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Entries from April 2015.

1st April 2015

Today's first lesson is about choices, which could be said to be expressing a preference for some time-line versus other time-lines. One of the fundamental factors in certain time-lines is the level of commitment required to be in a given time-line. Some parallel-realities reflect a complete lack of will, or commitment, for which i make the analogy of floating in the surf at the beach... whereby one will be taken where the waves cast you. The polar opposite is a strong swimmer setting a course, and powerfully swimming towards a goal, regardless whether the waves are assisting or impeding the journey. There is also a middle-ground based in seeking synergy, wherein one does ones best to take advantage of the waves when they align with ones chosen path, or intelligently dives under big powerful waves which are travelling in opposition to ones path. A higher wisdom combined with patience might result in a choice to make ones journey at the time of the daily cycle when the waves will least oppose and / or most assist one.

Some projects or goals, are sufficiently large, or take so much passage of linear time to create, that they are not truly practical except by cocreation, with commitment, and persistence. In these cases synergy becomes an overriding factor, but without commitment, success is unlikely. As we contemplate the choices in our lives, particularly during this lunar cycle, one of the 4 quantum-leap blood-moon-eclipses which serve as milestones on the journey of the first wave of ascension, which is a journey of coming into full alignment of one's own essential truth, and into alignment with larger collective realities, we are being triggered to look at our choices of commitment... to what are we committed, and with more than one, what are our priorities amongst them?

It is an adventure in giggles witnessing many April Fools pranks today, as bogus "news reports" surface.

A large volume of concepts, a bit of emotional association, a lot of relationships, and much discernment to sort it all, are involved in releasing old time-lines, parallel-realities, passed past, and alternative potential futures, to focus and converge upon Gaia.

2nd April 2015

Today we begin noticing that a number of beings dwelling upon the continent of North America are experiencing distrubed sleep.

Up for examination today is present intent versus old intents, and anchoring into self identity versus old identities or identities given to one by others. Clarifying and updating these is appropriate for clarity of present identity and self-congruence as the foundation of our intent for manifestation to place into the aethers with this gateway time as the eclipse approaches.

3rd April 2015

Get paddlin'... here comes the wave of eclipse!

4th April 2015

The Lunar Eclipse of about 2AM locally on Kaua'i, the gateway initiated with the Equinox of 2015-03-20, was our time to hop time-lines.
Wooo... what a fun eclipse that was! i had some very revelatory lucid dreams, and so did some of my customers, yay! i experienced both clarity of releasing old, (bye bye old time-line), and clarity of focus on new reality, (hello new time-line).

5th April 2015

With our eclipse quantum leap in ascending Gaia, the distance in frequency range from old dualistic Gaia is even greater, and so very much contrastingly uninteresting. Uninteresting is the transcendenant detached perspective of not getting caught in dualities.

6th April 2015

Clarity of focus and intent on preferred reality, with absolute detachment from all duality, and with release of all expectations, persistently with patience and passion for preference, is the generating energy activating the law of attraction, to shift time-lines.

All possible existence already exists, and we cannot conceive of anything which cannot exist, therefore, whatever we imagine already exists, in some parallel-reality time-line, we merely have to "tune" into it to "manifest". Apparently most of us have limited "tuning" ability... interesting, as "tuning" was the skill in "Dark City". Anyhow... for each of us reality tuners, we have our own unique chosen set of frequencies, tuning into our own true reality, our truth, and, the collective is the summed combination of those of the participants, yet a subset of all possibilities. The truth being the sum of all possibilities.

i have quested to "know the truth", to "speak the truth", and to discern the "highest truth", yet, we still have unique realities.

So, what is truly true?

May we, so choosing, ascend gracefully, to higher realities, higher truths, and greater freedoms.

7th April 2015

The outer world of duality offers so many temptations, so many mental foci leading out of heart and soul...
is it not easy to "buy into" the outer illusions, so much so, that, thinking all the feared and "needed" things are real, so we lose the clarity of feeling the realness our our own, and thereby, each other's souls? Can the collective turn away from the illusions pumped out incessantly by the marketing and advertising departments of the magnificent zombies who have no souls (corpseorations, (and their employees)), which are continually trying to feed on our life force energy?
Hello? Are there any other integrous living beings who care to hop time-lines to Gaia?

8th April 2015

We are reminding the release of all focus upon contrasting reality, and focussed intent upon preferred reality. We must "deal with" that which is our immediate environment, without applying to it any "meaning" of "realness", while persevering in beleif in the "reality" of that which is yet only imagined. Magick and alchemy are faith in frequency.

9th April 2015

As we journey from duality to unity consciousness, from ego-personality to higher-self perspective, we are faced with our final aversions and attachments within duality, and as we transcend those one at a time, the remaining ones intensify as the ego, defending shrinking territory, defends more strongly what little separate identity remains as its "security". One of its defense strategies is denial, spoken so eloquently decades ago by the Jach Pursel channelled Lazaris:
"I've dealt with my ego!"... says the ego.
What remains is the unique individual perspective, and the unique individual will, the most sacred and defining character of the wholistic individual. Yet, sadly, few are truly wholistic, especially in the area of will. Not only is there a split of will between higher and lower selves, but there are a multiplicity of lower selves each with a "will". Much of this is conditional programming serving survival strategies, based in past experience, particularly life-threatening trauma. Once we can deprogram all of these, or produce a safe and stable environment which does not trigger them, we may rise above the lower 3 chakras, and our concern for physical and emotional safety and nurturance, to actually live in our soul, our hearts joy, our incarnational purpose. Actually expressing that divine joy is usually enough to trigger the repression programming of everyone around one, who then express it via disapproval, via resentment that one should have liberated ones soul while they are still self repressed. And thus we are still living the zombie-apocalypse on Gaia, rather than divine bliss of Gaia.
Well, i, for 1, cannot go on being half-alive to appease the zombies around me, so I'm just going to shake it off and get on with my life as a Fay girl.

10th April 2015

It's all energy. E=MC**2. Homeopathy is frequential triggering. Essences carry frequencies, which can either trigger awareness of something to be released, or provide an otherwise lacking vibrational pattern of nurturance. As we become more energetic in non-physical realms during ascension, we are still needing to be nurtured and surrounded only by appropriate healthy non-toxic physicality, but even more so, we are becoming more energetically sensitive, and thereby, must be better with energy boundaries separating us from those energy patterns which are inappropriate or toxic to us, and better at nurturing ourselves with the appropriate frequencies of light and sound hamonious or uplifting for our souls.

Graceful flow grants me a social visit in my beloved Kilauea...
with wonderful blessings of humour and play,
mermaids and faeries sharing the day.

11th April 2015

Faery Magick is beleif in imagination, in intention, directed by focus of attention. The Magick manifests when one's attention remains focussed upon magickal realities.

12th April 2015

Enjoying the mirroring which life brings to us, can be wonderfully enlightening, as we journey into greater self love, and more perfect mirroring thereof, in our relationships and manifest experience. Even when we experience echos of old time-lines, the contrast to our greatest appropriateness can serve to guide our choices and focus of attention, to manifest more appropriate mirroring, of our essence and joyously preferred experience. The necessity to release all of old time-lines in order to anchor into a new time-line, becomes very obvious.

13th April 2015

"Reality is a multi-dimensional multi-density meta-phenomena that few actually choose to know, for it is challenging to ones comfort and daily illusion of life. Given that one needs to maintain positive focus for manifestation, (or more accurately, for playing with the law of attraction), it is challenging to examine in any depth what is really going on. Beyond that, there is the necessity of discretion in revealing anything to the sheeple.

14th April 2015

The flow of change between realities continues to be both blessing and challenge, for many beings tracking the ascension wave. We continue to find old modalities obsolete, and the new way of being is of transcendent density.

15th April 2015

The energies seem very strange today... and although i continue to encounter those who are struggling with old paradigms, our response to all of that old paradigm reality is to transcend all the dualities, especially those of light versus dark, though some are still very much still in the old contrast, and remain convinced that they must find some new way to win the bcontrast and finally vanquish the enemies, whereas our modality is to yawn at them and focus in the higher vibrational ranges where they have no power, especially within our 8D-4D ascension portals which were specifically designed to provide clear uninfluenced connection between the 4D- embodied being and the 8D+ ascended higher self.

16th April 2015

Daily i find re-affirmations in experience, as is reflected to me, confirmation, of the appropriateness of transcending dualities.

17th April 2015

i start the day early, pausing for a moment of gratitude, to honor my departed younger sister, Cyndy, for whom this is her calendric birth day. Our time of sharing was brief, and your time of leaving seems early, so may your path flow easily, as we all get along.

i am observing a great deal of wavering, oscillations between parallel-reality time-lines as we are passing through a turbulent time-node. The chaos is triggering in many a lot of conflict, to whatever extent they are engaged with duality, whereas from a transcendent perspective, i just shake my head or giggle, seeing the impossibility of peace while polarized.

This afternoon brought opportunities of completion with old time-lines for some local light-workers. This gateways nicely with tomorrow monrning's new moon. We continue to align energetics with ascended templates.

18th April 2015

(Sat) 4/18/2015 8:56am Sun (Ari) Con (Ari) Moon (New Moon) Energy representing spirit, ego, image of self, and sense of aliveness is connected and fused together with energies of emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies. They will affect each other prominently.

i awoke not only with individually significant lucid dreaming, but also with a strong sense of collective energetic shift, yay!

(Sat) 4/18/2015 11:30am Moon (Ari) --> Taurus Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies will be practical, often skeptical and stubborn, and it loves serenity and inner peace.

We have had very effective work lately with a number of beings ready to embrace quantum leaps, time-line hops, to great benefit, yay!

(Sat) 4/18/2015 4:53pm Moon (Tau) Tri (Cap) Pallas Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies is in harmony with energies of tendency to direct energy away from emotional and into mental pursuits.

We didn't wait for this blessing to get lots of computing done already today!

(Sat) 4/18/2015 7:05pm Moon (Tau) Squ (Aqu) Ceres Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies is in conflict with energies of tendency to direct energy to instinctive, creative, reproductive goals. Adaptation is required by both sides.

We'll just gracefully flow through the rapids as time flows downstream.

(Sat) 4/18/2015 9:11pm Mercury (Tau) Sex (Pis) Neptune Energy representing thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity has opportunity for growth, exchange, and harmony in relation with energies of intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, psychic nature.

Oh, yes, this is what my name "celeste" is all about :-)
Faery girl glows brightly and smiles radiantly :-)

19th April 2015

There are so many subjects active, which could be addressed. What we focus upon we empower, therefore, I'd like to skip over the negative realities. Most of my day was full of flow in my own creations, alone, in my self created reality. Cocreating change / healing / growth with those for whom i minister, also was very positive. Then there were alternative realities and issues, negative realities, agendae, entities, and experiences. What is most positive is to bless and forgive the whole, and intend positive reality for all. Alternative time-lines continue to intersect in the time-node we have been passing through.

20th April 2015

Today i am reminded of a statement made by the little girl who was the central character in a television serial titled Taken, (about alien abductions), wherein, (my memory is a bit vague on the source), it was either her comment, or she quoted an elder who had commented:
"Life is 90 percent maintenance".
We could even further observe that "life style", or "quality of life" is inversely proportional to the percentage of ones life force energy consumed in maintenance.
This further reminds me of a quote that:
"Spirituality is a luxury of the rich",
implying that only those who are not busy surviving (root chakra), have the luxury to explore their higher chakras and higher consciousness.
(By inversion, keeping us in root chakra survival sabotages our escape from slavery.)
And so it is that i feel today gratitude for the opportunity i have created for myself, to make my life all about spiritual consciousness, even though there be a negative side to that reality), even as I've spent my entire morning maintaining my extant reality, and only as noon is about to arrive am finally settling-in to blog.

Duality is intensifying within the duality realms, whereas, transcendence of higher realms is very neutral and flowing smoothly. Helping people detach from their polarities in duality, is as much about convincing them to let go of the end of a duality they're attached to, as it is about "clearing them" of the other end of the duality they're experiencing, as a natural consequence of learning in contrast by engaging any duality.

22nd April 2015

While it would be nice to stay in ascended Gaia reality where everything is constructed from unconditional love, all relating is guided by ahimsa, and everyone is operating in both unified and unity consciousness, not all of us are "there" yet. By unified consciousness, i mean that one, the individual, is wholistic, that is, has one consciousness with one will. Most people have split will and split consciousness, between their conscious, subconscious, and spiritual realms. By unity consciousness i mean that we all comprehend we are all one, part of a whologram, and even if occupying and travelling in what appears to be separate vehicles (bodies), our reality is nevertheless one life, therefore you cannot hurt an "other" without hurting your "self". Most of these principles are not new, however, the contrast between realities is very definitely heating up, within individuals, and between individuals, when those individuals are not in the same wave of ascension.

I'm finding i can no longer much tolerate having to play the role of Djedi Warrior for customers, treating the symptom of intrusion into their space by battling to defend the right to be unmolested, while they are simultaneously permitting or choosing connection with duality. By either going neutral, or raising frequency to be above all of that, one can leave behind the intrusion of energies affecting will, or the bleeding of energies to feed the vampiric parasites. Their games get much more complex, but it's time to refocus on positive intent.

23rd April 2015

i have lately been feeling i need to shift my focus even further into music, as i continue to develop my flute playing.

24th April 2015

Releasing aspects or factors of old time-lines, of duality, continues to flow, in order to stay anchored in higher non-dual realms. i am pleased to have been able to bring those for whom i minister frequently up out of their duality games, to access higher densities above those "games".

The thing we must do is "know thyself" and commit to "to thine own self be true".

25th April 2015

May we find the beauty and love in our Gaia...
releasing all which ties us to duality or limitation.

Thank you crystal faeries family, for working with me, to guide me, when to travel, and when to duck under cover, as once again, arriving back from a journey out in the world, it was merely a minute after i got inside, that the rain began again. We enjoy flowing with the best outcome for all, and yet flowing in grace for our own appropriate path.

26th April 2015

Today we have been marketed, solicited to particpate in an activity, which in itself might be mostly positive, however it was offered first of all via a click-tracking e-mail, and then even circumventing the click-tracking, the actual exchange of information on the web, is available only via Registration for an online gathering, by a website which does not offer a pull update mechanism such as RSS. This overall adds up to some combination of either / and / or:

As usual, i refuse on principle, to submit, be tracked, or marketed, regardless the focus.

Meanwhile, today's lesson is about improving your intestinal culture of probiotics.

27th April 2015

Wooo... lots of energy swirling today...
and fun lessons too! Like... follow your guidance without hesitation... which today led me to retreat from an outing to town with great haste, as great chaos broke out, resulting in power outage, and reportedly many beings "freaking out".

28th April 2015

Committing to a new time-line reality is key to anchoring its manifestation, and requires a full release of old reality, relatings, habits, energies, etc.

29th April 2015

Wow... the energy from Monday is still perturbing many people.

30th April 2015

Sorting through the energies, issues, growth, healing, quantum-leaps, and resulting lessons, the past few days have offered much learning i can now summarize into principles of ascension.

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