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17th August 2013

While there are both positive and negative "arguments" / "reasons" some associate with the use of ORMES / ORMUS, it is nevertheless true that many of our "positive associations" with most "herbs" is really that those herbs carry within them a high OMRES / ORMUS content, so we are in many ways in our lives playing with them, and really the issue is not so much the raw material thereof, but whether or not they are in a "high spin state", which is where the alchemist imparts alchemy upon the raw material.

Other than Joe Lello, names you may encounter are David Hudson, and Barry Carter, each of which i recommend. i continue much in the tradition of my training, that we can do anything with energy and intent, thus i tend to live "as the alchemist", rather than developing a dependence upon external beings/people/alchemists or material/ORMES/ORMUS, yet i also continue to intake the raw material in the form of high ORMES/ORMUS content salts, which i then raise to high spin states via meditation / intent, which interestingly, is from, yep, you guessed it, Atlantis Alchemy :-) Please to remember that intent is everything, so even should you find/take external physical material high in ORMES/ORMUS content, it is imperative to apply your own intent/will thereunto to override any intent of the creative alchemist who produced it, i.e. "took it to alleged high spin state". But then, we can do this with all our intake of food / water. There are also much information about extracting ORMES/ORMUS from water with magnetic precipitators, and concepts like applying strong magnets to the base of your blender to provide vortex activation of the ORMES/ORMUS in any of your food. Incidentally, some of the strongest magnets available are those used inside disk drives, so, should you be "lucky enough" to have a computer disk drive "die" on you, celebrate as you disassemble it and remove the magnets therefrom to then apply to your blender :-)

One of the principles we are dealing with as we transition into ascension, is that the "traditional" electromagnetics we live with in 3D "will not work" in ascended reality, whereas magnetics, and magnetoelectrics will work. Scalar waves are transdimensional and will remain part of reality. Yes, the Engineer i am thrives on this stuff, yet i remain guided by my metaphysical training that our intent/will and higher dimensional energetics/will (higher self) override all technological fru-fru here.

Oh yes, another name of note I beleive in is Danae Harding, last known to be of Colorado residence, Ancient Tek.

Faery Blessings my dear friends :-)
Surely, magickal faery dust must be made of ORMUS/ORMES :-)

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