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Entries from March 2014.

1st March 2014

"The 'big thing' now is allowing yourself to experience larger 'skippages' in time and causality."

'Expect miracles, without attachment of expectation.'

"Old time-lines have fallen away with the parting moon cycle.
Now you enter the moon of divine grace."

That sounds like a wonderful lunation cycle, what more shall we know about this?

"There is active divine will for the good of all, regardless any cyclical patterns customarily observed."

2nd March 2014

"Sleep is healing."

3rd March 2014

"Trust what you are feeling."

'We have released our old Olohena Ley Line.'

Yes, i have been grieving it in the body. As of this new moon i am finally tuning in with local cycles, now that I'm free of responsibilities for my old ley line. i am expanding to kuleana for all of Kaua'i, balancing many ahupua'a inside our 8D Ascension Portal.

"The Spruce and Pine essential oils give strength for your rebirth process."

"Allow yourself yet again to release all attachment to self identity, dying again to definition."

"Trust what you are feeling."

4th March 2014

"Cocooning is good. "

'Rebirthing is good.'

Void be I.

i have just been triggered to deepen my rebirth process, not merely of recent identity, but of my whole lifetime, and in so doing, to review values and priorities, core beleifs, life direction. Inner consciousness is reality.

5th March 2014

continuing rebirth...

'We can get on with ascension now.'

"Continue to release all agendae and goals. Presume all old agendae are obsolete now, and even that old modalities of relating have expired. Allow everything to change now."

Daily life continues to provide triggers for growth via synchronicities. Awareness of overall purpose of incarnation trumps all else, it seems. Ascension is my purpose.

6th March 2014

Most goals of the lower self are based in desire, in what are based those of spirit? Have the goals changed? the path to implement them? Or was our path sabotaged and now we are making a new path?

"Wherein 'path' may be used as a term describing a series of time-line hops between parallel realities, yes, as you surmised, our planned path was sabotaged by intervention from the dark realms blocking all of your support infrastructure for the time-line we had placed for the crystal faeries Consulate. It was not that you 'did something wrong' in time-line hopping, it is that probabilities greatly shifted upon intervention."

What do you need from me until we create our new time-line?

"Detach, release, remain flexible."

"We may question the wisdom of our dark-and-light universe, or recognize its intelligence for teaching souls certain lessons. The individual choice to 'have options', including options 'not yet seen', is more empowering, and more compatible with being in a dark-and-light universe. It is all just lessons on the journey to ascended mastery. Perhaps this 'issue' is a call to comprehension, compassion, and forgiveness."

It is fundamental to holo-deck design that the holo-deck cannot support the manifestation of all possible choices, unless it can support the manifestation of choices many of us do not prefer. This is also part of respecting free-will choice. Our free-will choice zone in our sandboxed holo-deck is a great school for souls, and the presence of both dark and light expedites lessons greatly. Once we master the lessons of this soul school, then moving to an ascended loving reality seems natural for many of us, who are ultimately incomptible with those of the choice to force their choices on others. This is an excellent opportunity to review the concept of energy boundaries.

'Let us return to the foundational percept that beleif creates reality. Whether your faith be placed in an individual beleif unique to you, or congruent with consensus reality, the challenge is to assert your absolute right to create your own reality, while not crossing the energetic boundary into the territory of a neighbor. thereby allowing your neighbor to also have the reality of their own choice. The game is rather complicated by lower-density co-dependence. This keeps calling us to interact across our boundaries, whereas full independence might just leave us in disconnected un-shared realities. This inevitabilty of encountering both dark and light in our dark and light universe, makes sense if we comprehend the intent to give us opportunities to explore both dark and light. But once we graduate school into ascended reality, we will find greater compatiblity with those who have made a similar foundational choice: to either do or not respect the free will of others. There is no peaceful reality for light beings whose shared light reality is intruded upon by dark beings of disrespect for our right to a peaceful reality. We contemplate that "ascended reality" is "above" all duality and dichotomy, including that of light versus dark, therefore, in our ascension process, it is essential to go neutral and detach from all light vs. dark contrast.'

While it is always possible to create a reality and invite others into it, or cocreate with agreeable entities, at most we can invite others to join us, but our goals cannot be defining reality for others. Thus our mission, purpose, or efforts likewise must respect the choices of others. It is for this reason that the roles of educator and healer are those most appropriate to light and love workers, roles where we can offer alternatives others may choose.

"Given that the universe responds 'yes' to everything, it is imperative to focus upon and vibrate the reality of a desired / preferred / chosen reality time-line, and to release all energies of old, obsolete, unwanted, time-lines."

It can at times be difficult to get beyond one's anger and fear to return to unconditional love for all that is as source expression, particularly when that piece of all that is is sabotaging your reality, but that is the lesson of the law of attraction, you get what you focus upon. You get what you put out. Therefore, be vibrationally internally the reality you desire to live externally, and 'act as if' it already was external.

"We shall now address agendae and goals. The first goal is free-will choice to be a divine creator. The unbounded version is ascended mastery, the Ter-Ra-an reality is a sandboxed soul school. The reasonable goal for a student in school is to learn the lessons they came to learn. Ascension via mastery is the relevant goal for us all. Since goals themselves are of duality, the goal of goallessness, the agenda of agendalessness, the practice of practice not being necessary because mastery has been already achieved are landmarks on the journey. Unless your lesson is the process of becoming, time-line hopping to a parallel reality of ascended mastery is a natural quantum leap to make."

'Amongst those ascending, there will be two primary paths each chooses between. One path is that of process, where the higher self's intent for incarnational lessons is to "walk a process" as a learning experience. The other path is the path of no path, the goal being a quantum leap to the target reality. This may carry a sub-lesson involving the process of time-line hopping / quantum leaping. Yet these paths share much in common, despite the great differences between processes to be studied or avoided. As advanced support for basic crystal faery ascension playshops we can guide playshops exploring process-as-lesson, and time-line hopping.'

"As usual we are guiding you through your own version of this, so that you can speak from experience with authenticity. Particularly the experience of crash-and-burn on a committed time-line hop, followed by regeneration, and new time-line creation, shall be valuable in your facilitation. Yes, the lesson du jour. It is nice you can appreciate this."

6th March 2014

It feels that all the processing i have been doing has shifted my reality.


"Congratulations on good processing."

Ahhh, after some preliminaries, I'm settling into Bruce Mitchell's "Earth Heal-Reverie in C" as i begin another day visiting with my family of crystal faeries. Aloha sweethearts, what's up in the aethers today?

"Our experience is of great gentleness, and energies being relatively peaceful. Part of this derives from an interlude of relative calm between chaotic nodes of convergent time-lines. We can all see if we choose to, that much of the conflict-of-will that entities engage in is carried-out inside the cover of chaotic nodes, i.e. that one can expend less energy shifting realities during a chaotic node than when all is more stable. Thus this time is excellent for inner work while there is greater peace with other entities. This is also an excellent time for higher vibrations, ascension work on the individual level, and with the inner focus, reviewing appropriateness of existing reality time-lines and of desired alternate realities. We recommend playfulness and light-hearted creativity, and celebration of life."

celeste spritzes with 'Fae Play' and makes another mug of tea. OK... back to rebirthing process. At the rate we're passing through chaotic nodes, and shifting energies of our planet, rebirthing can become a frequent process until we master not identifying at all, i.e. where "I Am" is a complete sentence, without attached qualifications of limitation. For myself, the essential core continues to prioritize the crystal faeries mission of facilitating planetary ascension.

8th March 2014

Where am I?
Where should i be?

'You are here now with no clear vision that you should be any different, yes?'


'Wondering what is your lesson du jour?'


'Find a way to be comfortable and at peace with that which is here now.'

"This is a common 'spiritual' issue... non-acceptance of reality. Dive deeper to see that which it is you are resisting. Is it internal or external?"

As long as my focus of attention remains inward upon my essence, then i am at peace. i know that i must internally achieve the vibrational state of my desired reality in order for it to become the external reality which reflects my internal state.

'It is first and foremost motivated by my love for my family that i accepted this role and our contract to facilitate ascension. i remind you there are those of our family from the tomril universe who choose to be there now, and those of our crystal faeries family of tomril universe entities in the Milky Way Galaxy, who are even today incarnate upon Ter-Ra, working on their own ascension and spiritual lessons, without having volunteered into this contract, and that each of us in this service entered it voluntarily. This embodiment as celeste:crystalfaery was chosen for the mission, despite the challenges and suffering it experiences, it is nevertheless still the most appropriate vehicle for our mission. And completing previous questions, in the higher realms the motivation is love, rather than the desire motivating the lower realms.'

i am yet unresolved on a conflict of 'spiritual teachings'. A couple of times in channelling the above i also received: "It is time to review all your 'spiritual' beliefs.".

My present collection of spiritual beleifs start with ahimsa, and the next layer of beleifs are about how to accomplish ahimsa: honesty, integrity, authenticity, congruity, openness, transparency, respect of free will. IFF (big doubts about this) it is true that there really is a dependence upon this specific incarnation to ascend for my crystal faeries family then describe to me the exact dependence.

"As you pointed out in your own writing, 'There is only so much living [...] one can do completely alone, before the natural spiritual urge to be connected and share with others [arises].' Here in higher realms we are all in agreement and quite happy in our family, even with only part of us participating in the Ascension Mission. So, imagine yourself with all your individual 'problems' solved, and the only thing which changed is you. Now, as the joyful you in your appropriate embodiment contemplates her world and her relationships, while you're completely OK with yourself and presence, how are you relating with the unchanged world? Is it any less in need of ascension?"

Ascension still looks like the best plan to improve 'reality'. Relationships are only fulfilling with the few of consciousness. The only thing to change is which reality i am 'in', so, I'm going to have to interpret 'all your individual problems solved' as implying that i am finally free to hop to a time-line of fun faery play. That brings us back to my previously asked but yet unanswered questions, and directs us to 'what precisely is the crystal faery dependence upon celeste:crystalfaery ascending?'.

"That which you have been calling 'dependence' of us upon you is not literally a dependence, for nothing will 'go wrong' or 'be wrong' for any of our crystal faeries family should tomril exit the celeste:crystalfaery incarnation. You are aware of the intent to utilize minimum energy to produce maximum change, i.e. minimizing effort or struggle, and that brings us back to our collective agreement that your incarnation is the most capable vehicle which has access to the significant time-lines which are those involving crystal faeries on Ter-Ra. The crystal faeries exploring other realms are relatively unaffected, as are the tomril universe entities there, so this is really about Ter-Ra-an crystal faeries family, and what we collectively agree we wish to share on Ter-Ra. Those of us aligned with the Ascension Mission of Ter-Ra wish to alleviate overall suffering and improve overall joy, and since we have adopted Ter-Ra as our preferred reality, and have not found a better path to a higher reality for us to share, we remain committed to the Ascension Mission, and yes, consider a little bit of individual limitation, even suffering, in the short term, to be worthy of enduring given that doing so grants us access to the time-nodes most beneficial to ascending reality. You should recognize that the distance and difference between the realities of your own higher and lower selves, is actually far greater than that within our family. For this reason, we consider it beneficial to limit the number of emobdiements through which we are operating, as the greatest challenge is overcoming the differences of reality across 'the veil' until we're playing in an ascended reality only."

"You yourself have spoken of the incompatibility of dark entites with an ascended reality, so it should come as no surprise that those of us light entities who share the intent to cocreate and populate New-Gaia are here now working to 'harvest' the appropriate entities from Ter-Ra and facilitate their ascension to New-Gaia. As you comprehend already the waves of souls of shared consciousness and reality preference passing through soul schools like Ter-Ra, that you comprehend the appropriateness of inviting light entities to New-Gaia via ascension. You also already know that no entity can make a free will choice until fully informed and uninfluenced, and that is the biggest challenge, and the issue most of your healing career has been focussed upon... pulling the willing out of the Matrix enough to actually be able to make such a free will choice. You recall that we passed through a gateway energetically 2012-12-21 (and others) and left behind that mission, and directed you to release any focus upon either awaking people out of the Matrix, or unplugging people from the Matrix, and directed you to focus upon assisting ascension activation for those entities already able to sustain a 4D vibration. Yes, this is a spiritual equivalent to medical 'triage', or put most simply, a matter of efficient use of energy, to achieve maximum ascension for minimum effort and suffering. Does any of this ring untrue to you?"

This is of truth.

"Then you know that we have collectively made this choice for our family, and that we all consider it optimal amongst available options. While none of us wishes you any suffering, it does remain true today that amongst accessible time-lines and time-nodes we can utilize to create both New-Gaia and its appropriateness to include us, your incarnation remains the most empowered to accomplish our mission. While you may in many ways be quite unhappy with the genetics and form of embodiment for your happiness within your present incarnation, you vastly underestimate the importance of your genetics to ascension, so cut yourself and your body's family some slack about past and present. Yes, the combination of natal-chart and genetics to serve the ascension mission is considered by tomril and our crystal faeries collective to be a priority."

"You know that beleifs generate positive emotions, and that beliefs generate negative emotions, so, what lie are you presently holding as if true which therefore generates your negative emotions? Stop defining your 'here and now' as producing suffering."

9th March 2014

Good morning.

'Yes, make some tea, it helps raise your vibrations for channelling.'

"We were working on your resistance to reality as it is, and completing yesterday's message, so, having 'slept on it', are you feeling complete with yesterdays 'issues'?"

Yes. i also am reminded via this process, of a principle i learned from Rev. Laurie Schryver, that when we insist upon comprehension before accepting, we create extra energetic turbulence (struggle) which often leads to the feeling of suffering.

"So, having crossed your threshhold of demanded comprehension before you'd accept, and now having accepted, it is a good time to return to this issue of trusting in something or someone, if not the nature of the universe itself, before you fully know or comprehend it."

As a scientist I'm usually working with my present 'model of reality', and testing my comprehension of the model against the reality it models. Most of my 'comprehension' and 'acceptance' issues are therefore scientific experiments to clarify the accuracy of the model. Only very recently with planetary energy shifts and our bringing in 8D ascension portals, has there been relative peace and quiet. It is only being reasonably competent to continue 'checking' the 'truth' of the 'truths' derived from experience and modelling. This also fits well with yesterdays guidance to reexamine beliefs, which seems to be this mornings' exercise.

Given that much of humanity is still experiencing vampirism both horizontally by fellow incarnates, and vertically from higher level parasites and predators, i had reached the question: 'Are "higher selves" just parasites and / or manipulators?'
Given my deep understanding of the necessity of an individual operating fully in free will choice in order to even be able to follow their own guidance, the conflict of will over my ego level desire to exit this reality, versus my higher self tomril commitment to a mission in this reality, yes, i have been doubtful and uncertain. The fact that I'm now directly conscious of a family of entities around tomril, had not alleviated my concerns, and i had considered the possiblity that the whole thing was a set-up to get me to submit my will to tomril.

'Again, thank you for your vigilance at clearing illusions and deceptions.'

"This is, of course, why you were so suspicious when Hatonn showed up to chat, having not yet ever concluded he could be trusted. Having separated into independence from the ascended masters and the brotherhoods of light, and having focussed upon becoming and being an ascended master, rather than remaining dependent upon the ascended masters, the light hierarchy had left us alone for quite a while, whereas, the usual intrusions from the dark side persisted."

For the benefit of readers less familiar with my history, it was a fairly long process for me to sort through all the different kinds and groups of 'extra-ter-ra-estrial' entities, their agendae, their honesty, their ahimsa or not. This is an excellent time to re-speak my percept that there are no group lables which are accurate. Each entity is a unique individual, with a unique reality. Even where old group labels were at some time accurate, everything changes. This is also a relevant time to mention that name changes can greatly facilitate a time-line hop.

"Yes, this has long been a theme with you... tracing back to your days reading 'the book', and having concluded that the primary message of KRST was that we may choose to become like him, and that is far preferable to being dependent upon him. ('If you give a man a fish, you've fed him for a day. If you teach a man how to catch fish, you've fed him for life.') This has guided your entire career as a healer, always doing your best to empower others by teaching them, and to discourage any dependence or worship."

The primary percept I've been looking at to determine if I'm holding a beleif or a belief, is that of free-will in the context of the relationship between higher and lower selves. This has mostly involved resolving disagreements of choice, and as a consequence, the blessing of arriving at greater integration between higher and lower selves, which, itself, is one of the main features of 'ascension'. Looking at this from the alternate end, a challenge within the ascension process of integrating higher and lower selves, is resolving which 'self' needed to yield its attachment to its will where that conflicted with the other self's will. In the long term all attachments at all levels are to be released. Ahhh... i was just triggered to clear any 'reparation fantasies'.

'While you have been averse to preservation of present form in ascended reality of formlessness, you do recall that much less of the ego survives a death than an ascension.'

i do feel pretty complete with both comprehending and finally understanding the motivations and reasoning and creation energies we are engaging in ascension, and the prioritizations we have now.

"Yay, now you're ready for your next codon activation!"

Other than patiently detoxing, what do i need to learn from the swelling of my lower legs?

"That would be your denied rage (so un-spiritual :-) "

Of course, at whoever sabotaged the time-line we were creating to initiate the crystal faeries Consulate and our playshops and herb garden :-( OK, codon activation before or after i clear those emotions? To clear I'll be most efficient in feeling space rather than the emotionally neutral mental space required to do this channelling to text.

"Take a 2 hour break to release all the triggered emotions and resistance, and then we can work together in blog space doing your next codon activation."

Thanks, it's been an intense few days processing, and it's nice to feel it resolving forward to harmony.

So, how did i do with my processing? I'm feeling pretty calm and centered.

"Your release process continues appropriately over a couple days.
We're going to trigger some release of trauma from ages 13 and 17 to clear.
You can guess this is about self image, and societal place, and adult roles. Since this covers the majority of your active musicianship, we suggest rewriting your history to suit your new musical goals with your flute.
It is time to complete with physicalizing trauma in order to process it, and get on with the present time-line until we cocreate a better alternative.
We also suggest daily flute practice following daily crystalfaeries channelling, this time with less resistance to structured learning.
We're guesstimating next codon activation overnight tonight or the following night."

It is additionally noteable that each of my lower legs now has a "divit" indicating some kind of puncture wound, which i have absolutely no explanation for in the physical realm of life experience, i.e. this is some evidence of some involuntary unconscious assault upon my body. While this kind of experience may be associated with "abduction", i am tending more to associate it with a time-line hop.

10th March 2014

"Aloha. Allow all past to be complete. Forgive where will was used negatively. Release where loss has occurred. Then bring all projects out of limbo, and either rejuvenate or release them. Anything which then appears to be a part of your new life, must be present without fear, for a loving or joyful purpose."

'Aloha. The polar companion to fear is hope, so also release that which you are keeping for hope of the future. There is much grief to release over the life you in the past hoped for as your future, and fear to release over the life you in the past feared as planetary or your future, and release and forgive all your anger at dark-side interference to our mission.'

I'm going to clear this astrally while sleeping again... I'll be back in a while.

i just pulled and applied some Young Living™ 'Magnify Your Purpose' essential oil blend, so I'm guesstimating we need to look at my purpose and how to accomplish it. Are there any other incomplete karmic lessons before i release the past totally? And this question stirs a meta-question. Is it better to stop focussing on non-here-now, or to actually dig through it for lessons to update beliefs, and to complete emotional release? My existing experience-derived beleif is that any given resurfacing of the past may be simply replaced with a choice to refocus on the here and now, until such time as there is noticed a pattern of past issues, which would indicate an unresloved problem worth digging into until healed and released.

"We agree with the heal-the-patterns approach.
All lessons related to recent experience are already consciously known, therefore it is merely a matter of more consistent practice in the moment. There is no specific energy pattern to clear on this, so you just need to remain conscious in each moment to stay in positive focus.
Our purpose has been well expressed here over time, therefore the necessary focus is upon time-line hopping, and dealing with the here and now of the time-line you're currently in. We are continuously working on time-lines which support our mission, and therefore support you in accomplishing it. Trust we will let you know when your conscious participation is requred for time-line hopping. The here and now of the present time-line is challenging, yes? Yet find the aspects of it which are successfull and for which you are appreciative. Release your fear of the unknown, and more importantly any beliefs that 'unknown' equals 'unsolved' equals 'failure'. This is the biggest challenge for you at this time, especially while still in pain over the recent transition. Priority is releasing rage and anger and frustration energies, and forgiveness of the sabotage of our intended time-line."

"You already know that feelings must be felt to be released, not avoided, denied, or blamed on others. Continue to feel and release and forgive. Yes it is true you wavered in holding our new time-line creation, yet not sufficiently to cause the loss of the time-line. That took active negative intervention."

"An 8D portal only brings the 8D templates down to 4D level itself.
You may comprehend that your relative isolation now is to break all interference."

'Stop defining your 'here and now' as producing suffering.'

11th March 2014

i am grateful for my peaceful domicil.

'I am appreciative of your acceptance.'

"Continue to 'settle in' and be playfully joyful."

12th March 2014

Altered perceptuality yields to multidensity consciousness. This is more beneficial than the single pointed perspective.

'Report upon our magickal blend.'

"It is good."

13th March 2014

i wonder what inside of me needs to experience a world like that of Ter-Ra / Ea-Rth?

'You're here to help people out via ascension.'

"Let it all flow, taking none of it individually."

14th March 2014

So, ummm... the secret to happiness is to be 'airy fairy'?

'Shhh! It is a faery secret.'

"The DNA codon activation we're doing is most likely beyond words, mostly noticeable as easier access to no-time."

i love my crystal faeries family.

15th March 2014

Is this blessed calmness peace and appropriateness? Or has overwhelm produced numbness?

'Seek neither cycles nor meaning. Release all known.'

"Keep rebirthing."

What is the best way to release our natal time-lock?

"Be completely in the timeless now, 5D."

What do i most need to learn now?

"Flow without worry. You don't need to make anything happen."

16th March 2014

Ummmkay... guide me, please.

'Trust the flow, release your stress tension.'

"Just be time-line aware."

i release all beliefs.

'Place me where i belong.'

By the power of god i Am, i invoke divine intervention to place me clearly on my path, to support my comfortable life, to bring into alignment with 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portals all energies around me at all times, that i may be a blessing whereever i go, with crystal faeries blessings for all on Kaua'i.

The energies of completion, release, and (re-)launch of projects came up in the astrological guidance today, matching the recent crystal faeries guidance for my rebirth.

17th March 2014

'I Am present.'

"We are i Am."

Everything feels aligned, in harmony.

'Yay surrender to flow!'

"Heart Hugs!"

Yay, it feels like forward energy flow!

"Pay attention to arriving opportunities."

18th March 2014

Whither shall I? I'm not sure how more to detox, die, and release. Any guidance on the birthing side of the rebirth?

"There is more to life than our mission, your career, ascension. Remember to smell the roses on the journey, for there is no destination."

19th March 2014

'Find fulfillment in the completion of the old, a sense of accomplishment, and release as complete, even if "there's more i could (have) do(ne)". This is the final part of releasing the old time-line.'

"Part of releasing the 'past' is releasing all of your past versions of future expectations, so that you can arrive fully in the now with no attachments, agendae, or expectations."

OK, bring me my next lesson.

20th March 2014

Two months into my new time-line and i finally put up amp and speakers for some decent stereo sound, which should provide the necessary motivation to get me practicing my flute again. i love music.
Still no internet available via ADSL in this area. is about to expire. A Garden Isle.
Ummkay... what's next?

'You might develop a sense of humour?'

"Lighten up, fae! You're taking life seriously like a human. Silly Fae. Giggles :-) "

Everything is already perfect?

"You have already been sensing the new appropriate energy flows, people connections, and grace of your new time-line, yes?"

More guidance, please...

"Let yourself play, Fae. Play your flute. Play for giggles."

i finally ventured to play along with my digereedoo playing friends, and we stirred up some positive energies. Yay!

21st March 2014

"Allow yourself to play.
You cannot earn blessings.
Release all efforting to perfection."

22nd March 2014

May i overcome any obstacles today?

'Yes. How about the issue of projection of the false self?'

"Dream on it for now..."

i observed that projections may be 'upon others', or they may be 'upon a mental image picture'. While i rarely project onto others, i often work with my internal self-image. What i can relate with is 'the projection of my self-image as self'. So is self-image correlated with false-self? Or did i miss your reference?

"The false self exists to manipulate others. There is a unique self associated with the body, the authentic individuated ego, and it is entirely appropriate. The false self is role play for others to give them what they want, or to get them to give what you want them to give to you. Discern what of your self image projected as self is authentic."

It seems most of worldly life is role-play for needs fulfillment.

"Just check that your image itself is authenic not manipulative, in addition to your having already found clarity in action and relating."

Yes, my ideals and goals are all based upon my being alone, so that they cannot be about relating or manipulating in relating.

23rd March 2014

It seems that Full Moon, Equinox, New Moon is the time cauldron of rebirth for spring.

'Then the Full Moon of Ascension guidance!'

"We crystal faeries are juggling time-lines for Kaua'i's Ascension Portal."

"Release shielding of soft sensitive structures, replace with body of crystal. In full neutrality there is no shielding."

Please assist my process.

"Remain true to your self, your passion, your will. Just focus on your positive preferred reality. Pray joy."

24th March 2014

Guidance, please?

'What you seek is not to be found in your comfort zone. Growth is always uncomfortable until you fully trust.'

"There are always practical trade-offs, therefore be flexible on details other than your priorities."

'We appreciate the help of our friends.'

"We have yet not much new to say, for our recent and previous guidance still applies; the challenge is in staying in the ascended consciousness, or in the target time-line, without wavering. This requires detachment and releasing will and expectations. Your passion and preference are energetically integrated with creation."

Thank you. i appreciate the recent body restructuring. So far, all my bodywork has been slow and painful, but well worth it for long term health, versus having surgeries that may trigger healing but cause damage.

25th March 2014

What should i know today?

'Break out of your shell, relax, just be yourself.'

"Trust in the flow."

"Let yourself play, sweetie."

26th March 2014

What is my lesson du jour?

'Be flexible and allow the chaos to sort out for a few months.'

"Maximum social contact is appropriate now. Your rebirthing with body cleansing and retemplating is proceeding."

How do i bootstrap now?

'Let it flow and branch with opportunities.'

"Trust in grace (and a bit of Faery magick) to provide what you need."

27th March 2014

i was noticing the challenges of communicating multidimensional concepts and realities to individuals whose beliefs are anchored in limited realities. It occurs to me that possibly archetypal symbology has often conveyed transcendendent concepts. Archetypes and symbols are very much prevalent in the emotional / astral realms, and are a part of one's processing energies in and of those realms, however, once you master attaining and sustaining detachment and neutrality, there then is hardly any need to "process" such energies, for one has realized that it doesn't really matter which such energy you've been triggered to become aware of, the appropriate response is simply to transcend it.

There are a number of "systems" of archetypal symbology, including but not limited to:

which have been of some utility for some people at certain stages of spiritual growth, however, all such systems must be left behind to move one's consciousness into the ascended realms / reality which are not subject to the limitations of the physical and astral realms, and the lower mental realms.

'This is mostly just the veiling of lower densities, wherein the lower self is experiencing limited consciousness, endemic to the collective reality in which it is participating.'

"Yes, expanding consciousness produces expanding realities, which is even mirrored down to the physical realms."

And what is the response to my persistent will of lifestyle?

"The important thing is to get 'out there' and help people, regardless your self expression."

"Play, fae girl."

28th March 2014

Is my mantra for the day: 'Be the Lotus Blossom'?

'An adventure a day keeps the fae at play.'

"Joyful play in the flow of the moment goes well with giggles."

i was reminded today that people receive questions better than statements, and that rarely is one's essence seen when others are busy watching their projected movies.

29th March 2014

i seem to be in a new level of detachment, more 'in the world', less 'of the world', while, also being directed to be more 'in' the world.

'Now develop your faery-light playfulness and joy!'

"Seriousness is just lack of imagination."

"Patience is still required."

30th March 2014

"Every day is a new adventure. Expect miracles."

"Yes, more consistently, you are expressing an authentic aura of playfulness."

"The multidimensional consciousness activations are leaving you with some fleeting perceptions and others difficult to discern. Practice patience. "

31st March 2014

I'm going to take this opportunity to report on some of my progress in ascension. In my recent death-rebirth cycle, i experienced weeks of swolen lower legs and feet, still receeding. i was guided to treat the situation as one of toxicity, and focus upon cleansing and detoxification. In fact my body was being rebuilt, which liberated old stored toxins, and took lots of new neutrients. It was (for Kaua'i) a cold winter, and i was cold most of the time, and did a lot of extra sleeping to support my rebirthing. It is additionally noteable that each of my lower legs now has a "divit" indicating some kind of puncture wound, which i have absolutely no explanation for in the physical realm of life experience, i.e. this is some evidence of some involuntary unconscious assault upon my body. While this kind of experience may be associated with "abduction", i am tending more to associate it with a time-line hop.


In the last couple days, i crossed a threshhold in my self healing process, and became warm, energized, and more extroverted as i came out of my cocoon. i am happy to report that my feet have changed shape and size, and now better fit my traditionally sized high heels. This is my first obvious experience with mutability of form. Do we have any higher comments about all of this? Or is it just finally manifestation of my long-standing will?

'We know it is important to your happiness. Many have spoken of the young and vital perfect version of each of us which is our energetic template, and that as we ascend, we become more perfect at manifesting that form physically, potentially overriding all old patterns, as we are reborn more perfected. This physical perfection is mirrored in our emotional bodies finding peace, our minds finding quiet, and our spiritual essence being fully expressed. Our new time-line du jour and your rebirthing support your new level of energy work for others.'

"Stay put today, it's not the day to go out, though the trend is much more social now. Keep playing with your infrastructure to support your play, especially your playing your flute."

"Excellent! Good to see you integrating your new time-line joyously."

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