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1st February 1970
[Angel in the Garden]
Discernment of appropriateness is relative to, and only relevant for, ones self. Thus, e.g. "I discern that another is 'wrong' for me." but only they can discern what is 'right' for them. That our realities are mutually exclusive merely compells appropriate boundaries between those realities, so that each may pursue their preferences.
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Discernment according to
"What seems to be true is that before the seeker of Ascension can ever achieve the point of being able to think even momentarily about “the oneness of all beings,” or the “feelings of all beings,” or be in possession of “super-awareness,” he or she has spent many, many years in the struggle to “face petty tyrants,” or to fully realize objective reality in a step by step process that includes action in concert with understanding.
They have repeatedly exposed themselves to as many “unpleasant experiences” as they can find, all the while struggling to master their emotions, desires, and physicality. It is the work of making the physical vehicle “down here” receptive to what one chooses to align with “up there,” as opposed to trying to forcibly change something “up there” in order to have it “down here.” This process is very much involved with what is called “discernment.”"
One's discernment cannot depend upon collective (un)consciousness.

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