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1st March 1970
[Red Glossy Heart]
Empathy is a sensing of anothers' emotional state, their lower chakras below the heart chakra. This can be done while still holding one's own vibrations in ones' own lower chakras, however, many individuals dysfunctionally accomplish this by bringing into their own chakras the energies of the other individual, (thus later necessitating clearing out those very energies after sensing them), though this is distinguished from sympathy by remaining clearly conscious that one is feeling the other individuals' emotions, not ones' own. It is wise to spend as little time as possible in this condition, therefore, should one recognize being in the condition of empathy, one is advised to quickly raise oneself to compassion.
See also: Compassion.
See also: Sympathy.

Bio-Neurology by Lisa Renee 2016-10-14 00:55:51 -1000

Dear Ascending Family,
When we look at the larger Galactic picture of consciousness enslavement, we see the NAA's many pronged agenda to target the brain, CNS and thought forms of every person on earth. Through the agenda of Trans[mankind]ism, we see the promotion of hybridization and synthetic integration with artificial neural networks for control over the CNS and brain. What is starting to surface with more clarity is that our [mankind] neurobiology is wired for empathy, which connects us to higher consciousness and has a spiritual function. The NAA and their minions of soulless AI infected synthetic beings do not have the bio-circuitry for empathy. We are in essence, in a struggle between [mankind] EMPATHS, and alien hybridized [mankind] and extra-dimensional aliens that are NON-EMPATHS. This month we will look more deeply at Bio-Neurology, and the bio-circuitry of empathy for another layer of reveal. How chemical agents and ELF are used to target the CNS, and are actually destroying the [mankind] capacity for empathy. To understand how the stages of Ascension and bio-neurological expansion increase the capacity for empathy, aligning us to be of Service to Others and Planetary Gridworkers.

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