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28th April 2014

Since duality has served the exploration of preference via the contrast of polar opposites, and since we are ascending to non-duality, then we find as ascend{ed,ing} beings, that we are releasing all of our inauthenticities and incongruities, and returning to alignment with our essence / truth. Is this perception appropriate? Or is there another lesson here?

"On a planetary scale we may summarize that exploration of non-truth for entities of divine love light has peaked. The vast majority of those who are going to return to truth have already done so conceptually (mentally), though most remain entangled in the Beast system. We remind you that is is not in any way our kuleana to deal with duality, and all the built-in conflicts thereof, that our most effective work is connecting those who on their own have made it to 4D consciousness,with their 8D higher self perfect template from their own akashic records. As incarnate entities are now requesting you to facilitate their transition from 3D to 4D, the key is their willingness and interest and commitment to ascension. Spiritual Sovereignty with Ahimsa is the only path to ascension to nonduality that we may support. This is simple triage; appropriate best use of available energy for maximum benefit to the most."

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