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Entries from October 2014.

1st October 2014

We are in a gateway period of energetic activations from our galactic central sun activating our local sun whose radiative resonance is opening gateways of both consciousness and DNA activation, deeply affecting the higher densities of transcendence, thereby all of us on the ascension path, and at the same time the lower densities of duality are being triggered in greater polarization as imbalances of energy become amplified. This produces overwhelm on the body level for those receiving the DNA activations, and overwhelm on the emotional and mental levels for those who have not yet released their polarization within duality. The overall effect is that we are either getting more strongly aligned with ascending KRST consciousness of unconditional love and surrender to the flow of the divine plan, or we can become psychotically unbalanced and create warfare and destruction. The densities continue to pull further apart, to separate further in frequency range. i have been witnessing this in my facilitation of others as some are being triggered to make quantum leaps to their authentic spirituality, and others are retrenching into old attachments, with the result that many relationships are strained to the breaking point, as the incompatiblity between 4D- and 5D+ consciousness intensifies, with it being unbearable for a 5D+ consciousness to live with the limitations and negativity of 4D- reality, and those still attached to 4D- habits and choices finding themselves unbearably triggered by the presence of any 5D+ vibrations or expressions of consciousness around them. Those of us who are of Gaia can not live by other than the divine plan. With patience and grace the divine plan shall unfold into manifestation for the highest good of all.

2nd October 2014

In the path of service to others, surrender to living the divine plan, (which is to what is aligned, all that is for the highest good for the most entities), the individual appropriateness may be delayed or limited, that a higher purpose, or priority manifestation, may prevail. In the great soul-school of incarnation, with the highest priority lesson being to live unconditional love, the successful closure of a relationship, especially a closure acknowledging incompatibility or inappropriateness, is as all closures, to be done in unconditional love, and therein is perhaps a challenging lesson, to come to peace with, neutrality about, and even unconditional love of, the other, being, reality, choice, polarity of duality, and release them neutrally, to complete in neutrality, to achieve ho'oponopono. It takes the willingness and participation of each or every individual, to complete ho'oponopono, thus, the individual who insists upon remaining in denial, judgment or blame, delays the completion for all involved souls.

I've concluded that the only appropriate "stance" is unconditional love in all circumstances.

3rd October 2014

i have a sense of completion, of all that has come before, as the release of all duality, falls away into the illusion of past, polarities converging into balance, energy coming to rest, peace and calm of pure yin, the state of being in transcendence. An approaching time-node triggers or facilitates a time-line jump. i appreciate the blessings of my new reality. Mahalo, divine grace.

i am unconditional love. All is unconditional love.

4th October 2014

i am grateful to be unconditional love, and to be one with all that is, eternally. For the good of all, as is the manifestation of the divine plan, i gift crystal faery blessings.

5th October 2014

The first part of the day i spent out in the world, initially questing for nourishment, and then finding the opportunity to nourish souls of those i met, finally returning to my temporary roof, where phone consultation was possible. The thread of continuity was that of my favorite empowerment of goddesses to claim their power and live their authentic lives now on Gaia, or Gaia. The great work we all have to do is to remember who we truly are, and then to be unafraid to live the authentic life of soul expression, without the overlay of conditioned programming. Faery blessings for everyone...

6th October 2014

In a parallel reality time-line of New-Gaia all is unconditional love. It is my appropriate reality. It is manifest somehwere in Kilauea. i seek my domicil here. i am open to receiving gifts or help finding my domicil. What wisdom have we crystal faeries at this time?

We are doing our best to manifest New-Gaia in Kilauea, and doing our best is the best we can do. We can only unconditionally love those of 4D- opression of 5D+ divine plan.

7th October 2014

The eclipse energies are supporting the anchoring of the time-line of New-Gaia within Kaua'i's 8D-4D ascension portal, all of which is relatively calm, while the eclipse energies are triggering Old-Gaia into greater polarization within duality, especially between yin and yang energies, activating "shadows", denied ego characteristics, particularly the collective (sub)conscious about the global patriarchal system and its dedication to the time-line family leading to planetary "cleansing" (of those who refuse to "get the lesson"), via massive destruction and termination of lives. Naturally this is a further separation between 4D- and 5D+, making for either a disconnect between those of each reality, or even greater conflict between those who interface realities. As a lightworker facilitating ascension, it is a trying time for the old habit of rescuing, as any attempt now to rescue 4D- people into 5D+ tends to pull my own reality down from 5D+ to 4D-, and thus this gateway requires further releasing of those who are not releasing their 4D- attachments, and focus upon stabilizing those who have committed to 5D+ time-lines, none more so than my own embodiment, and its quest for 5D+ housing within a world of 4D- rental landlords.

i have been struggling to completely release what i perceive with my five senses as "real", and my commitment to speak only truth meaning having to report that 4D- as "reality", and to beleive in that which i only feel with my heart and image with my 3rd eye as "real", and to speak only of that as my truth, in order to precipitate its manifestation. This transition is essential to move to creator of individual reality.

8th October 2014

i have with the eclipse released all engagement with being in duality, intending to walk of the world of transcendence. The ego-mind may temporarily slip into old habits of duality, which i quickly redirect to our chosen time-line of Gaia.

Synchronistic flow of cocreation and communion with a sister faery-attuned lightworker was a wonderful blessing to enjoy in my town of domicil today... i am very grateful. My transcendence has begun to precipitate into manifestation, consistent with the full moon eclipse.

9th October 2014

i enjoyed a brief visit to the beach today, communing with my bodily senses the blessings of Kaua'i. By contrast, much of my "visiting" of dualistic reality is done with my 3rd eye.

The alignment of my consciousness with my highest purpose is more graceful and consistent. It was amusing to observe how nearly immediately upon replacing my malfunctioning telephone, ( yay Mercury Retrograde :-), i received call after call for clairvoyant reading / healing sessions. The flow and synchronicity continues to synergize with greater alignment to highest purpose.

10th October 2014

i call upon my crystal faeries family to share our perspective of reality within our Kaua'i ascension portal. Our transcendent reality continues to be quite stable, as the Gaia collective reality is itself quite stable. There is activity to manifest such on Kaua'i within our Kaua'i portal, just as entities elsewhere within our network of 8D ascension portals proceed to focus on their local manifestations of New-Gaia, and continued communication and teleports via our portal network. Primarily we observe progressive alignment and harmonization of various groups to agreement in and about the New-Gaia reality, though our focus remains consistently upon our forming Kilauea community, which is yet young and pliable as we facilitate congruence for manifestation.

i suppose in the olden days of yesteryear, it was more evidenced with books and magazines, but these days it is amazing to see how in public, humans do not connect with each other, as everyone is involved in their smartphones, while ignoring all the humans around them. Tourists also are their own little islands, usually couples, sometimes atomic families. Yet, occasionally, rarely, we meet an outstanding example of someone who is alive and present with an open heart. Through it all now, is a new theme, the great divide, of frequency, between the 4D- Ea-Rth and the 5D+ New-Gaia. The consciousness and vibrational ranges continue to diverge, leaving me very often giggling at the seriousness with which the 4D- engagement in polarity of dichotomy can be so intense, so gut wrenching, while my joy is more gentle, subtle, refined, delicate, playful, much as the flutter of faery wings, much as my heart feels peaceful in Kilauea. Blessed be.

11th October 2014

After already hours of productive learning and creativity a la' computer reality, i take a deep breath and recenter in the energetic here and now, feeling multidimensionally, in 5D+ consciousness, and find...
perfect stillness, complete peace and calm, all energies balanced and at rest. Feeling outward to the world around me, remembering it's all just a mirror of my own energies...
gentle flow and the delightful songs of birds beginning their day. i change to another parallel reality, where Extraordinaire Instrument De Musique is both an audio delight and an intriguing tease for the Rube Goldberg in all of us.

Graceful easy synchronistic flow in my day has lead to a gentle rest. May everyone be blessed by our faery energies of love.

12th October 2014

i really "got it", now.

Got what?

The difference between "intending" and "knowing", and how important that difference is for Parallel Reality or Time-Line jumping, that to manifest a successful jump, one must know they are in the chosen reality.

i finally know that i live in Kilauea.

Aloha, celeste:crystalfaery

13th October 2014

The stance of non-attachment and non-expectation continues to be facilitating the not-having-to-deal-with but merely-flowing-with everything changing rapidly, while still holding the energetic frequencies of intended time-line in harmony with divine-plan.

14th October 2014

Today i experienced great detachment and neutrality from experiences of simple bodily survival. My primary observation about this is that i was more in acceptance, less in impatience. Flow.

15th October 2014

i choose to cease validating as real any of duality. Transcendence is the only sustainable alternative reality.

16th October 2014

It has been a bit amusing to watch dualistic games play out recently. It always comes down to living in the time-line one focuses upon. Being not at all concerned with being dismissed as "airy-fairy", i happily tell people that i talked with the faeries, and Kaua'i's not in need of a hurricane, at least not in my time-line, where the focus is on New-Gaia.

17th October 2014

We are ameliorating energies within the Kaua'i 8D ascension portal, minimizing intrusion of outside influences to allow the maximum infusion of the 8D+ ascension activations arriving in waves from above, such as the KRST unconditional love frequency of 5D+, which the usual players with the usual agendae and techniques are attempting to neutralize via media triggers of 4D- root chakra body survial fears. We remind people to stand as reality creators, visualizing the reality you prefer to live in, of your hearts joy.

18th October 2014

i had a long night of lucid dreaming processing and clearing more of the dark energies we mentioned yesterday.

19th October 2014

Mmmmmm... i love early morning, when everyone's still asleep, even the local Kaua'ian cocks, (and as i typed that one just called his flock of hens). Again i awoke in lucid dream, negotiating peaceful space for ascended community on Kaua'i. Oh, that's right, as i begin to cognize reality, in linear space-time, this is the day of Sol, Ra, Re. Back to "lucid dreaming", i remember that what most call "awake", is actually itself a dream of reality. i keep expecting to awake in the time-line of my Kilauea abode.

20th October 2014

There are times like now when i must remember that i volunteered to be of service to the awakening of others, in order to endure my path as it is embodied, rather than as the beautiful and joyous 5D+ reality i share with others, which is still awaiting to be manifest physically, still awaiting so many dead people to choose aloha, in alignment with the higher truth of unconditional love. May i move on to being of service to those who are willing to allow love to facilitate their healing and growth. i pray my life in my Kilauea abode and community.

There was today a removal of obstacles and and opening to abundance of flow as reflected by multiple other beings both local and on other continents.

21st October 2014

There continue to be beneficient energy alignments. A broadening community of friends is supportive of my pending time-line hop.

22nd October 2014

I've cleared much of duality out of my blog, in order to focus on New-Gaia.

23rd October 2014

Today we begin to experience the closing orb of Mercury stationing to go direct.

24th October 2014

Completing the review process suggested by Mercurius Retrograde, extracting from observation and experience every lesson i can find, and forgiving and releasing all in unconditional love, allowing to pass into the past all that was and is, i open to receive and embrace all that is, arriving from future, to be in the highest appropriateness of positive synergy, in transcendent harmony, resonance, unity, of divine plan.

i feel graceful flow in all that i am being, deep peace in my soul, congruence and appropriateness. While my own reality of transcendence is unified in love, there are awarenesses of dualistic energies others play with. i find myself ready to facilitate, yet completely detached until invited to participate. When an invitation arrives, i seek to guide them directly to the 5D+ transcendent position, where none of the 4D- issues of duality even exist, whereas their own goals for requesting assistance may be much more a limited quick fix of limited scope. By contrast, those playing primarily in 5D+ realms, i can take a lot further a lot faster with greater ease and grace. There are so many variations of learning to live unconditional love.

i had the opportunity to assist a friend with her challenges with a new tablet computer, which happened to run Windows™8. Aside from the usual Windows™ problems, the tablet was effectively unshareable, as we could not both read the screen comfortably, and the GUI was at least twice slower than a traditional laptop screen and keyboard configuration. Just because everyone carried one in StarTrek™, doesn't mean tablets are ready for prime time... or at least, I'm going to stick with platforms that allow touch typing, on a full-sized keyboard.

25th October 2014

i continue to transmute many energies to raise community vibrations, while my ego feels to be in suspended animation... between time-lines. We are exploring dynamic interaction of parallel realities of Gaia.

26th October 2014

As i blog pre-dawn, enjoying listening to jazz flute tunes, i am feeling so motivated to complete my move to Kilauea, and again have my stereo sound system set-up so i can play along.

i release all "reality" of duality, especially the validation of dualistic consciousnesses by agreeing that duality is real for me.

27th October 2014

While there are many traditions of chanting to quiet the ego mind, i find lyricless flute music to most easily keep me in my right brain.

i seem to have passed through another "dark night of the soul", and today connected more deeply with the forest beings of Kilauea, as i hiked into Kilauea's forest and there played my flute.

28th October 2014

i have been operating in the intent and knowing of being integrated between higher and lower 'self', thus i query is that correct, or is there any error of illusion or denial? i find the ego to wander off into doubt, fear, or worry at times, which is a sign it is attempting to become responsible for manifestation, which is an echo of the previous habit of viewing from a perspective of separation, and from that position it distrusts, seeking 'guidance', fearing abandonment without commentary, when in reality patience in faith is all that is required, while knowing unity is truth. Likewise the unified 'self' seeks validation from the family collective, a form of 'group guidance', reassurance of not being in error. Because 'planetary ascension' is a new reality, the collective is more witness and cocreators, than they can operate as leaders or guides. A small amount of questioning "am i on track?" may be approriate, but the major energy needs to be that of faith, trust, certainty, and that of unhesitant creator. The major 'lesson' is that of patience and persistence rather than doubt, releasing attachment to confirmation from the mirror world of manifestation. This has already been accurately perceived to be an old habit, of 'seeing' the external mirror as 'real' rather than simply as delayed reflection, wherein delay is perceived as error due to lack of trust in the process of manifestation. In summary, 'no news is good news', relax into joyful creatorship, be patient with delays in manifestation, and know you are 'on track', as long as you are in the now in joy. You see correlation with the 5th phase of 'persevere' mentioned by the Hathors in the hopping time-lines process.

29th October 2014

Alignment to authentic essence is key to anchoring in transcendent reality. Anchoring that in our bodies is essential to living in the eternal now. The paradox of that body dwelling in a dualistic world is yet another duality with which to get neutral and transcendent.

There seems to be quite a bit of conflict energy bubbling up through a variety of people. i keep recommending transcendence with unconditional love.

30th October 2014

Unity in transcendence includes wholistic harmony between elements, freedom and dominion to be and give as appropriate from authentic self, open sharing, sovereignty in self responsible ahimsa. Distributed web of trust.

31st October 2014

It's been a couple months since the creation of the Kilauea Gaia community Synergy Ball. With recent energy activations coming through our sun we are now able to more fully ground the reality of our New-Gaia, and that is allowing me to more fully ground into Kilauea. As is so often the case, flowing with the guidance of my family of crystal faeries, my journey in Kilauea flowed between rain squalls.

As the world around celebrates death and rebirth, i keep the island grounded and protected with 8D energetics.

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