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18th April 2013

My information says the "real" ascension is to 5th density, and that there are many people who have "bought into" a faux 4D "ascension". That was created in 4D as a "holodeck" simulation of the actual 5D+ ascended reality, to keep souls captured in the Matrix, but believing that they had "ascended". Most of the hoopla about 2012-12-21, and a lot of the "channellings from Arch(on)-Angels were of this deception.

Update 2016-09-03:
Later higher awareness has revealed that even 5D is still within En.Ki's Prison, therefore we must go even higher to be free.

24th April 2013
From [email protected] Wed Apr 24 23:36:54 2013
From: Angela Kahealani 
To: [email protected]
Topic: OPPT Out
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

OPPT trustees:

Whereas: No spirit or body has from me, a power of attorney,
therefore, you could not have possibly included me in your
corporate fictions or your spiritual illusions.

Whereas: i am not a party to your corpse-oration, actions, or
anything involving you, or One Peoples Public Trust,

Therefore: If you believe you have *any* claim against my spirit,
soul, or body, you are required to present such by Registered Mail 
within 30 days of this notice, or by your silence you admit that
this Affidavit of Truth stands Forever Un-Rebutted, as Fact:
That i am independently sovereign and separate from you.

	Angela Kahealani on Kaua'i

Angela Kahealani 	+1(808)822-5272

i revisited OPPT here. More present time information about how OPPT has evolved in the recent 4 years is here.

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