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Entries from June 2014.

1st June 2014

A fine sunny day is it.

'How shall we play today?'

"With dreams of magick."

Release is a key today, as i also release others' issues.

2nd June 2014

There are times when doubt or worry intrude, and my past experience says that the challenging times are just part of the cycling. Perhaps i have been negligent on visualizing my most preferred reality, having surrendered to being of service in my mission of ascension. In any case, inverting the inappropriate aspects of current reality, really consistently comes down to 4D itself being inappropriate, and it is again clear that i am not to invest energy in any attempts to perfect old time-lines, instead, to focus on the positive alternative, of a 5D reality.

'All is arranged as necessary, so relax.'

"Clearing of contrasting energies is merely part of living."

What do i need to know or do now?

"Just let it flow; release everything; just be at peace."

3rd June 2014

Good morning, Kaua'i! i did lots of release on the astral plane while sleeping, and am just flowing in the now. It seems strange to awake at 6AM dawn rather than my usual time of 3AM-ish for channelling, and this morning jumped right in to working on improving my computer infrastructure, and only now at 8AM getting around to channelling my family.

'As we told you last night as you entered sleep, relax, you are in grace and will be guided in the moment.'

"It is sufficient to walk through life with the intent to serve others. Let your mind release all the details, and any worry about the future."

i suppose it is not unusual, but for me it was a surprise, to realize that I've crossed the threshhold of buoyancy to where i no longer float enough in plain water to be able to breathe without 'treading' water. That rebirthing i did a couple winters ago to clear my history, including the history stored in my fat cells, was very effective, and permanently released body fat i had held for decades... and no special diet needed now... other than the alignment with my ascension focus on life force energy.

Seeing 'reality' as "real" can only reinforce that 'reality' as it is.
Seeing your fantasies and dreams and imaginings of a preferred 'reality' as "real" is the only way to create that 'reality' as "real". Most important is living in the feeling state of the preferred reality. -- Abraham

"Believing in yourself is the first step. If you've already taken that first step you are showing yourself that you are willing to believe in the possibilities. There may be many emotions that come up, like fear or anxiety. Just ease into the next step and like climbing a ladder you'll get there. You never reach the top of that ladder in one jump. Climb one rung at a time and you'll get there." -- Dave Carlson

How am i sabotaging myself? How do i instead succeed?

"You are afraid to lose what friends you have if you change. You are afraid of the patriarchy. It is not that you prefer your situation for yourself, but in reaction to that which is around you. You can only see as workable another reality, and you are correct, this time-line is hell. Now, have you had enough of your fears keeping you in hell? Are you ready to time-line hop?"

Yes please. i wish to transition quickly to a completely different parallel-reality, and i call upon the assistance of all the entities with whom i cocreated the 8D ascension portals to assist me, please. What i seek is not of any harm to anyone (ahimsa), i only wish to change my own reality, and no one has the right to keep me imprisoned in this old time-line. i shall do what preparation as i may overnight on the astral.

4th June 2014

"You have only to let yourself play, and all appropriateness will come to you."

Ah yes... it works as described. Today is flowing nicely as i focus on creating improved reality.

5th June 2014

i continue to be very aware of contrasts, which is of course a very good thing, as i sort through (in-)appropriatenesses. i heartfully practice discernment rather than judgment in viewing all the external "otherness". The more i ascend in living 5D, the less appropriatenesss i find in any of the 4D "reality", which, for me, now feels very unreal. The strongest awareness i have of late is, that those living from their lower 3 chakras, or who are living from external authority rather than internal authenticity, have no appropriateness in my reality. This makes very clear the directive that, my primary work is with those of 4D density, as those still in 4D motivations for their values, choices, beliefs, or actions, are very inappropriate to my life, as our realities are very much "mutually exclusive". We have always known that 'lower chakras rule', in that the lowest chkra with 'an issue' takes over and controls the reality of the individual, therefore, within any group, the group member with the most active lowest chakra 'issue' thereby defines the group reality as that 'issue'. Thus, discernment of the company we keep is essential to our own ascension. Alternatively, we may actively with intent engage those in a lower reality with intent to enlighten, empower, heal, facilicate, or as dark-side entities do, to abuse (e.g. ankle_biters).

'For all in duality, engaging contrasts is educational. Simply do not dwell in that perceived to be negative or lower. Quickly invert such awareness to the positive alternative time-line parallel_reality. For you, dear crystalfaery, this means faery play, and facilitation of others ascension.'

"We see great division coming as the 5D and 4D realms continue moving further apart. This will tend to cause a discernment and separation of relationships into those 'friends' with whom you can relax and share a 5D reality because they already live it with you, versus those who are actively seeking ascension from 4D whom you are to facilitate, versus those who are solidly anchored into 4D reality and with whom you must maintain energy boundaries. We see that you instantly comprehend the implications of this message even before you complete typing it."

6th June 2014

Whew! So busy following flow of the moment, hardly any time to blog :-)


"We are glad you are having fun on your mission. The new connections you've been making are of your new time-line's appropriateness."

i met some people who are preparing to participate in an event on Kaua'i, scheduled for June 12-22 (Full Moon through Solstice), and ending incidentally the day before my body's birthday, for sharing about sustainable alternative realities for Kaua'i, as we move to a modern version of being a self contained island, including concepts like: "where's our Tesla free energy technology, instead of the corporatocracy's intentionally making us dependent upon imported oil?"

i greatly enjoyed sharing with Transcendence at her discussion group and book-signing at a local health-food store, followed by being treated to dinner with her and a friend. It is quite a delight to share higher realm energies and consciousness. And yet, being requested to tell stories of past, and hearing the stories of others about past events, is, despite all our words (not just we 3 but most 'conscious' people), about now being the only reality, in action most people are focussed on stories of the past. One of the circle shared her experiences of learning to let go of non-present by bringing energies into the bubble of the now, so soon when i found a break in the conversation, i suggested our discussion circle do similarly with our sharing. Very quickly, one participant left, and after a short disruption time, the group faltered back into past focus. In our dinner group of 3, we were able to focus more in the now, as our energies balanced in sharing more stablely. It seems others who are ascending experience many body symptoms, and I've certainly had my share of those, so it's interesting to notice how we are all experiencing release of past reality, on all levels, including physical. The walk returning to domicil was enjoyable with comfortable summer evening breezes, and the joy in my heart from intending positive energies in Kaua'i's time-line(s). And now my body is demanding sleep, so, I'll stop for today.

7th June 2014

i query the appropriateness of engaging as requested with helping others unplug from the matrix, seemingly in contradiction to directives not to engage with any 4D matters. This could be pulling me back from my advanced 8D work. How shall i proceed to share my best and highest? i don't want to get 'set up' for a confrontation with 4D authorities.

'Simply make best effort to fufill the needs of those who have requested help.'

"Be not concerned with 'dangers'. Relax and play, guiding each individual as they are able to flow with the truth you reveal to them."

Notice our neighbor island opening to "visitors".

8th June 2014

Today is the 19th anniversary of my arrival upon the Hawaiian islands. When i made my first step upon the 'aina, coming off the disembarking stairway from the airplane which carried me, i was instantly conscious that: "You will never leave the islands, though you may move between them." After 4 + 1/2 years on O'ahu, on the last day of August 1999, i was guided to move to Kaua'i, which i have cognized as my body's most harmonious energetic environment, or known locally as, "kama'aina", (of this land). i have cognized this as a return to the land of my past lives, when not only these mountain tops, but also land between them, was above water, the Lemurian realm of the original seeding of the Lemurian light grid of consciousness, making possible our consciousness now as 'humans'. In celebration of my commitment to Kaua'i as the planet's leading ascension portal, and having renounced any allegiance to the North American continent's corpseoratocracy fictions, i feel totally in congruence expressing the crystal faeries group consciousness. Have we any perspectives on this from above?

'Releasing the history, the illusion of past, is essential to moving forward, therefore let today be one of completion, releasing not only your 19 years as "Hawaiian", but also any remnants of your pre-Hawaiian experiences, and the earlier body sharing with your brother's soul. Tomorrow we can further clear more past-life patterns.'

"Today is also a good time for you to cognize the blessings you have delivered to Kaua'i, via our 8D - 4D ascension portal, for while we have known 'it is all good', our focus on 5D+ densities where we are creating New-Gaia, has meant transcending 4D- realities, yet we have blessed them well."

9th June 2014

Today i received a wonderful blessing from a local bird. While sunbathing, stretched out laying on my front side on a deck chair, a bird flew by and brushed my arm adjacent to my face with her wing, no claws or beak, just a flutter of wing, and then flew up onto a nearby fence and said hello to me. i thanked her for her blessing and she flew away. i have a habit of thanking the local birds for their beautiful songs when they come by each day, but this was a first time experience for me.

'The light and love we bring is appreciated by the locals :-)'

"Your faery wings may not be visible in 4D, but your aetheric body is seen by much of nature."

10th June 2014

Today was a very busy day in 4D realms with a wonderful shift of energies, and much activity improving my domicil.

'The energy shifts will greatly facilitate your path.'

"Remember the outer manifestation is only a mirror of the inner energies. Your persistent enthusiasm for ascension will carry you through your path, yet your play on the journey is essential to the grace of that path."

11th June 2014
[celeste:crystalfaery 2014-06-11]

i am sensing energies of expectations from those seeking to have me provide information or services for them in 'saviour' mode, which i already know is inappropriate. i cognize my internal tension attempting to deliver on those expectations, and yet also the clear knowing that is all inappropriate, thus i now meditate to release all the programming of my internal self expectations to meet others' expectations.

'Excellent noticing.'

"Stay in creator mode rather than reacting or responding, and all will flow appropriately for you."

"As we pass through the Full Moon tomorrow, there is a stronger anchoring of time-lines in the two families of time-lines, meaning that it is both easier to slide between time-lines of the same family, and harder to slide between time-line families. The relevant aspect of that for celeste to observe is the pending completion to another quantum level, of any dallying with those of the armageddon family of time-lines, and of any dallying with those of duality. By the New Moon of June 26th you are complete with all but New-Gaia. While you will continue to honor all realities and time-lines which entities create for themselves as 'real for them', only the New-Gaia family of time-lines can be real for you, and it is time to stand 100% in your private sovereignty, in the now. You may put no further energies into the public versus private issue."

12th June 2014

Good morning. As 100% self responsible reality creator, what is my lesson with creating machine checks with my 64bit laptop?

'This is a hang-over from your old time-line(s). Let us now intend a healing of the silicon in the CPU. The energies to be released were the focussed loathing of the Windows7 software the computer previously ran. Now with Debian7 you can enjoy your rebirthed computer.'

"The full moon energies tonight will be rather chaotic, so you may wish to consider a solo experience as both easier and more productive than the usual group gathering you attend."

"There is still much 'responsibility' you are operating from, towards mental image pictures of expected priorities, based both in childhood programming, and subsequent 'career' programming associated with engineering work, which still controls your relating with your computers. Let us now release all these patterns of yore, and instead embrace spontaneous hearts joy expressed as play. This is essential for anchoring in to your new time-line, and its manifestation during the waning moon cycle. We are repurposing for play, especially playing and recording of music."

12 June Thursday 18:13 HST Full Moon
As i have sat with the full moon energies, i feel very much at peace in the void, neutral, and on the threshhold of infinite possibilities. i am intending graceful manifestation of my playful and joyous ascension.

13th June 2014

Ummmm... mornin' says the sleepy fae, as her body evidences tiredness from yesterday's work, and contemplates the blessings of a prearranged ride to the 'big city' of Lihu'e today.

'Allow a gentle transition into the cleansing fast you are preparing for as you transition to vegetarian mode. It is good to flush out the dietary influences of your newly departed housemate and landlord.'

"Be not concerned with the future, as you settle into more appropriateness in your domicil. Make your now as appropriate as can be for you, as you rearrange in support of your play."

i was feeling quite out of place visiting the corporate collective today. i see this as a very good sign of my living in New-Gaia reality already. i think what i marvel at the most is how the masses marvel at the beast. Yes, indeedy, the great deceiver has entranced nearly everyone with all the little benefits of selling out one's soul. Oh, yes, I'm quite aware of how my world of sovereignty, living without the Mark of the Beast, is shrinking, keeping me aware that "...and in the end times, none shall be able to buy nor sell without the Mark of the Beast.", and "That which is bound on Gaia is bound in heaven, as that which is bound in heaven is bound on Gaia.". It was a happy experience to have found one other living being on Kaua'i thereby.

14th June 2014

Continuing on with the theme of last nights' comments, i contemplate this early pre-dawn morning in what way to honour the divine beyond usual daily living, and immediately come to awareness it is appropriate to manifest more practice with my flute so that i may be more expressive, saving that for later in the day when neighbors are awake. As i write this i am deeply aware of the path of ascension i am walking. I beleive in being one with the divine, in living as a Christed being (open ajana chakra), cognizing the esoteric meaning of KRST.

'We do see the pending solstice as a gateway closure, the end of easy time-line hopping out of the armageddon family of time-lines. Indeed it is time for full commitment to living Gaia.'

"celeste, you must stop taking it individually, or feeling that you have failed in your facilitation, that so few humans will chose the life of their soul over material comfort. Release your anger at yourself and at them for their free will choice. You must detach from your taking responsibility for the future they choose for themselves, and stop saving them from their self inflicted suffering. Detach from all illusion that it is your job to fix their realities. It is the ending even of the time of triage. Release all guilt or self blame that you 'coulda' or 'shoulda' done more to awaken those who, by now, are clearly willfully refusing to be saved. Release the saviour role. There are no exceptions to 'you create your own reality', so just get on with cocreating Gaia with those who are ascending with you. Cease perfecting your old time-line(s), leave them behind, and burn the bridges to them. Stay in New-Gaia."

14th June 2014

'Your dedication and generosity in service to ascension, as you are already seeing, is keeping the flow of appropriateness graceful.'

"Be gentle and patient with yourself as you are passing through this gateway. There is still detachment, release, forgiveness, and even some grieving to do, as you leave behind old 4D time-lines. The obvious time of committed anchoring into 5D New-Gaia is the New Moon of 26 June 22:10 HST, which is within orb of your (re-)birthday of 23 June 00:45, whose orb reaches back to the 20th of June, so intend this week as a period of completion, thus also a time of physical fast and cleansing, and next weekend as focussed rebirth."

16th June 2014

i begin my day with clear awareness of perceiving worldly experience with transcendent eyes, that the perception of that which i see with my two eyes, i see with the same detachment habitually of my 3rd eye.

'This is merely one of the symptoms of ascending ones conscious awareness to the higher self level. Notice that this also correlates with remaining fully in the here and now, in the timeless eternal moment.'

"In addition to the galactic energy waves of ascension coming from Alcyon, and the corresponding increase in frequency of energy waves from Ra (Ea-Rth's 'sun'), and the corresponding increase in frequency of energy waves from Ea-Rth (Gaia), all of which are triggering the collective consciousness of beings in all densities here, we crystal faeries have been working with the Angelics with whom we cocreated our 8D ascension portals, to activate a higher quantum level of both akashics information about ascension to, and of, New-Gaia, we have also moved to the next level of activation codes for codon switching in the DNA of those who are living within any of our 8D portals, thus, greatly affecting not only all of Kaua'i with her large group portal, but also everyone in our growing network of 8D portals activated in many locations around our planet."

17th June 2014

Is it just me, or is our 8D ascension portal network very calm and quiet, not inactive, but everything feels appropriate and flowing gently with grace.

'Our 9D Angelic friends are giving us a breather to process the recent DNA codon activations :-)'

18th June 2014

Wooo... the flow is abundant with people connections, so many opportunities to be of service to consciousness.

'You are far more than competent to facilitate each individual being brought to you, so relax and play lightly, fae girl.'

"The gateways we are passing through now are very supportive of new connections, new opportunities, so remember to meditate upon and intend also your own preferences."

"You are by now noticing that those who are attached to 4D reality will not let go of even little pieces of their attachement, no matter how much you attempt to show them a transcendent viewpoint, from which they could greatly improve their lives. Learn to set aside your intent to help when it is merely ignored, and focus on only those who are truly motivated to move from 4D to 5D, and select all your friends from the 5D realm. We've told you this before, but today in particular it was blatantly obvious to you, so, wrap-up and complete your old relationships which are not tracking you into 5D, and release all you have facilitated who are unwilling to move to 5D reality, and grieve to release all you must leave behind in 4D. As a guide and facilitator for those moving up from 4D, you must remain in at minimum in 5D to best assist, so let our 8D-4D portals do the triggering. You have completed your 4D work, now live in 5D."

19th June 2014

Some moments are just too precious! This morning i was placing some food into one of Misty cat's food bowls, squeezing the last of the wet sauce out of a little package into the bowl, and she got impatient with the process, reached out a paw and dragged the food bowl under her head and burried her head in the bowl to begin eating, and all i could do was giggle. OK, it's not about ascension, but there it is :-)

"Occasionally, we urge expedience :-0 "

"I am so blessed to be given opportunities to facilitate and mentor goddesses, and especially so here on Kaua'i, a goddess island. i am so blessed to mentor the awakening and empowerment of those who are awakening their 3rd Eyes, especially here on the 3rd Eye island Kaua'i."

20th June 2014

Good morning, what's on the agenda today?

'Grace to manage many little details.'

"Release all and focus on play."

Recommendations on the weekends events i have been invited to? Is that other people's agenda or am i to attend?

'Neither is there any need to attend nor avoid.'

"The most play shall be from 16:00 local time. We recommend you release all percepts of any other purpose."

Ahhh, the magickal combination of clear intent, no expectations, and allowance of flow produced a most conducive and fun evening, completely different than any preconceptions I'd had based on following triggers (other people's invitations), and yet it all felt completely appropriate, and led to an opportunity to facilitate growth and healing for a visitor to our Healing Island from the Gathering Place. Thank you divine self and family for facilitating such grace. i celebrated with a new friend, the deliciousness of Hamachi and Ahi sashimi, and some Tropical Dreams icecream, as i know that I'm soon to be fasting, and then i will be primarily vegetarian, with live foods, organic, and non-GMO, raw, and some juiced. My vibration is simply too high to dally with other 'foods'.

"So you see how being out in the world shifts the odds of alignment. Likewise tomorrow morning is a good time to be out and about to connect."

As i continue to explore the timeless now of my passion for consciousness expansion, i continue to yearn so very deeply to have again my faery wings, and to fly through the many dimensions and densities of mutable manifestation, beyond the limited realms of humans in 4D for i so love being a faery girl.

20th June 2014

Having just crossed the summer solstice, it is time for my semi-annual rebirth, and my corresponding master cleanser fast. Just a few more avacadoes and jars of sprouts for salads, and a few more papayas, and I'll be down to lemons and limes and grapefruit.

'Mostly you will need to grieve the release of those "friends" who are not willing to walk with you into New-Gaia, who are still contracted with duality, or addicted to their non-self-responsible dependence on 4D rather than being willing to be fully resposible as reality creators, dependent only upon the divine.'

"Celebrate your new Time-Line with joyous play, faery flutist."

22nd June 2014

i find gentleness and peace inside my self, reflected as world peace around me.

'Transcendence above duality, detachment and neutrality, you have long practiced, and are now living.'

"Continue to rearrange your worldly environment to reflect your sense of appropriateness."

23rd June 2014
[birthday cake]

Good morning worlds. Paradox is the key when living in 5D, yet ministering to people in 4D seeking to ascend to 5D, as i commit to living in 5D, while accepting and allowing all.

'Welcome to playful graceful flow, faery girl.'

"Remain youthful in heart and soul. Spritz with Fae Play and may you play more with your flute, even at the expense of daily blogging here."

The adventure outbound brought the opportunity to trigger a 'friend' who was attached to relating with me in a 4D way, where "I'm celebrating it's my re-birthday into a committed 5D life." triggered an angry insistence i share my birth date and time, so that i could be boxed into a dualistic astrological natal chart derived 'human design' analysis, which could then be related with, instead of relating with me in the now, as a 5D being transcendent beyond time, and certainly beyond the lock-in of a liftime of the box of the natal chart. Later today another friend pointed out that George Kavasillas 'says' that that system of time loops based on planetary orbits is part of our consciousness limitation. So i guess I'm through 'celebrating' birth days, since they are of a past time-line and of a limited reality. I've long known that the natal time-lock was mutable, and that it has been my goal to be able to "slip in time" that time reference, as a method of time-travel, as well as liberation from the natal pattern. Transcending to the realms above the duality of time, and living life with the clear awareness that past and future are illusion, living in the timeless now, i.e. "ascension", liberates one from all time, not just the natal pattern. Living from the higher self level integrates all incarnations, all the wisdom thereof, and is transcendent of time itself. It is so much more fun to facilitate others from 8D, now that I've integrated it as a way of life, of consciousness. Oh yes, i am aware of the utility of clocks and appointments to meet others, to coordinate with the world of 4D in which i facilitate, yet the apointments are graced with "Hawaiian time", the flexibility of flow-of-the-moment rather than pedantic clock timing. One of my earliest spiritual lessons, from Lazaris, was his defintion of "humility":
"being willing to see others (and therefore also self) as new in each moment.", thereby liberating them from the prison of ones own percepts and precepts, for indeed they may have experienced since our last come-union with them, a miraculous healing or enlightenment, therfore, we undo those, sabotage them, by our insistence on continuing to persist in seeing them as we once perceived them. Could there be a worse version than the belief in a lifetime pattern based on natality? I beleive that regardless what the stars or planets are doing in the sky, we can make appropriate choices in the now which honor our own essence, thereby living authentically. The freedom we all seek is to live authentically our essence instead of anything else.

"We're glad you enjoyed the flow of being placed to facilitate both a triggering, and facilitate two people with your clairvoyant gifts, on your journey out to play. Walking through life with no expectations and no attachment, keeps one from getting mired in any 'quicksand'."

Is there anything other than direct consciousness in the here and now?
Yes: choice; though when living from essence (integrated self (higher + soul)) there really is no choice once you choose to honor and prioritize that essence, for its appropriateness then runs your life. You needn't choose because appropriateness is one's automagick response to all that comes your way, which is only a reflection of what you put out, so the only question becomes "what is it appropriate to put out when it immediately mirrors back?"
Unconditional love and giving, yeah?

One's incarnate truth is in one's heart, one's transcendent truth is not in one's mind, but rather "in the center of one's head" (below the crown and behind the 3rd eye).

24th June 2014

From the place of non-attachment, the process of grieving detachment, or releasing expectations, is very quick and easy, especially when balanced by, faith and trust in appropriate flow. i awake with an awareness of, those relationships i am releasing, as inappropriate to dwell in, old time-lines I've left behind now, new time-line of transcendent consciousness, blessedly guided from my 8D higher self. Without judgement, with compassion, i discern that playing in the 4D duality is much like splashing in a mud puddle, perhaps fun for a while, yet, ultimately leads to the necessity of a good shower. My present time faery play brings me other forms of joy in 5D, without so much needing to invest effort in clean-up, though often 4D people choose not to comprehend why i choose not to join them splashing in mud puddles. If they are not simply willing to honor my free will choice, but demand an explanation of my 'reason' for not joining them, then they are going to experience some very uncomfortable cognitive dissonance, as my only response, in honor of my vow of honesty, must be a 5D truth, not the usual 4D illusions. Their response to those 5D truths quickly and easily shows me, whether they are stuck in, attached to, contracted with, or dependent upon, living in 4D reality, or sincerly and commitedly seeking liberation to 5D. My higher self tomril and our crystal faeries 8D family insist i must now focus upon, and only engage with, those committed to making the 4D to 5D time-line jump, or already live in 5D. As described to me in a previous channelling, even the time of triage has passed. Those still "on the fence" or choosing 4D, are most likely to remain in it for life, and will find their path of ascension to involve a reincarnation.

'Thank you for your clear translation of my consciousness into English.' -- tomril

"The primary thing of 4D you need to further release, is perfection. We once again advise: 'cease perfecting your old time-line(s), just leave them behind'. In many cases this means walking away from those who persist dwelling in those time-lines. Yes, you have compassion, but do clear all sympathy and empathy, and keep good boundaries."

It is interesting navigating 4D worldly realities in flow with no expectations... some intents flow in the moment, others delayed, others seemingly blocked for the now... yet trusting divine timing and appropriateness in all, while intending the highest for all. OK, what am i missing?

"Release it all, and stay in playful joy."

Is any further investment of energies on my friend's situation disadvisable?

"Yes, cease perfecting old time-lines. You continue to notice it only drains your energies and lowers your vibration, while he is not uplifted by the sharing. You are correct in noticing that his problems will not be solved because he will not let them be solved. No amount of energy you invest in 'helping' is producing a positive shift for either of you. He is not uplifted, you are brought down, cease and desist! Yes, you must grieve releasing many who will not commit to living in 5D now, but you are out of time to dally with those who are committed to 4D reality. Yes you are to facilitate those of 4D who earnestly seek 5D reality. You are finding this a very lonely path, we know. Again, cease perfecting the old time-line, and realize you are not responsible to get anyone up to 4D now, only from 4D to 5D. This is essential to fulfill our contract on this planet." -- crystal faeries

Thank you for the clarity.

25th June 2014

Is there any guidance for me, not of the now moment, but of a general pattern, which I'm not already heeding?

'Stay in play mode, and be less attached to your previous healing modality of working to heal others. If they are not ready to receive the blessings of faery magick, let them keep their problems and troubles, you too easily get caught-up in perfecting their old time-lines or yours, when the appropriate investment of energy is simply to switch time-lines gracefully. We could otherwise summarize as cease saving people, which is an agenda, and be more a neutral catalyst for change. Detach from the outcome. You are not responsible for the results of other people creating their own reality, no matter how much they would like to make you responsible, or would like you to do their work for them in a "healing session".'

"Lighten up, live in awe of the miracle of each transitory moment, with absolutely no attachment to it or any illusory relationship between it and past or future moments. Cease creating in your mind illusions of story about the linking of moments in linear time, and especially release all illusions of cause and effect between moments."

26th June 2014

i am only aware of gentle peaceful energies in the now, and my enthusiasm to play with music, creating and editing music, the universal language transcending wordy languages. i continue to focus on instrumentals, which are purely processed in right brain intuitive center, while all lyrics and words pull one into the left brain. Is there any conscious knowing helpful to me now about the initiations I've been receiving from the Hathors?

'You will only find it easier to spontaneously channel your flute playing, there is nothing to consciously know about it.'

"You are being supported to flow gracefully in all you do, whether it be music or ascension lightbody activations for others."

Is there any knowing about the overall process of ascension, or of our 8D portals network we can share with the people to help them?

"New-Gaia of 5D is quite stable and in alignment with the divine plan. While there is ever the latest turmoil of conflicting wills in 4D, that reality is 'stable' in its instability, as conflict is the natural consequence of the level of consciousness of beings failing to learn the lesson of contrast, that it is about them, never about 'other', so all the struggles to change anything which is 'outside self' is wasted energy of conflict, until they learn to mirror their preferences of duality back inside, or transcend the duality to unity consciousness."

27th June 2014

Flowing with the flow, amongst the many things my computers handled while i slept, a student of mine queried about 'human design', new to her. It is based on a combination of natal chart astrology and the 'i Ching', i.e. could be summarized as 'Astrology 2.0'. Like all mental systems, it is a tool purely 'of the mind' and therefor, like the mind itself, can be used for either purely ego expansion, or to facilitate 'self comprehension'. In my original introduction to it, by another of my students a number of years ago, it was being used positively to grow, but as i recently explained to a friend, when it is used as an excuse not to grow but to remain fixed in the pattern, it becomes an obstruction to ascension. The other obvious misuse of it is to enter a pattern of treating others as 'their human design' as well as self 'I am here to live my design'. i have heard that regularly from students of 'human design'. Our initial karmic patterns are the obstacles or challenges we set up as our starting point on the path of growth via incarnation. We enter the body, and immediately are challenged with two lineage patterns (from both mother and father), whereby exactly who they were at conception are encoded in your new body's DNA, including the body lineages back through time, and, we bring our own spiritual patterns into the body, which gets a further pattern of the natal chart energy pattern of the cosmos, so we have 4 patterns which provide both blessings in what is easy for us, and challenges or obstacles in those patterns. Yes, we choose those parents and our birth time, unless the medical profession is allowed to participate, but to live one's entire life, or to set as a goal in living one's life, to fullfill those patterns as one's entire life is to contradict the very purpose of incarnation: to evolve our consciousness. Sadly, the system itself as is beign promoted for profit, is encouraging exactly that, to have one's entire life controlled by one's natal pattern, and to relate to everyone else as their natal pattern, and therefore the system as a whole, is anti-life, for life's purpose is growth and change. Because this system is based in time, it is of 4D duality, therefore, to the extent you anchor into this system, you are sabotaging your own ascension into 5D realms. Therefore, like astrology, i have left it behind to live in 5D. Now, the study of time, astrology, is the study of the very machine of limitation of human consciousness which is the solar system, which due to the changing energy fields continually and cyclically triggers us in patterns, therefore giving us the Matrix illusion of change, while yet trapping us 'perpetually' going around in circles. One has to minimally transcend that to enter a helical path so that each cycle around the patterns of the timings of the planets, uplifts us a cycle in the helix, not around in a circle. Therefore i have only one positive thing to say about 'human design', and that is, yes, find your pattern, and then set as a goal, to overcome all the limitations in it, and when you have done so, exit the 'human design' system, and cease to relate to yourself via it, and never even in the first place use it to 'relate with' others, because true relationship is the dynamic energy exchange of the moment, between spirits, which themselves are outside time, and therefore not of the 'human design' mind control system. This is a trap for most individuals.
Some would say I've just fulfilled my 'human design' by playing the role of the teacher again :-)
Uh oh... back up to 5D Faery Play with Magick beyond time itself. Any further comments from the collective?

'It is indeed extremely rare that another sees a human as whole and complete, rather than boxing one into their own mental categories, a problem which will not be solved in 4D realms, so yes, stay in 5D and live beyond all such limitations. Even more so it is important in self perception to escape all boxes.'

"When one releases the natal pattern time lock, one can time-travel with the physical body, as is already done travelling in the astral and higher realms. Since 5D is beyond time, the percepts here are useful."

28th June 2014

In gentle grace, dawn comes on another rotation of Gaia. i continue settling into my abode, with incremental refinement. Last night i completed re-importing my audio CD library, this time in high quality .flac format, thus i begin anew, the discernment process of deleting individual tracks, keeping only the ones i really feel appropriate. My sensitivities to higher vibration versus lower, result in many many discards. i also continue to find very few songs with lyrics are affirmative of positive higher realities. As each day passes, while i may be in the world, i am so much less of the 4D world. Yes i can very much enjoy a 'get up and move your body' tune, but mostly much prefer delicate senstive tunes.

'Anchoring into any given time-line is all about holding frequencies, or conversely, not holding incompatible frequencies. Everything is frequency.'

"By now you have noticed that you are , though you walk in your own 8D-4D portal around that, as we are yet early in the ascension of Kaua'i, which shall for some time remain a place of higher reality to which people soujourn for a taste of higher reality, while not necessarily being ready to live it full time, just as many 'locals' still dwell in 4D reality."

"Let there be grace inside you in your process of creation, matching the grace flowing from above. Stress less, feel less urgent."

29th June 2014

Dawning day greets tired eyes of i who am happy to have accomplished much yesterday.

'Today is recommended for social and music play.'

"Sweet gentleness in your heart speaks of the peace indwelling from authentic living from essence."

"Your mind still searches for meaning, attempting to create cause-effect links between moments. Let it go. Old Time-Line. Each now is completely independent."

30th June 2014

G'mornin', whazzup?

'We are integrating another level of higher-self consciousness directly into your conscious awareness, which you were experiencing as lucid dreaming into wakefulness.'

"This is both an individual activation for you, and in synchrony with a scalar activation via our 8D portals, and in harmony with a planetary activation arriving from Ra (Sol), also affecting dualistic realms."

Sleepy fae allows her 2 eyes to close and looks with 3rd eye. As i look around our portal network I'm seeing this helping those who are choosing ascension to 5D+, and stratifying or separating us more from those who are anchored into 4D- reality. Just as within an individual, the lowest chakra with an 'issue' pulls the whole system of chakras down to the reality of that chakra issue, (a fall of consciousness), any group of entities is pulled down to the level of the reality of the lowest member, who is pulled down to the level of their lowest vibration issue. This then brings awareness of what i was describing yesterday to one whom i was facilitating, that we are being called to discernment that we only merge reality with those who share our choice of 5D+ ascension time-lines. We can be the only 5D+ consciousness in a gathering, but we have to carefully hold our energy boundaries (in the world but not of the world), and that's more work and takes conscious awareness, to not fall to the group's 4D- vibrations or perceptions. This brings up also the trichotomy between sympathy, empathy, and compassion.

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