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Entries from June 2016.

1st June 2016

The Hawaiian word for "fresh water", "wai", doubled as "waiwai", is the word that means "wealth", for "lots of fresh water" is necessary to grow thirsty plants here on "the Garden Island", home of "the wettest spot on Gaia": Mt. Wialeale! We are so divinely blessed!
We crystalfaeries continue to create harmless storms again and again out of the "weatherman"-predicted "hurricanes", because we have adopted it as our "kuleana", (dharma), at least for our favorite ahupua'a (watershed) of Kilauea, and for all of Kaua'i island.

2nd June 2016

What if?...
...all your dreams are possible?
...all your fantasies may be lived?
...all support your intent for your reality?
...all is love and joyful play?
Life is... love expressed.

3rd June 2016

Yay! i have no words because all is balanced and at rest :-)

Today i had the opportunity to do the kind of ascension work which is my new specialty, aligning one with their perfect ascended 8D higher-self energy template to create a miraculous quantum leap of shift between parallel-realities.

4th June 2016

Yay, it's a new moon, a new reality, opportunities, possibilities, play, fun, and joy!

Naturally, any issues arising in healing work may trigger equivalent growth in ones self, and for a while i felt perhaps that was active in my reality, until i spoke with other locals and found they also were experiencing body energy anomalies, and i cognized it was more a general energy pattern, which seems to have activated with our new moon. As one who is usually thriving in health, it is always a surprise to experience any anomalies, so even though many other people on the ascension path have spoken of "the ascension flu" as their bodies adapt to energetic quantum leaps, i have been enjoying graceful flow since 2014-03-31. But today brought systemic aches and pains, and general depletion of energy levels, experienced also by a friend here in Kilauea.

5th June 2016

After a long night of processing energy through my body, i am beginning to balance again slowly... back to my usual thriving health!

Are you sure enough to be unsure?
...of what is "true" or "real"?
(which are only labels we stick-on particular parallel-realities).
As divine angels playing in a holo-deck illusion, it is precious to re-member our consciousness to infinite possibilities!
(we manifest the limitations we believe).
For most the challenge is clearing subconscious beliefs (pictures of "reality").

Anthony William's Lasagna

OMG! i guess he never heard of Dr. Robert "Bob" Beck?

Just leave out all the onion and garlic, and it wouldn't be toxic!
Yeah, yeah, garlic is good for killing parasites in your blood, and for killing your intelligence, lowering the speed of operation of your brain, it completely desynchronizes your brain hemispheres, (you know, the opposite of listening to a hemi-sync recording?), and shuts down your clairvoyance.

6th June 2016

In every moment we are always holding infinite magick within our hands. What shall we (co-)create today?

Once upon a time, a young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose to take its place. Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed some ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word. In about twenty minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl.
Turning to her daughter, she asked, "Tell me, what do you see?"
"Carrots, eggs, and coffee.", she replied.
Her mother brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did and noted that they were soft.
The mother then asked the daughter to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard boiled egg.
Finally, the mother asked the daughter to sip the coffee. The daughter smiled as she tasted its rich aroma.
The daughter then asked, "What does it mean, mother?"
Her mother explained that each of these objects had faced the same adversity - boiling water - each reacted differently.
The carrot went in strong, hard, and unrelenting. However, after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak.
The egg had been fragile. Its thin outer shell had protected its liquid interior, but after sitting through the boiling water, its inside became hardened.
The ground coffee beans were unique, however. After they were in the boiling water, they had changed the water.
"Which are you like?" she asked her daughter. "When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you like a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?"
Think of this: Which am i like?
Am i like the carrot that seems strong, but with pain and adversity do i wilt and become soft and lose my strength?
Am i like the egg that starts with a malleable heart, but changes with the heat? Did i have a fluid spirit, but after a death, a breakup, a financial hardship or some other trial, have i become hardened and stiff? Does my shell look the same, but on the inside am i bitter and tough with a stiff spirit and hardened heart?
Or, am i like the coffee bean? The bean actually changes the hot water, the very circumstance that brings the pain. When the water gets hot, it releases the fragrance and flavor. If you are like the bean, when things are at their worst, you get better and change the situation around you. When the hour is the darkest and trials are their greatest, do you elevate yourself to another level?
How do you handle adversity? Are you like a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?

[choice to change]

i have been contemplating a recommendation from "a noted advisor":
"Think about what impact you intend to have on others when you walk into a room or participate in a conference call; how do you want to hold yourself? How do you want others to experience you?"

i had to conclude that i so very much respect the free will choice of all beings, that it is always my intent not to have any specific agenda, intent, will, or impact upon them... but simply to honor them and love them unconditionally for who they are in that moment.

Lazaris (channelled via Jach Pursel) defined "humility" as: "being willing to see others as new in each moment", in order that our past perceptions of them not limit their miraculous growth / healing / enlightenment / empowerment which they may have manifested since we last perceived them.

i have no agenda to change anything outside me, for i know that by the law of attraction, the reality i experience is always but a mirror of my own inner energies, therefore, all intent of "impact" is internal. That intent is ascension of consciousness. As i maintain equanimity and peace and joy internally, realities fall away and new ones arrive to mirror my ascension.

Further contemplation for intent upon meeting others is the simple intent to share joy, giggles, play, and to discover where there is alignment of will for cocreation in positive synergy.

7th June 2016

Faery girl snuggles her pink pussy while swinging in her faery swing... enjoying faery realm grace... holding in presence, 8D energetic patterns of light in the ascension portal network.

8th June 2016

Our "Inner Power" is infinite divinity, when we unite in consciousness with the one that is all, that is source of all that is, that is all one whologram of divine essence everywhere manifest as unconditional love. Of course, there is a cost to claim that power... we must give up our identification with separateness, our belief in limitation or scarcity.

9th June 2016

As celestial faeries we dance amongst the stars, for in time-space there are no "distance limits" as in space-time. Likewise, we are dancing through time to recover the wisdom of the past from the akashic records. All is energy, and the true magic is mastery of one's own frequencies.

10th June 2016

As the voice of life and love, i claim that no dead corpseorate fictions belong on Kaua'i... nor their spawn: GMO and pesticides. This is a realm for living beings, of the divine-plan.

Re-watching the movie TomorrowLand, the message is that it is important that we choose to feed optimism and positive realities with our dreams, to feed our dreams with optimism and love, and to transcend any apparent negative or limited "realities", so as to not make them "real", so as not to manifest them. Thus i am celebrating that i am quantum leaping out of my old parallel-reality as i anchor into my new time-line.

11th June 2016

As i shift in and out of this time-line, things are a bit unstable, yay... free to travel multidimensionally!

In discussion today i found one who was presenting the desire for sharing with others of great intelligence in the shared pursuit of solving problems, as both they and i had previously done as design engineers in silicon valley. i agreed that i find a lack of both brilliant mental creativity and of deep heart sharing in emotional creativity in the local population, but that i am finding enough appropriateness in my role with energy work here on the energy grid of Gaia that i do not find myself yearning to return to old realities. i "raised the stakes of the game" by broaching for us to co-create a solution in the now, for the problem of having any problems at all... i.e. the challenge i presented was to co-create a reality where everything is perfect. This then triggers awareness of the attachment to value in overcoming problems, as completely separate from any goal to live in a perfect world. i clearly sensed my companion to have attachment to the shared process of cocreation, whereas i was more interested in dwelling in a reality of grace and easy flow. i have been through my own process with this as i previously blogged, in moving beyond my roles as clairvoyant psychic healer and teacher.

12th June 2016

i continue to integrate the fire goddess akashics information into my aetheric light body and my DNA.

Wow, what a wonderful afternoon we have today!:
(Sun) 6/12/2016 13:22 Mercury (Tau) --> Gemini
Energy representing thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity will be inquisitive, witty, perceptive, adaptable, and it seeks out information.
(Sun) 6/12/2016 14:33 Moon (Vir) --> Libra
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies will be affectionate, tolerant, often indecisive, appreciates beauty, and it seeks balance, relationship, and calmness.
(Sun) 6/12/2016 14:42 Moon (Lib) Tri (Gem) Mercury
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies is in harmony with energies of thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity.
With an exalted mind, and balanced emotionality, and those in positive synergy together, we will be in excellent predisposition to be at our best and communicate well with others from 14:30 through 15:00 especially!

2016-06-12 17:30:
   Past: 9 Pentacles:	Wealth.
			strong family.
Present: 17 the Star:	Rising tide of life forces.
			new ideas.
			good health.
			trust in oneself.
 Future: 11  Justice:	(reversed) Parting.
			quarrels. stubbornness.

Well, that pretty well summarizes the present "postion" of Hawaiian TelCom, the position of injustice in using terroristic threatening to force involuntary servitude via personage. Their criminal conspiracy shall not stand.

13th June 2016

The goddess is alive and magic is a-foot. :-)

"If you don't find God[dess] in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for [her] further."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

(Mon) 6/13/2016 10:42 Neptune [Pis] S/R
Energy representing intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, psychic nature will tend to manifest in an independent, backward, introverted manner.


In the ongoing saga of securing ones computing, recent security notices had brought to light that there was a RAT on the loose which was coded in the JAVA language, and therefore, regardless what one does to prevent such from gnawing a hole in ones perimeter defenses to take up residence, it would be unable to do anything at all, if one did not have installed any JAVA Runtime Environment software. Those of us in the FLOSSware world (e.g. Linux™) have been accustomed to dealing with MicroSoft™ file formats by our use of the once popular Star Office which morphed to become Open Office which morphed to become Libre Office, all based on the JAVA programming language, therefore, to finally remove the JRE was to also finally learn to live without any version of "Office".

So, i contemplated, what would i ever need such for?
i have only ever used my LibreOffice to convert documents, or to generate my "Business Card", and i quickly found a replacement in the program glabels, which was actually easier to use to make a new business card.
Therefore, i set about finding ways to convert both Closed Office and Open Office documents into non-word-processing-suite formats, from, e.g.:

to two favorite document formats my world revolves around:

While it will probably continue to evolve as i encounter other document formats to handle, I've hacked a generic converter :-)

14th June 2016

As today begins "Runic 1/2 Month of Dag (day): opening, a door to good things", (aside from the obvious that it's getting late in the season to complete spring cleaning :-), now is an excellent time for intention to manifest the highest of light frequencies.
The Full Moon on the 20th will gateway into 2nd Quarter Day - Summer Solstice.
As for myself I'm still in-transit, in-between, between parallel-reality time-lines, though my higher self assures me the only thing i need to pay any attention to at all is keeping my frequency as high as possible, while in complete neutrality. OK...
Oh, yes, and... have patience, i.e. stay in the eternal now moment of no-time :-)
i am very much witnessing with detached be-musement the human insanities and inanities around me of the chaotic time-node we're passing through.

Beyond the intending of a reality, is the adopting the fantasy of it, the imagined reality, as real: Faery magick.

So, what is the silly faery creating?
New-Gaia in Kilauea, of course!
Please share the intent for ascension!

i was prompted by an e-mail from a "friend" who was operating in "reactive mode", being a victim of collective reality created expressly by enslavers to mind-control slaves into a state of consciousness to "be consumers of" a reality created for them, and sold to them, by "the power elite", which is keeping the sheeple pre-occupied wasting their energies (being fed upon by the AR.KHANs), in conflict of will, fighting within 4D- reality over what 4D- reality "should become". While the righteous slave can feel noble for their righteous fight for the "good", still their energies are fed upon by AR.KHANs rather than changing "reality". i continue to espouse that the lower realms are being left behind by the portion of humanity which is ascending, and that already the New-Gaia is without any of these problems, therefore the only productive use of ones energy is in ascending ones self.

15th June 2016

We have a "heads-up" advanced notice:
Jun 19* Midsummer
Jun 19* Father's Day
Jun 20 01:04 Full Moon
indicating that we will be peaking with solar influences soon, therefore expecting the next several days to intensify, and already things have been quite active and even volatile as energy triggers combine with the present chaotic-node to produce quantum-leaps in parallel-realities, as the two major time-line families continue to diverge into the descending and the ascending families of time-line realities.
As for myself this has been manifesting as very intense lucid dreaming merging into conscious awaking each day, in which i am clearly "problem solving" with issues, and as always, one of the most important "issue" any of us deals with is appropriateness in relationships, and the necessary "boundary setting" in those relationships.

The only constant in life is change. One of the two most important factors in the longevity of any relationship is compatiblity of growth rate, for if two (or more) people do not share growth rate, eventually one outgrows the other, and their realities grow from compatible positive synergy to incompatible mutually-cross-destructive. On our dear planet at this intense time of chaotic node of diverging time-lines, there is a growing incompatiblity, and more intense manifestation of mutual-cross-destruction, from any attempt to merge realities between the descending and ascending families of time-lines. In my own observations of the manifestation of this, what i see most intensely is the utter incompatiblity between the reality of being engaged in a conflict of wills within the 4D- duality, versus the transcendant 5D+ non-dual oneness, and it is easy to see this incompatiblity heating up as for example in the realities afflicted by THE UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED are focussed on a convergence of conflicted will over the November (illusion of a presidential) election, versus those of us who already ascended to unity consciousness in the first wave of ascension looking at that whole game as utterly futile for any purpose but feeding AR.KHANs, and are too busy co-creating 5D+ New-Gaia to pay any attention to a conflict of will in 4D- old-Ea-Rth.

So, I'm seeing a very bright present and future in the peaceful and harmonious reality of the time-lines i frequent. My speciality now is helping people hop from the armageddon family of time-lines to the ascending family of time-lines... but time is running out for that to be quick and easy... the longer one waits to make the choice to make the change, the harder it gets, until, eventually, they will have chosen to complete their incarnation on a descending time-line. For those choosing to make the leap, there can be some discomfort in the body, and quite a bit of emotional and mental dissonance until complete releasing the old "illusion of 'reality'", but it is doable, especially with some facilitation. So, now is a really really good time to jump time-lines, people! But, only you can make the choice to do so, no matter how much help there is for the transition, none of us of the light can interfere with your right of free-will choice, or act until you choose.
Remember, there's no right or wrong, good or bad, you'll get to learn lessons either way :-)
It just comes down to your preference...
would you like Lucifer to whack you upside the head with a clue-by-4?
or would you prefer a gentle bonk on the noggin with a faery's magic wand? *giggles*

16th June 2016

In the pure light of unconditional love,
with intent to rebirth and nurture life,
we hold the frequencies of ascension above,
transcendant beyond all worldly strife.

How's everyone's review process going?
i mean, what with Retrograde motion for:
Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, and the North Node!
...of course we can often short-circuit the entire review process just by completely forgiving our entire past, and then forgetting it as belonging to somebody else, as we are reborn (again) in the now, completely new and pure!
...just as the butterfly is reborn from the caterpillar!

As we witness others struggling with issues, there are some patterns which crop up frequently for many, and one of our persistent messages here is that humanity as a whole is avoidant of self responsibility, and that creates lots of problems. When an individual in their own perception has merged the concepts of responsiblity and blame, (which ocurrs through the mechanism of judgment), then to avoid being blamed and its attached judgment, they will be compelled to deny responsibility, and whenever one refuses for any reason to be responsible as the creator of ones own reality, the only possible outcome is victimhood, and that in a context of avoiding self blame, compells the projection of their own blame upon others. There is rarely an easy way out of this entire game, until the individual can relase the judgment, and once they do that, they can release avoidance of responsiblity, and then they can release victimhood, and then they have nothing left to blame on others. Notice that they will have been engaged in falsely blaming others with judgment, which is often what they've been attracting from others. Since by the law of attraction we draw to us a mirror of what we project or what we hold inside, it is quite common for clusters of people to gather to all share the same reality, yielding: "birds of a victimhood flock together" :-) *giggles*
Sadly, many have been raised by parents who combined blame and shame to manipulate their children, in an atmosphere where one had to avoid being "made responsible" to avoid the concomitant being blamed and getting shamed. These are good things to clear out of ones history and reality, and with all the retrograde planets triggering review of past, now is a good time to revisit these issues in our lives and forgive them.

17th June 2016

The magic of the nurturance of life is in all forms, in all densities, everywhere is the goddess the essence of the whologram of life. We are a part of the whole-ogram. We all share the one essence, of, unconditional love. Serve the goddess, who serves life, which serves all, in balance and harmony. Be at peace inside, be peace, be inside. Blessed be, with faery blessings. -- celeste

Ooohhh... I'm lettin' the feelings grow, because the beat's my soul :-)
When the moon is right the feeling's right deep in [my] soul!!!
I'm just groovin' on loopin' this.

i had a really fun evening with some new friends visiting our blessed isle of ascension activations! Our global village continues to awaken to our unity, and that we all have more in common than anything to fear about our differences. As we all just relax into being ourselves, the great divine jigsaw puzzle all fits together!

18th June 2016

Our dearly beloved friends of all races and cultures, are sacred and precious, expressions of the infinite.

19th June 2016

As many beings today break from daily routine to honor the fathers of the world, we focus upon the divine masculine archtype, in multidimensional ways, from the spiritual down through the astral into the physical where we see the masculine principle in human, animal, and plant realms. In traditions which honor the masculine in "nature" this is often symbolized by the GreenMan, here exemplified in a "door knocker", which in this case is also hinting the typical symbology of the divine goddess and her crescent moon, this goddess being of fae. Today, however, we are in full moon phase, which astrologically from earthly standpoint is the sun (masculine) in opposition to the moon (feminine), which can be both a blessing hightening sexual polarity, making for intense passion for lovers, or can lead to conflict or difficult communications, especially with yesterday's
(Sat) 6/18/2016 8:48 Moon (Sag) Opp (Gem) Mercury
placing mental communications opposite emotional feelings, therefore may there be forgiveness for any miscommunications or misunderstandings or "bad" feelings from the past, or of today, overcoming any conflict, that the polarities may come to honoring each other, with compassion and unconditional love.

As both Mars and Saturn are Retrograde, this is a time of reviewing our past factors of rules, law, war, and sternness, which we may view as a negative aspect of the masculine. As one of my favorite old-time mundane astrologers, Rollin Frost, was fond of pointing out, the appropriate role of the functional Mars energy, the role of the "army of men", is not to wage war on their brothers, but to come together to cooperate in building, creating projects for the public good, creating things larger than one man alone can practically build, but which many brothers together can easily co-create.
As Ian Lungold called our attention to notice, men alone can run off and do way too much of the wrong thing, or even too much of a good thing, without the divine feminine guiding them, with values, as to what is worthy of being "fathered", therefore either the divine feminine principle within each man, or his female partner, or the women of the culture, need to clearly communicate to the masculine creative energies, goals, ideals, principles, purposes, that are worthy pursuits, for the creative masculine energies to "father". Because the astrological influences this "father's day" are saying, "look at where the feminine and masculine are in opposition, look at the past, look at the rigid structures of the patriarchy (Saturn), review, forgive, release, reevaluate what was, and why... and question... what now is our perspective of the best possible uses of the creative masculine energies, within all of us, both male and female, can we resolve the conflict or opposition into agreement, can we release fear-based structures and rigidity, and move into trust and faith and love in flow of the moment, cocreating as a global village at peace, can we return to harmony with nature?" Can the individual man of today, stand up to his own father, to his surrogate father (government), to the stern Saturn (patriarchy), and say resoundingly "NO!" to war, mind-control, tyrrany, excessive legislation and police, to raping mother Gaia's body (destruction of our ecosystem), and to the soulless pseudo-life of machine artificial-intelligence, and to the soulless zombies of corpseorations, can he come out of Mammon, say no to being merely a civilly dead surety for a cestui que vie trust corpseoration, stand in his divine life as "god incarnate", as a peaceful man upon the land, rather than a civilly dead "citizen" upon the high-seas of commerce (fiscal warfare), release the R-complex reptilian territoriality, competition, warfare, better-than, win-lose paradigm, and instead come to wholeness in the one whologram of all life, unite with all his brothers, and say: "let us together rebuild the world in harmony with nature!"?
And so i call upon our fathers to find their inner "greenman", who is part of the "army of construction engineers" planting trees to expand the forest, rather than part of the army of death and destruction cutting down the rainforest, which we all need to have fully active transforming our waste products (CO2 from people, animals, machinery) into life-supporting O2 we can all breathe!

Yay Fathers! What are you choosing to Father, today?
... and what are you teaching your sons, by example?

20th June 2016

As the sun rises, the moon sets, for it is Jun 20 01:04 Full Moon
(Mon) 6/20/2016 12:34 Sun (Gem) --> Cancer (Summer Solstice (Full Sun))
Energy representing spirit, ego, image of self, and sense of aliveness will be introspective, emotional, protective, and it wants inner and outer security.

As we experience and witness great changes, we are celebrating others who had been holding old quantum levels, but now are finally shifting realities, yay! Again we see the theme of fully claiming ones role as creator god(dess) of ones own reality. When one is standing in ones own power, and the victimhood falls away, so too can fall away the need to live the life of someone else who is not your own essence. The crisis of motivation some are experiencing is the natural outcome of living programming or expectations rather than ones true essence. To thine own self be true!

21st June 2016

As all elements and realities and densities intersect, we have a magickal realm of infinite possibilities.

Ahhh, how wonderful to check-in with a friend and discover that it's not just me going through weird energy patterns today... and even though we could giggle at the intense stuff, and even almost buy into some drama with it, still, through it all, an inner countenance of peace through it all.

22nd June 2016

Today this is my inspiration to aspiration to ascension to highest ideal of living as a personal ideal of unique expression of divinity:

As the energetics of my bi-annual solstice rebirthing process activate awarenesses and shifts of consciousness, i find great challenge with dualistic reality as i so very much wish to just stay in non-duality completely. Sometimes the personal sacrifice to answer the dharmic call to service is agonizing. Sometimes the awareness of how far i shifted in frequency is completely amazing, as e.g. just revisiting some olde rock music was agonizing in a completely different way. Frequency is everything, and being at choice of one's frequency realms is essential. This evening i released anger which was covering grief, so that i could release the uncried tears so deep inside.

23rd June 2016

As i process yet another rebirth, forgiving and releasing not only what was, coulda' or shoulda' been, what is, and also what may yet be or not be... coming to neutral in now, despite intense preferences for a desired reality, transformation and ascension are intended with passion. Tears and grief continue to release.

24th June 2016
[Fairy Day]

Welcome to International Fairy Day, (the day after celeste's body's birthday).

[Fairy Day]

Much of the day was experienced bringing faery energies to a group of humans who while celebrating a birthday remained much incomprehensible to my sensitivities. It seems there is but a delicate balance in the realities of the planet we share.

25th June 2016

Having done as much as we can find to do in the process of completion and release, having involuted into core essence and pure innocence of being, as in the foetal position within the womb feel i ready, to begin to unfurl into blossoming expression of life, awaiting spirit's guidance and play via this fae.

26th June 2016
[Fairy Dance]

Human girl plays end-blown wooden flute as faery girls dance in a group inside an energy portal marked by standing stones, classically a depiction of communion via love energies and music :-)

27th June 2016
[Blonde faery holding (but not playing) harp]

Angels, Faeries, Music, make the world go round :-)

Today i bring focus of attention to a subset of "heavenly" energies, which are bringing up challenges, especially for women, who will be experiencing conflict with men, conflict with their inner masculine, conflict with their inner child, challenges in mental communications about their own healing, challenges in their own healing, or in healing others, which in summary should make it a really challenging time for female healers working with women for the purpose of healing, and healing and mothering are very related energies, therefore also mothers and daughters especially will be challenged.
It is time to claim health and go neutral about self and others, with compassion and unconditional love, being completely neutral in the timeless now, completely forgiving the past and surrendering and trusting the future, while detachement and joyful play in the now transcend everything.
Especially grieve and release any old pains of wounds, heal the wounds, be healthily alive and thriving now!
(Mon) 6/27/2016 1:10 Chiron [Pis] S/R
Energy representing ability to help, heal, and teach others, and where one has much experience will tend to manifest in an independent, backward, introverted manner.
(Mon) 6/27/2016 6:24 Mercury (Gem) Squ [Pis] Chiron
Energy representing thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity is in conflict with energies of ability to help, heal, and teach others, and where one has much experience. Adaptation is required by both sides.
(Mon) 6/27/2016 8:18 Sun (Can) Squ (Ari) Moon (Half Moon)
Energy representing spirit, ego, image of self, and sense of aliveness is in conflict with energies of emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies. Adaptation is required by both sides.
(Mon) 6/27/2016 18:59 Moon (Ari) Squ (Can) Venus
Energy representing emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies is in conflict with energies of creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs. Adaptation is required by both sides.

28th June 2016
[Faery Fiddles on stump in Fairy Ring as nature dances]

The dance of natural life is full of soulful joy in celebration of divinely inspired love.

28th June 2016

Today begins the Runic 1/2 Month of Feoh: wealth and abundance; Frey and Freya.
What we know to flow is expressing one's true essence, whereas trying to make outer reality be a particular way only blocks the abundant flow spirit has to support our truth.
Oh, and by the way:
(Wed) 6/29/2016 13:38 Mars (Sco) S/D
Energy representing will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies will tend to manifest in the standard, direct, open manner.

30th June 2016

The faerie goddess flow-er is the very blessing of life and consciousness, divinity incarnate, the manifesting of purity and joy. Upon shedding all the progamming in the DNA lineage in the body, and all the programming in the subconscious by the parental personality-egoes, and shedding all the past-life perfect-pictures and karma, one might possibly be able to live one's own essence, make free-will choices, and play in purity and innocence. Toss out also all alien spirits who have not been incarnate in a human body on Gaia who cannot possibly by ethical or appropriate guides to one's incarnation. Release also all relatings with others of dependency or control.
Just a meditation to complete rebirthing and anchor a new time-line:

Imagine THE Fairy Godmother shows up, and declares: "I'd like to grant you your 3 fondest wishes. What do you wish?"

  1. To transform into the perfectly sized female body for "one size fits all" clothing, being cute, pretty, beautiful, and luscious, with beautiful bioluminescent wings.
  2. I become fully able to play on my flute any melody i can image.
  3. To ascend myself and all who so choose to non-dual new-Gaia where ahimsa and love are the constructive principles, and everyone is telepathic and clairvoyant, where we live in harmony with nature and cooperative co-creation of abundance.
    BTW, form is mutable here, wish and it is so :-)
    We directly manifest by will alone, i.e. we are the outcome of evolution of divine angelic humans.
    Each individual is a fully sovereign creator god(dess).

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