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17th October 2013

'Energy representing tendency to give away individual power for the benefit of a relationship is in conflict with celeste:crystalfaery's karmic goals, and best direction of evolutionary growth.'
My crystal necklace, gifted to me in a conflicted relationship, 'decided' to come unstrung.
This marked my fully reclaiming my freedom and power as an individual, so that i now proceed into abundant success with my karmic goals and ascensional transformation, and marked my full release of that relationship, and in fact marked my release of all relationships, for, any 'ties that bind' based in any time-line, other than the time-line to which I'm quantum leaping, must be released, in order to actually shift realities.
I'm also aware of quanta of grief passing as i release remaining attachments to my old time-line.
The crystal faeries say: "You have nearly completed your old time-line."

i have felt for a while now to be in a 'void' between realities, like unto the cocooned entity in transformation between caterpillar and butterfly, i am aware of leaving behind my old time-line, and creating my new time-line reality. It is time of rebirth, again, yawn, didn't we just rebirth? I'm losing track here... so many rebirths, so little time :-)
Of course, remembering one of my own teachings, we die and are reborn with each breath: Exhale the old reality, Be one with the Void, Inhale the new reality, Be one with all.
It is most of all, a time when only flow of the moment is appropriate.

"We have been flirting with aspects of time-line hopping, quantum leaping, reality (co-)creation. We shall now embrace these more fully as is befitting of the times. As we were making this connection, celeste was translating our initial focus as 'discomfit', ('cause to lose one's composure'), where 'composure', ('steadiness of mind under stress') is part of being comfortable in an old time-line. Her mind kept wanting to interpret that as both 'discomfort' and as 'dis-comfortable-fit', muddling together several concepts which collectively summarized as 'not being comfortable with one's not fitting in an old time-line', which is both her presaging experience, and the essence of the astrological influences beginning to trigger the collective consciousness. As we enter the time of eclipse and MercuryRx, we are caught in a push-pull of energies, asking ourselves:
'which is more uncomfortable?

MercuryRx through mid November will, of course, offer us a time to dive into the depths of our subconscious, achieving great depth of feeling, and greater mental clarity, about what is obsolete, what is of our old time-line? What clearly does not fit with me? How do i best complete, forgive, and release?"

"At the same time we may become more clear about our new time-line reality; what is appropriate for who we are becoming? What are we to become which is in harmony with our new time-line reality? Particularly we wish to address the transition, and more specifically, the part of forming the goal, choosing the nature of, the new time-line reality. Is it to be an inversion of a quality of the old time-line reality? Or is it time to transcend both ends of a dichotomy of duality which was polarized in the old? The immediately obvious lesson with this, is, if one conceptualizes themself to be on the ascension path, then because the ascended state is transcendent above duality, each of today's steps on the ascension path, is one of transcending duality, coming to balance, releasing polarization, accepting and allowing the full spectrum, of dichotomous duality to be comfortably present or absent, and let us notice this last concept, to be comfortable with either the presence or absence of, or even the partial presence of, some quality or energy in both the old-time-line we are releasing, and within any new time-line reality we expect we are entering, including that process itself, the transition between time-lines, and whether or not the new time-line reality looks like what we thought we asked for. Yet we also get to experience the energies of 'what we thought we asked from'. To the extent we are motivated to be done with some energy, our completion with it, and the fact that to be pushing it away is to be in a dichotomy of duality, is a sign, that we need to become neutral about it, and its presence or absence. We can be done with something just as soon as we no longer have to be. Once we do ho'o'pono'pono with it, we can move our energy to manifest the reality we prefer. For those of us on the ascension path, one of the energies we may be quite eager to transcend, is all of reality below 4D. For some of us, our appropriateness is quite clear that it is no longer any of our living to be dealing with those lower realms, that we are to be living in at minimum a 4D reality. And yet, to whatever extent, the world around us still includes 3D components, and others who are still working on their 3D lessons in 3D reality, we need to be in transcendence, not in resistance thereunto."
celeste summarizes: 'Not only am I right where i need to be now, so is everyone else on their own time-line; and... the changes we make, or don't, are part of us each walking our own unique path of consciousness development.'

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