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Entries from November 2014.

1st November 2014

We crystal faeries are facilitating tomril's prayers of transcendent consciousness community of Kilauea, in alignment with the divine plan, supporting gathering of Gaia sound healers.

The day offered a number of people connections, and a variety of potentially educational information, some of which was quickly dismissed as negative or lower vibration, others of which precious portions were preserved (for now), and all of which still left me at calm peace now in neutrality, as i have ceased assigning much in the way of meaning to anything, whereas what is inspiring enthusiasm is visual beauty, particularly of nature, higher realms, and faeries, and music of delicate, inspiring, and instrumental nature.

2nd November 2014

This morning's subject is "culture". One of the images that word conjures in the mind of my ego is of a petri-dish. In the history of planet Gaia, when transportation of bodies was more challenging, there were many relatively isolated "cultures", and therefore they were more insular. In recent times, we have developed (again) a global "culture", with minor local variations yet remaining. While my embodiment remains limited to cognizing only the language "English", i have in all other ways done my best to take a meta-viewpoint, transcending "race", "religion", "politics", and "culture", etc. As humanity continues to awaken to the truth of our Galactic family, our Gaia-an "culture", now barely congealing into a coherent whole, is being challenged to futher meta-perspectives of our star families.

Some members of some cultures, or in some cases entire cultures, are focussed upon history, (past is an illusion), and the preservation of "what was". Some members of some cultures, or in some cases entire cultures, are focussed upon future, (future is an illusion), and the attempt to create "immortality" in physical form. Those of us who are conscious of our spiritual immortality, may relate with any particular culture or any other aspect of any particular manifestation, as merely an experience or a lesson, a learning experience, of relative utility until the souls interested in exploring that reality exhaust their curiosity.

Given that the purpose of existence is to explore all possibilities of manifestation, in service to the infinite expansion of consciousness itself, the true value of any culture is its level of service to the expansion of consciousness. To the extent we become attached to anything which is unchanging, we thwart our own purpose for being manifest. Life is change. Only "cultures" which support the growth of the consciousness of the individual are in alignment with life itself, with the purpose of being incarnate, with the divine plan. This concept should give quite a few clues to the nature of the "culture" of transcendent Gaia.

In the planetary Old-Gaia patriarchal culture of slavery to the dysfunctional "gods" and their human proxies, (Novus Ordo Seclorum / Illuminati), "productivity" based in effort was the measure of one's "human worth", whereas in New-Gaia, creativity based in joy or play via effortless manifestation, (Magick), is closer to our modality or purpose.

"Do not believe on the strength of traditions even if they have been held in honour for many generations and in many places; do not believe anything because many people speak of it; do not believe on the strength of sages of old times; do not believe that which you have yourselves imagined, thinking that a god has inspired you. Believe nothing which depends only on the authority of your masters or of priests. After investigation, believe that which you have yourselves tested and found reasonable, and which is for your good and that of others."
-- Buddha

You cannot not affect others, for we are all one whologram, but your affect on others is the same as your affect on yourself, so please yourself, be in joy, and play. There is only now, and choice is only in the now, so choose self love.

3rd November 2014

Graceful flow in balanced transcension lights my day.

This evening i was blessed to be of service to the goddess, cocreating as the high priestess with another high priestess, a healing for women of our families, then for all women, of the goddess. As my friend observed in a slightly startled way: "woosh! into the light!", as we provided ascension to source for some souls departed from worldly incarnation.

4th November 2014

We are observing individuals and their groupings within duality, as they are facing the collapse of the Gaialy corporate fiction constructs, awakening to the necessity of creating their own alternatives, to regrouping with others in cocreated living community, based on sustainable "human" interrelating, upon energy exchange in the now in a balanced manner. This is both a crisis and an opportunity to vote for one's own adulthood.

5th November 2014

i again find that there are many beings who, regardless how well intended at the conscious level, may at least part time, be overshadowed with disinformation or outside will. i again find that there are many teachings which, regardless how large the percentage of truth they contain, may at least partially, nevertheless contain disinformation or negative agendae. i again find that one needs to apply great discernment, in sorting through all external energies, and ultimatley to turn inward to one's own knowing, rather than trusting any external "authority".

6th November 2014

There is nothing to seek. There is noone to seek. There is only unconditional love as the essence inside.

To love someone is to allow and accept, their freedom to create their own reality. Unconditional love supports this. Our own appropriateness guides our discernment, as to whether or not that reality is one we cocreate. Energy boundaries between realities, allow coexistence without conflict, though the contrast remains. We're all here to learn by contrast, what we prefer. Focus upon preferred reality, empowers it. We are reality creators by intending our preference.

7th November 2014

i am blessed to be guided through a maze of matrix deceptions to cognize truths i have been seeking to know. Mahalo nui.

8th November 2014

Faith and trust in the appropriate flow without expectation or attachment leads to daily synchronicities and surprises and the ever present opportunity to walk in unconditional love.

Limitations released, divine truth manifests.
Jesus answered them;
"Is it not written in your law, i said, Ye are gods?"
-- John 10:34

9th November 2014

i experience deep serenity sourced in knowing of appropriateness. i experience reality creation as purposeful living.

10th November 2014

Curioser and curioser, the subtlety of lessons, we must learn to exit the matrix.

11th November 2014

Whatever we focus upon with attention, we empower to manifest. Therefore, on a day dedicated to remembering, what shall we choose to remember (re-member (to again join))?

12th November 2014

We are finding strange energies riding in with our fall weather, leading to many experiencing some form of misalignment, expressing as physical ailments in the path of breath. The lung, bronchial, throat, nasal, and sinus infections blew in with the cold cloudy weather in the area from Hawai'i West to Florida East, from Hawai'i South to Canada North. For a couple weeks preceeding that, my NukAlert was informing me that we were experiencing a radiation level of from 0.1 to 0.2 RAD, after having been silent for a decade, even during the Fukushima release.

13th November 2014

In the course of facilitating others, i spontaneously create new psychic tools in support of healing and awakening, and DNA ascension activation. Today's experience has synthesized a new pattern, another variant of ascension portal, in support of family ascension, particularly dealing with the shared energy patterns carried within the family in the DNA.

During a late afternoon visit to Anini Beach, around 16:30 HST i was scanning the horizon, and while looking in the direction north-west, i saw an island arise and be present for about 17 seconds, and then sink under the water again, at a distance I'd estimate to be similar to the distance to Ni'ihau, which is much flatter, versus the mountain peaks i saw of this island.


We are approaching close to a week of quiescence from my NukAlert, after the preceeding 2 weeks wherein I was receiving alerts first in the 0.1RAD range then in the 0.2RAD range, stronger in the Kapa'a area and weaker in the Kilauea area. The only worldly correlation I've been able to make is that there was a (covert) "shoot-down" of two private space launches, producing a (cloaked) mass media "story" that the wreckage was "not to be touched", i.e. is toxic in some way. We can surmise the possibility that at least part of at least one of those private space launches carried radioactive material, which is typically the "fuel" for a thermonuclear thermoelectric generator to power the spacecraft when it is too far away from the sun to be powered by solar electric collectors of photonic energy. we shall not comment upon the "why" of the "shoot-down" of these private space launches, except to note they came from the covert aspects of the exopolitical government typically represented by the missing capstone and the all-seeing eye crowning the illuminati pyramid of hierarchical domination of reality.

14th November 2014

There are so many subjects about which we could write, yet the appropriateness which resonates, continues to be that which is positive resonance in the now, or positive intent for future manifestation. While life continues to offer contrast, both directly and that which i observe in my consulting, all serves to focus upon the most appropriate energies supporting the ascension of all per the divine plan.

15th November 2014

We are enjoying a relative period of rest and calm amongst the generalized chaos of convergent time-nodes. Our focus remains upon cocreated high vibration community.

Lessons during travel sourced in observing others' need to be "right" or "righteous" in their religious views. We simply suggested unconditional love, (aloha). A query as to the "work" i do, resulted in attempting to cover every kind of spiritual energy work under the sun, but amongst it all, the querant "perked-up" at the mention of exorcisms. Having left a "business card" i subsequently received a phone call, inquiring further thereupon. Interest was quite intent, until i mentioned that, it went beyond merely removing a possessing entity, for always there is something to be healed in the possessed, otherwise their unchanged state will simply allow another possessing entity. Therein ended the curiosity, for, self responsibility versus blame game, was not the goal of the querant. This i find usually to be correlated, in that one who is not self-responsible for their own problems, will likewise not be self-responsible for their own saviourship. Nowhere is this stronger than in the exoteric "Christian" churches, or in those whose relationship with "spirit" is entirely based in their own mind through their own reading of words in a book, rather than based in their own direct experience of spirit itself. Any teaching which puts a dogma ahead of developing one's own direct experience of spirit, is not ultimately of truth.
Who, me?
Well, yes, i do have past lives in the Essenes and Gnostics and as Ruth, as well as participating in Atlantis, and Lemuria, to where I've finally come home on Kaua'i.

The extant world this evening demonstrated chaotic energies of time-node convergence, with winds and rain, which then "fizzled-out". My crystal faeries family guided me to pass through only minor faery "sprinkles", as storm clouds "brewed", and i settled into my peaceful self-generated energy field, while noticing that "the neighbors" are anything but peaceful. This is expected to escalate globally as our time-nodes progress on Gaia.

15th November 2014

i continue intent that in this chaotic time-node that i shall be able to "leap" to a higher reality.

In Kryon's Laguna channelling he mentions that we can easily give our DNA instructions to live healthily to 120 years old IFF we are allowed to live that long by the consciousness of those people 'around us'... and i perceive that age is only one of the issues of collective stupid beliefs (carefully programmed into us by the evil powers) which we don't have to be bound by, but can transcend, that in fact we can hop time-lines to other parallel reality time-lines where none of these kinds of limitations exist, nor are we surrounded by people limiting us. i am unwilling to accept external limitations when there are none which the Hathors say are truth, there are only the limits we are willing to settle for. Only if we are specifically in lesson about process of change do we need any process of change, otherwise we can make infinite hops between miraculously different realities.

17th November 2014

Energy flow in the physical world is seemingly "congested".

18th November 2014

Today's energies as yesterdays seem rather stagnant, or perhaps I've grown very accustomed to constant "growth".

19th November 2014

i am motivated to remove accumulated "stuff" from our blog. It is too easy to get caught up in helping others with their problems, which then places focus on analyzing the problems, which only empowers them. Even though i am able to offer solutions, i wish to prune the problem info and expand the solution info, by transcending to a level above the problem-solution dynamic of duality.

i often find that, despite knowing that any such focus only sabotages manifesting a better reality, i feel to break down and cry myself to death with grief... the pain of consciousness of the world as it is is unbearable... and then i take responsiblity for creating it all, and healing it all, and then I'm right back at impatience to shift to another time-line parallel-reality. My only spiritual knowing is to be patient... but that doesn't stop the pain of feeling the reality surrounding me. And then i have to remember that i volunteered to be in service to others ascending, and then it is clear why my reality is as it is, to keep me where i am needed.

And then, i tune in to the higher realms, where aloha is real, where i know of Fairies, and i cry tears of joy.

20th November 2014

The divine plan for ascension continues with energetic activations triggering quantum leaps of consciousness and of embodiment of frequency. As who we are shifts, so also must shift, how we live. As how we live shifts, so also must shift, all our relationships, starting inside with self-relating, and extending all the way to our very concept of "humanity" itself, and our relations with transdimensionality.

21st November 2014

A balance between (versus mode)
or a synergy between (inclusive mode)
the yin (silver) and yang (gold) energies, to which i now reference, as having "taught" the use of "Cosmic Gold" source energy in meditation, whereas now I'm suggesting a mixture of Cosmic Gold and Cosmic Silver. Although from the beginning of my teaching i have always taught that Cosmic Silver is the best energy for healing or nurturing the female organs, nevertheless much meditating was with Cosmic Gold light, and at this point I'm replacing that with the invocation of the combination of Cosmic Silver and Cosmic Gold for balance.

22nd November 2014

As we continue to raise frequency, to ascend, there is less and less "presence" in duality and more presence in transcendent realms, and thus our experience of our "reality" is more mutable, more fluid, more synchronistic, more synergistic.

23rd November 2014

While at times things may seem not be to changing as rapidly as we'd like, there are times when it is a blessing to have anything stable through multiple time-nodes.

24th November 2014

I've just awoken from a lucid dream. i was, as i have done many times before, flying about the world. In this case i was at a place which seemed much like an old-Gaia-an shopping mall, or in older parlance, a Bazaar, where i was seen to be Bizarre, although i did notice another flyer. It is time for many to become conscious of their own abilities. We develop our abilities by focus upon our success, not upon our limitations. We develop our abilities by learning from the success of others, not by limiting it. Neutrality for difference as ascension proceeds and more of us live in New-Gaia, leaves far fewer limits than were previously endured.

25th November 2014

A wonderful journey into the land of my abode, a sharing with a goddess divine, and opportunity of energetic expansion, a gracious day of synergy and synchrony. Happy re-birthday, dear goddess "Hina", and mahalo for sharing your effulgent blessings. Faery magick is my favorite energy! Aloha Kilauea!

26th November 2014

Consciousness of contrast, between aspects of reality completely inappropriate for core essence, and aspects of reality consciously created to express core essence, in the present time of chaotic time-nodes, is more intense than historically.

27th November 2014

i often find myself "at odds" with the collective consciousness of humanity, then i remember I'm fae, and i remember "of course!", and relax. Humans create a "World Peace Day", where, if we were similarly in duality, would create "World War Day", that the other 364.25 days of the year could be days of world peace. Similarly, today is the one day of the year when humans pretend to be grateful and giving of either gratitude or appreciation, where we would prefer a day of taking everything for granted, and the remaining 364.25 days of the year could be devoted to deep appreciation of the effulgent blessings of spirit in response to our will.


28th November 2014

Many things are seen. With wisdom and age, fewer are spoken. Working as a healer-on-call requires being ready to instantly deal with any reality. Playing as a fae girl of Gaia, is flowing in divine creativity in the best possible reality. The worlds are separating farther every day. Each soul gets the reality they choose. i choose the New-Gaia of unconditional love.

A friend of we fae shared this with me, and i share it with you.

29th November 2014

We are 1. Synchronistic convergences bless many, just being placed in each other's presence.

A subject of healing in today's experience is the duality between hope and fear, temporal polarities of non-acceptance in the present. When we are fully present in the now, fully accepting of the now, then neither hope nor fear arise, for there is no motivation to escape the present feelings. When the present feeling state is uncomfortable, we may escape either into the past based fear or we may escape into the future based hope, that reality will change. Reality is always a mirror of our internal state, so to accomplish real change of our experienced external "reality", we must change our internal vibrational state, and we cannot change our state until we accept our state. Surrender into feeling and experiencing the present emotion, no matter how uncomfortable or unwanted it is, for only fully experiencing it allows its release. The only sustainable emotional state is "neutral". This is the condition of alignment with one's own higher self. Once the gross body's neutrality is realized, we may easily become aware of our more subtle spiritual bliss. That bliss of our higher essence, is not conditional upon any external experience or being. This is the only antidote i know to the roller-coaster ride of conditional love in "relationships", so if you find yourself distressed by a relationship, go to the mirror and love yourself unconditionally. You are the one individual you always have to sleep with. May as well have a good time with yourself. Others are optional icing on your cake.

Faery blessings -- celeste

30th November 2014

For those of us practicing time-line jumping or parallel-reality hopping, perhaps the greatest challenge is the perseverence step. i am finding it essential to develop certainty.

A lesson playing out today in several people is the necessity of focus upon the heart in the now, rather than the mind in the future... to let go of planning. Another way to state this is, that rather than controlling from the ego level, to surrender to the higher self's plan and manifestation, and trusting that it is always bringing the most appropriate blessings. Our conscious mind focus is to be on our preferred intended "reality", whether or not it is what is coming to us in the moment, it is the perseverence in focus with intent upon the preference, which steers by the law of attraction, what shall come... but let go of controlling each moment, trusting that the overall flow will trend as we intend, even if the individual moments aren't all in alignment therewith.

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