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Entries from May 2014.

1st May 2014

In modern Hawaiian culture, May 1st is "Lei Day", (a lei being a wreath of flowers, a fertility symbol). We are celebrating the spring season. This seems to be a magickal time of moving forward in a new time-line of appropriateness.

'Indeed your surrender to flow of the moment is connecting you with optimal opportunities.'

"You are indeed anchoring into your new time-line gracefully."

i found wonderful flow and synergistic connections for the now and the future.

1st May 2014

i have been very busy lately, consumed in the flow of the moment inspiration for creation and cocreation, so much so, that it has impinged upon, (which is probably a good thing :-), my mental level 'schedule' of daily blogging here. i began this blog with a commitment to channel the crystal faeries daily, in what started as lucid dreams, but over time I've integrated our collective consciousness into my own, (definitely a good thing :-), to where it is no longer for me a big deal, except to write a daily blog entry, when there isn't something new to say. As i have progressed with this, I've stopped being concerned to do my daily pre-dawn channelling, as it either flows easily because there is a message, or, to just let it flow, often resulting in my channelling / blogging at some other time of day. It is a well known phenomenon that such activities in early day, (3AM to 4AM local time), are the easiest when the veil is thin between the densities, but by now i have so much practice and integration, that once there is a message it flows any time of day. Sometimes there's a clear message either for me or for the world, and at others, i initiate focus upon a subject, and interactively elicit the perspective of our collective of crystal faeries about the subject, i.e. pulling answers to questions, rather than passively passing a message intitiated by our Fae. The increasing integration of our consciousness results in a much more interactive process, or a perspective more of integrated consciousness, cocreating the channelled message of the moment. i now query the higher perspectives of this?

'Keep flowing, you are on the right track.'

"Play, Fae!"

"You have found an area of cleansing to explore gently, over the near future."

3rd May 2014

i have been experiencing intense awareness of that which is in sharp contrast to my appropriateness. As always, it comes down to invalidation of ones free will choice to live ones appropriateness. The form of invalidation which has been present in consciousness is when an individual or collective chooses to believe that their self-created reality, (to which they have every right for themselves), including all the limitations they have bought into, whether owned as choice, or denied, (the lie they have no choice), is applied to others, specifically, to me. i am experiencing that even attempting to communicate that what they are doing is abusive to me, is turned around upon me as if i was attacking them, for not buying into their beliefs. Those whose religion is 'human design' insist that everyone fits into one of the boxes they are defining, as an excuse to relate with boxes, rather than relating with another individual in the here and now. i have never seen any system of pigeonholing people be accurate. Most importantly, it is extremely abusive in the time of ascension out of the realms of time-space into timelessness of nonduality, to be holding back those around you by insisting that they must and can only be 'functional' by 'obeying their design', a life-long disempowerment based upon their 'birth time', or excusing ones own abusive behaviours and / or refusal to grow / mature based on 'it is my design'. In every now there is infinite choice, and disowning that one is at choice is the greatest and widest of lies. It is nothing less than false imprisonment to box someone into a cell defined by their birth time, and asserting that they are powerless to escape that cell, that they must keep their original time lock for the duration of their incarnation.

'Rise above the level of the problem, to where it does not exist. Be neutral.'

"We did not say it would be at all easy for you to remain in service in realities where you are needed, when you continue to leap ahead into higher realities as an individual, and as you are now operating in our 8D collective consciousness. Take nothing individually."

"Notice that you have no sense of fun anymore when you are in resistance to anything. While many would say that it is normal to resist abuse, we know that resistance will not cure anything. Carefully separate in consciousness the abuser and their abuse, remain unconditionally accepting of the abuser and their consciously chosen abuse games, while still energetically separating from the consequences of their abuse, and clearly cognizing the difference between their nice words and their abusive actions."

4th May 2014

What do i need to know?

'That you are proceeding as necessary.'

"Allow it all to flow gracefully."

What does Kaua'i need to know?

'That it is time to live truth.'

"The truth is the meta-reality encompassing all individual truths. Ones relevant truth is their own appropriateness of the moment, while remaining neutral about contrasting energies."

5th May 2014

i am appreciative of the blessings of our local birds greeting the rising sun with their beautiful songs.

'Beauty is soul nurturing in all densities.'

"While there are many expressions of contrast in the realms of duality, it is the harmony of intent which opens the flow of positive synergy. Let your love light shine as your soul sings its unique song of joy, especially as you find ways to express that via your flute."

'Do remember to click "record" occasionally :-)'

i am interested in assistance from the Hathors if it is appropriate, to better express divine flow via my flute. Have we any guidance from them?

"The Hathors are suggesting they work with your during the next 5 to 7 weeks in your dreamspace to facilitate you anchoring divine sound patterns to channel."

Mahalo Nui!

6th May 2014

As energy flows and patterns shift, and balance undulates with the vortexes, there is yet a simplicity of oneness.

'The gentleness of a balanced energy field allows the easy cognizance of higher realm reality.'

"Kaua'i is passing through a relative null point of short term stability before the next wave of energy grid activations. 'Catch your breath' and enjoy the opportunity to regenerate comfort in resonance with the physical."

7th May 2014

There is significant toxicity in the air. i might easily dismiss it as merely 'vog' if i was not aware of similar symptoms, not only on Kaua'i, but also in the USA and Canada. Even my cat is hoarse and can barely meow. Meanwhile, upon a little web research, we see announcesments of Ebola and MERS, so those must be the cover stories for the chemtrails.

'Carry on with your cleanse.'

"It's all frequency... just hold your 8D portal around you."

8th May 2014

Any further guidance on health at the moment?

'Release fear.'

"Beleive in your health."

9th May 2014

i was contemplating the dichotomy of dependence vs. dependents, and that it's a single issue within polarity. As one of the many structures of relating, it is contrary to the fluidity of flow in the moment, therefore, outside the higher self reality, and not of New-Gaia.

"Notice that any resistance to that dichotomy merely attracts more of it."

My strongest resistance is to the patriarchal enslavement of women by first disempowering them in the world to force their dependence upon men so that then men may control them. The ultimate outcome of this is global war. Peace can only come from women standing in full power, and both men and women no longer submitting to external "authority". The only true authority is authentic heart consciousness of the moment.

"It remains your appropriate path to walk in sovereignty, neither being dependent, nor allowing any dependencies upon you. "

10th May 2014

i have been very busy with worldly flow.

11th May 2014

The extant culture is celebrating "Mother's Day". It is the 'Sunday-ation' of May Day, i.e. May 1st. Mothering is the generational perpetuation of life, not of the individual, but of species. The root chakra expresses the one and only body agenda: survive and reproduce. Survival is the individual will to life. Reproduction is the species will to life. All other agendae come from spirit. Therefore, today is a physical world and root chakra celebration. In the Hawaiian islands chain, the root chakra energies are held by "Big Island", the island actually named "Hawai'i".
King Kamehameah the 1st managed to militarily conquer (anti-mothering energy) the islands from Hawai'i to O'ahu, which are the 1st through 5th (throat) chakra islands. The Hawaiian Kingdom (his) which treatied with the actual nation "the united States" in a "perpetual treaty of best friends", subsequently militarily "conquered", (a war crime), and through political and economic fraud stole that realm as if it was its own. In U.S. Public Law 103-150 POTUS "Slick Willy" admitted that: "Oopsie, we never had the power to annex the Hawaiian isles", thus it was called the "apology Bill", but did not restore the Kingdom. Note that the island Kaua'i was never a part of King Kamehameha's Hawaiian Kingdom, it had a separate King, and Kamehameha 1st was repeatedly unable to conquer it, because, it is the only remaining land mass above water which is a remnant of the original "Lemurian" seeding of the divine feminine energies and consciousness grid by the then Pleiadians upon Gaia. Kaua'i is the 3rd-Eye island (Ajna Chakra), the land of clairvoyance, which itself is the "Christed" state of consciousness. Our "Garden Isle" is the mother of KRST consciousness of unconditional love in these realms, therefore i celebrate today our mother Gaia, particularly her unique expression on Kaua'i.

'As the primary expression of the crystal faeries, caretakers of the Garden Isle, in support of the divine template of life, i call for appreciation for the KRST consciousness of our hostess island, Kaua'i.'

"We continue to bless from 8D down through 4D the sovereign space of Kaua'i."

12th May 2014

As manifestation accellerates and flows more powerfully in response to intent, will, focus, attention, and both synchronicity and synergy, i am perceiving a sorting process of individuals, whether or not they are conscious of it, into the two major time-line groups, either the armageddon downward spiral, or the Gaia upward spiral. This is causing relational changes, as the incompatiblities of the mutually exclusive realities, are triggering people to sort into groupings reflective of their choices, of preferred time-line.

'Even within your appropriate time-line, remember to let yourself play more, especially with your flute, even if the work to create the supporting infrastructure is important and necessary.'

"We remind you to focus on those of transcendent consciousness, to utilize our portals to anchor in their 8D template for ascension, and to have fun playing as you do so."

13th May 2014

Good morning dear family of fae. i sway gently to the delightful flute tunes of Suzanne Teng.

'Indeed, our energy field brightens and lightens in the joy of such beautiful soulful music.'

i love synchronicities! As i was building a page here dedicated to this awesome artist, i came upon her contribution to a Women's Power DVD.

"While it may be inconvenient for neighbors in the early mornings to be channelling via your flute rather than keyboard, we and the Hathors suggest you find a daily pattern of flow both to immerse in water in your swimming pool, and to immerse yourself in the waves of sound you so love, and play along as you so enjoy."

14th May 2014

The stark reality of a condominimum complex parking lot is now my exterior view, as yesterday the management saw fit to remove all of nature which was providing shade and privacy between my recording studio / bedroom and all the asphalt. i guess they'll save some money on raking leaves now. The unconsciousness and petty selfish profit motivations of the dualistic masses is so depressing.

'Remember that you are in service merely by holding higher frequencies embodied.'

"We shall focus during this evening's Full Moon gathering by the Wailua River on the watery realms of the astral / emotional 4D realm of our entire island, activating consciousness of subconscious and otherwise {re,sup}pressed shadows, holding them in the light of 8D divine plan truth of oneness and ahimsa, that all may experience their own feelings more fully, and their engagement with yin-yang polarity internally, with intent to bring balance and consciousness."

While we were scheduled for a full moon celebration gathering tonight, a combination of other people's sickness and rain resulted in not attending. This seemed to flow with the astrological influences which suggested inward focus, thus individual growth rather than group cocreation. Thank you crystal faeries for manifesting the energies of rain to support the inner individual processing we invoked in the above paragraph earlier today. In my flow of the moment synchronicity, my evening journey is blessed with the sweet music of Nature Angels & Crystal Angels - 2 Albums - Soft relaxation music for yoga, study, meditation.

"You spoke of triage today. It was not entirely inappropriate, but gentleness and softness may be better received by many, though, you are correct that some need a strong shaking to awaken. Now is a good time to release another quantum level of your history. By now you have noticed that your 8D portal skills have largely replaced most of your previous healing tools of lower realms, and have also alleviated the need to take any Djedi Warrior stance."

Many have chosen to experience contrast up close and intimately in order to trigger their own clarity of choice as to their future time-line. For myself, this re-triggers the issue of triage in my own relating with those whom i facilitate. Previous higher self directive from tomril has indicated I do not have time for those who have not already attained, and made commitment to, nonduality consciousness access, and am not to engage with duality. This seems like a perfect opportunity to ask for clarification in the now. i have clarity of purpose to deal only with root cause of any problem, at a level higher than the manifestation or symptoms of a problem.

"We are circling around the summary of many seemingly different manifestations of the overall 'game' of people holding on to some dysfunctional reality which serves them in some manner they are unwilling to relinquish, though they may be in total denial that the reason they keep their dysfunction is because it allows them either to control relationships, or to vampirize them for life force energy. This is the collective shadow now triggered with this full moon. We beleive the wise have sufficient triggering here to move beyond either playing such games or falling for them. Those too attached to the benefits of such games, for falling for them, are not going to let go, even if it locks them into an armageddon time-line, versus a New-Gaia time-line. This is why for you, celeste, the issue is about triage in dealing with these people. And with that we activate the next quantum leap in your own individual 8D portal. Enjoy the blessings of the awakenings you shall experience today :-)"

15th May 2014

Good morning. Happy Thor's day. Thor is Jupiter. Jupiter supports expansion. Having just crossed the full moon point, we now expand from spiritual realms our intent, cast down into the lower realms, to become manifest physically.

'I continue with only the agenda of facilitating ascension, now expanding eye-ball to eye-ball networking on Kaua'i.'

"We are pleased with our full moon manifestation, and the gentleness of introspection many were willing to receive in the time of maximum polarity of the lunar-yin and the solar-yang."

This day saw wonderful mirroring and processing of old shadow(ed) emotional feelings. It ended with a visit to the Grand Budapest Hotel and the outlook that life is a tragicomedy, it had comedic moments but ultimately was a tragedy. But then it was a parallel reality overrun with war. Here in Kaua'i sovereign space, we are creating a reality of higher perspective.

16th May 2014

Wow... the flow of support for recording and editing music is awesome. i know I'll get around to creating also soon.

'Thank you for flowing with the energies rather than any "shoulds".'

"Hathor initiations overnight require higher vibrations... go to sleep now."

Good morning Kauai, and the network of 8D ascension portals. It has become wonderfully clear recently, in my work with the crystal faeries and our 8D portals, that energies introduced at the 8D level quickly spread through our portal network, so that a lesson or focus, (e.g. our recent full moon triggering of the feeling of suppressed (shadow) emotions and issues), is not only blessing all within our Kaua'i sovereign space but also every individual who has their own 8D ascension portal, connected in the network of portals, yet outside Kaua'i sovereign space, is equally being triggered to process that lesson or energy.

As i noted in a reading and healing session of facilitation, an individual was as a consequence of having the assistance of their 8D - 4D portal, accessing and integrating their own higher self consciousness from above, reclaiming their whole higher self and all 'past' lives in present consciousness. As i explained in session, the realms of 8D+ are pure and clean, and most of the interference plagueing most of humanity, has been in the intervening realms, which the portals shield against, making it easy to have one's full access to one's 8D self, as long as they can access and maintain their own 4D incarnation, now so much easier since the 2012-12-21 gateway.

Oh sweet joy of ascension! i AM so blessed. i just received another telephone call for the next step in this progression. Our being who has for months now been blessed with his own individual 8D ascension portal, reached full consciousness of his i AM presence, and cognized it as such... full arrival at the ascended state of consciousness, knowing himself as i AM in body. What sweet tears of joy for both of us! i was so blessed both to facilitate and to witness this, and we are both greatful for the blessings of my family, the crystal faeries, who have facilitated all of this.

'This is for what am i, tomril, here. So wonderful is it to welcome another i AM presence.'

"Perhaps we are merely stating what to many is obvious, (Yay! :-), yet for some this is an important percept to cognize. To anchor the 'I AM' presence all the way down into one's heart, the seat of the soul, the embodied being fully present, is to be one with the Divine Feminine, for the i AM presence is a state of being, and energetic presence, in complete balance, fully at rest, completely at peace. One cannot 'do' one's way to this state of consciousness. The Feminine / Yin is beingness. To embody the i AM presence is to be fully in the Divine Feminine. (This awareness should explain to anyone, why it is so important for the enslavers of the planet to repress the divine feminine.) From the state of complete energetic balance between the yin and yang, at rest, at peace, eventually there arises from within one's soul, an imbalance which creates energetic flow, which is the emergence of the Divine Masculine, to initiate action, to begin doing, doing the truth of the essence of the soul, not in reaction to, or response to, anything external, but instead as the expression of one's own essence. This is one's authentic life, and the only lifestyle producing lasting happiness."

17th May 2014

Recent sharing of realities finds some people quite struggling with contrast. This is something i myself have struggled with, particularly in association with hopping time-lines. As we become very clear of that which contrasts with our appropriateness, we can be likewise clear in what is appropriate to manifest in our new time-line. One can get caught-up in resisting the inappropriate. As we are now facing shadow side contrast, an entire lifetime of contrast may be surfacing to face and release. i observe that in the lack of an absolute sense of self worth, many take solace in a relative sense of self worth, some aspect of expression where they can reasonably claim some superiority over (at least most) other people. It is tempting by cultural norms to buy-into external manifestation as if it was 'real'. This is one of the attachments we need to release, in order to beleive enough in our own internal 'reality' of appropriateness, with enough fervor until it does become manifest around us. One 'shadow processing' technique is to take the contrasting 'reality' to extreme... often facing our worst fears or despondency, with the 'what if...' of "what's the worst that could be?", and upon facing our worst nightmare it loses power over us. The next, and all important, step, is to invert the contrasting reality... to "what's the best that you could imagine?", but even then, we can pollute it with attachment which limits us, for that best imagining of our conscious ego-mind is limited, compared to the wide range of possibilties our own higher self can create. As long as we're blaming our own higher self for having placed us in our worst nightmare reality of contrast to our appropriateness, we are not very likely to trust it to now deliver even better than we ask for, and yet, if we'd merely surrender it all to higher self, with trust and faith, fully releasing the old time-line, it can finally deliver a new time-line of appropriateness.

All of this 'process' of time-line hopping is challenging enough, for it is indeed a 'game' of masters, to make big quantum leaps, until we complicate it with other people... with attachment to someone else, where we don't agree on appropriateness, or as we do our deep self discovery and shadow clearing work, (or maybe they're not willing to work on their shadow), we may discover much contrast between our true selves, that perhaps such relationship was based in inauthentic inappropriate 'selves', 'selves' which were stuck in old games of an old time-line we now know we need to leave behind. Even if we can make the journey with another, and even if there remains a foundational appropriateness for the relationship, our timing and process may not be fully synchronous, resulting in much contrast expressing in or via these relationships.

'I am glad you are enjoying the internal peace of having surrendered to me, your higher self, and an attitude of acceptance of whatever comes, each day.'

"We remind you to play more, oh ye of habitual responsibility."

18th May 2014

i noticed last night that i was feeling conflict, between the need to nurture myself and be true to my soul, versus my mission to facilitate others. This happened in a context of too many days of too many chores, useful ones in support of my future appropriateness, but much too much work with too little play... both in the sense of joyful celebration, and literally that of playing my flute. As we are astrologically triggered to clear old shadow side, i was in the crunch of my quarter century of computer engineering habituation, where getting into functionality, and keeping computers in productivity, was priority. Finally in a fit of anger (indicating i was on the wrong side of an appropriate boundary), triggered by a visitor actively encouraging my housemate's yappy little pommeranean to yap, i retreated to my room and started playing very loudly some Suzanne Teng tunes to drown out the surrounding insanity, and assembled my flute to play along.

'Nearly instantly you aligned with my energies, releasing lower consciousness and settled quickly into the divine flow of the now, the soulful flow of the divine music, and played better than ever before.'

"It was wonderful to feel joy return to your heart from the musical flow, followed by appreciation for the recent Hathors initiation work to activate your ability to channel the highest of sound energies as ascension initation for others."

That brings me back to my initial contract with my flute... that i would only ever play as an expression of my soulful energies, never from my ego nor for others' egoes, never to 'perform'. Since it is shadow release time, i specifically forgive my body's parents for their having imposed their egoes upon me, sabotaging my spiritual relationship with music, out of their need to entertain their illusions of success at parenting, and for a complete unwillingness and inability to ever allow me room for my own soul, my own preferences, my own free will.

Versus my childhood training to perform sheet music as an ego mental 'skill' on the instrument my parents chose for me, finally now playing with the instrument of my own appropriateness, i presently can not, or chose not, any ability to perform sheet music, and have not yet learned all the fingerings for all the sharps and flats, but i am joyously playing spontaneous harmonies and melodies from my soul, as i play along with that which inspires my soul, rather than pleases anothers ego. i definitely noticed a new level of divine flow.

Next i come to a fork in the road in my history, as i approached my engineering career fulfilling my parental dictates, i had chosen to work with computers and keep recording engineering as my hobby, so that my relationship with music would not suffer any prostitution for pay, keeping it purely for joy, fun, and play. Certainly I've outgrown my old rock'n'roll obsession which could have been a career, yet i see how this dichotomy is re-triggered as i am now being initiated by the Hathors to use my flute in my mission of facilitating ascension for others, though even my recent quarter century of healing 'work' has remained a happy flow, i can see how this old concern may resurface now, and so i contemplate its relevance. i quickly see that my level of consciousness now will not allow it to become a problem, so i flush out more old energies of history as irrelevant memories inapplicable to now.

i am, as always, deeply touched soulfully with resultant heart opening, by my listening to Bruce Mitchell's music as i do my morning channelling today. One of the principles of conscious reality creation is that of releasing history, to let go of both past and future as the illusions they are, but more importantly to release all value, meaning, and emotion we have attached to any story, particularly that of our history, and so i choose now to be done with all of this history I've just processed, to the point that, i choose to be free of it, and shall no longer tell the story of it... that history belonged to another being, not the me of this time-line. So the next individual who asks the inanely idiotic yet culturally normative question: "Where are you from...?" is going to receive the truth... and will likely very much go into both cognitive and emotional dissonance, as i shall point out that past is illusion, and that i cannot collude with them in the lie that there is any reality to it, nor any meaning nor value to either their question nor any other answer i could give to it.

The previous paragraph was delightfully interrupted by a telephone call for a healing, and so i am joyously back in the flow of the moment, having lost track of what came before in today's channelling, and whether i was leading to some point or conclusion, and that is just perfect !-)

"Yes, celeste, this is excellent integration with tomril, and now we offer you an energetic activation to more fully integrate your multiple aspects, both more overshadowed by your tomril higher self. Just allow the energy flow, and visualize yourself in your ideal form, splashing in the waves breaking upon the sandy beach shoreline." /p>

'The Hathors wish me to relay to you this message:'
"We are facilitating an integration for you of crystaline body activations combining both faery and human genetics and harmonics, resulting as you have been noticing lately since the beginning of our initiation with you, as a much stonger alignment with the very gentle and higher realm sensitivity and refinement of frequencies and harmonies. Yes, this will result in your leaving behind as old time-line a portion of your music collection :-) "
-- The Hathors via tomril

"We crystal faeries are very happy to share this initiation and activation and awakening with you. It is important for you to create a very gentle day for yourself today to facilitate the anchoring into your DNA of this energetic activation."

Ah, i love the flow of the universe in the moment. We really don't need the illusion we call money, the point of life is to give as feels appropriate, as much as we are able to advance the good of all. To whatever extent we place values on things, or focus on what we are getting, we are implying scarcity and we get scarcity, and this is exactly the social function which money serves as administered by the world controllers. If we can beleive in "you get what you put out", then we can focus on opportunities to give more to more people, knowing that what we need, and beyond that, that which is appropriate for us, will arrive, somehow. Somehow it didn't quite play into Lisa Ra-Pha-El's agenda for her talk show, and i got disconnected, and right after i was disconnected, i received a telephone call from a wonderful goddess i have been facilitating over recent years, and her issue of the moment was about her own money, cash flow, and whether she had made a mistake turning down a job which was clearly inappropriate for her, while yet not having a clear replacement for it, to provide her with her perceived need for cash flow. i was joyous to be able to gift to her our session, and encourage her to persist in pursuing her true hearts joy, and not settling for any inappropriate job, just for 'money'. This all felt so wonderfully synchronistic and synergistic.

"Yes, we like and encourage the gentle way you're allowing yourself to flow, releasing with love concepts and feelings and items from your old time-lines, embracing with focus and passion your new relationship with music, and the clearly light and creative side of life. Play on, Fae!"

Yay... the day continues with more initiations and cocreations:

crystalfaery the Hathor initiations are making quite a difference a_friend yayyy a_friend i am really intrigued by your connection with the Hathors crystalfaery it's all frequency... music, oils, light a_friend yes crystalfaery I've been linking to this for a while, crystalfaery and don't recall if the time of the link crystalfaery included the current version (revised): crystalfaery a_friend awesome a_friend yes, pursuing their heart's desire a_friend ok a_friend so your flute playing is affecting a_friend your surroundings and those within it? crystalfaery I've been initiated by the crystal faeries to channel energies crystalfaery via the 8D portals for ascension codon activations, crystalfaery and now I'm being activated by the Hathors crystalfaery for sound activations yes via my flute... crystalfaery no doubt overtones to the audible frequencies crystalfaery this then provides some "reason" behind crystalfaery the dictate to always carry my flute... crystalfaery practice for my new modalities, thus, crystalfaery leave the old time-line and ways behind, crystalfaery adopt and allow new modalities for new time-lines crystalfaery I'm in a 5 to 7 week initiation process with the Hathors a_friend wonderful bardess/druidess a_friend oh wow crystalfaery so, i don't know much conscious about it yet, only that crystalfaery I'm much more able to play flute spontaneously with music, crystalfaery but then I've also been encoding Suzanne Teng's music crystalfaery into my subconscious by listening to her playing a LOT a_friend smiles crystalfaery as I've been telling people, crystalfaery it's far more effective and powerful, crystalfaery but initially pretty subtle to have the 8D portal crystalfaery compared to my old 5D aetheric healing skills a_friend is there something i can do with you right now a_friend with more focus and intention which will help us both? crystalfaery i would suggest perhaps we spend 5 minutes just opening up crystalfaery to our own higher selves inside our portals, crystalfaery and allow THEM to guide a cocreation / co-initation a_friend there's an amazing monlogue on this stream i am listening to a_friend that is talking about old, dark, gods, like the god of war a_friend and fuck the god of war and freeze him in his own place and a_friend embrace the positive gods and godess (aspects of our higher self) a_friend ok a_friend i have turned off my stream crystalfaery no, ascension implies acceptance and transcendence above dualities, crystalfaery not polarized: have one end of the dichotomy and imprison the other, crystalfaery that will keep you locked into duality and FROM ascending! crystalfaery so I'm also asking to be shown, as well as initiated, crystalfaery anything i should consciously be aware of for cocreation with you a_friend yes, that's true a_friend ok crystalfaery oh! Kaua'i 8D-4D portal just grew roots down into 4D realms... crystalfaery this is going to affect not just 4D conscious beings... crystalfaery but Kaua'i is now going to shift lower realms also... crystalfaery 2014-05-19 08:15:03+00:00 crystalfaery obviously the 4D activation is related to my upcoming presentation crystalfaery on an alternative to life with the mark of the beast.

19th May 2014

Today's been quite busy and productive with updates in infrastructure, computing and DNA activations and akashics downloads.

'vortexual cocreation clearing planetary grids, with combined crystaline energy and beta grid activation.'

i know the 8D network of portals, but not of a grid that i am working with. Beta grid is a new term to me.'

"This refers to an Atlantean grid your friend is working on repairing. Yes, this is a good thing. No, he doesn't consciously know it by this name either. "

20th May 2014

i am completely exhausted. Sleep? Who needs sleep? Kitty Misty was a real terror this morning, jumping up on, or climbing, everything and anything... this fae girl awoke tired, and still is only half awake even drinking Yerba Mate... sigh... i will be very glad when i complete the rebuilds, updates, upgrades, installs, and configurations of my computers, and finally get my data all synchronized again, and backed-up.

'Rather than preprocessing all the issues and reactions, just stay transcendent and in the flow.'

"Release any attachment to any outcome. Release all responsibility for others. It is not your job to get them to any outcome. If they are not willing to be(come) responsible, then they must experience the consequences."

Sovereignty is the reality of who we truly are as spirits... absolutely free (while karmicly accountable).

Everyone has the sovereign spiritual power to choose if they make any allegiance, and if so, with whom, and to what. No matter how many allegiances one chooses to make, with no matter how many or which other entities, neither the individual nor the group, has the right to impose the contracts they've made with each other upon those who have not voluntarily joined their contract. That means one can't impose one's contract upon others without harming them in the process. One cannot damage another entity or their property without owing them a karmic compensation, often measured in money, sometimes in performance, but until such time as one does damage another or their property, no debt of money or performance is owed.

In sovereignty, you are the only creator of your reality. The power of free will choice is within you.

21st May 2014

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It is a bright day, so with easterly windows, a warm morning, and with the energies of nature alive and chirping, it is easy to have an optimistic attitude to life. After last nights sharing, it is wonderful to know that some people care for their freedom, though obviously much motivation is about an alternative to 'a tough economy', as the powers that were, intentionally take down the middle class, in order to preserve pyramidal patriarchal tyrrany.

'Today is an adventure in selectivity, i.e. discernment of priorities.'

"You are not to take-on that which is inappropriate either to please nor appease others. You are to discern that which is appropriate to share with any individuals, versus that which may be shared with the public at large. "

What do i need to know?

'There is great grace. Simply allow flow.'

"Simply allow yourself to roam and play in your new geography."

While flow is remaining productive in the worldly sense, so also is the flow of ascension of consciousness as further clearing and alignment of energies, realities, and time-lines stirs nearly constant chaos.

22nd May 2014


'Sleep, tired one.'

"Channel in the morning."

i am ready to release all my old time-line patterns of urgency to perform technological miracles.

'By now this is automatic from staying in the flow of the moment, and only lost by illusions of measuring progress of creativity versus the illusion of time-flow into the future.'

"It's OK to relax and release your fears. The measure of your creativity is your joy in it, not its timing."

23rd May 2014

i was very blessed today flowing with synchronicities, and am greatly enjoying allowing miracles as a way of life.

" You're welcome :-) "

i open to receive the highest of activations for ascension.

24th May 2014

Early morning time is linear, yet the flow cares not, the clock nor calendar, for what we've got.

'Acceptance of all is the 5D way.'

"Patience in neutrality is of flow."

"I am rewriting my history with new perspectives allowing new modalities of transcension above necessary linear tasks."

25th May 2014

i continue to upgrade my computing infrastructure, and while there are individual 'issues' or 'problems' to work through in making everything work or play 'properly', the real issue I'm experiencing in consciousness is the duality dichotomy between right brain intuitive versus left brain linear, and despite all our multiprocessing and multitasking, the computer world is fundamentally a linear turing machine.

'So release your internal goals and expectations about how this should all progress, and only take on as much as is comfortable each day.'

"It is good you are noticing and honoring your new balance and priorities for higher realities. Expect initiations to continue accellerating, in response to your peristent seeking to be on the leading edge."

"The creative flow for worldly manifestation is often that which consumes as, as we manifest our choices :-) Enjoy the flow of fulfillment :-) "

26th May 2014

Blessings of magickal synchronicities.

'There is only now, flowing appropriately.'

"Enjoy the inevitableness of appropriately manifested attraction of experience."

Umm... hey, this is pretty fun :-)

27th May 2014

It is all good, yet very active, creating infrastructure for, the landing of the dreams of yore, now manifesting.

'Discernment of the moment is always appropriate, as all changes with the flow.'

"We remind you of non attachment with all that 'was', 'is', or 'shall be'."

27th May 2014

Wow, the busy-as-a-bee reality continues to express growth of springtime.

'And righteously (pono) so it is :-)'

"The triggering of 4D realities to consciousness is going well."

29th May 2014

Awareness of being out-of-time and out-of-place, being transcendent in the 8D realms where my family of crystal faeries takes me in, and where i feel i belong, whereas on a daily basis i "visit" this realm of Kaua'i, and the human body which has been allocated for my visits, for my blessings of this realm with faery magick. i am the High Priestess of the 8D crystal faeries. Being between worlds, on the isle of Kaua'i I'll stay until i complete ascension, as the Faery High Priestess.

The ancient fairy tales of humans entering a faery ring, being transported to the faery realm of ascended reality transcendent above linear time to the timeless realm, where in staying but a few brief minutes, the entire human realm of lower dimensions, greater density, passes much linear time and those whom were known before, pass away, as has the one who entered faery time-lines missed a dense realm, but agelessly lived with the transcendent of the fair realm. This is indeed a story of ascended versus mundane realities. Which time-line family is that of your chosen journey?

30th May 2014

What has our pure youthful inspiration found today?

'She seems preoccupied with sorting and organizing, practicing discernment from her new perspectives.'

"Yes, the new perspectives of seeing parallel realities and time-lines simultaneously."

Yes, my family is always sharing with me, our probabilities with various time-lines, as we choose our manifest path of flow.

"There is great wisdom in your allowing the rest and play."

31st May 2014

Early early morning is a time of great peace, one i am choosing to grace with Nature Angels & Crystal Angels. Maybe it's just my perspective, to see so many similarities between 'angels' and 'faeries'. Even with everyone 'asleep' and playing on the astral planes, the great quiet is the silence of all the egoes.

'Notice the feeling of playfulness in your heart center.'

"Notice that your true essential motivation is your intent to share joyful cocreation, play, with others. Notice the persona role of healer, so ready to 'step up' to alleviation of suffering. Notice the conditional survival pattern of being responsible to heal your body's parents, persistent today as caretaking the collective. Release all attachments to the persona and role, the responsibilities and protections. Do not be lazy in using old time-line languaging, when you have an entirely new reality to explain. And then move beyond the teacher role. Much more in present time you are."

In social contact we see the overwhelm many express through disconnection, persistent seeking of surface contact to reassure against aloneness, followed by disconnection to retain ego separateness. This is always the time of satsang... to maintain eye contact and presence.

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