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Entries from April 2016.

1st April 2016

April's showers bring May's flowers?
It's time to wake up from winter?
As we release all doubt and uncertainty, filling our space with our own cosmic energy of our higher self, we come into alignment, fully energized in our presence. With this unlimited potential we focus upon our heart's soul's expansive love. Bringing in light playful humour energies allows fun and joy in incarnation.

Clearing out all the collective of humanity beliefs about rebirth and ascension, all the programming and control overlays various churches, religions, and agendaes have mixed into the simple truth of ascension, simplifies and eases with grace the flow and energetic activations otherwise burdened with inappropriate attached realities.

We are detaching from all the Christian Religion overlays activated by "Easter" rites which ride on top of the simplicity of Christ-Force energy available from source.

As we continue detaching from collective energetics, beliefs, programming and expectations of ascension, moving beyond historical and hysterical patterns, we become freed to live in simplicity of presence.

2nd April 2016

We are invoking enthusiasm energies activating our spring awakening, in complete neutrality in present time.

(Sat) 4/ 2/2016 9:15 Mercury (Ari) Sex (Aqu) Pallas
Energy representing thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity has opportunity for growth, exchange, and harmony in relation with energies of tendency to direct energy away from emotional and into mental pursuits.
Right on schedule, having intentionally done a lot of lucid dreaming in the astral (emotional) realms this morning, i awoke, made my chaicotea, and am settling down to blog about the dreams just as this Sextile enters orb :-)
So... what's up?
i noticed a correlation between what i was observing as a theme in astral realms, with the theme of information / triggers which have been actively sent to me recently by "friends", (indicating their focus and priority), which also continues to be the theme which my customers continue to bring to me for healing work, as if i was still the old "psychic healer" i rebirthed from, (with the emphasis of a lawful name change), back on winter solstice, and as if i am not being and doing as i have been blogging about my new focus and priority, for so many months now.
i have shifted the focus of my ministry to cocreating positive non-dual reality with others, rather than "healing" their issues within dualistic reality.

3rd April 2016

We continue to find far greater joy in synergistic co-creation of everyone's positive preferences manifesting than in validating the victimhood of others who wish their unpreferred creations to be removed from their reality without their taking responsibility as creator, (healing their "symptoms"). As always it is preferable to empower the abilities of self empowerment, (teach them how to catch fish), than to facilitate dependence by a self-dis-empowered being, (hand them a fish you caught), from the point of view of soul growth and maturation, but we can only feel estranged from those who are unwilling to release their victimhood, unwilling to learn or grow, who insist upon, persisting in, abusing others.

Insane though it may sound to others, as one who's spent 30 years guiding others from her own higher self, I'm still of enough faith to follow my higher self's guidance.

How it will all work out is not "my" (lower self's) problem.

i am merely to follow my joy and passion to keep vibrations high, so that i may quantum leap to the most appropriate time-line parallel-reality.

Staying focussed upon the preferred reality, in alignment with higher-self guidance is the key to time-line hopping, and I'm not about to go hypocrite on this and not do what I've been guiding and teaching others to do...
as the Hathors say [paraphrasing]; "it is often the biggest challenge to ignore the present reality around you and maintain the inner reality of preference strongly enough to cause it to manifest, (to quantum leap to it).
Staying in gratitude, appreciation, faith, trust, and remaining focussed upon the intent, is essential to making the quantum leap, and cannot allow for dilution with "plan B", "what if?", or "just in case".
This is, of course, what i have been blogging about lately, that many are unable to sustain a positive focus as creator god(desse)s.

This is also why it's very much time for me to complete the anchoring of my move into creating positive realities rather than healing other people's problems, and why i signified that winter solstice rebirth from my old name and role as "psychic healer", to celeste:crystalfaery, the magical faery miracle creator flutist, a shift powerful enough to flush out attachments by people in my old life to who i was that i left behind, and who they were unwilling to let go of, because they are not willing yet to track my quantum leap. This forces a huge energy detachment and clearing rather than allowing a graceful shift for me.

There are, of course, umptygazillion reasons to hold onto an old worn-out duality reality, despite not being happy with it, not being at peace with it, but, because actually making the leap to and then stabilizing in non-dual reality does indeed require a complete release of all attachments to lower realms, both "positive" (pull, holding onto), and "negative" (push, resistance to), many are simply not ready to let go of what they're not through with, (often because they've burried it in their subconscious in denial), either because they're still proving they were right and others were wrong about it, or because they're still trying to win the game of duality :-)
...or... _________ your reason for not being done with duality.
My own greatest attachment has been perfecting a physical body :-)
Where are my beautiful faery wings?
Yes! Already in 5D+!

4th April 2016

A hedge of spiritual roses for boundaries between realities allows peace and quiet in our own faery realm.

5th April 2016

We sprinkle our reality with magical angelic faery dust to bless everything with higher frequencies of joy and transcension.

Any agenda to change another being is always an error. Any time another being does not behave according to your expectations, it is not up to them to change to match your expectations, it is up to you to cease having expectations, or if you're not that conscious, you can half-(assed-)step to updating your expectations to incorporate who the other being is. The passive(-agressive) version of this issue is when another being keeps telling you that they have changed, but you refuse to update your knowing of them to incorporate that change, because you're attached to the old reality (or illusion) of who (you previously projected that) they were in the past. It is further abusive of others to box them into a single reality / role rather than to allow them fluidity and flexibility of expression.

When i am conversing in voice, i am in my right-brained feminine intuitive self, where i am at my best.
When i am communicating in text i am in my left-brained masculine linear logical ego, where i am at my lowest consciousness.
When i am operating as the clairvoyant psychic in professional capacity, I am not present, my ego-personality is set-aside in order that my embodiment is a pure neutral channel of my higher-self, and i am completely in service to others' reality.
When i am living my own life, i have feelings, preferences, opinions, and am choosing that which is most appropriate for my own growth.
When others refuse to honor the boundaries between these realities, their expectations will be thwarted.

6th April 2016

We continue to introvert into our essential core,
clearing out all internal illusions,
clearing off all external attachments,
clearing our reality of all lower density intrusions.

7th April 2016

As we enter the new lunar cycle we intend all awaken to the full consciousness of their own essence and their oneness with all life, all illusion be released with grace and ease, all lives on Gaia come into alignment with the truth of love.

8th April 2016

In the time of the black moon opposing Lilith we clear out all which was otherwise too dim to see in bright light, and in the clarity of the dark void that we have reached neutrality we can be certain we are rebirthing anew our creational intent for this next lunation in clarity and congruence from a clean start. That which must be honored, lived, expressed, and now brighten to shine fully is the light of our core essence, our soul light, the radiance of our heart chakra, our true passion, our hearts joy, that which is our fulfillment, regardless it fits into any expectations either we have carried, or others carry, for it is time for purity, honesty, integrity, clarity, and full expression. In unity consciousness there is room only for truth, when everyone knows everything about the one that is all that is one. Be yourself unashamedly, unabashedly, unapologetically, uninhibitedly.

9th April 2016

In a loving world of thriving life we find balance of energies in positive synergy. Faery blessings of Gaia.

10th April 2016

In purity we bring the divine from higher realms to manifest.

11th April 2016

Graceful flow of spontaneous inspiration in the moment signifies spiritual atunement to divine love.
Planning for the illusion called "the future" signifies ego-personality running the show from fear.
Mort-gaging one's future by selling it for benefits in the now, we faeries would call insane, but it seems to be evidence of the collective avarice of humanity, whereas humans call faeries "airy fairy" for taking life lightly, rather than taking life so deadly seriously as to literally make a contract with death.
What would a silly faery girl know?
Just enough to stop and smell the flowers :-)

12th April 2016

In the sacred heart of nature,
in the blessed purity of forest,
in the flowing fractals of faery fortune,
we find the purity of life dearest.

13th April 2016

As winter puts to sleep much of nature's life, the old world of Gaia is going to sleep, as unity consciousness of new Gaia spreads amongst humans, spring is bringing an awakening of consciousness of love, while we step into responsiblity for our world, no longer giving our creator power away to others, no longer can there be the misuse of concentrated power. We each and every are fully responsible for all that is, for we are all that is, working through each and every embodyment, as the one we are i am. Rejoice in our success.

13th April 2016

Do we so choose?
Do we so prefer?
Do we so surrender?
To be the open channel of the divine?

Do we also have a chosen / preferred reality we would like to be experiencing as that divine expression?
Can we hold a consistent focus upon that until it manifests?

Can we quickly and easily harmonize those on a lasting basis?
Or is there a persistent disharmony?
What is left when attempting to convince one's own higher self to change is not expressing?

What is then the next step?
Meditation to find one's truth, or a clairvoyant reading for help.

Accepting then, that if joy accompanies one's preferences, they are truth, and will manifest to accompany one living in joy.

If unhappiness is the presenting symptom, then it is time to surrender into acceptance, of what is, what is changing, the timing and process.

Again, clairvoyant guidance or healing may facilitate the process of change into alignment and flow.

Then, comes the very best part... the option to intend cocreation of reality of preference.

15th April 2016

We are enjoying our focus upon positive reality, in harmony with light, love, life, nature, Gaia.

15th April 2016

In the process of ascension, we develop energy structures in our light bodies which look very much like wings, and we develop the activation of more "chakras", energy centers of trans-density energy flow. Sometimes, these energetic light-body activations are awaiting our release of attachments to lower-density energetic constructs, and sometimes those are implants, placed there intentionally, to block us. Ultimately our fate is in our own hands, and complexities of choices and lessons may be behind why we experience certain constructs, but it is finally up to us to choose to align with our own highest self and its energetics. Metaphorically it is often as simple as choosing to re-wear our halos, and cease pretending to be "merely human", to give-up "fitting in" and shine our own divinity. It can also mean releasing the telling of our story of becoming, as stories often entail the challenges of overcoming obstacles, and to just finally arrive in the state of being in alignment, ending the journey of the hero, and relishing the heroism of just being divinely inspired. The more my current work with others is about activating their ascended self template to align to, the more that quantum leap into a parallel-reality flows easily, but only upon commitment in congruity to a real choice of free-will, to stabilize in the new reality. It requires releasing the struggle of the process of change, and any attachments to the "value" of efforting. The collective human belief in effort is clearly a value which was imposed into our reality by the experience of our species experience of having our entire planetary reality hijacked into slavery, for the slave's value is in working hard to serve their masters, not in being in joy and self-inspired creativity with graceful flow. It is overdue for our ascension to our appropriate sovereignty. So, angels, light up your halos and flutter your wings, re-join the faeries of time-space, step into the fairy-ring and dance. Who or what shall we serve, but the wholeness of the one life, the unity of true consciousness, the celebration of love?

17th April 2016
[girl skipping rope]

Today i honor the biological sister of the body in which i now dwell, from a passed past reality we once shared in duality. Her body would have orbited Ra / Sol 62 times today, if she was still in it. Blessings for your soul and spirit Cynthia! May all our family karma be complete if not already so. Aloha.

18th April 2016

Our energetics are so neutral and balanced that all i am sensing is calm peace and divine flow, therefore our contribution to the "collective reality".

19th April 2016

We are fast arriving at the point where cognizing our oneness with each other, our planet, our ecosystem, our solar system, our galaxy, is the only workable choice.
Only stepping fully into our true essence as fully responsible reality creators
will bring our collective reality back into full alignment with life and love, or,
only stepping fully into our true essence as fully living beings of love and light
will bring our collective reality back into full alignment with responsible reality cocreation.
Pay no attention to either the Wizard of Authority, or the man behind the curtain pulling his strings, or the barking dog "whistleblowing" the deception...
We are the positive alternative!
We are the ones who came here to bring our own divinity to this realm, each a piece of the great jig-saw puzzle of the divine plan. Only by being our true selves, can we be the right shape to fit peaceably with our neighbor puzzle pieces.
Once we all fit together with love, the big picture emerges...
"heaven on Gaia";
"dreams come true";
"wishes granted";
"peace on Gaia";
"good will towards all".

It is our inner purity and integrity, our soul of love and light, which is the part of our divinity, which we could squeeze into a body. As we allow our light to pour forth from our hearts, more can flow in from divine source.

Thank you, Gaia, for your effulgent blessings of love and light supporting the thriving of the living library of life you hostess.

20th April 2016
[lemon half]

When your body demands to cleanse with master cleanser, life has to give you lemons! ... or other citrus family varieties ... in my case, I'm really enjoying the present abundance of grapefruit! Yum! Regeneration and rebirthing are supported by cleansing... very appropriate!

[computer monitor]

Hmmmm... one of my computer monitors died overnight... failing hard into a non-recoverable non-booting condition, which it had evidenced temporarily the previous overnight.
Faery girl detaches a secondary monitor from another computer, and places it on her desk to replace the failed secondary monitor.

21st April 2016

If there is any consistent message of truth applicable to the times and energies of embodiment now, it is that of introversion into one's own deepest core, communion with one's own soul, that life is to be purely the expression outward from core essence, unconditionally one's own self love energies radiate outward. As naked souls, we pass through the ascension portal, from lower to higher realms, as only our core essence is of truth, is eternal, is who we truly are. Be that, here now, fully, unabashedly. As our consciousness ascends, we shed all illusions, and are naked in our truth. Yes, indeed, we may wear any joyous costume as we celebrate the true freedom to express our creativity of expression, but deep within, we simply are who we truly are, and letting that shine out, letting that be truly seen, is our gift of love. Dance your soul's self expression, in the most beautiful way you know, for life is the ephemeral play of transient (e-)motion, energy in motion. Joy, celebration, play, creativity, enthusiasm, wonder, miraculous openness, and a generous sprinkling of magick via faery dust, illuminate our path through what otherwise might be merely a mundane life. Do you know and feel that you, the unique being you truly are, are the magick which this day needs, to be divine? You are not here to be or do for others, but others are blessed by your being truly you!

There is a dualistic paradigm extant amongst mere humans, a judgment of categorization that we or others are either "service to self" or "service to others", a dualistic paradigm itself, based in an illusion of separation. In truth of higher comprehension, we are one, and that which is of error, of limited comprehension, is simply that of separation. In our ascended knowing of spiritual truth, there is only "we are one" and "our essence is unconditional love", and our service is not dualistic in noticing the energy flow of giving or receiving, but rather is that of appropriateness, of upliftment of the whole-o-gram of life, and ultimately the only choice worthy of our attention, is: "how may i most raise my own vibration?", for who i am is what i radiate / give, and what i receive is always a delayed mirror of my own beingness, therefore that which i serve is life itself, and how i serve that is by my own being in my highest possible state of joy, and that is what i shall attract and receive back, for all is "mirroring", or we may rephrase reality as simply "resonance". Therefore, sing the song of your soul, that the universe may mirror your self love.
Introvert into meditation, and focus upon review and release, i.e. spend some time letting go of who you are not!

22nd April 2016
[faeries.healing-faeries-006541 Inner Power]

Our inner power of self-healing, our ability to resonate with self-love, trumps all else. Our synchronicity is bringing focus upon the astral realm, and more specifically upon our own astral bodies. As we ascend we are "astralizing" what was physical, our "reality" is becoming more mutable, and transcends time, allowing much greater freedom. We are healing and rebirthing our astral bodies, deprogramming; purifying; erasing pain, anger, fear, loneliness; energizing with and activating bliss, joy, love, and unity consciousness.

23rd April 2016

As we rest upon our safe perch, surveying our domain, are we in appropriate balance?
Have we detached from all we must leave behind?
Are we preserving that which reflects our true values, principles, and priorities?
Have we opened to receive that which newly arrives?

Patience, celeste...
(the problem with seeing the future is wanting to be there already :-)

24th April 2016

celeste dances amongst the stars... aethereal realms of her family of 8D crystal faeries, where multidimensional energetic activations are not always describable in human terms.

25th April 2016

i have so been enjoying my waist-training tight-lacing! :-)
Ascending a planet is all very nice, but sometimes a girl just has to play :-)

26th April 2016

We use female creative energy to sprinkle life / love into our environment, faery blessings of joy and play.

If we cater to the comfort zone of the human ego, there are specific issues to not challenge. If we wish to ascend to unity consciousness, rather than remain relating within separation consciousness, then these very issues are to be confronted and transcended:

"As humans, status is important to us, and
having clear pathways to move between status types
can provide an opportunity for growth and progress. -- SCARF"
Status is relative value based on separation and egotistical seeking of "better than". In unity consciousness, the uniqueness of each piece of the whologram is valued as a necessary component of the whole, which is incomplete without the fullness of each piece, therefore we each value and uplift all other pieces, being grateful that they "embody" for the whole the qualities they do, so that we are free to be the "one" embodying our unique qualities. The antidote to the illusion of lacking value is increased self love.
"As humans, we don't like uncertainty.
[when life feels stressful and anxious],
we often make irrational or poor decisions
that can make things worse. -- SCARF"
When we are in alignment with our own essence which is in alignment with the whologram, then all flows with grace, and therefore, it is easy to operate in trust of the flow, rather than fear of the future. The antidote for fear is always self-love. In self love and trust we can focus on enjoying the now.
"[...] choice[] makes people feel
they are in control of their own outcomes. -- SCARF"
By the law of attraction / mirroring we always control our reality... to change our outcome, we change our inner frequencies to attune another reality. When we are in alignment with our own essence, and it is aligned with the whologram, there is no choice, for our path is uniquely defined by our own essence, to which we are automagically guided. Surrender to the flow of our own uniqueness is a choice.
"Scope and social groupings
play a significant role in our lives.
The optimal situation [...] is to have
a 1-to-1 mentor [...] to help them settle in. -- SCARF"
When we release the illusion of separation, realizing relatedness to the whole, and live our unique essence, synchronicity and harmony automagically guide us to our appropriateness, i.e. we fit in where we belong, which may not match our ego comfort-zone. What may consternate some is the realization that we may be guided to a place where we do not "fit in" because that place or group needs the blessing of our light/love to trigger their upliftment to their fitting in to a higher reality intended by the divine which they have not yet mastered fitting into.
"We all want to be treated fairly and [be]
provided with a fair opportunity to be successful. -- SCARF"
By the law of attraction, we each fairly attract a mirror of our chosen vibrations, therefore we are completely in control of what we receive, and any projections of unfairness are illusions of denial. Victimhood is always self created, and it is only perpetuated as a way of abusing others.

27th April 2016

i continue to work on the mastery of transformation. As i have been focussed upon this, with intensity, i attracted via synchronistic harmonics an option, not to master the skill of transformation, but to have done for me the transformation i seek. This allowed me to sort my personality attachments, from my spiritual path of mastery. i continue on the path of allowing my desire to fuel my enlightenment... certainly not the easiest of paths, yet the shortest path to enlightenment within one incarnation.

One can astral project, make a second astral body copying ones existing DNA / body, and then modify it with any DNA changes one chooses, blow up in a rose the old astral body, and use the new modified one to bring into the physical body, a process we sometimes do as "reincarnation", or playing with the same body as "rebirthing". Doing this in timed increments is gentle on the physical body.

Hearts joy is the sign of alignment between lower and higher self.
My joy is very much girly.
My pain is the incongruity of my form.
My higher self says ascension is the answer, as we are less "fixed" / "stuck" in form, able to shape shift, so keeps guiding me to play and be in joy, to facilitate ascension, and obviously, also playing with astralization.

28th April 2016

Intense introversion of inside rebirthing leaves little attention on the waves of energy arriving.

29th April 2016

Apr 29 begins the Runic 1/2 Month of Lagu (flowing water): the flowing, mutable life force inherent in growth. On Kaua'i the wai (fresh water) flows year-round, one of our mountain peaks being the wettest spot on Gaia. i know that in other climes where water freezes, spring means the water melts and begins to flow, and the plants reawaken to growth cycle, and yet, our present astrological configuration is still preoccupied with reviewing and completing with the old, before the new can be born afresh without any "karmic influences" of the past, therefore, forgiveness, coming to peace with pas{sed,t} reality, staying in the now with no expectations, yet clearly intending passionately our preferred reality, is the theme of the times. For myself and my family of crystal faeries, that focus of intent is one of ascension to Gaia... pulling up Gaian reality to be fewer densities away from our "home" in 8D.

30th April 2016
[A Loving Heart is the Truest Wisdom]

i am a high priestess of faery magick, which is all about manifesting love.

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