when to be safely under shelter, thoroughly enjoying the downpour of watery blessings!

"We have only this to say further today:
let your truth be a beacon for you and your beloveds to follow, and let go of all that serves only your own ego-self."

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