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Entries from July 2013.

3rd July 2013

Announcing the 30 day period of the right of private status living human beings to protest/modify the terms and conditions of the new sovereign divine nation, Kaua'i.

4th July 2013
[FireWorks in Night Sky]

Kaua'i's Independence Day

Full activation of crystal faeries 8D through 4D portal

Upon tomril's first public notice of divine intervention on the Garden Island Kaua'i for densities 8 down through 4, by the tomril family of 8D Angelic crystal faeries, on 2013 June 4th, there were no protests within 30 days from the "spiritual community" of Kaua'i. It is construed therefore, that those with the ability to see the realms above 3D, have accepted and agreed to these changes upon the expiration of 30 days, i.e, as of 2013-07-04, silence having constituted consent, The Garden Isle, Kaua'i, is under the caregiving and responsibility and liability of the tomril family of 8D angelic crystal faeries.

The Kaua'i Sovereign Space is defined by 3D mathematical constructs:
International Boundaries
As is typical of modern Gaia nations, Kaua'i claims sovereignty within 200 miles of its shores, except:
Boundaries with "neighbor islands"
Where a 200 mile from shore boundary would encroach upon a neighbor island's presumed right to their own 200 mile boundary, every such overlapping of territorial claim shall be resolved by setting the boundary at the midpoint between them.
For these definitions, shores shall include vertically 200 miles above and below the land. The concept of shore shall also be extended downward below the ocean surface as at the surface. This definition shall be construed to include all underground and subsurface installations, bases, technology, mining rights and any other right or sovereignty claimed by any other nation of Gaia.

The 3D physical space of Kaua'i remains in the commercial liability of the corpse-oration THE COUNTY OF KAUA'I, INCORPORATED, which is 100% liable for all corporate fictions it has licensed to be present upon the land here, or which, it has licensed to be present upon the high seas of commerce, or within the Kaua'i national limit.

Wherein a corpse-oration is licensed to operate in limited liability, any liability it is not responsible for, passes through to its parent corpse-oration which issued the license of limited liability. This pass through of liability extends all the way to the Pontiff.

Any and all living beings are held to 100% liability as individuals, in all dimensions, and are bound by cosmic law of ahimsa, transcending all of mans laws.

There may not be any corporate entity or sentient being on the island of Kaua'i or within its sovereign territory surrounding it, which are not in 100% liability.

It shall be construed without limitation that each and every sentient being is by divine law self-sovereign and 100% karmicly liable for their acts and intent in all dimensions, and is considered self evident that no sentient being can either "own" any other sentient being, nor "be owned" by any other sentient being nor by a fiction (e.g. corpseoration). This automatically places all life forms of divine origin as protected species. By inversion, likewise, anything not sentient and/or not alive can have ownership or jurisdiction of / over any living being.

Most of human law has operated upon the presumption that silence constitutes consent, which it does, right up to the point where these new law take effect on 2013-08-04. Subsequent to that date, no operation of law nor corpseoration in any way involving Kaua'i's sovereignty, may presume that consent is granted by silence. Further, because all sentient beings have the right of self sovereignty, yet some are unable to speak lawfully due to special differences, are presumed to not be giving consent in a manner harmful to them. By express example, the spraying of toxins into the air, (chemtrails) is hereby protested specifically.

celeste found "Light of the Heart" (track 7) of Enchanted Wind by Suzanne Teng to keep her in aloha in minimizing changes to any being, yet maximizing Faery blessings for Kaua'i.

6th July 2013

Now that my higher self has let up on urgency of website work i am finding my new balance in right brain and music, and much more joy. I'm not sure what the repercussions of my Kaua'i announcement will be, i figure it can't help but polarize people, at least temporarily, and my higher self assures me that it was a necessary wake-up call to the community, helpful to the overall awakening of Kaua'i regardless how my private relationships are affected.

A discussion with a friend covering similar territory shares my conclusion in both timing and closure. Her vehicle or focus traced some of my earlier shamanic work and some of the more known shamans, and the Gnostics... My final conclusion is to just center in our hearts and follow the right brain intuitive yin, and sounds... which brings me back to my shift of focus now.

Yay... that feels like a completion with past in a big way! And it feels like a completion of "mission work", Yay! [A friend] has mirrored my perceptions approximately as: "Yes, your work is done, now you can trust in the 8D Faeries and Portal network, and finally you can go play."
saying that now i get a huge sigh of relief as my body "gets it", and it feels real, at last. And once again I'm giggling at a double entendre with "play", as for me now, a big focus of "play"ful activity will be "play"ing my flute, and more enjoyment of music. All is frequency. Mood, attitude, emotion, essences, music, it's all about frequency. And so a new focus or prioritization of unique ways of private relating with frequencies. The 8D energies now directing Kaua'i are triggering everyone on Kaua'i, regardless their consciousness level, to "step up" into higher frequencies, more appropriate frequencies with color, light, sound, essences, etc... we're all re-tuning to our newly rebirthed selves, finding new realities or balance. Essences to trigger change, or to anchor into new appropriatenesses, can really help people now, and it seems we're on the leading edge of this shift, having brought the portals in, done our private inner work with them, and finding our new focus.
i just "sat back" and let that all sink in, and i realize that, yes! Uncomfortable as it was, setting the boundaries i recently did, I'm finally feeling congruent, when my whole reality is Kaua'i and my private appropriate focus and vibration, rather than caretaking outside realities of other places, other people, i feel whole. Now it's time to caretake our own selves, our reborn refocussed authentic integrous selves! Yay! This both feels like more cocreation from above, and, a very important release of old inappropriate energies. New focus. This feels like 100% anchoring myself into the new energetics of the new Kaua'i, and it really requires letting go of non Kaua'i realities (for me). This is "clicking into place" for me now as i write this.

It's now easier to just pull down an 8D portal to somebody and shift their energetics, which just totally obsoletes much of my old healing work, which was of another reality / time / energy-on-the-planet.

Even more fun was a deeper correlation from those :-) I'm through with careers, which ever "one". The very thought of focussing upon "I have a career" (nevermind which it is) is now obsolete :-) Joy! giggles :-)

i have long said that we should live in a world where each individual is merely following their own passion / joy / bliss / inspiration / play in the moment... creating or cocreating whatever the flow of the moment yields. And then we freely share whatever that is... as a gift from spirit. Nobody has products, there is no money, only abundant flow of divinity.

Magick is the Truth of Who we Are! we Are Magick! ...and the Magick is in the flow of the moment, in joyous (co-)creation, this is the key to happiness, and to abundance... is to be in our ecstatic joy of channelling the divine through us to (co-)create Magick!

i smile and feel really warm in my heart, and I'm very happy it's so clear, it doesn't matter at all where or when the flow moves on to the next joy of flow... and the divine flow of abundant support by the law of attraction and by the law of one, all comes to the center of it all, heart's joy, number 44, and in my heart i return to my awakening through Tantra, and the ecstatic bliss of essence fully lived.

Releasing all to be fully and only in the now... more so than ever as we've just transformed the energetics of Kaua'i, i feel that this is a whole new quantum level... like before i returned to Kaua'i, but that with 8D portals that finally Kaua'i as "come home to" me. We crystal faeries restored the Lemurian template. It finally feels like the island's energies now support this reality.

i am reminded of [a friend]'s comment to "trust the crystal faeries to work things out". i really feel that this is finally a reality that can support my essence. i find a strong correlation in the energetics of joy between Faeries and Hummingbird.

i feel that i can surrender into my joy with music, my joy of creating beautiful sounds. i feel that somehow, we 8D crystal faeries will help us stay in our Joy, that spirit will somehow magically support our true hearts joy, and only our truth, our integrity, our authenticity, our congruity, our essence and our joy of authentic creation from essential self. There is no longer, especially in these new energetics, any support for being inauthentic. We truly must live our truth, we must live Magickal lives. The truth of who we are... Magicians. That brings me back to my major move from communicating with words, to my creation via music and my ecstatic joy of heart. And this is the last thing i see with my website now... that my self-description is transforming, because my self expression is transforming. it will get easier as i actually learn to play my flute :-)

i continue to be awesomely inspired by Suzanne Teng... and I've found a number of Youtube Videos featuring her, and I'm so inspired by her music and her abilities... and i recognize that I'm "studying the very best" :-)

i play her music, or Bruce Mitchell, and i am instantly transported to my heart if i wasn't already there... and i instantly feel a deep soul connection of ecstatic bliss from communing with them and their language of love, music. And i dream that someday soon i shall be able likewise.

i find i have a consistent experience of all music, and i enjoy so many different styles, but particularly, i enjoy instrumental music as deep and sustaining of soul.

27th July 2013

A friend wrote: "So let us know how you are doing."

One answer is that i am doing awesomely well in ascension, and the other answer is i am reborn so the "i" you contemplate may be quite obsolete. i initiated a whole new level of ascension energetics for the planet, starting with Kaua'i and extending to a new energy grid for the Gaia when the rest of the planet is ready for it. i got really bored with the false ascension the annunaki were staging to their 4D holodeck recreation of 5D ascension, and even with the squabbles amongst the galactic races in 5D, so i negotiated an 8D creation with the 9D angelics bringing into the scene we ishnaans / crystal faeries from my original tomril universe before we came to this Galaxy, and as a result revamped my life and my website to focus on our new 8D energetics, which totally replaced all the traditional energy work i had been doing... :-)

Meanwhile I'm doing my best to remodel my apartment as a recording studio as I've taken up the flute as a right brained wholistic way of expressing other than the left-brained text.

For those who play with the assistance of tools in their meditations, sitting within a pyramid structure is helpful, the outline structure built with rods is as effective as a closed one, best aligned to 19.47 degrees East of North.

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