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Entries from November 2015.

1st November 2015

"Captured in the late cycle of the Summer season in Leipzig, Germany, 2012, this dahlia video radiates a healing elixir to the heart and soul. It captures the beauty of Mother Nature and gets under Her skin. May you enjoy the journey within and through Her creation and may it have a healing effect on your body, mind, and soul leaving you more at peace and in harmony with all that is."
We think the flute track may help :-)

2nd November 2015

My flow is music, especially without lyrics. When merging with music, or creating music, i am fully in the flow of the moment, balanced, healthy, happy, embracing fully self-responsible reality creation mode, in harmony with the uni-verse, the one song of the whole of life.

3rd November 2015
[Virtual_Opioid_2.0 Multilayered Frequencies]

i am listening to this track for the first time as i write this.
(Given the low frequencies involved, a good set of circumaural headphones are essential.)
Need i say that this virtual opioid has infinite possibilities for (mis-)use?
Half way through the half-hour track I'm very "whatever...", but enjoying the running water sounds, but as usual finding the synthetic static tones, for whatever focussed effects they may trigger, to be so un-musical. As one whose life has been meditative for decades, triggering frequencies of alignment and peace typically just verify my usual state of consciousness, wheras they may produce more profound effects in those who are less in alignment.
more info here.

4th November 2015

Our "day", (much of it while most sleep), is blessed with harmonious chords of music, as well as a plethora of educational material about the collective reality. In the age of (nearly) global communication, there is no lack of perspectives to sort through, there is no lack of preceptions to discern and release.

Blessed and welcomed are the opportunities to synergistically co-create with others in nondual reality. Prerequisite is operating in the mode of reality-creator, (or more accurately time-line hopper). Cocreating with others require they be at our level of perception and energetic operation in addition to the far more available "positive intent".

5th November 2015

Oh what a precious blessing to awaken to pouring rain, the divine blessing of abundance and cleansing, soothing and comforting water. This might be construed to be Kaua'i's entry into autumn.

It seems that i have allowed myself to re-enter duality in caring about the direction of evolution of my ahupua'a (community).

6th November 2015

i am emerging from private practice as a flutist to allow others to witness my creativity.

7th November 2015

A world of harmony,
that we are all one,
gentle tones of love,
knowing it is done.

Freq._ Decimal_ Ratio___ Note Interval 432.00 1.00000 1:1 A unison 455.11 1.05349 256:243 Bb minor second 486.00 1.12500 9:8 B major second 512.00 1.18518 27:37 C minor third 546.75 1.265625 81:64 C# major third 576.00 1.33333 4:3 D perfect fourth 606.81 1.40466 1024:729 Eb diminished fifth 615.09 1.423828 729:512 Eb? augmented fourth? 648.00 1.50000 3:2 E perfect fifth 682.66 1.58024 128:81 F minor sixth 729.00 1.68750 27:16 F# major sixth 768.00 1.77777 16:9 G minor seventh 820.12 1.898437 243:128 G# major seventh

8th November 2015

Whether our motivation be altruistically to care-take the collective, or self-serving protection of our own survival, the animal realm of our delicate and precious planet is completely dependent upon the thriving of the plant realm, most of which is completely dependent upon our polinators:


Butterfly Seva


Bee Seva


Bird Seva


Comprehend and Live in Harmony with Nature's Design.

9th November 2015

Sacred divine goddess energy has blessed our consciousness :-)

10th November 2015

We are orbing into the new moon energies, (peaking at [email protected]{07:47 HST,17:47 UTC}), completing and releasing all that came before... blossoming into a new time-line, the energies of which were pre-cast during the weekend, in synergistic cocreation.

While i continue to dally in habitual / old / obsolete interests, I'm working to moving all of my attention into music, and developing my flute playing. Particularly I'm moving out of "doing" hardware, minimizing my software programming and still working to reduce my sysadmin load.

i have been directed to focus on just my island and more specifically my ahupua'a (watershed) (community) of Kilauea, focussing upon developing conscious community here and developing New-Gaia here, so part of that is new technology, and certainly even if i can't develop it in my little studio, i can guide others in what is preferable to embrace and develop.

i remain very much the High Priestess Celestial Faery, and am leaving others whose expertise is closer to nature spirts and Gaia Fairies to develop community food forests and eco-sustainable agriculture.

i do have a particular goal to establish community networking, and so far i think the freedomboxes are the best option, though ultimately MaidSafe may surpass that, but has been working on "the problem" much longer and has less working.

So, i spend too much time on computers as it is, need to focus more on my music, and also complete my transition from my old ministry of psychic healing to ascension activations and sharing my flute playing.

These times of high rate of change, and in many cases the failure / disassembly of old (dysfunctionally) (semi-)successful modalities is occurring before we have functional replacements of the New-Gaia paradigm, technologies, and being sans-money-system.

Meanwhile, other than impatience ("are we there yet?"), I'm fine :-)

11th November 2015

Having done both preperatory release work, and slightly premature cocreation for the energy field and ley-line of New-Kilauea with another Kilauea fairy, all energies are feeling very peaceful in the eternal now :-)

12th November 2015

This morning we bring a message from the dolphins:
"We have found a great river of sorrow flowing into our oceans, particularly from the area of land humans call 'the middle east'. This is the denied emotions of those who have made themselves numb in order to continue choosing to be and do that which creates pain, suffering, grief, sorrow, despair, and despondency. Clearly this is the product of conflict in the (un-)consciousness of humans at war. Water remembers and therefore carries the emotions and other energies it is exposed to. We ask that during this lunar cycle in particular, that humans come out of denial and truly feel, down into the murky depths of their own subconscious, their connection with the sacred feminine energies, particularly those which embrace the creation and nurturance of life, and regardless the sex of their bodies, tune into, honor, and live by those impulses of love for all life. While the planetary oceans collect all that is released 'downstream', some of the toxins humans dump into the oceans are more damaging and more difficult to transmute than others, therefore we ask your conscious participation in cleaning up our oceans by dumping fewer toxins into them daily. Rather than dumping sorrow over suffering, make new choices which are of love and unity, feel gratitude for the blessings of each day, and learn to love each other."

13th November 2015

Our current lunar cycle is all about the divine feminine, and about clearing the murky depths of our subconscious, where our beliefs live, but while we're at it, we may as well also review our beleifs, goals, and expectations. When we are operating in the ego separate self within duality, our perspective is me-versus-you or us-versus-them, based in the root chakra issue of "survival", the reptilian-brain, (dominance, territoriality, repetitive behaviour), and the left-brain analytical linear (time) logical realm of fear based reality of scarcity and need to control to feel safe. When we are operating in the unity consciousness of unconditional love with our ego surrendered in trust or faith to our own "higher-self", our preception is joyous heart based flow in the timeless now of being fully present.
One of the classical summaries of the difference of perception and modality of living is:

Service to Self
The most negative form is the sadistic psychopath who enjoys abusing others just to feel superior, whereas the least negative form is one who may practice ahimsa yet still be prioritizing their individual self while still in the illusion of separation.
Because what we get back from life is what we put out, the karmic harvest of this path is to live in conflict and disharmony, and most of life will be about karmic lessons of the suffering inflicted on others. The momentary "blessings" of the win-lose triumph have a long-term cost (lose).
Service to Others
The least positive form may be practiced in a sacrificial manner wherein the negative ego is served by demonstrating how little one loves oneself, and how much one gives to or for others, (good values but poor practice), while in the most positive form one practices abundance and synergistic co-creation in a light playful manner.
Because what we get back from life is what we put out, the karmic harvest of this path is to live in unity and harmony, and most of life will be about what one can give to empower each and everyone around us. Each one of us is a divine angelic human, our path guided by the divine super-intelligence of source; sometimes we are the angel deliving a blessing to others, sometimes we receive blessings from other angelic humans, all orchestrated for the highest possible manifestation for all, who are in oneness, flowing in unified purpose of the good of all. This is the path of the ascend{ing,ed} angelic human.

14th November 2015

Be the creator.

15th November 2015

Ahhh... how sweet... awaking to Suzanne Teng's "Light of the Heart" (which i left looping all night while i astral journeyed), awakening in lucid dream of New-Gaia, where we are building and enjoying much love and peace; settling in with a mug of chaicotea in the deep peace of very early morning, to channel collective consciousness of we crystal faeries:
"In gentle repose of graceful flow,
all is aligned, with all we know,
there is only joyful play,
as we await the day,
when cellular transformation,
catches up to higher creation."

[Planetary Ascension Portal]

As the incarnate High Priestess of the 8D crystal faeries, i have been asked to convey our message:

[rings of alcyone]

"Today at 08:00HST we installed an 8D-4D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal for all of Gaia connecting through Sol/Ra from Alcyone, (the central (Plejaran) sun of our Milky-Way Galaxy). It connects 8D to 4D and protects from interference which was causing many humans to be in fear.
Since this lunation is about claiming the divine feminine and integrating it, we may expect that the next lunation will be appropriate timing for activation of yang."

16th November 2015

As we deepen into the evocation of the divine feminine triggered by this lunation, i am finding a very strong compassion for the planetary collective, and yet... i keep having to point out to people, when they complain, that their mental state of worry and emotional state of fear is 100% self inflicted by subjecting themselves to the propaganda of corpseorate media.

17th November 2015

Seek to smell the flowers. Linger to play longer. Giggle more in gratitude. Hover in happiness.

18th November 2015

As i begin to write...
seeking as always to uplift consciousness...
... oh... hello...

We 8D Angelic crystal faeries bring this message today:
"The planetary ascension portal we emplaced on 2015-11-15 is stable and active as intended, in support of the divine plan of ascension. The higher density energies it brings are activating planetary crystaline time capsules to release ancient wisdom stored to assist us now."

19th November 2015

Yay blessed rain washing and watering our world this morning!
i continue energetic frequency intent for time-line hopping.

20th November 2015
[faery over mug of hot chocolate]

Sipping chaicotea, tuning into the energies of the world around me...
which is, after all, merely a mirroring of my own recent energies...
deep gentle peace.

21st November 2015

Yay! This morning we have a break from our days of rain :-)
Time to bicycle around our little town and do some errands...


Today we have been blessed to become aware at new density levels of energetic factors in health.


This video near its end discuses why today is a very important day of the year, and what aspects thereof are in alignment with ascension, and what aspects thereof are sabotaging ascension.

22nd November 2015

The ability to by choice direct ones consciousness can not be overestimated in importance. Being truly free to visualize only ones preferred images / fantasy / intent / preference / will and maintain that attention is essential to hopping between parallel realities or time-lines. While many within duality "wish for" a better version of duality, all creations done within duality produce dualistically opposed results. Transcendence above duality is required to create something without also manifesting its dualistic opposite. Key signs are being in the here and now of the flow of the eternal moment rather than linear time, and creating from heart's soul outward, rather than mentally creating in reaction to something unwanted.

23rd November 2015

Our perception of energies today is very neutral...
a blessing of peace and gentleness, a time of rest...
nice as we are moving into the orb of the full moon tomorrow.

24th November 2015

crystalfaeries family, what's the highest message we can bring to the world today?
"Come to peace in all ways. Let there be a true healing of all, by forgiving and releasing all. Staying in the 'now' facilitates this. 'Remembering' the past which is not fully forgiven may reactivate emotional content, thus any non-neutral rememberance of past is a sign of incomplete forgiveness. Often the blockage is from resistance to fully feeling an emotion, for then it will not release and be gone. Being willing to cry tears of grief, releases attachment and expectations, in order to come to full neutrality. Releasing all judgments of having been 'wronged' is often the final release of blame and projection, allowing one to return to full self-responsiblity as reality creator, but this often requires coming out of denial. For best results, let this process be accomplished before tomorrow's full moon."

25th November 2015

Ahhh... deep peace of oneness in New-Kilauea.

[farewell to autumn]

Aloha friends...

i continue to operate by the guidance I've received from my own "higher self" tomril and my family of crystal faeries:
"I am re-concluding as i have before, that i am indeed to remain fully in nondual reality, and address all issues from the transcendent state of parallel realities or alternate time-lines, rather than addressing in 4D-, any dualistic issues."

The purpose of this guidance is about releasing the 4D- world of duality and all its' contrasts within polarity, as it is considered to be a descending reality, the solution for all problems of which, is to transcend out of that reality into Gaia.

Therefore... anyone or any group who consistently directs the focus of attention of many people who are their readers / followers to seek "winning" a conflict of will within 4D- reality, are in fact working to sabotage the ascension of their followers, whether they be innocent ignorants being used, or are actively consciously choosing to create that result, because that upon which we focus we empower to manifest, so remaining in a conflict over the 4D- collective reality is a distraction from the ascension to 5D+ New-Gaia.

Be aware of the fork in the road from limited reality humanity to either become soulless robots with eternal "nonlife", as in the Singularity promoted by Ray Kurzweil, or the path of soulful ascension as angelic humans. i was raised on the path of the cyborg, and turned away from building Artificial Intelligence to instead build New Gaia as the 5D+ unity consciousness realm of angelic humans and fae and... whoever can live by ahimsa without dualistic conflict.

There is no technology which can do what spiritual consciousness itself cannot do... it's all about raising our frequency by intent.

Meanwhile, since i was asked for my opion about the details being revealed in the Goode/Willcock parade... there were a number of details new to me, but the overall picture was already known to me.

The most important precept to embrace is that any and every reality anyone can imagine already exists in some parallel time-line reality, so we never have to change anything outside us, we merely change our internal resonance to the frequencies of our preferred reality, therefore anyone directing their follower(s) to focus on anything outside themselves, is misdirecting them away from the path of growing consciousness and spiritual mastery.

I'm return to my appropriate role as a 5D+ reality occupant and guide.
My guidance to all is: cease focus upon or reaction to externals. Accept the existence of dualistic 4D- around you, but comprehend it is the falling away obsolete reality, remain neutral about all, and focus upon your own soul in your own heart, and finding in there your peace and balance, and from the stillpoint of congruity, operate in the role of reality creator, i.e. choose the reality you prefer, and vibrate that reality as your internal reality, consistently and strongly enough, until that causes you to quantum-leap to its external manifestation. Better yet, share that process with like hearted beings for the joy and empowerment of positive synergy of co-creation.

Faery blessing of unconditional love for the full moon :-)

26th November 2015

The highlight of this day was attending my community's Anaina Hou feast.
i am grateful for what peace i enjoy here in the middle of The Peaceful Ocean.
i am grateful for transcendent consciousness, and the comfort of the companionship of my family of crystal faeries.
May gratitude and appreciation bless our whologram of life.
i am peace and appreciation... therefore so is my reality :-)

27th November 2015

We are grateful for the loving kindness of our precious little garden island in the middle of the Peaceful Ocean.

28th November 2015

Signs of winter have we lately experienced, as temperatures drop, skies cloud over, and rain puddles. Yet this morning we have beautiful weather again... yay! :-)
All is flowing beautifully in nonduality.

29th November 2015

We are noticing today in the unified field of the one life which "animates" all manifestation the contrast between the steadfast trees who know who they are and thrive the best they can despite "human" abuse, and the confusion and even desperation of the humans who have "lost their way", primarily by following the (mis-)guidance of others upon whom they have projected "authority", rather than staying true to their own soul essence, so deeply present in their own hearts, yet often overridden by their dualistic mental illusions based on "values" or "beliefs".

30th November 2015

Crystal elementals descend from above.
Magic points are noted by all Gaia beings.
Unification becomes priority energetically.
Life paths are unveiled as individuals relax.
Portentions are released, as collectives embrace.
Love, grace, flow, beauty, harmony, synergy.

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