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Entries from May 2016.

1st May 2016

Happy Lei Day / May Day / Beltane / Bealtaine / Celtic bonfire festival!
Spring is sprung! :-)

2nd May 2016

Today we focus upon purity... of life, of love. In oneness, of new-Gaia purity of manifestation of pure essence is "a given". With but a moments choice our consciousness is instantly "there". With persistence of choice to stay purely focussed, we eventually quantum-leap to the parallel-reality time-lines reflecting such choosing. Purity is related with innocence. The wise know that pure focus upon an innocent reality is how we manifest it.

We make note of a duality of which awareness may be of benefit.
In the yin state of being, purity is the measure of that extent to which, i am being fully and only the nature of my own essence.
In the yang activity of doing, integrity is the measure of that extent to which, i am doing everything and only that which is integrous with my own essence.
All of us embody both the yin and yang, and to the extent we balance them, and bring each of them into alignment with our essence, we shall have a life of appropriateness which therefore flows easily. Any impurity or non-integrity energies will deliver for us a reality which is inappropriate for us, with negative consequences. Forgiving, releasing, going neutral about all past / passed energies and realities liberates us from previous appropriateness or present inappropriateness, so that we may now align with our present appropriateness.
To thine own self be true.

3rd May 2016
[faeries.4addb5_078267f9b2994fa4afab9a9818684d88 Mirror]

As a Faery High Priestess who is often called upon to work as a "healer", i have to be able to psychicly read myself, to see clearly in my own mirror, to see clearly across dimensions, to find the path of health, to find the path to higher truth. It all comes down to blowing up in roses the energy patterns of "pictures", (beleifs), which create alignment with certain "parallel-realities", and the neutrality and detachment, to let go of all energies. When there are others with agendae, (or who have submitted their will to others who have agendae, and have thereby become agents through which those agendae work), and when those agendae are in conflict with my mission to facilitate ascension, then any area of weakness, or any area of unconsciousness, can be triggered, (by those who benefit from keeping the people on our planet either unconscious, or submissive to slavery), for i am an agent of self-responsible seniority in ones own life.
The one and only responsiblity any of us appropriately has, is self responsiblity.
i don't even need a thumb to count on one hand the number of people i know, who can be bothered to take full self-responsiblity, i.e. to stand in the world as full lawful adults, rather than as "ward of the state", and nearly all of those self-ir-responsible "persons" are actively engaged in demonstrating their "superior wisdom" in either criticizing or outright acts of either covert manipulation or overt control of the lives of others around them, while refusing to look in their own mirror at their own reflection clearly evidencing their own "Mark of the Beast". While i have deep compassion for this state of (un-)consciousness, there is presently no room for it in my private reality, for it is mutually exclusive therewith. This is a key for all of us, to cognize which realities are incompatible, and set boundaries between ones own appropriateness, and the realities others are exploring for their lessons. So it is i find myself again having to set greater boundaries with "friends" who have been bringing to me, energetic patterns, incompatible with my highest service, as high priestess of ascension activations. Again, the answer is to go deeper into my own core essence, and its connection with my higher self, and to turn away from external energies, to remain in the role of creator goddess, and to not succumb to reacting to "that which 'is manifest'".

4th May 2016
[Faery Faith]

i recently came upon the Faery Faith tenets:
responding with a heartfelt: "Well, yeah!"

Some wonder what is my "religion"?
My most accurate response is that I am spiritual, not regligious.
Here, as you can see, and with my overall faery focus, one can easily construe me to be "pagan", for i have abiding relationship with "the Goddess", both as spiritual archtype, and embodied as Gaia-Sophia, i.e. as our loving mother hostess planet. i have studied and received trainings in Native "American" shamanism, Hindu Tantra, Received the Medicine Buddha initiation from Tai Situ Rinpoche, and my intense spiritual healing training in this incarnation was derivative of the RosiCrucian tradition, which is a Christian mystical tradition. i was ordained as a minister in two different "Christian" churches, but left both once comprehending they were Caesar's 501(c)3 corpse-orations.

"It is time that you claim your planet as your own. You must do this to stop people from other planets from plundering Gaia's resources.
If you claim Gaia as yours, those from other planets who have honorable intentions will not intentionally steal from you.
You Gaia humans need your resources. You may think you have plundered Gaia. However, what you have taken from Gaia is perhaps ten percent of what people from other planets have taken.
To stop this plundering by outsiders, enough Gaia humans must consciously claim stewardship of Gaia planet. To do this you must consciously state, 'This is my planet, my home, and my land.' This should include not just what [lays] within the boundaries of your own backyard. It should include the entire planet. If enough people adopt this attitude, Gaia will be protected from those with honorable intentions. Then, if these outsiders still want what Gaia has, they will have to open other avenues of negotiation."
-- The Guardian of Green Tourmaline, in Wisdom of the Gemstone Guaridans by Michael Katz.

5th May 2016

As i search for the words to express both the look and feel of the energies we are experiencing, we are very much tending to the metaphor of the great turbulence of water resulting from the collision of two ocean waves coming from different directions. This feels to be the effect, the chaotic turbulence, rather nebulous and undefined, versus the previously experienced creative sharp conflicts of the intersections of incompatible time-lines producing a time-node, and is perhaps what was presaged by the Hathors. Of course, our 6 planets in retrograde motion, leave us in that sense of unresolved swirly energies, where we are given the opportunity to pay attention and use very conscious discernment in sorting everything, as either feeling in harmony with our deepest essence and to be integrated, or as feeling foreign to us and to be separated from. Succinctly, it's time for focussed intentional alignment with either the ascending or the descending densities. We can have compassion for those struggling with the conflicts within duality, but that reality is the natural outcome of their attachments to some polarity, and short of their being willing to release the whole of duality, they will wind up stuck in it. Being unwilling to let go of ascended reality, we have limited ability to share their mutually exclusive reality, so, we have become willing to let go of all of them, completely. Some realities are mutually exclusive, completely. Free will choice is completely honored. Love is unconditional. There are so many dualistic illusions being offered now! Without effective boundaries it would become easy to get lost in all those external energies. With effective boundaries i may enter the pure sanctuary of my soul. i shall return to my focus upon activating my own DNA to better express my soul essence.


Aloha, you divine perfect goddess! You are the perfect you when you relax into the state of being, when you are not trying, and not doing. You can always come back to that core essence of who you are, as i say, anytime, anywhere... "Excuse me, i gotta go bathroom!", even in a public place, go sit in the stall and meditate for 5 minutes, breathe deeply, and completely accept yourself as you are here now... "I love me!", then you can reapproach whoever you had been with, and quickly assess: Are they expressing love to me, of me, here now? If not, they're requesting love, and if it's not appropriate in the moment to caretake them, say goodbye and leave, and if it is appropriate in your heart / soul to now caretake them, offer a hug. Never try to change them. If they are being loving, then the next question is: "What shall we cocreate in love?" What are you enthused to share? Are those compatible? If not, say goodbye... as either it's not the right time or it's not the right people for your present passions / projects. Better to be alone fully aligned and appropriate, than to sell out just to stay connected with them. They will change, you will change, the planetary energies change... later, check in with them again... do we now have aligned will? goals? passions? interests? OOoohh! let's share those now!

Your life purpose is to discover your true passions and pleasures. That is an "in the now" "of the now" thing. Any time you try to nail it down, get a guarantee, and have a single life-long answer, it's pretty well guaranteed to become inappropriate at some time, because we are ever-growing ever-changing beings. So, anything other than that as a goal will eventually fail. Say what? My goal is to be myself in the moment, knowing that is ever changing, and that, i don't need to try to be more perfect, because i follow my higher-self's guidance of the moment, (my feelings of joy), which automagically guide my path to that!

So if you're all happy and giggly, you're a complete success! If not happy, you're trying to be something you're not. Ouch!

May 06 09:31HST New Moon influences are strongest within the orb of plus and minus 15 minutes. Make your own little half-hour long ritual... to consciously focus on letting go of the old you, let the old you and her ways and beliefs die. In her place by the end of half hour, you are reborn, a new you... already perfect, flowing in the moment, just being yourself in each moment, unpredictable, unknowable, just flowing in the joy of the moment... perfectly perfect in the perfection of staying in the now of fully accepting yourself and your circumstances, while... following your passion of the moment, while... intending the reality you prefer, whether or not it is presently manifest around you... remembering that what is manifest around you, is a delayed mirror, a mirror of hat you previously vibrated, and that it (usually) takes some time for the image in the mirror, to "catch-up with" who you are being now, the perfect goddess who loves herself perfectly in the here now :-)

6th May 2016

The night was for me unusually interrupted several times with calf / ankle / foot cramps unlike others I've had before, after a day of no unusual physical activities which might have triggered them. Thus i turn to the realms of energies seeking causative patterns... and these would be pisces and aquarius ruled... aquarius is void of planets, and in pisces we find Mars and Saturn squaring Jupiter and Neptune:

...and what energies have i been blogging about recently? (false and/or obsolete) "friends" who are unwilling to respect and honor either changes i have made via rebirthing or appropriate boundaries i keep clearly defining but which they completely ignore in pursuit of their (abusive) agendae to fulfill their needs via dysfunctional parasitic manipulative relating.
So the Piscian / Neptune theme of the time is:
"the future, life goals, and association with friends and groups.", i.e. my getting along even further on my path of ascension, and in this case having to get out a sharp knife and pry-off the clinging opi'i which are impeding my graceful flow. Obviously the energetic lesson is that: One must disconnect from those beings whose energies and realities are incompatible with ones appropriate path of ascension. Some "friends", however, are unwilling to either let go of me, nor to track my growth.
Perhaps there are those of you reading this who may be dealing with similar inappropriate / obsolete relationships in your own life.

So... as we approach the new moon, it is time to complete our forgiveness and release of all entities and energies of our old exiting reality, so that as of the new moon entering orb at 09:15HST we are completely neutral and aligned internally with our deepest core essence, our soul, itself completely aligned with our 8D (and higher) ascended higher self. This is a perfect time to invoke the complete protection of one's individual 8D-4D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal!

So, as we pass through the null-point of "I am one with the void" to be again reborn anew, what are the appropriate energies upon which to focus, being in full alignment with core essence, in absolute purity?
I-magi-nation. Image ones most appropriate expression of beingness in Gaia.
Will. i intend the integrous manifesting of my pure essence.

7th May 2016

i am the Rose Faery, wearing the White Rose adorning my hair, symbolizing both purity of heart and integrity of deed, and also the larynx with which is spoken the Creative Word.

8th May 2016
[Angelic Faery Blessing Gaia-Sophia]

Today we focus upon our blessings for our common mother, Gaia-Sophia, who so patiently nurtures and sustains us all with her unconditional love.

Perhaps the issue du jour is the opposite of today's focus. It's all very nice to value and validate women's role as mothers. The rest of the year let's also value the rest of who women are :-)

9th May 2016

In English, the iris was often called fleur-de-lis or flower-de-luce, (the flower of light), since the 16th century. Arches are a form of portal between realities. The flower over the arch symbolizes a portal of life and light. The female / flower is the portal from the realm of light into the realm of embodied life. The female form is specialized to nurture and perfect a life, a particular kind of creative energy, different from the creative / destructive energies of the throat chakra. The combination of the destroy / create energies to manifest change, and the preservation / nurturing / perfecting energies is most versatile, and goes beyond the throat chakra working alone without the baby-making organs. In the timeless higher realms of manifesting with the ajna chakra and higher, too much "perfecting" of a reality, continually changing it, can actually interfere with any version of it manifesting. Faith and trust in the creation process, and patience for manifestation to precipitate down to lower realms, are part of divine expression. What to intend is of yin-yang polarity. The motivation of intent to manifest is our hearts true passion, symbolized by the ruby colors. May everyone's dreams manifest so as to passionately live their dreams rather than merely dream their lives :-)


The following is from Sevan Bomar's Code to the Matrix, which i share as a trigger for contemplation as to just how much of present "reality" is inside-out, upside-down, and backwards:

The Fleur-de-lis was also the symbol of the exotic Blue Lily. This was a flower that grew out of the marshes of the Nile. The Kemets / Egyptians were masters of chemistry and Alchemy this was the core religion of the Priest. Kem is where these words derive from in fact, the Egyptians had extensive knowledge about minerals, plants, and animals; this is the meaning of each side of the triangle.

A little digging uncovered that during the Initiation Rites, the Kemites, would procure concentrated doses of the Blue Lily and administer it to the Initiates. They would then place the vibration rod more commonly called an Ankh against the back of the Initiate's neck to transfer vibration. After this the Initiate would be lead through the inner chambers of the great Pyramid, each room carried a particular frequency that would prepare the body to go into an astral death state. Finally they would be placed in the Sarcophagus and depending on the initiation his or her soul would descend to the underworld, Mars, or Sirius due to the Zero Point field of the Great Pyramid lined up on the Van Allen Belt on 6 major ley lines. In that moment they would meet the Lord Dog of the Underworld Anubis, Bael, and others all surrounded by the hounds of hell and many other goons like Ra hanging out in the Netherworld of Dar which is were we get the word Dark.

The Fleur-de-lis is also the symbol of the Jester's Hat or simply the Trickster or Magician who concocts magic and illusions. Just as you see the Three Wise Men come from the East also known as the Magi. You will begin to see that although it is profusely banned in the Bible for all others, often time people who are in the "Grace of God" are affiliated and acclimated with magic. It goes further to admit that Moses himself was schooled in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.

Feminine energy is intuitive while masculine energy is analytical power of reason and strength. Women say men need to be more sensitive to their surroundings in order to get in tune, which is true. There is seldom any response by men on what woman get to do. This is what I've learned, if we "sense" all the time without "analyzing" we will just go with the flow of life. That current flow of life in our present world condition is actually going in the opposite direction of progress, it is headed towards decay as anything material will, it just is, and this is something that has happened before. It is also true when we become too analytical all we have is mountains of data that are not attached to feeling thus higher senses cannot be activated so there can be no power to do anything about your findings. Especially when it comes to divining the "real truth" or the "root" of what is going on in your individual life so it can be adjusted properly so you can have a stable foundation.

For males it is of value to know that females make at least 50% more paranormal contact than males. One main reason these Beings can communicate with women better than men is because they possess a womb, this is known as a "Soul Matrix". The fluid is highly magnetic and as any Yogi can tell you, there is actually brain tissue around the stomach region. In short the stomach area is the keeper of Chi/Force/Power this is where it is harnessed and stored. Women have a high generative cycle of this magnetic fluid in their Menstrual Blood or Plasma, which is also a high energy substance. This was known by the Knights Templar as Sangrail, which they would drink in their rituals of the Holy Blood / Holy Grail / "Mag"delena. Unfortunately this also results in more women being used to harness the dark powers without questioning whether or not it's correct, they just go with the "flow". As the "New Age" woman develops more analysis she will again deal a heavy blow to the Wicked One who is no match for the Fury of Woman but is ever seeking to use her prowess.

10th May 2016

With but a crescent of a moon in our sky, and finally one of our 6 retrograde planets stationed direct, (Mon) 5/ 9/2016 2:14 Jupiter (Vir) S/D, and the moon happily exalted in its own sign, (Mon) 5/ 9/2016 7:23 Moon (Gem) --> Cancer, things are less oppressive, more optimistic, a gentler flow of greater peace and grace... and having spent MoonDay clearing negative future time-lines from our Kilauea probabilities, we cleared the path for Mars day to be constructive building rather than warrior conflict. Our faery picture du jour links to a nice music track. If you're not yet configured to play ogg/theora/vorbis, instructions are here.

Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death is only worth watching if you would prefer to live.

11th May 2016

In the heart of nature our own hearts find peace.

12th May 2016

Whatever triggering energies have either activated to arrive, or ceased being active and parted our realm, our consciousness of the energies of Kilauea are feeling very pure and clean, but then perhaps such resulted from the healing clearing and invocation of the divine plan we did the evening of 2016-05-10 out at Kilauea point, near the lighthouse, where an important ley-line traverses.

13th May 2016

Ahh... another Freya's day celebrating the goddess :-)
Is it not interesting that Freya the young virginal goddess, for whom this day of the week is named, is correlated with the planet Venus, which rotates on its axis in the reverse direction compared to the other planets of our solar system? Nikolai Kozyrev comments that this means she is experiencing reverse time, thus eternally youthing rather than eternally aging.
(Fri) 5/13/2016 9:10 Mercury (Rx) [Tau] Con (Tau) Venus
Energy representing thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity, (which is working backwards now), is connected and fused together with energies of creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs. They will affect each other prominently.
(Fri) 5/13/2016 16:20 Venus (Tau) Tri [Cap] Pluto (Rx)
Energy representing creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs is in harmony with energies of destiny, and capacity to transform the self and the outer world, which are now working backwards.
If we flow with the cosmic energies today, and get "out-of-the-box" with our thinking, completely releasing all of the past with forgiveness, we may allow ourselves to be completely transformed into a new wholistic perspective based in love and unity consciousness.

14th May 2016

Dance to the enchantment of the faeries.

15th May 2016

That which guides us is our joy and excitement, our passionate persistent patterns of preference, to knowing our essential core being, and our most pure expression of that self. Beauty is in form the expression of the energy of love. Radiant unconditional love is beautiful. Beauty as perceived by the visual sense is based in symmetry. One of the forms of symmetry is geometry, such as the perfectly balanced symmetry of the zero-point of the vacuum. What Nassim gets wrong, by repeating the lies of false history regarding the construction of the pyramids is the order of construction thereof. The pyramids were built from the top down in the non-physical realm, and then precipitated down in frequency to then manifest in the physical density, already wholly built.

16th May 2016

We each hold in our hands infinite potential for our own future, including magical communion with other realms. When our hearts direct our energies in love, graceful flow of miraculous manifestation is abundant. Beleive in your highest visions of positive synergy.

17th May 2016

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imaging figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
-- Carl Gustav Jung

With the ongoing retrograde of 5 planets, we continue to be triggered to dig deeper, into our subconscious, wherein dwells our history (yang) and mystery (yin), shining upon it the light of our conscious attention, that it may be released or brought into harmony with our soul essence.

18th May 2016

(Wed) 5/18/2016 5:22 Moon (Lib) Opp (Ari) Uranus Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies opposes and creates tension with energies of individuality, desires for change, and tendency to go against social norms. Balance is needed. The day begins with deep feelings of our individual uniqueness. The evening brings sensitivities to our dark mysterious nature, and triggers that also to be brought to the surface and lived. (Wed) 5/18/2016 19:57 Moon (Lib) Con (Lib) Lilith Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies is connected and fused together with energies of capacity to let go and accept their natural darker side. They will affect each other prominently. (Wed) 5/18/2016 20:29 Moon (Lib) --> Scorpio Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies will be penetrating, suspicious, introspective, and it desires to transform and remove outer masks.

19th May 2016

With the magic of intent we may form the neutral light of source into living expressions of love, radiant blessings of joy.

20th May 2016

The faery circle is a vortexual portal of transdimensional communion, granting easier access to our higher selves of eternal essence. Dance with your self in full knowing that you may learn to express fully.

21st May 2016

May 21 11:16HST Full Moon (Wesak)
Today being full moon, we "cast down" our intended reality from the higher realms to precipitate into manifestation in the collective reality, therefore it is a time to be carefully focussed upon the highest of intent for the greatest blessings for all. Every thought and feeling creates an off-spring, therefore attend that which is of highest love and joy. May Gaia precipitate today!

This is a special full moon in that it is phased in the annual cycle as Vesak, marking the high-water mark of spiritual blessing in the world. There is an unusual inflow of life and of spiritual stimulation which serves to vitalize the aspiration of all humankind. The intuition of all who seek to serve the good, the beautiful and the true, (regardless of their faith or spiritual background), is stimulated by this spiritual blessing.
At Wesak we can visualize the aspiration of all people of goodwill being fused into a concentrated intent by all Enlightened Beings on the inner side of life. This is a time for dedication, a time to hold ourselves steadily in the light, and above all, a time to focus on the fulfillment of all beings.

22nd May 2016

As we integrate the depth of our feelings introspectively where is our deepest peace? Are we calm, centered, balanced, even as the sun and moon pass opposition and trigger us? The waters of emotions are calm and everything is neutral. We are dwelling in multidimensional consciousness.

Today brings us:
(Sun) 5/22/2016 3:19 Mercury (Tau) S/D
Energy representing thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity will tend to manifest in the standard, direct, open manner.

23rd May 2016
[faeries Imagine The Possibilities]

Ask not of your mind; "What is? ...and how should i react to it?", but rather,
Ask of your own heart; "What possibility do i prefer? ...and create it!"

24th May 2016
[Triple Goddess]

Firstly we notice that today is Mother's Day, in celebration of the Triple Goddess. While the Moon has a busy day with a number of aspects, the Virgin / Maiden aspect of The Goddess, as presented via the planet Venus, confronts the Warrior Mars today:
(Tue) 5/24/2016 16:38 Venus (Gem) Opp [Sag] Mars
Energy representing creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs opposes and creates tension with energies of will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies. Balance is needed.

The Irish Goddess Brigit, Brigid or Bride (pronounced Breed), matron of artists, smiths and healers, is honoured in Druidry and WiseCraft. Bride was the daughter of the Dagda (or Good God), the principal God of the Irish race known as the Tuatha dé Dnaan, People of Dana, Dana being the Mother Goddess. Brigit was often depicted as a Triple Goddess. Her chief shrine was in Kildare, where her vigil fire was tended by unmarried priestesses known as Inghean an Dagha, Daughters of Fire. With the Christianization of Ireland, Brigid became St Brigid and her shrine was taken over by nuns. Legend tells us that the nuns continued to tend her sacred flame until the thirteenth century, when the Bishop of Kildare decreed that the custom was Pagan and must cease. However, Brigid remained a very popular saint in Ireland and Scotland until recent times and her importance rivalled that of the Virgin Mary.


As we contemplate that it is a month before international fairy day, we open to channel from the crystal faeries collective consciousness of 8D, querying specifically, may we convey any messages from our angelic friends of 9D?

"Thank you for awaking at the optimal time for the clearest channelling. We are watching with contentment as the waves of galactic energetic triggering continue to quantum shift the phases of ascension activations, manifesting our divine plan both as gently and as powerfully as can be balanced. We are pleased that so many of you in your realm are flowing gracefully with your codon activations. For those who are experiencing challenging physical symptoms as incompatible karmic / miasmic patterns are triggered to be released, we commend conscious intent to release all expectations and attachments, surrender to receive the new patterns in your own energy fields, and shift your consciousness to find union / oneness vertically rather than horizontally.
[What the angelics are referring to is that as we connect vertically from embodied consciousness level to higher self level we shift perspective from feeling alone or separated, through the experience of oneness with our own self and through that higher self achieve awareness of unity with all of spirit. Until we make that shift, we may tend to connect horizontally with others at the embodied consciousness level in order to alleviate the feelings of aloneness / loneliness and thereby create complicating entanglements / enmeshments which greatly challenge our own ascension process. -- tomril]
For those overwhelmed emotionally it is beneficial to release mental patterns of interpretation which tend to take everything personally. For those consumed by worry or struggling to comprehend what is happening to them, surrender with trust rather than insisting upon comprehending before accepting. For those with challenging entanglements with other spirits / souls, release responsiblity for others and focus upon your own vibrational state as that over which you have the most choice and which most benefits both you and others. For the unasked question in the back of the mind of celeste / tomril, relax and know that you may release all your motherly responsibilities for both your ascension portal network and for both the tomril and ishnaa realms, as all is in graceful order."

25th May 2016

Everything feels balanced and neutral... which is, of course, very good... May you also be at peace with the universe and flowing in the eternal moment :-)

26th May 2016

Me: "Mirror, mirror, in the world, who's the faeriest of us all?"
Goddess: "There's only one infinite goddess in all of existence: i AM!"
Gangaji: "Who are you?"
We: "I AM that!"

Moon lodge is the heart of the community.
Community circles are empowered at new and full moons. Kilauea community circles of lunations... shall we?

27th May 2016

We focus upon communion with the realm of our animal relatives, and convey their message:
"The greatest pain for both we and our plant realm relatives, is the poisoning of us all by the synthetically created chemicals which are never made in nature, and which nature knows not how to cleanse. Please awaken the people to stop this anti-life agenda."

28th May 2016

As the enchanting scent of rose triggers us to ecstatic joy, so the delight of new cocreations and new friends warms our hearts.

The day brings growth to the goddess, midmorning confronting the inner masculine, midday confronting her own shadow and dark side, and night time her own inner child... and that is oversimplifying the day :-)
So, all those thorns? protect what from what? who from who?
As usual, the answer is? ...unconditional love, of course! ...for yourself!

i would truly like to see everyone free to be...
so many have shut down into little contained restrained survivals, habitual roles, personas, smartphone friends, and a complete inability or unwillingness to risk the threat of intimacy with anyone who actually shows up in a body near them, dares to open their hearts and make eye contact for more than than the acquaintance level of 2 seconds. It truly seems to be the zombie apocalypse!
Wake Up!

29th May 2016
[fractured faery]

Today we prioritize graceful flow in our abode, with some more spring and summer house cleaning, which, of course, includes cleaning out the house of our spirit, our body, and the house of our soul, our heart chakra. We have plenty enough astrological aspects triggering us, to keep us busy continuing to clear out subconsious.

2016-05-30 05:00:00+00:00 Past: Knight of Wands Profit. Abundance. Success. Concerning a person: Attractive woman. Strong. Self-confident and proud. Friendly. Present: 4 of Cups Disappointment. Manifestation of past omissions. Future: 3 of Wands Completion. Celebration of success. Peace. Relaxation. Satisfaction.

30th May 2016

If faeries come to visit, you are truly blessed :-)

31st May 2016
[2016-02-28.devic_queendom.056 RainBow]

We give our appreciation of the wonderful blessings of life gifted to us all by our beloved mother Gaia.

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