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31st March 2014

I'm going to take this opportunity to report on some of my progress in ascension. In my recent death-rebirth cycle, i experienced weeks of swolen lower legs and feet, still receeding. i was guided to treat the situation as one of toxicity, and focus upon cleansing and detoxification. In fact my body was being rebuilt, which liberated old stored toxins, and took lots of new neutrients. It was (for Kaua'i) a cold winter, and i was cold most of the time, and did a lot of extra sleeping to support my rebirthing. It is additionally noteable that each of my lower legs now has a "divit" indicating some kind of puncture wound, which i have absolutely no explanation for in the physical realm of life experience, i.e. this is some evidence of some involuntary unconscious assault upon my body. While this kind of experience may be associated with "abduction", i am tending more to associate it with a time-line hop.


In the last couple days, i crossed a threshhold in my self healing process, and became warm, energized, and more extroverted as i came out of my cocoon. i am happy to report that my feet have changed shape and size, and now better fit my traditionally sized high heels. This is my first obvious experience with mutability of form. Do we have any higher comments about all of this? Or is it just finally manifestation of my long-standing will?

'We know it is important to your happiness. Many have spoken of the young and vital perfect version of each of us which is our energetic template, and that as we ascend, we become more perfect at manifesting that form physically, potentially overriding all old patterns, as we are reborn more perfected. This physical perfection is mirrored in our emotional bodies finding peace, our minds finding quiet, and our spiritual essence being fully expressed. Our new time-line du jour and your rebirthing support your new level of energy work for others.'

"Stay put today, it's not the day to go out, though the trend is much more social now. Keep playing with your infrastructure to support your play, especially your playing your flute."

"Excellent! Good to see you integrating your new time-line joyously."

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