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1st July 2014

i awake from lucid dreaming, clearly "working on" a relationship, with an alleged "friend" who does not honor me. Once more it is quickly becoming clear, who walks the talk and who only talks the walk.

It also sadly remains quite clear, that most are unwilling to do their inner work, and still seek an external authority to give them the reality they "say" they choose, (because it sounds nice to them), but until they learn the lesson that, their life is only a mirroring of their inner reality, and that only they can themselves sustain change; as long as they seek a mother or father surrogate, to do it for them, they will stay stuck where they are.

All healing is self-healing. A "healer" can only quantum entangle and shift the "healee's" energy for the duration of the healing session, but the individual has to choose to, and then engage their will to, hold the new energy patterns, or they will fade.

Most people are operating in conflicted will, without clear prioritization of their multiple wills, resulting in mutual self sabotage between mutually incompatible realities. The most frequent one is "I want freedom and dependence." For anyone to take on caretaking you, they must have control of your reality, so these relationships are conflictory by design, and always produce negative outcomes.

To focus upon these clearly dualistic issues is a complete waste of time, and my higher self won't allow it, so, i say goodbye to yet another being, who is committed to 4D reality. Bye! Enjoy! i wish you graceful flow.

'Go beyond the anger at their willful negativity, access and release the grief of having to walk away, and rise to compassion, releasing all empathy.'

"Grace is greatly blessing all on Ea-Rth now, though as you are witnessing, many will fail to take advantage of it, even though the 'keys to the kingdom' have been placed in their hands. Your readiness and willingness to help, as an ascension catalyst, must remain focused on those with whom your application of time and energy will actually be productive. You are merely one of the many awake beings who have been 'warning them' that time is running out for them. Rest easy that you have done your job, that it was good enough. As you started this session, you could clearly see it is their will. And that you must accept. Cease interpreting it as your failure. Cease perfecting the old time-lines. Now we see you forming an intent to 'just teaching one more lesson' as you resist abandoning these people. Girl, don't go there. Yes, teach those who are genuinely willing, but release all efforts to awaken the unmotivated. Just let go and walk away."

2nd July 2014

Again this morning my journey from lucid dreaming to wakefulness was in turbulent awareness of dealing with 'friends' and our relating, and their resistance to my commitment to a 5D life, their intent to pull me back into their 4D lives, to continue to fulfill their dependence choice. This quantum leap is not the first time in my life, I've dealt with this issue, and is in fact, how i wound up moving to Hawai'i in the first place, and from O'ahu to Kaua'i, but this time there is no geographical change, just vibrational reality shift. The conscious friction is coming up in communications, e.g. telephone calls, wherein i am clearly holding our conversations to 5D reality, as they persist in attemting to share 4D issues with me. Yes! i do minister to people committed to making the 4D to 5D jump, but i shall no longer validate 4D reality as real for me, nor waste my time or energies helping them with their 4D issues, when the solution to all of them, not just the issue du jour, is to leap to 5D where none of those issues can exist. Is this perception accurate?

'Yes, continue to grieve, separate, and hold to 5D.'

"While your own version of releasing 4D and all relationships anchored there is only dealing with chosen friends who previously weren't so inappropriate, this is helping you experientially know the process, and have compassion for those whose entanglements are more deeply anchored in 'family', which is likely to be an issue for most of the people you will facilitate."

i am feeling very blessed with the opportunity to share learning and growth with a friend who's visiting for now. i feel comfortable and relaxed with her energies around :-) Thank you divine guidance for another unplanned blessing, which feels very much to be a 5D reality mirror.

3rd July 2014

Sweet is the gentleness of early morning, before the cocks start crowing. Sanctuary is the word i am feeling to express the gentle repose i experience for my guest and myself.

'We are glad you enjoy these blessings. We intend to spark some cocreations between you.'

"We concur, suggesting the mirroring to be beneficial to both."

Gentle rains bless our garden isle, so verdent, so alive. i know the planetary cycles continue to trigger the dualistic world, yet wonder any activity of note in New-Gaia, or Kaua'i's 8D ascension portal, or our growing network of portals? Are my friend's assertions about our portals and network accurate?

"There is nothing untrue in his claims of safety and appropriateness in the greater sharing of portals more widely now. Your caution is based in old time-lines, your sense of your own responsibility for them, all based in your ethical hygienics, and at this point is unnecessary, for the 8D portal network we have initiated has been adopted by 8D+ angelics and was always in alignment with and sparked from the divine plan. Within the time-lines of Gaia realities our portals are no big deal, for it was in the interaction between Old-Gaia and New-Gaia that the delicate introduction of portals benefitted from your cautious guidance, whereas in the intervening time the turbulence between Old-Gaia and New-Gaia has lessened as their time-lines continue to diverge into stable separation. We might summarize that the chaos of the time-node in which you launched them has largely passed. Congratulations on a job well done, now relax and play, dear high priestess."

Other than flow of the moment, what do i need to know to best facilitate my guest?

Just enjoy her blossoming as you would a rose, and share what play you may. Mostly you shall both benefit from mirroring your high priestess roles for Gaia.

i am appreciative of this faery blessing :-)

i am struggling with being forced off of the internet and off of the roads by the corrupt beast system, which everyone, including nearly all those who call themselves friends, and all those I'm here to facilitate, except one living being i now know on Kaua'i, are supporting by their voluntary citizenship. Am i to just allow my domains to expire and stay off the internet?

"Just keep speaking the truth to everyone you meet, whether or not they like that truth, you must speak it, and without waiting for the invitation to do so. Persist in alternatives which do not require changing corpse-orations or governments."

4th July 2014

Wow, what was that extended dreaming about?

'This was a release of fears from subconscious, necessary to quantum leap to your next level. The specifics are not the focus, their basis in fear is. Allow yourself to receive the divine love.'

"Release all fears as images in contrast to your appropriateness. Return to 5D consciousness transcending all dichotomies, especially where your energy charge of fear defines a polarity. Know you were facilitating your guest and pre-processing energies of today's group gathering."

Oh, of course, now it makes sense. Thank you.
Are there further messages for today's group, or for everyone, to be channelled?

'Remember the laws of contract and fall not prey to the attempted imposition of external authority, in any way, ever.'

"As you walk the world protected by our 8D-4D portal of the New-Gaia network, know there is nothing to fear, you are on divine mission, and are blessed with grace."

Today is a day of forgiveness from me: reviewing, forgiving, and releasing, those who do not honor me, do not value my gift to them, do not respect me. Bye... Blessings to you in your 4D life.

"We are very happy to see such graceful growth and sharing with your guest."

"Continue to release your emotional discomfort with the isolation of holding to 5D reality."

5th July 2014

Everything feels very calm inside, and the world this morning is quiet, after yesterday's chaotic energies.

'We continue in grace the unfolding of the blossoming of our New-Gaia Time-Line.'

"Notice there is actually much activity of connecting and cocreating amongst the New-Gaia 5D beings travelling via our 8D portal network, however, as all is flowing in appropriateness, the gentleness and grace of all that flow, the peacefulness of our relationships, is quite in contrast to the 4D versions so characterized by much "negotiation" of conflicting wills. Our alignment with the divine plan and foundation in unity, makes for spontaneous cocreations of wonderful ease and synergy. To answer your unvoiced question, this is why you have been sleeping extra lately, as you explore cocreations with so many beings. This is a natural consequence of your recent realization that you no longer need to focus on mothering the portal network, and can just relax and play via the network. Enjoy."

i am aware to ask how fares our ozzie girl?

"She is still flying "under the radar", yet on an individual level coming out of her shell to play high-priestess. Her blossoming is perhaps slow yet progressing to her comfort. Your heart may rest that while still entangled in 4D she will make it to 5D. Her 8D portal is, of course, of great assistance and protection for her. And we see your care broadening the question, and so we say next that you may release all concerns over those who were your students before, and for whom you gifted 8D portals, they are all "unstuck" to whatever level they choose, and you may release all responsibility for them."

"Release the motivation of seeking to know more, to know of "progress" in the (illusion of) process in jumping realities / time-lines of "ascension". Note that within our 8D portals reality is quite stable, as our portal network is fully integrated in 5D New-Gaia, so most of the "change" or "process" is happening outside our portals. Given that we caretake the Kaua'i'an 8D portal, Kaua'i is relatively stable, certainly at 5D level, whereas the consistent energies thereof continue to trigger those still engaged in 4D (e.g. politics), primarily to be aware via contrast between that which they dislike vs. prefer, but many are still attempting to "change" 4D, rather than cognizing the larger lesson to move beyond it to 5D. This then is a message you are to speak where you see others stuck in 4D."

6th July 2014

What do i or we need to know, to accellerate ascension?

'Relax, you are on your appropriate time-line of ascension, and are only rarely temporarily stuck in any issue along the way.'

"There is grace in and for all you do. Your total surrender to your path of facilitation, does not mean all your time will be full, so relax into the times of pause or intermission, know there is nothing wrong when you are not feeling change. Your old habit in old time-lines was to have to 'push' for growth, whereas now in your new time-line you merely relax and allow flow in the now. The fear is that if you are not pushing or struggling with growth, then you will miss the ascension, but that is illusion. Just release it."

Today's flow offered an interesting journey into 'Science of Mind', which according to one of my long ago clairvoyance students is a wonderful foundation or preparation for that which i have taught. This also correlated with requests for me to teach more clairvoyance classes. So, it is time to ask for guidance about these matters. Am i to teach old time-line tradition, or keep focus on 4D- to 5D+ ascension activation?

"Answer the call of those on Kaua'i who are seeking to ascend."

i experienced a deep confirmation of a scenario related with Andromedan culture triggered by my guest that what transpired there was that in their history the women were driven from their domicil planet by men fearful of the women's power, and then the women founded what we now know as the primary Andromedan culture. Have we any commentary about this?

"This is one of the holopatterns manifested in the dark and light universe now being brought to balance within all who wish to ascend, for all ascension requires balancing and neutrality about all dichotomies to become wholistically inclusive, as is necessary to exist within transcendent time-line realities."

'Certainly you are already aware that gender is one of humans strongest attachments to illusion.'

7th July 2014

What must i clear to progress with playing my flute?

'Resistance to structured or left-brained learning, and in general all guilt structures about play vs. work.'

"Release all fear of not being supported in your play and passion. You are certainly willing to facilitate others powerfully at your level of expertise and to their level of willingness, so any time you are not 'working your mission' is not from any 'slacking' on your part, thus release all 'productivity' programming."

i had an interesting experience today of flowing all day, facilitating others, and then at one point, one i was assisting queried about today's energies being 'different', and i hadn't noticed such, as i was operating in my 5D bubble throughout, but upon query, focussed on the 4D world, and noticed that there had been astrological triggering (time effects in 4D), and general mood shift on emotional level around the planet, resulting in a bit of depression for many, so having read the lower energies, the querant confirmed that is what they had been experiencing. In facilitating another being with ascension issues, i noticed their being between time-lines, stuck between, and that the 4D and 5D time-lines had quantum-leaped apart, thus it is getting progressively more difficult to leap between the 4D and 5D families of time-lines, just as has been predicted would happen, and it's getting very very real, the separation of the worlds, so I'd say that practically speaking, this is close to last call for ascension. The Hathors predict difficulty time-line hopping as of 2015.

8th July 2014

i continue to find the very deepest of peace and calm, not just within myself as has always been available via meditation, but within the realms of 5D New-Gaia, within our 8D ascension portals, and with all the entities who share these realms. The fundamental respect and honoring of all relating here, is so gracefully flowing and harmonious, that i so very much do not miss 4D relating of competition and conflict. i notice in particular a pervading sense of appropriateness, contrasting with the 4D disharmonious wills. i have long known of the two primary (4D) worldly models of 'reality', which some entities have claimed were constructed to facilitate or manage 'growth'. One is the hierarchal model of submission to external authority, the other is conflict and chaos of competition. i find a wonderous freedom from both of those realities, abiding in 5D. Perhaps the greatest blessing is the complete freedom from effort. Notably (and joyously) absent is any sense of effort or necessity to do. That which is appropriate flows automagickally, and so gently. Although there is a knowing of participating in choice which does affect manifestation, there is not a direct sense of 'I did it', nothing to 'take credit for', and in this there is no competition with others, and no valuing of anything, other than its appropriateness, which flows automagickally as reflection of essence. As i search for words, i find another approach is to say that this is living in dominion. Even such a word has a completely different meaning within transcendent nonduality than in dualistic realms.

'You are aware that the realness of your 5D experience, the stability of abiding in the New-Gaia time-lines, is a direct result of your level of willingness to fully release 4D. Knowing the mutually exclusive nature of these realities was foundational to your willingness to be done with 4D realms. In compassionate facilitation of others making this transition, you are already aware that most are bound to 4D, based on their emotional ties to other beings bound to 4D, resulting in the delaying of, or even sacrifice of, ascension itself, for the group to remain together. While it is obvious to you, for many experiencing such attachment, their own perception is often that they are experiencing or demonstrating "love", when clearly the actual motivation is attachment based in fear. Those unwilling to face and feel their fear remain controlled by it, compelled to behave in avoidance of the feeling of fear, and this completely precludes any possibility of being in the 5D ascended realms. This may be summarized as trusting and having faith in ones own spirit, rather than in other incarnate beings as the "source" of solutions. Yes, others may facilitate, but essential is self responsiblity as reality creator.'

"tomril's explanation is perhaps that which many may be open to 'hear', but as you know our perspective is transcendent beyond all those things which are of 4D, or of the 'process' of transition between 4D and 5D. Let us emphasize that there is no effort or process to transition, to jump between time-lines, to make quantum leaps between parallel realities. So, we again bring attention to everything being frequency, and the necessity of raising one's frequency to joy, by focussing upon the positive, even if, especially when, it has not yet manifest as you prefer. 'Reality' is only a mirroring of one's inner frequencies. A healer may temporarily via quantum entanglement uplift the individual, but only the individual can be there 24/7/365 to hold the vibration of joy, and that is only likely sustainable as a result of a choice to be joyous."

The most precious gift any of us can give to another being, is the experience of our being fully present in complete authenticity. i have been experiencing wonderful appreciation of exactly that in exchange with my delightful guest. i feel very blessed.

9th July 2014

Gentle flowing energies begin my day, gracefully.

'All is in alignment and appropriate now.'

"We are glad you are enjoying the manifestation of our guidance in the form of synchronistic 'happenstance' to place you in most appropriate circumstances."

'Continue to release and grieve of your old time-lines, as you recently noticed, attachment to completing projects previously initiated, which are no longer relevant or important to your New-Gaia Time-Line.'

10th July 2014

After much 'processing' on the astral planes overnight, of what shall i or we be aware? I'm no longer feeling so uncomfortable in the body, yay!

'Ongoing energy activations of body to accomodate higher frequencies are a big part of ascension, and as you may surmise, trigger releasing of lower vibration patterns, therefore your clearing process involves your unique releasing, yet is characteristic of necessary release process experienced by all ascending. While the process involves clearing in all 'bodies' (physical, emotional, mental, aetheric), the lesson for all ascenders is to surrender to the process, and walk through the discomfort in order to attain the great blessings of ascension to 5D. For all that humans seek "freedom" it is often something resisted when it arrives. There is absolutely no "security" in the lower levels when living infinite possibilities in each moment. We are glad you are comfortably flowing with living in each moment as undefined, and unlinked to any other moment. We see that it was a quantum leap to release all ego based control of, or knowing of, the "reality" you are living.'

"Consciousness is the essence of who we are and the basis of all which appears to 'manifest' as its mirror. As your consciousness is liberated to embrace infinite possibilities, so is your access to miraculous synergistic synchronistic appropriate manifestation of your intent enabled. Knowing deeply that your flow of life is completely supported is key to joyous living. Joyous playful creation and cocreation is the essence of living in 5D New-Gaia Time-Lines."

Triggered by recent comments and experiences of others dealing with challenging internal changes, i scan and notice that yes there is a fair amount of turbulence in 4D, therefore any aspect of us still in that frequency range is getting triggered, whereas all seems to still be quite calm and flowey in 5D, particularly in our 8D ascension portals. Meanwhile, i am noticing my body to be a bit tired, so shall retire early and get up early to channel.

My day concluded with the blessings of a visit from an angelic spirit, a high priestess i have cocreated with for years, and who initiated me in quantum leaps which have allowed my present reality. Mahalo nui loa, dear angel. -- celeste

11th July 2014

i am feeling a convergence of time-lines, a blessing creating greater synergy. This seems to me to be a Gaia reality, as two versions of New-Gaia have merged, thus synergizing and empowering the combined time-line. This is a quantum leap up for New-Gaia, and thereby another level of separation between, the armageddon family of time-lines, and the New-Gaia family of time-lines. For those of us dwelling in New-Gaia, this is a wonderful blessing, irrelevant to those anchored into the 4D- reality, but presenting a further challenge to anyone who intends to leap from 4D- to 5D+. It has been predicted that by 2015-09-27 the 'window of opportunity' to make that transition will have closed for all but the most exceptional beings, as time progression makes it ever more challenging to jump the widening gulf of frequencies. In more local terms, if you want to catch the first wave of ascension, you better be paddling really fast right now or you're gonna miss it. For those of us already surfing the wave, it's a beautiful ride. Well, that's the view from inside the body, what's the perspective from 8D?

'Yes this is a wonderful alignment to the divine plan of the creator of this galaxy. It could be described as an angelic blessing of divine intervention to help with the ascension of New-Gaia, and at the same time that was possible due to the gentle alignment of will of all the beings dwelling in 5D New-Gaia. The positive synergy of will alignment is miraculous to 4D percepts.'

"Partially this quantum leap is a direct result of the contributions of 'family' from outside our galaxy, who are participating in our ascension via the network of 8D portals. The development of New-Gaia as a prototype of ascension is a blessing for many outside our galaxy as well as being a creation within it. So, we offer a big 'mahalo' to our angelic friends for coordinating this now."

i have been blessed, as it were, with an opportunity during the last 24 hours to witness and remain detached from, transcendenent above (in 5D+), some of the struggles now playing out within 4D- time-lines, and between those beings still anchored into 4D- time-lines, and those of us dwelling in 5D+ New-Gaia. The 4D- duality which is playing out is the attachment by some entities to their games of "power", where "power" is the limited form of "power over others", rather than true power of dominion to directly create reality.

12th July 2014

Sometimes i still very much experience "human" emotions, and am not fully transcendent, as telempathy brings me awareness, of the challenges and suffering, being experienced by others i care about, have in some way become attached to, or in any way responsible for. Such is the case this morning, as i shed tears for a friend of the light, who is being abused, for holding to the light, rather than being seduced by darkness, the darkness i subtly referred to in last night's closing channelling, about the games of power over others, still being played out by some who pretend to be "of the light", but are in fact operating in darkness, having been seduced by their own egoes, into the use of what limited "spiritual" powers they are able to manifest, to control others. i know who you are. i know what you have done, and the cover under which this dark coven operates. i am not your enemy, i shall not fight you. i am not your friend, i shall not help you. By remaining engaged in the dualistic "power over others" game, you prevent your own ascension. i need do nothing about any of this, but myself remain neutral and transcendent above it in nonduality. Your attempts to manipulate me through others, have failed, again. i shall not name you, for any attention given you only empowers your darkness. So, then, why do i mention this at all to anyone? To flush out of my life all who carry any agendae other than light and ascension. To remind others to look beneath the surface of people and situations. And as a slight "memorial" to a friend of the light, whose innocence and purity has not been enough, to fully protect her from this dark coven, which is trying to force her to join them. And that is why i cry tears this morning. This only deepens my resolve to hold Kaua'i in the light of New-Gaia, via our 8D Ascension portal. You of the dark coven shall be left behind in 4D Gaia, having missed the 1st wave of ascension. So it is, not by my will, but by your own choices. May this be a wake-up call to any who dabble in the dark arts, who are similarly seduced by the illusion of "power", expressed as power over others. i call all beings present upon Kaua'i into karmic accountability to the law of ahimsa.

[UPDATE: 2014-07-29 15:07:50+00:00
The King’s Decree of 7-28-14, “Regarding the United States Navy and the destruction of Hawai’i’s marine environment”]

'None of these issues exist within 5D New Gaia, and we reiterate that we shall not engage with 4D reality, other than to assist those who sincerely intend to ascend to 5D to make the leap from 4D to 5D, the very focus of our mission here. Therefore, i, tomril / celeste, forgive, release, and return to neutral detachment.'

"There are no exceptions to 'you create your own reality'. There are no exceptions to our honoring the free will choice of all entities. There is no wavering in our holding our 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i's sovereign space. We may feel compassion for those struggling in 4D time-lines, but we can only facilitate those whose choices are compatible with 5D New-Gaia. All else shall be left behind in the parallel-reality time-lines, as New-Gaia continues its ascension. As the 4D and 5D time-lines continue to diverge, as created by the collective consciousness in 4D, there is increased struggle and suffering. Be of joy that you have found your way to 5D New Gaia, and that you are graced with opportunities to help the sincere leap from 4D to 5D."

The day unfolded with a flow of synchronicities. As the yin and yang moved into oppostion for the evening's solar-lunar oppostion so did the energies of 4D conflicts sort themselves from 5D unified flow. i have observed over decades of experience that when energies shift in big ways, all relationships are thereby affected, so upon making a quantum leap, it triggers dormant relationships to reactivate, as people "check in" to see what shifted, and whether appropriateness has increased or decreased, time to engage or disengage, and so i have experienced both communications recently with those who have noticed my new level of energy and commitment to 5D time-lines. Sleep calls me now that my body may rest.

13th July 2014

After all the recent 4D turbulence, accentuated by last night's full moon, are there any lessons for those of us ascending, or for those contemplating choosing to ascend?

'The available "lessons" are not new; the opportunity to learn them is freshly triggered. Allowing all others to choose of free will, implies allowing them to choose that which is inappropriate for ourselves, and thereby to dwell in a parallel reality separate from that of our own dwelling. Thus, those insistent we all share one reality, are not respectful of free will choice, and therefore can only live in a single time-line reality of conflict. Fortunately, they are not in fact able to force that on anyone. It is agreed upon by those of 5D New-Gaia to allow difference without conflict, to respect the right of choice by all. The intent to force others to agree with ones own choices, is a characteristic of the 4D reality.'

"We are inspired to comment upon the concept of 'mutually exclusive', traditionally expressed in English as 'or' implying exclusive 'or', versus the other kind of 'or' which is inclusive. The separation of 4D and 5D reality time-lines is a way of honoring the mutually incompatible realities, of those who choose conflict versus those who choose harmony. The natures of 4D Old-Gaia versus 5D New-Gaia realities are mutually exclusive, which is why we have to choose which to make our chosen time-line, and is therefore why we have to share that chosen reality with others of the same choice. To merge realities with another entity who is of the other mutually exclusive reality, is to abandon your reality and join them in theirs. There is always free will, but we are all now choosing which of these mutually exclusive realities we prefer, and a number of sources indicate that switching to 5D New-Gaia is becoming increasingly difficult, and will be beyond the ability of most by the end of 2015, so if you desire to ascend, it's time to commit to that as your priority."

14th July 2014

"Since our mission is to work at the boundary between 4D and 5D realities, you will have to deal with a certain amount of 4D sillyness while in service. Just remember the correct focus to facilitate the leap between the realms, and not to get caught in any of the conflict of the lower realm, or between realms. Release your worry or concern, remember you are protected and walk in grace. Yes, you have become pleasantly accustomed to a very clean psychic space while you were hermited, yes things are heating up now, and yes you are now called to be more engaged with 4D to 5D interactions."

"The solar-lunar opposition clearly triggered a refresh of all percepts of relationship. Not only did each being need to update to present time in seeing who you have become, but you must release all past-based percepts of any responsiblity for others. Stay completely in the now with each being, whether or not there is any illusion of history with them, and quickly triage each relating in the moment."

i have definitely noticed lately that it is very depleting and sabotages my life in 5D to attempt to relate with those who are anchored in 4D for the moment, and that my compassion based responsiblity for them cannot override their choice of 4D, but that i have difficulty just walking away, though the necessity of doing so is unmistakeable now. How may i find an easier path of just walking away? Why do i still feel responsible for them? Obviously this is dysfunctional.

"You have confused your actual mission of facilitating the willing and committed, with the saviour role responsible for their actual outcome. Remember your training. Your actual responsiblity is to the highest of ethics in facilitation, but you may not accept any responsibility for their actual outcome. We are now triggering you to release these old patterns of inappropriate responsibility."

It is a pleasure to facilitate others awakening to authenticity, and is how humanity and our planet are healing now, one soul at a time.

15th July 2014

The Goddess is afoot, and magick is alive. In the plant world, the blossoming of a flower is a beauty to behold. In the animal world, the emergence of a butterfly from her cocoon is the fruit of transformation. In the world of the goddess, a woman claiming her divinity, the emergence of the high priestess, is living magick. In my faery world of spiritual awakening, i am blessed to provide sanctuary for an emerging high priestess. i am so happy whenever another goddess emerges from her cocoon of pretending to be "merely human". Kaua'i is a goddess island, the healing venue of so many goddess emergences, magick i so love to facilitate. When a goddess can feel safe to be authentically herself, to be divine and magickal, to be the expression of the divine feminine alive, it is such a miracle. i celebrate once again, the joy of mystery, the fun and play of spirit, that Magick is alive. This is the power of giving unconditional love.

'Our dear Andromedan Faery Princess is indeed blossoming beautifully.'

"The convergence and cocreation between the spiritual family of our Andromedan Princess and our crystal faeries family is indeed a beautiful synergy, now greatly facilitated by the new quantum level of connection via the growing network of 8D portals. We have upated the akashics templates available via our portals to share the newly available blessings contributed by our Andromedan sisters, who have volunteered to co-caretake our Kaua'ian ascension prototype."

'This is indeed cause for great celebration.'

i was about to close this mornings channelling with great joy, when there was a "knock-knock" on my crown chakra, from our cetacean friends, who just contributed from their akashics a template of ancient wisdom, (which even predates the Lemurian consciousness grid of Lemuria), which just linked-in their subspace network with our 8D ishnaa / Andromeda portal network. Mmmm... this fae girl is going to close this posting for now, so she can close her physical eyes and project through her 3rd eye to go exploring our now amazingly expanded portal network... laters :-)

As with the symbolism of a row of dominoes standing on end, once you knock one over each knocks over the next one, a chain of awareness has just been unlocked for me in dreamtime. Soon after awakening i was inspired to play my flute along with listening to Bruce Mitchell's Celtic Compilation, and had chills all up my spine as Hathorian frequencies came through on the carrier waves of my flute tones, as i have in the last month been initiated to do by the Hathors. Soon thereafter i was blessed with the gift of a beautiful necklace carrying both a crystal and a faery, by my guest, the Andromedan Faery Princess. The crystal carried more akashics information which triggered more chills along my spine, and a tender awareness, with many tears, of a deep knowing of who we are, and what we are doing here, as she and i mirror our roles as high priestesses. And so today is a powerful initiation, a quantum leap, for both of us, a major fulfillment of why we have been brought together, guided to cocreate, to support each other in blossoming our priestesshood. i already blogged above about the amazing results in quantum leaping our 8D portal network, and how the Cetaceans then joined their galactic portal network with the portal network as expanded by the ishnaa / Andromeda alliance she and i had just cocreated, now a combined Andromeda Cetus ishnaa portal network. This is a huge galactic healing of epic and mythological proportions.

celeste applies YLO "Magnify Your Purpose" oil blend to bless her channelling of this higher realm information now, and "Kiss" essence while listenting to Kate Bush's "Sensual World". This is indeed a day of high priestess faery magick. Just checking... let's pull a card from "The Secret Dakini Oracle" deck:
37 Fire of Sacrifice: Consciousness through sacrifice, Commitment, Deliberate act of self-sacrifice. Development of faith through action.
This is indeed the essence of the rebirth happening today. It is the sacrifice of the ego in the fire of Kundalini, to burn away all the false self, leaving only the pure essence of one's authentic soul, awake with the knowing of one's spiritual ancestry and origins, and even the burning away of that history to be liberated from the past, to be completely free in the moment to be anything now. This is a stargate to infinite possibilities.
it is finally time to leave behind the trauma and fear of Ea-Rth's burning times, and in the case of our Andromedan Princess, time to leave behind the persecution of having been driven out of one's own domicil, for standing in one's own spiritual power.
No more shall the goddess be scarificed on the altar of men's fear of her. The divine feminine is mystery, unknowable, and absolutely uncontrollable, and she cannot be possessed, not through bondage and not through marriage.
On the 'aina of Kaua'i, this shall be a place of freedom and safety for all goddesses, So mote it be, and so it is.
-- i Am
The combined Andromedan Cetacean ishnaan star families have declared this to be the ascension portal for, and prototype manifestation of, 5D New-Gaia. Kaua'i's sovereign space is sacred goddess space.

16th July 2014

As with all which presents itself to me, i am always asking the question:
"of what in me is this a mirror?" and:
"do i wish to keep that aspect of myself?"
With a high rate of change, growth, healing, the mirroring from the world will likewise track, or, the mirroring can become obsolete, a ghost image from history, in which case the realization of its being
"out of present time" is the lesson, followed by:
"why is it not in present time?"
i am comparing and contrasting dichotomous relationships with two who seek me for clairvoyant reading and healing:

Neither of these would choose to seek a "Faery Magician" nor an "Ascension Worker" which would be far more accurate descriptions of who i have become and what i uniquely offer now, which cannot be found so easily from within the general class of "clairvoyant healers" which is perhaps how i was perceived that they sought my assistance in the first place. The problem with being on the very "cutting edge" of lightwork and lovework, is that many don't "get it". i am deeply committed to the highest of truth and ethics, which has always prohibited me from "promoting what sells", therefore, as a consequence, now that I've transcended 5th Density Aetheric Healing Mastery as a modality, people are finally waking up and ready to receive it, from my perspective a "ghost image from history", for i have completely moved on to 8th Density crystal faery Ascension Portal Magick, which is higher work, and more powerfully transformative, though initially, and during a session with me, far more subtle, as the effects are experienced with time delay in the lower densities, a great grace, as most physical bodies can only stand so big an energy shift so quickly, that the results have to be brought in over time, linear time of the "healee", though that be done "out of time" in higher realms, and much more quickly in my own clock time, yet, the difference is astounding for those more in present time with who I've become, and my current capabilities.

As a ghost image of my Aetheric Healing practice from 1987 to 2013, i am now being asked to facilitate playshops on Kaua'i. In present time live classes, those skills and techniques are foundational energy skills, foundational for the 8D Angelic crystal faeries + Andromedan + Cetacean Ascension Portals. As has always been the case, and as my own teacher always emphasized, actually, the fundamental foundational and simplist of skills are actually the most important, but once again, more challenging to interest people in. Many don't really want to do deep inner work, they want a quick fix without work, and such has never been nor will ever be. i had one who found my old website pre-crystal faeries blog, comment that my website was very comprehensive, but "nobody sits and reads" much any more. This is a testament to the effectiveness of modern mind control.

So, where does all of this lead? Back to my beginning example of the difference between two of those i have facilitated. Whether i work with an individual or a group, the outcome depends upon the willingness. i have long stated that i am the perfect example, because i started from the place of disbelief in divine, spirit, clairvoyance, or magick. However, i had a very important moment of realization, where i voiced: "I choose to change me". That was the dawning of my own willingness back in the early 1980s. That is what carried me to my present level of mastery... self responsible willingness, better stated as willingness to be self responsible. One's outer life is only a mirroring of what's inside, and that brings us back to where i started this posting... asking, what in me does any of this mirror?

And at this exact synchronistic moment, as i write this, someone who had called for guidance and woke me up in the middle of the night, which led to this session of blogging, just called again for guidance, asking in effect, "what should i choose?"
i can never choose for another, only ethically guide them in their choice process, so i always take such questions to their own higher selves for guidance. The higher self declared that the spiritual lesson in their circumstances was to stand in their own authority for their own truth, rather than fearfully deferring to external (illusions of) "authorities", in this case, to focus upon standing in court presenting one's own truth, rather than submitting to the attorneys offering a "plea bargain" for reduced sentence. The higher self guidance was to focus on integrity in the process, rather than upon the outcome itself. Wow, how perfect. i love how the universe is so synchronistic, and how the lesson for so many humans, particularly at this crisis point in time, is so consistently that of:
"Live your authentic life in your own truth self responsibly", rather than continuing to fearfully submit to external "authority". A perfect individual example of the general case.
They chose, again, not to follow their higher-self's guidance.

tomril, my higher self says:
'Release your frustration at their unwillingness to change.'

My crystal faeries family says:
"Remember that you volunteered for this mission because of your level of mastery, thus the answer to your query about mirroring is, that much of the world you walk in is a ghost image of your past, thus our adamance about staying in nondual consciousness, and your knowing that those of dualistic consciousness cannot share your reality.
Allow your tears to flow for the limitation and suffering so many choose.
Let not your compassion lead to inappropriate responsibility for others."

A further call for guidance came with a declaration that "it had felt very good to have stood for truth, rather than accepting a plea bargain", which would have been inauthentic as the self stance was one of innocence.
This was at least a half step into autonomy, even though they did not take the full step to stand on their own as a living being rather than to be represented as a dead corpseorate fiction.

17th July 2014

The awakening of consciousness cannot but trigger awareness of "who am i (for now)?" and "what is my purpose (for now)?". For myself, it is to participate in the first wave of ascension, and to facilitate others in the process of ascension.

'This is from the higher self perspective a return to full consciousness, a rememberance of true self, of spiritual family, of past lives, for the conscious self projected down into the vibrational range of embodiment, a re-integration of conscious self with 5D consciousness.'

"Living in 5D consciousness manifests a wholistic integrated sense of self, which is independent of all others, is not responsible for others, but is completely responsible for self, for being fully congruent in self, fully at peace with self, in the present moment."

'From 5D consciousness, having honored ourself with self love, we can honor all others by giving the highest of ourself unconditionally, with a focus on appropriate giving, completely unconcerned with how they respond (or not) to us and our gift.'

"In 5D consciousness, there is graceful flow in each moment, with full trust that exactly what we need for our highest evolution, automatically flows to us, with no effort, simply surrendering to our divine path. This flowing path rather delivers to us who we are and our appropriate purpose of the moment. Simply relaxing into our authentic self manifests appropriate reality for us. We might restate this as choosing to desire that which manifests in each moment, knowing it is divinely perfect and appropriate or it would not be what is present. This is the product of surrendering the individual will to the divine will."

"Because there is a divine plan for the highest outcome for all, one's authentic path can only be in alignment with serving the divine plan, serving the highest benefit for all, which of course also must be congruent with serving your own authenticity. When we are true to ourself, since our true self is in alignment with the divine plan, our authentic self is perfectly in highest service. In this purpose and perspective, we are aware that one is all is one, that serving the individual serves the whole, and serving the whole serves the individual, thus serving others serves one's self."

18th July 2014

Aloha Faery's day. Notice that Faery and Freya are anagrams of each other. Both are the number 55: "Way shower, leader to the light, whole-brain thinking, quantum spirituality, universal mediator, telementality, clairvoyance, ultimate freedom, ultimate oneness, integral consciousness." This is our mythological archetype of the energies of planet Venus.

'The graceful goddess energies of Venus are well anchored on Kaua'i, but the greater portion of goddessness here is the Lemurian energy pattern, which we reactivated at the time of placing our ascension portal over the Garden Isle. Obviously in transcendent realms the energies of yin and yang are balanced, so it is up to the people on Kaua'i to find their individual balance with these.'

"The integration of Andromedan, Cetus, Lemurian, energies in our portal network have greatly facilitated easier wholism for everyone playing in them. Our 9D angelic friends are calling this period a temporary resting between energy activations, so enjoy the stability to initiate worldly projects, as soon enough there will be necessity of inner integration focus. Oh, and have we mentioned lately to remember to play lightly?"

i received today inspiration from a dear friend to follow-up future clairvoyant reading+healing sessions with individually guided meditations backed up by playing my flute.

19th July 2014

It dawns on me in my pre-dawn channelling :-) that i have completed a cycle of initiations, (as if there is ever a completion of consciousness expansion :-) and it is time to share my new blessings with others, with my consistent focus on participation in the first wave of ascension, it's time to facilitate playshops sharing the divine plan of individual mastery.

'All of our experience of incarnation is either receiving love, or a request to receive love, so being love and offering love is life.'

"We love you. we are all one."

"On 2014-07-15 we integrated Andromedan and Cetus portal networks with our 8D ishnaa Ascension Portal network, and that has triggered greater activity throughout the networks, and extended the network connectivity to the mentioned star systems. The positive synergy of this cocreation is accellerating the raising of frequencies, activation of DNA codons, and for many is triggering the activation of intent to fulfill higher purpose."

20th July 2014

'The integration of self, by merging the conscious mind with the higher self, is the focus of our energy activations now. Those in alignment and flow are finding a comfortable awareness, while those attached to control or having things per their expectations, are now in struggle. And, those not tracking the first wave of ascension still have 4D reality.'

"The merge of Andromedan and Cetacean and Ishnann akashics information and the extension of the 8D Ascension Portals network to the Andromeda and Cetus star systems is a natural evolution of the adoption by mulitple 'races' and extending to more 'locations' within the Milky Way Galaxy, as the prototype of ascension being played out now as the 1st wave of ascension, is being adopted and joined by more and more beings at the 8D level and below."

Flowing gently in 5D realms, all is calm. Yet, i am aware of much activity in our 8D portal network, as more beings are participating in the evolution of New-Gaia.

'Many of us are supporting our Cetacean friends reweaving the ocean energy grids in duality.

Our ocean friends are reweaving Gaia energy grids around Kaua'i, where naval wargames have disrupted our subtle energies. So, it is my duty to once again mention that this human insanity is anti-life, but then everyone knows that, yet most support it via their citizenship.

This evening my guest introduced me to the Inner Child Tarot deck, which has wonderfully beautiful imagery with lots of butterflies and faeries. As a quick reading for myself i naturally selected "The Pied Piper", which suggests living the magick of our inner inspiration in the flow of the now, and just a subtle reminder to play my flute more often :-)
The blessings of a house of high priestesses is awesome positive synergy! Life is so much fun with everything flowing synchronistically.

21st July 2014

"People have in large part sorted themselves into either the group of first wave ascenders, versus non, so while some may yet rechoose, most of 1st wave ascenders are mastering staying in 5D consciousness full time, with occasional slips down to 4D as they complete their clearing of 4D- precepts. Therefore, skills of energy pattern clearing are still quite useful. We agree that providing the 8D higher self template to ones aetheric body is very efficient, thus facilitating others to learn to work with our 8D-4D portals is a priority. Get the word out about your ascension 'playshops'."

i so love the synchronistic flows of appropriateness, as the divine plan directs all of my life in service. Hitchkiking to get around creates a deeper connection than any smile or wave between drivers on the highway. Today on the way out i got to share a bit about my relationship with Faeries rather than listening to the weather man, and with my next ride sharing about the lunar calendar over the Gregorian calendar, and ultimately transcending time itself. On my journey back to my abode i was gifted with the opportunity to provide some healing and guidance. The Kaua'ian goddess who gifted me with a ride, started by telling me how she never, never, never picks-up hitchhikers, but felt compelled to turn around, go back, and pick me up. By the time she dropped me off, we both knew why. She was wearing a brace on her wrist, which was to help with carpal tunnel syndrome, which she stated the physicians wanted to perform surgery upon, but i was able to point out that it was not primarily physical stress, but an issue of self-judgment, trying to be perfect, but in doing so, not being true to herself. She agreed "I have not been living myself lately", and as her tears flowed i guided her to see that who she truly is, is already perfect, and all she needs to do is take a deep breath, and relax into being her true self, and even recommended the possibility of making a commitment to herself to be true to herself, and the use of mirror work, looking into the left eye's pupil to make a connection with soul, and affirm, "I love you exactly as you are". With her recognition of the truth of my message, i was able to summarize that her wrist would be healed within 48 hours. And so another goddess is emerging from her chrysalis to blossom and be who she truly is. i don't know anything happier than witnessing another goddess to activate in her truth. But the faery blessings go beyond that mere awakening, for her struggle to perfection was to be a "perfect mother", and i was able to guide her to cognize that the lesson her daughter most needs from her, is how to live authentically, which she can only teach by example, and that would be a "perfect mother", one who is authentic, and encourages her daughter to likewise be authentic. The signature of authenticity is that it takes no effort, no "try", and can come easily with merely a deep breath, and relaxing into being "self".

22nd July 2014

i awoke very slowly, a gentle transition through lucid dreaming, into the embodied realm, a sacred space filled with gentle vibrations, as i had intentionally gone to sleep the night before, looping Suzanne Teng's Light of the Heart. i was aware of much "discussion" with many beings, at the interface between 5D New-Gaia and 4D Ter-Ra. While i applaud the efforts of those doing their best within 4D duality to bring the planet in the direction of light choices, creating within duality always creates the dichotomous opposite also, the realm of mind creations being of duality. It is not enough to have positive intent, it is also necessary to look at the energy fueling that intent. When the choice is driven by aversion to negative contrasting reality, (e.g. to "stop" GMO), there is still, at least in the subconscious, a focus upon the negative, and therefore energy placed into it. The intent to "stop" something that is within 4D duality, always empowers the duality of that thing to continue to exist, in addition to creating its polar opposite, the alternative to that negativity, and so, the duality itself is expanded with more energy, the dichtomy itself is empowered. This is "good" as a lesson in becoming clear, what is preferred versus what is dispreferred, but no war against something can ever succeed in 4D. For example, GMO exists in 4D, but is well known to be unstable, because there is no 5D aetheric template to bring life to it. It is one of the "fallen" creations, created without the spark of life of the Divine Plan's Love. Thus we crystal faeries of Kaua'i say, that here, "GMO just won't grow". It shall either wither and die, or its genetics shall be transmuted back to the Divine Plan, i.e. we treat the GMO as a damaged organism, and "heal" it. There are two issues with GMO. One is the mutated / damaged DNA, which we are addressing as a need for healing energies to repair the DNA codes back to divine templates for the primary species that was artificially mutated. The other issue is the use of toxic petrochemicals to "fight" "unwanted" aspects of nature, e.g. "weeds" or "pests", for which the universal law "what you put out is what you get back" applies.

The only way to create something without its polar opposite, is to create it in 5D from the non-dualistic heart. And here, the motivation is not to fight something, not to bother to create something in reaction to its opposite, but from a wholistic space of unified consciousness, to surrender to the manifestation of love, which is inclusive, not dualistically exclusive. Those of us in the 1st wave of ascension, are in the process of mastering this.

'The divine plan for New-Gaia is based in a wholistic prioritization of the highest good of and for all, for the whole, therefore the concepts of "profit" or "money" or fictions (e.g. "Fiat Currency" or "corpse-oration"s) do not exist here, for in 5D New-Gaia there is only true life, containing the spirit of source, and fully in alignment to the Divine Plan of Love. In ascended New-Gaia there are no political problems to solve, for there is no politics. In this, then, we say, "the solution to all the political problems of 4D Ter-Ra, is ascension to 5D New-Gaia." This is already "real" for those of us who have chosen to be in the 1st wave of ascension.'

"We have great compassion for both the struggle to ascend from 4D to 5D, and the struggles within 4D duality, and for those trying to perfect 4D-. Readers of our blog have seen us advise celeste many times, to 'stop trying to perfect your old time-line'."

23rd July 2014
The issue of deservingness, even the "right" to draw the breath of life, is being revisited, as is reflected in shallowness of, or hesitancy to, breathe. This is a consequence of two primary factors:

As we dwell in 5D pure authenticity, this issue does not exist, therefore must be cleared to anchor into ascended reality. We are abundantly provided for, with that which we beleive in. As with all, love is the answer... unconditional self love. Return to one's heart, and a life of authentic essence expressing itself. Now inspiration flows abundantly.

'As we hop time-lines to ascended reality, we cannot hop for others, or force them to hop with us. We desire our blessings to be available to and for all, but they already are, when they choose it for themselves. What we can do is model the possibility.'

"Fear is most often stored in the lungs, thus the move to 5D realms of love without fear, is triggering all fear to be released. Holding breath is a way of avoiding feeling, so surrender into feeling whatever emotion is present, that it may then be released permanently. Clear all belief in limitation, especially in the flow of love for ones authentic self. Release the entire 'deservingness game' as the lie it is, which exists only to override ones authentic appropriatenes. The all is best served by ones highest authentic self being in joy, not in being responsible for others as many have been programmed."

My guest commented this afternoon before the evening gathering, that she knew so many people who could benefit from attending, but who were unwilling to change. i have also been particularly aware of this, especially during the past month, once i declared that i was committed to staying in 5D reality, and that is all i was willing to share with others, that a number of relationships struggled trying to keep me engaged with their 4D, to which i was committed to give only 5D responses, resulting in many cases of confrontation, as i insisted upon speaking 5D truths about reality, mine, theirs, and our relating, refusing to validate 4D as real for me. The one thing i hold as most high sacred, is an individual's right of free will choice. Therefore, i also defend my own. Therefore, i refuse to be manipulated. Therefore, i require honesty in relating. So whenever another utters the magickal phrase: "I choose", (applying to their own reality, not anothers), i absolutely honor that. But as soon as they append a reason, or deny it as their choice, i can either remain silent, or if I'm going to speak, i must point out that they do have the power to change their choice about it. All manipulations are harmful, always, no exceptions. There just are very few willing to honestly state that: "I choose to be a manipulator in order to get others to meet my needs.", to which i could only reply: "Let me know how well that works out for you.". i suppose this could be called 'tough love'. It could also just be owned as, "My appropriateness, and my mission contract, require me to do what i can to uplift people, not do descend to join them... for it is more important to stay in 5D reality where i am able to help the willing, than to have connection for what ever 'reason' with those who insist upon staying in 4D reality, to which they are absolutely welcome!" This is merely the consequence of being committed to the 1st wave of ascension, whereas there are still many out their deciding which wave of ascension they will surf, and many are not willing to go it alone, without their 'friends', who are not ready for the 1st wave. Perfectly valid and wonderful choices, just not compatible with my 1st wave mission.

'Ah, what a wonderful gathering we had this evening, sharing our questions and wisdoms, experiences and intents, for our individual realities, and for our shared blessing of Kaua'i island. Consistently we found our sense of oneness, our sense of living in harmony with all of nature, our wonder and excitement interacting with faeries and magickal creation, the sense of appreciation for easy flow of appropriateness, as our higher selves orchestrate the right people connections, to provide us with the experiences or items we find appropriate. The joy of sharing 5D consciousness in mutual validation and support, flows with so much grace. We practiced energy tools and techniques for clarity and empowerment, to keep clearly and authentically appropriate for ourselves, and also a way to synergistically cocreate with others via shared intent. For our cocreation i chose to guide us to healing the plant realm of Kaua'i, working with the aetheric spiritual templates of health for various species, bringing DNA into alignment with divine plan and the highest good for all, including repairing genetic mutations. Loving all beings into alignment with the divine plan for the good of all, healing damage or injury no matter how inflicted, Kaua'i is ascending and blossoming in health. And so it is. For this purpose we invoke the highest of energies and blessings. From the 9D angelics, from all of us in 8D cooperating and cocreating via the ascension portal network, we bring the akashics information, the DNA templates, and the synergy of the divine plan of love, down to 4D as our faery blessing for Kaua'i.'

Observing our gathering, was yet another example of divine guidance and synchrony, so characteristic of 5D New-Gaia manifestation, as little miraculous connections brought together just the right people at just the right time, so much in the now, with very little 'warning', as all flowed in each now, as our higher selves found the graceful paths of manifestation.

"The convergence of Andromedan, ishnaan, Siriun, starseeds, so often easily feeling out of place in 4D Ter-Ra, shared our sense of returning to this land of Lemuria arising, as we restore the energetics of our Lemurian past lives to Kaua'i."

'With a reminder that Atlantis was a seeding of Yang, and Lemuria a seeding of Yin, upon Ter-Ra, and the Hawaiian isles being the mountain tops of the sunken continent of Lemuria, we have great appreciation of the goddess energies here in 5D, in balance with the god energies also, as New-Gaia transcends those dualities, validating all individual expressions of the divine.'

My individual consciousness most notices the sense of balance and harmony within 5D New-Gaia, versus imbalance and discord in 4D Ter-Ra. In 5D non duality, it truly is the case, that love is all there is, as per the preference of 5D ascended beings, and as offered by the divine plan.

24th July 2014

With last night's gathering having practiced astral projection, and with my usual opening on the astral planes to have attendees of our gathering who arrive with only their astral bodies on, without physical forms, or even those who arrive only aetherically, my dreamspace was very active, and my awakening from lucid dreaming where so many connections were in progress, was very full of completions, to focus upon a specific here and now to get into my embodiment.

'Our experience of cocreation with Kaua'is ascension portal, is of expanding cooperation, as more and more groups of entities, join together with the shared purpose of, dwelling in harmony in 5D New-Gaia, and specifically our local prototype, our anchoring of that with Kaua'is time-space coordinates. We are also aware that in 4D Kaua'i there remain active conflicts between various groups, who are still caught in their individual agendae, still trying to change others.

i can only giggle at the silly humans trying to change or control each other :-)
May they gracefully learn that what appears to be 'other' or 'out there' is only their own reflection.

[rings of alcyone]

"As the divine plan energies are sent from Alcyone to New-Gaia and Ter-Ra to trigger and faciliate the 1st wave of ascension, as more entities receive the gift of 5D reality, there is an accelleration, the product of synergy, as more move into the speed of no-time 5D, leaving behind the process and progression of 'change within time' of 4D. Many of us are therefore facilitating the settling-into 5D consciousness, helping others stabilize New-Gaia as their primary time-line family. Notice this was a shared experience of your gathering last night, each commenting upon their awareness of the rapidity of manifesting their intent."

Isn't divine magick fun? :-)
i am so very joyous this morning, still uplifted by last night's synergies, so enthused to facilitate the empowerment of others to live their authentic lives, free to be their highest and happiest selves.

Gentle flow fills my day. i had a wonderful swim in our pool. i was gifted the opportunity to stretch to the breaking point, the consciousness of some kanaka maoli boys around the pool, who felt compelled to interrogate me in the usual 4D way, with questions completely irrelevant to knowing any true aspect of who i am, and so were able to quickly move from judging me based on their projections upon my appearance, to judging me via their projections of their mental illusions they created in their own heads, in response to their questions of anything but the here and now. i can only giggle at the absurdity. 4D is such a waste of life force energy. Only the little girl who i estimate at under 5 years of age, who was in the swimming pool with me, was playing in the now with a smile on her face. One can only offer unconditional love and enjoy being authentic, and let others enjoy their illusions.

25th July 2014

In pre-dawn gentleness, all is peace in my world, for all is peace inside me. It is a challenge even to write, for otherwise all is perfect and 'at rest'. i am in 5D New-Gaia reality, a wonderful 'state of consciousnes'. While i as an embodied crystal faery am focussed upon Kaua'is 8D Ascension Portal, and find it in perfection and calm, with a few entities coming and going via the portal network, i notice more activity in the rest of the network, where beings are actively blessing newly added spaces, with new portals they have added. The appropriateness of everyone being in harmony, supports grace and joy in activities, some of which are creating aspects of New-Gaia reality, yet many are focussed on assisting more entities to arrive and stabilize. Such is the view from my conscious awareness, as much as it reflects my higher self, tomril, and now i ask tomril to "channel" whatever aspects i have not fully integrated, if any.

'I would add the word "playful" to "grace and joy", to better convey our experience here, something we've come to feel is quite normal, and therefore may neglect to communicate for better comprehension by those not yet dwelling in 5D New-Gaia consciously. Many of 4D consciousness will be relating with the word "play" as an activity or as a "doing", whereas our realm much more supports in addition, playfullness as an attitude, a perspective, what would be called by the embodied a "lightness of heart".'

"Our crystal faeries collective is more focussed upon our cocreations with 9D angelics as we integrate divine plan energies and intent into the akashics patterns we share via our portal network, as we 'fine-tune' activations to be harmonious for those entities in the first wave of ascension, and yet keep everyone 'stepping up' frequently to the next quantum level on the journey. Most in the 1st wave are well accustomed to being triggered to release an old time-line and embrace a new time-line frequently without attachment."

After decades of practice as a clairvoyant, perhaps the greatest challenge i had was trusting in the flow of the now, with no warning of what is coming, as i was habituated to precognitive awareness. i had to release my focus upon and attachment to future. For most coming from 4D there seems to be more of a challenge to release attachment to their past, particularly relationships chosen in the past, which provided a sense of stability and identity. In 5D there is little stability, and yet much more appropriateness than 4D ever offered.

"It is perhaps relevant to comment upon the concept of 'identity'. In 5D realms we have a very integrated consciousness, and therefore a rather complete sense of identity with our total self. Yet as celeste has observed as she integrates lower with higher self, and self with spirit family, the perspective melds more into a 'we', as the focus is less on a separate self, and more on collective, yet without loss of the knowing of the self. For those still in 4D consciousness, the awareness is more of separation, and of desire for connectedness or relationship within separation, whereas in 5D we foundationally have a 'oneness' perspective."

'I equate that with the concept of losing ones "identity" while travelling in an automobile to identifying with the automobile, whereas the tomril celeste embodiment is always aware of the difference between the tomril spirit self, and its travels in the celeste body vehicle. The awareness of multiple incarnations by the spirit rather precludes getting lost in any one of those as self. "I" can shift focus between the ego consciousness and the higher self, simply two perspectives of viewing, without confusing them with each other, or thinking that the ego consciousness is the same as the body, but then, this also is perhaps the product of so many years of clairvoyance, being very aware of the differences between the "bodies": physical, emotional/astral, mental, and spiritual/aetheric.'

In retrospect i can see how my path was guided all the way to prepare me for my present role in my mission of facilitation of ascension. Many choices were made to guarantee that i would be conscious as necessary on time. And now my conscious awareness is that this is a good point to end this session of channelling.

A joyous journey through Kilauea to Kalihiwai Beach today with a friend made for a wonderful shared lunch and communing with nature at the beach. Eventually, with hunger satisfied and a pleasant breeze with just a slight sprinkle to cool things off, i became inspired to assemble my flute and play. i was unaware of any melody or rhythm, as i allowed the channelling to flow. As i write this in the evening, I'm right back there in that flow, having time travelled to the energies again. One of the paradoxes i observed while there was staring out at the eastern horizon with my two eyes, realizing how far out the edge of our ascension portal was, versus the version i see in my 3rd eye which is zoomed out to more clearly see the whole portal. Clearly we were encompassing a lot of ocean, as well as our tiny island, so that our Cetacean friends could easily participate with the portal.

26th July 2014

What many of us share is that we are the first wave of ascension, and we have come to usher in New-Gaia of transcendent nonduality. It is time to remember that "you create your own reality by your actions, feelings, thoughts and intent". One only creates one's own reality in their own reality, or they cocreate reality with those with whom they've merged reality. Many of us doing lightwork have not been off in our own little happy bubbles enjoying New-Gaia in total separation from dualistic Old-Gaia. We hovered at the boundary in order to help people cross between. It was a choice we had made of self sacrifice for the benefit of all, sourced in love and directed by the Law of Universal Oneness, in order to share our New-Gaia with more souls. There are only 14 months to go to the completion of the 1st wave of ascension. Meanwhile, the transition between worlds, is a bumpy ride. As Kaua'ian kama'aina, here because my spiritual lineage traces back to Lemurian times, here to restore the Lemurian consciousness grid to pre-fall levels, All i know to do is to hold myself and Kaua'i in the highest vibrations, to usher in the reality of New-Gaia, and trust i shall be supported to continue my lightwork.

'Just stay in your joy and play.'

"You already know that you are provided for. Relax and enjoy the ride, even the bumps."

It is getting to be quite clear that one of my specialties is facilitating others to align with their authentic self, and celebrate being unique, different, and independently magnificient. Finding that authentic self burried under layers of programming or trauma, and then living it with unconditional self love, is the key to happiness and fulfillment. That is the basis for a functional and joyous relationship of any kind.

27th July 2014

"The grace of abundance is a natural flow of divine blessings expressing through the authentic self to support authentic appropriateness. Because source says 'yes' to all beleifs, beliefs and choices, any sense of lack, suffering, or pain, is misalignment from authentic self. Any 'effort' or 'trying' is a sign of misalignment. Ones authentic passion or true motivation, arises from the authentic self. In 5D New-Gaia, one simply is ones authentic self. In 4D Ter-Ra, one has abandoned authentic self and become entangled with some dualistic dichotomy. Ascending is balancing all dualities and then transcending them. From the place of authentic balance, ones true passion is a momentary imbalance of duality, to which one does not become attached. Attachment to duality disconnects one from authentic transcendence. 'Attachment' comes in both positive (pull) and negative (push) polarities, ones desires and aversions. All relationships within 4D duality are mirrorings of ones self. True intimacy (into-me-see) of authentic essence is transcendent. "

'The greatest "service" one can offer to another, is sharing ones highest authentic self openly.'

celeste, Mercury, the winged messenger of the 'gods', brings this message: "Know thyself, that thou may be authentic. Love thine authentic self, that thou may be blessed with a divine life."

28th July 2014

i have been blessed in the recent few days to facilitate a few married couples with the stressess occurring in their relationships while they are coping with their own ascension processes. What is perhaps most prevalent within a marriage, which is not quite as obvious in other relationships, is the level of responsiblity which partners may feel obliged to express with their partner. As the ascension process includes a transition out of all fear based choosing, to a life of loving flow, out of conditional approval to unconditional love, and given the unlikely event of full synchronization in growth between any two people, therefore including the married couple, and the shared reality within a committed relationship, it is all too easy to find within the relationship, during those times when one is up in the 5D realm, while the partner is struggling in some 4D issue:

These are going to trigger either fear of abandonment, or overwhelm / engulfment as one feels inadequate to 'keep up with' the partner, or frustration with the partner's issues. These reactions then are going to bring the whole relationship back down to 4D struggling in dichotomy. The antidote is to heave a great big exhale of release and forgiveness, release all responsiblity for anything but one's own authenticity, and arrive in authenticity be relaxing into one's own flow with no effort or trying to change anything, either self or partner, (or the world outside the relationship).

"Honest acceptance of where one is at in the moment is part of authenticity. Beyond self judgment, one can enter self love, unconditionally, in the now moment, and thereby gateway into 5D reality. To whatever extent the individual's 'happiness' depends upon the partner's being in one polarity of a dichotomy, that aspect of the relationship has to die, that the relationship may move up to 5D reality. As each individual is reborn into a new more authentic self, the marriage also must be reborn into a new quantum level of authentic love."

i am of clarity that i shall be joining community in Kilauea, Kaua'i, where the primary energies of building 5D New-Gaia are moving and activating, while Kapa'a's energies are anchored into 4D Ter-Ra. Quite symbolic of this change is the 'remodelling' of Kaua'i Village Shopping Center where they've torn down the art gallery and the surrounding natural environment of koi ponds and the aerating water fall that actually provided energetic habitat for Fairies, whereas now they've bulldozed all of that down, including a native tree, and paved it all over with asphalt in order to support their monetary greed. And so, as spirit has directed me, i move on to cocreate with those who 'get it' and are busy living in 5D creating New-Gaia. i stopped caretaking the primary Gaia grid ley-line of Kapa'a when i moved in January, after holding it in high Sirian vibrations for 14 years, and the masses do not 'get it'.

Those of 4D reality see the world around them, and blame it and others for the ills of that reality, and they seek their solutions or alternatives to that negative duality, by trying to change the outer to be their preferred polarity within duality, seeking to change others (warfare) and to elect their saviour (politics), i.e. they seek other humans to solve their problems for them, completely missing the lesson to become self responsible adults and stop giving their power to others, and obeying external 'authorities'. 4D is such a boring old story. Those of us who realize it's all about being self responsible to change our inner energies, simply move on to compatible surroundings and radiate the reality we intend to dwell in. Yes, i put no further energies into perfecting my old time-line, and i burn all bridges back to that which is no longer appropriate to my new time-line.

29th July 2014

i am aware of great swirling energies, as i am multidimensionally bridging multiple time-lines, working with many entities in probabilities for optimal manifestation, via our 8D-4D portal bridging Kaua'i and New-Gaia, as now multiple star peoples join our manifesting, we are sorting and separating 4D from 5D time-line families, allowing each entity's choice of reality, yet separating realities to minimize mutually exclusive cancellation. This looks to me to be the formation of our 5D New-Gaia community in Kilauea. i am also aware of body exhaustion. Is this my own 'processing', or just part of the work?

'Most of the work is ongoing in 8D and 9D as cocreation with our angelic friends, and your exhaustion is struggling to translate that into human language, for you wish to know all at conscious incarnate level, and to share all such. Yes the focus is upon building our transdimensional community upon Kaua'i. Relax, know it is blossoming appropriately, and let your tears flow, for you must release your attachment to Kapa'a, and leave it behind as old time-line. Once again, it is not your failure, that more entities still choose 4D, and no, there is no coulda shoulda woulda about your execution of our mission. Grieve what was, what might have been, and release the time-line.'

"For your conscious embodied reality, the most healing and uplifting energies for you, are to be found playing your flute. This is becoming ever more true as time progresses, and as you ascend beyond time. Just play, in every sense of that word."

Tonight i got lost in responsiblity for another, a friend, not just for ethically guiding them, but for their outcome. My mistake in addition to inappropriate responsiblity, was in validating anything of their 4D reality as real, when i should have remained in 5D and insisted that, all their 4D experience was illusion, and that either they choose to relase it, or, i choose to release them. Yay lessons... i shall master counselling people in ascension struggles.

30th July 2014

i can only report that i am flowing in my creativity and all is right in my world beyond duality in New-Gaia consciousness.

'The gentle grace of perfect alignment with authentic self yields only appropriate flow.'

"Our Kaua'i 8D ascension portal is stable."

31st July 2014

As more and more of we of the first wave of ascension awake to our truth, our divine essence, our incarnational purpose, and are choosing to live our authentic lives in the consciousness of 5D New-Gaia, there yet remains a common element during the process of ascension, (until we are living fully in ascended 5D New-Gaia, where there is oneness of consciousness, and honoring of appropriateness, where there is no (fictional) money or (fictional) ownership of (physical) land by individuals, and there are no (fictional) corpse-orations, where the fruit trees are for the benefit of all), while our bodies are still mostly 4D, the question arises:
"How shall i pay my 'rent' or 'mortgage' or 'taxes'?"
This is perhaps the most painful aspect of ascension, clearly seeing the destination and knowing how beautiful our 5D life is to be, while clearly experiencing the abuse of ones embodiment by the negative side of dualistic 4D.

'We are the creator god(desse)s who have incarnated specifically to manifest 5D.'

"We are to join with others of our consciousness and build the alternative 5D New-Gaia reality, to build communities of our consciousness, based upon the values of 5D consciousness, where each individual is honored for their unique contribution to the collective, not by 4D 'values'. This realm shall not be perverted to ownership or control by individuals, or by fictions such as corpse-orations, it shall be of, by, and for, only the living."

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