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15th August 2017
[Pica Pica]

Celtic Myth Podcast Special 43 - Sussex Celts + Faeries includes a song about Magpies from the Fishe or Fowle album by Kate Fletcher + Corwen Broch:

Pica Pica

1 for sorrow
2 for mirth
3 for a wedding
4 for a birth
5 for silver
6 for gold
7 for a secret never to be told
8 for a wish
9 for a kiss
10 for a time of joyful bliss
Pica pica, sorrow, mirth,
 the mingled strain of life on earth

1 for sorrow
2 for joy
3 for a girl
4 for a boy
5 for silver
6 for gold
7 for a secret never was told
8 for a wish
9 for a kiss
10 for a bird that's best to miss
Pica pica, sorrow, mirth,
 the mingled strain of life on earth

1 for sorrow
2 for mirth
3 for a letter
4 for a birth
5 for rich
6 for poor
7 for a bitch
8 for a whore
9 for laughter
10 for crying
11 for sickness
12 for dying
Pica pica, sorrow, mirth,
 the mingled strain of life on earth

1 for sorrow
2 for mirth
3 for a death
4 for a birth
5 for a fiddler
6 for a dance
7 for England
8 for France
9 for Heaven
10 for Hell
More for the Devil's very own self
Pica pica, sorrow, mirth,
 the mingled strain of life on earth (x4)

...which brings us interesting numerological correspondences, which i'm synchronistically finding to be correlating with the numerology of both the Tarot, and Astrology, as i've been studying in the book "Astrology & the Tarot" (ISBN 0-87877-031-3) by Newcastle Publishing Corpse-oration, Inc. P.O.Box 7589, Van Nuys, CA, 91409

Later on in the same podcast we find these correspondences:
Parsley = Comfort
Sage = Strength
Rosemary = Love
Thyme = Courage

Faery blessings -- celeste

21st August 2017
[Sun Eclipsed by Moon]

Ascension is about holding one's vibration and consciousness in higher realms, above duality, above the realm of space-time, beyond the influences of time itself, (and therefore astrology), which is relayed via Luna, from the time generator which is Saturn.

Those of us who have caught the energies of one of the waves of ascension, already know this, and live in the eternal now, however, until our bodies also ascend, we are still dealing with those in this mixed world who are still in time, and therefore are still subject to the influences of astrology, while the densities are splitting apart further, between the ascending time-line and the descending time-line.

It's time for me to hold fast my new paradigm, and stop dipping into lower density realities just to have connection, as it is now more costly to do so, as the frequency gap between realities continues to widen, and shall quantum leap further with the eclipse, at least in my parallel realities!

To make the greatest quantum leap possible supported by these incoming energies, it is wise to spend the preceeding evening introverted in an individual process to

At sunset time the day before the eclipse, i'll have fully introverted into solitude, to explore my own subconscious, with very strong boundaries, to keep out the rest of reality, and fully feel only my own inner subconscious.

At Sunrise 06:17 HST we'll have a partial solar eclipse here on the Hawaiian isles. The eclipse is an energetic gateway, with the energies coming out of the subconscious into full consciousness, to be owned, confronted, integrated, and lived.
The actual new moon is at 08:30 HST.

The eclipse is what?
Luna comes between the Sun and Gaia, finally giving us an opportunity to tune-into our Lunar influences, and not be overwhelmed by the Sun, which is the big out-of-balance issue that women and our cycles are, if not outright reviled, at least repressed, devalued, and are expected to be overridden by the solar commerce week.

Since the Moon eclipsing the Sun is all about tuning into the feminine energies of Luna without the overpowering influences of the Sun, or to put it another way, Luna intercedes on our behalf, the exact time of the eclipse is the optimal time for female awakening, and especially when it is rising into consciousness from subconsciousness exactly at moonrise, the time to be fully consciously focussed on the eclipse, the perfect time to cocreate with like-hearted goddesses, though the cocreation process itself requires proper preparation, and deep discernment of exactly with whom to cocreate what.

As for myself, i'll be up before dawn and fully conscious to embrace tantricly all the blessings of the eclipse, celebrating the further separation from the descending limited Olde Worlde Odour, and happily giggling with any other {like,light}-hearted conscious beings.
i plan to solo introvert at moonset the evening after the eclipse, to integrate the new time-line.

Today brought several readings for people who were tuned-in and taking advantage of the gateway between realities which the eclipse brought to us all... yay!

Faery blessings -- celeste

ON August 21, 2017 approximately 11:11 a.m.
organized by Sphere Being Alliance.  (The Mill at McCloud, CA)
_(transcribed by Ruth Angela)_ 

 "I have in my left hand a turtle which is "Turtle Island" among all the
Indian tribes which covers all the way from the North Pole clear down to
South America. 

This fetish, this friend of mine, volunteered to become a part of your
group; on my right hand is what we call our Mother on the left [right?]
side. We bless everything with corn meal with the Pueblo people and so I
will say a prayer and offer that. I will spread the cornmeal to bless
every body. Our Father Sun, our Mother Moon and our Mother Earth and to
all of you, I will say the prayer in Zuni: 

[" _Zuni language prayers " ]_ 

What I said was this: "This is the journey of our father sun and mother
moon and our people on mother Earth, all the living things have been
blessed with the significance of the [ end of ] the darkening that has
been put on us all these years." The last time was I believe 100 years
ago. But the Father Sun, or at least the message that we will interpret
from now on is that: 

WE ARE NOW IN THE SUNLIGHT. In our healing practices we make the things
that bother us, the dark energies, the dark forces, when we put them out
in our father's sunlight we become blessed with good feelings, good
things our body needs, the Earth needs--all the different things on the

So what has happened is that FROM NOW ON NOTHING WILL BE SECRET, NOTHING
WILL BE HIDDEN! We will all be looking at this and this is why this has
occurred because we have been lied to for many years. We have been put
in the dark place of all the people. We as people of spirituality have
known this for many, many years. 

And you people that are here are light-workers and there is no accident
that we came together. 

So from this point on, all the things that have been hidden, all the
things that were not true will come forth. It is like a dam bursting.
All the things that have been backed up for many, many years will be
broken [open]. 

And it is people like you that have been chosen, have volunteered, or
have had an awakening to help that movement. One person can make a
change. One person can be the leader and others will follow. So this is
the reason why this significant event has been shown to us. It has been
planned for many, many centuries, maybe even millions of years. It is my
pleasure and my spiritual hope that WE ALL START TO NOT BE AFRAID OF
ANYTHING. We have been told so many untruths to the point where there is
sickness that has fallen on mankind, and I am looking at the world in
such a manner that in this event our souls will be cleared and our
hearts will be open to the true things that we are supposed to be - as

We people in our positions in the spiritual world, the American Indian
people has been here for centuries, for thousands of years. And we have
always respected our Father Sun, our Mother Moon, our Mother Earth. She
can no longer be treated like man has treated her [clapping]  And you
are the people, the light workers here that will bring forth the
messages. We have sacrificed our own selves to come to this kind of
conclusion we are having and we are not ALONE. The spirit people are the
ones that are guarding us. They are now going to be more effective, more
willing to show themselves in the very, very near future. We are now not
only working with the Star People, but we as Indian people have known
for thousands of years that the people at the bottom of the Earth has
always been with us, but now they are going to be actively working for
the things in this dimension. [ clapping ] 

I have dedicated my whole life to be that individual. I am not seeking
any recognition and I have no things about ego or anything. It is the
spirit world that I was born into as part of the leader of the movement.

YOU ARE MY HELPERS. You are my brothers and sisters. You are my
children. We will get this thing moving faster than ever before.
[clapping].    I want to thank all of you from all the different Spirit
people. They speak through me. I do not make up what I am going to say.
The Spirit people are the ones that guide me to speak to you directly
like this. And so with this, I want everybody to be in place when that
time comes. And we will never be told lies again.     [ clapping ] 

So with that I want you to be very strong. I want you to improve your
thinking and get into the spirit of making things happen and we will
never be afraid ANY MORE. With this --from the spirit world talking
through me--I bless every one of you that are here. When you get back to
your home and other places that you go, please take that message with
you and get those people to come forward with you; they are no longer be
afraid.   We are now looking to be ONE again. We are all brothers and we
are all sisters, and what has happened with that darkness that they put
on us, we can no longer now be antagonistic about everything. We are
one. We are all the creator's children. 

I want to thank every one of you for being with me for this occasion. I
want to especially thank Mr. Corey Goode and his company for inviting me
to be with you in such a very, very historical and important event. 

With that --to the spirit world, from the spirit people, I bless each
one of you, and from now on we will be all together as one to conquer
those things. 

Thank you. 

[clapping and cheering & very few dry eyes ] --  

22nd August 2017

Yesterday's eclipse certainly stirred-up many energies, including here on Kaua'i one of our most intense ever thunder and lightening storms, and many lessons for many people, including people in bodies other than "human". As the calm after the storm settles in, we are able to integrate the shifts of consciousness, of energies, of perspective, and hopefully for most of the collective, we wish for an improvement in precepts.
It is time to awaken to our oneness.

Faery blessings -- celeste

29th August 2017

Incidentally, today is the third anniversary of our Kilauea Synergy Ball.

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