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1st March 1970

What is the essential truth of "fairy rings"? First cognize that most fairy lore emerges from the forest. A fairy ring is visible on the surface of Gaia as a ring of mushrooms, which are the reproducing fruiting part of a subsurface fungus. With each season, as the fungus finds more resources to feed it, the fungus spreads, and because it is a network organism, it tends to remain in a circle, barring unusal land features in the way like boulders. During the time of the year when the fungus fruits mushroom heads, the circle will be obvious by those mushrooms growing at the edge of the fungus. Now fungi are organisms of decay... they recycle decaying matter, (even if they have to kill something that was living to digest it that way). Some of the kinds of mushrooms which grow in this manner are psychoactive. The most popular of these are the red mushrooms with the white spots. These are associated with "Santa Clause" and "Christmas". If you eat the psychoactive mushrooms, (being careful they're not a poisonous variety), you yourself become psycho-active, i.e. your third-eye opens and you become able to see in higher dimensions, which is where the faeries dwell. Therefore the "fairy ring" is the portal / gateway / doorway between the mundane world of 4D- [mankind], and the bright and shimmering 5D+ faery realm of ascended reality. As Gaia herself is now ascending and carrying [mankind] into ascension with her, the distance in frequency between [mankind] and faery realm is decreasing, and more and more [mankind] are again able to see faeries. Until you accomplish a permanent ascension, you may temporarily visit the realm of faery by going on a mushroom trip, and in that altered state of consciousness, you are very likely to feel so alive as to celebrate by dancing. Now, ecstatic dancing and drumming are also a gateway to altered states, and this practice is most known as "shamanism". For the most part then, in the history of fairy rings, it was not the dancing in the fairy circle that evoked the fairies, but the finding of the fairy circle mushrooms and ingesting them, which led your consciousness through the trans-dimensional portal to see the realm of faery, where you are likely to celebrate by dancing. Develop this as a habit, and you quickly develop a cultural folklore about fairy rings, which, as usual, will get perverted and distorted, as the story is told and retold by hear-say, and may not be re-freshed by truth until someone actually has the experience themself which they can then relate, rather than merely passing on stories of experiences others had.


The other kind of "fairy ring" (not necessarily an accurate name), is an interdimensional portal. These may be created by magickal workings, but more often they will be found along "ley lines", which are part of the energy grid(s) of Gaia. There are natural appropriate life and spirit affirming and enhancing energies and grids thereof, part of Gaia's healthy body.

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