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Entries from January 2014.

1st January 2014

"As we begin a new cycle with a perspective of freedom and possibilities, it is a time for fulfillment, and for appropriate place, for which solid grounding into the physical world is important, without which manifesting would be limited. This is a time of bold action based in certainty, which itself is the outcome of the clearing and clarification of the past year. Those who are ready to operate as divine creators, standing in their peaceful power of alignment with divine plan, shall experience full support to manifest that divine plan. Those who took the time to know themselves, their purpose, their unique path, are now ready to gather others of aligned will, and worldly resources in support of cocreation."

"We are quite happy with the stability of our 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i, by now solidly anchored, and accepted as the new 'normal' here, as people have become accustomed to the higher frequencies blessing our precious island. There is a comfortable harmony with Gaia energy grids surrounding our Kaua'i Sovereign Space. While many corpse-orations have failed to awaken and come into alignment with our new reality here, more and more people are finding it easier and more natural to be of peace, and to flow with 'the good of all' rather than insisting upon misaligned individual agendae. "

2nd January 2014

"Our cetacean friends have been helping us stabilize Gaia energy grid. Breathe a sigh of relief."

3rd January 2014

"With the network of 8D portals in place the planetary energy fields are more stable, but the process will be ongoing for a while as we prefer a series of gentle adjustments to a more abrupt realignment to the Lemurian grid."

4th January 2014

"We have returned our focus to our ascension work on Kaua'i, having helped our friends stabilize their 8D portals, and having cocreated the initial network of 8D portals linking the appropriate Atlantean crystal technology installations. Now that the crystals on the planet are more stable and balanced, everyone is relaxing. As our friends further tune the crystal grid to the Lemurian consciousness grid, ascension gets easier for everyone. Aside from the few incarnate beings working with the ancient Atlantean crystal technologies, there is much support from the angelic realm in balancing energies. Even those with shadier agendae recognize the importance of the new balance in the planetary grid as we are passing through a solar magnetic pole reversal. Although disturbances are happening, their magnitude will be gentler for us all on Ter-Ra."

"Much as the dolphins reweave energy grids in their watery realm, we have been healing anomalies in the energy grid of Kaua'i. It was beneficial to bring greater symmetry to the energy flows which pass vertically through the island, in particular to bring better balance between our two mountain tops which are the focal points for the upward and downward polarity flows by which heaven and Gaia unite. With better balance there is less turbulence."

"We have also observed that the caretaker beings of our neighbor isle Ni'ihau have begun to integrate their mountains energetics across time, whereas previously parts of it had been held in past time. It is our observation that this is part of an overarching change being made by the Maori throughout their various island / mountain occupancies, and is for now most similar to the energetics of New Zealand. While the far flung island worlds of the Maori have their local variances, there yet remains a spiritual family cohesiveness across them all, as the group of spirits continues to track both lessons and energetics. We are happy to see this progress in unifying the planetary energetics."

5th January 2014

"We are for a while in the 'eye of a storm', and holding that center over Kaua'i, that we may be blessed with gentler changes. It is a time to persevere with target time-lines, and yet be very practical with today's manifest world."

6th January 2014

"While we maintain the blessings of Kaua'i's 8D portal, Kaua'i is not immune to influence from the rest of the planet. We are in turbulent energies of a chaotic node of intersecting time-lines, combined with solar system instabilities of polarity reversal. What helps the most is to maintain new-Gaia energies of aloha in your own individual energy fields. Maintain positive intent."
'Find your own inner stability while the world is unstable.'

7th January 2014

The crystal faeries said last night:

"We cannot play freely in the realms of humans without disturbing the limitations they hold on to."

Why have not i / we hopped to a better time-line?

'We have group karmic entanglements, therefore only the group may hop time-lines.'

Is that other than our crystal faeries family?

'Only our family and the contracts we have made to assist here.'

"You must rise to join us, we cannot descend further."

'The debt we carry as a family combined with our contract to facilitate ascension is the overriding factor.'

What debt?

'The cost of rescuing some of our family.'

"There are limits to our ability to intervene."

What are those limits? Who sets those limits?

'It is a delicate balance between the individual and the group.'

'We are playing for large stakes on a planetary scale, and opposing forces often can only find ways to sabotage minor things, thus your living situation being dependent upon others has left them as more manipulable than you in blocking your work. Always close relationships may be interefered with.'

'We are sorry that the intended time-line hop was thwarted, but we have not given up shifting reality both to improve your situation, and the level of service on our mission you may do. Persevere in our vision, and deal with your circumstances meanwhile.'

"We cannot burden you with all the details of our family situation, and have you continue to function with the portion you are carrying, nor can we ignore the rest of our family energetics to focus on your situation only. Release your friend's perceptions that you have been inappropriate with us, for we see your situation and have compassion for it, so trust that we do what we can to help while balancing the needs of all."

'Trust that we are doing what we can. Trust your family.'

"We are aware of the sacrifice you are making. Know that we are grateful, and ameliorate as we may. Persevere and allow in faith that the good of the group is served."

i am perceiving that those of the new-age manifestation movement who find it easier to shift their individual reality time-lines are so able because they carry fewer group attachments, is that correct?

'Yes. It is not that you are doing something wrong. It is that we have volunteered as masters to carry a heavy burden, and that priority limits your freedom in the manifest world.'

i am grateful for my crystal faeries family. i love you dearly.

7th January 2014

"The turbulence is only beginning as we approach another chaotic node. Many people will be expressing their shadow side on their journey to authenticity. It is time for practical simplicity rather than taking anything individually, or getting caught up in deep interpretation or analysis. Compassion and forgiveness for self and others will help a lot. Trying to reason with others or solve their problems may be fruitless, instead it is advised to retreat, introvert, and find your calm core. The storms will eventually pass, leaving everything changed."

9th January 2014

"The turbulance in time-lines has been allowing many blessings from the angelic and faery realms to be slipped into manifestation amongst the chaos and change. While it has also meant that sometimes a specific intent was lost, alternative time-lines have been able to provide similar but different fulfillments to be graced into place. Thus we remind you to indeed be quite specific on the details of intent to which you are attached, and allow a loose context for the remainder of details, so that more alternatives may fulfill your requests. Persevere in your vision defined in this way, and hold the highest vibrations you can comfortably live, and be prepared to express your appreciation for blessings. Grant grace for the chaos, and float lightly over the details. Oh, you weren't taking any of this seriously, were you? *giggles* :-) "

9th January 2014

"You may be noticing a disconnect."
'You may be feeling out of time, and space.'
Yes, rather unreal compared to previous normal.
"You are between realities; hopping time-lines."
'Persevere in your intent; allow the transition.'
Yay changes.

"The whales are telling us of fracturing in the ocean floor approximately 700 miles from Kaua'i in the general direction of Mau'i."
'While everyone is familiar with the magma flow from below via the vent known as Hawaiʻi, and many are familiar with the growth of the vent known as Lōʻihi, there is a larger subsurface magma dome affecting a broader area of the hotspot in the middle of the Pacific tectonic plate, which is surrounded by the Ring of Fire.'

11th January 2014

"We suggest that the energy du jour is 'release'. There is a version of this about releasing one's belief in limitation, about the future, about what's coming, about how well one is supported, about one's incoming preferred time-line manifesting miraculously. There is a version of this about releasing one's attachments to one's outgoing obsolete or inappropriate time-line and reality, including old relationships, one's old self-relationship, and one's self identity. Forgive, release, bless, and move forward. Leave behind all pretense or performance of being any thing for any one. Embrace the authentic expression of one's soul essence freely living. Release the past without perfecting it. Trust the future without controlling it. Today's message is not new. Release is important as a response to all the triggering of self change brought about by the chaos of large and pervasive changes in progress. Release fear so that you may embrace love, and be embraced with and by love."

'The most deeply rooted and most strongly attached-to "role" which must be released to live a fully authentic life in soulful love, is one's "survial strategy". It is always based in a state of disempowerment and fear. It is developed at a very early age in life. It is so deeply "engrained" that many mistake it as a part of themself. It takes deep soul-searching to chose to release this false self identity, this false role. The anchor of attachment is the illusion that one cannot survive without playing the role. Certainly the role cannot survive without playing it. The true self cannot authentically express until false roles are released. Most of these are developed within the context of one's natal family, where the functionality of the group depends upon compensatory balancing dysfunctions. For anyone now adult, no longer dependent upon parents, even approaching spiritual sovereignty to live a divine life, to now play the role of no-role, to now authentically express in the flow of the moment one's own essence, one must release the survival strategy, and confront the ego-death of identification with that false "self".

Example survival strategy roles:'

'These childhood survival strategies may have become amplifed over the lifetime journey into adulthood and 'career', so that not only was one's position within family dependent upon playing the role, now one's adult income-stream to 'pay the bills' depends upon maintenance of that role. Fully releasing such a role / survival-strategy which is not appropriate now for one's authentic self, may even require a change of career, a divorce, a change of social status, etc. The 'faint of heart' will not even commence this journey, and thus will never truly live, or be fulfilled. One must release all that is not truly of one's authentic essence, one's own soul, one's soul truth, in order to live in joy. One must release all pretense to 'sanity' or 'social acceptability' to enter the crazy world of the faeries, who live authentically.'

"Our 8D ascension portals carry frequencies which support authentic self expression, as does 'Fae Play' essence."

12th January 2014

"Today we would like to share our 8D energies of delicate gentleness, a very tender and sweet warmth of aloha, surrounding your hearts with appreciation. This is us sharing who we are in our realm, bringing our aloha to you in our own way, inviting you into an experience of our reality. We love you, so we wish to share our lightness of heart with yours, but your reality weighs very heavily on our hearts. We choose today to live our advice to you of yesterday. We cannot help you by becoming you, or like you, or by descending to your realm and ways. We cannot be your saviours or healers or even guides. We can share our selves and our ways, authentically, and if you take to our reality, you may join us."

'It is incomprehensible how dead, humans require each other to be, to "live" together, to share even the blessed Garden Isle. Yet, we find wonderful bright spots amongst the shadows and darkness.'

Tears roll down my cheeks, as they so often do, as i listen to soulful music from the angelic composer Bruce Mitchell.

'As the bridge between the crystal faeries collective consciousness, and the celeste: crystalfaery individuality, i am often unable to offer more than "be patient and let the energy of love shift things".'

celeste giggles, remembering the Reagan era 'bumper sticker': "SHIFT HAPPENS".

'I feel hopeful after visiting with celeste's aumakua, the crystal faeries, and bringing back to her consciousness, our aloha.'

Thank you tomril, and all my family of crystal faeries, for helping me walk this path through life.

"We'll keep the 8D ascension portal open over Kaua'i, as tomril keeps your individual portal open."

12th January 2014

We have written extensively about living one's authentic essence as the only viable option, ever more true the more we ascend. A truly ascended being is a fully self responsible reality creator, a sovereign with no subjects. This is the paramount choice a being makes, for there is no aspect of their reality unaffected by the choice to be completely self responsible. Only secondarily to that fundamental choice of who is choosing and responsible for one's reality, are the details of what is one's reality.

The next most significant choice one makes in expressing one's essence, is that of presence. As eternal spirits, existing in no-time no-space, with access to all of existence, we may place portions of our energies in various dimensions / densities, which may include embodying in a variety of forms in a variety of environments, some of which are known as embodied incarnations, one particular version of which, is that of occupying a human body on Gaia. Within the realms of dichotomy and duality, the body forms may have a genderal and sexual polarity, and such is the case here and now for humans reading this. As an androgynous formless 'higher self' embodies, the soul's authentic natural balance is most healthily functional in a human body in a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio between yin and yang (or yang and yin) energies.

The end product of the exploration of an identity crisis, is a discovery of one's authentic essence, followed by living that authentic truth. Particularly as we are ascending, we are experiencing a transition from identification with embodied duality and dichotomy to a unified consciousness of androgyny as we transcend form itself. Until we complete that ascension above duality, we are experiencing simultaneously being both partly in the realm of dichotomous duality, and partly in the realm of no form. This then presents an interesting challenge in knowing and expressing one's authentic self, for that self is both of these, both dualistic and transcendent beyond duality, and this is paradoxical, it even gives us another duality, between duality itself and non-duality. If one can allow living with that paradox, without attempting to resolve the paradox, one can then more wholistically live and express one's authentic essence. However, because this split of 'reality' exists between the dualistic lower self, and the non-dualistic higher self, the ascension process itself, which is integrating these aspects of self, is challenging to both higher and lower self, and is likely to produce instability. This is no longer a pleasant discussion over tea between two selves in clearly distinct realities, this is a struggle to hold onto one's 'reality' as the other aspect integrates with one; higher self demanding lower self release duality, while lower self demands higher self cope with it, higher self demanding lower self embrace unity, while lower self resists ego-death loss of uniqueness.

How does one authentically live the expression of this? With this kind or level of internal conflict in process, how easy is it to remain fully at peace with anyone around you? Nearly everything both internal and external to who we think we 'are' is in a process of change, revaluation, reassessment, comprehension, and expression. It would rather seem to be necessary for a lot of grace and allowance of both self and others. Perhaps even take none of it individually even though it seems to be all about one's self. Actually, it is all about one's self, which if investigated in a law dictionary like Bouvier's, will illuminate you to the awareness of one's straw-man, the dead in-probate rightless voiceless trust corpse-oration the mind controllers (govern-mental) agencies treat you as, which cannot possibly be your authenic self, unless you are in fact a soulless zombie, in which case you have nothing to ascend. i never enjoy being the messenger of this message, for it is the most challenging, most denied truth, of human existence. It is where this article started, with the most significant choice you'll ever make: Who creates your reality? Are you a self responsible adult sovereign in full accountability?
A crystal faery cocreating ascension for all and re-opening stargates or building new ones so that you can finally return to domicil after your mission of service to the ascension of humans?
i am celeste:crystalfaery, one of the starseed embodiments of tomril, a crystal faery.
We maintain the 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal over Kaua'i, our unique contribution to the process of humans ascending on Gaia. It is a prototype alternate stargate design, which we are perfecting to link with our original universe. Meanwhile, shall we all celebrate the ascension of humanity? Apparently in all the known existence, this is the first time a whole planet-full of a species has ascended together. Don't be surprised when you boot up and begin your day feeling like you are running new beta-test software. Finding yourself to be thinking, feeling, and expressing differently than yesterday, is just a sign of your ascending. Congratulations! Give yourself a big hug!

i celeste have summarized and organized a lot of percepts which have come to me lately from my higherself tomril, and our crystal faeries family, in my rambling exposition above, yet i wish to specifically ask for any further clarifications they may offer.

'While your list of priorities of choices and their impact upon ones reality are worthy of contemplation, i would suggest that even more significant is the fundamental choice of attitude between optimistic and pessimistic. If one could say "that always happens to me!", would it be reference to problems, or synchronistic miracles of manifesting? i suggest this is often based in a perspective that the universe is either fundamentally unloving or fundamentally loving. Shifting to expectations of being loved and supported is one of the most impactful choices one can make.
"I am always supported appropriately, and my essence is honored." is a good foundation.'

"The great duality experiment generates a plethora of differences, yet the fundamental essence inside most of existence is its having been sourced from divinity. For those of us on the ascension path, being at peace with all that is, is rather a foundational choice also. As reality creators, we can choose as both tomril and celeste suggested, to be supported in our authentic essence expression. In the synchrony of divine love, we may all play joyously together, celebrating our shared journey of ascension. Yay!"

'Perhaps so foundational that many may overlook it, is the aspect of our 'essence' known as our DNA. While much of our present reality is based in the DNA as it was inherited from our body's parents, the ascension process is all about activating or deactivating various aspects of the DNA we have today, and over time even rewriting the DNA itself. This is a very deep essence expression, where ones authentic nature and choices determine ones genetic expression and future. This is where 'the rubber hits the road', and ones path is set by ones spiritual 'practice'. The old paradigm of questioning whether it is nature (parental DNA) or nurture (parental behaviours) which determine one's 'nature' (individuality), we suggest is merely a diversion from one's true essence (spirit) from conception through adulthood, that most important is to break free of all but ones own spirit as source for the essence one expresses as 'life', both in and beyond a particular body.'

"Ancient 'Fairy Tales' warn humans that if they enter the fairy circle and dance with the Fairies, that they will be in a different 'reality', from which there is a danger they may never return. It's all just choice."

13th January 2014

Explain to me why i am in the situation i am now in? And what you advise me to do with it?

'This is an outgrowth of factors beyond our control. The direct intervention of unpleasant forces has blocked our lightwork.'

"We have no answers or solutions"

What about time-line hopping? Parallel-reality jumping?

'That is precisely what was blocked for us.'

"We have limited ability to intervene in your dimension / density."

This is why you deem it so important for me to remain embodied?

'Yes, for the incarnate being has more power to affect the manifest world.'

So what happened to all the new-agey 'you create your own reality'?

'Most of it is cocreated.'

"Our entanglement of realities we created long ago, and by now is our path."

So the intent is that somehow i will miraculously solve all of our problems from this dimensional reality of limitation?


And it was because of doing the work to re-link us to our original universe and help everyone ascend (cocreating the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals) that i have now been sabotaged?


Exactly what can only be accomplished with my DNA embodied?


And that can only happen within a body?


"The energy on the planet is changing so greatly that it is literally awakening DNA.
'Kryon, why do you speak of DNA so much?'
Because within it is the core of everything spiritual. It contains your Higher-Self. It contains the Akashic Record of your existence on Gaia. It contains healing and mastery, consciousness of ascension. That's how it works biologically with you, and that's why we speak of it at all.
[...] It's not just chemistry. It's the building blocks of ascension within your body."
-- Kryon (of magnetic service)

Are you having me to beleive that all of these limitations i must endure for the benefit of the crystal faeries family?

'At least one of us must succeed in ascension.'

"At least one of us must succeed in ascension."

'I have nothing to offer you but that we are doing the best we can in our realms.'

"We cry for us all."

'What they are not saying is what is behind the tears. We witnessed much destruction in the tomril universe via the misuse of free will choice. We have continued to witness destruction and suffering in the Milky Way Galaxy, at the tertiary planet of Ra, Gaia, (with Atlantis and Lemuria).'

We crystal faeries are creating a reality of joy here. The spirit tomril remains willing, even the flesh of celeste remains strong at nearly 64 years, but her emotional body is exhausted processing all the invalidation and judgement thrown at the androgynous embodiment, the one that volunteered to model what humanity is evolving towards, via ascension.'

i can only live my authentic truth.

Another path manifested. i had called upon another friend, an Indigo, who responded in chat, and guided me through several readings, back to optimism. It is always helpful to get a 2nd opinion, a 3rd point of view, a 4th perspective, and in this case synchronicity of triggers told me i needed another perspective on my situtation to guide me forward. The trigger for this was:

'The Rainbow and Crystal Children Will Lead Them'

Indigo: i will go get some of my ANGEL CARDS Indigo: FAIRIES card jumped out first lol Indigo: CRYSTALS is the next card Indigo: : the energy of Crystals supports you and helps with your present sitation Indigo: 3rd card, you are profoundly CLAIRVOYANT Indigo: 4th: SHIELD yourself Indigo: protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies Indigo: by envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you Indigo: 5th: BOOKS: Your LIFE PURPOSE involves Indigo: writing, reading, editing or selling spiritually based books. Indigo: last card is interesting, I'm not sure how it fits in celeste: or a blog of the crystal faeries Indigo: the first 4 are obvious celeste: yeah, it all fits with what i know as my path, Indigo: what kind of light work were you doing when this block manifested celeste: Ascension Activations Indigo: ok celeste: we crystal faeries created a whole new path of ascension, celeste: and installed an ascension portal over the whole island of Kaua'i celeste: very advanced stuff, celeste: and it was rather a shock to the dark side that it just appeared, celeste: unprophecied, and not visible to their future seeing technology Indigo: how do people find your blog celeste: i dunno, I'm not on any social networks, just via the web celeste: Indigo: ok Indigo: you could start offering workshops celeste: yes, i can do playshops Indigo: I'm going to do one more spread for you with a different deck celeste: ok, thank you Indigo: the first deck was the ANGEL THERAPY Indigo: these are the ARCHANGEL CARDS by Doreen Virtue celeste: ok, not familiar with either deck celeste: i appreciate your point of view very much, thank you for assisting Indigo: i know i probably don't have to tell you this Indigo: but make sure you unplug all cords and cleanse your energy body Indigo: the central card here is CHAKRA CLEARING celeste: /me clears her chakras Indigo: :) Indigo: i like the pyramid spread with these Indigo: the four cards on the bottom are: Indigo: OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES, GIFTS FROM GOD, YOU ARE SAFE, OUTDOORS Indigo: that is the FOUNDATION of the pyramid Indigo: the CORNERSTONES are OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES and OUTDOORS Indigo: Overcoming Difficulties says the worst is now behind you, Indigo: and you are surmounting any previous challenges Indigo: Archangel Michael is with you to protect you against the lower energies celeste: yay Mr. Sword of Blue Flame! Cutting away illusions and inappropriateness Indigo: yes trust in him Indigo: GIFTS FROM GOD: we angels bring you gifts from your creator. Indigo: open your arms to receive. Indigo: to me, it sounds like you are shedding a skin celeste: bye bye Ms. Python celeste: /me opens arms and lifts up to the heavens with open hands Indigo: you've been working so hard on ascension Indigo: and part of that is to leave behind all of materiality celeste: oooh, let's leave behind this material body! Indigo: even Jesus had to phsyically die in order to ascend Indigo: the circumstances, i feel, Indigo: are the boot you need to make the big leap of faith celeste: ahhh, yes, faith has been a challenge lately Indigo: like you need to just let go of all your fears and step out on that water Indigo: i love that one quote from the bible.. Indigo: yes but there is the grace of god celeste: i plea for grace, as I'm completely worn out Indigo: “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, Indigo: walked on the water and came toward Jesus. Indigo: But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, Indigo: beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Indigo: Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. Indigo: “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” — Matthew 14:29-31 celeste: i don't know why i doubt... celeste: maybe because there have been so many obstacles celeste: thrown in the way of my lightwork celeste: i individually took on the pattern for all of Kaua'i to raise it via the celeste: 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal we created to help everyone ascend Indigo: when obstacles come into our path, Indigo: we need to look at them as opportunities for growth Indigo: its hard to stay centered and not react for sure, Indigo: and see the good that can come out of it when we don't see what its all for Indigo: the next row above that is 3 cards Indigo: LEADERSHIP, CHAKRA CLEARING, and PASSION Indigo: Chakra Clearing is the CENTER card of this spread which to me means Indigo: you really need to clear out all the negative energy Indigo: that's accumulating in your chakras Indigo: because it will affect you ability to manifest the best outcomes Indigo: that quote about Jesus and Peter BTW.. Indigo: Jesus wasn't the one making Peter walk on water, Indigo: it was Peter who believed he could because Jesus was there and so was able to celeste: yes Indigo: LEADERSHIP says: it is time for you to accept your leadership power and position, Indigo: and lovingly guide others Indigo: PASSION: Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career. Indigo: My understanding of them is that your new life 'OUTDOORS' Indigo: will open up new leadership opportunities for you to teach the things you love celeste: i have been sequestered in my old apartment, celeste: and was much looking forward to the house i was going to get celeste: which would have room to invite people to Indigo: those are the WINGS to the CHAKRA CLEARING, so Indigo: you need to remain clear of negative energies while 'out there' celeste: ok Indigo: yeah sounds like you need to let go of what you want, but Indigo: allow the universe to present to you what you really need for what comes next Indigo: next two cards are advice moving forward Indigo: and its simply the cards of COURAGE, and YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO Indigo: live as the buddha did Indigo: the last card, the OUTCOME Indigo: ALL IS WELL Indigo: Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, Indigo: with hidden blessing you will soon understand. celeste: thank you, Indigo :-) Indigo: you're welcome Indigo: I'm sorry its more of this 'be patient, everything is okay' stuff lol celeste: *giggles* Indigo: i know its a hard situation but you need courage celeste: I'm exhausted from a lifetime of courage celeste: to be the androgyne so loathed and despised by so much of society, celeste: it's totally exhausting on the emotional level Indigo: i can only imagine Indigo: but yeah i really feel like you've been manifesting ascension Indigo: for so long that this is kind of like you shedding your cocoon Indigo: your cocoon being all the 'stuff' thats in your domicil Indigo: you can't bring it with you Indigo: i can't help but think you did it to yourself :D celeste: yay, i want to sprout faery wings and be a cute little faery girl Indigo: hehehe :) Indigo: fairies live outdoors! lol celeste: yes, and as transdimensional beings don't need houses Indigo: no they don't Indigo: whatever happens, just make sure that Indigo: when you transcend this existence you do it with a smile :) celeste: oh, then i guess i get a female body before i go :-) Indigo: ha Indigo: I'm so sorry you're going through this celeste: thank you for your compassion celeste: I'm a High Heels and Nylons faery Indigo: yeah that's not exactly the outdoors kind. lol Indigo: i do have one last deck Indigo: i got this deck just this last Friday and its very powerful spiritually Indigo: it guides us on our spiritual path as lightworkers celeste: yay Indigo: its called the ISIS ORACLE Indigo: she is the one that termed 'Initiate of the Light', Indigo: which gave me clarity on defining what the sacred path of initiation is... Indigo: 'initiated into what?!' Indigo: i think this could serve you well also Indigo: I'm still in awe that Indigo: the Angel Therapy Cards pulled out 'Fairies' and 'Crystals' first celeste: yeah, my contract with the cards is they always tell the truth, celeste: whether i like it or not :-) celeste: and my life now is, as i ascend, celeste: all based in my spiritual family of crystal faeries Indigo: Card 1 - What is the real issue for me right now on a spiritual level? Indigo: QUEEN OF HEAVEN - Blessing from the Divine Empress of the Skies Indigo: 'The Queen of Heaven, the Divine Empress of the Skies, Indigo: acknowledge your feminine authority now, as a man or a woman, Indigo: you have a Life Path of spiritual leadership to bring Indigo: qualities of mercy, compassion and wisdom into the world." Indigo: confirmation to step forward in your feminine leadership Indigo: you're encouraged to contemplate how you might step Indigo: more fully into your own authority. Indigo: Often this requires that we make peace with Indigo: the authority figures in our lives, Indigo: past and present, and how we experienced those relationships -- Indigo: whether as supportive, truthful and empowering or disempowering, Indigo: shaming or perhaps minimising or inflating our sense of grandiosity. Indigo: Healthy relationships with authority figures help us recognize Indigo: where we can learn and perhaps be mentored by another, Indigo: and where we too can help others learn and grow.' Indigo: thanks for allowing me to practice the readings with you :) Indigo: i like to get experience when i can celeste: i was slightly AFK for a minute celeste: while i called on an advert for a Yurt for rent :-) Indigo: ok cool! celeste: that's as outdoors as I'll ever want to be as long as i have human form Indigo: yes we need shelter Indigo: i have no idea what a Yurt is celeste: a roof with tent walls, or maybe more solid Indigo: ahh, ok celeste: has outdoor shower and kitchen it says Indigo: just make sure to stay positive and shield yourself energetically celeste: yes, got that about chakra clearing and sheilding Indigo: interesting Indigo: so i think this first card here was spot on about your current situation Indigo: as the issue celeste: yes... step up and lead at a new level Indigo: coming into your feminine authority and clashing with the old figures Indigo: card 2 - How can i best heal that in my day-to-day life? Indigo: THE LUNAR QUEEN, SHE OF THE CELESTIAL CRESCENT celeste: crystal faery from another galaxy Indigo: 'There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognizes that Indigo: importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential Indigo: balancing to our actions of power and demonstration. Indigo: You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, Indigo: trusting that you are in a cycle of creation Indigo: that is about to shift into a new phase. Indigo: Release and enjoy the process without having to control or force it.' Indigo: kind of the same thing we got from the other readings huh celeste: yay! truth is spoken in different words to better comprehend Indigo: Card 3 - What will the gift or outcome of this be? Indigo: ENTER THE CHAMBER OF HEALING, Indigo: Healing in the Divine Chamber of the LADY ISIS Indigo: i don't think i need to expand on this but i will anyway Indigo: 'A spiritual gift of healing is coming to you now. Indigo: Be open, without expectation or pre-conceived notions and Indigo: allow the healing from the Lady Isis, Mistress of Magick, Indigo: to help you find the best solution for any situation Indigo: that does not appear to be as it should be. Indigo: Take your time and create a space into which Indigo: Her magick and energy can flow now. Expect your miracle.' Indigo: Isis to me is Mother Gaia Indigo: or the Mother counterpart of 'Father Mother God' Indigo: but she is a Mother figure to me. celeste: and she is the OUTDOORS of the other reading. Indigo: Card 4 - What is the biggest challenge or opportunity Indigo: for me to get to the best outcome? Indigo: PAST LIFE PRESENT POWER - The MANY SPIRITUAL FACES of You Indigo: 'When the Soul is growing in service to humanity, Indigo: in service to the Great Feminine and Indigo: Her call that all beings be healed and free, Indigo: it gathers internal resources to assist on the path. Indigo: These resources include powers and gifts from other lifetimes. Indigo: You are currently integrating past life abilities and Indigo: you are guided by the Oracle of Past Life Present Power Indigo: to be open to shifting internally and Indigo: in your experience of your own levels of power and spiritual ability.' Indigo: hmm Indigo: sounds like thats a challenge celeste: yes, allowing transformation into living celeste: from the collective consciousness level of my crystal faeries family celeste: i have less my own ego thoughts, less my own higher self thoughts, celeste: and more our collective family ascended consciousness guiding me Indigo: 'That can be confronting at times. Indigo: we often have to let go of any fear or disappointment we suffered Indigo: in the relevant past life Indigo: before the gift can be restored to us in a useful way this lifetime.' celeste: and letting go of disappointment in THIS life too Indigo: yes Indigo: so are you returning to your original state of crystal faery? celeste: i am as much as possible yes integrating our reality with this body Indigo: but our current life is the culmination of all our past lives. Indigo: anything unresolved in past lives manifests in the current celeste: yes... i am very unhappy to not have female form... celeste: as long as i have any form. Indigo: Card 5 - What special guidance is there Indigo: to help me resolve this in the best way now? Indigo: PROPER BURIAL FOR FREEDOM - Sacrifice to Osiris, Lord of the Dead celeste: shed the skin, leave the old reality and identity, celeste: embrace the new Celestial goddess Faery leader energies Indigo: 'In order for life to flow and express itself, Indigo: that which belongs to the world of death must be released. Indigo: There is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost Indigo: by holding on to that which no longer serves us, Indigo: which is better left to die, Indigo: though it takes great spiritual courage and trust Indigo: to allow this to happen. Indigo: Osiris, Lord of the Dead, guides you now Indigo: to release that which no longer needs to be a part of your life Indigo: so that you may be free.' Indigo: yeah Indigo: all this is nice but doesn't really say what's coming lol Indigo: only that its necessary for your soul growth Indigo: it sounds like an exciting adventure celeste: and i need to become more a grounded Gaia Faery celeste: and not only a Celestial Angelic Faery Indigo: you may find that you love it even more than your current place, Indigo: to be so close to nature, if that is what you want. Is it? celeste: i also want a nice place suitable for heels and nylons :-) celeste: and a playful lifestyle of pleasure. Indigo: then don't give up on it.


15th January 2014

What am i, Kaua'i, and the world to know?

'Trust that things are proceeding as they must, and that you will be provided for. Surrender to flow.'

"We are aware of the challenging changes, the intense emotions, and chaotic manifestation in progress. Hold to your principles and to your passions. Persevere.
Although there is volatility, turbulence, and chaos in the aethers, it remains true that we each continue to alter probabilities by our perseverence, in intending and expecting our preferred time-lines. Stay in your positive excitement, and dwell not in feared outcomes. It is the prepondernece of your energies which bias the outcome, even though you have moments of relapse to old time-line energies, or external forces momentarily intrude on your new time-line pattern. And the divine continues to bias it all for the benefit of all."

16th January 2014

Who creates my reality by their beleifs and free will choices, me celeste, you tomril, or our crystal faeries family?

"The needs of our family are obviously first priority. We have previously described that we need tomril incarnate as celeste to accomplish ascension for us, and that we have agreed to facilitate ascension for others as our service to complete contracts."

'I have little free will choice which is not predetermined by our circumstances and mission. It is most expedient for us to utilize the DNA of your present body in our present time-line. Not even the walk-in scenario you request, much less a full reincarnation, can get us an ascending body in the time-frame required.'

Why cannot we jump to an alternate time-line parallel reality where all these problems do not exist? We should be able to use the time-line hopping the Hathors say is possible to get us all to a reality where we're happy and none of these problems exist. What is it that you tomril or the crystal faeries are attached to in this time-line that we cannot exit it?

'It is about re-uniting the branch of family who stayed behind in the original tomril universe with the branch of family who came via ishnaa to now be in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are a limited number of time-lines which can bridge the galactic gap. This is what we have said is now our path as a family.'

"As the one who was originally our equivalent of a 'supreme being', and as the one who led our group to ishnaa, you are still our mentor and leader in reuniting our family. This is why you volunteered to be point individual for ascension now. None of us wish your embodiment to be of any suffering or sacrifice, yet, it must accomplish ascension expediently to fulfill our path. The service work of facilitating others to ascend via our 8D Angelic crystal faery Ascension Portals is the karmic balancing of the help we invoked in creating them, so that we may use them to reunite our family across the gap between the tomril universe and this one."

Many of our recent difficulties have been for your failure to so clearly communicate this truth to me before.

'As you know there are forces of interference, which as you celeste would choose, i tomril and we crystal faeries would rather duck than confront. You were quick to recognize the benefit we enjoyed from this creation being a complete surprise. Given that it is no longer in any way covert, we now have the consequences of the interference from those forces, and yes it has had blowback for your incarnation, celeste.'

i comprehend the sacrifice of a casual pleasurable incarnation for the growth of our family, but i do not agree to suffer in this body. i have already experienced more than enough homelessness this incarnation, and am unwilling to so experience again. What have you to say about this?

'Your homelessness would serve no positive purpose, and we do not intend it. we protect you as we are able.'

Why does everything hinge upon this one incarnation? Why are there no other crystal faeries also incarnate for this purpose?

"This was the optimum juggling of energies and resources by group decision. There are no other incarnations which are on-line with the mission, though they do contribute light to the overall planetary ascension."

Can you say anything about our holding the Kaua'i portal open?

"We are sorry for the blowback effects of negative forces upon celeste's incarnation, but it is very close to predicted effectiveness in facilitating ascension, and has exceeded expectations in reestablishing the Lemurian energetics for Ter-Ra. While negative forces continue to stir minor troubles, as designed, the angelic contribution to the 8D portals has kept them fully functional, and the portal grid developing gently. celeste is effectively keeping Kaua'i portal clean, grounded, and active. Once celeste's housing transition is accomplished, we can get on with the Ascension Activations we initiated celeste to facilitate."

Yes, thank you, channelling ascension codes in my facilitation has already made a great difference in my effectiveness helping others.

"For now the limiting factor is the number of beings ready to receive activations, not your ability to perform them, then over time you can initiate others to perform activations when more of the collective is ready."

Thank you, i beleive that answers my extant questions. Is there anything else you'd like to share today?

'Relax your body fears despite being so isolated in the world. We know it is not the hug your body wants, but we surround you with love.'

"We are sorry your intended partner / companion abandoned our mission. Stay focussed on your ascension and facilitating that of others. We are sorry it is so aetherically and astrally painful for you that you are still in the negative energies of your ex-abode, and how it drains from you all vitality and joy, and how that is mirrored by your refusal to play your flute there, so we'll just say that it is important to quickly reclaim that expression of hearts joy as soon as you get moved to your new abode. We cry with you for the darkness brought to bear against you by those who wish to see humanity kept enslaved. It is a sign of your success with our 8D portals, and of the chaos of transitioning to our time-line of rebirthing the Garden Isle. When you are facing doubt and mistrust, just look clairvoyantly at our 8D Ascension Portal over Kaua'i. It remains cleanly and strongly present thanks to our work. Its stability shall remind you that we shall succeed in our mission."

17th January 2014

Good morning Milky Way Galaxy! i rather enjoyed dancing between lucid dreamspace and consciousness this morning, awakening to hear the cosmic track I'd left looping, from Bruce Mitchell's Earth Heal album, track 10 'Galaxy'. How's my crystal faeries family? What's up?

"We enjoyed refreshing the communion between Bruce's 9D Angelic Muse and our 8D Ascension energetics, as being celestial ourselves, we have a fond appreciation for the cosmic serenity of oneness and lightness. These energies have graced our portals today with calmness and gentleness which have balanced the chaotic energies of the time-node we're passing through. Although the time-node allows more entities to hop time-lines between the two major families of time-lines, the old armageddon time-lines versus the ascending Gaia time-lines, and thus bleed-through between their realities happens, most entities are becoming rather stable in their choices of which major time-line family they're staying with. The recent astrological influences have certainly surfaced shadow-side issues to be processed by many, but as the triggered emotions release, they return to a deeper stability in their time-lines. While there is still much flailing in the old-Gaia armageddon time-lines of conflict and destruction, as those energies play-out within that family of time-lines, the rest of us on the New-Gaia time-lines family of parallel realities are experiencing greater stability and serenity as our unity consciousness soothes all conflicts into the good of all in harmony."

"As we continue to work with the angelics coordinating planetarily the progression of DNA Ascension codes activations, we are blessed with the ability to bring them to Kaua'i's ascension portal before they are activated more widely. This remains one of the wonderful blessings of the reactivated Lemurian consciousness grid here. As more of humanity's consciousness stabilizes in positive ascension, it becomes appropriate for our friends to do more activations of the old Atlantean transdimensional crystal technologies, which were too dangerous to activate within the old conflict consciousness of old-Gaia. While the competing factions of old-Gaia have been much focussed upon the use of Atlantean star-gates for a variety of purposes, our focus is more the harmonization of the various Atlantean installations in support of the New-Gaia planetary energy grid. This is continuing to be facilitated by our emerging network of 8D Ascension Portals linking and balancing the various Atlantean crystal installations into planetary harmony. There yet remains more healing and repair to do of some of the old damaged Atlantean crystal installations which have remained dysfunctional since the destruction of the Atlantean wars which resulted in the fall of Atlantis. As more of these become protected in the new-Gaia energy grid, our friends who are here to do that repair work have been actively working on them."

'This offers an opportunity to remind people of their ability to invoke divine intervention. There is more permission for the higher realms to intervene when the invocation is of the divine plan for the benefit of all. Likewise individual invocations and energy creations are blessed when they are patterned for the benefit of all per the divine plan.'

By the power of God i AM, i invoke divine intervention to facilitate my service work in support of ascension for all within Kaua'i's 8D Ascension Portal, and in building the planetary 8D Portal network to share that with New-Gaia. So mote it be, and so it is.
-- I Am

17th January 2014

"You must simply walk through the door to the other side."


"In faith and trust that you are loved."

i did energy work with a friend and through a reality doorway.

"We are shifting perspective."

'I (tomril) am no longer your (crystal faeries) supreme being, and by being the embodied one, it is i, not you, who am more limited; you must stop seeing me as superior, and therefore believing that, you are more limited than i, for now, i am far more limited, by being the one incarnate. It is you purely in the higher realms who have the freedom and ability to make a difference in this incarnation. Our friend and i created a solution interdimensionally to re-link the tomril universe with the Milky-Way, so our family of crystal faeries may simultaneously exist in both places, and experience reunion of all our family. Now i need your help with my incarnation. Now that it is no longer needed for reunion, i am free to hop time-lines to another reality. You cannot not know my intent for that. i must either ascend immediately or hop to a time-line where i am provided for already, and where my embodiment is suitable for all.'

"We are grateful for the portal of union, and the further exchange of akashic records you did. It seems our portals have facilitated our friend's work with the Atlantean Crystals enough that it is considered that we are no longer in karmic debt, though still in contract to facilitate ascension for Ter-Ra-an humans. It is acknowledged that both our Kaua'i portal and the growing network of portals are greatly facilitating human ascensions."

The localization of my work to Kaua'i now means everyone is confronted with their issues over my embodiment, rather than that being a non-issue for those who only knew me remotely via telephone.

"We are working with tomril to find any suitable time-line. While there are obviously time-lines where you could be an unconscious 'normal' and fit in, we are not finding a direct hop to an ascended Gaia."

'Family reunion seems most suitable.'

18th January 2014

"There is a gentleness of spirit in our tomril even as there is chaos and great adversity afoot. There are also tears now surfacing as we trigger them. Caught in the middle in so many ways, with no clear path, and little support while enduring major challenges. We love you tomril, and hug your soul with ours. The experience is one of getting really real with reality. Knowing what you're dealing with is important for making choices. Observing others in action is much different than hearing their words. As you are making a quantum leap between alternate time-lines, choosing your target time-line is worth careful comprehension, what of the old must be properly burried as obsolete and inappropriate, The chaotic node of intersecting time-lines we've been passing through, has left little unperturbed as everyone has been 'getting real' with all. Full Moons are always transdimensional experiences, this one included."

"We have been reperceiving our abilities and roles, as our reality has shifted greatly in our reunited family, and are processing all the growth triggered by integrating those realities."

i am reminded that the Chinese character for opportunity also means crisis.

19th January 2014

As my old reality time-line disintegrates, and i enter a temporary survival reality, on the way to a future time-line manifestation, i recall the guidance to release and bury old things which no longer serve. That of course rather requires having some clue what reality is to be served? Ascension is the focal point, so obviously the first step is to be merely in the world not of the world. This is both about worldly goods, and about attitude of relating. As a friend reminded me, only the physical human forms of density require all the accoutrements like a physical house. So doesn't it seem funny to need a human form to ascend?

'Being in the world to play with DNA for ascension, but not of the worlds preoccupation with physicality, brings focus to codon activation for ascension, regardless the survival details of the body otherwise.'

"We are sorry for the cost to you individually, of both our mission work and the work to reunite our tomril ishnaan crystal faeries family. Thank you, we love you, and we'll all keep moving on. "

Details of 'living' greatly affect the level of joy in the emotional body, which also greatly affencts DNA. i still have a completely unsuitable reality. Some would say look for the hidden blessings in what appears for all intents and purposes to be a situation of suffering in total inappropriateness. What am i missing?
I'm well aware that i was twice on a time-line to appropriateness, expansion, and greater ability to be of service to the ascension of myself and others, and that in each case i was sabotaged by forces which wish to block ascension and keep humans enslaved in unconsciousnes. I'm well aware that my present circumstances are a survival recovery scenario from that sabotage. What are we going to do different now?

'The hidden blessing is the people connections which will come from these circumstances. Focus upon ascension and release the rest, particularly that which is of the world. While we have reunited our spiritual family known in this galaxy as the crystal faeries between the original tomril universe and here, that has only strengthened family dharma.'

"While our circumstances may be rather unique, they are nevertheless representative in that spiritual family shared realities are quite common place. Thus it is that many entities participating in the ascension on Ter-Ra will likewise be awakening to their spiritual families and entanglements. Our family of crystal faeries has relatively few karmic issues with other families, and are mostly dealing with the blowback for contributing our 8D ascension portals to the ascension game, i.e. current negotiations over present Ter-Ra-an reality. Other groups have long-standing conflicts with each other to resolve, and much of current Ter-Ra-an reality is reflecting those conflicts. Given that Gaia herself has chosen to ascend Ter-Ra now, those of us in alignment with that, those of us supporting planetary ascension, are relatively well supported and experiencing minimal conflict, as we flow into the emerging New Gaia time-lines. Those still in conflict with each other are obviously by being in any conflict out of harmony with New Gaia time-lines. Again we must say that our primary flow is about being in service towards ascension, and that mission requires of us to be particpating in the time-lines where our service is needed, and that is the primary factor why we don't just relocate our family to a post-ascension reality time-line family. "

20th January 2014

i managed to retrieve two bikeloads of nutritional supplements, including retrieving my diatomic Iodine and my priceless and unique first batch of 'Fae Play', Yay! Still, much was sacrificed. Now that physical items are either abandoned under the duress of eviction, or preserved, i get to do the emotional processing of the changes, and let my physical body recover from unusual physical activity of moving.

21st January 2014

"As you know, it is futile to fight any reality, instead you must build an alternative positive time-line. What you had not planned upon, was the level of dharmic and karmic entanglement with our spiritual family of tomril, still being responsible to mentor, all the ishnaans, and now with our recent family reunion, between those in tomril universe, and those family with you in the Milky Way Galaxy. We have been preoccupied with our own family reunion, and have been unable to provide you with much assistance beyond our holding the 8D Ascension Portals. Once again, we can only give you the advice, to trust in what you know is appropriate, the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals, and have patience that with love they will shift reality. Know also that our reintegration of family though temporarily complex, is producing benefits both in the tomril universe, and here, for us all. We will say more about this after more integration, and after you've had time to settle your new physical reality better. "

23rd January 2014

"Our Kaua'i 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal continues to bless Kaua'i Sovereign Space, and the surrounding planetary grids have all harmonized with it, and the network of portals connected to it at 8D are each also appropriately aligned, With assistance, we have made a variant portal which allowed us to hyperdimensionally link the original tomril universe and all her beings with those of us beings from there who came to the Milky Way Galaxy and founded the ishnaan presence, and have further come to be known via Gaia-an realms as The Crystal Faeries. The open exchange of akashics records between these realms, facilitated by tomril, has enriched beings in each of these realms. While the initial portal openings introduced 'growth periods' of accomodating new information, lessons, growth, and healing, the integration of the wisdom of all these realities has empowered all. Especially we crystal faeries are greatfull for the reunification of our family across these realities, and that we now share again one unifying reality bridging all these 'local manifestations'. We the crystal faeries on mission with Ter-Ra to facilitate ascension of humanity, are stabilizing from our growth period of reconnection with the tomril universe, and find that the akashics exchange facilitated by tomril have generated updates to the ascension codes, now already incorporated into the akashics blessings provided via our portals, including our Kaua'i portal. We were appreciative that our friend who assisted us to bridge our realites together, also benefitted via copies of our 8D portals to activate his mission to access the crystaline technology installations, remnants of the Atlantean energy grid and stargates, to begin repair and healing thereof. Obviously our cocreation is natural from our shared crystaline focus. Bringing via these portals the protection of the 8D Angelics to these Atlantean crystals, renders rather pointless the old lower density realm conflicts over the old stargate networks. The overseeing of the ascension codes of the 8D portals by the 9D Angelics has restored the divine plan for humanity to be available to all, and to therefore guide our planetary ascension process, and to facilitate the Gaia time-line for ascending humanity. Though individuals may be tossed about in the chaotic nodes of time-lines now intersecting, the Gaia time-line itself remains relatively stable, and thus by being well defined, facilitates individual spirits making their choices to be in this time-line or in some other."

'Commander Hatonn visited to say "Nice work!", which is rather a surprise since we have been so independent of so many other groups, particularly any of hierarchical structure. We share a goal of human ascension, while our groups have taken different approaches to facilitating such. While Hatonn was visiting we enjoyed a mutually beneficial exchange of akashic records. Because this connection was rather unusual, i thought it worthy of query as to why it was he visiting us?'

"He indicated to us that what had caught his attention was our 8D portal network, particularly the fact that they were being used to shield and gain quiet access to the Atlantean crystaline installations by our friend who is healing them, and that our portal network linked out of the Milky Way Galaxy to the tomril Universe, therefore, visiting tomril seemed only appropriate. That our work was quieting the stargate wars, was of particular note. He also indicated his appreciation for the 2009 December Peace Treaty between Annunaki and Pleiadians and all Hybrids, negotiated by tomril with the Annunaki Queen of Ter-Ra, with tomril representing the forgiveness of the Annunaki, and also demanding that the Annunaki release out of limitation their enslavement of their hybrid races, particularly their blocking ascension of Gaia-an humans."

24th January 2014

i recently had the awareness that my 3 week offline period now is the first time I've had anything like a vacation from my healing work, (not that moving one's abode is any kind of vacation), since it began part-time in 1987 and became full-time in 1991. i have always been 'on call' 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Only this disruption in my telephone service, waiting for the phone company to move my land-line keeps me unavailable, whereas previous to this move i had wireless accessability, but the new generations of wireless are increasingly toxic to health. Any change, even "good" ones like winning the lottery, produce stress in our systems, so a forced move has been extra stressful. My body is still majorly complaining about the physical stress, emotionally I'm coming out of shock but still in much stress, as it has not yet been possible to actually settle into my new location, as it was not in condition to receive me, and is only slowly being adapted to do so. I'm also aware that i have been on the threshhold of a quantum leap in my lovework and lightwork in support of ascension, and that I'm now in survival recovery from that being sabotaged. That brings up a concept which caught my attention, perhaps one i vaguely was aware of, but had not directly preceived so clearly prior. Life is all a balance of light and dark, good and bad, you must have both in balance. A related concept i had perceived some months prior was that Gaia is a soul school in a light and dark reality, which is maintained in approximate balance by its overseers, in order to keep each soul constantly at the choice point between

so that the soul develops "character", that which is necessary before claiming the unlimited powers of a creator god(dess), who nevertheless practices ahimsa so that wielding their power remains harmless to others, respectful of their free will choice over their own existence. This comes right back to one of the founding principles of my psychic training, that each individual's reality is "real" for them, and they have every right to their own unique beleif and choice created reality, which is to be honored and respected, validated and allowed, up to the point where they choose to intrude upon your own rights to your own reality, whereupon the resolution is the creation of an energetic boundary separating them. Obviously there is another quantum level beyond the "good fences make good neighbors" paradigm, now more than ever necessary to embrace, as we all ascend into a unification of consciousness and reality. The first phase of this is awakening from the incarnation to unification with one's higher self and all of its other incarnations. The next is unification of consciousness with one's soul family, such as my being one of the crystal faeries, and the taking on of the group energies, and mission of the soul family, and the creation of reality from and for the family perspective. Beyond that are larger groupings to be harmonized.

Change forces shift of perspective, which produces shift of perception, which produces shift of priorities, which produces shift of choices and beleifs, which produces shift of reality.
What are the limits of reality?
If we're in a soul school overseen by those who weild power to define for us a roughly balanced light and dark reality, no matter how much we as individuals wish to create a light reality, one of love without suffering, we are doomed to failure at that goal, until we graduate from school and are unleashed in the realms of possiblitiles in a light realm, rather than remaining confined within our light and dark sandbox. Aside from the "veil" between the higher realms of freedom versus the more dense realms of fallen physicality, and aside from the shepherding of our reality by the overseers, what do we need to know or learn?
Very much more specifically, as "we" are entering the New (Golden) Age of Light (and Love), what are the actual possibilities for our New Gaia, versus our fantasies from which we construct such?

"Our perspective and perceptions, especially now that we've reunited the branches of our family, between a reality outside this galaxy and inside this galaxy, will therefore be a little broader than those of beings whose realm is more purely only that of the Milky Way Galaxy, only of the solar system Ra, or only of its tertiary planet Ter-Ra. We wish therefore to direct attention to the concept of a 'divine plan'. To the extent that there have been multiple 'creator gods' each with their own 'divine plan' for their creations, then the maximum 'success' comes from aligning with the local 'divine plan'. It has been our observation that this is the case on a galactic scale. By bridging to this galaxy from being originally outside it, we are aware that there are differences between galaxies. We therefore suggest that the next quantum of relevant questioning must be: 'is there a divine plan of overarching nature which bridges all galaxies, and if so, what is its nature?' It is simple enough to hypothecate 'plans' at every level of scope, but what levels of plans seem to be the defining ones affecting 'New Gaia'? What is the nature of the 'divine plan' of the source of the creator gods who made galaxies? We find these questions compelling, especially since we have been lately working with, our friend who is involved in healing the Atlantean Crystal network, a being whose existence and reality predates the creation of Galaxies, therefore we have been in quite a 'growth period' integrating all the new information we've been triggered to embrace. In this overarching 'reality' of transcendence beyond the limits of the Milky Way Galaxy, we have worked with our friend directly with several levels of bureaucracy within this Galaxy, but more importantly directly with 'source', and thus our experience of source intervention and agenda in our work is perhaps of scope limited to that which is relevant to our missions, yet remains a perspective transcendent above the mere galactic."

It seems relevant to introduce here a concept voiced by our Indigo friend of recent readings, that the transition to New Gaia will be gradual, as the old dark entities die off, and are unable to reincarnate on New Gaia, because they will be unable to find anywhere on New Gaia, a womb of sufficiently low vibrations in which to incarnate a new body. They will be able to find incarnations in other realities, but not on New Gaia. This then triggers 'me' to reiterate something I've said for years, that it is important for humans to become more conscious about their practices of procreation. Those who 'accidentally' become pregnant as an 'unintended' (irresponsible) byproduct of lust, generally attract a low vibration soul of animal lust nature, reflecting the energies of their conception environment. Careful attention to conscious spirituality and a clear responsible intent to host an advanced soul, can attract a much higher being to incarnate in the baby body the parents create.

"The divine plan of source is that the essence of love and light be the foundation of all creation. That creation is therefore a reality transcendent above all duality. The 'fall' was from that divine realm and divine plan into duality, wherein balance is the peaceful 'at rest' state, (from which it's possible to access the higher reality), and any unbalance within duality, produces energy flow. This is of course the nature of all 'free energy' devices, including the one traditionally known as a 3D human body, or even our present 4D+ transitional human bodies. As you imbalance the yin and yang energies, you produce energy flow, within the realm of duality. This also is of source divine plan, as a way of restoring balance to the fallen realms of duality, until we ascend to the realms of non-duality, harmony, uni-verse (one-song). The one song of the ascended Gaia is simply that of love and light.
There is no 'illuminati' class of those who have the enlightenment of truth, while keeping the rest in the darkness of ignorant enslavement.
There is no 'us vs. them' warfare to keep the masses fighting each other, instead of uniting to 'just say no' to those who would rule over them.
We're all in this together, each a sovereign with no subjects.
Love is the way of light.
Light is the product of love.
Truth is love and light.
This is source's divine plan, for the good of all."

24th January 2014

"Today we shall address expanding scopes. Firstly, you celeste are calming down and beginning to settle in to your new environment, and with greater stability your perspective is shifting from pessimistic to optimistic again. Though you have yet many worldly matters to sort, organize, and come to peace with, your energy patterns are again becoming aligned and empowered, attuned with tomril again.
tomril has been rather busy working with your new housemate to stabilize your shared space and energies, and her energetic entanglements outside your shared space. This is non trivial given her non-neutral political stance of warring with other entities and groups within her pre-existing time-line, rather than releasing that time-line and hopping to an alternate preferred time-line. Given that it is at all levels 'our' stance of a-political neutral non-conflict by preference, stabilizing your shared energy space presents many opportunities for growth. Yet, your being a dedicated 'truth speaker' and her being a 'whistle blower' are not so mis-aligned. Her stance of fighting the system within the system is however quite the opposite of our approach, to disassociate from the system as being irreparably corrupt and focus upon building a positive alternative. This situation therefore presents on a small local scale most of the energetic and consciousness issues which all of Gaia is facing as ascension challenges everyone to quantum leap to higher consciousness, newer choices, new relating. What yet remains a fundamental difference is our approach to stay as much as possible neutral about and uninvolved with all of dualistic politico-governmental, governmental-corporate, and limited-liability-corporate constructs, while her entanglements are all of conflict in those realms. Thus for both tomril and celeste this is a more intimate energy boundary issue than you have been accustomed to. It is nevertheless also still representative of planetary issues, while we offer enlightenment and spiritual principles to all people. What is shared between you, and mirrored by more and more people of Ter-Ra, is the sense of speaking-up against that which is not pono (righteous), that it is time for ahimsa (harmlessness). The difference is largely whether to fight the wrongdoers, or, as in many martial arts, just step aside and allow them to fall of their own motion, for we find it of higher truth to simply put energy into creating an alternative positive reality, knowing that what you resist persists because all resistance and fighting only empowers the unwanted reality."

"As we expand scope to address our precious Garden Isle, Kaua'i, we may note that we remained relatively un-harmed by the recent storms which battered neighbor islands. While the upliftment of consciousness here continues, we must be patient with many souls to work through their individual issues. As we combine all that we've yet said in today's channelling, we can see opportunities to teach and guide others of Kaua'i to make more choices of positive reality creation and time-line hopping, and fewer of conflict with other beings over the obsolete time-line reality. Many still perceive the optimum path to be to perfect the old time-line, which itself is founded upon dysfunctional principles, rather than to allow it to disintegrate, particularly scary for those whose 'security' is perceived to be still based in that reality time-line. Thus it becomes imperative to design, construct, and present positive alternative time-line realities, to those who may be willing to change their choices amongst alternatives, but are unwilling or unready to step-up as reality creators. Let this be 'food for thought' in contemplating creation of playshops."

"Next we address Ter-Ra scale energies. Our network of 8D Portals is stable, and via their connections we are greatly harmonizing the Lemurian consciousness grid we reinvoked for Kaua'i, with the ancient Atlantean grid of crystal technologies, thereby we and our friends working with us on this, are repairing and healing on a planetary scale, the present time energy grid of Gaia, by healing many of the aftereffects of the ancient history. Again, we state that many of the blessings of this project, come from, work towards, and are permitted by, the fact that this energy construct was cocreated with the many angelics we are working with to restore the divine plan of source. Because source's divine plan is intrinsically 'for the good of all', there is irrefutable permission and empowerment to enact it, to act in alignment with it, to manifest it, and thus, for those bold enough to step up and be the vehicles of its manifestation, there is more or less 'carte blanche' as well as divine support. Yet, as we have seen and experienced, despite being fully pono, that does not mean there will be no 'blowback' from those opposed to the ascension and empowerment of all the souls of Ter-Ra, those who still cling to the old paradigm of win-lose, unwilling to embrace the divine plan of win-win.
In particular of late are healing and integrating activities addressing the comingling of energies throughout history between Mars and Gaia, bringing the relating into present time, balancing the energetics between the present time overt and covert relationship, and letting all of that simmer on the back burner, as much of the Ter-Ra-an collective is not ready to be fully conscious of these matters. To a lesser extent, similar activities address the rest of our solar system full of planets. Part of the ascension process will result in the consciousness that while there may not be physical 4D- life on our neighbor planets, there are nevertheless thriving cultures in higher densities. We are all expanding consciousness to larger definitions of 'self', 'family', and 'reality'."

[rings of alcyone]

"On the galactic scale, we see conferences in the higher realms, both within our Milky Way Galaxy, and involving ambassadorship between Galaxies, as the implications become evident, of our extending our 8D portal network outside the Milky Way Galaxy to the tomril universe. What now may be viewed as previous petty squabbling over control of the ancient stargates, is being replaced by the awareness that we're all going to have to operate with greater openness, and a larger perspective, than the previous isolationism and contrast to control connections. Because our portals are linked through 8D angelic realms, the connections they establish are all in alignment with the divine plan of source. It doesn't much matter what one's agenda was in controlling 5D stargates, when there are beings of higher consciousness bypassing them via 8D portals. We see the Alcyone leadership in conference with those of other Galaxies, as new levels of interconnectedness and relationship develop from these new connections. There is a recognition that the new levels of freedom of flow of information and entities is something to be embraced and accepted for its positive benefits, since this is an outgrowth of source's divine plan, and our having 'open-sourced' in the akashics the portal design, results in the continuing spread of the 8D portal network."

What is the precise english wording for the exact opposite of "overjoyed"?
That is what i now am experiencing.
Only a brief time after soaring to the heights of celestial lightwork, i chose to get on my electric bicycle and go to town in order to both socialize a bit and purchase some groceries. What i have discovered instead, is that the hub motor on my bike has failed in such a manner, that it presented a short to each of my batteries in turn, as i tried first one then the other to operate my bike, thereby blowing internal fuses within the battery modules. It has failed in the mode of shorted generator, the 'lock' mode which prevents bicycle theft, because the hub motor is now a shorted generator, rendering the bike also completely unridable, since it not only will not assist my peddlaing efforts, it will resist to the maximum extent possible all motion.

When massive change is spelling death and rebirth cycle, there is little to do but accept, allow, get neutral, forgive, release, grieve, refind center, flow with the energies, flit like a fae above all the worldly and emotional chaos, pay no nevermind to ones mind, and allow one's authentic self to blossom out of the chaos of old time-lines.

"This is more of that reality where crisis equals opportunity. What comes from complacency is but little distinguished from rot. Remember that the process ends with a new birth, of a new time-line reality more appropriate to your authentic prayers from your own essence. Allow the reality to be what it is so that you can relax into being who you are. Trust in the flow, while allowing the chaos of manifestations."

Yet i wish to be thorough to learn all i can from this experience.

"Relax and enjoy what you can. Let that grow. Surrender to allow both the outflow and the inflow, the destruction, creation, and the preservation, of the endless cycling of the breath of the divine. "

26th January 2014

It is 'interesting' that my bicycle performed its last two trips between my old and new apartments, and then while parked silently died, as if to say via the mirroring of my consciousness which is the creator of my reality, that in the old reality i rode a bicycle, in my new one that is not true.


Certainly there is the aspect of me which, being a high-heels and nylons girl, has been frustrated over the last 3.6 years, only being able to appear in public in bicycling garb, when my soul yearns to express my fancy faery essence. The bicycle was the only non-mark-of-the-beast solution for transport which was available in the neighborhood of my old apartment, where also two of my seemingly preferred alternative abodes for which i applied were denied, so clearly the preservation of what was, or minor modifications of it to preserve a similar scenario are, not flowing as the supported reality. Despite any change being challenging or even traumatic, still there is intent to hop time-lines unto such reality as more perfectly mirrors my own essence and preference, therefore as responsible creator of my own reality, as the "hopper of time-lines", i must accept responsibility for this creation, and ask of myself and reality, of my higherself tomril, and of my guides, my spiritual family the crystal faeries, 'There must be some alternative solution to my transport needs?'.
In re-opening choices around this 'matter', it is time to revisit the factor within this subject, which is also present in so many other 'areas' of life, that of complete independence, versus codependence. Codependence can be so codysfunctional, that i have previously avoided it as much as possible. Each new scenario, reality, situation, time, and time-line, may have alternate optimizations to offer us, so, while this is still quite an individual question pertaining to my own unique journey, it is weighing heavily upon my consciousness to arrange my new life to be more livable.

'With the attitude that whatever is leaving your reality is of an old time-line, and that whatever is arriving and present to face is of a new time-line, you have only your attachments and expectations to release. Therefore, focus upon the qualities of your essence important to your joy, and surrender the remainder of details to be rearranged in support of your essence, with no expectations of what reality will look like today. You are already aware that it is time to become more integrated into the society of Kaua'i, and thus the mirroring of Kaua'i society becoming more integrated into your individual life. It has long been obvious that dependencies, particularly for survival needs, are the root of most relationship dysfunction, therefore of most pain and suffering, yet the loneliness of full sovereign independence has not been a comfortable nor easy path of life. Allow new functional relatings to blossom, in lieu of avoiding feared negative possibilities.'

"While you have learned to live in trust and interdependence with your crystal faeries family, you are yet loathe to trust much outside our family. While we are much more with you in the celestial realms, you know that in the lower realms we are not much with you, there is no other crystal faery in your worldly life to share a hug with. You must now allow cocreations with your worldly friends in worldly matters.
We also remind you of the percept that you be clear in choosing your preferred time-line.
Release all need to be in control of either the process or outcome (building the house).
Allow yourself to release old 'solutions' and hop to the time-line reality where you are already enjoying living in the house of your essence.
Continue to release all, especially anything which you have associated with the illusion of 'security'. It is time to begin living the intended Gaia reality of love and oneness, to expect that as your reality with your circle of friends, even though the masses may not yet be on the same frequency. Explore new options with an open mind and heart."

"There is a comfortable energy flow and a graceful allowing. Centers refound stabilize balance and harmony. Relax."

27th January 2014

"Our experiences with our friend to expand our 8D portals function to protect the Atlantean crystal installations, and to expand the 8D network of portals to link transdimensionally with the tomril universe, has resulted in a more solid anchoring into the divine plan of source in 7D and 8D, and greater clarity to provide easier transdimensional access in higher realms via the 8D angelic ascension codes created by our angelic friends for DNA codon activation, conveyed from them in the akashics records templates patterns available via the portals. It may be said that this update provides a greater frequential separation so that those of higher frequency have a more empowered experience via the portals, while those of lower frequency have a less empowered experience misusing portals. This update secures in positive function each portal and our network of portals. Aside from the higher reach of the ascension codes now available for DNA codon activation to all who either utilize an individual portal for their own ascension, receive an codon activation, or access the extra akashics records information provided via an 'area portal' such as that blessing Kaua'i, there are effects of this change which may also be noticed by those not engaged in ascension of their bodies. Because those in alignment with the divine plan will be triggered to 'snap into' more full alignment therewith, those holding a pattern of non alignment may feel more strongly their misalgnment with the energy grid, i.e. a stronger sense of being 'out of place', while those in alignment with the divine plan will feel a much stronger sense of unity, as the being 'in tune' will be more accurate and more powerful for those choosing it. "

28th January 2014

"Allowing the displacement of past reality is necessary to create the space into which arrives ones future reality. This may mean temporary 'non-solutions' as old 'solutions' disintegrate before new 'solutions' arrive for the same 'problem'. Trusting that the process of change is always one's own reality reflection, we can know and remember that reality is always rearranging to become more appropriately our self reflection. "

29th January 2014

You have stated that at least one of us must ascend. i presume that the results will be akashic records we then share? Including sharing with our family in the original tomril universe? And that there is expected to be something unique in that which is not presently available in the general akashic records of the Milky Way Galaxy?

"Yes it is about integrating the Ter-Ra-an version of ascension with our unique energetic patterns as a template with which our kind may meld. The ascension codes our portals share are those from the angelics working with Ter-Ra, and are not peculiar to we crystal faeries, therefore, to customize them for us your embodied ascension will accomplish integration."

What may i do to expedite my ascension? Is it significantly different from a time-line hop?

"It is similar in that you quantum-leap by living in the energetics as much as possible. Because it is a change in your physical matter being created, it takes time as do all body changes."

i would like clarification about my role and path as now perceived.

"You have completed your 'hermit on the mountain-top' retreat during which you prepared for the transition you've just made, by cocreating the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals, and initiating the inter-galactic network of 8D Portals, the major crystal faeries contribution from the celestial realms to Ter-Ra-an ascension energetics, and have received and integrated our initiations into channelling our collective consciousness and delivering ascension codon activations and individual 8D portals for those you facilitation, and now it is time to proceed with your own ascension individually and with your new facilitation of ascension activations. We perceive this new facilitation to involve teaching and guiding others to work with 8D portals, and with DNA codon activation akashics."

'You are concerned with worldly matters, for which only may we say to make the best of each day, and trust that all changes are necessary and appropriate, rather than attempting to interpret it all from your mental level. Trust your instincts, and that our guidance will fill in the gaps. Most of all, you need to integrate from the mental level on down through emotional and physical bodies that you are now on the family of time-lines for New-Gaia, that you no longer have to contend with the issues you once did, when the parimary focus of your mission was the time-line wars, and navigating the planetary reality to the New-Gaia time-lines. Your fierce independence and preparing for all possible emergencies was indeed the appropriate survival strategy once upon a time in a parallel reality you no longer occupy. You may relax and enjoy now. The habit of wary deep analysis is also no longer necessary while living inside an 8D ascension portal.'

"Trust that you will be provided for with love."

Are there any further energies to complete from any prior reality, or even within the present time-line? Or are we now mostly just walking the path of dharma / mission / facilitation?

"All relatings are now in present-time where time exists, are neutral in time-space, and consciously known in clarity, there are no unpleasant surprises lurking, therefore you may fully focus upon your present time-line, mission, facilitation, and cocreating future positive time-lines. Lighten-up, Fae!"

celeste spritzes with some Fae Play essence.

30th January 2014

"Today we address 'Peace' as an activity. Simplistically, many conceive 'Peace' to be a passive state, one of the absence of conflict of will, one of the absence of active force. Another perspective of peace is that it is an active flow of energy in positive synergy, producing graceful easy appropriate flow, supportive of essence rather than negating essence, or being a 'dead' zone of inactivity. We see then peace as honoring essence gracefully. Love adds the positive synergy of intent to positively affect."

'Appreciation of appropriateness may be so simple, subtle, and gentle, as, for example, gently thanking the birds for coming to visit, for sharing their beautiful soul nurturing songs, is a peaceful activity.'

i have encountered humans who have clearly stated that they found 'peace' to be 'boring', who preferred (role-playing) warfare to experiencing peace. When actual intimacy threatens to happen, those afraid thereof will generally sabotage the communion with distraction activity, or will resort to 'negative "strokes"' versus 'positive "strokes"', under the dysfunctional guise that negative attention is better than being ignored.

Most humans are terrified of actual intimacy, for they are engaging with life only via a facade, a false face, which they are terrified to remove, as, for example, removing ones mask at a masked ball. Most humans are terrified to have their real self seen, afraid that only their facade is 'lovable', that their essence is not 'lovable'. Aside from the facade of individuality with which most cover their spirit and soul essence, there is another facade in between those, which we have less freedom with, that of our bodies. Whatever purpose or goal was behind our original or current choices about the body we chose to birth into and are still stuck in, our essence has evolved, and our individuality has evolved, and even if we've cleared away all false facade, we are still left with, a facade. The facade we are attempting to express may be a perfect mirror of our authentic essence, as we express our truth through the intervening false facade known as a body, which many others see as primary over any individuality facade we may express, be it either a false ego self or a carefully healed mirror of our authentic essence. For those of us with a clear intent to authenticity, the inauthenticity of the facade of the present body, rather than one which expresses ones authentic truth, is an impediment in self expression. In these times of very high growth rate, a larger percentage of the population will have outgrown their bodies, those they chose for specific purposes long ago completed.

Peaceful living requires peace with one's facades, overcoming the fear of ones essence not being lovable, to take down the individuality facade constructed to appease others, and accepting the limitations of unconscious humans who insist upon seeing the physical as 'real', and who insist upon being blind to the essence indwelling the body facade. In a sense one of the nicest gifts we can give others is an innocent receptivity to their facade, while still prioritizing unconditional love of their core essence.

31st January 2014

In many ways i am 'in the void' between death and rebirth. By now my website has been offline long enough that others linking to it have removed their links. While i continue to write this blog of my daily channelling, i am aware that my own rebirth preceeds a new life focus.

"We have a sense of completion with past, with unfinished 'business', with ignorance and innocence, with attachment. Integration of our disparate parts via our portal network, our family reunion across the rift between tomril universe and the Milky Way Galaxy, has yielded a sense of joy and wholeness. Working with the angelics upon ascension via their akashics and codons shared via our 8D portal network is not only greatly facilitating planetary ascension, but has brought us intimately into knowing the divine plan, and integrating it with all our reality. This sense of all being balanced and appropriate, integrated across space-time and time-space, allows us a greater focus upon assisting ascenders."

'Gaia time-lines are stabilising both because we are moving out of a chaotic node intersecting with the armageddon time-lines, and because the Atlantean crystal grid is stabilising the New-Gaia energy grid now that we and our friends have been able to bring it into alignment with the Lemurian consciousness grid and with the original divine plan for Gaia. With everything coming into alignment, with greater stability, there is a deep sense of peace, as the appropriateness settles into consciousness. Even the process of pole reversal of Ra is less stressful.'

"For our Kaua'i 8D portal, our incarnate crystal faery tomril, and even our celeste:crystalfaery embodyment of tomril, our energies are all feeling neutral, present time, peaceful, even though there is still unresolved chaos to sort, and uncertain future, there is calm acceptance of what is. With the prioritization of family of crystal faeries over tomril, over celeste, the completion of the reunion of family from outside this galaxy and the full integration of both realms, is the resolution of what was a background of unsettled energies. With the consciousness of our higher density aspects now also integrated in celeste's perception, the questioning and doubting of what was not comprehended has completed, resulting in a sense of place and purpose, peace and appropriateness."

'It is very comfortable to feel completion of past. That brings the knowing that what is now attracted as mirror of energies, will be all present time appropriateness, rather than manifestation of incomplete history. This is that wonderful space of freedom to choose, yet, within a perspective of fitting into the divine plan in appropriateness. With expressions now fully based in essence and divinely aligned purpose, there is a sense of comfort and ease, even though most details remain unknown. It feels that we are ready to step into a new beginning now. This, then, is a time of paying attention to what arrives into our reality, and noticing what it mirrors of our essence.'

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