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Entries from July 2015.

1st July 2015

We are calmly holding the congruence of our Kaua'i Gaia ley-line through Kilauea, anchoring the core of our 8D ascension portal. It is due to the solidity and success thereof, that we have little to report in the higher realms, or with the portal(s) or network of 8D portals. They are flowing as intended, and stable. Our Kilauea Synergy Ball is also clean and balanced, holding frequency and focus.

2nd July 2015

Another hot summery day graces our domain. Whew!

Another synchronicity triggers reexamination of oxytocin, and the conclusion that Dr. Love prescribes a minimum of 8 hugs / day.

3rd July 2015

Today's lesson du jour is about parallel "realities", within dualistic density.
To begin to address this, we first ask: "What is 'real'?"
There is both an individual answer, that whatever we as an individual beleive "is real" is real for us.
There is a summation of all those individual realities into the collective "reality".
Nothing "unreal" exists.
Because the "reality" we "beleive in" is manifest for us, our "reality" is always "real" for us.
Corrolary: we only have "control" over what is "real" for us, and our vote in the collective reality of what is shared "as real". Where we begin to experience cognitive or emotional dissonance, is wherein our individual "reality" disagrees with the collective "reality". It is therefore essential to learn neutrality_for_differences. When we attain neutrality and balance, we are able to transcend above 4D- duality, and enter the realms of ascended reality.

Today i met an individual who had concluded:

As an alternative to the distopian "reality" of the world, (as he was experiencing as a consequence of his beliefs there-about), he had retreated from the world into a self-created (self described) "utopian" Sci-Fi reality. The difference?
In his world good triumphed over evil, but there were still necessary contrasts between good and evil. Despite my attempts to convey the concept of non-dual reality, he was solidly anchored in 4D- duality and conflict, but, at least in his fantasies, the world was not quite so hopeless. However, being as this was entirely his ego-construct, he was solidly in control of the fantasy, and, to share "reality" with him, one had to buy into his version of sci-fi existence.
Apparently it was slightly better than Star Trek or Star Wars.
He wasn't even open to the possiblity of ejecting all the "evil" ones, (determined to dominate the galaxy), out an air-lock into space to be rid of them. Ultimately, then, all he succeeded in creating is a slight improvement in hopefullness, that in a reality controlled by his ego, versus the existing egoes controlling "reality", he got to define the collective everyone shares, and it wasn't completely corrupted by "money and greed".
i would suggest dreaming bigger, fantasizing further, more hope, however... to the extent his entire basis is anchored into the western scientific model of there being a "single objective reality", then we're all completely "screwed" in his "reality". I'm so grateful that his model does not control the reality of the rest of us! Regardless of labelling it as a "utopian" alternative, it ultimately is as distopian as the "reality" he has rejected. That one can only participate in his reality according to a limited script, (granted, varying a bit at times), of "role play", still leaves only openings within his ego-created reality, with no actual room for ones own soul to express spontaneous creativity, as everything in his "world" has to be played according to pre-arranged role-play scripts. i wish him well using this vehicle to "work-out" his limiting beliefs.
And therein is the answer to his question: "Why do people come here and appreciate the "build" (space-ship), and marvel at its beauty, but not return?"

4th July 2015

Fire of sacrifice. What must we sacrifice today? Illusions, attachments, expectations, and of course, dualities, dichotomies, polarities.
Oh, and yes, still...
having working internet from Hawaiian Telcom.

Wow... what a chance for shifting perspective... remembering my appreciation for the plethora of FOSS-ware i regularly use, it truly is no surprise its not all part of the minimal or standard new-install of a GNU / Linux™ system, and that it truly takes more than a day to fully install my regular working set of tools. Thank you Free thinkers everywhere.

5th July 2015

Adventures in Jessie-land continue... and i seem to be nearing having my working set installed, though configuration drags on, and some FLOSSware seems not to be in the Jessie repositories.

6th July 2015

Fluctuations in the energy grid indicate we are traversing another chaotic time-node. We wish to be helpful, yet without repeating ourselves, so we today direct attention to, the concept of perseverence, the last step in the process of, jumping time-lines. What is presently manifest, whatever we are each experiencing, is only today's process towards, manifesting our preferred reality. Holding one's inner reality in intent, regardless present experience, is the "perseverence" of which the Hathors speak, as our challenge to be in mastery.

7th July 2015

Our time is our precious life, and being able to focus our life is a fundamental freedom.

8th July 2015

Today brought a delightful journey west with another fairy, and a wonderful swim at an idylically calm kahalahala beach, which was very soothing to my soul. Supporting others to flow in their truth, to follow their passion, and hold their appropriateness, brought alignment and thus peace, while others have been observed to be by contrast quite off balance, struggling with their polarities in dichotomy. The energies of conflict and chaos are increasing, while for some of us our level of detachment and transcendence thoroughly matches the calling to not "buy into" those dualities. i was informed today that there is a storm brewing which might come to us bringing destructive forces, (to whatever extent one might believe a "weather man"), to which i, as usual, replied that it will go around us, which is how we faeries manage these things... let the storm dissipate energies, but at a sufficient distance as to be non destructive to the lives of those living in aloha.

9th July 2015

Yay, it looks like it's time for another cycle of rebirth! Further completions with old realities, time-lines, roles, locations, relations, and names, are freeing me to rebirth into the celestial flirty magickal faery flute musician i am.

Someone was commenting that their experience was intensity and urgency, so some are in high change rate now. I'm volunteering to stay on the front edge of the waves of change, so I'm not feeling pushed by the energies, because I'm embracing them as they even begin to arrive... thus the sense of mellow flow.

10th July 2015

Our New-Gaia energy field is calm and graceful, (at least as far as i can see in Kilauea), and has even produced unusually calm physical weather and waves, as we "took notice" of a recent warning from duality that a hurricane might be brewing, from which we crystal faeries took responsiblity to provide protection for Kaua'i.

[Librem 15]

Here are laptop recommendations:

GNU / Linuxcan be configured to look and behave very similarly to either Windows or Macintosh OS X.

11th July 2015

Yay another day! Adventures in transcendent appropriateness. Emerging from conversation with another transcendent being tracking ascension confirmed my perceptions of experiences, the release of all past, all duality, and all stories thereabout.

Discussing with a friend about my ongoing intent to master transformation...

friend: It is a big thing to buck the physical laws of any Gaia dimension. friend: Not undoable, just big, so it takes more infrastructure. friend: How will you explain it? What will you tell people happened to you? tomril: i ascended and changed form!

12th July 2015

Magick is created by Aloha which is our giving. Fairies carry love vibration, knowing that unconditional love is the answer to all questions. It has been said that Faeries are half way between angels and humans... having egoes and personalities as do humans, yet being rooted in celestial realms. Many projections (blame) have been ascribed by humans to fae and other my(s)t(h)ical beings, including those we have known as angels or gods. Only love heals.

13th July 2015

Continuing with our New-Kilauea synergistic co-creations... things are flowing gracefully :-)

14th July 2015

In guiding another we revisit the issue of focus of attention, so important since reality is created by intention and attention. It is so easy to self-validate any belief we hold, since those create our reality, which thereby validates them as "true". We have to get the meta lesson, moving from "these beliefs are real / true", to "any beliefs are real / true". Once we comprehend the validity of that, we can then begin to consciously choose our focus, of which beleifs and realities we prefer to manifest, by the application of our attention, and our intent that they manifest for us. On the primary time-lines it is most likely to be appropriate to move from duality and conflict, into unity consciousness and unconditional love. The glass is neither half-full nor half-empty... it's full of air and water in balance.

15th July 2015

Each passing day brings more solid anchoring into our New-Gaia, our expression of that in New-Kilauea, and our synergy of cocreation of new come-unity. In the rest and peace of balanced energies, transcending polarization in duality and its conflict and contrast, we find essential appropriateness.

16th July 2015

Today's lesson is about "frenemies". We can be quite clear about "how" to relate with a friend or an enemy (really, you still have enemies? must be in duality still :-)
But when we are in doubt about the intent of someone, or have experienced both positive and negative energies from them, we may be in doubt about them, about what energies they will bring to our next "relating". This "doubt" is really a form of fear.
Rabbit magic: attracting your fears in order to have to confront them.
i was this morning asked to psychicly read someone's "frenemy", to help her discern whether she should allow them into her home.
i responded: "Ewwwwww!!!", partly in jest, partly to create a "break set*", and partly because that's really how i feel about looking at others' "yuck".
Oh, sure, for 3 decades i did such psychic readings... i can survive another.
But, i dwell solidly in transcendent reality now. i guided my querant into rememberance of her being the creator of her reality, the chooser of her time-line, directing her to choose to intend a time-line wherein the new time-line version of each were aligned as friends.

to break out of a "mindset", to release an expectation, attachment, or aversion, (one form of which is a fear).
to change ones belief about what is "real" or "possible".

17th July 2015

i continue to detach from my belief in time, a property of dualistic reality. This is both a factor in living an age-less life, (which some call longevity), and in freedom to hop between time-lines. In what we crystal faeries find to be the interesting families of time-lines, our New-Gaia transcends the densities which include time. To be free to have a preferred time-line reality, independent of time or time-ology (astrology), is quite liberating, and is the "release of limitation" we are completing in the manifestation of our incarnate tomril. Summarizing, this is about living in the eternal now moment, in full free will choice to resonate the appropriate time-line of the moment, without any limitation by either outside influence, or internal attachments, aversions, beliefs, expectations, history, etc. Thus we can be free to follow our highest passion, in alignment and congruence with our truest essence.

OK, so why are we tracking any astrology in our blog?
Because our mission is facilitating others to make the time-line jumps from duality to nondual parallel-realities, and to anchor into Gaia reality.
To whatever extent anyone can be triggered (influenced) by the energy waves of time or other aspects of duality, that is their lesson to forgive, release, balance, and finally to transcend, those polarites of duality.
The strongest astrological influences are the quarter lunations: new, waxing half, full, and waning half -moons.
The squares (90 degrees) (i.e. waxing and waning half moons) are a time of energetic lock-up, when it is best to surrender to the lack of flow, release all will or agenda, disconnect from the world, chill out, and just be, because doing isn't going to succeed.
The new moon conjunctions are a full harmony between yin and yang, great for relationships, great for initiating new (co-)creations, and better yet, excellent for using the complete balance, peace, and rest of energies to be with ones self, to know ones self, to know "Who Am i, and what is appropriate for me?".
The full moon oppositions between yin and yang, a high "accident rate" (disowning responsiblity as creator), conflict between the sexes and genders, a time of maximum triggering, and therefore an excellent time to meditate on ones inner turmoil, to surrender, forgive, release, and come to peace with all polarities of duality.

18th July 2015

Another interesting day, if one is open to learning from other people's lessons... which is generally easier than awaiting the lesson to come home to one's own reality. One wanted to know how to deal with backstabbers... to which my reply was that one should not present one's back, but beyond that, why is one even bothering to be in relationship with such beings? Well, it gets complicated, but when people live in limited reality they may have focussed-in upon the-one-true-path of how they will be provided for by the universe, and not-at-all open to alternatives, therefore, if I believe that my abundance and survival depend upon having to put-up-with a bunch of back-stabbers... what do i do? Well, the un-acceptable answer was to walk away from the in-appropriateness, since, that requires allowing oneself to shift into an alternate time-line reality. OK.. well then, please enjoy having your back stabbed. Alternatively, be more willing to embrace larger changes.

observer: i don't know how to describe things... observer: it's chaotic, yet, peaceful, paradoxes crystalfaery: yes crystalfaery: good if the peace is in one's soul, the chaos around outside observer: yes feels in both crystalfaery: i find great detachment from all that stuff out there, other people's stuff, duality of 4D- observer: yes crystalfaery: and out there the duality is getting more polarized or more intense observer: yes crystalfaery: or it seems so relative to the inner calm observer: yes

19th July 2015

One has the unlimited power to hop time-lines or jump between parallel realities to positive versions of anything. Because i am a reality creator, or more accurately, because anything we can imagine already exists, i am a chooser of the vibrational resonance i hold within, and thereby align with the reality of my preference.

To the extent anyone is addicted to the approval of the group, one is tempted to give away ones divine creator power, and to accept a collective reality which is far less divine.

The Ascended New-Gaia is based in unconditional love, and can include all subrealities which include ahimsa.

The bottom line is simply this: Will you claim your divine creator power to choose your reality?

My family of crystal faeries have repeatedly stated: "None of the conflict within duality will be solved at the level it was created and exists; the solution is ascension to transcendent reality, therefore do not empower it by focussing upon it, instead remain focussed upon creating the alternative Gaia reality via time-line hopping."

20th July 2015

Our primary service-to-others focus in Kilauea is keeping clean the Kilauea synergy ball and the primary ley-line in the area, and maintaining the Kaua'i 8D Ascension Portal and the connected network. All of this is so stable, that it is taking little attention, therefore much of my creative focus is continued mastery of transformation, via time-line hopping. The specific intent is to re-manifest in faery form on the scale of a short / small human female, as i recently discussed with a friend.

21st July 2015

We hold reality of standing in ones essential truth and divine power of love.

22nd July 2015

Graceful flow of appropriateness blesses our reality.

Judy Satori tells a channelled story of the Galactic Council providing divine intervention for Gaia humans.

23rd July 2015

Percolating out of the fields of probability, synchronistic triggering has (again) brought awareness of Ancient Knowledge. After hours of review, (even watching at about 1.5 times speed), the bottom line remains: "I Am Consciousness", and "All is a whologram", and it remains my own choice, (if i am in free-will rather than mind-controlled), upon what i focus, and what meaning i choose to assign to, the object of my focus, which is only an aspect of the infinite fractally-recursive whologram, of the great creator goddess' dream. All that appears to be not me is still only a mirroring of me, who is focussing with attention, and selecting with intention, how deep to go down which rabbithole. Because all is mirroring, there is nothing outside ones self to have any agenda with. Because the entire whologram is me, is inside me, and merely reflected outside me, i am merely dreaming withinside creator goddess' dream. Yadda, yadda, yadda... and so? The bottom line is simply that "all that is... just is", all energies balanced and at rest, (with the 3-9-6-9- quantum foam random noise dancing around zero-point), until by free will choice you unbalance from zero-point, and initiate a polarity of either the doubling or halving circuit (1-2-4-8-7-5- or 1-5-7-8-4-2-) to produce either a field of yin-magnetic or yang-electric polarity, thereby descending from transcendenent non-duality into duality. Some might think that's what it's all about... "We are here to manifest heaven upon New-Gaia". Gaia is merely the holo-deck we're playing in. Who we "are", and "what we do", can be anything from simple and easy to convoluted and dramatic, but really, is not the bottom line "Why?"
i may be a silly faery, so my "whys" may vary from yours:

So, is anyone interested in cocreating in positive synergy New-Gaia, particularly in Kilauea?

24th July 2015

Paradigms are often a core part of our precepts. There are whole collections of paradigms which we might lump into the categories of nondual and duality. Transcendent reality starts with the precepts that you are the creator of your reality, therefore, any perspective based on a disempowered self, means you've fallen into duality. The solution cannot be obtained at the level of the problem, so, when you become the problem by resisting a dichotomy within duality, (e.g. disease, warfare, etc.), the solution is to detach from the density of duality, raise your vibration, and in detachment and neutrality, enter transcendent reality where the problems don't even exist. This can also be languaged as a jump to a higher time-line. This is a creative act of choice. As a faery magician, i can assist others in the cocreation of a time-line hop, a jump between parallel-realities. i love how clarifying ones energy fields shifts ones time-line, often instantly.

25th July 2015

Wow... i love how blessings arriving can trigger a period of integration and process to receive them fully. In this morning's case, updates to rsnapshot, (part of my favorite duo of rsnapshot and dar), triggered a fair amount of sysadmin work.

26th July 2015

Another sysadmin day...

27th July 2015

Another sysadmin day...
as energy and time-line shifts continue to upgrade my reality, less than ideal manifestations are being released, to be replaced by upgraded, updated, or new manifestations :-)

My ministry continues to address those with the "ascension flu", chaos, confusion, doubt, even fear, as the old self-identity is disassembled, and the multi-dimensional multi-incarnational "higher self" has to be integrated into consciousness, and with that the rearranging of ones life to reflect the deeper values of ones soul essence, rather than previous family or societal norms. While some individuals are attracted to "the singularity" of convergence between man and machine, those on a path similar to mine cognize our destiny as divine human angels, and find the need to move from the high-tech concrete jungle, to the country where life is organic and natural, for only the peace of harmony with nature soothes ones soul.

28th July 2015

Early to bed and early to rise, feeling cool enough to close the windows. The night before felt like the only summer night I've had this summer. The climate is definitely changing, but it ain't global warming. From two decades ago when i moved to Hawai'i, i could easily define the seasons as:

The daytime temperature does not vary so much in the Tropic of Cancer, so it is the night-time temperature which reflects the seasons. Most of us have neither air-conditioning nor a heater in "the hale" (house), so the ambient temperature is closely tracked by the indoors temperature:

Well, my tea is brewed, time to publish this and meditate or channel.
Ahhh, and in perfect synchrony of energy shifting, it begins to pour rain :-)

So, partially it is that i shed a lot of weight years ago, so I'm no longer overheating as much in summer, nor am i as insulated against the cold in winter without warm clothes, but the bottom line is that in the microclimates in which i have been dwelling, the recent decades brought cooler summers as far as night time goes. Meanwhile, a hot day is well in progress.

29th July 2015

What i enjoy the most about the time everyone else is sleeping is how quiet and gentle the world is. During hot summer months, its also comfortable :-)

Yay... more appropriateness in the level of query / issue for which others are seeking my facilitation... a greater willingness to quantum leap rather than dally slowly in process at the same level.

30th July 2015

We are grateful for the grace and ease of the neutrality and detachment of transcendent reality.

31st July 2015

We share a "state of the mission" perspective that holding frequency and time-line of ascension portal is stable, especially due to clearing out of our nondual field all energies of dualistic polarity.

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