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13th June 2014

Ummmm... mornin' says the sleepy fae, as her body evidences tiredness from yesterday's work, and contemplates the blessings of a prearranged ride to the 'big city' of Lihu'e today.

'Allow a gentle transition into the cleansing fast you are preparing for as you transition to vegetarian mode. It is good to flush out the dietary influences of your newly departed housemate and landlord.'

"Be not concerned with the future, as you settle into more appropriateness in your domicil. Make your now as appropriate as can be for you, as you rearrange in support of your play."

i was feeling quite out of place visiting the corporate collective today. i see this as a very good sign of my living in New-Gaia reality already. i think what i marvel at the most is how the masses marvel at the beast. Yes, indeedy, the great deceiver has entranced nearly everyone with all the little benefits of selling out one's soul. Oh, yes, I'm quite aware of how my world of sovereignty, living without the Mark of the Beast, is shrinking, keeping me aware that "...and in the end times, none shall be able to buy nor sell without the Mark of the Beast.", and "That which is bound on Gaia is bound in heaven, as that which is bound in heaven is bound on Gaia.". It was a happy experience to have found one other living being on Kaua'i thereby.

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