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Entries from October 2013.

1st October 2013

This day was filled with inner rebirthing process.

2nd October 2013

On 2013-09-30 we channelled:"On an individual level, this is now manifesting in the strongest way with challenges of relationship." We are aware that for the next half year, such yin-yang, masculine-feminine, mars-venus issues are highlighted, as part of the overall trend of the reawakening of the goddess energies on our planet. We have above addressed more specifically the societal and global versions of this, but we would now like to address the individual versions. Specifically we would like to address two versions, one within each individual, and the other within a couple, and how those are interacting and cross-triggering. Since the outer is always but a mirror of the inner, our global issues are a reflection of the local societies, and the social issues are a reflection of the extant marriages, and the issues within relationship are a reflection of the balance within the individual.

The goddess must claim for herself her own authentic life based on her soul. But what she is often 'fighting' is her own internalized version of patriarchy, others' definitions of her life role, which must be cleared, to claim her authentic life. This of course comes in two flavors:

This is of course an overall process all of us are facing in our ascension journey... to let go of all the old habitual or societal patterns from the old time-line of competitive duality, to adopt a new habit of oneness thinking, oneness with our own higher self and its reality beyond this one incarnation, oneness with our neighbors on our lovely little planet, oneness with the Gaia of the time-line of peaceful synergistic cooperative cocreation and loving sharing.

3rd October 2013

The goddess may be ready to rebirth herself into a new authentic self expression, to commit to a new time-line / reality, but feeling guilty (due to old time-line programming) that she should stay and 'mother' her old partner even though he is not growing, and to join him in his reality leaves her feeling dead inside, i.e. that their relationship is now only possible by sharing a reality based on his inner emotional deadness, a death she can no longer 'live' and must leave behind. or would be sacrificing her own growth.

Given the higher guidance humans are receiving that now is the time to jump time-lines, before it becomes impossible or extremely difficult to do so, (we may do so by 2015-09-27, but with much more effort as time progresses), many of our relationships will be faced with this choice. Which is truly your priority?
Staying together?
or Ascending as high as you can go?
In some cases there are spiritual contracts in place, essentially choices the higher selves are committed to, which, as consciousness ascends to merge with, becomes one's reality.

There is also another option, that of the soul bonded couple, where on all levels their pairing is appropriate, and serves their individual growth with great positive synergy by being together. This will usually have been intended and contracted from the higher self level, or will not be fully successful unless the higher selves agree to it in cases where it was initiated from a lower self level.

"We are preceiving a pattern of humanity now, even within our 8D Portals, where, regardless how much inner growth and consequent relationship growth is happening, couples are maintaining a facade of stability and 'same old same old' for their friends and / or society, as there is still a collective belief of old time-lines, that social status / standing / success / abundance is dependent upon appearing 'stable'. The flip side of this is that some are holding their positions within a more growth-oriented 'society' by pretending to be growing when really they are not. Therefore, now we are seeing more friction between the appearance of self or couple as presented 'to the world', and what is really going on behind closed doors. Indeed, these are challenging times of both high and low growth rates, and the different choices regarding growth rate, and the levels of commitment thereunto, are creating great turmoil in many relationships. Indeed, it is very much a time of choosing one's future, and the choices of today have both great power to shift one's path, and great responsiblity and consequence that one's path may be so far different, based upon the choices one is now making. This is, of course, why we have chosen to focus upon, making the largest difference we can make, here and now, with the Kaua'i 8D angelic crystal faery ascension portal, as it is a key for both the planetary collective, and for the individuals living within it, and thus, we bring this reminder to consciousness, that for Kaua'ians now, choices affect first your own time-line, secondly your relationships, and thirdly, the planetary collective. This is also why we have been emphasizing both accountability for choices, and that choices be made within a consciousness of affecting more than self therewith. This is the galaxy's most sensitive 'pressure point' right now, and we are doing our best to apply wise accupressure, to this precious little island, with reminders to be in joy, and in magickal play. Kaua'ians are very much challenged to rebirth themselves authentically into their highest possible expression of essence, for doing so sets the planetary energy patterns. It is time for 'Fae Play'." Upon query, the crystal faeries tell me: "You can sleep now, celeste, we'll channel more later."

As i continue to integrate with my 8D angelic crystal faeries family, it becomes less clear what is my own unique "thought", and what is sourced in our collective shared consciousness, therefore, what i am "channelling", and what is my own higher self. While the transition was a little uncomfortable, all of the energetics have stabilized, and i am quite comfortable now with our shared family intent and will, and am paying far less attention to the source of motivation, and simply enjoying flowing with my new energetics and consciousness.

4th October 2013

As was previously suggested by the crystal faeries family, i am feeling the gentle and gradual blossoming of, the energetics of the essence i shall be creating, 'Fae Play'. It has already begun with my starting to generate a new batch of Colloidal Silver. Once it is physically generated, i shall 'play alchemist', and channel energetics of the 8D ascension codes from my crystal faeries family, into the batch of colloidal silver, energizing the basic physical material up to a 'high spin state' characteristic of ORMUS / ORMES. As all of this is appropriately 'flow of the moment' guidance, the full details and duration of the 'energizing to high spin state' remain as yet unknown to me, consciously. We're edging into a new moon, some of the energetics of which, will clearly be channelled into the alchemical mix.

i filtered my 600ml or so of Colloidal Silver, placed it in a 750ml blue bottle, added a dropper full of Atlantis Alchemy 'Golden Dew', (ORMUS Gold (Au)), and placed the bottle to charge amongst all my essences :-) i added 'Sacred Mountain' essence to my energy field so i can charge it with that while i sleep. Hawaiian isles are 5 mile high mountains rising from the ocean floor, and this is the most sacred mountain around, Mt. Wialeale we're working on. i also applied 'Peace & Calming' oil blend to my field. Together all of these comprise a sacred space into which i can later infuse the playful energies, once we start into the new moon.

Adding from YLO's blends; drops: 2 * 'Abundance', 1 * 'Acceptance', 1 * 'Awaken', 1 * 'Believe', 1 * 'Clarity', 2 * 'Common Sense', 1 * 'Dragon Time', 2 * 'Dream Catcher', 1 * 'Egyptian Gold', 1 * 'Envision', 2 * 'Forgiveness', 3 * 'Gathering', 1 * 'Gentle Baby', 1 * 'The Gift', 3 * 'Gratitude', 2 * 'Grounding', 3 * 'Harmony', 3 * 'Highest Potential', 2 * 'Hope', 2 * 'Humility', 4 * 'Inner Child', 6 * 'Inspiration', 2 * 'Into the Future', 6 * 'Joy', 4 * 'Live With Passion', 2 * 'Magnify Your Purpose', 2 * 'Motivation', 2 * 'Peace & Calming', 6 * 'Present Time', 2 * 'Purification', 6 * 'R.C.', 2 * 'Release', 2 * 'Sacred Mountain', 6 * 'Sensation', 4 * 'Surrender', 3 * '3 Wise Men', 4 * 'Transformation', 2 * 'Valor',
Adding from YLO's single essential oils; drops: 2 * 'Angelica', 2 * 'Balsam Fir', 4 * 'Bergamot', 4 * 'Black Pepper', 4 * 'Blue Cypress', 4 * 'Blue Tansy', 4 * 'Cedarwood', 6 * 'Copaiba', 8 * 'Cypress', 4 * 'Dorado Azul', 4 * 'Douglas Fir', 4 * 'Eucalyptus Blue', 6 * 'Frankincense', 2 * 'Galbanum', 3 * 'Geranium', 4 * 'German Chamomile', 3 * 'Ginger', 4 * 'Goldenrod', 4 * 'Grapefruit', 4 * 'Helichrysum', 6 * 'Jasmine', 4 * 'Laurus Nobilis', 6 * 'Lavender', 2 * 'Ledum', 3 * 'Lemon', 6 * 'Lemon Grass', 4 * 'Lemon Myrtle', 3 * 'Melissa', 4 * 'Myrrh', 3 * 'Myrtle', 4 * 'Neroli', 4 * 'Nutmeg', 4 * 'Ocotea', 4 * 'Orange', 6 * 'Palma Rosa', 4 * 'Palo Santo', 4 * 'Patchouli', 6 * 'Peppermint', 4 * 'Petitgrain', 4 * 'Ravintsara', 4 * 'Roman Chamomile', 6 * 'Rose', 3 * 'RoseMary', 4 * 'Rosewood', 6 * 'Sacred Frankincense', 3 * 'Sage', 4 * 'Sandalwood', 4 * 'Spearmint', 4 * 'Spikenard', 4 * 'Spruce', 4 * 'Tangerine', 4 * 'Idaho Tansy', 4 * 'Tsuga', 3 * 'Valerian', 4 * 'Vetiver', 6 * 'Western Red Cedarwood', 6 * 'White Angelica', 4 * 'Wintergreen', 6 * 'Ylang Ylang'.
No, really, I was selective, i didn't use every YLO essential oil or blend i have! :-)
But, then, i did charge the basic bottle of ORMES Silver overnight amongst yes! all of my essences! :-)
Then i added 4 * 'Rescue Remedy'.
Then i added 4Oz. of 'Tunisian Rose Oil'.
That all came together 3 hours before the new moon alignment, which is calling for Libra's balance, therefore, i have balanced all of nature in harmony with all of the higher realms of Kaua'i and the 8D Angelic crystal faeries ascension codes.
i swirled the bottle counterclockwise a dozen times, and then placed it with my large smokey quartz crystal to ground it all into Gaia-Sophia's energies, and surrounded those with my necklace of (partially) smokey quartz and hematite, out in the sun to charge with the new moon energies outdoors in nature :-)
i also psychicly gave the assemblage its' own grounding cord, and a ball of 8D angelic crystal faeries light over them, to charge them with our ascension codes, fed from 12D Source's neutral cosmic gold light and love, a hedge of psychic roses around the table that all sits on, and all the while I'm looping 'Light of the Heart' (track 7) of Enchanted Wind by Suzanne Teng.

i beleive this shall well 'embody' in the essence, the aspect of Fairy traditionally known by humans, the harmony with nature and spirit, and between species. This is the sacred and blessed Goddess in oneness in the now, beginning a new moon / time-line / reality here on Kaua'i, captured in a bottle, as it were :-)
When it is closer to the actual new moon time, I'll begin my energy transmission from the tomril crystal faeries family of our highest play and joy vibrations directly into this, my first batch of 'Fae Play' essence.

5th October 2013

We crystal faeries channel the energetics of our 8D ascension codes into this essence, 'Fae Play', embuing it with a clear intent: "May this essence magickally, joyfully, playfully, creatively, spontaneously, with graceful easy flow, activate the authentic expression of the individual soul's essence, and harmonize collaborative cocreation with other souls in powerful synergy. May it be a blessing of the magick of the ascension codes of the 8D angelic crystal faeries."

i love graceful magickal flow... divine intent fulfilled...
i successfully distributed my batch of 'Fae Play' essence into:

6th October 2013

While the overwhelming content of colloidal silver should render 'Fae Play' biologically inert (cannot become infectious), given that the majority of the essential oils comprising the minority ingredients are themselves rated 'for external use only', the blend should no doubt be treated similarly. i do recommend shaking vigorously briefly before application to reverse any separation of oil from water. Applying to the skin as drops such as on ones wrists takes some alacrity before the thin liquid runs off of the point of application, whereas misting over the head with a mister spray bottle works perfectly to tune one's aura to the essential oils.

Aromatherapy and aura-tonification quickly and effectively shift one's energy into a very positive state. In the ascension process of raising vibrations, these can easily help raise energy vibrations, so they support ascension.

The application of essences as an aura spray, is one of the most beneficial methods of using essences, as they transfer vibrational frequencies directly into one's aura, and are therefore quite tonifying.

i tend to aim a bit more directly at my face to make sure i get a face-full of spray as well as spraying my aura, and in that way they're also aromatherapy. i do inhale (take internally) the mist when i spritz my aura, though i close my eyes, as some of the essential oils are quite strong. It's well known that the effect of smells on consciousness completely bypasses all the ego-filters that affect our other senses, so aromatherapy is a big part of the benefit of essences.

Because the essential oil energies are all from nature, they should only have a positive effect on anyone, however, an overall positive effect in the long run, is not the same as a potential immediate negative reaction.

The Herxheimer Reaction of cleansing may be triggered. An alergy may be triggered, and then the being and body either then can choose to keep the issue / alergy and not heal it, or they can choose to come to peace with the energy, as all is energy (E=MC**2) and so alergies are just frequencies we are in resistance to. Anyone with known alergies would be foolish to trigger them, without a clear intent (and possibly assistance), to heal.

Of course there is no substitute for "medical advice" if you frequent physicians or are legally a ward of the state, and your warden prescribes physicians for your condition. I've discovered I'm alergic to physicians, and I'm not a ward of the state, so, this healer heals herself :-)

7th October 2013

"Stay clearly grounded in the now, holding the boundaries of Kaua'i Sovereign Space." This is, indeed, my major focus to hold the time-line of the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal over Kaua'i's Sovereign Space. It is not that i am unaware that there are other energies and lessons being acted out on the planet, but that it is really no longer any of my concern. i have a very clear focus now.

8th October 2013

In the process of making great changes, or more accurately, in making larger quantum leaps between parallel realities separated by greater differences, we may encounter both changes we sought, or which we find pleasing even if they are incidental to our causative intent, and other differences which are more challenging. Since all experience is merely a mirror of our own internal story of perception about the holographic reality, that which is challenging is our attachment to our story, or aversion to other aspects of our story. One of the greatest challenges is the meaning and / or value which we attach to our role in our story. Ultimately we may face meaninglessness. If we chose to be at peace with merely pursuing interesting experiences, without attempting to derive some lasting absolute or universal value therefrom, we may have an enjoyable exploration of fulfilling experience. Alternatively we may get caught in our own hall of mirrors, pursuing endless reflections of ephemeral 'meaning' and 'value'. If we do not feel fulfilled from our experience of our reality in the now, then we may pursue the illusory reflections of either our value projections anchored in past experience, or the illusory reflections of future expected values, usually associated with being in some way able to claim responsiblity for having created some change, particularly one which many others can be convinced to agree (in their value systems) has some positive value.

An heroic example of, and the most extreme form of this game is, playing the saviour or bodhisattva role. It flirts dangerously on the edge of ego to presume to know for another what is appropriate or best for them, therefore the best guidance of others is usually to guide them to their own inner / higher guidance rather than to presume to give them 'their' answers.

Ultimately it is creating a reality of limitation for others, to assert that one is at all needed by others. The most common form of this is the dependence of the child upon the adult, and the adult's dysfunctional amplification of that dependence in order to aggrandize their own ego. Church and State prey upon that pattern, becoming surrogate parents to perpetuate the individual's dependence. Making the individual ego 'feel special' by giving them conditional value is a control game. Liberation from this hall of mirrors is quite simple. Be willing to release all illusions that you have any value whatsoever. Become one with valuelessness. Sounds rather like one of those buddhist meditations, no? One's ego will defend unto its death that it really does have value. This internal contrast between the ego attachment to illusory value, and the need for peace and quiet through release of all value judgments can be intense. It also has a tendency to erupt out of the ego and recruit the participation of other egoes. Together, a group of egoes, can all agree to share the illusion of value amongst 'us'. That leaves 'them', those who don't value us, as 'the enemy' of the ego. Funny, does this not sound exactly like the root of most of societal patterning? It is!

Only when we confront our own ego games can we choose to liberate ourselves from them. When we stop running from the monster of valuelessness and let it devour us, we can finally have some peace and quiet in our utter worthlessness. Yet, in being beyond valuing, so is everything else worthless. Having released the game of judging the value of everything, we are no longer controlled by others' value judgments of us. Ahhhhhhh... blissful neutrality of non judgment! Finally, things just are what they are. Finally, we may experience them in the moment, fully. Now, they're actually fulfilling. Experience is its' own reward. Here. Now. Total surrender into feeling of the moment.

Wooooosh... that moment is gone and a new one arrives. Each, equally devoid of value or meaning... It's all just isness being, and we're just doing spontaneously the authentic expression of our own essence. Ah... Nirvana. To be fully in this moment. Just for the sake of the moment. Experiencing experience. Now we're ready to play like a fae.

The above was triggered by recent events and by my recent couple of days of playing with my 'Fae Play' essence. My experience of it, upon spraying its mist over my aura, is that i very quickly become completely calm and at peace, centered in my own heart and soul, completely still. Within a few seconds of becoming wholistic and fully integrated, at rest in my core, an irresistable smile breaks out on my face. i could summarize by saying that i have released all 'heaviness' and 'seriousness', and thereby feel so 'light' that i can only perceive 'lightly', with the humour of detachment, at peace without expectation, and pregnant with an infinitude of possiblities, in that moment before choice.
i could choose anything!
But, what would be the most fun right now?
How do i choose to play, as creator goddess incarnate, right now? ... and now? ... and now?
For me, the experience is one of 'freedom to play as creator fae'.
For me, the alchemical magick is working wonderfully. In each moment.

It was not until the 2nd day after i created it, that I trusted my nose to assess the smell of it, as i had become completely overwhelmed by all the components as i mixed them. From the formula you can easily see it is primarily a Rose scent. In some ways spritzing it over my aura is not unlike poking my nose into a rose blossom. It seems that the whole forest came with this blossom. There is a very pleasant Gaiay smell underneath the rose top notes,

9th October 2013
[lightning bolt]

"There is a sense amongst many people, that there is a 'coming to fruition', an arrival of good news, a good reality, which is reflective of the energies of one of the collective time-lines. There is also a sense of impending calamity, 'everything falling apart', which is the pattern of another time-line in this chaotic node. Both are continuing to play out. Individuals are positioning themselves along one or the other of these collective paths. Some are quite clearly choosing and anchoring into a time-line, based in fear or based in love, but the collective is a confused patchwork quilt of both intermixed. While we crystal faeries and many lightworkers are adjusting energies to prefer positive outcomes for all, it should by now be clear that not all will arrive on the positive time-line. The patchwork may be seen in several ways. It is appearing as variance in time, where groups keep 'changing their minds'. It is appearing geographically where some are creating very positive realities while neighbors or the next town down the road are creating very negative realities. The same is happening within families, and, of course, all of that is a manifestation of this pattern expressing the internal conflicts experienced within an individual."

"It is also happening as a chaotic ride for those hopping time-lines. The reality of the now time-line may be crumbling all around you and inside you, and yet, despite the clear focus and commitment to jump to a positive time-line, despite anchoring into a much better reality, things appear to be getting worse and the doubt may be increasing about the reality of the positive time-line. This is therefore a challenging time or state of progress in the process of time-line jumping. This is the time for the 'perseverence' of which the Hathors spoke."

By way of verifying my spelling, i visited the Free Dictionary, which had no general use definition of 'perseverence', however, in the legal dictionary it referenced 'prowess' which had as its second definition 'prowess (Bravery), noun: absence of fear', thus again pointing to the dichotomy between a reality based in fear and one based in love.
i am inspired at this point to notice that 'love' is an active energy flow in the now.
It is not a mental state nor a quality of either the past or future.
Thus, i am perceiving 'perseverence' as persistance of an active flow of love energy.
We create by investing lovingly our life force energy with focus on an intent.
We must, to succeed, release our doubt, fear, and disbeleif. Will we?
We must, to succeed, beleive in the chosen time-line. Do we?

i spritzed myself with 'Fae Play' essence, shook briefly with little chills up my spine, (and through my non-physical fae wings), and got that little smile again. I'm ready to play with magick.

i remember that the jumping time-lines perseverence is of two factors:

The magick comes in when spirit cocreates with you, filling in the gaps between what you can accomplish with your practical action, and the reality you're intending to be experiencing. In other words, the key is joyful enthusiasm expressed practically, with a feeling of certainty that somehow one's truth will magickally manifest. i also remember The Hathors' warning against 'Magickal Thinking', an impractical 'airey fairey' denial of reality or denial of the necessity of practical action, that it must be more than a thought in one's mind, but rather fully embraced emotionally and vibrationally, and one must continue practical actions within the extant reality-as-it-is-today. i remember that writing this blog of my channelling the crystal faeries is part of my practical daily action :-)

10th October 2013

"There is amongst the people a sense of urgency to 'shift things'. This is more of the collective fear consciousness, being directed, keeping the people divided, and focussed externally, reacting against unwanted realities. By choosing to look inside, getting clear on a chosen reality. and directing ones consciousness onto the reality of greatest enthusiasm, and living as if that reality was already the experienced, we actually participate in creating it. Going with the herd is not helping anyone. What do you choose to do with your day?"

11th October 2013
[Faery Petting Dolphin]

"This opportunity is favorable to introduce another aspect of playfullness. We have brought to attention the concepts of play in creativity, and in relating with cocreativity between beings, in particular as relevant in humans relating with each other, but now we would like to call to attention that playfulness is a favored manner of sharing between species, and that our gracious hostess planet is also a playful being."

"In developing your 'Fae Play' essence, you noted two factors, the first being that of coming into harmony with all that is, as was represented by a whole forest full of plants, and the second being the playful attitude of infinite magick, on the threshhold of all possibilities. We are bringing a focus of attention now, to an expansion of the first concept, that of being in harmony with all beings, beyond just being in harmony with all of the plant realm."

"We have noted vociferously the concept of 'Ahimsa' in relating, and how a natural consequence of that concept unfolds into the sense of all natural species being 'protected species'. Taking that to the next level is our focus here, that of developing the sense of 'playful friendship' with them. We are suggesting the key is 'light heartedness'."

"As a counterexample, we have your 3D COUNTY OF KAUAI, INCORPORATED actually debating how big an exclusion buffer zone is required around plots of Genetically Monstrous Organisms which do not stand alone, but which are always used in conjunction with toxic petrochemicals. Hello? If you can't go play with these plants, why are you creating them or allowing them on your island? If it's dangerous for your children to go play in a field of chemical soaked Obamanations of the plant world, and it's not obvious to your children that they can't go play there and remain healthy, why allow such a creation? Why are you asking yourselves LD50 questions instead of playful ones? The question is not how much of this can we permit the corpseorations to profit from while doing so only kills 50% of the population, but does at least 50% of the population benefit from and enjoy playing with these plants?"

"Now may we get on with cocreating a healthy and playful 'Garden Isle', where all natural species may play together? Particularly fond in our hearts is the joy of birdsongs, when our feathered friends all come to visit in the trees and bushes around us when the light is gentle during the beginning and ending of the day. In nature, we do not find any monoculture. There is not only one species of bird coming to visit only one kind of plant. The playful energies of nature enjoy an interwoven dance of fractal expression. Could it be that the relevant question is, 'what better facilitates more species playing together?' rather than 'what better facilitates replacing all other species with corpseorations?'?"

"We would like to bring the focus to the light heartedness which we are seeing as foundational to playfulness. We would like to suggest that love is the true basis of light heartedness. How can we lightheartedly play without love in our hearts? If we are playing with expressing love as many ways as we can, then our query of governance must be how to expand the inclusion zones of healthy loving play, rather than, which part of our island paradise is it O.K. to prostitute to toxicity? How can we expand the inclusion zone of healthy play, to fill all of Kaua'i Sovereign Space?"

"For those of us who have experienced swimming with dolphins, and the energy fields which dolphins generate around themselves, who have shared energy with them in the wonderful natural environment of the open ocean, our common sharable environment, we needn't share many words, nor can many words fully convey, the wonder of the playful loving energies the dolphins share. We have attempted to capture and share this visually via the background image, of a faery flying while holding on to the dorsal fin of a dolphin, sharing the meeting of air and water, mind and emotion, wings and fins, loving hearts sharing aloha in a joyful and creative way, expressing the fractally recursive infinite whologram of source's life force. We, the other species of life, invite humans to re-member, to again join, the patterns of divine healthy playful wholistic life. It is time to live with aloha in our hearts, for all of life. Won't you come join us in the dance of life? the play of innocence? the light of love? We are all the expression of the divine plan of source, and, like a huge jigsaw puzzle, the whole divine plan only works when each piece is the shape of their essence, so, won't you please be authentically who you truly are, without apology or explanation or permission or excuses? We can't really be playful if we aren't really being our authentic selves. If you're really being you, you're part of the divine plan, and it all fits together, organically. When you're really fitting in with your environment, you'll be smiling. When you're smiling, you'll be able to be playful. Shall we play at loving all of natural life?"

12th October 2013

"There is a longing in the hearts of many for a completion, a fulfillment. The sense of incompleteness is an awareness of the separation game which humans have been playing. The separation has been multifold, but most significantly includes separation from spirit and separation from body. The 'spirituality' movement is an attempt to reunite with spirit. It is far less popular or permissable to reunite with body, sensuously, playfully. Of course, the 'elephant in the living room' is the fact that the majority of the population does not even own their own bodies; citizens are wards of the state, mere chattel property, held by the trust corpse-oration(s) as surety for the bonds issued with the bodies as the collateral. This is why carnage in war is known as 'collateral damage', it's all about commerce. For the duration of a human life, the incarnate soul is imprisoned in the body reality, therefore, if the body is in bondage, so is the soul. This is the absolute truth of the majority human condition. Denial only goes so far. The soul knows the truth."

"As long as one's body is owned by other(s) and / or is indebted to others, it is correct to feel guilty to be using that body for your own play or pleasure. We cannot 'play like a fae' joyfully and freely, sensuously and lightly, while we are burdened with the knowing, no matter how deeply denied, that that body is not ours to enjoy. Our own self relationship, and therefore every relationship with others, cannot be healthy, unless and until we truly feel free in a body we own. One cannot live a healthy life when one is living any incongruence. The greatest incongruence is between the popular lie which one generation inculcates into the next, that 'the people are free', while in absolute fact, the people have absolutely no freedom. We can take all the Tantra playshops in the world, but until we know as truth that we are free in our body, we cannot feel fulfilled.

Finally you may live a spiritual life, following your own spiritual guidance of the moment, your soul's passion and joy to be alive and free, and complying with the simple law of Ahimsa. This is the simple and easy path to completion and fulfillment. This is what is required to achive congruity. This is the prescription for rehabilitation, from the worst drug known to mankind, the drug of debt slavery, which only coddles rather than cures, the sickness known as greed. Greed is sourced in disconnectedness. The thing your soul hungers for, is not something which can be obtained by borrowing bits from a bank to spend at a store. The thing your soul hungers for, is true liberation to flow joyfully and passionately in the moment. The thing your body hungers for, is true liberation to enjoy sensually and passionately in the moment. Our sense of fulfillment and enjoyment can only come from healing that which is incongruous in our being and doing. All external relationships are mirrors of our inner relationship. We must get right with ourself and with source, in order to get right with our lover, friends, or neighbors.

13th October 2013

What a wonderful day; flowing in the moment, mostly working on my website and intaking much audio and visual material, just charging up with shift of consciousness as i get ready to rebirth and make new announcements about my new direction, and redoing my website to reflect the new me since everything ultimatley points there for details. I'm doing what i can to bring myself into alignment with my new time-line which i don't yet know. i feel very much "in the void". I've done the work to release the old time-line and the new hasn't arrived as daily life. I'm doing what i can to be in what isn't here yet, which is also to not much be in what is. I'm doing my best to live the guidance from the Hathors without clearly knowing what I'm doing, so just doing what i can to vibrate my joy and desired reality in the process,

i think I'm becoming aware that perhaps the 3D virtual worlds may be fading away into old time-lineness, i used to seek there, friends, experience, etc. and i was there with an agenda to teach, and i seem to be releasing all of that, therefore agendaless and not much seeking, except finding my path of my new time-line. Rather uncertain but open to possibilities. i will do what is brought to me to do, but i am just waiting for direction. i think that's the next stage in our development, really integrating with, and surrendering to higher self, by being less active at defining things, we are more liberated to leave behind the obsolete, by surrendering to higher self, we get higher results and become integrated with the all.

Perhaps "control" is a survival strategy to compensate for a historical pattern of being out of control due to a practical lack of "right" to establish appropriate boundaries. If one is out of control with boundaries, then has to control the merged space. As children, few of us have the functional right to assert our own boundaries and reality. As we reclaim our sovereignty as creators, finally everything becomes appropriate and we can release "control".

Contemplating who I've become, what I'm about, and how to describe that to others. From individual ego level what percepts am i contributing to my new time-line's definition, versus the formation of it from higher self? Obviously alignment in those would be good :-) Part of my process includes deleting old articles from my website, as i release my old time-line and its reality.

I'm the center of my ego illusions, really! It all seems to come down to our own self generated "story" of interpretation of reality as perception I'm doing my best to rewrite it totally. The difference in all the time of my life, is really to now beleive i have the power to change reality, somehow, magically, whereas before i did not. i was reminded of that today in meditation too.

i don't let entities connect lower down than my higher self. The crystal faeries tell a picture story to my higher self who communicates that down through my mental level which can speak or type that in words.

14th October 2013

As we are making our changes of reality, releasing old time-lines and old realities, part of that is releasing old habits of perception and of relating. One of those patterns is an ego-based pattern of attempting to control 'reality'. 'Control' is a survival strategy to compensate for a historical pattern of being out of control due to lack of 'right' to establish appropriate boundaries, for as children, few of us have the functional right to assert our own boundaries and reality, and therefore, if out of control with boundaries, then we have to control the merged space to keep safe.

Often, in reversed-role parent-child relationships, the parent is dependent upon the child to control their shared space, and it may even be a part of the spiritual level contract for a body, e.g. the mother agrees to make a baby body for the incoming soul, conditional upon the incoming soul contracting to become her healer, responsible for her health physically, emotionally, mentally, and / or spiritually. As we reclaim our sovereignty as creators, finally everything becomes appropriate and we can release 'control', as our new 'strategy' of 'safety' becomes alignment with soul essence and higher self reality. Our reality becomes one of surrender to appropriateness rather than defending boundaries or controlling inappropriately merged space.

The lesson arising to consciousness here, is that the process of parenting has rarely been accomplished in a manner of ahimsa (harmlessness), as practiced by beings of the level of consciousness (3D) many of us had as parents. The suggestion is that it's time to see the incoming souls as fully sovereign beings, regardless that their ability to competently operate a fully developed body takes a while to manifest. It is time to end the child abuse of mind-control via parents and public 'education', and the child-slavery of registering children as slaves (wards of the state). Yes, this is one of the many pachyderms in the parlor.

The crystal faeries state: "That was a bit harsh, but sadly, in no way is it untrue. Because there is no legal or lawful condition of half-wayness about these matters, because this is one of the most extreme examples of duality in the realm of dichotomy, and because it is non-trivial to switch sides in this choice, and because of the extreme cognitive dissonance of living with incongruence in this choice, most people will be very polarized about this, and therefore most remain in deeply committed denial, as even beginning to contemplate the consequences of truth in this, cannot but require them to bring their lives into alignment with truth."

15th October 2013

Some days the quiet time of the night, so optimal for channelling the delicate higher frequencies of the crystal faeries consciousness, arrives before rather than after sleep time. celeste spritzes with 'Fae Play' essence in preparation. What message shall we end the day with?
"In the past 3 hours we began shifting the energetics of the Kaua'i 8D portal, (approximately as local time crossed midnight). When we mentioned we were through addressing 3D reality, it is because we are leaving it 'behind', (or more accurately,'below' in frequency range), and that includes you too, celeste, particularly as our primary incarnate voice, you will not be addressing the 3D realities nor time-lines any more. Even should someone approach you for facilitation, with 'presenting issues' of 3D nature, you will have little more to say of the 3D aspects, than that effects in that realm arrive typically within 72 hours consequent to energy blessings done in the higher realms. We, the entire crystal faeries family caretaking Kaua'i, are returning focus to our ascension bridge between 4D and 8D, the ascension portal which brings the blessings of energetics and akashics from the 8D ascended template (pre fall), to the 4D focussed Kaua'i, which is on the ascension time-line. This is the divergence point where 4D begins to accellerate away from 3D. By a week from now there will be a much larger gap of frequency between them. We have initiated a gentle quantum leap. Yes, as you are surmising, celeste, this is indeed, the initiation of the separation of 3D from 4D time-lines, or, 'the train has left the station'. The angelics we work with, had asked us to 'hold the train' until this time, despite it being such a challenge for you, celeste, to have stayed with the old time-line to hold the portal open, this long. Our focus now commits to 4D and up only. The 8D portal of Kaua'i stands doing its energy work, and may yet be sufficient for some to simply come to Kaua'i and make the leap to 4D within the 8D portal energetics, but our 'individual' assistance shall of necessity be focussed upon those who have passed the test of being able to access and hold 4D. Those who 'missed the train' will at this point, have an easier time ascending by concluding their 3D business, and reincarnating into a new body which carries genetics which more easily support ascension."

16th October 2013

Wow, when it's time to shift energies, things really move far and fast. Now that it has arrived to leave 3D behind, I'm really flushing out all old time-line 'stuff', physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, relationally, domestically, in my facilitation, and my website. The Hathors had suggested that we were jumping time-lines, on many scales, from the transhistorical two primary time-lines of collective planetary reality, to the very individual where they suggested that, yes, it works for manifesting your own reality. While i have my individual goals, for my private life, clearly my role with the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals is going to be a major focus in my life, of my life, is going to be my collective reality, for it is my participating with the crystal faeries facilitating ascension, which is my passion beyond my individual play of the moment. Therefore, most of my time-line is a result of surrendering into the shared reality with the crystal faeries, and because that time-line has as its priority a specific service to perform, many of the details are from my point of view as an individual, completely surrendered. Because the reality which supports the ability to hop time-lines requires living in the now and because actual spiritual guidance is always in the now, my path is very much surrendered, to the larger plan, and therefore with faith and trust, acceptance and allowance, it actually takes less attention than if i was focussed on a purely individual path, purpose, time-line. Yes, intense growth, change, and attention of the moment are required at times, but many things are predetermined by fitting into the larger picture, and at the same time, that increases positive synergy. There are times like now when it's time to put down the keyboard, and rest my fingers on the keys of my flute, and let my soul commune with life wordlessly... right after a little spritz of 'Fae Play' essence. -- celeste:crystalfaery

"We are holding the upper octaves of the aetheric grid in alignment with the akashic patterns of the Lemurian consciousness activation. The dolphins are reweaving the energy grid around Kaua'i to make a smoother transition between Kaua'i's grid and the grid around the rest of the Hawaiian mountain chain, keeping a coherence for the area, which remains in resonance with crystaline structures beneath the ocean floor. Kaua'i's grid remains anchored in certain realities, as has been chosen by certain human groups, who are committed to holding on to certain old realities, e.g. the Iraivan Shiva Temple's 700-pound clear quartz crystal is programmed to invoke the Shiva idol entity. This 'spiritual colonization' of the aina of Kaua'i is a continuation of ancient race wars between groups of souls who now colonize the planet in human form. To the extent that these factions are peaceably coexisting with aloha together sharing Kaua'i, that harmonizes the energies between their larger aligned groups, extending our peace out to the rest of the planet, and from the planetary embodiments of those larger soul groups, it also creates harmony between those soul groups beyond the incarnational focus of Gaia. Inversely, disharmony between those groups is brought to our island's embodiments, where we are now facing any disharmonies and working to harmonize them peaceably."

"As Kaua'i island resonates with the Ajna Chakra frequencies, we are the visionaries of the planet. This is why you, celeste, were brought here, and why we the crystal faeries have initiated the ascension activation energetics here as Beta Test, after you, celeste, did the Alpha Testing with your ascension meditation group. We take this opportunity of focus to point out that each of your alpha testers, the individuals who received the initial 8D Ascension Portal templates, and began working with them in their meditations, have tracked the group adoption of the time-line jumping technique, and have become quite busy with their own reality creations. This was so successful that we included the akashics information related to the time-line jumping energetics, into the ascension templates. We remind everyone that those templates are part of the akashics information which streams down through the Kaua'i 8D group Ascension Portal, offering to all entities, the information and frequency codes of both ascension and time-line jumping useful to shift experienced reality."

"As we have noted on the previous day, there is an expanding quantum gap between the old 3D reality / time-line (which is being used for the lessons of those souls who are still choosing 3D conflict realities), and the time-line of ascension to 5D New-Gaia (which includes as foundation, the principle of cocreative synergy via voluntary alignment of will, a reality which is founded upon, comprehension of our essential oneness). That we are proceeding relatively comfortably with both the harmonizing of so many varied factions, and the relatively quick increase of frequency, is a success of great magnitude, which we wish to acknowledge, and for which we would like to suggest some moments of appreciation. Then we recommend extending those moments into a lasting attitude."

celeste accesses her bags of YLO (Young Living™ Oils) in order to apply some of the oil blend 'Gratitude', which is a lower octave of the energy of appreciation, and then 'upgrades' her bottle of 'Gratitude' via alchemical channelling of 'appreciation' energies, to activate the oil with the higher octave energetics it lacks.

17th October 2013

'Energy representing tendency to give away individual power for the benefit of a relationship is in conflict with celeste:crystalfaery's karmic goals, and best direction of evolutionary growth.'
My crystal necklace, gifted to me in a conflicted relationship, 'decided' to come unstrung.
This marked my fully reclaiming my freedom and power as an individual, so that i now proceed into abundant success with my karmic goals and ascensional transformation, and marked my full release of that relationship, and in fact marked my release of all relationships, for, any 'ties that bind' based in any time-line, other than the time-line to which I'm quantum leaping, must be released, in order to actually shift realities.
I'm also aware of quanta of grief passing as i release remaining attachments to my old time-line.
The crystal faeries say: "You have nearly completed your old time-line."

i have felt for a while now to be in a 'void' between realities, like unto the cocooned entity in transformation between caterpillar and butterfly, i am aware of leaving behind my old time-line, and creating my new time-line reality. It is time of rebirth, again, yawn, didn't we just rebirth? I'm losing track here... so many rebirths, so little time :-)
Of course, remembering one of my own teachings, we die and are reborn with each breath: Exhale the old reality, Be one with the Void, Inhale the new reality, Be one with all.
It is most of all, a time when only flow of the moment is appropriate.

"We have been flirting with aspects of time-line hopping, quantum leaping, reality (co-)creation. We shall now embrace these more fully as is befitting of the times. As we were making this connection, celeste was translating our initial focus as 'discomfit', ('cause to lose one's composure'), where 'composure', ('steadiness of mind under stress') is part of being comfortable in an old time-line. Her mind kept wanting to interpret that as both 'discomfort' and as 'dis-comfortable-fit', muddling together several concepts which collectively summarized as 'not being comfortable with one's not fitting in an old time-line', which is both her presaging experience, and the essence of the astrological influences beginning to trigger the collective consciousness. As we enter the time of eclipse and MercuryRx, we are caught in a push-pull of energies, asking ourselves:
'which is more uncomfortable?

MercuryRx through mid November will, of course, offer us a time to dive into the depths of our subconscious, achieving great depth of feeling, and greater mental clarity, about what is obsolete, what is of our old time-line? What clearly does not fit with me? How do i best complete, forgive, and release?"

"At the same time we may become more clear about our new time-line reality; what is appropriate for who we are becoming? What are we to become which is in harmony with our new time-line reality? Particularly we wish to address the transition, and more specifically, the part of forming the goal, choosing the nature of, the new time-line reality. Is it to be an inversion of a quality of the old time-line reality? Or is it time to transcend both ends of a dichotomy of duality which was polarized in the old? The immediately obvious lesson with this, is, if one conceptualizes themself to be on the ascension path, then because the ascended state is transcendent above duality, each of today's steps on the ascension path, is one of transcending duality, coming to balance, releasing polarization, accepting and allowing the full spectrum, of dichotomous duality to be comfortably present or absent, and let us notice this last concept, to be comfortable with either the presence or absence of, or even the partial presence of, some quality or energy in both the old-time-line we are releasing, and within any new time-line reality we expect we are entering, including that process itself, the transition between time-lines, and whether or not the new time-line reality looks like what we thought we asked for. Yet we also get to experience the energies of 'what we thought we asked from'. To the extent we are motivated to be done with some energy, our completion with it, and the fact that to be pushing it away is to be in a dichotomy of duality, is a sign, that we need to become neutral about it, and its presence or absence. We can be done with something just as soon as we no longer have to be. Once we do ho'o'pono'pono with it, we can move our energy to manifest the reality we prefer. For those of us on the ascension path, one of the energies we may be quite eager to transcend, is all of reality below 4D. For some of us, our appropriateness is quite clear that it is no longer any of our living to be dealing with those lower realms, that we are to be living in at minimum a 4D reality. And yet, to whatever extent, the world around us still includes 3D components, and others who are still working on their 3D lessons in 3D reality, we need to be in transcendence, not in resistance thereunto."
celeste summarizes: 'Not only am I right where i need to be now, so is everyone else on their own time-line; and... the changes we make, or don't, are part of us each walking our own unique path of consciousness development.'

18th October 2013

In tomorrow's entry i mention a friend whom I'd helped about a month ago, who's been busy jumping time-lines, shifting reality, reinventing life, who checked-in today with a query about my progress, and so i shared [edited for brevity and relevance]: Wow... all things considered, and in my own priority order, I'm progressing well. Consciousness being a priority, I'm pretty calm and centered, and the recent changes are trending in a very positive direction. I've been upgraded in consciousness and in my level of reading and healing work, and have very much integrated my spiritual consciousness with my crystal faeries family. I've begun to channel the group consciousness of the crystal faeries, on a daily basis, thus [this] blog. I've been redoing my website completely to reflect my shift of consciousness, including majorly deleting old material as i leave behind many old dualistic concerns and realities, and have become very focussed on ascension, Kaua'i, and our 8D Angelic crystal faeries ascension portal for Kaua'i.

i recently received directive to no longer pay attention to any matters of 4D-, only dealing with 5D+ now. For example, if someone asks me to facilitate them regarding issues they're having in their 4D- reality, i will do energy work which causes the transformation of the patterns which will then effect 4D- as requested, but will do the whole thing from a higher context. Mainly it's that I'm now operating with the perspective and energetics of 8D, versus my previous quarter century of working in 5D reality, and that is really the essence of what's different.

Also it is becoming so much my new reality to have my consciousness integrated with my family of crystal faeries, that even though i keep it clear in my blog as to whether I'm channelling the group consciousness versus I'm speaking from my own individual consciousness, as i continue to surrender into the 8D group reality, being one of the 8D crystal faeries, it is less and less clear that 'I' am having 'my own thoughts' down in the realm of duality, and just more that 'we' have a consensus. As the incarnate voice of the Kaua'i crystal faeries, my new priority purpose is to be the voice and manifester for 'we'. On the flip side, i have surrendered to the group to help me now... as i am deeper in service to the group as my priority, and we as a group are in service to ascension energetics for Kaua'i, i am also trusting the group to help me manifest... i can better serve the all if the all also bothers to provide for me whatever it is i will need to better be of service, so I'm in a whole new level of faith and trust in the group. This is a welcome change, after having been the solo Djedi Warrior for a quarter century, having to stand alone and deal with anything and everything in the dark vs light contrast, there is a great 'sigh' of relaxation into family now. Clearly i am on the cusp of jumping time-lines to a new reality, leaving behind the reality I've been in for 14 years in my old place and my old paradigms. i comprehend that somehow in the new reality something will work out.

With having some time ago received directive to stay focussed on my role with the 8D Ascension portal energy grid for Kaua'i, I've majorly withdrawn from any concerns with other geographics or the issues of the rest of humanity, and with recent directive to stay focussed on the 8D-4D portal, i have very little attention now on many of the conflict-within-4Dreality-of-Ter-Ra issues that most of humanity tracks on the evening news. This feels good in many ways, and is preparation for a time-line jump, i feel. Also, I'm deeply in process of releasing everything of my old time-line in order to be free enough to jump to my new one. i am still asking for a total miracle, praying to change body. i still am very intent on becoming a faery girl, and when i succeed, i will be in a completely different reality, so the old me people have known may just 'poof' in a cloud of faery dust, if I'm lucky :-) I'm in faith and trust and surrender to the help I'm getting from my crystal faeries family, and doing my best to hold the time-line, feel the new reality, while still completing my old reality.

Obviously with today's Eclipse through 3 weeks of MercuryRx, now is the time of really releasing the old reality, releasing all ties-that-bind me to the old time-line, and introverting into my cocoon, so the caterpillar can emerge anew as a crystal faery. It is my priority and preference, to transform / reembody, and in service to that goal, i am ready to drop / release / leave-behind anything and everything of my old life. I've been spontaneously crying as i grieve all my attachments to what is or was, but more so, my old dreams of what might have been or what could be, as i get focussed on what i am becoming... a crystal faery girl.

i remember the Chinese Dr.'s: 'Already done, Already done. Already done.' I'm already a cute little crystal faery girl, and i always have been. I'm so happy to be a cutie doing faery magick blessings for all organic life on Kaua'i! crystal faery blessings for my ascension transformation, and my work with the 8D ascension portal prototype for human ascension.

I'm continuing to learn to play my flute, and continuing to play with editing audio on my audio workstation. Music is most profoundly inspiring for me.

One of the people who has been one of my meditation students called. A few days ago he had called for a healing session addressing relationship issues. At the end of the session, he asked for 'some of your new energy work', as i had described my new level of energy blessings as 'faery magick', and so i had done an 8D crystal faeries ascension energetics activation for him, and my description was that it is far more powerful yet more subtle than the 5D energetics I've practiced for over a quarter century. He was calling to tell me that he had noticed a complete shift in his life, much happier, and much more interested in and engaged with life. Another student I'd done similar work for about a month previous had also given similar descriptions after similar work... because the energy work is done at a higher level, bringing one's energetics into alignment with one's higher self and the 8D ascension codes, is very profound, and yet because the immediate work is done at a level above much perception, it takes a few days as the changes propagate down through the lower densities/dimensions before the effects are noticed. So, those accustomed to my 5D work are noticing less immediate effect, but within a few days, a more profound shift of reality. Because this is something i am doing with my crystal faeries family, and because they have helped me embody this ability practically, i am tending to call it a crystal faeries blessing or faery magick blessing, or an Ascension Energetics Activation, because it is all of these things and more... but the core essence of the energetics is bringing the individual into greater internal alignment, more congruence from which to live an authentic life of appropriateness. Thus the experience is very similar for each recipient in that there is a core sense of calm and peace from the alignment, and yet also a more lively enthusiasm for life, because it is being lived more appropriately from and for their core essence. As i correlated his description of his change of experience, with the similar description from my other student about a month ago, i realized that the effects are very similar to my own experience of my essence 'Fae Play'. It was alchemically energized to activate the same alignment I'm describing here. Both of the students i have been facilitating as described here, are not geographically located on Kaua'i to benefit from the 8D Ascension Portal we crystal faeries activated here, so they contribute a few data points of note. So, whatever name or description i use for this work seems limited compared to its effects. It is my perception that having incorporated time-line shifting energetics along with the 8D ascension codes is why the combination makes such a profound shift for people, that in addition to DNA codon switching, i am facilitating new time-lines for them.

19th October 2013

i am asking my crystal faeries family for any insights on the Lunar Eclipse we've just experienced.
"As a strong impulse of polarized (dualistic) energies, the Eclipse is triggering things to come into balance, or pushing people's buttons to become quite imbalanced, so that they may see where they need to do some inner work. We have been taking advantage of this to shift the energetics of the south western quadrant of Kaua'i, which had been 'stuck' in a lower consciousness paradigm, very attached to old 3D polarities. One aspect of this is the military presence there, and we have been able to raise the frequencies there recently to bring the area more into alignment with the rest of Kaua'i. The other energetic unhappiness of that quadrant is the militarized crops, which have just received a rebuff in the 3D realm. We have mentioned in the past that we are holding a purity of energy supportive of the life of plants in alignment with the divine template, but not of the perverted DNA of the Genetically Monstrous Obamanations. If one stops for a moment to think about this, we have been clear that our biggest focus is the activation of 8D ascension codes in human genetics, switching codons in support of their own divine template, it should likewise be simple to comprehend, that correspondingly in the plant realm, our energetics are activating the codons of organic life, and switching 'off' the codons not in alignment with life. The GMO corpse-orations are still profiting from an old paradigm, one already publicly disproved by publicly admitted science, whereby humanity has moved beyond the limited thinking that genetics are inherited (or made in the laboratory), and then the recipient is 'stuck with' or 'controlled by' their inherited DNA. Clearly, energy frequency activations are now proven to either activate or de-activate codons, so that you humans now know, the energy field du jour is more important than the inheritance. We have stated that on Kaua'i now :-) 'GMO just won't grow'. So even with the limited awakening of the 3D regulators, even given their corruption to still grant licenses for GMO, we shall continue to limit the environmental damage via energetics, and ultimately the Genetically Mutilated Obamanations on Kaua'i shall fail. That is the plant realm version of 'aligning with one's core essence'."

"Because the energy activations of which we are speaking are now part of the Kaua'i energy grid with the presence of the 8D Ascension Portal, we continue to observe subtle effects in the people of Kaua'i. Particularly because of the synchrony of this activation 'to core essence' combined with the current astrological triggers of 'goddess awakening', Kaua'i's women are experiencing a renascence which is everything from subtle in its shift throughout the populace, to profoundly life changing for some individuals, as lives integrate the new clarity, purpose, and wholism of authentic essence. Although this may be profoundly disruptive of lives that were not in congruence, the outcome is wonderfully positive as the real goddess emerges. Of course, we now get to 'lather, rinse, repeat' another time, with 3 weeks of MercuryRx we can reexamine to bring to thorough completion."

i intend that new time-line realities be very fulfilling and appropriate for our essence, our authentic lives of essence expression. That's very much my focus now :-) It's crystal faery agenda :-) As we ascend to be more the expression of our higher selves, it just is.

20th October 2013

A friend wrote: 'Thanks for sending this... It was good to hear about your work and the faery kingdom being restored. On the dates listed in that page about the Faeries... was the time i moved [...] - mid June 2013. So i know i was being affected by that energy. Thanks... be well...'
i replied:
A guy on Kaua'i who's very networked with others here, did a poll of the lightworkers he knew, after the fact by a few days, asking if they had noticed a change then, and most of them commented that:
'yeah, everything got a lot lighter that day',
so, yes, the 8D-4D portal made a huge difference. Most of the ascension energetics all the lightworkers were playing with and all the prophecied stuff was about 4D and 5D. i had been deep in death and rebirth. To do an effective rebirth, you have to be willing to die. i was very much determined to terminate my incarnation, as i was finding plenty of negativity and insufficient positivity to bother to be. And so i kept asking myself, 'what would be worth living for / in / with?' i could not come to any answer based on reality as it was, or as it was mapped out to become. Therefore, i had to create a new time-line that was significantly better, in order to bother. And i didn't just invoke it for myself but for my entire island. i called the entire reality of Kaua'i into 100% accountability. The key was liability pass-through for limited liability creations. If you license someone to do evil with no consequences to them for the evil they do, you get their karama. That is the essence of what must change globally. The primary change was to bring Kaua'i into alignment with the divine plan.
There was some blow-back from the dark side cabals for a while, because i snuck this in under the radar... they did not forsee it even with all their future looking technology. All of a sudden they lost Kaua'i to the light. Those who had a counter agenda, then attacked me. This is nothing new to this old Djedi warrior. i left all of the rest of the planet / collective alone. Yes, Kaua'i leads the grid energetics for the planet. So, yes, this has lasting affects on the overall planetary reality. So, why are there so few karmic consequences to be handled?

It was done in a manner of shifting time-lines in a chaotic node of time-line intersection. Those of us choosing to track ascension energetics found the 8D Portals to be a huge blessing to help our increase of frequency for ascension. But it left all those on the alternate time-lines to their reality. As time passes and the time-lines diverge farther, our realities affect each other less, and each individual will become more solidly anchored in the time-line of their choosing, will experience their own chosen destiny. So what have i really done? i have pulled my entire island onto the ascension path. That does not mean that every human here will be ascending. It does, however, clarify the situation for the non-human lives here.


What else did i do here?
i adopted the entire island for the crystal faeries as our place of 4D+ domicil on Gaia.
For that choice, i know of no other incarnate beings standing in liability but myself.
Many have commented about how this year we had a particularly abundant crop harvest. Those who cannot beleive in faeries attributed it to better weather. Like, as if, the faeries aren't involved in the weather? Now is a perfect time to mention that the crystal faeries have very much taken guidance from the Dolphins and Whales around Kaua'i on how to work with the energetics to blend them in with those the Dolphins and Whales are managing in the ocean and Gaia energy grid. i realize now as i write this that i have been negligent in mentioning this, perhaps because for myself and my crystal faeries family, it's so obvious that we don't even think to alter the energetics without harmonizing with the ocean grid and the work the Dolphins do with it! Like, well, of course we do that! Why wouldn't we? And as i wrote that, I'm also aware that the Dolphins work more with faeries and humans, as active agents of cocreation, whereas the Whales seem to be more 'holders of ancient divine energy templates', and work on a much larger planetary scale with the energy grids.

Growth / Change / Healing involves changing frequency. The set of frequencies we 'are in' resonate with certain time-line realities. By changing frequencies, we change which parallel reality we are in. We all always have absolute free will choice to change / create our own 'reality', to choose what time-line we are on. To shift a collective reality, affects changes experienced by many in the effects of 'reality', and so we have to comprehend the effects on the individuals of the effects in the collective shift. In the situation in consideration, installing an ascension portal for Kaua'i affecting the energy grid of the entire island... those on the ascension path were greatly blessed by the shift. Those of lower vibration may have begun to feel that somehow Kaua'i was no longer their appropriate abode, that they were no longer comfortable here, that they needed to move down the island chain to an island that was of lower vibration more compatible with their chosen vibration / reality / time-line. Were they harmed? No. Was their life altered? Yes. What i did was orchestrated at high enough a level in cocreation with so many varieties of angelics, that what we did was to improve the manifestation of the divine plan, overriding energy patterns that were not in harmony therewith. This is the antidote to the illusion / lie which much of humanity was living.
Yes, i had a lot of help from other entities in what i created.
Yes, i had my own individual motivations in bothering to do it.
Yes, what i did shifted the collective reality, affected everyone.

21st October 2013

" are you arranging your conclusions so that your current experiences fit into your scheme of complacency?" -- Carlos Casteneda, in 'The Power of Silence'

22nd October 2013
[Faery 77881]

One of the subjects which i have been discussing with friends lately is that of 'guidance' and 'free will choice'. We have noticed a trend in the guidance we receive, to give very little warning relative to its applicable time, or to be lacking completely. i had commented about this, suggesting that such was evidence of actually being in free will choice. Many of our 'choices' were not really of free will. The were of either necessity or preference, not truly free. i am suggesting that once all necessity and karma are completed, then as creator god(dess), existing in an appropriate reality, there is no 'guidance', because everything is truly optional, is truly a new creation unrelated to anything else, that we are completely in free will.

i find that one of the characteristics of this situation may be described metaphorically, that rather than the metaphor of standing at a fork in the road choosing 'which path to take, left or right?', we might metaphorically ask, 'rather than continuing to enjoy this perfect day in a beautiful pathless meadow in a healthy wood, what else would i enjoy creating in addition?' In the latter case there is no need to even make a choice, no need to change anything at all. However, one has a sense of infinite possibilities. The alternatives are infinite. There is no guidance.

Since i have been commenting that i have experienced the surrendering of my life, a major portion of my will, into the purpose of cocreating with my crystal faeries family, and that we are in service to Kaua'i's 8D Ascension Portal, i am aware that that choice has already predestined many of the details of my life, therefore obviating many situations where choice or guidance would apply, i.e. that prioritization of a purpose pre-chooses my path. Simply operating in consciousness, in awareness of the priority purpose, makes many details of my life obvious, requiring very little thought or pondering, to arrive at clear action, 'what to do?'.

Another factor i have observed as more and more common amongst lightworkers, as time has progressed and we've come much into alignment with the time-line of ascension of New Gaia, is that our roles have shifted, from active roles of yang-ish doing, to more passive roles of yin-ish being. Serving our purpose of affecting 'reality', of participating in the cocreation of a shared collective, is more and more one of just being present. Just staying grounded in a body in the dimension its in, holding specific frequencies of being, is the lightwork of our best service now. That leaves many of us facing our habitual question of: 'What do i do next?', and we are maybe not yet comfortable with the new answer: 'Nothing.', or 'Anything.'. Thus our 'lesson du jour' is to release our habitual compulsion to do, and our expectation that there should be some gudiance as to what to do.

For myself, i am learning to be much less the 'healer', and much more to just pull out my bottle of 'Fae Play', spritz my aura, and enjoy the sense of magick and creativity which comes over me, to embrace the sense of playful frivolity, to celebrate life itself, to pull out my flute and play.

i am now discerning that what I'm conceptualizing this morning, is awareness of being anchored into a new time-line of reality. The time-line is not yet fully manifest 'as reality' externally, but it is my internal reality already. This feels now to me to be a confirmation of progress in the process of jumping time-lines. This is more a state of being it, rather than becoming it. This is a very very good sign :-) Because i have been guided to be very focussed in doing this, i am aware that other aspects of existence i am unfocussed upon, may be expressing very different 'realities'. Given that we're now in MercuryRx, i am also asking my habitual MercuryRx question: 'What do i need to complete / release?' Well, my tea should be brewed by now, I'll fetch it and settle in to channel the crystal faeries collective wisdom about these matters.

"What we would like to direct attention to is a concept which has been of great importance to you, celeste; authenticity. There is a large difference between relaxing into your own authentic truth and attempting to be or manifest something. Where is the source of a choice to manifest something? Is it a natural expression of self's essence? Or is it a mentally or emotionally driven intention? Effort is a sign of inauthentic creation, whereas authentic manifestation flows naturally, a self expression, essence mirroring itself via 'reality'. This is what you are noticing when you embrace 'Fae Play', that the energies bring you into alignment with authentic expression. In a sense, then, when you are in authentic expression, there is no choice, in the sense of free will choice, for essence expression is authentically only of its own truth."

Faery blessings -- celeste

23rd October 2013

Looking at Gaia energy grid of Kaua'i Sovereign Space, particularly with an eye to the ocean realm, but in general at what is beyond the surface most humans see, we did energy healings around an energy anomaly on the southwest side of the island.

24th October 2013

Perhaps it is time for a meditation on the true meaning of 'kama`aina'?
I, celeste:crystalfaery, have been on Kaua'i's aina since 1999, i am a private living being, a peaceful woman upon the land.

25th October 2013

It seems to be time to cognize the alchemy of ascension energetics which the crystal faeries are activating upon the 'aina of Kaua'i:
"There have been those who have intentionally kept portions of the 'aina in past time. The resultant chaotic scattering throughout linear time is not conducive to cohesiveness of Kaua'i. We are pulling the entire Kaua'i Sovereign Space into cohesiveness now through the lunation. This is coincidental to work by the whales with the deepest valleys of the ocean via their songs. This is effectively them announcing that Lemuria is reactivated to all the underwater life. The biggest shift is that any humans are now paying attention to these energies. Oh, sure, there are periodically 'scientists' poking about in 3D, but we're referring to the shamanic journeying together of dolphins, whales, and humans, etc., with everyone retuning to the Lemurian consciousness grid upon which to modulate our shared life. Even Gaia-Sophia is retuning to the shared song of all life she is hostessing, in the key of 'L'. We have been working with ultraviolet light and activation of the next octave of DNA frequencies for organic plants. We are also building a resonance an octave down from our usual frequencies in order to better manifest on Kaua'i. The acknowledgement of love and oneness is the most important message we are all sharing now."

Someone asked me today if i preferred 'space ships' or 'fairies'. i can perceive that the vibration of both would be in my energy fields. i had to answer that i previously was more interested in space ships, but that now, i am way more interested in fairies, organic life than in technology or machines. Of course, as we already know from contact with our brothers and sisters, there are organic space ships as well as pure machine technology ones.

It is our sad duty to report that much of online reality is pervaded with parasites which feed upon the energies of those who socialize 'on-line' without having first become adept at managing energy boundaries. While the classical description of a vampire is more befitting the microscopic ones which live inside one's own blood stream, there are very real energy vampires of spiritual nature, or synthetics. Are we ready to complete our time-line hop to the New Gaia of pure love and light? As our day of Freya gently arrives to completion i wish to share my blessings of faery magick for you. May your flow of divine energies be graceful and beautiful. Resting within the clarity of the truth of one's essence and purpose, is such a gentle and sweet place, that i wish to share the joy all around.
The crystal faeries just danced on my crown chakra and joked:
"Q: How many crystal faeries can dance on a pinhead?"
"A: All of us!"
And so i close my day with a hearty giggle, and appreciation of my friends.

26th October 2013

Being in the here and now in our consciously chosen highest vibration (ascended consciousness) is the key to manifesting our highest reality time-line experience, when acted upon in the moment.
My question for the crystal faeries is, 'How are we progressing?'

"We wish to invoke into consciousness now, the description by Kryon of the cosmic lattice, parts 1 & 2, as background information relating to our 8D ascension codes, which are active in our 8D ascension portal(s), such as on Kaua'i. Please notice the description of using two magnetic fields to generate a 3rd, which can unbalance a cell, thus liberating infinite energy from the lattice. Now, please review how this is done biologically in psychic healing work via the 'technology' of a human body. Intent of will while in the high vibration state of joy has the power to manifest miracles. Some may consider such 'powers' to be the proof of ascended reality, yet, they are merely the minor mirrorings of ascended consciousness, which itself, is its own reward, and rather more precious an attainment; samadhi."

"Next please notice the structure of Kaua'i having two major mountain peaks. These 'crystal points' together form the polarized pairs Kryon refers to, and the energy grids linked to them, and their interaction in activating all of the Garden Isle with divine energies, is a major focus of our work with crystaline energy patterns. The combination of the DNA crystal codes from 8D, with the energy grid tuning of the crystaline Gaia, provide easier access to the ascended consciousness and the ascended 'siddhis'."

"That all of these energy patterns are in place and functioning optimally, and that this is all as intended, is comfortably appropriate, and pleasing. Now, it is up to each individual to cognize the bounty of divinity available, and to make wise and positive choices of will steering such powers."

27th October 2013

Now it is all about our own consciousness, as part of the holographic one.
Now it is all about our consciously choosing to direct our own consciousness.
Now it is all about not being 'mind controlled' by lower consciousnesses.
Now it is all about not submitting to control by others of our minds, governing of our minds ('govern-ment').
We are too powerful to allow ourselves to dabble in either negative or limited consciousness or choices.
Therefore, it is imperative to develop and use the skills of consciousness, and especially those of deprogramming one's own subconscious, so that one's consciousness is living active appropriate current choices, rather than beliefs from others or from our own history.
Since the reality time-lines we manifest come from our consciousness, and since we are in a time of greater empowerment to manifest, it is more important than ever to have congruence of consciousness, in thoughts, words, and in actions.
In this time of MercuryRx, we are to dive deep into the depths of our essence, to find our deepest truths, to find our true priorities, and to release obsolete and limited consciousness, to prepare to 'step up' as god(dess) incarnate, as joyous creators by intent, of a divine life on the Garden Isle.

Our manifestation of a tool of frequency, making use of the frequency holding abilities of the crystal known as water, and that of 'essential oil', in the confluence of energies which celeste found uniquely appropriate, and to best hold the joyous divine play energies of crystal faeries, in 'Fae Play' essence, is an example of manifesting consciousness, and using a tool, (a spritz of essence), to quickly re-focus consciousness, into a chosen positive reality time-line. We can each find our own ways to quickly redirect our consciousness to higher vibrations.

28th October 2013

Vetiver shall be tonight my journey guide to my communing in dreamspace with my family of crystal faeries, one drop of essential oil shared on my wrists on the way to dreamland. Awaking, the theme du jour is the 'process' of rebirthing. There are those whose version of that is a lot of breathing, and a focus on 'healing' whatever trauma was experienced during the actual birth of the body at age zero, but, that is not the kind of rebirth to which i refer. The anti-example is someone i know who recently stated: 'I would rather die than change!', and he meant it, and he is living it, or, more accurately, he is literally dying it. i watch his body age, his hair turn grey, his disabilities increase, and his accumulation of medical surgeries increase. Refusal to adapt to change is the primary cause of aging, diseasing, dying. Therefore, those of us who insist upon actually living, (especially those of us who bothered to accomplish lawful status of living), are of the opposite mind: 'I would rather change than die!' The pattern of changing bodies to change lessons, is an old one for humanity, and was befitting the earlier incarnations earlier in the Mayan calender map of the speed of growth of consciousness. However, we've reached the point of no limits, and no longer being bound by linear time, and therefore infinite growth rate, but, there are still those in body whose patterns predated that quantum leap, and thus for whom that may very well be their appropriate path. Many are continuing to manifest the pattern of generational roles. Once you achieve the seniority of grandparent, your next step is deathing, in that paradigm. For many tracking that path, deathing begins with 'retirement'.

For those of us on the ascension path, ascension itself is a 'rebirth'. Therefore, practicing for ascension by practicing rebirth may already have been a chosen lifestyle. I've lost track of how many years I've lived the pattern of bi-annual rebirthing, taking advantage of the triggering of the solstices to release my previous half-year's patterns, and to prepare for the next half-year. But for many of us now, we are no longer practicing for ascension, we are now in the practice of ascension. Much of my rebirth into ascension has been journalled above in this blog, and what I'm now addressing here is my observation about the process of ascension with many of those I'm healing. But before launching into those patterns, I'll mention another rebirth process I've taught for many years, practiced in meditation. Many meditations focus upon breath as a technique for staying in the here and now moment. But what is the nature of that moment? We find 4 phases in the breath cycle:

Perhaps in many of our past rebirths, we have merely redefined our ego self. In the now ascension process, we are dying to identication with the ego, and re-identifying with the higher self. Thus much of our 'new' self is our true essence, qualities of our eternal self. The surrender into a life fully directed from, expressive of, higher self essence, is very much a larger and more permanent death of the ego self, and somehow, in many I'm observing, the ego knows this, and perhaps fights a little harder, or expresses more intense fear, until we overcome fear itself not just each little fear.

Our current MercuryRx, combined with Plutonian triggers to dive deep, dig out burried emotions, clear out secrets, allow intense passions, and experience death of (false) self identity, is making for a very intense rebirth. This digging out and releasing 'the dirt' is truly triggering, especially for those on the ascension path, a full release of all self identities, in order to align with deepest true essence.

One of the patterns we are releasing is any identification of self based upon past / history. Any concepts that we are defined by, limited by, or empowered by, our past, is an ego identification illusion, which is not sustainable in the eternal now moment of spiritual essence / higher self. Likewise, life is a flow of energy now, not some future that has not yet arrived. Because we are still in, though beginning to move out of, a chaotic time node where it's easiest to jump between time-line realities, one of our best options is to really manifest a miracle of extreme change. This is an extreme rebirth, to quantum leap miraculously from one reality to another. The question is, 'how big a miracle am i willing to create / manifest / receive, today?'
Am i ready to have all my physical body health ailments miraculously replaced with complete health?
Am i willing to let go of all attachements to either the ailments or their meanings, and let go of all illusions that there must be some process of change between one reality and another, rather than a quantum leap?
If the consciousness focus is upon 'what is being lost / released', then complete blockage of change may occur. What is being gained, true essence, is often experienced as so quiet and calm, that we may miss the treasures it brings us.

The most significant change I'm observing in many people I'm facilitating, is the completion of, or release of, purpose. Many of the purposes many of us have carried, have been compensatory to a disease, injury, or out-of-alignment reality. Up through the 2012-12-21 gateway, 'saving the planet' was very much a 'mission' for many of us, and for myself i cognized the completion of that on that date. One of the challenges then is to face the reality of living without purpose. Whatever of our self identity or self value was based in a worthy or noble purpose, is released, and may then be replaced by a comfortable flow of the now based in essence expression. i had blogged on a previous day the noticing of less free will choice process in living, as truly living as a complete expression of essence compells a most appropriate reality, from which exercise of choice is a distraction into less appropriateness. Sometimes, purpose was an antidote to fear, so once fears are faced, purpose unravels, and with it, the illusions of value we had projected upon such purpose. It is time to release all doing-based values (yang) and feel fully valuable in just being (yin). From the infinite well of essence, we may live the flow of the moment inspiration of creativity, expressing essence through our creation, purely for the joy of creation, rather than creating with a motivation in limited thinking. One cannot prostitute one's creativity to a job one does not enjoy, when one is living essence. Creativity from essence expresses in unlimited abundance, is inspired to share the creation with all for free, for Aloha is all about giving what one has to share. When one trusts in one's place within divinity, one absolutley knows that they are supported to be, and to do that which is the truth of their essence.

Just as our lower chakra survival 'life' is supported, and just as rebirth into appropriateness must occur with that, our emotional, mental, and spiritual realities must be in full alignment with our core essence, and our true spiritual intent from higher self. We remember who we truly are, and our spiritual purpose for incarnating. For some, our primary purpose has been accomplished, and we are much now standing in free will choice of what next is interesting or fun to create?
i find this the greatest joy of all: standing in infinite possibility, with a playful and joyful attitude of creativity. What magick shall i do next?

29th October 2013

"Using celeste's process as example, we have been addressing the state of determinism from certain alignment with essence. This results also in stronger alignment of energy patterns in peace and acceptance, and a stronger demand by body for only those substances of alignment with higher essence. Perhaps another way to state this condition is that there is one appropriateness for you, and many inappropriatenesses, many ways to go out of balance. With the greater alignment to that one truth, there is less 'slack' in the choice process of discernment of appropriateness. All of this is resulting in stabilizing in a higher vibration and ability to hold a chosen time-line. To hop time-lines, one must stabilize in the new time-line and release everything else. That simple statement summarizes many profound changes and their consequences. Another version is 'focus of energy'. Perseverence in holding the new time-line becomes easier as alignment with it becomes more complete."

i have often commented about the choice process of most humans, an observation derived from my many years of healing. Most people's lives are determined by 3 choices, combined with the priority they assign to those 3 choices:

Once we prioritize one of those, that choice determines the available pool of alternatives for the remaining two choices.

I've committed, since 1999-08-31, to living upon Kaua'i, not so much because of the extant multicultural society, but because of my ancient Lemurian links to this 'aina. (The Hawaiian isles are the mountain tops of the sunken Lemurian continent.) As with everything in my life, it's about the subtle energy, the mana. As an energy worker, i was guided to live here for the energy of the land. When i move soon, the energy of my new location will be important. i had been single since 1993, once i completed karmicly driven relationships, as a necessary aspect of my spiritual mission, completed 2012-12-21.

Now i am finding that as i align everything in my life more with my ascension into higher essence, (equally describable as a descension of essence into embodiment in a body of ascending frequency), and particularly as my intent of time-line jumping is to change embodyment, that my prioritization of the time-line reality compells, as expected, all other 'choices'. This brings me to the awareness of intent to share today, the level of peace resulting from the level of surrender to, the new reality and all the changes triggered by commitment to it. Unlike the inner worlds of many of the people i have healed, and unlike my own history, the level of alignment and surrender to, one overriding, essence based choice of reality, is a whole new experience.

Most of human life is an exercise in prioritizing competing agendae. The concept of 'making a choice' is a simple 'name' for a very complicated process, one which is rarely completed. In other words, for most people dealing with most of the choices in their lives, a choice is never done. It is merely today's balance of priority between a never-resolved competition of goals which are not in alignment with each other.

i am observing, in the peace i am experiencing now versus in my own history, as a consequence of greater alignment with my higher essence, and how the choice of ascension, is so compelling of reality, that much of what most call 'free will choice', and much of the doubt, uncertainty, and inner conflict over 'choice', is no longer present in my experience.

Beyond the quantum leap i am experiencing in peacefullness of living consequent to the actual completion of many choice processes, so typically driven by internal competing goals, a state much achievable by permanent prioritization of goals, i am experiencing even more resolution from the release of goals other than my having crystalized my focus upon a single overriding goal, that of making a time-line hop, into a time-line which includes all my remaining goals as manifest. What is so different?
The sense of the possibility and probability of a miraculous change of manifest reality. i comprehend that the manifest reality is always a mirror of the inner state of energy. Having completed my planetary mission, i am finally able to focus upon my own time-line choice. i am experiencing the alignment of my energies into that time-line. A large part of that process, has been consequent to a self chosen new mission of service to the crystal faeries and Kaua'i and ascension for all. What is different is the choice to do that on my own terms. The situation is no longer so dire, as with my previous mission, that self sacrifice in service to mission is required. In fact, the very mission now, that of ascension, compells the end of sacrifice. Sacrifice is not a higher truth. Truth compells both:

Thus, as our journey through MercuryRx continues, and we revisit with an intent to complete past, a great peace arrives inside. It has long been stated, to see world peace, be at peace with the world. Peace starts inside self with self. It starts with aligning lower self to higher self. Ascension solves many problems. To ascend, one must complete all of one's problems. To complete all of one's problems, would rather seem to require, releasing of having any problems, complete and total acceptance of what is. That is not a product of any corpse-oration. Nobody else can give it to you or do it for you, though there are those who can guide your own process.

30th October 2013

"The exigencies of a life based in fear never seem to end. The blessings of a life based in love are effulgent. A significant portion of the world is now counting down to Samhain, with a variety of interpretations of what that is, and, with either a fear based superstition about it, or an informed awareness of this signifier of the turning of a quarter of a year." -- crystal faeries

The Celts:
Though there are no written records of the original practices of Samhain, we can trace the roots of the festival to about 4000 BCE through folk tales and information provided by folk histories. At this time our ancestors, particularly in the Celtic world, were holding ceremonial bonfires on hilltops during this time of the year. The exact nature of the celebration has been lost but the fact that they occurred is well documented. Practices of later times are well documented and the general themes are given below. For the Celts Samhain was an acknowledgment of the end of summer, of the beginning of the New Year, a time to divine the future, and a time to honor the dead, one of the two times of the year when it was beleived that the living could cross into the lands of the dead; the other was Beltane. Samhain was viewed as existing outside of time, so this crossing over was possible. This was a two-way street, however, and it was also viewed as a time when the dead walked the land and could communicate with the living. The Celts beleived in an afterlife. They also beleived that their ancestors could communicate with them and, if approached correctly, could help them. For these reasons, the Celts would leave food on the table for deceased members of the family, even ancient ancestors. They also did divination work and asked for information about past, present and future events from these ancestors. They also beleived in, and greatly respected, faeries. These energies were of the people who had owned the land and been destroyed, driven underground or between worlds by the coming of the Celts. These spirits were honored and warded against, because on Samhain eve it was believed that the faeries could mix with the human world, create trouble for, or even take a few people with them. -- Clark Brean

"We would like to suggest that in any grouping or categorization of entities, that no judgment passed upon the group is truly applicable to all members thereof. It is of aloha and ahimsa to not operate in fear-based prejudice about any groups, especially so with superstitious fear others have 'bought into' and would like to convince us 'is real'. Given that most of the lore about the physically 'unseen' or 'unseeable' entities is based in fear, the assignment of blame for undesired manifestations, to unseen entities, can result in ascription to whatever catergory of unseen one most greatly fears. From another perspective, one may wish to consider that, the faeries chose not to descend into 'the fall' in which humanity participated, and only now through the (re-)ascension of humanity to higher realms, is humanity rejoining the faeries in sharing a reality." -- crystal faeries

31st October 2013

"Excuse us while, like turtles, we retreat inside our shells, until the collective insanity of invoking dark and evil passes. So rare are the conscious few who make positive use of this time. We have to go to work now to protect the 8D portal of light for Kaua'i."

There are rare bright spots, such as the girl at our favorite local health food store, who chose as her 'Halloween costume' to present as 'faery', whome we were ever so grateful to and for, thank you goddess! Yay! Not everyone chooses to express ghoulish, zombie, or nightmare-ish energies.

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