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Entries from February 2014.

1st February 2014

"The evening completing our calendar month of Janus was graced with divine inspiration and primal music of digereedo, which set the energy for a sacred meditation bringing healing and balance to humanity on Ter-Ra, an auspicious beginning for our new calendar month, with energy shifts of resolution and new beginnings, clarity, and guidance flowing easily for comfortable companionship, conducive cocreating, felicitous flow, gratitude and appreciation. A graceful sense of well being now abides upon our land, as the people have allowed acceptance. We have rebalanced the yin and yang of our balanced reality. We joyously celebrate our collective choice of higher consciousness by playing lightly."

1st February 2014

Recent triggering has raised the awareness of family relationships, tribal codependence, judgments and expectations, allegiances. Certainly my own experiences of integrating consciousness between lower and higher selves, and with spiritual family, has involved work with family energy patterns, but for me this has been primarily with spiritual family, whereas my birth family scattered to the winds at the time of my graduating from college and entering adulthood. As for tribal relatings, that has all recently been stirred by my relocation of body's abode, and that into a situation which is not itself settled. For me family in the world is about new beginnings with those who are presently appropriate, and to be experienced with positive synergy of cocreation. I'm aware that blood family shares patterns via DNA and is often comprised of a family of spirits who may also carry the patterns of their family. While i am not experiencing the 20 year long dependence of physical children, i certainly have in my longer than a quarter century of facilitation spent a lot of time reparenting the inner child of many adults. I'm also aware that 'church' and 'state', 'the cross' and 'the crown' take advantage of the people by acting as surrogate parents, and that most of the dysfunction in the world is based on humans in adult bodies remaining psychologically children of church and state. This seems fertile ground for many lessons, and perhaps comment from our unique family.

Intragenerational dependencies are of the essence of human families. As the new child enters the world dependent upon its parents, often the parents exit the world dependent upon their children. In the 'modern world' comprised primarily of 'wards of the state' this is corporatised as social (in)security, as the risks and dependencies are spread out through society. In spiritual realms family patterns, and mission, create entangled realities of shared time-lines. In my own case recent work on family issues has resulted in a quantum leap for our whole family. What is 'our' perspective on all of this?

'In my perception of our recent growth together, i would say that of key import is the matter of roles, that ones perception may become limited to an expectation of the continuance of old roles, whereas appropriateness in a changing reality, requires of each of us to release old patterns, and gracefully embrace new realities, new ways of relating, and ultimately the undoing of all roles, to just be pre-un-defined, flowing in the moment. All situations benefit from multiple perspectives, therefore one of the benefits of family support is derived from those family members least entangled to share their perspective of a situation which another family member is so deeply entangled in, that they may have lost their neutral detached perspective. i can also see that various situations may vary in level of sharing, that a family might be very much all entangled together in a single time-line, or that they might be very independent and each exploring an independent time-line, yet the family still sharing love and akashics for mutual benefit. In our case, we have been until very recently, entangled in limited time-lines around a goal of family reunion, but now that we have integrated our successful reunion, we may have greater freedoms of choice in time-lines, and greater ability to release old roles, as we now explore the set of time-lines which are based on our new reality of reunited family, for us a new set of realities or time-line family, based upon our network of 8D portals as a conduit of relating. We remain entangled in our shared mission of facilitating ascension on Ter-Ra.'

"We are grateful for our sharing, and appreciative of our common definition and experience. We are all feeling the relaxation of shared foundation combined with new opportunities of exploration beyond old roles, beyond old reality limitations. In all of this we are sharing a perspective that as with many definitions of self or choice what once was an optimization in some circumstances becomes obsolete and inappropriate with change. With our recent akashics exchange between our old tomril universe and our manifestation in the Milky Way Galaxy, we have all found new expansive options and possibilities, which are challenging us to release all old perspectives of limitation, to again push the boundaries of the possible, the desirable, the shareable, the 'self'. While much of the definition of family is based in shared past, it is now our shared mission of ascension facilitation, how we as a family are seeing ascension as foundational in our new shared reality, which is now the basis of our choosing shared potential time-lines, our choices of time-lines within the family of time-lines based on family. This is a wonderful opportunity for us all, as we participate in the whologram of New-Gaia."

"Perhaps the greatest expansion we are participating within, is the expansion of 'family' to include all the beings who are participating in the cocreation of and shared experience of New-Gaia. It has been stated by others that this is the first time anywhere in all of creation that a planetary ascension of an entire race has manifested. While we ascenders are all releasing the alternate time-line realities which do not result in our being part of an ascended New-Gaia, for some this means releasing what were once considered to be family members, those who are choosing an alternate path, reality, time-line, that means they will not be with us in the ascended New-Gaia. This is perhaps for many the most challenging version of 'family' level change. This brings to the forefront the awareness that more than anything else, it is our individual choice of consciousness which determines our realities, and that true family is that of shared consciousness. This is foundational in the cocreation of New-Gaia, that we are one family of conscious ascended beings sharing an ascended planet. This shared beleif in the oneness of our species on our planet, is the gateway reality to joining our galactic level reality, transcending our previous sandboxed limited reality of planetary consciousness, now updated to comprehend our planetary oneness, and participation within the larger whologram of galactic level reality. In our case as crystal faeries, we are aware of our origins outside the Milky Way Galaxy, and our integration of family across even galactic boundaries. This brings to awareness the next quantum level of family integration, that of intergalactic relationships. This is an opportunity for great expansion of consciousness, to be aware of shared family reality transcending very different manifestations in different galaxies. Truly this is a wonderful opportunity for expansion beyond all limits. "

3rd February 2014

"Our coming to this realm with tomril was based upon the percept of making a new start as beings chosing loving cocreation, leaving behind the space, energies, and entities of our realm, who had chosen conflict and destruction. The Milky Way Galaxy experienced similar history, and is still manifesting the light and dark polarities. Our reunion with our old realm has brought us to revisit what was, and alternative choices, alternative realities, another version of a new start. Ter-Ra's ascension now in progress towards 'Gaia' is another new start, another opportunity to synergize in loving cocreation. We feel it appropriate to share our percepts based upon our recent awareness of alternative new starts. It has been strongly in our awarenss the importance to fully release ones old reality, and come to neutrality about it, to be able to make a new start, a new reality. This can involve examining ones foundational precepts, to shift the entire reality, rather than just remodelling the old one a bit."

"By the nature of different densities, the 5D ascended reality of 'New-Gaia' is above the 4D densities of duality. This is the primary defining quality of the reality of 'New-Gaia', it is where we ascend ourselves above duality, dichotomy, into 5D oneness. That oneness already exists, so it is merely a matter of our aligning with it. Our ego is a construct of space-time, the dichotomous world of 4D. That 'self' is often our greatest attachment and illusion, the heaviest anchor weighing us down into 4D duality and dichotomy. All of the thinking of 'I' as separate from 'other' is 4D dualism. On the path of ascension, we must shift our thinking to 5D 'we', 'us', 'the one which is all'. The 5D 'I' is reassociated with the 'I AM' that is the one that is all that is each one."

"The group of tomril family who stayed behind in our original universe, had the opportunity to introspect into their own creation of destruction, and learn lessons of will within dichotomy within their own group. The group of tomril family who came with tomril to found ishnaa in the Milky Way Galaxy had intent for harmonious cocreation, but were then allowed the opportunity to extraspect the creation of destruction by other entities of this galaxy, learning lessons of will within dichotomy within this galaxy. Our recent family reunion via one of our 8D portals, and the resultant integration of dimensions, densities, and akashic records has afforded us the opportunity to compare and contrast notes, on what doesn't work and why, and what does work, and how. Unsurprisingly, the fundamental principles of existence and reality creation are consistent across creation, even if our stories differ on our paths of learning to master reality cocreation."

'The Hathors' state that we create change by hopping between time-lines.
The Hathors indicate that given our freedom of consciousness, there is no limit to the differences between parallel reality time-lines we may hop between, i.e. there is no limit to the size of miraculous change we may create, except our own consciousness, which brings celeste right back to the foundational concept of her earliest clairvoyant training, 'that we each create our reality by our choices', the more stable of which are known as 'beleifs' or 'beliefs'. What we learn from all of this is that you must have internal faith of sufficient strength and conviction to access a reality time-line, despite whatever evidence of manifest 'reality' may presently appear to your eyes, or "I'll see it once i beleive it."

4th February 2014

"We continue to oversee our network of 8D portals, keeping the energies balanced between them, and thereby balancing the planetary energy grids, as most of our portals are anchored into the energy grid of Ter-Ra, yet with our portal back to our origins of the tomril universe, we had to be the ones responsible for balancing those energies with the Ter-Ra energies. Those who have taken responsibility for their copies of our portals around the globe of Ter-Ra remain the ones responsible to balance the portal energies with the environment in which that portal is placed. As this network of portals is blessed greatly in 8D by the angelics who guide us in keeping it aligned with the divine plan, we are finding it to remain very clean and appropriate. We may also greatly credit for the purity of this manifestation that it is a construct within the family of time-lines of 'Gaia'. As the 'collective' of Gaia is splitting into the two major time-line families of 'armageddon' fall versus the ascending 'New-Gaia', there is less and less of the negativity of the old dualistic conflicts, a greater alignment with the divine plan, and graceful easy flow of the energetics of uniting disparate enclaves of ascending energies into the 'New-Gaia' 8D Ascension network."

By higher inspiration i was guided to break my normal pattern of ignoring broadcast media and i found The Secret of the Wings, a Disney 'Tinkerbell' movie, and cried through most of the movie as i felt my longing to be out of Ter-Ra-an reality, and manifest with my Faery kin. Perhaps differing from most who view this movie, i was aware that the secret of the wings is actually a real phenomenon, even amongst human forms, where the aetheric pattern of DNA can heal or 'upgrade' broken or damaged DNA, and that effectively that is what the angelic ascension codes do with our 'fallen' DNA codons, restoring the pattern to ascended state. This is a perfect metaphor for the ascension code activations i have been initiated to manifest for those i shall facilitate.

5th February 2014

Welcome to Kaua'i, the Garden Island of Lemuria, prototype land of ascension, the Ajna center of Clairvoyance, the primary 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal, New-Gaia's prototype for salvation for humans of Ter-Ra. Pono (righteousness) is a key to ascension, and is based upon ahimsa, aloha, authenticity, congruence, honesty, integrity.
Ascension involves releasing the dualistic world, including any attachments with or allegiance to it.
That which is bound on Ter-Ra is bound in heaven.
Ascension involves embracing the 5D+ world.
In the 5D+ world i am a crystal faery, and we are here on mission to facilitate ascension.

'As the higher self of celeste:crystalfaery, I, tomril, agree with my family of crystal faeries, that the 3D world especially, and the 4D world since the 2012-12-21 merge of 3D- up into 4D, is not of the ascended "New-Gaia", and therefore shall all fall away as dross in the process of ascension, and therefore, is of no concern to me or to the crystal faeries, for our answer to all of that is: "Let it go, it does not serve you, it is not of higher truth." However, until we are fully in New-Gaia, we each have to find our own blance with ahimsa, aloha, authenticity, congruence, honesty, integrity, pono.'

Remembering Einstein's: "No problem can be solved at the same level at which it was created.", we see ascension to 5D as the higher level at which in New-Gaia the presently existing problems with 4D Ter-Ra are transcended. Therefore, our focus is upon ascension as top priority. Declaring peace and union with all in love and light is the path to that reality we all invoke with the words 'namaste' or 'aloha'. It is time for us all to have character, integrity, and authenticity, to walk our talk, a self-healing we must accomplish in order to ascend.

"We shall remain in the celestial realms holding fast our contribution to ascension, our 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal, our gift to all of Kaua'i, to uplifit into higher vibrations, and to enlighten with angelic ascension codes, all who are open to receive the faery blessings we bring. One cannot enter the ascended New-Gaia while still carrying allegiance to lower realms, or to principles contrary to New-Gaia reality."

6th February 2014

Some days seem unfathomable, or that which arrives within the day, seems incomprehensible as my own creation. Ever the self-responsible reality creator, i ask what inside me is being mirrored by external reality?

'Just keep open to the positive possibilities in each situation.'

"There are things in development which have not yet manifested. Let yourself play more, and invest less in 'making things happen'."

Ascension is primarily due to divine intervention, says the starseed light and love worker.

'There are many opportunities to participate in a manner to raise consciousness.'

"You must take care of your own health first. Do not get caught-down in 4D reality. Retain your 5D perspective, even when none will listen."

7th February 2014

What must i release or embrace?

'Release attachment to incomplete "projects", again the theme of letting go of "perfecting your old time-line(s)". Some projects were about the project itself, others were about learning from the process of the project, whereby the project itself was merely a vehicle of learning. Your "vacation" from "all that was", is your opportunity to release the past, regenerate, reassess, revalue, rebirth.'

"Release all linear thinking, all sequential 'if this then that', all focus upon 'process of change', stay in the moment with your joy, regardless how well it is (not) presently manifest. Yes, be the 'airy-fairy' dreamer, the time-line hopper, the quantum leaper. All is temporary, even the limitations of present 'reality'."

7th February 2014

Starting with a spritz from my bottle of 'Fae Play', i attuned my aura to the 8D Portal invoked around a natural portal, time-travelling back to Pangea to bring forward into now the oneness of the planet, and then from the future, the wisdom to guide us here and now.

'As time is an illusion of the 4D lower realms, this integration of disparate time-lines, merging of different realities, may be seen as part of returning to the divine plan, for there were many alternative choices, only some of which align with the divine. It is also relevant to keeping consciousness in the now, (which is real), rather than wandering off into memories of past, or imagined futures.'

9th February 2014

i was blessed to be able to attend a classical quartet performance by a pianast friend with a cello and two violins, and she did a piano solo and we were also blessed by our hostess playing flute. Truly divine vibrations.

'Perhaps you are again inspired to practice with your own flute.'

"Allow yourself to continue to blossom into your new essence expression without hesitation."

10th February 2014

i comprehend that my life of facilitating others in ascension is one of surrender to the flow of the moment, which will place me where i need to be to be of service, yet i question what other factors are present and / or active in generating the reality in which i find myself?
Practical considerations of my own survival and life seem to be unaddressed yet, especially to the extent that i am directed to make choices for my own joy, therefore, i request support for those factors which do support my joy.
What do i need to know about my now and my future to choose appropriately?
In particular, i do not comprehend the apparent contradiction between the directive to get out into the world and have more people contact, at the same time my move has deprived me of practical transportation to do so, especially there being lack of support for my actually doing so in my most joyful mode. Other than your usual non-guidance to 'just be patient', what do i need to release, embrace, or change, do or not do, be or not be?

'Our mission must remain a priority, and that obviously depends upon your being publicly known, recognized, appreciated, and active. Simply adjust your expectations to successful graceful easy flow, instead of reacting to feared problems which do not yet exist. While not all details are yet satisfied, trust that divine synchrony shall yet arrive.'

"Realize that 'working at problem solving' is part of your old time-line, wheras now your mode is to be creation from and for joy. You are still trying to cover contingencies from the ego-peronality level, rather than trusting that things will work out for the best, even given individual, lifestyle, and physical worldly goods sacrifices you've had to make, are making, and shall have to make yet."

And as usual i am not to be informed of anything before it happens?

"Trust that you shall be walking only appropriate time-lines. Patience and faithful trust were not truly possible on the time-line you were required to walk doing your mission work to anchor the planet on the New-Gaia time-line until the 2012-12-21 gateway, so continue to release your old survival skills, and get accustomed to graceful easy flow. Even the changes in infrastructure yet incomplete are being attended."

11th February 2014

What should Kaua'ians know now about ascension?

"We have a very stable high vibration energy field now, and easy access to the relevant akashic records, DNA codon activation codes, and multiple levels of assistance, from direct conscious work by tomril via the celeste:crystalfaery incarnation, our own crystal faeries guidance, and access to the angelics who are focussed upon ascension, through our 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal for Kaua'i. Any individual actively seeking ascension is thus well supported. A far larger number of humans are willing to receive the blessings of an ascended reality, but are unwilling to change themselves to attain it. Of those, most are also unwilling to be changed to attain those blessings. A far larger number of humans only wish their 4D life improved, unwilling to comprehend that improvement is not available staying in 4D, but requires ascending to 5D, i.e. they wish blessings added to their current reality, failing to comprehend the mutual incompatibility of realities. Until more individuals actively seek ascension, and are willing to release their attachments to their 4D realities, we cannot expect a quantum leap of the collective, therefore, we remain focussed upon those who are both ready and willing. Our blog here is intended to support both that people may become aware of what is going on, what is required to join in the ascension process, and then receive assistance in their individual process of ascension. As always with light+love work, we can only offer an optional alternative, and proseletyzing is contradictory to honoring of free will choice, thus all aspects of our presentation are equivalent to offering something held in an open hand that others may choose to take a copy, which is, of course, why it's all also open-source. This is also why we offer an RSS-feed but not a mailing-list, in order to ensure we are not pushing anything, but that others must pull actively by free-will choice. We expect to initiate the next level of engagement by initiating ascension playshops. "

11th February 2014

Well yay, i have my phoneline again, now the question is will i also have internet in a week? I'll just let it all flow.

'You have enough other details to settle first.'

"We're glad your reality convergence is proceeding."

Well yay, a friend checked-in via phone! It was nice to catch up to now. It seems that collective reality continues in inertia.

'Continue to release your own inertia of perfecting old time-lines.'

"Allow yourself to find the blessings in each moment."

Unpacking boxes is still a treasure hunt, and Farmer's Market is always full of treasures. Sometimes i myself am the treasure, as, e.g., someone i met at Farmer's Market querried if i had been 'off-island' since she had not seen me in years, to which i could only reply that I've been on Kaua'i since 1999, and will never leave my nation until i ascend. It was returning to my ancient land of Lemuria, precious to me from past lives, which put the last puzzle piece into place for me to see my big picture of life path.

13th February 2014

As i awaken before another dawn, i am aware I'm just a pawn, in Goddess' great play, of her planetary day.

'Yet we are blessed to know our purpose. Knowing our place and role in the divine plan brings a clarity and a calm of certainty.'

"The alignment of group will with divine plan, optimizes our being and expression of our essences, our sharing of our love, and our facilitating others. Our unique perspective of crystaline realities from our ishnaan expression is our great gift to others now, as Gaia-an life now builds crystaline light-bodies of ascension."

We have been contemplating on-island group activities, 'ascension playshops', which feel like the next quantum level beyond our old group gatherings, and as such I'm feeling quite ready to facilitate, yet, without a suitable meeting space or transportation to such, i seem to be only able to await guidance or synchrony to provide these. Other than flowing in the moment with what the universe arranges to cross our path and present to me in the moment, and our daily blogging here, and remaining available to facilitate individuals, is there any focus i am missing?

'Relax and play, Fae.
When the world calls for patience, play, rather than strategizing how to move things forward before their time.'

Oh, release that old survival strategy.

"The integration of history from as far back as Pangea, through Lemuria and the Lemurian consciousness grid, now all aligned with the divine plan and the 8D ascension portal network and their connections with the Atlantean crystals, is proceeding to trigger quantum leaps in alignment with, and convergence upon, the foundational reality of New-Gaia. While the time-line(s) of Gaia rather differ from the armageddon family of time-lines, the ongoing process of divergence between those groups of time-lines is settling-out as we attain relative stability in who is in which group of time-lines, and therefore, the collective of energy patterns we've all brought to our collective reality. That the New-Gaia time-lines are founded upon alignment with the divine plan, ahimsa, and aloha, and that those present in the time-lines are anchored into those qualities of reality, is converging our New-Gaia into a comfortable foundation, upon which we may then build our individual or group variations of choice within those parameters. We have stated for some time that 'corruption just won't grow' (including GMO) any more, here on Kaua'i (within the primary 8D ascension portal), and we are observing recent activities in even the dualistic densities, as the energies of New-Gaia on Kaua'i take over reality."

"Fair be thy dreaming."

14th February 2014

i forgive that all may be free. i shine my light, love, strength, beauty. i choose my reality. i Am love's expression. Happy day of St. Valentine. i am in harmony with all that is. All is well for the blessings of all.

'Heart Hugs!'

"Spontaneous Joy!
in Rainbow Sparkles!"

The Full Moon was a wonderful wave of energy to ride in play.

"Moving forward in new manifestations via new time-lines continues in graceful flow."

15th February 2014

As with feathers layered in a wing, i am seeing closely interleaved time-lines, being aware of the rapid leaping between parallel realities.

'Beleifs create realities. You see the individual frames of reality "stepping by" to create the illusion of process, of "motion in time".'

"Releasing attachment to 'real' liberates consciousness to fly, to know that you are divine in essence."

16th February 2014

Flowing gracefully in the moment, timelessly engaged with creativity, joyful playful flowing heart of love, radiant light activating essence expression.

'I Am radiant aloha.'

"We resonate aloha."

17th February 2014

"Every character on the global stage is tragicomic, so bring your hanky and popcorn to watch the latest installment of memes being downloaded directly to your own subconscious!
No, seriously, turn off the Tel-Lies-Vision even if it is HD.
The first choice is whom pulleth thine strings?
If your face is smiling, and your heart is smiling, and your higher self is being bobble-headed buddha nodding approval, then you can pretty well guess you're on the right path to being your authentic self. Flow of the moment of your own joy is your path. Be the best you you can be, which of course, requires 100% relaxing into just being yourself :-) "

'We see the synthesis of New-Gaia forming.'

Thank you for your magick.

"We see fun coming. Play, Fae!"

18th February 2014

i continue to experience a fragmentation of consciousness into parallel time-lines which feels much more like actually living each reality simultaneously rather than just sitting in one reality observing alternative realities as a viewer. i interpret this as a shift from clairvoyant viewing to ascension into multidimensionality as both the experienced perception and the cocreative synergy of reality sharing.

'At the same time the close presence of spiritual family synergizes appropriateness.'

"Death and Rebirth continue to refresh you in the quantum leaps of DNA Codon activations you are receiving via your 8D portal."

Given the level and depth of, and the frequency of, death - rebirth cycles even within a single day, the wisdom flowing through this process during a break in normal reality is very appropriate.

"It is good to continue releasing the remaining fragments of self identities as they arise."

"Flyers everywhere are feeling linked, sharing routes without getting kinked, the old magnetic patterns no longer apply, for finding the food supply."

19th February 2014

"Joyful creativity is a path of expansion for all."

"Waves of synergy particularly among small groups of friends are likely to be the primary method to ascension growth for many individuals."

20th February 2014

Debita sequuntur personam debitoris. (Debts follow the person of the. debtor.) Story, Confl. of Laws, 362.

Debitum et contractus non sunt nullius loci. (Debt and contract are of no particular place.)

The debtor is slave to the creditor.
That which is bound on Gaia is bound in heaven.
That which is bound in heaven is bound on Gaia.

As transdimensional multidensity beings, it is our consciousness, contracts, and dharma which likewise, as aetheric energetic patterns, as abstract concepts of mind, as emotional energetic patterns, as physical embodiment, are our reality, one effect being the next cause, all being holographically fractally recursively linked, but what is more powerful than the ability to change our reality-creating beliefs?

'The choice to beleive in a loving and abundant reality.'

"In what we invest our focus of attention, intention, consciousness, non-neutrality, attachment or aversion, we empower to have more of in our lives.
Find those who are willing to synergize postitively."

21st February 2014

Cycles of energy oscillate physical manifestation.

Triggers for the master are welcome exercise.

'Allow the flow of the love.'

"Resonances of quantum leaps are bouncing around Ra's solar system, triggering temporary focus upon some emotion or thoughtform, followed by completely shifting to another quantum of energy."

21st February 2014

i Am in the Void again.

'I Am in cognizance of my mission and purpose. i Am what i need to be to serve my mission of ascension activation.'

"The Void is a step in time-line hopping. The more you can be undefined, the more you can be done with old time-lines, the more you can be free to anchor into new time-lines. You are continuing to master time-line hopping organically. Be maleable in manifestation while solid in essence and principle, mission and purpose. You have already recognized your new mastery in parallel reality walking, a skill of pathfinding least-resistance time-line hops accessing preferred realities."

"We see that the 4D- political structure has just 'behind closed doors' decreed a covert agenda regarding 'GMO on Kauai', that being that 'opposition to it shall not be tolerated'. This is an intersection between the covert occulted world of actual 'power structure' versus the overt theatrical PUBLIC 'Your vote matters!' govern-mentals. Somebody at very high levels has purchased access to Kaua'i for their subsidiaries and subcontractors. None of the motivational factors are visible, only the effects, that certain 'votes' just seem to go 'in favor of' certain 'parties', or 'groups of parties', like industries.
2014-02-22 18:46:48+00:00
Our only recommendation is to rise above the level of the problem, to see at a higher level a reality time-line of no problems, to be free to commit to that time-line and the interacting optimizations."

"Because the Divine Plan pre-fall template for the Garden Island was re-activated for Kaua'i some time ago, we have stated that: 'GMO (and other corruption) just will not grow on Kauai.' because the life energy grid holds the conscious intelligence of the species via DNA and in the ascension process all is corrected towards divine templates, or becomes unsustainable."

23rd February 2014

"The mysteries of the veiled occulted are a testament to covert agendae."

24th February 2014

My passion and creativity and interest are with cocreating in positive synergy rather than reality repair. It is time to be activating more advanced people at higher levels in order to populate the first wave of ascension. i feel the energy of facilitating playshops for 'faery magick' and 'ascension activation', so how shall such be supported?

"We shall speak spontaneously for ourselves, but we are neither the presentation nor the presenter. The focus of attention is upon empowering the individual, not upon whom is the vehicle of spirits' activation and initiation. It is about ones higher self, ones eternal life, and soulful reality."

Does this correlate with previous guidance to focus upon those who can already sustain 4D vibration, and should that be updated to 5D? Presumably the focus upon ascension implies that all my work should be ascension focused even if those seeking my help think they want 'healing'?

"Yes, all things in that context. In this sense you must direct your own sessions by focus. This could also be described as an upgrade of model of health to the 'ascended model'. It can all be seen as time-line hopping, or quantum reality leaping. Either 'healing' or 'ascension' are just time-line hops, as are little manifestations."

"For the ascension activations support is required for people's detachment from non-ascended 4D realities, as well as the frequencies and codons of ascension being invoked as their new reality."

"For faery magick we would like to teach manifesting blessings, including the blessing of health from aligning with ones 8D ascended template of aetheric body, an update from a non-ascending health 'model'."

"As the pupae must await transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, so must you complete your rebirth process to launch your new quantum level of lightwork. You already see new skills manifesting spontaneously in the process. Trust the flow and the outcome."

25th February 2014

Today marks 5 months of blogging and more than a month our blog has been offline.
We went from the highest of visions for doing lightwork on Kaua'i, to a state of disability by virtue of no communication or transportation, and while I've been patient and am looking for the blessings in it all, it still feels that our entire mission has been at least delayed. i know that time-line hopping is a game of masters, and sincerely expect to succeed at hopping to a better reality.

'We have always "gone for the gold" in our endeavours, and we shall as always persist in perseverence until we succeed. Know that we completely shifted the planetary ascension game with the introduction of our 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals, and with the 8D Portal Network now in place we have defused the stargate wars. Our 2009 December Peace Treaty between Annunaki and Pleiadians and all Hybrids, also completely shifted the planetary ascension process, so in no way can we consider our incarnation a failure. We are not done playing this game.'

"Trust that we are 'on-line' with multidimensional multidensity cocreation even while you are off the internet, We don't bother you with more details than you ask for or need to know in order to limit overwhelm, despite your gung-ho 'I want it all now' approach to learning, and despite your 'I am ready to take on anything' approach to creating. As you have experienced already, our time-line hopping may involve several smaller jumps in lieu of certain larger jumps not so easily accomplished. The emptiness you feel and worry about is merely the lack of your activity in lower densities which has been replaced by higher density activities of cocreation, for which we can only tell the lower densities: 'be patient', and 'trust the higher perspective to deliver better results'."

So, do you have any guidance for me in the short term you're ready to share?

"Prioritize off-line networking with Kaua'ians, developing your new network of new friends and associates, appropriate to your mission and level of lightwork. You are not here to 'fit in' with anything that exists. You are here to catalyze change to a higher reality. As one on the leading edge of consciousness development, you must learn patience with the rest of the world, and grant grace to and for others who persist in choices of low consciousness, and release all expectations of a 'quick solution', as, while you may not need to learn from much more process, many you are here to serve still require learning via process. In that, even our own process here in this blog can be educational. This is actually a lesson of great utility, as many will struggle with their higher-lower self dichotomy, and mastering integration and balancing of them is essential. You have witnessed certain others attempt the 'ascension of consciousness' via denial of their own ego, with disruptive results when that suppressed individuality surfaces. Here we have our trialog with the different perspectives, priorities, and approaches to cocreating quantum leaps. Perhaps our situation is poignant for the intimacy of our family, as the tomril channelling of we crystal faeries is by 'one of us' rather than by some 'outside' channeller. "

'It was the expansion of my own identity to include my starseed roots and family which allowed me to feel integrous channelling our collective consciousness, as, for me, the higher-lower self connection is too private to allow intrusion by others.'

26th February 2014

"We suggest this is primarily a day of grace."

'A day for attending small stuff.'

Roger that.

27th February 2014

Is there any belief within me which attracts any processes?

"Healing orientation keeps one focussed on past (illusion) as causative rather than the present choice of reality.
Goal orientation keeps one focussed on future (illusion) rather than the real here and now.
Presence in the here and now as only the here and nows is all that is."

'I am putting forth the energy of playshops of faery magick.'

"Ask your community for support, no matter how difficult it is for you to do so."

28th February 2014

'I am seeing a network of individuals who are sovereigns, all meeting and travelling via the 8D portal network. This has evolved organically from word of mouth referrals.'

This is very good.

"Thus 8D portals to ascended New-Gaia."

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