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27th September 2014

When i turn my attention away from outward focus upon the manifest world, to inward focus, i am finding a consistent pattern, of single-pointed quiet calm, energy fully at rest in the now, a very deep peace in just being. Reaching back into memory of decades past, i could say that in meditation, this was a "state of being" which i was able to accomplish, via my meditation practice, but that implies, correctly, that before the practice, my state was other than that. Beyond the state of "just being" i was often "goal driven", in a condition of will to change, either "my self", or, "my circumstances". My emphasis above on "single-pointed" is about the deeper peace of being present here now, in full acceptance of all that is as it is. In my awareness of that "isness" i clearly feel the deepest resonance with the land of Kilauea, the focal point of my "here", the domicil of my soul, the one place on the planet, the optimal location on Gaia energy grid, where i am fully in harmony, deeply at peace, where all is in balance, where all energy comes to rest.

i am reminded of my first yantra painting class, where our teacher pointed out to us that the ideal yantra for meditation is simply a single dot in the middle of an otherwise blank canvas. This then is the focal point for meditation, a visual presentation of "single pointedness". He then continued to explain that, such an arrangement would quickly become "boring" for the ego, which would sabotage the meditation by causing attention to wander from the dot. Therefore, the central dot is for the spirit to meditate upon, but we paint an intricate and beautiful yantra around that central point, in order to keep the ego entertained, so that it does not succeed in distracting the spirit from single pointedness.

As attention wanders from core essence, we may become "triggered", with different energies activating, based upon our interpretation of that upon which we are focussing. The energy imbalances produce energy flow, which activates motion, motivates activity, to once again restore balance, to return our doing to a state of rest or peace, within which we are again being single pointed.

Other beings have recently had, and some on our island have soon scheduled, "world peace" meditations. i know that world peace is attained only when we as individuals attain our own inner peace. My peace is centered in Kilauea, my single pointed most appropriate place of peace on Gaia energy grid. For all of you intending world peace, please visualize my happily enjoying my wonderful new domicil in Kilauea. If you know anyone who has a divine sanctuary in Kilauea to be filled with peace and flute music, please have them call me at 808-822-5272 or e-mail [email protected]. I'm always ready to bring transformation, transcendence, and to facilitate ascension.

Today i enjoyed facilitating at my higher level for one who was open to my new modalities. Clearing a family issue at the DNA level for 5 generations, two antecedent and two subsequent to my querant, and activating 8D ascension portals and akashics for all of them, was truly a delight. i thoroughly enjoy my play as a crystal faery High Priestess, and what could be more of a fun crystal to magickally heal than that of DNA?

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